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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1990, Page 1

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - April 10, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois Sutky Mulu journal Tarter oldest continuously published newspaper in Illinois Exxon pleads innocent to Oil spill indictments a Anchorage Alaska apr Exxon and its subsidiary Exxon shipping co., pleaded innocent monday to five count criminal indictments charging them with violating various Federal Laws in the nation s worst Oil spill a year ago. Exxon and Exxon shipping entered their pleas in separate arraignments before . District judge John e. Roberts late monday afternoon. The two feb. 27 indictments Stem from the March 24, 1989, spill of nearly 11 million Gallons of North slope crude Oil from the Tanker Exxon Valdez which ran aground and ripped its Bottom open on a charted reef outside shipping lanes in Prince William sound. The Oil coated hundreds of Miles of coastline and killed countless fish Birds and other Marine life. Justice department officials have said the indictments could result in penalties of $700 million or More. Exxon reportedly had been negotiating a plea agreement with the Justice department which would have involved the creation of a $500 million environmental restoration fund. A turtles swims on As top Box office draw a los Angeles apr the pizza eating a a teenage mutant ninja turtles continued to Gorge at the National Box office grossing $18.8 million in its second weekend atop the Leader Board according to figures released monday. Quot ninja turtles Quot has made More than $50 million becoming the biggest Money Winner yet for new line Cinema according to the figures from exhibitor relations co. In its debut weekend the live action film grossed $25.4 million. Showing few signs of fading in second was the prostitution comedy Quot pretty woman a starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts which collected $11.3 million. The Walt Disney co. Said Quot pretty woman Quot is on a Pace to equal the studio s 1987 hit Quot three men and a in third was the new comedy a Ernest goes to jail Quot featuring Jim Varney in the latest sequel about the annoying dimwit title character. Quot Ernest goes to jail Quot had ticket sales of $6a million the Best opening yet in the Emedy trilogy Ira land mine kills four soldiers a Downpatrick Northern Ireland apr four soldiers were killed monday As their land Rover drove Over a land mine in the Northern Ireland town of Downpatrick police said. Several other soldiers were reported to have been injured said a spokesman for the Royal Ulster constabulary. The soldiers were believed to have been members of the Ulster defense regiment the mainly protestant locally recruited regiment of the British army said the spokesman speaking anonymously in keeping with British custom. The Irish Republican army claimed responsibility in a statement issued to news Media in the British province. The deaths bring to 16 the number of people killed in political and sectarian violence in Northern Ireland so far this year. Federal prison to be built in Pekin a Michel Washington apr greyhound lines filed a $30 million civil suit monday against Union officers for allegedly organizing violence in the five week old Drivers strike but the Union dismissed the move As a ploy to keep bargaining talks stalled. In a suit filed in . District court in Jacksonville Fla., greyhound claimed unlawful actions by the amalgamated transit Union and 20 Union officers have Cost the company at least $10 million. The suit accused the Union of violating provisions of the Federal racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act and Florida state Law. Greyhound vice president Anthony p. Lannie who announced the suit in Washington maintained that several specific offences showed a pattern of racketeering activity including extortion attempted murder obstruction of Justice interference with interstate Commerce and arson. He charged that through violent activities Union officials were attempting to Quot win an inflated financial settlement they could never achieve through lawful collective bargaining there is a word for that a Union officers allegedly assigned rank and file members Many Small towns remain without greyhound service. See Page two. Violent tasks and then paid them from the Union s strike defense fund the suit contended. A a that a false and ridiculous Quot said Fred Ingram president of local 1493 in Charlotte n.c., and one of two local presidents the Union has asked the court to replace with a receiver. Quot we have never ordered anybody to do anything. I done to know where that a coming strikers Are paid $50 a week in strike benefits for Manning picket lines Ingram said charging that the company had filed the suit to divert attention from its refusal to resume contract negotiations. Quot their whole plan from the beginning has been to get rid of the Union Quot he said. Nick Nichols a spokesman for the amalgamated Council of greyhound local unions said the Union supports prosecution of anyone responsible for strike related violence. Quot we have consistently asked this company to present its evidence. We know that there is no evidence. They be simply pointed the Finger of blame at employees and used the Issue As a smoke screen Quot for not resuming negotiations a Nichols said. Lannie said the company had no immediate plans to resume negotiations. Quot we re still waiting for a seven Day cease fire Quot Lannie said noting that an Arrow trailways bus was struck by two bullets near fort Worth Texas sunday night. No one was injured on the bus which is not owned by greyhound but was scheduled to pick up greyhound passengers in Dallas Lannie said. Talks Between the company and the Union have been stalled since March 18. There have been about 30 shootings and More than too bomb threats the company said. The Union contends there have been More than 60 incidents of violence against striking Drivers. One striker was crushed to death by a bus in Redding calif., on March 3. About 6,300 greyhound Drivers and 3,000 maintenance and other workers walked out March 2 Over wages and Job Security. Last time around Chicago a fans flock to old Comiskey Park monday afternoon for the White sox Home opener with the Milwaukee Brewers. The new Comiskey Park right is scheduled to open at the beginning of next season. Across town at Wrigley Field the cubs night opener with the Philadelphia Phillies was rained out. See sports Page nine. Soviet georgians demand soldiers leave Tbilisi .s.r. Apr thousands of georgians chanting Quot occupiers occupiers a rallied outside a soviet military base monday capping a Day of protests recalling a bloody clash that sparked their republics Independence movement. The Day of commemorations Drew almost 200,000 people to three separate rallies. It served As a show of strength by Independence activists who have scored several major victories in the past month. Soldiers assaulted a peaceful pro Independence protest in front of government buildings in Tbilisi on april 9,1989, with shovels and Gas. Nineteen people died. The attack unleashed bitter criticism across the country. Several investigations have placed the blame for ordering the attack As High As the communist party politburo. But no one has been blamed officially. Protesters near the caucasus military District Headquarters posted signs Reading Quot get out of Georgia Quot and depicting a hooded executioner wearing a military Star and holding a bloody shovel. Early monday morning about 100,000 people gathered in candlelight on rus Tavelli Boulevard the site of the clash. About 70,000 More nearly filled the republics main stadium monday evening in a similar rally. At an intersection outside the walled military base about 10,000 people gathered in the afternoon and shouted through megaphones for the soldiers to abandon their posts. There was no visible reaction from the few soldiers seen on the base. Authorities did not interfere with the protest and georgian policeman helped keep order. Protests in other soviet republics have included anti military elements among them Calls to Boycott the draft but mondays demonstration was one of the largest directed specifically against the soviet military. Top soviet generals have complained in recent months about a growing Quot Campaign to discredit Quot the army particularly in republics with rising Independence movements. Nasa says weather Only slight threat to launch of discovery a Pekin apr a $50 million Federal prison will be built in this West Central Illinois Community by 1993, creating about 250 jobs . Rep. Robert h. Michel announced on monday. The announcement was the culmination of an 18-month process that began in june 1988. When officials identified 250 acres South of Pekin As a potential Cape canaveral Fla. Apr problems represents an invest missions under his Belt. Prison site. Nasa said there was Only a 40 per ment of More than $2 billion a $1.5 the telescopes 94-Inch Mirror Michel r-lll., said the Federal Bureau cent Chance that weather would de billion for the Telescope itself and according to experts is the most of prisons has received the Money to lamp a tuesdays launch of the space $600 million for spare parts Astro flawless Ever made. It was designed design and build the medium minimum shuttle discovery on its Mission to naut training and ground support. It to capture and magnify Light from Security facility on the site. Place a Telescope in orbit to look to will Cost $200 million a year to oper nearly the farthest reaches of the the economic development Council Ward the Edge of the universe. Ate and maintain. Universe a Light created billions of for the Peoria area in january took an r launch of the 35th shuttle Mission deemed in important years ag0 ecu stars and solar sys option on 157 acres on the site banking from Kennedy space Center was set a deep of d so important tems were in their earliest stages of on the Bop s placement in Pekin. For 8 47 Edt. There was a that ail rive or me Crew Are veterans formation. When the prison is located on the Chance that Low Clouds could push previous flights. Commander Quot Hubble has no rivals a said Len prix me to that time Back. Save Al so in Nocete Fisk nasal a chief scientist. The Federal government. Once in orbit the Hubble space a to Ian each Nave flown once be. Quot never before have we had a Tele Telescope 43 feet Long 14 feet in Tore scope or Observatory with this Capa a diameter and weighing 24,250 Mission specialists Bruce ability and it will not be surpassed incl a pounds will be lifted out of disco Mccandless ii and Kathryn d. Sui until we begin to establish observe Iniga Erys cargo Bay with the ships Livan not Only have flown before but tories on the Moon some p mechanical Arm Given an exacting also have space walking expert above the atmosphere which Dis Page checkout and will be dropped Over ence. be ready to make torts visible Light and blocks out almanac.3 Board wednesday afternoon if All space walks to rectify any problems ultraviolet a rays and Gamma Ann landers.3 goes Well. With the Telescope. And Mission Spe rays the Telescope will be Able to of id the Telescope being launched Calist Steven a. Hawley whose Job see objects 50 times dimmer than classified. Ii seven years late because of the 1986 it is to operate the mechanical Arm those that can be observed from the comics. A a a ii challenger Accident and technical that lifts the Telescope out has two ground. Crossword puzzle.11,15 soviets to Swap ships Vodka for Pepsi entertainment.8 a a a ermabombeck.3 new York apr Pepsico inc. In bottles. The company took its pro Quot this agreement reflects in health.3 and the soviet Union signed an fits out in Vodka Selling it through a Cre singly closer ties Between the horoscope.7 agreement monday to Trade Pepsi third party in the United states. U.s., the soviet Union and other Jacoby on bridge.5 cola for ships and interests and the express Polly a pointers.3 the Deal is the largest Between a monday s agreement will allowed optimism for the shared future a Mike royko.5 . Corporation and the soviet in Pepsico to take some profits out said m Kendall chairman sports.9-10 Ion and comes just two months be during the next decade in the form Pepsi co a executive committee. Television schedule.8 fore a Summit Between president of at least to oceangoing freighters Bush and soviet Leader Mikhail s. And tankers valued at $300 million. The contract was signed by Ken a Rainy Windy Gorbachev. The vessels will be sold or leased to Dall and soviet officials including tuesday occasional rain Windy and it represents More than $3 billion International markets Pepsico several members of the soviet Corn colder and morning highs near 50, winds in retail sales of Pepsi cola and Sto said Mission of agriculture and pro becoming Northwest to North 20 to 30 Lich Naya russian Vodka and would Episco said it eventually will be Crement. Mph and Gusty. Chance of rain 90 per make Pepsi cola More widely permitted to sell Pepsi in plastic in a news release Pepsico said its cent. Tuesday night partly Cloudy with available in the soviet Union. Bottles and aluminium cans instead Pepsi plants in the soviet Union will lows in the lower 30s. Wednesday con since 1974, the Purchase . Of just the Glass bottles now allowed increase to 50 from the current 24. It Sid Erable cloudiness with highs in the based company has shipped its soft in the soviet Union. Pepsi Sells in said it planned to pay for that a Middle or upper 40s. Drink syrup to the soviet Union the soviet Union for the equivalent pension with proceeds from Vodka More weather on Page two. Where it is made into cola and sold of 75 cents for an 11-ounce bottle. Sales. In the Baltic republics this Springs military Call up is expected to bring Large numbers of draft dodgers and georgians said they expect the same. Georgia is not the Only Republic with a Strong Independence movement. The Baltic republics of Lithuania Latvia and Estonia Moldavia and the neighbouring caucasus republics of Azerbaijan and Armenia also have Strong Independence movements. Lithuania s is the strongest a it declared itself Independent from the soviet Union on March la and the standoff with the Kremlin continues. In Moscow on monday soviet president Mikhail s. Gorbachev and his top advisory body said new economic and political Steps would be taken to break lithuanian intransigence. No details were Given. The Leader of Latvia s supreme soviet said monday he is certain latvian legislators also will vote to secede from the soviet Union when they meet next month but that the Independence process will be gradual. Toll from ferry fire now at 170 Lys Ekil Sweden apr police reached the midship Cabins of a burned out ferry monday and found families who died together at the heart of the fire the bodies of parents lying Over children in a desperate attempt to save them. Inspector Leif Skoglund raised the estimated death toll to 170 in the suspicious weekend Blaze that destroyed the norwegian North sea ferry scandinavian Star. He said one victim in every four May have been a child. Quot it was incredible Quot he said groping for words to describe the scene. Quot they Are so badly police in Oslo Norway said the death toll could reach 200. Spokesman Arne House said the figures were unreliable constantly changing and a conclusive count might not be available for Days. Quot we May never find out How Many there were because some bodies Are in such bad shape that not even dental records May help Quot said or. Tom Brokopp Leader of the medical Rescue team. Previous estimates that 500 passengers and Crew were aboard were largely Guesswork and probably Low Skoglund said since children under 7 travel free and would not be listed. A there were a lot of families on Board Quot he said. The fire started before Dawn saturday while the ferry was bound from Oslo to Frederiks Havn Denmark. Most of the victims were norwegians and Danes. Four British citizens and an american Singer were among those missing and presumed dead. The american was identified As Ruth e. Rome 27, part of a seven member song and dance troupe from new York City. The fire also apparently took the life of Jens c. Hagen founder of the ships operating company. Quot things Point clearly in the direction of arson a said Magnar aukrust assistant police chief of Oslo. Quot one survivor has explained seeing a person putting fire to inflammable Leila Frei Al the swedish Justice minister told reporters in Lys Ekil a Small port 240 Miles from Stockholm that a joint nordic inquiry commission would Convene tuesday in Oslo to investigate the fire. A Law photo Cape canaveral Fla. A spectators watch As the Gantry is rolled Back monday from the space shuttle discovery. Vol. 159�?no. 254 suburban zone�?50 cents Jacksonville Illinois. Tuesday april 10. 1990 City zone a 35 cents sixteen pages

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