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Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1990, Page 1

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Jacksonville Journal Courier (Newspaper) - April 6, 1990, Jacksonville, Illinois Markant True journal Conneu Ousby published newspaper vol 159�?no. 250 suburban zone�?50 cents Jacksonville Illinois Friday april 6, 1990 City zone a 35 cents Twenty two pages ., Japan Complete Trade pact abortion not threat to mental health study a Washington a Legal voluntary abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy does not threaten most women s mental health or cause them great emotional distress according to a new study the new study was commissioned by the american psychological association which asked six experts to examine All current research and determine if a valid conclusion could be drawn about Post abortion psychological effects. Nancy e. Adler a University of califor Nia san Francisco professor of psychiatry and Lead author of the report said the panel surveyed More than 200 studies and found Only Quot about 19 or 20&Quot that met solid scientific standards. Once those studies were examined she said the conclusion Quot was really quite but for the vast majority of women who have voluntary abortions Quot severe negative reactions Are infrequent in the immediate and Short term aftermath a the study said. The greatest distress the study found Quot is Likely to be before the rocket is launched into space from b-52 a Edwards air Force base Calif. Apr an experimental Pegasus rocket was blasted into space thursday from a b-52 and successfully delivered its first satellite payload into a Polar orbit officials said. Quot Pegasus is on its Way Quot f-18 Chase plane Pilot Jim Molka radioed to controllers at 12 11 . As the 50-foot rocket was dropped from its Perch beneath the Jet s right Wing. Twelve minutes later tracking Crews at the Ames Dryden flight research facility at Edwards determined the 440-Pound satellite had successfully reached orbit 368 Miles above Earth. Quot everything went according to the Mission profile Quot said Fenrick spokesman for Ames Dryden. Quot this is a big step for the air Force. Nasa and private corporations interested in eleven deaths blamed on rare Strep form a Denver apr state health off dais say the deaths of 11 Denver area residents Are now being blamed on a rare virulent form of Strep related to bacteria that cause Strep Throat the connection Between Strep and the 11th death was recorded wednes Day As health officials planned More studies on the unusual Strep including a determination of who might be at risk of contracting it. Anyone with Strep symptoms should see a doctor to prevent the infection from progressing to a severe form of the disease state and Federal health investigators said. Common Strep symptoms Are a sore Throat swollen glands and fever. The severe form of Strep is characterized by a sudden Onset of a very High fever chills Shock and Low blood pressure there also May be skin or muscle infections and pneumonia the investigators said. Usually Strep bacteria cause sore throats or skin infections. The severe form known As group a streptococcus Bact Eremia gets past the body s primary defences and enters the bloodstream. Strep can be treated with penicillin. Israel s Peres says he s forged coalition a Jerusalem apr labor party Leader Shimon Peres says he has put together a parliamentary majority for a new government opening the Way for israelis first left dominated governing coalition in 13 years. Peres on wednesday night asked parliament to Convene and approve his new Cabinet on sunday saying a major goal of his coalition would be pursuing efforts to open israeli palestinian peace talks. He refused to say How he had broken a 60-60 deadlock with the right Wing liked bloc of prime minister Yitzhak Shamir in the 120-member legislature. Quot i have a majority it does t matter which one. I have a majority and Hope to enlarge it Quot Peres said on Israel radio. Index Page almanac.5 Ann landers.7 business Market news.8 classified.17-20 comics.16 crossword puzzle.16,21 dear abby.7 editorials.6 entertainment.10 health.7 horoscope.20 Jacoby on bridge.5 Polly s pointers.5 school lunch menus.12 sports.13-15 television schedule.10 a colder a Friday partly sunny a Chance of Snow flurries High near 40, Northwest winds 10 to 18 Mph. Friday night fair and cold Low 20 to 25 saturday mostly sunny not As cold High in the lower 50s. M More weather Oare two. The associated press Washington a And japanese negotiators on thursday announced completion of an unprecedented agreement pledging to reduce Trade frictions by making Broad based reforms in the economies of both countries. The agreement reached after four Days of Marathon discussions set Forth a Complex set of proposals aimed at lowering americans huge $49 billion deficit with Japan by attacking structural barriers to Trade. Under Secretary of state Richard Mccormack the Leader of the Negotiating team said the talks had produced a substantive Progress a in resolving Trade differences Between the two economic superpowers. A White House statement praised the agreement As a an important Way station along the Road leading to a strengthened .-Japan the talks were unprecedented in their scope. For the first time representatives of Sovereign states Drew up detailed lists of the economic shortcomings in the other nation and demanded changes. Japanese critics of the Effort complained that the United states was trying to scrap centuries of japanese tradition and remake the country into the image of the United states. The japanese had their own list of complaints against the United states citing America s huge budget deficit Low savings rate and Short term planning by Companies As restraints on Productivity. The administration chose not to accept the most politically sensitive japanese recommendations to limit americans use of credit cards boost gasoline taxes and scrap tax deductions for Home mortgages. Instead the administration according to officials pledged to increase efforts to improve americans education system and pointed to proposals the administration is already pushing to Cut the Federal budget deficit and to pro vide tax credits for increased personal savings. Officials said the japanese made the following pledges in the agreement a to deregulate Japan s Complex goods distribution system including a gradual relaxation of restrictions on the establishment of Large retail stores. Such a move would allow And other foreign retailers to open outlets in Japan. A to increase enforcement of antitrust Laws with tougher penalties to discourage bid rigging and other collusive practices by japanese corporations. Bush Gorbachev Summit Date set painting the rails by Tom Raum the associated press Washington a president Bush and soviet president Mikhail s. Gorbachev will meet for a superpower Summit in the United states beginning May 30, And soviet officials said thursday As both sides returned to bargaining on possible arms control treaties. White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater said several major agreements could emerge at the Summit including a Long sought strategic arms reduction treaty to limit Long Range nuclear weapons. But Bush said merely that the Summit would provide a time for a lot of dialogue and a lot of Fitzwater said the Summit a Bush a second meeting As president with the soviet Leader a would be a a Tough love encounter with the crisis in Lithuania a Central topic. Bush and Gorbachev last met Early in december at the Mediterranean Island of Malta. Since then pushes for Independence in Lithuania and other regions of the soviet Union a and the soviet response to them a have strained superpower relations. The timing of the Summit earlier than the late june schedule origin ally envisioned raised new doubts on whether All details of an arms pact could be nailed Down in time. A senior official speaking on the condition of anonymity said a it depends in some part on what we re Able to do Here in Washington talks Between Secretary of state James a. Baker Iii and soviet foreign minister Eduard Shevardnadze. The official said there was a Good Chance that major issues could be resolved by the Summit Date but a a realistically the actual treaty signing might have to wait until later in the year. Soviet negotiator Yuri Nazarin was even More Blunt saying a taking into account the Summit is in seven weeks its impractical i think to expect it the treaty is going to be signed at the simultaneous announcements of the Summit came from the White House and the soviet news Agency Tass Early thursday As Baker and Shevardnadze were holding their second Day of meetings on arms control and other issues. A a there a still a lot of work to do particularly in Light of the fact that the Summit will begin on the 30th,�?� Baker told reporters. A so we have our work Cut out for Shevardnadze who will meet with Bush on Friday echoed bakery a remarks. A there is very Little time Only seven weeks a he said. Both the Washington and Moscow announcements gave the Summit dates As May 30 to june 3. However Fitzwater said All five Days might not be used a it could turn out to be a two or three Day Summit depending on travel schedules a he suggested. A user photo Chicago a a White sox employee paints the rails at Comisky Park thursday in preparation for opening Day april 9. This will be the final season for the Park. The sox will move into new Comisky Park in 1991. Expert warns of A population bomb the associated press Pittsburgh a one american does 20 to too times More damage to the planet than one person in the third world and one Rich american causes 1,000 times More destruction a population expert said thursday. A the most serious population problem in the world is right Here in the United states Quot said Paul Ehrlich Stanford University professor of population studies. A the most common misperception of the population problem is that its a problem of poor indians who done to know How to use condoms a he said. A actually the problem in the world is that there Are too Many Rich Ehrlich and other environmentalists spoke to about 1,200 students teachers Garden club members and corporate executives at a conference on solving global environmental problems. He said the current world population of 5.3 billion is 1.8 billion More than in 1968 when he first prophesied the problems of overpopulation in his Book a the population he and his wife Anne Howland Ehrlich who co wrote the current Book a the population explosion a say this decade will be the turning Point for global environmental problems. A if we done to see some real action in this decade it will probably be too late to Avert some very serious problems including inadequate food production global warming species extinction and deforestation said mrs. Ehrlich associate director for the Center for conservation biology at Stanford. Ehrlich railed against highly developed nations like the United states that he claims consume too much of the worlds resources. A the birth of a baby in the United states is something on the order of 20 to too times More disastrous for the life support systems of the planet As the birth of a baby in poor countries like Bangladesh or Vene a a bomb / see Page 2 soviet troops seize office in Lithuania the associated press Moscow a about so armed soviet soldiers dressed As policemen stormed the lithuanian prosecutors office thursday expelled its employees and occupied the building said witnesses and spokesmen for the republics parliament. The incident occurred one Day after Lithuania a secessionist government accused the Kremlin of backing forces Bent on its overthrow. Lithuania and Moscow have faced off in a tense showdown since the Republic declared Independence March la. Statements in recent Days indicated movement toward a common ground including a possible referendum by lithuanians. But thursday men armed with automatic weapons entered the prosecutors office site of a previous soviet attempt to seize authority from officials appointed by the breakaway republics government. The men a fully occupied the building and there Are six or eight paratroopers on each floor dressed As policemen a Henrika Poncei Secretary to Lithuania a chief prosecutor said in a Telephone interview from Vilnius. A bulletin put out by the lithuanian supreme Council legislature quoted Kazimieras Motieka Deputy head of the parliament As saying soldiers were a dressed in police uniforms and carried boxes of ammunition with them into the the chief prosecutor is the republics top Law enforcement authority. A confrontation arose at the same offices last week when Moscow officials tried to remove a Tui As Paulauskas the chief prosecutor appointed by the new lithuanian government and install their own Man. Employees refused to obey the Moscow loyalist and several soldiers were stationed in the building Friday in the first occupation by soviet troops of a lithuanian government building. Soldiers had previously taken control of several communist party buildings. Guarding the Square Gerber co. Resumes production of special formula for one boy by Rick Hampson the associated press new York a Gerber research Plant is retooling to resume production for a Market of one a profoundly allergic 15-year-old boy who cannot live without a special baby formula the company stopped making five years ago. For a few Days this month one Quarter of the production space at the Gerber products co. Research Center in Fremont mich., will be devoted to making Jbf a formula Only Raymond Dunn or. Wants or needs. A people Here Are working on this on their own time a George Purvis Gerber research director said thursday. A we All have our own jobs and this is one we added a i done to want to talk too much about it a he added. A it s just something we can do so we re doing it. Its a Volunteer project. The dunns have nowhere else to Raymond who lives with his parents in the catskills town of Yankee Lake weighs Only 31 pounds. He was born with an abnormally Small head and brain. He is severely physically and mentally retarded and cannot speak or see. He cannot move his thin arms or tiny legs without help. His warped Little spine has worn a Dent in the pad of his wheelchair. And since the age of 5, Raymond has been allergic to almost every form of nourishment. All that kept him alive was Gerber a Jbf an expensive meat based formula for allergic infants. But in 1985, faced with declining sales Gerber stopped making the Brown liquid formula. The dunns tried dozens of alternatives but they All made Raymond sick. Gerber agreed to reveal its formula and process for making Jbf to any manufacturer who would Supply Raymond but none was willing or Able. So Purvis said a we scrounged around for every can of the stuff that was in existence a including Many whose expiration Date had passed. After obtaining a food and drug administration waiver Gerber began delivering them to the dunns. The unsold backlog prolonged Raymond a life but did no to make it easier. Asthma kept him inside the House almost All the time. His Mother and her helpers had to Brush his Teeth Bathe and dress him. To maintain his sense of touch they ran his fingers through dry Rice and Beans. He slept in a Small bed in his parents room but rarely for More than a few hours at a time. A the Little Guys been a 24-hour-a-Day thing for the past 16 years a said his father Raymond sr., a car Salesman. The dunns have no other children. Due to a Lack of storage space Gerber plans to produce Only a two years Supply. After that said Purvis a if push comes to shove Well do it jury rejects claims against Newman Vijh a Lam photo Beijing a a chinese Peoples army police sentry guards the perimeter of Flag bedecked Tiana men Square thursday. Rites marking Qingmin the annual Day when chinese Honor their dead were being observed. Story Page two. Bridgeport Conn. Apr a jury thursday rejected a Delicatessen owners claims that he was promised a slice of Paul Newman a food companies ending a closely watched trial where profits were the Issue but Newman was the Star. The Academy award winning actor was applauded As he left the courthouse by a crowd of about 200 reporters and spectators waiting on the Steps. The Superior court jury deliberated just five hours Over two Days before deciding that Newman never promised Julius Gold 8 percent Stock in the companies Newman a own inc. And salad King inc. The Westport Deli owner claimed he was owed the Stock for helping Newman Start the businesses in 1982 and 1983. A a it a just tragic All of this Energy and time could not have been spent in More charitable pursuits but that a the nature of the Newman said after the verdict. Newman showed no emotion As the decision of the six member jury was announced. He Shook hands with his attorneys and his partner author a e. Hotchner. Before leaving the courtroom. A a Newman a never stiffed anyone in his life a Hotchner said. A if anything he a Overly generous to Newman who attended the highly publicized trial almost daily since it started March 20, claimed that Gold a Only participation in getting the companies started was to sell some of the dressing in his store Newman and Hotchner started Newman a own on a whim beginning with salad dressing that Newman originally made in the basement of his Westport Home the product line was later expanded to include Spaghetti sauce Popcorn and lemonade. All profits a $28 million to Date a have gone go to Charity. A

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