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Jacksonville Courier Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1957, Page 1

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Jacksonville Courier (Newspaper) - August 18, 1957, Jacksonville, Illinois In combination with the Jacksonville courier vol. 5 no. 36 Jacksonville. Illinois. Sunday August 18, 1957 Twenty six pages five cents four air officers o a a As bomber rashes a into residential area a West Palm Beach Flo. Apr a twin engine bomber come in at Telephone pole level saturday and smashed into three houses in a quiet residential Section i Al 11 ing All four officers aboard. No one on the ground was injured although tales of narrow escapes were Many. Two girls sleeping on a porch were covered with debris and a bed on which a two year 4 i a a / 1 i i it / a t id boy was lying was Cut in two Mso la a ii lie in i ii Eon no i Rue i 11 s to a >�?4 hights propose Cut in Price of oars Val 1, Foice base Elivd were puked out unhurt. ,. Okla., had been cleared for land two Vear nid rh�pi1 t the United Auto workers Union has proposed to the big three of tag at the Palm Beach air Force a Force a Quot Henry the automobile Industry that they Cut prices on 1958 models by an average of at least $100 base about half a mile from the.alja0 webs uninjured bed was sliced in two Detroit api son Lamb a car and in return the Law will modify its new contract demands next year in a joint move to combat inflation. Law president Walter p Reuther saturday disclosed the proposal in making Public letters sent Friday to general motors corp Ford motor co. And Chrysler corp. There was no immediate comment from the Auto firms. Reuther said the proposal was in a a scene of the crash. Though. ,. ,. A a. Lamb Uncial Sal the Pilot who was expecting a second child on a training flight had not re went into labor and had to be Hur Pori cd any trouble. There was no Riecl to a Hospital she gave birth immediate explanation for the so ter to an 8 la 15 of Bov . Crash. Mrs. Charles Armstrong based on the unanimous action of the Law International executive Board he said he was suggesting a a positive and practical proposal for making an effective beginning i in stopping and reversing the inflationary he noted that president Eisenhower has asked s management and labor to exer. Cise restraint in Price and wage j policies stable Price level declaring that neither corporation profits nor Union a aspirations were Paramount Reuther told presidents of the big three Quot transcending both by far Are the interests of the american people As a whole in a stable Price level for that reason we Are confident our members will be willing to take the consequences in collective bargaining if the Price reduction we propose should make it impossible to meet All of their just demands and still maintain a reasonable rate of profit a who share ride Reuther added Quot in other w ords we Are not asking you to take any i risk that we Are not prepared to share a the Law i contracts with the big three run out next Spring around june i. The Union has announced that its top goal in new contract negotiations will be a Shorter week and a substantial increase in take Home pay. Earlier proposal earlier Tbs year Reuther proposed to the head of the Auto companies that they get together j with the Union in separate Man i arrement Umlor talks to explore the idea of a Shorter work week before the. Start of bargaining sessions the companies turned Down the proposal Reuther told the big three Heads Quot we Are deeply disturbed by reports that the Auto Industry is j once again preparing to increase car prices when 1958 models Are introduced thus contributing fur ther to spiralling inflation a present Challenge Quot the inflationary crisis a he said Quot presents a Challenge to leadership our Industry is in a uniquely favourable position to pro vide Mich leadership in reversing the inflationary trend Quot Reuther said a $190 Price Cut in continued on Page Lull by 195 to Colli hons Down from l vat july a Springfield Iii a1 a Illinois Wales tax collect ions in july were $24 010.034 Down $61 too from last july director Richard j. Lyons of tile state Rove-1 Nile department a id today. Collections from nine major tax sources including the sales the ail Force identified the. T wh0dead As 1st it John Jones 1016s a Airliner till blow mint tire lands safely san Francisco w a United air lines flight 7803 from new i York landed safely Here at 3 35 pm. Saturday before a Large crowd had Gat lured to watch the big plane come in with a blown i i \ Iff Usu i pm e held for questioning Libs Wasai lives across the Street from the 1mh is Muncie ind. Let it. A a houses damaged by the crash James e Brookman route 7, a a a pm Quot v. I it. I r geared to be in trouble and to 5lr out her bedroom window to see Calif. End 2nd it. James life what resembled a Bali of fire in j Ewalt Northwood to. J the air. A a a she screamed in terror and she Wal and her husband Clung to each j other in panic As a tremendous j crash resounded i the 15 residents in the Homes m hit by the plane were j j by the sound of end in i cracking of Telephone him _ _ j i big air plane snapped St before it smashed into i mrs. Eileen and Susan to i and 8. The daughters j Robert Rothschild wer i debris As they Lay is after the plane landed it ran to j the end of runway then taxied Back up to the strip where three j a a _. _ t. Fire engines three carloads of Po-1 e Detroye san Luis of to. Us Man a cd0, so getting the Needle nurse Marjorie Hill is on the receiving end of this Quot it won t Hurt a bit Quot routine of or. Joseph Bollinger gives her one of the first shots of Asiatic flu vaccine to arrive in new York. Staffers at the Montefiore Hospital Here As Well As other hospitals got the first shots after the health department announced that eight foreign students who arrived in new York August 8th brought the flu to the City. Nea telephoto i. S. Gets set to fight Asiatic flu epidemic Washington apr rot to Flykt it a Manku set Ron in a pro Oadie Sargi this fall or Winter. The malady is a new a a disease once attributed by Astro of unhappy conjunctions of stars from the italian word for Influent a Quot i t letter Lamyr $18,000 in lash strikers reject oilers by Boston in Ineus publishers Boston Dane Inal e United state in epidemic of in it he did lety c if centuries old inf i 3gers to the evil inf i influenza gets its t Public health Berri if a Harry a. Quot Tex Quot Higgins 53, looks out from his cell j at Brazil Indiana where he is being held for question j ing in connection with the disappearance of seven year old Billy Martin who j has been missing since August 10th. Higgins has been held since he took a j he Detector test which Quot showed a Strong possibility Quot that Higgins knew something of the Young Ster s disappearance Nea telephoto probes to hear two teamster Bill shots this Eek men waited. The plane arriving nonstop from new York came Down i smoothly on a runway lined with i fire fighting equipment which had1 been ready since tire fragments j had been discovered saturday j morning after it took off from the Idle wild Airport new York. The Pilot. Capt. Clyde Pamphlett. 53. San carols Cali told by radio that pieces of a burst tire and tube had been found on the in Way after he left Idlewild replied that he had noticed nothing in. Usual about the Takeoff the planes have double wheels under each Wing and a nose i wheel. Their condition cannot be checked in flight. The plane carried 56 passengers and a Crew of five. An operator in the san Francisco Airport control Tower before i the plane got in described the an i tick rated Landing As Quot a routine emergency he said a a a ticklish situation might develop i of the other left tire did no to Boid sew proposal fight for officials think disarmament talks need boost Washington up too u ? legislation Washington apr after a conference with president Eisenhower rep. Joseph w. Martin jr., announced saturday he has a secret civil rights proposal and said republicans would fight for an Quot adequate Quot Bill. Declining to describe the proposal now or tip off i strategy the House re pubic a can Leader said Quot i think a lot of democrats will vote with us when they i see our proposal. Some of them will think twice before they vote against although word Friday from j some Republican leaders Indi Jated that a Compromise was As Good As wrapped up. There apr poured to tie a stiffening attitude today in at least some sectors of the gop Camp. After breakfasting at the White i House Martin returned to the 1 Capitol to declare the presidents 1 position la unchanged and he still is not in favor of the terms of a Compromise being pushed by in i number of House Democrat. A no weakening Quot let me make it Crystal said. A there is to weakening in our position. We want a Bill a first proposed by president Eisenhower that will adequately pro Washington apr president Eisenhower is Send amp a a t the voting rights of million my a team of three top officials for a last ditch Appeal to4 of our c4tiben these Nate for an increase in foreign Aid funds. the admin iteration has i i l stated that voting rights protect but Ink s Alt the signs Are wrong Sec re Ary of state ton is its 6im uu8 Fui u Dulles . Art or w. Radford and John Hollister Are introduced Aud passed by the after breakfast a president Eisenhower and Senate minority Leader William Knowland were Oil smiles As they left the White hour the after a special breakfast meeting. Though the president suffered one of the worst defeats of his administration when the House slashed Over eight Hundred million dollars from his foreign Aid program the chief executive won Senate democratic support to restore some of the Cut. Nea telephoto the sends top aides to Capitol Jill in foreign funds a Pecal Likely to have Little Success. Dudes is expected to ask th1 Senate appropriations committee to it to too the Ltd ice my t i in Hie j Cai the Devi at of Scottsburg year old letter saturday be Sto ind to w Ashin Oto in Nan Dar will be in die c in Thoye. Me Turnoy the of rack is foreshadow Ween or pcs who dec nature of said Cauti certainly to too b the \ it a. A Hile ear Coo i to Long i gel far a a look. Hope for junket in the to a the i Lead i of itch or in cos can ape t to new to ice and dry h sen. Knig the fight will seek to e House Cut no Hope mount a Uzi Chan of us in Mil be sup land will a 8u met. Re out some is i. A Sec Ive Yean re to l of or in of i Iron iiok8k com is to it Sci i and. A Kuc a i cd was picked up Quot personal been trip and a mint to n Ole Range of it proposals Fly spelled o or Harold 6 it two Mon Nasen has Der to a tax. Utt aled $46 812.186. Or 584 Lese than a year ago. Nils included an apparel crease in liquor gallon i it it Revenue of $616170. The caused. Lyon said by a it in Law which provides the a amps need no longer but chased in Advance but n bought at tile end of a according to the amount c sold in the period. $962,-i$400arks it de the e tax said r against of funds of grass residents a id their reductions Methin Washington a congre�5 men Are beginning to get a far away look in their eyes now tha adjournment Day is near and the look in t to Ani the . Put your fit Ltd on a most to i Point in the United states or Many places around the Globe and you 12 find some has pay de by Between now and the time Congress goes Back to work in january but 1957 May not see As much overseas travel As 1156, the last i non election year when a record of More than 200 u s leg Isla tors were counted abroad mindful of of what congressmen themselves Call Quot junkets a leaders so far House wont far beyond that Field. It would permit the attorney general to apply for Federal court injunctions again alleged violator of All kinds of civil right. Person disregarding the injunctions could be jailed for by Federal judges w about jury trials. Added jury trials the Senate Cut Down the injunction provision to voting right. H it added jury trials Miler be granted in most criminal contempt cases this jury trial re-0 it a a Iii it won apply not just to irs d put. But uk�0 to continued on Page la pole. Son seek i a. So Linn w Ife returns to reds London up a officially Aile be 19 House c things in Oil rss expense at still leave file w earlier Rosew Here saudi luts of i Oil shipments l o end sept. Visit Idun sins son has Riffel a c5 i o lie american citizen a Young polish his 3-year-old son. A to d to u ted Butte w Ife a stormed Back i curium with those m to v re son. Richard were ii in Britain re a i mime a footer g Here while polish arranged the it lugs a pretty a bribed by Tig ref Tia unch communist my it Piny on Hee Loc the Sake of the riled nothing to do e plan. Took 2 year i arum bed Back to it Ive somewhere in of Ned a rouges e awl inf him Over Ca get a 7 65 9 64 by the associated press Atlanta rain 93 74 Bismarck Cloudy 79 >3 Boston Clear 78 Vij Chicago Clear clone innate Clear Cleveland Clear Denver Cloudy de Moines Clear Detroit Cloudy Fargo Cloudy fort Worth Cloudy Indianapol Clear Jacksonville Cloudy kit Usa City. Clear los Angeles Clear Memphis min Miami Cloudy i i w eur Lilia mils St Paul Clouds Moline Clear new Orleans Cloudy new York dear Omaha Clear Phoenix Clear ban Diego Clear san Francisco Clear Beattie Clear Tampa Cloudy Winnipeg Clear m mum a. Ii i Imus staff i Vik primer i i Nim i i in f in a a it 4. I Fly i i a a 78 62 69 a cd 74 41 a or a a a a go to a i s 4 # # \ Joti Jim Iii a gaffiiabcea8 w ,4w it a tit fruit Tutaj and Mon Low 8il Low us High Muur Freeport woman Dies of Kim in injuries Navy Blimp ditches ditched off the Cost of f de death after the ditch of

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