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Irving Daily News Texan Newspaper Archives May 31 1962, Page 1

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Irving Daily News Texan (Newspaper) - May 31, 1962, Irving, Texas Norelli a a a Texas a at vacs Leader 1961-62 she tvs Rel any in news lexan volume 57 number 130 sunday Ioc. Week Days --5c your Home. Xiv paper in Texas fastest Iron in Iii iring Dalls county Texas of pallier party Cloudy and warmer. High today and Fri a lower 90�?Ts Low tonight lower 70�?T it. 22 p the Day y 31.1962 q to when it Rains it yours. And Irvin is Etton water from almost every source. From a new Tower. From the y. And finally fron a new in in. We i at to c Tio Don trial Saddle club Rodeo rounds just of my 183 West the strike was made Early or tile week n 4 it brought out More jubilation among the tired armed ill carrying Barse owners than i it Tiad been an Oil Well. A heavy vein o water was tapped at Only 23 feet and underground pressure brought fete level almost to Tex the top of the Adams ground the Well will More than ail ply furnish needs at the rounds. As i result the play Day shed used sunday afternoon will be More enjoyable than Eyer Accord int to Bill dul Worth president of the Riding cub. The Public is invited. There is no pm Trot for add Mission. In the Dell As county Iii upstairs hangs an oversize Wall Ca Lendar. Appropriately enough it advertises the Casa Linda Fence com Pany the Dallas tuberculosis a a is relation held its 45th annual membership meeting this week at the Sheraton hotel ill Las. Representing Irving was Quot Bob Manlove vice president and Secretary of the Irving savings and loan association. Speaker for the occasion was Leonard w. Larson Al. A president of the american medical association. Or Larson called for an end of complacency in the tight against tuberculosis. He pointed out that although incidence of the disease has been really reduced it is a from Bein eradicated. Manlove headed the local to fund Campaign last year. I by inc and till Trinity were River bedfellows for Many a year As the Trinity Rose and fell so did the fortunes of Irving a in reverse order. Bill Bietendorf tells us there were four main crossly s on the Trinity branches Between ii Vin a and Dallas. Not Ion. Ago he showed them to us. To the South is the Eagle Ford crossing reached by old Singleton Boulevard up Hasty Hill where once wagons and teams made Little haste indeed. And across West Fork. Luck a Mill Sto it id on the cast Branch of the old Channel. The Green roof store was on the South Side of Singleton Cross the Road was the store owners House. The Chimney of the building is still standing. Counterfeiters once stayed there and the former Deputy sheriff found a Cache of phony 50-cent pieces Bunn a raid Recor is crossing at sixth Street was near where the new Bridge is being built. The records crossing Road went Over several Small branches. Any Small overflow shut off traffic. The name presumably came from a family named record. The Gra Dwyier Union Bower Crofting was a popular route to non Dallas and went across Elm Fork. Gra Dwyier was an Early Day Farmer. Union Tower was one of the precursors of Irvin. California crossing was the further most North generally used by the Irving Community. It still has its name though Bietendorf does not know the history behind it. He does remember that i Turkey Knob Between the crossing and inking supplied both Deer and Turkey for local Hunters during the Early 1900 s. Diplomas f for big �?~62 class car pedestrian mishaps on Rise two case3 of your Stets darting in for it of nut it a Biles have been reported this c Elk. The most recent t k place shortly after 4 . Tuesday in the 600 Block of main St. William Bliss Farmer 14, ran from behind c acre in blocks Stacker in front of Crockett Cement in front of a car driven by Audrey Coward West 31, 1211 Mitchell. The car struck Voun firmer in the left hip. Officer Don proffer who invest ated both pedestrian accidents had the boy sent to methodist Hospital in Dallas via Blacks ambulance. Proffer said Hospital attendants could find no broken Bones but decided to it keep the Teena or under observation for two Days in order to detect possible internal injuries. Quot he might have been killer a said the officer. Four year old Charles Edwin Phil not. 915 Hurwit j i. Ted in front of an noncom a car driven by Bitsy Miller 26, 307 Stewart late monday afternoon. The toddler was not ser to sly injured. Due to the woman s Quick reflexes she was Able to nearly Stop before she hit the child. Police have urged Drivers and Arents alike to exercise added caution during tile summer months when so Many Yern sters Are on the streets at All hours. A s Vav hey look it Over. A miniature drama re enacted Many times Over in thousands of Irving Homes is shown just As it took place in the j. R. Mannin residence at Ali Hillcrest freckled faced Randy. La and Chris 8, Are show in a their pop the report cards the Broo it Home on wednesday the last Day of school. The lads attend t. J. Lee i Terne Marx soil it old new s of Xan phot1 4 7 memorial a v is r i h i menus i yes bought Liberty says speaker re evaluations to boost taxes numerous notices of tax re Evau actions Are being mailed to Spring c try i a \ s s e s s or collector c. A i left Oft told the news i earn wednesday. In Many Caces tax evaluations will be raised. A the property owners who will get a notice of a change this year in most cases have not been changed by the City in several years a Miler son said. A we Are striving to keep our equalization program As nearly current As possible a the tax officer said rapid Row the z 0 n i n g up or a d is Street improvements and water and sewer service were tending to a a greatly increase the land values. He noted that Irving a assessed values Are based on 35 percent of the present True Market values. I his is lower than most cities in this Region he added continuing Nderson said the City commission has been Able to Transfer a sizeable sum from the water and sewer fund to the general fund during the past few years a otherwise out City taxes would need to be much higher to meet our budget and provide the services now being provided by our tax Dollar a Anderson commented. Quot the real meaning of memorial Day is to be seen in the feelings which is capable of producing in our hearts today a stated Rev. Robin i. Moffat minister of the first presbyterian Church of Irving when speaking at services conducted at Daybreak on wednesday in Oak Grove memorial. The memorial service was sponsored by american legion Post 218 of Irving and a Large group of Irving veterans participated in the ceremony. A we have a feeling of gratitude for the sacrifices which others have made for us. The blessings which we enjoy have not been bestowed upon us As gifts but have come through struggle a a Rev. Moffat said. A your Freedom and our Liberty have been bought for the Price of mens lives. Such prize possessions As these Are possible Only when men Are willing to give up their most prize Possession life itself. Quot this is one of the enigmas of All time that nations War to gain peace that men fight in Orde r not to fight that life is gained through death. Quot this sacrificial spirit was praised by Jesus when he said greater love has no Man than this that a mania it Down his life for his friends. Our nation is free and great because men have been willing to do to lat a Rev. Moffat added. A for us today it is a sobering thought to realize that we enjoy blessings made possible by the death of others. Our Clear responsibility is to see to it thar a these dead shall not have died in the Only Way we can guarantee that is for us to be willing also to venture to sacrifice a to die and leave our children free. A the second feeling that we have is that we Are pm phasing today is not really the death of men but the cause for which they died. With the passing of time death loses some of its significance and becomes an empty thing. Remember that within one Hundred years of any Battle or War those who fought on both sides Are gone. There is no Victor or vanquished As far As men Are concerned. As people look Back upon War this is the reason it appears so a but while War is foolish it is never futile when a great cause is involved. Napoleon said a it is not the de Atli but the cause that makes the a i Hope today that our dedication May also be real and our gratitude to god that he a created men of courage with a willingness to sacrifice themselves for others and my prayer is that we May be numbered among them concluded Rev. Moffat. Mrs. Wilcox joins a n k apr s Taff City pools set to open Friday summer is Here and Irv mites Are expected to take to the water in droves when the City a swimming pools open Friday at i . To be open from 1-10p.m., monday through saturday and 2-10 . Sundays the pools will give locals some 94 Days of swimming. City Park avid recreation director Jack Hamon told the news Texas tuesday that Irving a two pools at City Lark and Senter Park will close after labor Day weekend. Country club members will get their first dip on sunday when their Pool makes it debut for the summer at 3 . A fourth splash pit should open around july 15 in the Myca. The Myca has already scheduled swim classes to begin june 4 at the Clr Park Pool. Myca instruction will be held from 8 . Until noon beginning june 4 and running through the summer. Me they open their own Pool additional classes will be scheduled. The Only a to sponsored swimming program will be Given free by the red Cross registration will be held from 8-12 on june la for non swimmers and the same time on june 12 for swimmers. Senter Park Pool is the site of the City s classes. Hamon said he expects a greater turnout than last year. When More than 49, xxx paid admissions were recorded not counting season passes. Phillip Reid president of Irving state Bank announced tuesday that mrs. Leora a mrs. James a Wilcox has become associated with Irving state Bank in a Public relations capacity. She primarily will be calling on newcomers to Irving welcoming them to the City and helping in any Way she can to acquaint them with it. Mrs. Wilcox was reared in Randolph Newyork Wile re she attended school. Immediately upon graduating she became associated with Cattaraugus county flank at Little Valley new York where she spent the next six years working in All departments of the Bank. She and her family moved to Irving in 1959, where she was employed by the daily news texan for the next 15 months. Mrs Wilcox is the Mother of two son1chark la and Jack who is a graduating senior of the Irving High school this year. She along with her family Are members of the i u it methodist Church. She is Secretary of the w of men Dix Isio Nof thee Ham Ber of Commerce and has been Active in various civic drives an i organizations since moving to Irving. She resides at 2837 West Lith Street. Prizes judges lined up for miss Irving contest final preparations ire underway for the miss Irving pageant to be he Al is night at 8 of clock in ii Vine High school auditorium i sponsored by or Vin Jaycees the contest is the i or St of its kind to be held in Irving. Previously local lovelies had to compete for the miss Texas Rule As residents of Fyllis. Wien a miss Irvin is picked Friday in. To she will o is i full fledged contestant to the miss Texas a earn. Should she win there she will be tent by Texas Jaycees to the miss America extravaganza in Atlantic City. The Cir. Syst Queen will be Well dressed when she competes for the state Crown clothing merchants from All Over the City have joined forces to see that she is properly attired. Town and country shop fee l. M. Kate Marge la Mode my oils fashions a ill make the major contributions to miss or Vins wat i Robe. Trophies will be awarded to miss Irving two runner ups and miss con a nighty. Charm bracelets will be Given to All contestants. I Hose awards Are being paid for by Vandergrift Tiev to let Holiday inn West Golder i lanes and Irving lanes Shore s is furnishing the Queens bouquet. To insure tie local Beauty has the pro or poise miss Irving will be Given a free Model my course at the i no a Austin school of modelling. Contestants will be judged on Talent and Beauty some so percent of their scoring goes to Talent and 25 a it or cent each to bathing suit and evening gown appearance ten talented beauties have entered the contest and five judges will have the trying task of picking a Winner. Judges Are Conra i Brady eneral Mal a i of interstate theatres. Brady has had 30 years of experience in publicity promotion and special events in the entertainment Field Nell of Connell harpist Aud Veteran of footlights. Ste currently is play in. With the fanta Sticks it t to e Pearl a i lace Pui Yhouse Marie in it Hing editor publisher of Avian on news illustrated. Breck Wall Farmer owner of the playbill and producer of stage shows. Meg Healey former producer of the television show the healers it . Healey currently is woman a editor of kill radio station. Many receive j scholarships almost 400 youngsters will culminate their 12-year Public school study in Irving High school graduation ceremonies. The climactic rites will be held at 8 . Tonight in Tiger stadium. Irving a graduating scholars have run up an impressive total in College Grants and scholarships. To Date these awards amount to $124, 610. The scholarships vary widely in value some running As High As $12,000. More Are sure to come. Some 33 seniors have been Given scholarships and awards o colleges and universities throughout the nation. Those students and the institution they will attend Are Richard Blayney University of Texas Robert Easton Rice Charles Parks Rice Charlotte Brown Douglass new Brunswick . Susan Nelson Austin College ame strand Cal tech. Pasadena Alif Fleming Waters Texas Carlan Behler Arlington state College Mike Moore Tyler or. College Mike Marshall Baylor and Travis Ashburn Cisco or. College. Also Bobbie Morris if co or. College Jeanne Kop Rowski Cisco or. College Peggy Tunstall East Texas state Stan Young Pueblo or. College Pueblo Colo Terrell Harrison Loo Morrisjr. College Phyllis Anderson Jacksonville Baptist Elaine Coop Texas woman a University Teressa Monahans North Texas Judy Holcombe St. Paul a Hospital Jolene Robinson lege and Brenda Gentry ask. Also Bill Dawson Aso. Terry Munn ask Wood Cantrell ask James Howard ask Gary Payne Aso Clyde Haggard ask Glenn Mullins Henderson county or. Allege James Stanford Henderson co. Or. College and Connie l Ouise Meadows National secretarial association has not chosen a school. Two is seniors made the finals in the stiff National Merit scholarship awards by making the finals Joel Cantrell and Robert Easton put themselves in the upper % too of 1,000,000 outs Tan Ling students from across the country. Six other sen. Irs received letters of commendation for a super it a showing in the nations Merit scholarship race. They Are i Well Allen Charlotte Brown Clyde Haggard Charles Parks ame strand and rot err Teutsch. Their commendations put them in the upper 10,000 of the million scholars competing. Tonight s processional begins promptly at 8 ., followed by the invocation Given by Rev. Jack Mcgee Plymouth Park methodist. Mike Goldwire and Biddie Greene respectively will give the salutatorian a and valedictorian s addresses. They will be followed by the presentation of the class by is principal de e. Williams and acceptance by school superintendent wet. Hanes. School Board president Harry Spencer will present the diplomas. Following the presentation the seniors will sing their Alma mater for the last time As is students. The Benediction will be Given by Rev. Jack d. Edam ads Carpenter re. , and the and will play the recessional. Supt. Hanes announced that the services will bring to a close All school sponsored senior activities. Loins have petition on Park area mothers of children who use the Plymouth Park City playground Are expected to tie present at City Hall at i . Thursday when a petition trying to retain a Backstop and Ball Diamond at the Park will be presented to City commissioners. A spokesman for the group issued a reminder that the City meets at i . Instead of the usual night to. Be meeting hour and urged As Many mothers As possible to attend. Omar my m worm today by United press International Washington Secretary of state Dean Rusk conferred again wednesday with soviet ambassador Anatoly Al Dobrynin on the Berlin dispute but neither budged from Long established positions. 4 new York labor racketeers who Are attempting to organize employees of new York Beauty Parlours have found an effective new weapon White mice dist. Atty. Frank d o Connor of Queens county has reported of Connor said labor goons have released White mice in a number of Beauty shops whose operators oppose Union organic ing. Spreading terror among women patrons. Knoxville Tenn. The University of Tennessee announced wednesday that one of its professors has made a a major breakthrough in the Field of electronics with development of a new radar Antenna system. Professor James d. Tillman or s. Work resulted in development of a radar scanning Antenna which has no moving parts but is Able to a a look in All directions through changes of electrical voltage. Toronto the Canadian welfare Council wednesday called for the introduction of a nationwide medical care program. It declined. However to suggest How the plan should be financed or administered

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