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Irving Daily News Texan Newspaper Archives May 27 1962, Page 1

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Irving Daily News Texan (Newspaper) - May 27, 1962, Irving, Texas Conium a or Vic of to la a is 4�?~, r a tests texan if rather of a a r 11 y a loud. And warm . Tho highest tempt a in the Middle 90s , southerly at 20 to a r hour Volmi s Mombi r 12 sunday k vv-1 fun Dayssy \ our in win Seu a Puppy in Texas l fastest Wrout Iris itch Quot Agish a a a a a \ it doff is there. Chr. A the in the skin of the new Wate re Avoir on n. Belt f Ine rd., Quot a the ground level look rather Small. That a Cau in Tig Tan we to Reserve a Rands 153 feet tall. The a a id it into the municipal water system this past week Quanru Phov water fir neighbourhoods. For some = n inside and on top of the huge str air items column inside to Dave. N. photo la North or by n what it s the i to my r Van. No a t by Tex Adams lil of Iri a thai Oit Friendship is me Hort t Ranee Mons. And no amount a i with Milo Lane red tape will make r in s. This is to Relief of l r. Leon Plair Unna a1 air a Grant Prairie. As a result of out Ting into e old fashioned Straighf-1 Texas neigh Terline in \ a it it cacti and other places t i. R recently receive d the l e Ciu n a i Merit int a a nation s High peace time Ward re a. I came b r Bavin d in to a she Elk by his notate achievements n the Field of inter Fex National and com a Unity Tamini Olieo a which have material in end ret. The pre a Tige of the i re a comman.,r a a Sec-Ond-Gensr-3tlur ,. Now every tem in is that of you want to Hrdy a neighbor get his Cotton cup out of the grass you Don a Start out by going to the courthouse. You just pick up a hew Alf head for the neediest Row in the Field. Or to put it another Way it does t Cost a cent to shake hands with the Man next door. But of you have to go out and hire somebody to do the Job you not Only waste your Money but you lose the Trust of your Nei Elsbor to Boot. A # a this in a nutshell is Blair s approach to International relations. Quot we often complain tha for Ltd a in programs fail because they Are under financed. Yet when we double approx la hons we on / double their ineffectiveness Quot he re lids. Quot we already have the machinery set up to carry our message of Good will to other nations. Additional agencies Are needless duplications. Quot the Forward position of our armed forces in most parrs of the world is the greatest Factor of strength in the cold How these us forces con i i. Themselves. How they Tell die Story of determine Werher they find i he us elves stationed in Friendly or hostile lands. The Arab is politically unsophisticated. Said one on returning from a trip to West b Erlin Quot it is hard to Tell who won world War ii. The germans go a out freely in their City. It is the americans who live behind barbed this same Lack of sophistication makes him Unap pre Czatle of Many of our Quot finer Quot things. On being shown a film n us travel an Arab said of the magnificent expanse of a a a Concrete that made up a los Angeles traffic Complex Quot no Good Here. It would Burn my 0 air s bag of tricks at Gen my a Job done without additional financing reached Texas size Cotton sack proportions. During his stay in Morocco he did much toward reestablishing american Good will through a program of Quot Contact Quot Between americans living in Morocco and the moroccan people. There were also presents from texans to the moroccan Royalty presents of Texas Pecan Trees livestock an other agricultural items t the moroccan people. Navy men s wives volunteered j teach English classes. Amer cans participated in Rescue work following flood Arad earthquake. These Are but some of to e straight line approaches that earned Blair the Ufi Label of being Quot the most Popi Lar american in Morocco of not All of North by the Token his successful Quot no Cost Quot program of foreign Ald should make him one of the most popular americans in the United states. Vian saves pair from a tragic double drowning was averted Friday night by the Quick action of Ronnie Davies who pulled Charle Haskins and his Nephew out of the River Lew apart cents swimming Pool. Davies Anex coastguards Man said he never would have. Been Able to Rescue Haskins had the drowning Man panicked. Haskins is a Burly 220-Pounder. Haskins and his wife were sitting on the Edge of the Pool around to . When their Nephew Drift into deep water. Haskins jumped in the Pool in his distress forgetting that he swim. He. life ii came Hyst Eneal Fearin for he lives of Nodi her husband and Nephew. Davies Olio was near Quot he pen jumped in and pulled the boy out the youngster had already aimed Blue having swallowed j Good Deal of water. No Ion was available on the name and age of the boy it witnesses Caid a hey believed Hun to be about five years old. After he put the boy on the Ank Davies went Back to get Haskins who was on his Way to the Bott of the Pool. Haskins did not grow hysterical however and the Rescue went smoothly. Washington up president Kennedy has told. A White House conservation conference that developing an economical Way of turning Salt water into fresh could do More for Mankind than the greatest exploits in space. He said that cheap and practical methods of converting Salt water on a Large scale Are Quot within our grasp Quot perhaps within the next to years. This will have vast implications for parts of this country earn a amp a degree Edward p. Fox and Robert s. Pore of Irving received advanced degrees from Fexas a and a in the or rinse semes or commencement exercises saturday morning at the College. Fox 2250 Cambridge was awarded a in zoology and pore 3438 Princeton was Given a master of science in Plant pathology. The two Irvi gites were a Mong nearly too who received higher degrees at the College station school some 2i were awarded at the ceremonies. Aud even More for developing countries with water problems he said. Kennedy said that while conservation efforts of the past have dealt with stopping depletion of resources the major task now is to Quot harness science to for Exa i ple he said projects to get More food from the oceans open up huge possibilities of feeding the world s hungry. The president said the United states must also move faster on convention conservation such As wilderness projects to Quot preserve for those who come after us this Beautiful country that we have inherited the entire Eastern United stages is a danger of eventually becoming Quot one Gigan no metropolitan area Quot from b Ston in Florida he said and thought must be Given to How li4sterners can continue to have some Green around meanwhile a National association of manufacturers spokesman said the makeup the panel discussions during the two Day sessions leaves the conference Quot open to the possible charge that this is a brainwashing meters Whas water us. Soars h y h Ocie s Bedile his Hwu get inspect Iii Salt water conversion More Grue Ial i Lian space by Hof Johnson a new a Hon water tank an. A it drought and or. To u have combined to Pimp warm consumption Al it it i i hic ,000 per May higher thai expected. Quot the consume i it a we a experiencing now is about what we would nor ally expect Alen a in july Quot mid i a a Danieu City water superintendent. A eak Lay to late .vas.mon-da\, Mav 21, when Irvin ires 7,999, water. Con Sun pit n figure n r May 21, 1961 s �,92,1o n May 21, 1960, 4,226,i of Cal ions of water were used. Of the a inn Rev x when temperatures were a Little me thu debate water Bill were about average. Total u. Option was Runny around no it Noo a Allen per Day. Fief me the Mth a. It it Bill had doubled and tripled it Citi ens and complaints to pour into the water office Ai it alleged Quot overcharges. A double checking system is being used by the Waier department to prevent misreading. a meter shows that a customer has doubled or tripled his usage since last month the Reader is required to have his partner verify or read be then initial it on his Book. The water department tried to foresee the of water customers shocked by the mushrooming size of their Bills. In last Inonia s Bill inserts were carried showing citizens How to read their meters and making suggestions about How to save water. It also explained the department s rate Structure. The biggest single reason for the uncommon water be is the new storage tank in North Irving. Homeowners in North Irving Are not ult de to having adequate pressure so when they finally got it they became avid water customers overnight. The big tank went into operation on May is on May 17, the total water use was 5,856,000 Gallons. On Friday May i8, Gardners discovered they had a respectable Stream instead of a spurt and water consumption soared to 7,735,000 Gallons. W thou the inducement of added pressure Irvi gites were using nearly 2,400,000 More than they were , Daniels pointed out that Irving residents Are not alone in their bulging water Bills. No rain has fallen in the last 25 Days to satisfy thesty lawns and Flower Beds. Water Bills in surrounding cities have jumped considerably in the last half of May too. The financial picture is further complicated by the Lack of a settlement Between Irving and Dallas on their squabble Over water rates. Dallas demands that Irving use considerably More water or take a higher rate. The Only Way Irving can use a great Deal More water is to shut off its Wells which provide water for eight cents per 1,000 Gallons compared to 25- per thousand for Dallas water. Misspelled the name of Lowry less president of noon Lions club is erf Tatol Siy spelled on la Roll Over Page of today s women a Section. The news texan regi Els this mistake. City commissioners have rescheduled their re ular thursday meeting from 8 . To i . On the same Day. The next week s session set for june has been postponed Altin Ether. The rescheduling came monday a a Hen it apparent that it would be. Pm ssh Eti Muster a jul rum thursday evening few i no Issi Iners will be but to in and two thers Wil be at the High school re thursday june 7, the n will not meet at All. Nio Mission ii tines normally Are yield e Ery thursday but Nee every two. Months Thead a it urn to attend gatherings l f a league . Bank mapping gala opening festivities will be varied and Well planned when the first National Bank of or. My holds its official opening from 8 30 . Until 6 . Friday free savings accounts favors refreshments and Organ and piano background music will highlight the Milestone event at 945 e. Irving blvd. President Curtis inner Arity announced that numerous City and Council official. Will be present for opening ceremonies. Organ music will be supplied by the whittle music Ocharles King organist and piano music will come from the Quot Ricky tink Quot piano of red Kearns. Drawings w one held each hour of t of 5avg acc units with s a be la or a adore syster. Coo Kies naked in a Over rear Mold will be supplied by cake shop. Other a be Coffee and punch an Viil be served in a Irv no nor a is. to be Given include ballot is Gailp of feb wer pins and key Chain. Fir t at Nam ban w in be the first Naru Nal Bank Cliar tired for Irvng. It Cim Mence operations of 3200,000, surplus of v20 \ too and undivided of >100,000. Go needs furniture gifts to a Quot furnishings fund Quot for the chamber of Commerce s new offices Are being sought from chamber members and the general pub Bamber manager Bill Ste ens said that the chamber will move from irs present offices at 130 West Irving blvd to the new offices at 1516 w. Irving blvd. Around Friday june i. The new offices represent a sorely need improvement to. Chamber facilities. Floor space in the old building is 854 Square feet. In the sleek new building the chamber will have some 2,400 Square feet of room. The a furnishings fund Quot Vin be used by the Public re nations for the sole purpose of purchasing needed items which include the furnishings for thee Ham Ber office. Gifts should be mailed to furnishings fund . Box 445, rising i Rii gite w orking on atom project an Irving Sophomore is the Only undergraduate at Texas to be awarded a to week National science foundation Grant to work on s atomic reactor this summer. The physics major from Irving Tom Adensam 320 Robin Hood is the son of or. . Eugene Adensam and is a 19 graduate of Irving High school. Aii other Grants for work on the reactor first to be associated by a College or University in the Southwest went to graduate students the reactor using rods to enable physicists to control a reaction in uranium 235 eventually will be made into the highest powered reactor in the Southwest. Physicists can now get a controlled reaction up to too kilowatts. By degrees for Irvi gites two in in Gates Are among students who received degrees at at Baylor Una Eastty in Waco Friday. They Are miss Barbara Davidson daughter of or. . Ted e. Davidson 638 Oak Ridge who was awarded a Bachelor t science degree and Terry Hart Forrest son j of or. . . Forrest 1125 Horseshoe Bend who re i celled a Bachelor of music a education degree. Miss Davidson Majo de in Home economics and minored in marketing. Forrest majored in music and minored in Educa Ion. Irving income ranks High chamber of Commerce manager Bill Stevens had glowing Good news for the Irving business Community saturday. Stevens announced that a recent Survey shows the average family income in Irv ing is >6149, >144 Over the . Annual family average and >519 higher than the Texas average. Estimated annual consumer spendable income totals $93,468,000, Steven s stated. The Irving population is continuing to expand at a fast rate Stevens continued. Quot on april .30, 1962, there were no less that 53,792 residents Quot he emphasized. This compares impressively with the 45,985 living Here in 1960 and with Only 2621 residing Here in 1950. Eighty four percent of the Homes in Irving Are owner occupied with an average valuation of >11,430, Stevens concluded. By United press International three russian spy ships monitoring secret . Nuclear tests in the Pacific May be setting a precedent that America will find useful in future soviet weapon experiments. Defense officials refused to comment on the possibility that similar . Ships would be Suejit to the Vicinity of 5 Northern Novara Zemella Island the next time the soviets conduct nuclear tests in the Arctic. But they said there was a no need to worry about America keeping up with the russians in the business of monitoring. A Kur Hiro. Japan rain which fell Here Friday contain a a considerably High but not dangerous amount of radioactivity the local meteorological Observatory reported saturday. It said this was the first time radioactivity had been detected in rain falling in Japan since . Nuclear tests were resumed in the Pacific. A a Algiers secret Arny terrorists saturday bombed to elementary schools set fire to a 10-Story office building with a series of explosions and blew up a car amid a crowd of moslem in a terror filled Day of death injury and destruction. The european extremists obviously emboldened by the refusal of a French military tribunal to condemn sex Oas commander Raoul Salan to death rocked Algiers with a series of 33 bomb attacks from Early Dawn to Nightfall

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