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Irving Daily News Texan Newspaper Archives May 10 1964, Page 1

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Irving Daily News Texan (Newspaper) - May 10, 1964, Irving, Texas 2�g> Lew i your Home newspaper in Texas fastest growing City we Ather mostly clout and warm. Scattered shovers sunday a after noon Low near 7g and High around 80. Volume 3, number 199 58 pages today 5? daily Loc sundays a i 64 Irving demo delegations stay Quot right tract Carr p. Collins . Horatio Alger award Collins Success Story draws National Honor Arr a 11 . ., the lift. Lie i in i with various plans Small a Collins urged in development re i at. Irving in the Fields the c it Tine la. Quot a should i a and May and attend unto Scho is. Make them adequate in a Ach a ent properties ills s Uco Ess is perhaps was i that years for now will i e hone red in ar3 earn Asti Nutly by the Peep e "111 say we p Ian cd the Lone Road Rusc to t. I .-1 it i Nion i lie w la t to business sue i us. co which he foun la ins had Starte his ded in 192 Quot. It w has $536 in a building a Tivin in two la i one the million ire ran in Force. Year j earlier in Frame House i. award Hoa Collins. Best known in devel ants ii Uthaw est a t monies at the Irwin a the Loper Irvins one ii the. Trouts in in re rant Chii ply. Gnu flow inv a Ilin Ore in a it Storia hotel in new j y i lit. . Norman Vin cent peal noted author and the i tar., will a a the pre Senath no. Irvin. Other Texas born person 195j to ides i the ii. Of to Hon to it orc is include actor a. Neu. ,.r Jai try and i inured i x i hem Vav. Ton. \. N a a. Jut non i it v. Recipients will be i Tili a. Prize Winner i Quot Earls Buck pjn., auth. A Ilia a Trail t. A . Sucre s to an in treet car p net in us it who a he. Sold news apers ii was bom . A a in Trot Quot Frame Hon near h t a i Ane a hit Mother lied Early in his by Mike k Ings i eight Irving. C precinct Delegate t democratic convention gave their up Art toe air Ai. Bill Clar a j the votive Elc rent a a. Arty saturday is the Iberal action k. tee the seat i g. A several delegations. Is Dieric the Del rec cts 136 id a. E wit the a. V up. I can Avee ii tile a a their re dec Serva by n f. Ith i Ark shop Pii the tin acre i to i a in Mary id an. J a. Jilin a at a tied la . D. W i he shop has eve the thir Sunry. R the he i a. Hon will in the it a i cd bears the a. Lily e i a est in in bulk i la it loins at the controls Terr. In in. Vii. Were i dec ate i. Cd Taco incl id. A and veal in lean i it re. The edit d Irving has a i. At til tit had Cha ,00 a Vav e Boul i nut. A e our i y ii sri s Ai pm >p1 rih l suit used to .it f Nett Hun Ivas you ire a turd out oui i. I it a i Udall i a a in a a extend the l in a i . Int Toul ii . A Lite a Arthel i a the i ast Texas Pines. \ i ii ii., Vii a sri can testify to tills is Joe Davis 3027 Willa. Brewster Loc Ai junk hich faculty Man Quot too happened to sen about 2 so acres far land near the sleepy Little town Quinlan. Jot and it a1 a pen to a nicer in a a the pie a Sun see in. This mediocre car and noome fertilizer fight won by Lehr an Irving business an won a Hird fou. It round with die state government in ii strict court Friday. Theron Lehr president Texas ill Tutti products expressed Delight after hearing i ast. Judy Herbert line Rule . 160th bist. Curt that ii b s Perl lome product is not a fertilizer and does not come under the jurisdiction the Texas fertilizer control service. This frees Lehr to Market his product for Che first time sine i february. It was not immediately evident whether the state would Appeal the Rase not. Judge line ruled that Perl lome is a soil conditioner and does not Din try act Plant growth As a fertilizer necessarily must act. Judge line also ruled that the criminal charges a Ainor Lehr were prematurely filed since tin civil Appeal made by Lehr had not been brought to a conclusion As a result his stand a. Ain t state his inor an volcanic Rock product i can sprit a Brief Feriod in county Tail last Winter before he had an Opportunity to kist $500 Bond. A Justice the peace in Longview ordered a pickup for Lehr after some his products had been impounded there. Lehr who was formally commended by the Irvin chamber Commerce for his stand pointed out that the state inst action fee is relatively Small but that he was fighting the regulation As a matter principle As he Felt the fertilizer control service was overstepping its authority in trying to regulate soil con drones As Well As for borne streets a famous a Early Amel project made Quot pm Park one the Best names in Dalla it i Cunt Ness Circle. It was at the Ace that a. Rec b i fir my ant an Hir Rob l to tin. Sui a end t Achin meters in a one urn House. Me Quot a a it a a the a s Lut it n a. And finally saved enough Ney to enter business cold after graduating he a v retard t the i a a in i in re a insurance As by big own Heads it civic Chili Uci. Wit Isi a 14 air j Chi a ii Nch tic a la e ii onto. And tile citation. A v a i at. R in. A re fir St 141 10 to Ala i now being. _ i to Doc Oil in a f Arm in a we 4 gut d his i an j. An in i l ill Cliv the j a vis is and their fir in let he argan ii ii / Kai Vounov son plan t spend the the la a Lily i Aion i i he w High such jul it at their a a new Nevi i s the Large t a f Ronti a the old i lice by ii Ding in the South i and Ste a 4 a to eat. I Quot he firm in a a 4 stat a tit i i i is Ana ult in is Trie % p f to i. In a i j i u a. And n clump 4 a ing an Fem by Quot to Otic l the Phi Lantier \ a i i critic litter what gave Lins i is already i e in Jar Anc to. R i re in ii Dwyer quite through rout Texas. To in a Ibl ing when thi sup >03ed courage. Literary Vav j a i. Ill a Nee to Sta uni t Reub hear. \ ated in the Sta Iii Ive s an in the oar atle Ary annual a Quot a j $1, a to the Las t in tur j ii auth tile Best in. Jut a a a i a. I i prize is Iven e i the Thorn a Toul the ouch the leva Institute mar a Ann cur k. A Armur t. Hart tin i is i he til it we. T if the club k Ennell the the Elu Day pm Rev m Ala it Charier at the banquet. These Rte each thurs do a. At bal in Quot a in in get for it 11 Oil ill Lur ins.ral1. C Lub morn Vav Affie i. I. E convention. A account a 5 acre tar i Cal Cdr Unity a martyred re Dent w. Gave hic life to i g us t a Quot a air a e lets St Lei to. Eter Aud w. I i pc ter a Fie Rue urns1 i Lea Tell i e it. Seutz tie fact at w c5 it was aimed however As tie liberals had a. Read legs t e trek to tie Autem i. Lie building i i air Arr. Automatic pay hike Iii school Bond approval Ness mrs. Be midis who lives Over Uke St we enjoyed Reading an interesting Mcatur Artic abut a Are Irvin in it. Char title was in the k n Xvi he benn., news Sentinel and con which la Kwh it Merly a Tor in in it who retard Steve a a we lived a 15 cd Luke. By is vac tic i rec a sheltered workshop xviii Rise purpose ii is to train mentally a persons to do use Ful Craft w a it an i earn at least part their quo keep. While in in in ining a a say was ass dated with Goodwill industries. Mrs. Muhs estimates he lived Here about i years. Get Down in is Anama Mil the automobile Market is Bein dominated by former Irvin tie Mort mall. Mort a partner in a Burd Dealership l Orn i Ach tells us Mort won a new Mustang due to running the leading Agency in this Region last month. A i loan brags the in ing High a Cappella choir directed by Nell Davidson winners the top ranking sweepstakes award in regional interscholastic league Competition last week at North i exas state. Mavin heard these Youn folks sing and being familiar with the consistently Fine Job coaching Don by Neil Well have to admit we be re not at All surprised by the High Honor. A a # yet Al Nevi know How fortunate you Ore until you witness the misfortune that comes to others. Looking Over some news photo contest entries from Georgia the other Day we were impressed by the superlative Job the Marietta ga., paper did covering a drug store explosion that killed seven and in lured 21. We were even More impressed when he noted that the blast had killed the Mother the newspapers editor. Me has i a to i diversity sift time and a future in we the i River in Well excels $10, a Kyj to me was one the organic is and now president the a a Stroun Dalton Texas a fifty Mil. Lion Lollar investment firm serving Baptist institutions me it regional director the United by Rolt ollege fund i Isho ollege for negro students was enabled to move to Dalla Collins having headed a Campaign which raise $1,100,000. He consistently makes up monthly deficits in its i a Roll. He possesses deep religious convictions an analytical mind a Stron. Sense duty and det in Inatius to do the Job at hand and get to the Council approves 2 new ordinances than Tea Avn i i new City by a ordinances a re passed and a third was postponed f Furth Stu tile Gity Council Diurni i. A new ordinance was passed prohibits the Arr inc commercial vehicles. Clone and one half tons in thi City streets Alley boulevards wet Iii adjacent to an area zoned for residential apart it use. I he new ordinance makes it unlawful for a j son to leave an unattended to us automobile Public streets for a period i m than 48-hours. Parkin any Dis aided in rut vehicle part la so it v equipment in the front Side a 1 i in a Street in a Resi butial apartment area for a i i d longer than 45-h it i s also is prohibited. A new electrical ordinance a As passed including recommendation the electrical Board. An ordinance controlling wrecking Yards in the tit was discus Sod and postponed for two weeks further to by. Ernest Moore owner the Highway 1s3 and Belt line rd., and i Richards repress min Mayflower investment o., appeared before Che Council regarding the ordinance. I rant issues a Coin merited in til Ujco rating school 54,�?T .14�?s60 Tion mat a a for Mav salary. N i Javis i revealed to this i is the sex Chance dub the other s the arca ars ust a Quot e Money to said i Alt e our a the Irvin i a Anding population. District a re also rope sin a Rais e in k year pay Ais. our can have to a he stat cd and i titi s. District Mara a they a re in t a ewer an i i it and a less you a Board me a then Cher it the two i Issue not a tie a together As reasons the Cro a vol it Avi be in tint St Sui w Orth i Stu Avail it a a inst a1. Ltd Aie Cor the new building the pay raise ran Rondout then said your pay vote a ill unpaid tru a i Gunteer att n Unet us hear against til e sure am k a a k was am in Clit local trustees a and Issue. Die is hav formed a a i a eau Many Public possible in order and Nee before the torah Nti Nuin. A special mothers Day gift it Avis the Best s he w it in feel we shul and be Abb the oth i Cartier briefly the i in a tin which Derisi it n to Tiona Quot Irving something Mistri a gone thru a but its in Irving Mendouse Quot in in Quot teacher in to while today ibo sat Jimieson i lava Teri a in nil hat and growth had Irvin lad from Germany with love a i Quot id Hadi it ii t a i ii a by Jack hark i Jee mothers Day is always a sex Cial occasion but for my c Rosemark Gol Darner its an extra so Ecial event this year. Mrs. Johanna Gol Darner Rosemarie smother was due to arrive saturday Niht from Germany for her first visit to this country. Quot i can hardly wait a miss Gol Darner said Friday afternoon. Quot All the people at Home Germany Are very excited too. I saw her shortly in 1960 when i went Home a she continued Quot but i Haven to really seen her in almost 20 years. I hardly know my own Mother she laughed. The Goldann Liers originally Are from f Abun a town in the province Silesia now in Poland but were forced to leave shortly after world War ii. The father. Earl Oldam Ltd had inherited the. Daily news Aper which his father had founded in 1880. But when East Prussia and Silesia were turned Over to in Eland after the War n Ore than p million German Wert i s place t d. The la Lily publication i i a Blatt tips belongs to the communist polish government and altho. Paragons have been rom cd none Haw been made. Quot they confiscated the whole thing an i we Haven to gotten anything Back yet a miss Goldann Are revealed miss Gol Darner who became a citizen March 3, 1962, has been in Irvin eight years and owns the i out dancers studio where she teaches Ballet and Modem dance she and her Moth a a brother and sister escaped from behind the Iron at Tain in 1945 to West Germany for we her a a Aly still lives. When asked How Ion he a been trying to Brin her a the t Amer i a i. S Gol Darner replied Quot actually not too Long. I hid i Anne i to go Over there but at tile end March i decided to Brin her Over Here instead. Quot you see i went Down to the Post office to mail her a Post card one Day a she explained Quot and i noticed a picture an Airport the Back the card so i just added a Little note Sayin done to you come Over Here after exchanging a More Post cards miss Gol Darner sent her Mother the Money to Fly to America where miss Gol Darner plans to have la spend four to six weeks. Quot to depends her health though a she mused. A she a 68 years old and has had quite a bit trouble in her lib she n the ugh two v. Orl v oru i now a she add. D. Ijarvis continue i. We es1 Bra ate that per ardent to school$9 a and 7 5 fur each school stud i a vis then b effect the i ruin would have n to. Quot Al it rec t its $1,6< mild a i i Iuni i i i int Aile a in it to w he the col Jammer main in thi to be seen. R not i s Mother will re country remains Why 9 99 few ii i an make her Happy Emu a i thin i might like to stay Quot i Gol Darner erect it would be wonderful titi a1 i. It f course its hard to Nova an old person b cause they get quite Home is k. Quot i it i would like for her what a country the is eluded �?�13 now it Kerful to in a wonderful she con been won you a Lubak a Are safer in a Safe get j i sit i it a. Irving i we a i m c. Adv. Inmates to l i i their mistakes i he Irvin in Opict department and is key in an sponsoring two local appearances by four inmates the Texas department it reckons. The inmate have a personal prot titi. R d action i Eena who til i designed to help warn your. People to steer Clear some the mistakes and Pitfalls which have ruined other Young lives. Tile two local Ier format will be hoi Mon my at ? . And til following morning. I Iii i Atte i program a Irving i ii Tischel Only by it the a tiler birk11 Iriti a g a a i la a n i dec tit is he id in the 1 a i Iii a an i ii rus Hon and will i need in to i ii a Sehovi it i auditor Ion by til no n a air. I he so a 4 1 he Putnel j irk . R. Has spoken i a fore Hundred teenage groups i n i sex and according to Polk re Chie a. To in a in i they fee i Itiat if they Influent Only a each audient their own ti1 will be a. Tilt deck ions w a. A u ors in a by Layin ban a tin in to

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