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Irving Daily News Texan Newspaper Archives May 5 1964, Page 1

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Irving Daily News Texan (Newspaper) - May 5, 1964, Irving, Texas A Wing Ira in _ jews texan your Home newspaper in Texas fastest growing City weather considerable cloudiness widely scattered thunderstorms wednesday. Low tonight around 70 High wednesday in lower 80s. Volume 3, number in 8 pages today Telephone bl4-616i 5c daily 10c sundays focal interest or tuesday May 5, 1964 place mrs Verna Dorn-13 Leth librarian at the municipal Library reports a new phone line has been installed to broaden its services. The phone has been installed recently so it t make the new phone directory but the number is in l 4 5 2 5 2. Calls can still be made to it he Library through the City switchboard but mrs. Do Bluth says the number can be called at night when the City Board is closed. The Library is now open until 9 . Each tuesday wednesday and thursday night for the convenience Ai citizens. A a a a up Aci problem prohibited us from getting ail the winners of the 4-m clubs horse show in Coppell in the a tory on the event today so Bere Are the other winners class a key Hole racing of let Randy i Gay 2nd, Sammy Hodges 3rd, match Waters 4th, Boboly Hughes St and Rebecca Beal i6fh. The total Point winners were Hobby Hughes with 20 and Milch Waters with 16. O. Homier of the judge of the col petition which was the first of its kind to be held in Dallas county under the sponsorship of a 4-i i Lui. A a a a >1 Rich Sunry Democrat vice chairman for Irving Felt that maybe the weather was just too pretty for last saturday s primary and held the voter parti i talons a Little. A we would have had a few More voters if it had been Windy he mused. Saturday was one of the first real pretty Days we be had in quite a while. A a a there a no Doub i thai Tiger hurdler Kenny w alters is wondering just what its going to take to Aln a track meet after his experience in Corpus Christi. He tied the National High school High hurdle record and finished second in the race. Hell get another shot at Johnny Morris of Houston Jones who Defeated him in a dead heat at Austin this Friday however. A a a the mall shops in Plymouth Park shopping Center Are sporting a Brand new awning on the fronts of the stores. Its some 220 feet Long and runs the length of Che a hops on the East Side of the Center. Installation was completed last Friday. The color of the awning will make local Texas i Ong Horn fans pulse beat a Little faster too its Orange and White. Aaa texan brags on the Confidence in the development in the City that the members of the episcopal Church of the redeemer displayed in their new addition to the Church which was dedicated last sunday. It s a Beautiful building. Aaa our editors explanation the other Day of How Midlothian Texas got its name brought to mind How another Texas town was named. A few years ago a Little Community in Stephens county decided it needed a Post office to serve its several Hundred inhabitants so it wrote Washington d. And told the postmaster general an office in the Community was a Well they got the new Post office and in bargain also got a new name. The Post office was commissioned for a necessity time has removed most of the inhabitants and the Post office but the department s Booboo remains. Its on map too just Southeast of Breckenridge primary to. Today Rece hum hmm Mist re resident Isor in Ber lately tugs at the ear of Bergt by. T is lie Agic 5. M Dav at tie White House to in Cut the Wile cd t Lei Zed to a official of the Chicago i a society hews get hurting tied 12.--Upi i Seei in h. Passenger so j us no or Ati tide Aeb to . Pm i a i lice acre Lope tie Tever have t Tare k. Brough 27. For a vier ride in lie or Brand few ,. A do. W a of. After Arn to g Brough monday at a local tavern it a disorder. Conduct charge. Officers whisked him away to a and quarters for booking. When hey opened tie doer of the sturdy be , l by found a t1 rec done lights de oilseed. A a rear door franc Bent out of shape. A screening betwee tie Driver and t e rear compartment torn arid twisted. A a Ventura tit fan ripped from its mooring. Gear breakdown halts spraying his aim to Jolt rights supporters by United press International six states and the District of Columbia hold primary elections today with National attention focused on Indiana where Alabama gov. George c. Wallace attempts once again to a shake the Eyeteeth a of civil rights supporters. Elsewhere in Tbs nation former coach Bud a Kikm soil a leap from to politics a three Way contest for a democratic senatorial nomination Ai d a hot a it to work Quot Issue was expected to bring a record numb r of of a Boma voter to the Polis. Oil a primaries Are in Alabama. Ohio Florida and new Mexico Over All voters no mate candidate for four Enate and 63 House seats and for two governorships in Addi tur to choosing 67 delegates to rite repel tear. Natl or a1 convention Aud 153 to t in democratic convention. Taxes an Issue is entered ii Indiana a of critic presidential primary against gov. Matthew e. Welsh who is not t popular with Many voters because of tax increase under his regime Wallace Hopes to duplicate is showing in the we Isco Sui primary last North. Welsh a stand ii for i resident Johnson has campaigned vigorously against Wallace picturing me Alabama governor As a a Uruci t1�?T and one who has solicited support a eve the John Birch ii a primary eve statement said Little Flag Means a rom Welsh. The Little american a being admired in. A lot to his Tommy who is holding i in b r c citizen became a Brand armo rican last Vee her flanked by other a us men i ers if tin. Famich c it John Griffiths or and Donna. News texan Hilt i Canadian no More a if i Tbs or. Eans a whole nth formerly. Anadia it in Dallas she shown ast. I Lien ? Ibby. A mechanical breakdown has temporarily halted the in quit a spraying operations which the Cit i Tvan last week. I Ete f re had of the City a Street department which handles the operation said the operation would be re Sui Edas soon As a Small gear in the spraying machine was located. \ Call had been a in t new York to have the piece shipped by stir freight t j Irving. I by spraying machine who this mounted on a jeep a in operation in the South in part of the City around the old Ravel pit until the breakdown occurred. Ford sal1 the area on s. Tory re. Was Bein covered a a we be been operating the unit abut thre hours night but intend to step up the Pace when the new part is installed a he said. It was expected the spraying unit concert drive he at Central Plaza would be Back on the Road monday it a Pue Day night. The entire dry is to to sprayed but i it re it men Ted it would take time. A we can to Irlar tax unit too fast a he explained. It was thought that the gear had been damaged by driving too fast. In addition to the saying machine the Street department also is attacking the City a Mosquito prod in with hand spraying units. A Weare Worklin on the standing water in the drainage channels two or three hours each evening a Ford said. Kerosene and diesel Oil Are being sprayed on the pools of standing water in these ditches to Aid in the Mosquito control. I ast Sumi Ier tile City used one ton of the Mosquito powder in spraying although Tho machine was in use Only part of the period. This year Ford estimates two or three tons of the powder will be used. Ford said the machine would not operate Howe it r if the City gets any rain. A we would just have to Spray a second time after the rain a he explained. Virtually every re onside organization a in Indiana opposed is a1.ace. Welsh is expected to win the Ive cratic reside tial primary. But tilt size of v the will be w ate led closely especially now with the civil rig4 to Bill pending before tile be ate. Sees sweating Wallace said that i lie gets a Sis if least Quot vote politicians of b to parties will in a still n a and sweating a at the i a tonal c�?~mventioi.5. Ii. India a a Republican presidential primary in. Barr. M. Coldwater of Arizo a is tie overwhelming favorite Over former Minnesota gov. Harold e. A Tassen Lor the states 32 go delegates. Home state of Alabama also holds its i Arv t Adie Gover or a slate o a pledged f reside Tia. Ejectors was expected to sweep to Victory Over a slate pledged to support the democratic party no i be. Vote is by word for new american citizen your valuables Are safer in a Safe Deposit Box. Irving Bank amp Trust cd. Adv. Approximately too workers turned out for tie kick off meeting of tie i 64-65 Irving com Unity concert Campaign. Headquarters for the drive local Home is damaged by flames More than $2, Jou damage was done by a fire which struck the residence of Fred h. Schmidt 404 Forest Circle late monday morning tie Blaze got its Start alien a pan of grease which was being fixated caught on fire sending flames shooting into a Kitchen ventilation Hood. Since the Hood was not vented through tile roof flames were sent into tile attic where they set fire to tile shingled roof and attic braces. Quot Home owners Are asking for trouble when they Don to vent those hoods through the Roo a fire Marshall D. J Mitchell stated after the fire. Quot we have at least to to 15 fires a year like this and you figure $2,000, $3,000 a fire that runs into a lot of Mitchell said later that damage to the Home May run As High As $3,000 with approximately $300 damage done to tile contents. Is be Ira Plaza office building 220 West Irving blvd. In downtown in Jet persons not contacted by a s for concert dues Are requested to Call by 4-014c or by 4-0149, or come by Lead quarters to enrol. Mrs. Roy Marsh is Headquarters Secretary. To kick off meeting was held monday at to Garden and arts Center with Kenneth saucy president Olti Community concerts association presiding. Held in Honor of workers in to annual Campaign the dinner signalled to beginning of a drive which will end saturday evening with completion Olti concert series for next season. Mark Gordon a be ship drive chairman said i expects a record breaking 900 members this year. Quot this should be to biggest season yet not Only because of of fit series we enjoyed last season but also because of to spectacular attractions booked for to coming year a Gordon stated. To Dick Schory percussion pops orchestra and Soprano Rosalind Elias Are the two Advance bookings for next season. Also on the program was mrs no by Kelly National representative for Community concerts inc. Of new York. She urged steady work by the campaigners. Mrs. James Ratteree was arrangements chairman for the kick off dinner. Rights package sought Wash ing ton up a Senate leaders and Justice de part it chiefs sought agreement today on a Quot package of civil rights amendments which son hoped would produce a gag Rule vote Iii about two weeks. Senate democratic whip Hubert a Humphrey minn., floor manager for to House passed Bill estimated it would be possible to Muster to votes to limit debate by Quot to third week in gof Leader Everett a Dirksen di., in whose office today s leadership huddle was being held said he would unveil his amendment to to Public accommodations Section. To meeting was called to review this proposal. Dirk sends la employ it amendments and or changes proposed by backers of to legislation. Atty. Gen. Robert f. Kennedy and top aides were to be on hand., a we be reached to Point where we must get of lightning Down from Sinai and see just where we Are,.�?� Dirksen told reporters. Is choir takes top ratings to Irving ugh school a Capella choir won to sweep stares award at interscholastic league Competition in Denton Over to week end. In winning division first in concert and sight Reading the choir became to Only mixed group in the Region receiving to award. To girls choir also received a first place rating in concert and a second in s Iglus Reading. Choir director Neil Davidson said to judges were impressed with the performances of both groups. College leaders and directors judged the Competition. T a i a1 of the Way she goes about most things was mrs. . Griffith a first act after becoming a citizen of the United states Friday afternoon. Shim mediately set out to get her poll tax in order so she Light vote in saturdays election Only to learn of a recent Law which prevents a newly naturalized citizen from voting until 30 Days have passed. However this disappointment not her enthusiasm in the least a the former Canadian continued to male plans for her future role As a voting member of the local Community. In a naturalization ceremony he4 in . District ourt at the Host office build in in Dallas mrs. Griffiths and 39 other adults and six children took the oath of allegiance joined in song and heard speeches tied in with american Law Day. J residing judge t. Whitfield Davidson following the singing of he National Anthem spoke on a the Law at our door a after which a a american was Sung and Jude Joe m. Hill past president of the sons of the american revolution talked on a a it it or i asic i athe then John Estes a chairman of the Law Day committee Dallas bar association gave a sgt each on a Protection of the the oath of allegiance was administered by mrs. Lillian Hamilton Deputy clerk after which the american Creed was recited by All followed by Quot god bless sixteen miniature flags adorned the clerk s desk representing the countries the forty six were leaving behind when they took on citizenship of the United states. On hand to share in Che excitement and culmination of about six in Inthis 4 study Ila a Horn known to were mrs. Griffiths he b and. Most Fri ads and n Lahb is Evan j., who is vice a it ii Der Ane Ler hush in min ext and an i general Mana or if tile a h it Alin at i 7 sunny Dallas Branch f gun Locka w hic h ranges from chair Ltd a i it any tile ii i but of lf1 iks to Al Fry for girls my one l Coy. We o sickos cookie All the school a e Alme St daily. Kids >onn.i,an i he Rad Ain Fri Xiii t at Roc to Juni r his near f Renta. Radi i la Libby a i Thara r at ply a irk r i stared nurse Mouth i ars and sue 11 a in i Ronto it nor a i Hospital a third Tader at the Anc i at or k in a ans i Anada school had spent f airline a a Tow Ardess be elfin and helpful hour with or a h r Arrie. Phi grif their since she it re r the dates started last october to let in i 4in in in new York this Ball Roll in an a or a until three years even Little four Yir old j to in july when they moved Becky seemed t my i the t in a in a solemnity Anc. I penance / i ways a Alai i a to help a the occasion an 1 tin i v an i i a soc John or. Obvious in n Sod a til la a a a a r us her time something was under i i but i de the a Aal a by de he was t sure h ii 11 to two i it \ or was happening to a a no in is uth bark he a univ sixteen nth but i Unity a once thi thin it Ciari and Reg started a say or. It Irmi or cred Nurs Ltd a s c if. On of it just snowballed an Many or in h. A with friends Bel of. It cd it Ort s c be v of a Famich Hob y a feel great i Adry than r spot to Quot an a ii is of the entire family i c h lore her nth a into veined cognizant of the i ill of by k t c most Ever r use that m r. Williams Rind ii of me Fri ii e a it a u in h she f5lymouth Park school mod a Val Ted he can me hard v wait t r. Our world demos poll vast majority of v otes Dallas c county tax asses Sor collector Ben gentle was somewhat of a Prophet when he predicted 80 percent of saturdays primary vote in the county would be in the democratic primary. At least As far As Irving was concerned he was Correct. In polling 5904 of the 7464 total vote the democrats racked up 79.2 percent of the local vote. Breaking Down the local vote by precincts reveals that Box 402, South of Irving blvd. And East of Senter is the strongest democratic precinct in the City. Of the 672 votes cast in the precinct 89.5 percent or 596 votes were on the democratic Side of the Ledger. The second strongest precinct As far As the democrats were concerned was 401, which is South of Rock Island re. West of Story Tipton and Meyers roads. The precinct voted 88.6 percent democratic with total of 606 votes. The strongest Republican precincts were 172 and 135 w hich Are in the heart of the rapidly developing new Section of the City. Precinct 135 killed the most for the gdf5 with 487, but 172 had the largest percentage with 29.7. Some 1281 votes were cast for both parties in precinct 172. Only about 41 percent of the qualified voters turned out for the election. By United press int r nation Al hav Ana the cuban g v rement said today a Fisherman has found a an enormous shipment of american arms and explosives in an underwater Cache off the North coast of Western Cuba. A government statement printed in Havana morning newspapers said the materials Wert intended for Sabatose. A a washings use n a t e leaders and Justice department chiefs sought agreement today on a a a package of civil rights amendments which some hoped would produce a gag Rule vote in about two weeks. Democratic whip Humphrey estimated it would be possible to Muster the vote to limit debate by a the third week in May new York Merriam Smith White House reporter for the United press International was awarded the pulitzer prize for National reporting for his coverage of the assassination of president Kennedy last nov. 22. Twelve prizes and a special citation in journalism and letters were awarded but for the first time since the prizes were established there were no prizes in the Fields of fiction drama or music. Washington president Johnson plans to leave thursday morning on another tour of the poverty stricken appalachian Region. His tour this time encompass an address to the Georgia state legislature

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