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Irving Daily News Texan Newspaper Archives May 4 1964, Page 1

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Irving Daily News Texan (Newspaper) - May 4, 1964, Irving, Texas 2�to Wing a a t jews sex an Kour Home newspaper in Texas fastest growing City weather j rely c v. Darn. Let id continued by in upper to near of. Volume 3, number 104 12 pages today Telephone bl4-6161 by Kathy Mai xxx ii i Hodgis son of or. And mrs. Murrel Hodges of 2619 Locksley Chase is in his second year at North Tex As state University at Denton. Lie came Home Over the week end recently and was enjoying a leisurely Bath Iii dad Felt that Sorne thin a wrong a was stayin the Bath a s he in so it imagine How take1 the a Long lie went in and asked Hugh if or loth i n a was amiss. Hugh rep lied Quot i m just soaking you just can t Fri h get water tin it it of a College k . A a a Hie Iai of Tim by a Ardo the 2nd District it of the p. . A a resented a i a1 King Bible to or. And mrs John Toombs a the a it it ring c Rife ten Fiji his eat or Mill. Hie f i a Quot d 9 re a or a t it i in i Oil or. I s an the. I i ble was patented i mrs Toombs. Just in Case you re n a familiar with a talking Bible it a a Thaer i ii it conservative rumbles Over Texas election is big Connally boost comparing currency. Irvin or ame a apart aft re Zinetti >1 Irving compares Ilia a l r neb Bani note As or a. It with her relatives in a at sent. Visiting French Homeland an your Paulette wanted to stay but also wanted to go i re co i re in vend in in dear 11 4 irs. Aith Lav the it v the Nan. An on Rte a by Toombs w i the a Momin As she is v in she an so Shet have plan i be it but Asti i to t. N minute late on her door a i Arri a a Stop i and it i ? w i in Dav sit skin in boys he break a -1 on of the c Ivas that it it of a three y be Early h my husband i a or. For r a Ariy Forth fat u1ll a he was late t t. Aft a Linchis Iii Viet Nam rowing bolder s Rio nor of Hurst a Veitii Oreg year ter a thou i it Cui i. Dub Riti or it a urn f the to if i the s i incr err 0 i troll Neri r Tive red the t by pc k r r i i i a a r in is t e week by Kyle Thompson Dallas up Tabulator neared tile end of some 1.7 million votes today in the Texas primary election which featured the Strong hand of conservatism and the growing Republican threat. Gov. John Connally. Who showed As tile strongest vote getter in Texas in More than a decade emerged As the state s top politician a spot he Likely can command As Long As he wants to. It was the easiest won primary for a governor since 1950, when gov. Allan Shivers swept to a lop sided Victory. Shivers had taken Over die previous year when gov. Of Beauford Jester died while serving his second term. Lone Liberal Triumph sen. Ralph Yarborough s 3-2 margin Over Dallas radio executive Gordon Mclendon was die Only Clear libera Victory with conservatives ruling in most statewide and congressional races. Rep. Joe Pool of Dallas almost beat Lour Otter democratic contenders or. Tie race for congressman at Large perhaps tie Best Liberal conservative test. Late returns gave fool 597.282 votes to 643,526 for his Opp one lits meaning he is leaded for a Runoff june 6. Robert Baker of Houston was his closest competitor with 279,845. The tact that political Novice Gordon Mclendon Drew More thai 600,000 votes against a Man who has been running in statewide elections in Texas since 1952 said a lot for him. To. Of c arts a a Tun by. Van an t hit Titto want to a i i Ali i new i sex an the r of i end be div to of Mother of a came to to Nomin a my t i win at the re meet in i t. Aher ust a v i Arnm h of of Ai in i Arain inner la t Wiy she t re Polit c t s Mith \ Dock had t guard \ Meric in it ruin i tins and a a a us companies w a i the i cd Liber. I Tovy ? of in \ o Salvage an you were re inf re wit is seem rival of a Salvage to Ltd Quot a. Subic pay naval Bac to. Chi Lippi nes \ 1 a c i e is spokesman said the my most a a Wie its. I Foj 9 a i sizing Wen a Geld. She the lire raft ferry m Aday or Awn in the a Ira aril to military a rices in can Luna nth la in urday. So Dex Fin. Erwa for the and held up he Sai l a a. An thi High hurdle i rack it sat held u her in said a Ythi Low hurdles Quot a rim finer and thi was for i a fingernails were hew off into the Pul a. I he she and said her husband Warrn was smog in a Cigar and reached in i pocket for a i Aret and lit it and started to is Loke it not realizing he had either until he tried to smoke them both at once. A a a think ii Xvi r. Students just Don t walk to school anymore at Leas not More than two bloc s and they Are the ones who can to find a Arl ing pm a in. A a a a i heard of a fellow who Learned How to Hammer nails with out hitting his thumb. Ile has his wife to hold the Nail. A a a Cli yes the news texan s new number a listed incorrectly in the new yellow pages and Hal Powell at Powell s meat Market is getting some of the Calls the news texan should be getting. He repeat our new number is by 4-6161. A Allen Mccoy the Irving the who served As a juror in the Jack Ruby murder trial was cleared of charges by attorney Melvin Belli that he had pre judged die Case last week when he was not asked to testify in the hearing for a new trial. Your valuables Are safer in a Safe Deposit Box. Irving Bank amp Trust co. Adv. Home uni let it is slate wetting f v i the new c i in opt a in. Sui ii Vici tit in Hents will highlight the pro or if v f die a Gular meeting a the Irving la me ech iders a Socrati tuesday night at the Irving c. An try club. Henderson Lay or ducts will Host a a Cial hour which beg a at a 3c in. And Dis nor will be served it 730 no. The program will Fol-1 it a the dinner v Short film on Brick making will als be shown by Henderson Lay products t the Barf r my s it it Day after i a unlit Viet Rig Tern rests planted it i ii g the ship s Hull in f r re a Spirig h in abut i feet Bel w the w iter line. Hight army p. Is Mel w itching the opera to us were wounded saturday night when a terrorist on a bicycle t sed a bomb into a crowd near the Hurb r. N be f the men was Hurt Seri us la. Parents i aged to pre enrol i six it ear olt pre registration will begin it Irving elementary schools tuesday a if for six year 1 c we in t enter the first Gra if this fall c. W. Heb assist t superintendent has Ann urn cd. A a touts a these children have Bee urged to pre Register t e a d receive a social i Kookie t regard by tiie Soh i administration with Pointer for preparing the children for their entry into Pul in schools. The pre registration will be held tuesday and wednesday from 2 30-4 j in. Parents May pre Register their children anytime after these dates. Gloucester Irving left thursday for her Quot former h Meland Quot trance. Mrs. I Zinetti who a i Sujette t j her co workers at Hagar in any in i alias has been in i exas the last 6 i years. She s been a citizen since dec. 3 of last year and she s now making her first trip Back to prance. So flies to i Aris and will o n to visit her Mother two Sisters and three Brothers and her husbands Mother and sister All living in Iceni Renil which is near Nanes. A i Don t know How i feel Quot so air Vith an accent that clearly denotes her former French nationality. A i want to Ray but i want to her Only regret is leaving behind her husband and their three children. John Paul 13 Mary Bene 12, and Claudia to who Are in school in Irving. It took a lot of Home sickness and a lot of it or suasion by her husband a Fox and Jacobs construction co. Employee. But she finally decided to represent her family and spend the three weeks with their relatives. Tor her seven nieces she i taking Silver Dollar lockets h Hen she had difficulty securing the Silver Dollar her coworkers at i Laggar picked from their collection and completed her requirements. Or. And mrs. Cinotti and their children came to the i United states on the urging of her sister mrs. Gene Andrews who was married to an american and living in Dallas. When i came i thought it would be Many Many people. Like Paris Quot she said of Dallas. A but there s so much space Quot and its these a wide open spaces that she loves Quot she a Quick to admit and Shell be anxious to return to them. After her visit with her family in trance. I Stop i by. At the John to i. Narrate i the history f the left t right i it Fri it Hawk. Hat and heels run a Erford symbolizes a Arent and Dobra nun. Ii tending the or. Nti n in. Suitcase. It us texan pm g on stage past a. A mothers am Ruth dieting helps Yarborough Wert into the race with i resident Johns or a Blessing Ard this undoubtedly helped him butt it Ere was a decided coolness Between Yarborough Ard gov. Connally and Between Yarborough and most conservative politicians in Texas. Republicans fell Short of their goal of at least 200,000 in tile primary but the roughly 150,000 persons who voted in tie presidential Straw vote and chose Between . Senate hopefuls were a record. Tie go a will doubtless be aiming its november general election. Campaign at the600,-000 who voted for Mclendon in saturday s primary. If Bey get most of those and keep to Weir own 150,000 Yarborough will lace a Tough race. Rise of cop Hie election saturday produced another Texas oddity tie first Republican Runoff in modern times. George Bush and Jack Cox. Both Houston oilmen will have a Runoff to see who goes against Yarborough in november. Conservatives picked up victories in most congressional races including incumbents Jim Wright of fort Worth Olin Teague of College station Bob Poage of Waco and John dowdy of Athens. Career dalt St slated at a Irvin High schools in will it a Charier to Hove m a first hand counsel in for business unprofessional r. In in Rankin their choir f a career at the school Anno ii career a tut Day May. Representatives from la occupation dive Ion will available to Dis Vith to students the o a Tunitis a available in their Rev it Ltd Nim Fields. The Day Wil be in at 880 Amu in the i h ii i cafeteria with. C a a. C Jackson will the key no to speaker at in a ply m school auditor a the Coffee. A thers on the elude it real Pirtle of Henderson j urn who will discus a Oil Jum it a College Quot in. . Kei a of the school of Art Anc sciences at Arlington state College what will ii a the senior Olter a and Herschel Garret of thi Texas employment Cor mis i a who will discuss Quot to import unities for the High school graduate is principal Norman Hughes will by the r Aster f ceremonies. I Rue Miller vice president if the senior class will Lead the ledge to the Flag. Supt. . Lianes is to de ii ii it i a the allowing ran in resident i n i it a i a it it no Hrisi a let ouch i to we x m in should Grade schools be cooled we j am i is is larl1, 1014 Sowers Carel Nier. Yes i think they s h Ouid air condition the Grade schools. It would be More comfortable for the students and they could do better work. I can re in e m Ber How hot school \ i was in the summer and How hard it was to study. I done to think it is fair for the High schools to be air conditioned and not the Grade schools. The younger students need it As much As the High school students. I mrs Harry Hales 1409 Sowers american f k is. Yes i thi n k the s c h o o is should be air c o n Ilion e d be cause a child can work better. I f you Are hot you Are very Unco in Forta ble and you can t think or learn you can think of is How uncomfortable you Are. Its far easier to study when you Are comfortable. Just about everything is air conditioned today so i think the schools should be too. Barney Arnold 2012 Irving blvd Quigley heat think they should air condition the fade schools you air con Aditi on the nigh s c h o o la you should air condition All the schools i think in would be More comfor Able for the students and >11 they were comfortable they could learn better. L Bob Flewlling. 1923 de Witt truck Driver. A a yes i think they should air condition the Grade schools. It iwo u i d be More Comfort an in for the students and teachers. The More comfortable you Are the easier it to to study and learn. A new schools Are built they should be air conditioned. For the Comfort of both students and teachers the schools should be air conditioned some Way. Eldon Janzen 540 Irr teacher. With the in i Duning Rise in enrolment and the critical shortage of class room space it appear they will have to have school on a 12 month basis and if they do this they will have to air condition the schools. Most Homes Are air conditioned. And to make the 12 month school Appeal to the Public the schools will have to be air conditioned. By us 1 i in Atton Al go m a i of Tariff talks opt it d today with a p Tedge from president Fob. Virid states will do its no Ost to reduce bar re is to International Trade for the i in refit of All nations. Join. Son s message w As read by american Chi of negotiator c Hristian a. Herter to the n Inesti. Is and to ilk experts Here for the in i Portal a talks. Phil. Add i i Iha civil right s de Mon Strati Oris will be staved at the in urinating conventions of the Republican and demo Erat in parties in cording to the it digress of racial i qua it a p. T Ime s Farmer National direct a of Cori Rev Ca led plans for the anti a c do cat i n Piatte its sunday at the Telesc of a three Ilav conference Here by men hers of Coria s National act ii w Ashing of it a voters in six states go to the polls pm a ii primary sections with no St interest entered on Alabama gov i 11 w a a hit is presidential test in Bidi a v right to work Issue in Oklahoma shared attention with the Indiana contest lilt four other states balloting flit Iii n to i a Tor Ilia new Mexico and i Hio

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