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Irving Daily News Texan Newspaper Archives Jul 27 1964, Page 1

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Irving Daily News Texan (Newspaper) - July 27, 1964, Irving, Texas For circulation and and Servici Fil m dial bl4-6161 microfilm service Box 8066 Dallas Texas comp volume 59, number 270 news your Home newspaper in Texas fastest growing City Wea ther Clear to partly Cloudy and hot through tuesday. Low tonight near 80. High tuesday around 104. 8 pages today Telephone bl4-6161 5c daily 10c sundays monday july 27. 1984 by Kathy Mcadoo mrs c. M. Krueger of 621 Beacon ill or. Has offered a Reward for a picture of a child which was taken from her House Between april 9 and june 9 this year. The picture is the Only one mrs. Krueger had of one of her children who died. She said it was taken while she was in the Hospital Mcadoo and the loss was not noticed until she returned Home. Hie Reward will be Given with no questions asked upon the return of the picture and Frame. A history does rep1 at original source of the Fol-1 owing is unknown a i Here is but one difference Lincoln was a Republican and Kennedy was a Democrat. Both of it or presidents Lincoln an a Kennedy were concerned with the Issue civil rights. I Lincoln was elected in i860, Kennedy 1960. Both were slain on Friday and in the presence of their wives. Both were shot from behind and in the head. Their successors both named Johnson were Southern democrats and both were in the the Senate. Andrew Johnson bom in 1808, Lyndon Johnson bom in 1908. John Wilkes Booth bom in 1839, pee Harvey Oswald bom in 1939. Booth and Oswald were southerners favouring unpopular ideas and both were slain before they could be brought to trial. Both president s wives lost children through death while in the White House. Lincoln a Secretary whose name was Kennedy advised him not to go to the theatre. Kennedy a Secretary whose name was Lincoln advised him not to go to Dallas. A a gossip is letting the Chat out of the bag. A a # vacationing Over to the West of Texas or and mrs. Roland a. Watson 1501 Priscilla recently made the guided tour in Carlsbad caverns still one of the most thrilling works of nature in the u. So a Bra Inifi airlines should Send some sort of medal to Robert j. Mccormick 3525 Princeton. He built a scale Model of a Braniff Airliner and the big four foot wingspan is the a a rage at the National Model air plane meet at the naval Aii station even though it was not entered in the a rat races and such. The plane took a bout 1000 hours to build. A a a you a be surprised to see the assortment of mail a newspaper gets. One item we started to throw away and then thought better let folks know. There la be a big antique auction aug. 1-4, held by mrs. Edna Kondoudis. And a Mike greek will be the auctioneer. We re not fooling. A the auction will be held four Miles North of Benton 111. A see you there a a a texan brags on Darrell Nix of Irving and James Freeman of Dallas third place winners in the Brazos River safari last sunday. They were in the water six hours and 54 minutes. They started the Canoe race at Lake Whitney and ended in Waco. Traffic toll year to Date oni Moi on 114 Highway 114 Friday night continued to be one of the most a Accident prone roadways in Irving. Think of the Surprise the sleeping Man in a parked car got when the big Grain truck above crashed into their Auto. Nobody was seriously Hurt but the truck Jack knifed with two blown tires and blocked traffic for More than an hour. In \0 i i Nan photo. Could no to Tell looking miss Texas tardy in shedding Tomboy role fort Worth up you could never Tell it by looking. Her 37 24 37 figure certainly would give no indication. Neither would her Hael eyes an 1 soft Brown hair. But her Mother swears it is the truth. Furon Mccauley 19, of Athens Texas of 1964was a Tomboy. She was a Tomboy for so Long her Mother said a a a were beginning to get concerned about Sharon As anyone with eyes can testify certainly no longer qualifies. Even her Little brother agrees. E or a Long time brother Gar it 18, thought his sister was a Lousy Singer. A i used to hear her singing in her room and Teli her she would Nevei get anywhere Quot he said grimacing. A it s nothing to kid Alrui any Sharon s singing along with other More visible attributes tin Ched the Crown Over 57 other beauties at the miss Texas pageant in fort Worth saturday. She won the judges Over with her renditions of a let me entertain you Quot and a everything s coming up roses Quot a pair of hits from the Broadway musical hit she returns Home today for an afternoon Parade whipped up in her Honor by the Home Folk. Miss Mccauley nipped a pair of other beauties miss fort we Orth and miss Arlington for the title. Miss fort w Orth Lenda Lee Varley was first runner up and miss Arlington Marilyn Kay Lewis was second runner up. The of were Camilla Kot Nunn of Odessa miss West Texas Kathleen Ormsby of Alvin miss space City Houston Judy Che Lette miss port Arthur Frances Whitley miss Corpus c Ensti Donna Lou Dellinger miss Conroe Charlotte my riders of Dallas miss big Spring and Janice Tlane Kin Nard miss Abilene. Next for the 5 foot 5 miss Mccauley is the big trip to Atlantic City n. J., to represent the state in the miss America contest. When that is finished or the duties of the new miss America if that comes to pass miss Texas wants to try the entertainment Field. She plans to attend drama and voice school. Her parents Are or. And mrs. Owen f. Mccauley of Athens. Saigon South Viet Nam Dpi the United states has promised to Send More u. S. Soldier and civilian advisers to South met Nam and to furnish More equipment for the War against the communist guerrillas the vietnamese government announced tonight. The announcement by Premier maj. Gen. Nguyen Khanh said the undisclosed number of fresh american troops would let a used As additional advisers in Battlefield areas. They will reinforce the approximately 15,500 american servicemen already serving As advisers with vietnamese fighting forces in this War torn Southeast asian nation. Kliane said additional civilian advisers also had been promised by the unit estates. The South vietnamese Premier said there would also be an increase of u. equipment including trans port planes plus More technicians for maintenance and communications work. The prime minister s announcement was issued this morning after a conference with u. S. Ambassador Maxwell d. Taylor former chairman of the u. S. Joint chiefs of staff. A communique published after the meeting said a the prime minister of the vietnamese government has just received confirmation from ambassador Maxwell d. Taylor that the u. S. Government in agreement with the vietnamese government had decided to strengthen the present military Aid civilian advisory group in order to help the vietnamese wonder How hot it is or what time it is Call bl4-4261 Irving Bank amp Trust co adv. Troops on Alert in pillaged Rochester guardsmen stage come rate shows show of strength Irving a no place by Eugene h. Blabey Rochester n. Y. Up a three battalions of National guardsmen were committed to this riot ravaged City today to support state and local police in clamping a lid on racial violence and pillaging that flared Here for three successive nights. Negroes went into the a a for criminals . To boost Force invite a treets again sunday night in Defiance of a nigh Long curfew and hurled rocks bottles and improvised fire bombs mostly in hit and hide forays despite the presence of 1,200 lawmen. Vandalism and looting which began with the first outbreak of Street fighting pm riday night continued and by Early today the arrests totalled More than 700. Helmeted and Bayonet armed National guardsmen were trucked through negro districts in a show of Force sunday night but did not go on patrol duty immediately. Their orders were to standby As a Force in Reserve to be sent into the streets Only if the insurrection got out of control again. Maj. Gen. Collin p. Williams commanding general of the 27th armoured division of the new York guard said the troops would supplement police activity a if the situation three persons were killed sunday and nine were injured when a civil defense helicopter scouting a negro District for signs Ofa Nebout break crashed into a Rooming House turning it into an inferno. The helicopter Pilot and two residents of the Home were killed. Monroe county civil defense director Robert n. Abbot was burned critically. The fiery crash raised the death toll to four since apparently Long standing anger and frustration among this Northern new York com Mure to s negro minority burst into the open three nights ago triggered by the arrest of a negro at the Street dance. The previous fatality was a White civil defense worker who stumbled into the path of a hit run car saturday night after he was clubbed by a negro. A negro Man was shot in the buttocks by police sunday night when he tried to escape arrest for violating the curfew. Earlier six or seven Molotov cocktail crude fire bombs made from bottles of flammable liquid with rag Wick were tossed from a Public housing unit one of them narrowly missing a fire engine. Police fired a Volley of 10 warning shots Over the building forcing the bottle thrower on the Tooi to take cover a police Rifleman zeroed in on a Man throwing Molotov cocktails from a nearby building and the officer in charge of the police detail ordered a if he drops another one give it to a fire bomb also was tossed into a grocery a Block away but firemen controlled the fire quickly. New York gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller committed Thel,-200 to 1,300 National guardsmen to the riot torn City sunday night. Local and state police despite their numbers were thinly spread and fatigued. About 700 guardsmen from Rochester and other Northern new York communities went on duty at two armoires in the City before Midnight. The rest were expected to rach Here today. One outfit set up a tent Encampment in a City Park across the Street from one of the armoires. Algers son killed in Auto crash Bethesda my. Upa Volkswagen apparently going too fast to hold the Road on a curving freeway exit ramp swayed out of control and overturned sunday night killing David Alger 15-year-old son of rep. Bruce Alger a Tex. The Dallas congressman a son was thrown from the car which was driven by a teen aged Friend. Police said the Driver whose identity was withheld was apparently going too fast to make the curve off interstate Highway 495 in this Washington suburb. Police said rep. Alger was out of town but both parents had been notified. Mrs x1-Ger lives in Dallas. Funeral arrangements were not completed. The Driver of the car received Only minor injuries. Young Alger lived with his father sister Jill 19, and brother Stephen 13, in Arlington a. He was pronounced dead at a suburban Hospital. Doctors said the injuries that caused his death had not yet been diagnosed. Dallas county for Barry or lbs David French Bell accidents injuries deaths damage 818 164 7 $317,362 week end total through 7 am monday Azeldama injuries Sestila damage 12 3 0 $4�33s Republican they will this time. Coleman. 1400 southwestern Telephone co. I think they will go for Barry because of the Way the Federal government has treated Dallas county on All of the government offices since die democrats came in under Kennedy. Dal Las county went a and i think even stronger ? a my mini publican the Freddie Moore 1701 n. Irving hts., Dallas air motive. .1 think Johnson will definitely carry Dallai county because of his personal popularity. I think it will be the Man and not the party. People Are More or less starting to vote for the Man and not the party. Go Ann Bridges 1214 Glenwick la., Andrew Brown co. .1 think Johnson will carry Dallas county. I think it is because he is a Good Man and he la experienced. I think Johnson s popularity will i carry him and not the demo Jurat la party. Dallas As a i whole is rebut i think Johnson s popularity will Stul carry him. Bob White 1702 a Bristol White dry Wall co. .1 think Dallas county has always been Republican and they will vote that Way this time a for Gold water. I think m Goldwater will definitely carry Dallas county. I Don to i think they look is the Man As much As the party. Dallas May vote Republican but i m for Johnson and the democrats. Austin Prichett tract 4, Patton 2921 paint con-.1 think Johnson will win in Dallas county. He s a better Man. 1 think More people Are voting for the person in Stead of the 5 party. You can t judge a Man by his party anymore. You can get a Republican and he will Snake a Good Democrat and vice versa. If you re a criminal you wont feel at Home in Irving. This is what crime Index figures recently released by the police department indicate. Ilie figures have been prepared showing the number of crimes committed in a City state area and the nation breakdown per 100,000 inhabitants and the percent of clearance of these crimes. With the exception of theft Over $50 category Irving is Well behind the rest of the nation in the number of crimes committed and Way ahead in the number of crimes which Are cleared by arrest. In the seven major crime categories Irving experienced Only 936 offences per a projected figure for a population of 100,000. Nationwide the figures was 1198, in the state it was 1234, and in the Dallas metropolitan area which includes Dallas Collin Denton and Ellis counties it was 1312.3. The City is Well below the National average in All the major crimes murder forcible rape robbery aggravated assault burglary and Auto theft. Only in thefts Over $50 is the City ahead of the National average. Irving had 386 such thefts according to the Index in 1963, while the National average was 324.3. Texas had 294.4 and Dallas 247.4. Compared to other cities in the 50,000-100,000 population group Irving was below average however with its 386 compared to 413.6 in 216 other cities nationwide. Irving had projected figures of 1.53 murders 1.53 forcible rapes 12.3 robberies 24.6 aggravated assaults 389 burglaries and 118.4 Auto thefts. These figures Are based on a projection from a population of 65,000 for the year. The City s murder rate Only one in 1963 a is Well below All other averages. The National figure was 4.5, the state figure 7.3, and the Dallas figure a whooping 10.1. Other towns in the same population bracket had 3.2. The City a aggravated assault rate was considerably below any other figures. Irving a 12.3 was less than one Quarter of the National average of 53.1, the Texas rate of 115.7, and the Dallas rate of 95.7. On the Law enforcement Side of the Ledger Irving ranks Well above average in the clearance of crimes by arrests. Of the City a 251 thefts Over $50, 35.6 we eco de by arrest Well above the average of 13 by other City a in the same population bracket and the 19.5 average in the Texas Arkansas Louisiana and Oklahoma area. Irving also had High clearances in burglary35.1, and Auto thefts 45.4, which were Well above the population average of 25.3 and 27.8 percent respectively and the regional average of 28.5 and 26.7 the local police department cleared 100 percent of both murders and forcible rapes 75 percen of the robberies and 93.7 percent of the aggravated assaults. Nap nipped after trip for a sip West Horn Don England up David Dunn 30, who went out for a drink saturday night was found lying asleep on a railway track Early sunday Only minutes after a train passed Over him. Dunn who was shaken but unhurt said a next time 111 pick a safer and More comfortable spot to sleep it 1 m m a Oriel by Bob Callan int world news editor although the topless swimsuit Campaign Joernt seem to have made even a Bare impression around these parts obviously it has soared to new Heights elsewhere. Designer Jacques Esterel launched the new a Bald look Quot today As his Star Model Bielot appeared at a Paris fashion show. She wore a Bare Scalp with Matching fur hat and coat. Plucky Caroline Kennedy who recently secretly pampered a fractured Arm suffered in a fall from her Pony Macaroni displayed grit saturday by competing in a class of 30 in the Junior equestrian group at the 4-h horse show held at Hyannis mass., annually. Caroline and Macaroni placed sixth in the event. United nations Secretary general Thant has announced that he will not serve a second term after the expiration of his current four year term in november 1966. Thant enjoying his first visit to Burma in 3� years said he still expects to receive support from world Powers until the end of his term. A it k Bielot t Caroline Thant Olioli Lull ill �i0i0iii0iiji0llii�iliiiiii�ililiil0ilil�lll Ken Venturi of san Francisco survived a double bogey on the 18th Hole of the final 1 round in the 13th annual insurance City open Golf classic sunday to win with a 72-Hole total of 873, 11 strokes under Par. A final Hole Bogie by challenger a1 Beselin of Gross angers saved the Day for Venturi. Venturi

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