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Irving Daily News Texan Newspaper Archives Jul 4 1964, Page 1

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Irving Daily News Texan (Newspaper) - July 4, 1964, Irving, Texas Microfilm service Bot. 8066 Dallas Texas to tilt Trade balance our a y Compito a a gift not businessmen urged to use imagination a guarantee they formally adopted it 188 years ago today. It was a seditious document. It blatantly denounced King George Iii and in effect it notified him that the american colonials were discharging him As their rulers if saying it would make it so moreover it was a dangerous document. It carried a potential threat to the entire Community of nation which is to say the collective rulers of civilization for the world was entering a More enlightened Era enlightenment accommodates discontent and unpunished acts of treason prove contagious. They had the arrogance to Call it the declaration of Independence. It was a unique piece of prose. Beyond his immediate outrage even George Iii hardly the brightest of British Kings must have found its Peculiar flavor vaguely disturbing. It was laced with contradictions. It Sang of the philosophy of natural rights yet it rang with a Defiance alien to the philosophers patient acceptance of things As they Are it smacked eloquently even poetically of uninspired love of life and Freedom but it rumbled on with a slow cadence insistent logic not consistent with Heady poetic flights of fancy. And most irritating of All for a treasonous treatise it fairly bristled with impudent righteousness. It was insufferable. Of course they a have to hang for it. In and of course there was every Chance they would it adds both Impact and poignancy to the declaration that its authors men of substance and education farther most attached their fortunes their live Sand the Security of their families to this ringing assertion of inherent rights even if they a been hanged their words would have echoed across the centuries As an Insp Rati Ai to stir menus poetic instincts it hit because they weren to their declaration grew beyond the emotional limits of literature and became a Symbol of Mankind unyielding spirit chiselled deep into the Granite Wall of history. \ vigorous Young nation sprang up out of the War which their declaration prelude. It was rooted in soil nourished by the blood of patriots. It was peopled by a citizenry to whom memories of subjugation were near and real. Naturally they were militant. Naturally their nation flourished. Its not surprising that it became the most powerful on Earth. Now nearly two centuries later the a Are those who say our Star has passed its Zenith they say we be become Comfort addicts and belly lovers alternately coddled and paddled to the Point of moral atrophy by a whimsical big brother Type government which has grown beyond our Power either to control or understand. To the extent that its True we have Only our own political apathy to blame. Only a Well informed citizenry taking an Active interest in the affairs of the nation Tan preserve our individual Independence. Its a gift that carries no guarantee. In keeping with Holiday spirit in keeping with the fourth of july spirit this week the Senate gallantly took Parms in the presidents War on poverty. The senators voted generous raises to needy Federal employees. And speaking of just desert land Sakes alive it turns out that each senator will weigh $7,Soo More than he feed to annually As a result of this Public spirited measure. In a Way it typifies that traditional american ingenuity which always copes with adversity somehow. That is to say when you suddenly look around and find there a no Bobby Baker to throw a Deal or two your Way something has to be done to prevent poverty suffering and despair among your colleagues so what do you do you thrust your Chin Forward boldly sir Way out Over your Tummy and vote yourself a raise. Those saps Back Home May figure $30,-000 per annul per senator plus Gravy is More than enough. They May not like it of fat what can they do and anyhow you can always Tell Mem shucks the other fellas did it,.too,Robert Sammons items As Chicken fryers Parsley ranch snit Beans Popcorn hand toy six shooters can tilt the balance of world Trade Back in favor of the More american businessmen will Trade their lethargy for some imagination and Energy. This was the Crux of a speech made in a new Texas thursday by an International Trade analyst for the Dallas office of the . Department of Commerce. The analyst outspoken John h. Shoaf said one Texas businessman whom he knows is making More Money than Ever before in 40 years of food business just by seizing on the idea of teaching europeans to Munch Popcorn during trips to the movies. Cor turn to Gold the corny idea never Trie it before turned to a a Gold for the exporter. Germans have produced a new $120,000,000 annual Market for chickens mainly because i s introduced the country to the Southern Fried style. Five years ago Only $500 Worth of Frozen poultry was exported to Germany All year. A and we wonder where the Gold Supply is a exclaimed Shoaf alluding to the drainage of Gold front the . To overseas nations due to foreign Aid overseas investments and Lack of initiative by our own exporters. As guest speaker for the Irving rotary club Shoaf was introduced by Hugh Whitesides cashier and vice president of Irving f first National rank Trade opportunities used As examples by the speaker included Texas carrots now the rage in England and Parsley which is snapped up by the British at five times the to rents per Bunch charged in Texas. Cites foreign ingenuity illustrating the ingenuity foreign shippers have used in building american markets Shoaf displayed the empty whisky bottle from Belgium. It had been filled with Kentucky spirits shipped from the . Stamped a imported 12 years old Quot and returned to Texas for Sale at a $2 additional retail Price compared to comparable Domestic liquor. A i doubt if anybody in this room has consumed a tattle of unless Stout this year a Shoaf continued. A but there already has been More guiness Stout shipped into the . From great Britain in 1964 than All the american Beer Brewers combined have exported during the same building of a status Symbol images is important in creating world demand for imported products the Trade Analy St noted. A Jacksonville rex., toy manufacturer was astounded to learn that the brisk japanese demand for his toy six mins was due to adults hanging them on the Walls of their Homes not to Small in playing Cowboy. A the toy pistols were status symbols for a while until everybody found his neighbor had a set on his Wall too a Shoaf explain i. Only recently he recalled the frito company started shipping its Corn Chip products to Germany in air tight c Offee cans. Nobody thought europeans would the necessary Price to cover shipping but they did. Exciting new developments a a these Are the exciting new developments in world Trade a Shoal summarized indicating that the surface is Only being so rat died. I a Texas machine manufacturer he concluded used some imagination in finding a new Market for his equipment in Japan. In Texas the machine sorted peanuts in Japan it sorted pearls. Looking a Little closer to Home after this Success if the Orient the Man discovered the machine also would sort buttons for dressmakers. Uhf in hews texan Dally v sunday lot weather i unturned fair and warm. Temperature rising to t h e upper 90 s. Covering the great new Texas Market Between Dallas and fort Worth Sci uhf Xii number is 14 pages today saturday july 4, 1964 As race b carriers fall reaction a wonderful says lbs by United press International Rac Ial barriers tumbled in Many parts of the country i Bidav and president Johnson termed american response to the one Day old c nil rights Law a a wonderful and very hopeful. Some resistance remained however St no Strom i Burnt in i i set marked a i let Burgh pa., Navy official with violating the Law i discriminating in a vol of negro workers in government jobs. A new Appeal for voluntary compliance with the measure was issued i y i Erin c Ollins named by the president thursday As director of that my unit relations service treated by tin Bill. A the new service will seek to provide a Bridge a Means Fri encouraging compliant e without lawsuits and without disorder t Olin said ii a statement i it us i in w i in ton. A it will help bring people together voluntarily not is come rants but is it la american d Good will seeking reasonable under standing asks for help Collins asked for the help of every citizen. A fur a a it h of you Iii y our of is Job in Voin neighbourhood in your own town or City it Yow own Way can help a he said. A we in Nestle seek your admitting that a we will have a Verv Tom i Job a tin former Elfrida governor said he was optimistic and that the american people will win tin St Rug b not Only for our time nut Lur the generation of americans to a ome a the president at his Ranc h in Texas said initial response it the new Law a t been wow Erful and very he announced the appointment of Arthur if. Dean a Nev. York attorney and tonner negotiator in disarmament talks at Geneva As head of i National citizens committee to it or seek compliance with the measure. Will advis Ecollins at dont Call me Call will. Atlanta restaurant it Wei i Ester Maddox gun in hand Levels a kick at a car carrying a Trio of negroes i Bidav it c Leal they re not Welcome to test the Dav old a my rights legislation at his restaurant. He ran them off. But they Power to telephoto Dean s it Ommittee will advise Collins and t. Community relations Seine in Kansas pm 11-year-old Gem a it aim of Salt son miss., vol a haircut in the bared is of a he historic hotel. Ii. Was . A i to be the first negro Ever serv a there. He was sent to the Barber shop by lit com i it it of i Ai Aal Equality i i Ilia its National convention in the hotel to test the new rights Law in Mobile ala., Morrison s cafeterias announce i it would serve Neci Quot in it Ham in largest in the South rather than a abm k tile u ral cover Nim it. Many of the chains 41 cafeterias in seven Southern states had been targets f. I sit in demonstrations and pie Setinc. Testin&Quot.l-2-3-pow.testiii&Quot.testiii�. Atlanta Upa scream Iru segregationist drove negroes away from his restaurant at gunpoint Here Friday but color barriers fell in Many cities where Ruer violence once flared. The restaurant owner backed by a crowd of Whites with a handles levelled his pistol at the negroes and screamed a you Ain t never Gonna eat Hen a it was the strongest incident yet reported of resistance to the new civil rights Law. Birmingham ala., Danville and Petersburg va., Tallahassee flu., Memphis penn., Savannah ga., Charleston and Columbia s.c., All reported instances of negroes exercising their rights without incident under the new c Ivil rights Law. Segregationist Lester Maddox Maddox and 20 White men were waiting outside Lur them. Maddox whipped a pistol out of a Holster on his Belt and at least foul of the Whites brandished a handles As the negroes car pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant Maddox ran toward it screaming a vet out of Here. You ainu to never Gonna eat in this place a continues veiling urge compliance in Jackson miss., the directors of the chamber of Commerce urged businessmen to a comply with the Law pending tests of its con St it it tonal it \ in court a this was in direct opposition to gov. Paul Johnson who suggested they refuse to comply until the Law had let Een tested but a Check of larger cities in Mississippi tailed to turn up incidents of negroes testing compliance wifi the Law. Many of the remaining barriers in Atlanta dropped too. But when three negro ministers drove up to eat at the restaurant any his friends began beating a Tattoo on the roof with their a handles. Maddox vigorously kicked the car and continued v oiling. One of the negroes got out of the c a and began walking toward the restaurant out the Whites their a handles raised chased him Back to the car. The negroes then drove away and one of them the Rev George Willis leaned out to yell a Well be Back and Well come in Maddox who once made an unsuccessful bid Lur lieutenant governor said a i will use a handles fists guns my employees my patrons and anything at my disposal a to keep negroes out. A this place belongs to me a Alabama gov. George c. Wallace was in the forefront of those pledging a continued fight. He called the Law a Duncon Stith tonal a and refused to take part in in implementation conference suggested i v president Johnson last ditch fight Wallace Promise a last ditch Legal fight saying the Law a should and ill in tested in the courts on constitutional at Pascagoula miss., on the Gull coast thu Mux klan used a Light plane to drop literature alleging plans of a a gangsterism on tin part of negroes Over the july 4th Holiday. White residents were urged to a stand Back and avoid conflict. We Are not going to have a duplication of chaos going on in St. Augustine and Jacksonville a the klan Aid. World util Hill ii Well that a poverty for a a it ii Filiti by William Hamilton Austin up anticipating sizeable increases in paperwork and responsibility with the passage of president Johnson a poverty Bill the Texas employment commission Friday requested More than $52 million for its 1966-67 budget. A it will be our responsibility under Federal regulation a Tec administrator Richard a Coffman said of the proposed Bill referred to As a the poverty package by the Johnson administration. He said the program will c enter in Texas around three phases youth Opportunity centers Complete with Mobile Tennis of Counselor to encourage vocational rehabilitation of school dropouts and problem juveniles. A a youth work corps which Coffman de Sertic so a revival of the old acc civilian conservation corps of the 1930s As i see a work study arrangement to encourage financially indigent students to stay in school by working time. Coffman outlined the program to representatives of the governor s office and the Texas legislative Oun cil at a joint budget Board hearing. He revealed a budget calling for expenditures of $25,057,039 in 1966 and $27,301,379 in 1967. The commission s 1965 budget approved by the 58th legislature was $21,023,701. Chief emphasis under the poverty program Hoffman said will be in reaching persons in the 16-21 years age bracket. A under the present system we Don t reach these people a coff nun said. A they Don t come to us and we done to go looking for them. The youth centers Are designed to bring us if i by United press International to of president Antonio Segni asked resigned Premier Aldo Moro to re form his Center left government with socialist help in an attempt to end Italy a political crisis. Moro was asked in effect to form almost exactly the same Type of government that fell last Friday. A i who pol Yii of former Katanga president Moise Tshombe a efforts to unify the feuding pol it Lea i factions and end communist backed rebellions hit a Snag. The National liberation committee which backs the rebels first pledged support to Tshombe in his Effort to form a transitional government then reversed itself and insisted on a government headed by leftist followers of the late Patrice Lumumba. Vietline Laos righting forces began preparations for an expected Patchet lao offensive in Southern Laos. Unusual Patchet Lac troop and equipment movements were reported in areas Southeast and North East of Saravane

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