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Irving Daily News Texan Newspaper Archives Aug 13 1964, Page 1

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Irving Daily News Texan (Newspaper) - August 13, 1964, Irving, Texas For circulation Aid and Servic dial il4-6161 Wung n. News texan weather partly Cloudy through Friday. Low tonight in Middle 70s. High Friday in Middle 90s. Taper in Texas fastest growing City volume 59, number 296 Telepo a 20 pages today 5c daily 10c sundays thursday August 13, 1964 Irving by Charles i Luis the i interesting occupation of Irving Tes never cease to amaze us. Don Clemmons for instance is warehouse manager for the Hager hinge co. You might Call his Job Quot an open and shut a a nil. Peculiar Deaden of service roads at the r a i i c r o s i sing under Highway 183, # a causes the Jha Humble Oil ill terminal to my 1�pm irl it in it Hind his a the High octane r e c e p t a Des. Humble s Andy Nderson tells us the St extreme Case of getting lost involved an inebriated Man who thought he was on his Way to Denton. He was found in his automobile parked Between one of the big tanks and the earthen Quot fire Wall Quot around the tank. A a a who n thi paperwork Leins out unt up you i better not obey the urge to just Quot sign and not at least that a the advice Given by John Davis strict manager of Texas Flower and i ight. His employees Are still chuckling Over the work authorization he signed on a Job at the old Dallas Dun club. It called for the erection of a Quot Coconut actually that a just what it Wasa Lewe Coconut tree to decorate for a gun club party. A a a Quot Best Deal Quot of the upcoming Benefit softball game Between Kiwa rns and rotary clubs was Given to it Fife Bayless. He was Given the liniment Concession for aching rotarians. The rotarians also have selected their Bat boys Lynn Brown and Morris Howard it and have decided it will take both or. Alan Withee and Sam Hill to Quot plug Quot the Gap at Hin Catcher. The big debacle is slated april 18, and the Jaycees and Civ Loans will play a second game More along conventional athletic lines. Rotarians have asked for a one hour time limit on their game since it is not known How Long it will take to Complete one inning. A a a news texan carriers instill Long lasting admiration in Many of their customers. Mrs. . Muhs 1528 Luke pulled a turnabout on news texan reporters and reported the news that her two brother carriers a gary1 and de Stratton a Are both in the Navy now. Quot and i sure do miss them Quot she declared. Texan brags on the Many front lawns which show a greenness which indicates Irving Tes Are determined not to let the drouth turn our City Light Brown. Faculty pay hike gains final of Drew Cardwell eyes Bright business future a 4 h have a cup Drew Cardwell left proprietor of the Cool slush stand discuss a cup of his drink with Gary Tilden while Douglas c Lark and Cathy Korkus take advantage of another of the stands attraction a Large selection of comic books. The Young businessman makes about $1 from the stand. News tfx a photo if anyone has any fears about the future of the free Enterprise system they can be quickly dispelled by a visit to one of Irving s newest business establishments on Sunnybrook. Drew Cardwell la year old son of or. And mrs. Lon Cardwell of 1811 Sunnybrook has solved his Money problems this summer by opening a a a Cool slush Quot stand which has All the earmarks of becoming a real Quot big Drew s establishment is housed in an upright Freezer packing Case and deals in a homemade ice drink. He started his business earlier this summer with a Small loan from his Mother and is earning about a $1 a Day in profits. Like All Good businessmen Drew has a come on in fact he has two. The youngster allows the neighbourhood children to sit in the Shade of the Yard and read a wide variety of comic books he has or if they Are so inclined they May browse through an extensive collection of snakes and insects he has acquired there is no charge for any of the extra attractions Only for the Cool slush Drew crushes his own ice for the drink with a Hammer and offers it in fight delicious flavors for five cents a cup. No sir with youngsters like Drew around there should he no worries about free Enterprise surviving. Super Saleslady Denise Jackson received the first $15 Check for Selling the most tickets in one week for the Irving Community fair. Tach week a winning Quot Saleslady Quot will be rewarded with $15. Presenting the Check is Meredith Bolger president of the Jaycees i air sponsor. Miss Jackson is sponsored byc Vitans. News texan photo sales underway for fair ducats ticket sales Are now scheduled to be sept. 9 through underway for the Irving com 13. A number of local or Unity fair which is a animations have selected the a a a girls they will sponsor As cd fair Queen candidates and these girls Are Busy trying to capture the title by Selling the greatest number of dockets. Each ticket is 25 cents. It not Only entitles a person ii to admittance to the fair but it also makes him eligible to i Jujj win the $500 grand prize which Chi will go to the person whose ii ticket is drawn during the fair Iii activities. The candidate who i Sells the winning ticket will la receive Hoo. All proceeds collected Iii from ticket sales will be used i to support the Community fair i program of additional funds care collected they will be used Iii to support youth projects. The organization which la sponsors the candidate who i Sells the most tickets will i get flies Choice of Booth Posi Iii tons at the fair. The girl in who wins the Queen title will in receive a number of prizes from the Jaycees fair Spon ii Sor. Ticket sales by Queen candidates will terminate Friday sept. 4, and the winning girl will be announced then. Tickets May also be purchased at the Gates. A a Iii British robber hunted London up Scotland Yard police raided hotels and Homes today in a futile search for one of Britain s a great train robbers Quot who made Good on his boast to escape from jail. Charles Wilson a 32-year-old, Tough talking bookmaker who was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his part in last year s $7.3 million train robbery made a sensational escape from Winson Green prison in Birmingham Early wednesday morning. The jail break was one of the most daring in British prison history. Three men got into the jail by using a ladder stolen from a construction Yard next door. They Blac jacked Warden William Nicholls 50, and slipped into the cell Block with copies of the prison s master keys. Next the gang unlocked Wilson s cell and waited while the robber changed out of his prison clothes. Then All four men climbed out of the jail on a rope ladder and made their getaway in a waiting car. Officials said the whole escape took Only to minutes. Her in t it for Correct temperature amp time dial by 4-4261, Irving Bank St Trust co. Adv. Principals skilled at Otis Brown Irving Public schools will have 132 new faces in teaching positions when the school year begins next month and All the teachers in the system have received a $200 a year pay raise according to the school administration. Teacher assignment lists have been released and show that All the City s schools will have new faculty members with the exception of the , Davis school which is keeping its same staff. Otis Brown elementary school has become a last minute addition to the schools with new principals. The pay raise which has been discussed for the City s teachers since last Spring was approved by the school trustees meeting in a closed session monday night. Earlier in the summer a new tax rate of $1.35 per $100 evaluation was and it Ted by the Board to help the increased expense of the raise. When the $200 a year raise was being discussed in the Spring it was asserted that it was needed to keep the City in a competitive position for new teachers with other cities in the area. The raise is the first Given local teachers by the school District in three years. Principal assignments to the local schools Are the same As had been previously announced with the exception of Otis Brown school where Logan Stollenwerck replaced John d. Pollan who served the school last year. Both Stollenwerck and Pollan have held varied roles in the local school system. Stollenwerck had served As a Vic principal at Irving High school and As special services director. Pollan s service included a stint As principal of John r. Good Pat and his newest position will Deal with Pupil accounting and other administrative details. Stollenwerck will be the third principal to have served at Brown elementary in the last three years. A group of parents from the Brown school area meet with the school trustees monday night. The press was excluded from the session. Other principal changes As previously announced include c. C. Holden moving from Good school to Central Wayne Wilson moving from Lee to Good Harry Teal moving from Schulze to Lee and Ajo Ball moving from Smith to Schulze. Mrs. Ruby Thorn Asson will serve As head teacher at Smith school. Lynn Conner moved from principal of Central school to the school administration building to serve As elementary school coordinator. Release sought for prisoners Washington up a the a Merican Redcross has asked its International committee to Contact communist North met Nam about the release of both a Navy Pilot captured after last week s air attack and a . Ald official kidnapped in South Viet Nam. Red Cross officials said wednesday the committee at Geneva had been requested to intercede for the release of it. Jug Everett Alvarez or. Of san Jose Calif., and Joseph w. Grainger of West Hartford Conn. Alvarez plane was downed by communist anti aircraft fire during the air strike on the North me namese coast in reply to attacks on . Warships in the Gulf of Tonkin. The defense department said he was apparently captured after parachuting from his crippled plane. Irving holds spot in financial limelight continuing developments show Irving is holding More than its share of the Dallas area financial limelight. Dallas Federal savings and loan Assn. Has obtained permission through the Federal government to establish a full Branch operation in Irving the news texan Learned this week. Full conditions of the approval were not announced immediately and spokesmen for the firm one of the largest in the South said they were not in a position to comment in any manner at this time. At such time when a the Branch is established it will be the first entry by a Dallas firm into the living savings and loan Field on this scale. Oak Cliff savings has operated a a loan Agency Quot but did not have the full Powers of a Branch such As authority to take deposits and accommodate withdrawals. The obtaining of a Branch approval is handled in much the same Way As die issuance of an original savings and loan charter. Also reported but unconfirmed was the information that the Branch would have its own office but would not open for several months. It was also reported that a High ranking official of the firm now residing in Irving would be appointed head of the Branch. The request for a Dallas Federal served to keep Irving planted firmly in the forefront of the county a financial picture. Irving s first Federal savings and loan led the Way among All suburban associations in both savings and Loans and ranked seventh Overall in the county Dallas institutions included. First Federal showed a 68.4 percent increase in savings for the first six months of die year for a total of $10,188,359. Irving savings and loan a state chartered institution showed a 15.4 percent gain for the six month period and this too was Well above the county average. First Federal had a 70 rites set for councilman smother in Law services will be conducted for mrs. O. B. Briggs Mother in Law of City councilman John Whittington of Denton at the Smitz Floyd Hamlett funeral Home at to a. In. Friday in Denton. Mrs. Briggs is survived by her daughters mrs. Whittington 515 Iris dr., and mrs. Rodger Duke of Paris three sons or. Horace e. Briggs of Calexico Calif., o. B. Briggs of Temple and Paul w. Briggs of Tenafly n. 16 grandchildren and 30 great grandchildren. Mrs. Briggs lived in Denton for the past 25 years. She was born aug. 22, 1877, in Malvern Ark. Percent gain in Loans for the year and Irving savings had a 23.8 percent gain. Combined the two local firms had savings gains of almost $5,000,000 and showed loan gains of More than $10, 000,000. Both local savings and Loans and one of the three Irving Banks have major new Headquarters either near completion or up for contract awards. Irving Banks for the past year have ranked first and third in suburban deposits rankings. Until last week Irving figured in requests for two new Bank Charters at one time. One charter request involved a move of the first National Bank in Euless to Irving because of the greater local potential. This request was withdrawn last week due to objections by Euless residents. Still pending is the request for a Federal charter for the proposed Ridgecrest National Bank in Ridgecrest shopping Center. It is expected a ruling will be made on this request within the next three or four weeks. Gambling probe Calls Mallard Houston Upa Gambler serving a prison term a Man in a Gorilla mask and the victim of a break in where robbers apparently were looking for gambling winnings appeared wednesday before a Federal grand jury probing Houston horse betting. The jury which issued no american girl in semifinals Long Beach Calif. Up a a Lone american girl and 14 beauties from As Many countries around the world rested today in preparation for one of them being chosen miss International Beauty of 1965 Friday night. Dark haired Linda Ann Taylor of san Diego Calif., who was chosen the american Beauty earlier in the week laced among the 15 semifinalists wednesday night in Competition with 35 foreign girls. Reports or indictments re Essed for to Days. Merchant Mair j. Schepps wednesday said Only a Good morning Quot to reporters and walked into the jury anteroom As sessions Begarif. Bryan Tex. Gambler Milton d. Duck Mallard now serving a prison term for a Federal offence was in the building Long before the jury opened for the Day. Lawyer Newton Schwartz of Houston arrived with an unidentified Man in a Gorilla mask. Reporters have been forbidden to use parts of the Federal building. Officials have said nothing about witnesses subpoenaed or the scope of the probe but it was thought to be an attempt to uncover a betting Czar who takes wagers Only for the wealthy. An official of the depart ment of Justice s organized crime Section was working with local . Attorneys on the probe. Word today by Bob Callan i Iii int world news editor elephant jokes Are no joke to Monika Bragger 21, otherwise known As miss Germany in the International Beauty pageant at Long Beach. The Beauty made the 15 Semi finalists wednesday night and confessed she had a. Unusual Good Luck Charm. After the judging she showed the other girls an elephant s hair which she keeps in the front of her dress for Luck. Monika Jim Piersall who in past seasons has t is egg always endeared himself to sports fans with any extravagant display of exemplary conduct did very Well by himself and his fans wednesday night at los Angeles when the Angels Defeated the Cleveland indians 4-2. The outfielder celebrated the birth of his 9th child a girl by driving in two runs scoring one himself and stealing second base. Piersall traffic toll year to Date a a accidents injuries deaths damage 883 180 7 $335,300 age Wise it might be self incriminating but those of us who recall the radio abdication of King Edward Chi still feel the drama of that Niche in history. The 70-year-old Duke of Windsor is allowing himself to be dabbed with make up these Days a he appears before the cameras for the film a a King s Story Quot which will portray his own life. Edvard last 24 hours through 7 . Accidents injuries deaths damage i 0 0 $76 ambition and Romance sometime clash. Joe Dimaggio jr., 22, son of the former new York Yankee Clipper a in Loa Angeles court wednesday where he divorced the former Veronica Dawn Kelley. Be charged that his 19-year-old wife of 13 months constantly i badgered him about the hours he spent building up his real estate business. Dimaggio

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