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Irving Daily News Texan Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1964, Page 1

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Irving Daily News Texan (Newspaper) - August 10, 1964, Irving, Texas Dial 1146161 daily news your Home newspaper in Texas fastest growing City in 1exan weather generally fair and hot through tuesday. Low tonight around 80. High tuesday near too. Volume 59, number 293 Telephone bl4-6161 8 pages today 5c daily 10c sundays monday Augustio ism 6th Fleet sails to Cyprus area Naples Italy up a powerful . Sixth Fleet Ardler task group steamed across the Mediterranean to May under apparent emergency orders to stand by of Cyprus. The aircraft Carrier Ranklin Delano Roosevelt he guided missile Cruiser is Boston four destroyers id at least half a dozen other Merican warships left smiles at dusk sunday. The Light Cruiser Springfield flagship of rear traffic toll year to Date accidents 878 injuries 180 deaths 7 damage $333,274 week end total accidents injuries deaths damage 18 4 0 $5,557 . William e. Ellis sailed today with auxiliary vessels. A Navy spokesman declined to state the task group s destination. But it was Learned it was headed for Cyprus. Shore patrols toured restaurants bars and cinemas sunday recalling sailors to their ships under emergency orders. A the Navy spokesman said Ellis spent sunday with . James s. Russell supreme commander of Allied forces in Southern Europe. He said a they have been keeping abreast of the Cyprus situation by the sixth Fleet is a powerful Force of 50 ships and 25,000 men. It normally includes the nuclear powered Enterprise largest warship in the world. But the Enterprise is on a round the world cruise with two other nuclear powered ship., hallway surph1sl--K.B. Jones of the Long Beach and the Bain lit e. \ Ulbig had quite a Surprise waiting for him in the hallway of his Home when he got up saturday morning. A four foot Snake. Animal control offi Ipp cer c. A. Lee and patrolman Ray Pierce o a of the Irving police right answered his Call and disposed of the unwelcome # guest. News texan photo review turkish jets defy appeals for truce report false on troop landings by Ray j. Moloney Nicosia Cyprus up turkish planes were reported today to have raided Cyprus for the fourth straight Day despite a United nations Call for a cease fire both Cyprus and Turkey. Of of in announced acceptance of the cease fire. But Turkey s acceptance was conditional and it coincided with the reports that turkish planes again hit the greek cypriot Village of Polis this morning. The Cyprus news Agency reported that turkish planes hit Polis and other villages in Northwestern Cyprus killing 50 persons and wounding 50 others. In Athens greek foreign mrs. Richard Terry of 650 fran Cine bought a new Fiance football Hernot us for Quot of fans season ticket Holder your Betels Are now Avail ran a a Jujj Tokyo Epi the com went on Quot lie a 6-00 this mom Quot int i Quot Tunis radio bldg Yua in and will be on Sale until be p a tucking red Dos in 4 30 then 7 j00 p. In. To 9 . North it wednesday it wednesday. After that rime h j wounded three male civilians7 _ la a on and still looked _. Hey will of on v1r< re Rev and Fred on but apparently Sale to the in did not hit two women. Told her husband _ a a ral Public of of a cd if the peking radio also you have not for j50.m a note told broadcast a Long official Stet. Yours. \ m her he thought she men indicating thai the Hanoi today was to High he regime will not Send rep tomorrow Andja a ,. Aion t think she could resent Titei to new Lork to Hgt Totev Are i that mtg la. Flow participate inthe i. a int Sjo jever she told Hii to Council debate on the at fhe a a a a i the c01iid Al ,.re. Iii tacks. Office 3207 Mcadoo the description of the Al Sowers re. Nop at the High Jerry a Wasny to too a Quot le8ed air attacks launched school where they have been however As Jujj from two . Aircraft car previously sold. Hie Athle she 80id the unit to i tiers was attributed tranum tic of. Ice is one Block West Toje a second couple Iii de reified eyewitness. T z who came to look. A the . Jets darted Down miss it rickets to the Gen. ,. S ,.ural i a bloc will co on Alc a she. Rom High Altitude and strafed aug. 13. Thursday. A a Tele Iii a ferr it Landing wounding several people mis read no Quot of Cali?.three citizens taking shelter the article in last wednesdays won red re la Quot Quot the red br0adcast paper telling of the ticket Guys her Refl Iii said a ale this week and before the Aerator that she now a other enemy planes were Lay was Over a lint had formed As her House up for chasing a Wolmart walking to it the High school with people rent not just because Iii Ward the River and fired at who were afraid they had Wal g00 j results Iii woman who was pregnant Tfir t0� Jan t0 by with the refrigerator and making for the air raid tickets # 0 # but they Are moving out of town. The . Government or some of Olk favorite Iii dered the air strikes against it to in Are in the Hospital or four red patrol boat bases and ave been a assistant a Lief i i in a Hhd rus his i i a Iii Leicil an cd storage depot in re of police i Eon Powers is in. Tali Atton for communist Tor methodist Hospital in room Pedo boat attacks on two . 32, and another policeman / a pit destroyers. Latex Andrews just returned a orcs is to communal to account iome from methodist. Also. The attacks described the can irs. Will l. Ummal Pierce \ of one of s two us is in room 426 at St. Paul. Urt 01 one of the two us a a a Texas a amp a it diversity re pilots shot Down during overheard two Small Gistar ii. L. Heaton has an the raids it. . Everett Iris talking. One was telling bounced that 535 students have Alvarez jr., 26, of san Jose rhe other about her Doggie applied for degrees to be con Calif. Oing to find some baby dogs feared aug. 21 when the the broadcast quoting an Phe other asked her How Many summer term ends. Article in the Hanoi com she was Elong to find she Canady include Stephen or gun nhan uni old Ald a ooh she May find five snores Nan Britain Doca Ina he in a a or even the other one Tor of veterinary Medicine to Quot go held As a said. She find but degree. Prisoner of War. To because the Doggie Only the total includes 323 sunday s edition of the As six seeking a bachelors degree. Red diets wont Security Council Tokyo newspaper Sansei published pictures obtained from communist sources purporting to show the wreckage of the Navy plane shot Down in the attack. Sankel also published a picture of what was said to be Alvarez Navy identity card. The other missing Pilot enter debate it. J. G. Richard c. Sather also 26 of Pomona Calif., has not been accounted for and is believed lost in action. The official North vietnamese statement broadcast by peking denied that the United nations had any right to concern itself with indochinese affairs. Truce conditions stated by turks Ankara Turkey up Turkey today conditionally accepted a United nations Security Council Call for a general cease fire on the Island of Cyprus. An official government spokesman said Turkey was willing to accept a cease fire on condition that greek Cypril ots agreed to withdraw from villages it captured from turkish cypriots lathe Kok Kina area in the Northwestern part of the Island. Turkey also asked a return to the status quo existing before aug. 5, before the present aggravation of the crisis occurred. Turkey further posed the condition that United nations forces which withdrew from the fighting zone in Northern Cyprus be permitted to return to the Battle area to protect turkish cypriots. Reports reaching Ankara from Cyprus spoke of renewed attacks by greek cypriots against turkish cypriot positions on the Island. This caused considerable scepticism in turkish political circles of the sincerity of cypriot president Makarios a proposal for a cease fire. The archbishop sunday had offered to cease fire if turkish aircraft stopped their attacks on the Island. This proposal came before the United nations Security Council Call for a cease fire. A let the greek cypriots first cease fire then we will Stop our air attacks Quot foreign minister Feridun Cemal train told newsmen. A government spokesman confirmed that turkish Premier Ismet Inonu had received a message from soviet Premier Nikita s. Khrushchev urging that Turkey Stop All military operations. The message was a moderately worded and not a threat Quot the spokesman said. Reports from Cyprus said the turks had warships off the Northwestern coast in apparent readiness for a seaborne invasion if necessary. Turkey formally deme that any actual turkish landings a had been made. Admiral Nec det Uran commander of the turkish Navy said no men or supplies had been landed on the Cyprus coast sunday night. There Ari. Two kinds it of golfers those who play for port and those who shoot Der Par. A a Bobby and Ricky Banser Are on their Way Home rom Kauai in the hawaiian Bain. They leave sunday Horning to go to Honolulu a there they will see Pearl Arbor and Many other sights. I on Lay night they leave for Che states and will be Home rues Day. Their grandparents or. My mrs. Joe Mendonca say the boys Are not ready to come lome As they have had i wonderful time. They be one spearfishing hunted wild pigs gone into the mountains my picked wild plums and of course they be eaten All kinds it of hawaiian food. Tile boys Lave spent the summer with heir grandparents and they ire the sons of or and mrs. Lob funner of 1902 Waldrop. In Viet Nam 6 months from now a c. Bell 402 when Borden co,1 think the hot spot will be it o me where false by then. I think the communists will Back Down. The communist do not want to run the risk of an All out War with us we i have the Edge there. China would fight if Russia would but i Don t think Russia will fight Lawrence Jones 1933 Carl rd., Oty of Irving. I think we will be at War. La done to believe in letting them i no Over us and that is what they Are trying to do. We should put e Stop to it before it goes any farther. I think China will go i ahead without a a of Russia of Russia won t Back them. Earl Brownlow 400 Brandenburg Post office,1 believe it will be Korea. A police action not an Allwar. We will eventually ii out. There Iii be some kind of military action. We should take a hand and not appease j them. We should avoid War Bitt not to the Point of total appeasement. Mrs. Marie Rolland 908 Sunset housewife. The situation wont stay the same Las it is now. Its got co change. The i red chinese Are trying to do something with their attacks. On our Navy but i Don t know what. I think we have 4 enough Mili tary Power of our own co counteract anything they Start. I think the communist will stick together and they Are trying to get All the Power they can. Wayne Ashley 1607 Hilltop paint contractor. Judging rom past experience Korea we will w pull out or in Lik i will be like it is now. I done to �2 think there will a be a major v conflict. I think i air government j Laid leaders know More Vahst is going on and what is Best for us and whatever they do is Okay with me. Lbs applauds crisis reaction minister Stavros Kostopoulos announced that Turkey had made another raid today at 8 02 local time 2 02 . Edt. A if the violations continue the greek government will be unable to Stop the greek cypriots from defending themselves Quot Kostopoulos said. Polis is 55 Miles Northwest of Nicosia near the seacoast. Reports of the raid were published shortly after president Makarios announced a Quot Cep Tance of the cease fire. An official greek cypriot s p Kesman announced a president morning that the Cyprus government will fully respect the u. N. Security Council Resolution calling for a cease fire in but later this morning the spokesman announced that Turkey had raided again. The raid apparently was made before Makarios announced acceptance of the cease fire. The Cyprus High commission in London said too per. Sons a mostly women and children Quot were wounded when two turkish jets shot up the Center of Polis. Sunday night riot government accused the turks of Landing soldiers on the Northwest coast but later withdrew the accusation. The United nations said there was no evidence of an invasion. The chronic crisis ignited suddenly on Friday when Turkey claiming that turkish cypriots were being massacred in a greek cypriot push against the Northwest coast hit the greek cypriot positions with a massive Aerial onslaught that continued saturday and sunday. A Cyprus government spokesman said 300 persons were a lulled in air raids along the coast and on six villages and towns Polis Kory Sokhos Limni Pak Hyam mos Aylos Theodoros and Pamos. The turks announced sunday that the raids were being called off but would be resumed if the greeks continued their offensive in the Northwest. The greek cypriots charged that the turkish jets used flaming napalm jellied gasoline bombs rockets and machine guns in an indiscriminate attack. Washington up president Johnson surveying the events of last week both at Home and abroad describes. Developments on All fronts As a Gratifying Quot and a deeply in a weekend news conference at his Texas ranch the president ranged Over a wide Field of subjects and praised americans a for meeting our Mineola woman missing Mineola Tex. Up mrs. Katy Mae Pettie 34, remained missing today but the full scale search was off. Police ended the extensive search which began sunday morning after no Trace of the woman was found by Nightfall yesterday. A helicopter two planes the civil air patrol police reservists from Tyler Longview Overton and Jacksonville National guardsmen Wood county Law officers and scores of volunteers looked for mrs. Pettie who was last seen Early tuesday walking away from her Home. The woman was described As 5-5, 105 Pound a re haired and Brown eyed. Fhe neighbor who saw her going away from her Home tuesday said she was wearing a purple Flower print dress. The search sunday entered on a wooded area where a group of cub scouts on a Field trip reportedly saw her Friday morning. A searcher saturday claimed he saw tracks made by a woman s shoe but Wood county sheriff Paul Usery said they could not be identified positively As mrs. Petties. Challenges wherever we have faced them Quot during the week. During the conference he touched on the investigation into the murder of three civil rights workers in missis suppl the crisis caused by communist attacks on . Warships in the Gulf of Tonkin and House passage of his War on poverty program. Concerning Southeast Asia he said a both our adversaries and allies have the basis for new respect and understanding of America s the chief executive said that a these last seven Days deserve very special consideration in contemplation of every thinking citizen. All week Long americans have been doing what americans do Best working together. A the results have been highly Gratifying. The week had been deeply Johnson Dweller at length on the civil rights struggle and recent developments in Mississippi where the bodies of the three missing rights workers were found la St week. He said the investigation of the murders was going a exceedingly Well Quot and promised that a substantive results can be expected in a very Short period of Johnson said that a Federal police Force was inconsistent with american ideals but warned that a inaction on the part of the government when Federal Laws Are violated and assistance is needed is equally repugnant to our traditions. We intend to do our part when it is necessary and right to do turning to the situation in Southeast Asia Johnson said it remained serious but that there had been no further incidents since the United states responded to the attacks by bombing North vietnamese naval bases. By Bob Callan int world news editor Luci Baines Johnson 17-year-old daughter of the president climaxed the whirl of an exciting weekend on a sour note. Luci performed the hip swinging a Watusi Quot a weft c Mist version of the East coast a frug Quot and made a speech at a a Young citizen for Johnson Quot Barbecue in Beverly Hills. She then was helped from the platform stricken with 24-hour flu. Herbert Clark Hoover the 31st president of the United states enters the 10th decade of his life today frail and ailing but Well enough to see himself in history and to see his place in the hearts of countrymen. He will be known As an orphan who befriended orphans a president and an historic Scapegoat of the great depression of the 1930s. Thomas James Stover 21, and John James Desmond 22, had the unique experience of being arrested in Church at Goshen . During the weekend where Desmond was to have been married minutes later with Stover As his Best Man. The charges involve the Attal beating of Robert Marshall a prominent new Jersey executive. Joseph l. Granger of Sumter s.c., the first . Civilian official Ever to fall into communist hands in Viet Nam was taken prisoner by red guerrillas sunday. The 39-year-old Ald administrator and two persons with whom he was travelling in a jeep a filipino aide and a air in manager w Ere ambushed and captured in the Central High lands. Luci Hoover Granger Mamu a la

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