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Irving Daily News Texan Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1964, Page 1

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Irving Daily News Texan (Newspaper) - April 21, 1964, Irving, Texas The n up Pottan tuesday april 21, 1964 his be re Washington window by Lyle c. Wilson platform promises by u. P. Int r Nat Iona i Congress now bars arrived without embarrassment at the moment of truth in its Long winded consideration of the 1964 civil rights Bill. Politicians do not Embarrass easily. The late president Kennedy was not president Johnson is not and democratic congressional leaders Are not in the least embarrassed by the fact that this civil rights Bill should have been disposed of by tile 87th Congress in 1961. A civil rights act in 1961 was part of the 1960 bargain the democrats made with the citizens in Exchange for their votes. Negro voters especially were invited to support the democratic presidential ticket on the basis of promises of fast executive and legislative action. Instant civil in general terms the democratic platform said the party purpose was a to assure equal Access for All americans to All areas of Community life including voting Booths school rooms jobs housing and Public facilities More specifically the democratic platform said Quot the new Kennedy Johnson administration Bill support Federal legislation establishing a fair employment practices commission Fec to secure effectively lot everyone the right to equal Opportunity for employ ment a the Republican platform was less precise in its promises. But in Over All scope it had the same objective As the democratic platform. That objective of course was to attract negro votes to Republican candidates. It should be evident by now that political platforms Are Likely to be made up More of Bright Promise than of assured performance. Taken together the Republican and democratic platforms of 1960 combined to Promise negro voters a better life in All areas of their relationships with the Community. These promises variously were precise or deliberately vague or put Down in double talk. However that May have been the democratic promises were sufficiently during to persuade the negro voters without whose support John f. Kennedy probably would not have been elected. A fkr a personal commitment to civil rights As a moral and social need is not questioned. But not even Kennedy dared attempt to make Good on his platform promises upon taking office in january 1961. He discouraged introduction of legislation to make Good the Campaign promises. He withheld the helping hand that might have put a Stop to Senate filibusters. The witches brew Irving has the votes but needs to use them \ in orig Tho gratify ing signs of Irving a rapidly emerging status As one of the Best rounded and most self reliant cities in North Texas is the recent announcement of voting strength for the Conin mite. \ Rise of Quot of percent in voting strength sent the number of poll tax paying citizens to a re Ord is,20�?o for >64. This Large a Block of \ it is is. Ink enough to Swine most any it election ranging from county Surveyor on up to state Tor it u hoped that in Vin gites will not throw away the Opportunity to gain in influence by exerting their right to vote during the upcoming party primaries and general elections if we do this and continue to increase our voting strength in line with our rapid population growth we will find that More candidates will visit our City and make themselves More personally known to Irvi gites rather than merely writing our Community off As an a unimportant hinterland. I to i can did co Mem r Ere in no St adv that is not c in it of Lei i Clit i. G is after a Little application to it Alexander Pope Book introduces new the get Quot but it Ca not make them Nee Dily understood Mary Baker Eddy Rome Pope Paul i warning Italy a roman Catholic Bishops not to expect divine Providence to solve the problem of communism for them a time is not working in our favor. Our problems do not solve themselves a Mexico City this morning friends it love before us a letter from a Massachusetts lady who is provoked Ber Ause witches have been mentioned in this column. And she ask1 in Stern upright script a do you actually believe in such things a Madam i most certainly to not. For that reason i retain a competent Witch who does believe in hexes and spells so she can keep me informed which spirits Are on my Trail. Only the other a. I was consulting my Witch on the possibilities of a sure lottery number and she asked casually a a they done to have witches or things like magic in the United states do they a and i said a no May am the people set fire to All the witches in Salem mass., a number of years Back and since then witches have been extremely scarce. Or at least so my Witch said a Well they probably ainu to any around because nobody believes in Mem. How a a Witch going to seek out a living if people a disbelievers a very Good Point. It would by like a lawyer trying to sue somebody in a town where tiler1 was no Law of any kind. Of course my Witch refuses to dead in underhanded things like Black magic or conjuring evil eyes against people i get mad at. Actually so is More ilk1 a seer she looks at her rvs tall Ball and spots wickedness being directed against me and works out a treatment we must undergo to prevent these for a s from having effect. Now in our a of science you will not find educated sex wrestlers like myself thinking of medieval superstitions or even pausing a moment to look around at ghosts and spirits that come floating through my room at night. This is her work and it is Why i pay her six dollars a month. She has to Tab care <1 spirit and the spells other people believes in and cast at me. And it is up to her to t the powdered dragons Teeth and other ingredients that will keep in protected. Some time Back Berbr it it t broke Low and she a. Alo t r bad t it take tax to of lie be Broom was in the shop. And so is Savin now to buy a Good vacuum i Mer i a a Caus this would bilk travelling by Jet besides sh1 says brooms a unreliable and old fashioned and the ones they turn out in mass production these Days a pretty shoddy and wont More than a few weeks in places where civilization Hasni to ruined magic she says the Witch to nuke the or own brooms. They carefully select sturdy saplings and season them so the y. Ther plenty of horsepower \ by oui he that a regular Stilt bean at i Ich will i St a life time. As i see it Witch raft is something Uke the income tax. Y of i not incite in the tax nor t a to pay out to anything but a group of Fellows who hav mad an int study of this science and do believe in it a always checking to see that thin. S balance. On their end general1. So payday for the government Dawn Quot my you say a i ook things a hard enough without you go s panhandling around an i by Quot id you done to have any right. Whirl i when they Art you a of and hoi i of until you deliver the ransom1 and become a con firmed believer. There is no reason to pay any intent ii to witch11 be Caus everybody knows this business is just a by Ltd foolishness. However never Coni out Ami say that to a wit h. Otherwise she May conjure up an awful sell that will keep you in the roughs Forve ars and years. Omana by United priss International to Lay is tuesday april 21, the 112th Day of 1964 with 254 to follow. Wall Street chatter the Moon is approaching its full phase. The morning Star is Saturn. Xavier Cugat a Pride new York up ache and co. Says it believes the Sto k Market still has head room provided it can get a shot in the from a fax Queen Elizabeth ii was born on this Date in Orabie Resolution of the rail 1926. Crisis. The evening Star is Venus a a % on this Day in history in 1856, the first Bridge across the Mississippi River was completed Between Davenport Iowa and Rock Island 111. In 1910, the author and humorist Mark Twain died. In 1933, president Franklin Roosevelt an the British prime minister conferred in Washington on the world depression in 1945, a broadcast from Germany said russian troops the first Allied soldiers to reach Berlin were on the1 Edge of the City. A thought for the Day British statesman Disraeli said a a Man is not the creature of circumstances. Circumstances Are tile creatures of men a Thomson and Mckinnon draws investor attention to the rails particularly major i astern roads which it says have the most to gain from the current a a handsome Overall business Outlook. It also says that airline stocks still look attractive and their recent weakness a could provide another Chance Tor late Comers to get the yalu1 line investment Survey notes that after a disappointing Market performance by th1 Alifornia based savings and loan companies the a stocks have started to come to iii1. Wit Cathleen Nesbitt now bark in England rehearsing in a play has enjoyed one of the most illustrious careers inthe theater. So was a co founder of actors equity Here created roles in the plays of Shaw and . Eliot and she knew sir Beerbohm tree. Tree who then was one of Britain a Foremost stars once invited miss Nesbitt to a memorable luncheon with Lily Langtry and Constance Collier. She later told tree shed found miss Langtry a company More enjoyable than miss Collier s. A a you re so right a tree said. A Lily remembers the witty things others have said but Constance remembers Only the witty things she herself has said and they re not that in Start Claude pains disputes Trees reputation As a Tough a id selfish Man. Rains started As a Callboy for tree at his majesty s beater. Free was intrigued by tile boys Cockney accent and when Rains blurted ins Hope of becoming an actor tree laughed and told tic boy to come Back and talk about it that following thursday at 6 . Young Rains arrived promptly at 6, but tree said he had no recollection of any appointment. Rains reminded him that it was about his becoming an actor. The great Star 6 00 . 6 30 . 7 00 . 7 30 . 8 00 . 8 30 . 9 00 . 9 30 . 10 00 . 10 30 . I 40 . 12 00 . Laughed and asked How the Young Cockney Ever hoped to make himself understood. Rains sobbed that it was his dream someday to become an actor like Beerbohm tree then h1 headed for the door. I re called him Back and handed him a Check for $90, already drawn to his order to pay for speech lessons from the teacher tree recommended to him. A Quality Xavier fugal was asked to flame the chief Quality responsible for his Success and said a my then he was asked to name his chief fault and said a my prick1.�?� drop out Louis Unter Sneyer the poet was selected to deliver a lecture to High school students on the dangers of dropping out. The invitation was cancelled when inter Meyer whose honors include designation As Beta Kappa poet at Harvard confided that he a a dropout from Dewitt Clinton High school. Publicity Bernard Sobel the Ziegfeld press agent taught a class in press Gentry at the new school for social research Ile persuaded Louis Cawhern to lecture the class. Tuesday 4, news weather 5, news weather portfolio 8, news weather sports la Rifleman. 4, marshal Dillon 5, or. Novak 8, combat la Cheyenne. 4, red Skelton. 5, you done to say 8, Mchaley a Navy la base Ball fort Worth is. Albuquerque. 4, Petticoat Junction 5, Richard Boone show 8, greatest show on Barth. 4, Jack Benny. 4, carry Moore show 5, Telephone hour 8, the fugitive. La Peter Gunn. 4, news weather sports 5, Texas news weather Tel fax news final 8, news weather sports news weather a a Forest Ranger a Fred Mac Murray. 4, Steve Allen show 5, sports tonight 8, news f Ollow the Sun. 8, sea Hunt 4, news wrap up vespers 5, news milestones of the Century 8, 12 10 news Fri i news meditations. 6 10 , 6 3 . Doo . 7 30 . 0qo . 10 30 . La , 11 312 Ltd no 12 30 of of p. It 1 30 p. In i of in. 2 3 3 3 4 3 6 3c 700 7 3c Ort re it my of the worlds in and Harriet la. In. 10 it i 3 , ll.-4 . 12 00 . J he be 111 in. I att i Uke w. 4, Ope e rhe Armer daughter la a Octa Blanc Quot r\1 a1 Boun. Susana unit nil is. 4, Beverly Hillbillies. Espionage 6. Pencasey 4. Id a. Vie 1 of. Lim t ave How pie eleventh hour set trip la Wyatt Harp. Ii rebel. A new wearer. It. Texas news. Weather Eli it new Mal news wearer Roll re weather. A a desert fur Quot Burt a Ca ter i a Quot it eth Scott. 4, Teve alien show ports. Tonight news naked Ity. Ca Hunt. New. W rap Uye ers a news. Mile tones tie 12 15 news Bill new meditate s. Quot Astro guide Quot by clean for wednesday april 22 present for you and yours courage self Reliance and daring but with a Strong tendency toward an overbearing attitude Are suggested by planetary radiations ruling most chans today the mind is Quick and Alert and originality and ambition Are accented there is warning against Lack of self control however past a the int hot a Spanish american War was fired by a gun of the Nashville As she captured the Buena Vista Spanish merchant ship with valuable cargo off key West on april 22, 1898. Future chemicals from the giant puff Ball mushroom May be beneficial in the fight against cancer. Experiments will be made to grow it domestically. Extract from it has halted malignancy in some test animals. The Day under your sign Aries born March 21 to april 19 Kurp your Tomix a will under control in handling subordinate or co worker Taurus april 20 to May 20 is tool yourself to void forcing issuer hic train rate in the evening gemini May 21 to Jon 21 i Unar give you the Imi it a a tto to forge ahead in All Butine matter. Go to it cancer Jon. 22 to july 21 he careful slut you put Down in Hla Ltd amt White a it May Birdlike later Leo july 22 to aug 21 enjoy of Lal life hut Gar a wide berth to any affair Quot Virgo aug. 22 to Sapt. 22 organize a reunion for the Ummer ahead with relative you Don t Vee very often Lura Sapt. 23 to oct. 22 delay May eem fruit rating but will work to your Benefit in the Long run Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 concentrate on correspondence phone Calla and other meant of communication Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 you can t afford to ant armite the to. Simmer Down instead of Popp no off Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 be Mart enough to avoid situation leading to argument with Thane you love aquarius Jan. 21 to fab. 19 be discriminating in Choice of atai1 tale a i Willy if Money it involved Pisces fab. 20 to March 20 keep a watchful eve on children and old penile Flanger of fall it accented a 1964. Publisher newspaper Syndicate wednesday in France. 4, Sunrise semester 5, 6 45 Imperial quartet markets 6 40 devotional Norvell Slater of d. 4. Officer i Friendly 5, today 8, or Peppermint. 4, morning edition 4, Captain Kangaroo 8, 8 10 King and Odic show la meditations news farm show. 8, adventures in Paradise sink or swim la c Artoon carnival 4, Civ morning news5, say wrier., neg news la romper room. 4, i love Lucy a word for word Quot 7 he or ice is right Llamos and Andy 4. The Mccoy 5, concentrator a get times a Sage la Quot in our Ida Lupino Paul Herreid. 4, Pete a a glad jeopardy links. 4 love f life can news 5, your first Imre for i afer knows Fie t. 4 search r tomorrow guiding Light 5, truth or consequences Nhuc news Quot Tennessee lr1 in duh 11 4 news Feather. 4 news wearer to Mons ii. Faces 5, news 8, sea Hunt la singing in Dixie. 4, a. The a it rid turns 5. Dateline int. Now la. Arte it of t Irne. 4 make a Deal la girl talk 4 in tarty lie d tetors Quot Day in court is be t f news la. Huddles to Bingo l e tit i rut., news Loretta Young at re general to. Pita 11, Mike Doug Las Star. A of my it y i done tav Queen for 3 i so v. I. Dec ret Tori be match game Nhuc news. I rail Laster. 0tl,e it it aver. Make room for faddy la i Peve. -4 dec her Bride Quot daughter of or. Jekyll i 1 Agar a a Ria alb to a a Hie great in ,.�?�/at Quot a diff owe Valerie Hobson ii a t a g i a at be i Art i. -4, a my s Bro is. 4, i. A a i a at Hob ii r a by Jolt space Ranger. <1 a Ute r ire Huntley Brinkley report a a 4 Newell mar bang de Aire in Art sinew weaker new we at Fie Nev. Weather portfolio news wearer n m la. Rifle an
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