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Ironwood News Record (Newspaper) - November 4, 1911, Ironwood, Michigan Backache Means dying kidneys a rent arable treatment that the kidneys How you May cure yourself quickly and thoroughly with the Progress of one remarkable treatment for Klinejr diseases it has been so thoroughly tested and its results have proven so revolutionary that Well known firm in Michigan has undertaken its distribution into every part of the country those who kidney trouble and the disease resulting from it will the pleased to every package of this treatment is thoroughly Guaran this should assure a last a Posi Tive cure to every sufferer every Man and woman should know that backache is usually a Well defined symptom of advancing kidney disease May end fatally unless treated Iti time that rheumatism and bladder trouble Are caused from nothing More nor less than kidneys that do not Llster the Poison from the blood that dropsy Brights disease diabetes and bladder stones Are caused by bad kidneys once they Are made to work properly these diseases should quickly Digap this is done by the new treatment or derbys kidney pills we urge everyone who has pain in the Small of the Back profuse or scanty urination pains in the bladder Cloudy or foul urine riot to fail to get a pack age today of or derbys kidney pills and drop All other kidney treatments senator Stevenson of Washington writes from Olympia there is no question about the eff Leacy of or Der Bys pure kidney pills in curing kidney and bladder trouble i know whereof i or derbys kidney pills Are now sold at All drug and 50 cents if you would like to try them first ask your for a free Sample package then buy a package you will not regret it Derby Medicine Eaton rapids Mich to farm out Copper lands of Houghton capitalists have under consideration the establishment at a Point on the Copper Range rail read South of Houghton a 600acre farm the lands have Al ready been secured but Are at pres ent heavily timbered Steps will be taken during the com ing Winter to Cut the Timber and next Spring the stumps will be removed and the land made ready for cultivation it is hardly probable that crops will be planted before 1913 but the when established will prove one of the biggest from an Agri standpoint in the Copper coun or pierces pellets Small sugarcoated to take As regulate and invigorate stomach liver and bowels do not Gripe it pays to be least it pays your employer relieves backache instantly sloans liniment is a great remedy for backache it penetrates and relieves the pain rub Bing Lay it on lightly heres proof i had Ray Back Init in the Boer War and in sail Francisco two years Aeo i we list by a Street car in the Kim Pica i it cd All kinds of dope without Suc Cess two weeks ago i saw your Lini ment in a drug stare and got a in talc to try the Relief and now except for a i talc stiff Ness 1 am almost Fletcher Norman Whittler Calif sloans liniment is the Best remedy for rheumatism neuralgia sore Throat and sprains miss e rim of Brooklyn writes sloans liniment is the Best for rheumatism i have used six bottles of it Ami it is sold by All dealers Price hones cattle hogs and poultry sent free address Komoves Iju Rutal thickened swollen t18 r u e 8 curbs Tihoi soreness from and str also or Strain Caroa spa twin lameness allays does not Blister remove Tho hair or Lay up Tho horse h after bottle took 1 k free for Mankind Foi synovitis strains Amity or Hob Matic Jjck polls swollen painful varicose veins allays pain will toll Yon Mort if Yon Wolta and 12 per Hottle it dealers or delivered manufactured Only by name to remember you need a remedy for the hostess the yarn Charm to find partners one of the oldest stunts for hallo Ween was to find ones future mate by the Aid of a Ball of yarn a Maiden was to take a Ball of yarn and toss it through an open window and then hold the end in her hand and walk away if she was to in the year the Ball would be picked up by the Man inside who began to wind up the yarn and thus draw her Back to him a Young Matron should use this method of finding partners for her halloween supper which is to be served at knowing the preference of her guests she will have the right each maid concealed a the garage one at a time the girls will be Given a Ball of warn there being one Ball for each girl and she is to go alone through the Yard which is to be lighted Only with jacks in the Trees when the Man winds up his Maiden who is instructed not to drop her end no matter what happens they will go out a rear door of the garage and into the House by a Side Entrance then the nest Man is slipped into the hiding place and another girl started to meet her Fate there Are to be ten couples so this will add much to the fun and mystery if the details As Given Here Are not practical the same scheme May be worked by throwing the Ball Over a transom or Over a Bannister Down stairs recipe for chop suey i give the recipe for chop suey which is Fine to serve at halloween feasts the Rice is to be eaten with chop Sticks which1 Are to be retained As souvenirs each pair being tied with red ribbon one five Pound Chicken a Pound and a half of tender beef one Pound of celery two pounds of bean sprouts one ounce of chinese sauce known As sol one can of mushrooms Salt thickening Cook the Chicken and beef together till they Are very tender take out All the Bones add the mushrooms onions sliced in very thin slices the celery sliced in thin pieces and do not Cook very Long then add the bean sprouts and the thickening and last the Soi enough for ten people to obtain the bean sprouts soak Beans in water till they absorb it All then keep them Damp and in a very warm place the sprouts come very quickly so there is plenty of time to prepare them Soi May be purchased at a Large grocery or at a chinese store lacking these use Worcester Shire sauce serve the chop suey in bowls with Rice and the Tea in cups without handles for the table Cen Ter piece have a Witch Kettle with in Cense burning inside Nev and old tricks we Are tired of Bobbing for a said a Young devotee of apartment who was asking me for new stunts for oct 31 rut did you Ever Bob for them prepared in this Way in a Light Zinc tub which May be brought from the laundry put at least a dozen red apples and in four of them conceal a ring a thimble a but ton and a Coin just press the Arti cles carefully into the fruit and the mutilation is not discernible in the water the boy or girl getting the ring will be married or engaged with in the year the thimble Means no such Luck the one getting it must remain single or unattached for an other twelve months the Coin Means wealth and the Button Means one must win Fame or Fortune by ones own exertions who remembers the old trick of trying to get a cola out of a pan of flour with the Teeth the hands being tied behind the Back this is a laugh Able sight sometimes a wedding ring is concealed in the flour and the one getting it will be married within the year of course the Coin denotes wealth party Given in barn i must Tell you briefly of one party to be Given in a barn where the Deco rations will be branches of autumn leaves which remain Brilliant in the country far longer Tolian in town there Are to be grinning jacks set on posts along the driveway and in Side the barn All the lanterns Are to have electric lights to avoid possibility of fire cucumbers Squash and Many other vegetables Are to be made into lanterns and Candle holders the hostess is to dress As an old Witch and All the girls Are to have witches hats surmounted by Black cats presented to them the boys will Wear hats of Scarlet and adorned with horns a chinese feast is to be served at a table where Black and Scarlet dragons will run rampant the part of the barn reserved for the party is to be Gay with chinese lanterns fans screens and parasols a halloween party invitation use a halloween Post card or a pumpkin shaped card and write the following Jingle for an invitation to a party on oct 31 it is appropriate for either children or grownups at our House on monday night you will surely see a sight ghosts and goblins witches too Are Busy preparing fates for you the hour is 8 dont be late but Brave at any rate halloween cakes often a few novel recipes have to creep into the department so now for these very unusual and seasonable rules first for Jack lantern cakes from a Plain loaf cake baked in a Sheet Cut pumpkin shaped cakes about two and a half inches wide and two inches thick and ice with frosting coloured yellow with the Yolk of eggs or with Saffron while the icing is still moist insert two Small red candles for the eyes and nose and a Row of them for the Teeth for the clock faced cakes buy a few Vanilla wafers coat with Vanilla frothing and let Thorn dry with melted chocolate and a new Small paint Brush you make the numerals of the clock the hands in the Center Point ing to Midnight the witching children adore these confections which require Only a Little Lime and patience i am sure every Mother is More than willing to do this Madame Merri Green is the ruling favorite for even ing gowns three piece suits of Serge Are in great favor White Serge has jumped into favor with a bound skirts show a decided tendency to Ward drapery there seems to be no end of Black velvet sashes satins continue to hold a firm Posi Tion in fashion rows of tiny buttons Are used on wraps and gowns the Directoire coat May be a Fea Ture of fall fashions invalids bed shelf anything that tends to the Comfort and ease of an invalid who May for a Long period be confined to bed is Well Worth attention and our sketch illustrates a capital suggestion that May be carried out without much difficulty the bed should be placed in the Corner of the room against the Wall and a shelf about nine inches wide by two feet six inches Long fastened to the Wall in the position a flown this May be easily done and a piece of Board of the size mentioned should be procured and three Strong Metal brackets of the nature indicated by diagram a in the sketch fastened on underneath brackets of this kind can be obtained for very Little at any ironmongers and the shelf can then be securely nailed to the Wall diagram b shows Tho under Aldo of the shelf and indicates the Posi Tion in which the three brackets should be fastened for appearance Sake a Little flounce of some pretty Cre tonne can be tacked All round the Edge of the shelf and the material May easily be arranged so that it forms a tiny frill at the top with a flounce hanging Down underneath a shelf of this kind will prove the greatest Boon to an invalid As on it May be kept Well within reach All those Little things in the shape of books papers watch Glass that Are always so necessary for the in valid to have Handy and who May thus obtain them with Jie least Sable exertion Are your kidneys weak there Are two ways to Tell if Yon have weak kidneys the first through pains in the Back the Ond by examining the kidney secretions if you suspect your kidneys begin using Doans kidney pills at once mrs j l Warrock 406 w Mulberry Lebanon Ohio says no Tongue can Tell the agonies i suffered my feet and limbs were lifeless and there weeks when i could not put my feet to the floor or stand alone As a last resort i began using Doans kid Ney pills in six weeks i was As free from kidney trouble As if i had never had when tour Back is lame re member the 50c a Box at All stores Foste Milburn Buffalo n y unkind Barnes me boy but we had the run of our life in Oskaloosa aint it Lucky they catch you pimples on face 3 years i was troubled with acne for three Long years my face was the Only part affected but it caused great disfigure ment also suffering and loss of sleep at first there appeared red hard pimples which later contained White matter i suffered a great Deal caused by the itching i was in a stat of perplexity when walking the streets or anywhere before the Public i used pills and other remedies but they failed completely i thought at giving up when nothing would help but something told me to try the Cut Cura soap and ointment i sent for a Cuti Cura Booklet which i read care fully then i bought Somo Cuti Cura soap and ointment and by following the directions i was relieved in a few Days i used Cuti Cura soap for Wash ing my face and applied the Cuti Cura ointment morning and evening this treatment brought marvelous results so i continued with it for a few weeks and was cured completely i can truthfully say that the Cuti Cura Rem Edies Are not Only All but Moro than they claim to signed g Bau Rael 1015 w 20th place Chicago 28 1911 although Cuti Cura soap and ointment Are sold by druggists and dealers everywhere a Sam ple of each with 32page Book will be mailed free on application to dept 28 k Boston Reading a dogs life your husband say hot leads a dogs said one woman yes its very answered the other he comes in with Muddy feet makes himself comfortable by the fire and Waits to be body Magazine important to mothers examine carefully every Dottle of Castoria a Safe and sure remedy Lor infants and children and see that it bears the signature of in use for Over 30 years children cry for Fletcher Castoria a Strong one i think doctor Pullem the dentist must be a Why so Hes the Only Man i Ever heard who could kill Tom roamers color of butterflies the colors of butterflies Are influenced by the temperature of the air in which they live he might be offended see that dog Kalcl it has taken the first prize at ten shows and u valued at a thousand i wonder if i dare offer him a bit of Braetter whenever you have a pain think of Hamlin wizard Oil for headache Toothache earache stomach ache and Many other painful ailments there is Noth ing better giving other people the Best of it is a Good investment and besides it May not Cost you anything the average Man Doest think lie to having a Good time unless he makes a fool of himself hrs was Loti soothing syrup for children teething softens the Gruzis reduces inflammation allays pain cures wind Colic 25c a bottle a Man cant kick if his Monument is a put up Job terrible suffering eczema All Over baby body when my baby four months Oli Bis face broke out with eczema and Ai sixteen months of age a face hands Ana in a dreadful state the eczema spread All Over his body we had to put a mask or cloth Over his face and tie up his hands finally we gave him hoods Sarsaparilla and in a few month he was entirely cured today lie is healthy mrs Inez Lewis Baring Maine hoods Sarsaparilla cures blood and builds up the system get it today in usual liquid form on chocolate tablets called Sara tabs free Send your name and address for a years free subscription to Tho Chicago bargain news also no Premma absolutely free it you get us ten treo subscriptions razors rings knives Etc Wal i Tonco dept los Boot Jelits Chicago Defiance cold water search makes laundry wont a pleasure 18 02 plug Joc millions families Tor colds and headaches indigestion and yur stomach Gas and fermentation constipation am bilious Ness with most satisfactory results California Fig syrup co in the Circle on every package of the genuine the wonderful popularity of the genuine syrup of figs and Exir of Senna has led unscrupulous manufacturers to offer imitations in order to make a larger profit at the expense of them customers if a dealer asks which size you wish or what make you wish when you ask for syrup of figs and elixir of Senna he is preparing to deceive you Tell him that you wish the genuine manufactured by the California Fig syrup co All reliable druggists know that there is but one genuine and that it is Manu fractured by the California Fig syrup co Only note the name printed straight across near the Bottom and in the Circle near the top of every the genuine one size Only for Sale by All leading druggists regular Price soc per bottle miniature picture of package of figs and elixir of Senna is especially adapted to the needs of ladies and children As it is mild and pleasant gentle and effective and absolutely free from objectionable ingredients it is equally beneficial Tor women and for men Young and old for Sale by All leading always buy the genuine California Fig syrup co Colt distemper Ixon to lift plod very i Siuy Trio Nick no ii red and nil others Junor Tulsie no no fir kept from having to Tonito lining a Pusins Mauiu i Stumpek cuke quo pm Tho in fowl i Tho Blond and of porn Korma of All ror Insaf Dow Tempo heat remedy Over known for mania id foal Onn Liotto guaranteed to euro Tom Cuba to an d f 1 a Bottlo i Ana tar Ctm lenient or Hurni Textrom paid by Cut shown Liow to Jintil Taco Tii Ronto our frn Tio Klot Olvea Overmi Hank up rent want i Liboreo Rora Odin in Ion yearn up Pokh con him lamps and lanterns scientifically constructed to give most Light for the Oil they Burn easy to Light clean and Rewick in numerous finishes and styles Best of its kind ask your denier to show you Chi Lino of lamps nod lanterns or or Lac for illustrated booklets direct to Nunya ency of the Standard Oil company incorporated w shoes men and women Wear shoes because they arc the Best shoes produced in this country for the Price insist upon hav ing them take no other make the Standard of Quality for Over 3o years the Assurance that goes with an established reputation is your Assurance in buying w l Douglas shoes if i could take you into my Large factories at Brockton and show you How carefully shoes Are made you would then understand Why they arc War ranted to hold their shape fit better and Wear longer than any other make for the Price caution the w and Palco stain pod on Bottom it no Man is stronger than his stomach a Strong Man is Strong nil Over no Man can be Strong who is suffering from weak stomach with its consequent indigestion or from some other disease of the stomach and its associated organs which impairs digestion and nutrition for when the stomach is weak or diseased there is a loss of the nutrition contained in food which is the source All physical strength when a Man Doest feel just when he Doest sleep Well has an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach after Ealing is languid nervous irritable and ent he is losing the nutrition needed to make strength soft a Matt should use or pierces cold in medical discovery Jet cures diseases of the stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition it enriches the blood invigorates the River strengthens the kidneys nourishes the nerves and so gives health Holt strength to the whole body Yon cant afford to accept a secret nostrum As a substitute or this non alcoholic Medicine of known composition not even though the urgent dealer May thereby make a Little bigger profit ingredients printed on wrapper trapping time is soon Here some posted we furnish free Cor quota Honson raw furs a postal card today brings a list no commission charged we Are direct buyers loses a5hippeh Lotz Elm Lorn on Tannin Largo and Small i Bart Ullmn Tel in Tho world Send a a postal Cord for Milosc Netlon to Oon Manta to Lott i Btu Unis sixth Street Uil w n Chicago no 421911 Putnam Fadeless dyes Onclo package colors nil fibres Youcha Dye any garment without ripping apart write for free to Dye bleach and mix Colon Mon of pane company Quincy ilk

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