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Ironwood News Record (Newspaper) - May 27, 1911, Ironwood, Michigan How it was managed a Union of Eita tej and a Union of heart by Oliver l Mitchell copyright by american press association 1311 when Chandler came Home from College his Mcle told him that he had a special plan for him Chandler was an orphan who had inherited a Large estate and his Uncle was his guard inn and would be for a few months when the heir would come of age a widow of the name of Alberton had bought some contiguous property that Long coveted she was forty years of age but Chandlers guardian proposed that he should marry her the Benefit to his estate would be considerable Chandler said he would look into the matter and about a week after his return strolled Over to pay his respects to his new neighbor it was a hot morning and Chandler in a thin White flannel suit and a Straw hat entered the Gate of the Atherton grounds and strolled up the walk toward the House a Young girl sat on a rustic Bench under a tree Reading it occurred to the Visi Tor that he would go Over to where she was sitting and ask if mrs Ather ton was at Home besides he might elicit some preliminary information about the widow leaving the walk he approached the girl she was pretty but so plainly dressed that Chandler was in doubt As to her Posi Tion however he lifted his hat politely and asked beg Pardon but can you Tell me if mrs Alberton is at Home not this morning she has gone to the urn him sorry to miss her hearing that i had a new neighbor i came Over to Call upon its very hot and you look tired wont you rest yourself the girl moved to one end of the Bench that he might occupy the other thank you very he replied seating himself this was All very fortunate he have in Opportunity to Chat about the widow perhaps you will be Good enough to aay to mrs Atherton on bar return that or Herbert Chandler a neigh Bor culled to pay his or bus songs Nephew j or bussing hns spoken to mrs Atherton about you to snid he thought you Avold us Are you a relative of sirs Atherton i May say that i am for my Mother and mrs Atherton Are As closely Allied is if they were one per and you Are mrs ath Cratous and her amanuensis she writes you i Wuh not aware of that i pre sume that her absence gives you Leisure to enjoy yourself out in this pleasant Nook it is mrs Atherton an elderly or a Young woman Between forty and i hear she is very handsome and appears far younger than he had Hoard no such thing he was working the pump handle the girl smiled something amuses he added soberly excuse me i May As Well confess that i know your errand i Hoard mrs and your guardian Uncle talking Over the Union of the two estates it is quite natural that you should be interested to Lorn something about her especially what you have just referred to since she is to much older than Chandler Drew within himself How did it he said coldly that you of i was not eavesdropping to sides mrs Atherton told me nil about the matter is soon As your Uncle had May i ask if she was favourably Dis posed toward Trio plan she was very much interested in the in Tor of uniting Tho two proper ties she said it would very much enhance Tho value of but marrying a Man younger than herself All that part of it you must get from this was said in n tone that indicated she had not relished the implied charge of eavesdropping i beg Pardon i should not have expected you to Roc no what is of necessity a Confidence since we have progressed so far in discussing the matter May i an opinion you you would think of such a match i of i think of giving an opinion on n matter that concerns you and mrs you consider it very mercenary t i certainly would unless you came to love each in this vein they chatted on for some time when Chandler arose i he said that you will inform mrs Atherton of this meeting and so much of what has passed be tween us is you think will interest if you desire it i shall consider the meeting and All that has been said As you he replied nothing has been said that mrs Atherton should not i May Tell her that you will Cal again i please do so i will come in a few she will naturally be interested to see Chandler walked away perhaps bet Ter pleased with his visit than if he Val seen the lady he had called on mrs Secretary was not Only attractive in appearance but had a delicate sense of what was not proper for her to say in such a Conversa Tion Chandler was a bit dissatisfied with himself for having implied thai she had been an eavesdropper he wished for an Opportunity to remove any unpleasant impression that his mistake might have occasioned when he called again he did nol acknowledge to himself that he would like to have another tet Patete with ithe he was received by her with a message from mrs Ather ton that she was indisposed and begged him to excuse her mrs Atherton has especially charged me to say to she added that you Are not to regard adversely her not seeing you today and that she Hopes you will come again soon she expects to be presentable within few Chandler did not hurry away he called at 5 Oclock and at 6 he was still occupied with mrs Ather tons Secretary then the Butler came in with an invitation for him to re main for dinner mrs Atherton her self could not be present but her Secretary would do the honors for her Chandler accepted the invitation with alacrity he did not leave the House until 11 Oclock that night Fate seemed to be against Chandler meeting the widow the next time he called she bad again gone to the City and the next after that she had had a fall that had necessitated her remain ing in bed for a few Days Chandler was enjoying so Well his visits with the Secretary that he didst care if the mistress remained bedridden for the rest of her Days then one Day when he called he received a message from the lady through her Secretary that she had been considering Tho matter of joining the estates by their marriage and had come to the conclusion that the difference in their Ages would be altogether too great an objection on receipt of this communication Chandler stood looking very disconsolate i am sorry for your disappoint said the Secretary it int replied Chandler Dole fully not that then what is it Why 1 have no excuse to conic Here any and Why should you come when the object of your coming has ceased to exist How am t going to get on without seeing you to this Tho Only reply was a dropping of the girls eyes to the floor i have a said Chandler since i cant marry tie mistress ill make a proposition to Trio Secretary it is not to unite two estates but two she looked up it him with a Charm ing expression sit she sold and ill Tell you a Story your undo and mrs Atherton Wero very anxious to unite these estates As Yon know neither of them had any idea of a marriage be tween you and her and now i have a confession to make i am More than mrs alter Luis Secretary 1 am her daughter your Uncle suggested to Mother that the property be United by n marriage Between you and me but such proposals usually miscarry their plan was to bring you and me together you thinking that you were opening negotiations to marry Mother they wore obliged to lot me into the secret i agreed to carry out their provided i liked and you do dont you said Chandler in h pleasing tone Well was the answer then the plan is to be carried what plan Why the one you have just referred of i meant the plan of making you think you were opening negotiations to marry of that All i had to do with 1 think you had a Groat Deal More to do with i dont see Well while Yon have been receiving me in place of your Mother you have got me used to being with you resides think How advantageous it will be to unite the i care nothing about the or me i didst say that but i shall not marry for the purpose of uniting two then will you marry for the Pur lose of uniting two hearts i must to satisfied that such a Union will be i can answer for myself but not or you i love you dearly and i wish you to be my i will be your betrothed on trial if i see that our Union is to be a Finan Cial one i will break the engagement such the practical disposal of he subject Chandler went from her to his Uncle lie said the properties will be United Why didst Yon introduce me to miss Atherton in the first place because when i was n Young Man was introduced to a girl whom it seemed advisable i should marry i ook n violent dislike to her and Sam ply i tvo since believed because i Felt obliged to love her i have had cause to regret the failure of that the Union of hearts was Complete Aad the Union of the estates followed some Luminosity so intense the1 eyes cannot see it the Riddle of the firefly 60 far it has baffled science but when it is solved As it eventually will be we shall have Light with out heat and the perfect lamp the scientist set Down a Small Black Box and impatiently pushed aside the powerful Microscope and the delicate Bolometer it is most he muttered to have such a treasure before ones eyes and still be unable to grasp i looked in the little1 bos surprised to find nothing but a few flies the scientist began to in that Box is the most efficient 11 Lumina it known to Man the Radiant output from one of those insects Cor responds to nearly fifty Watts a Cau dle while our very Best artificial Illuminant the flaming arc gives Only two or three Watts to the candles the Light from those Asfe corded by the Bolometer radiates Little if any heat while the very Best incan descent lamps waste More than 90 per cent of the electrical Energy in heat if 1 could read this secret of the insect world and make a Lamparter its pattern i could produce 384 can dle Power from the same current that gives sixteen Candle Power today some Day the secret will be the source of All Light except ii the Light from fireflies and Lliel Klrin is a substance raised to a temperature sufficient to set up Waves in the sur rounding Ether which when falling upon the Eye produce the sensation we know As Light Light Waves vary in length Between one thirty three and one six of an Inch the first being extreme red and the second extreme Violet rays of White Light have a length of one Sanuth of an Inch the Sun is a great mass of White hot matter it is the atmosphere that enables us to see Light and outside of our atmosphere it is absolute darkness As dark As the Interior of Mammoth Cave in an arc lamp it is the White hot particles of Carbon floating Between the two electrodes that produce Light in the incandescent lamp it is the hairpin filament in Side the Glass Globe that when heated by electricity gives off Light Waves in Gas and Oil lamps Light is produced by the healed particles of Carbon in the flames above the Wick or Mantle the Eyu can stand without tiring a brilliance of about five Candle Power to the Square Inch of surface the Ordinary Candle Hume gives Only two or three Candle Power to the Square Lille the Sun at gives the arc Light ranks next to sunlight with mid let Power an Inch Aud the Best Tungsten filament inc nodes Cunis give Candle Power this Means that if Tho Sun could be changed into n bail of Tungsten it would throw off Only Candle Power of Light from every Square Inch of its surface Whon the world would be practically dark Nurl w should freeze to death in n week thu prism shows that White Light is composed of n Happy Blond of nil col ors of Tho spectrum the Sun gives the Only pure Wilto Light with the arc lamps n close second and Tho Roethl filament taking third place sky such us comes from the North on a Clear Day to bluish White Gas mantles give greenish Light open flame yellow Light and Koro Senc Orange Light by tile Laws of evolution the human Eye has become accustomed to Sun Light or sky Light coming obliquely from above and our eyes Light coming from any other source Snow a landness distress from White Sand or water is the result of violating this Rule the upper eyelid is adapted to shiite the 03te from a Strong Light from above the lower lid in Neiot per form this office so when n Strong Light is reflected up into thu eyes it blinds 18 the x Ray has proved beyond doubt Flint there Are Light rays which move of fast for human eyes to Register Phis Light penetrates books Wood pair and oven human flesh with the inor scope to assist our eyes we can see Bones in our Arm without both ering to remove coat or shirt but Nan with x Ray eyes would be sadly Landi capped in this world for he could see nothing but solids such is Olhs and metals and would be in Ible to Sec a Board Fence at All be oud doubt there is Light so Bright hat the eyes cannot see it and of us ill is darkness Boyol what our eyes vill Register Light rays themselves Are invisible Evhen they move through Tho Ether Ilone our eyes cannot Sec them consequently All is total darkness but when they meet with Tho resistance of Nir atmosphere producing heat they Egister on the Retina behold we in see As the atmosphere thins rapidly As we go upward so in pro portion the air resistance diminishes and consequently the heat of the Sun seems to grow less this explains Why the tops of High mountains Are always covered with Snow Many wonderful discoveries have recorded in tie illuminating Field of into and it is Safe to say that this Branch of science affords one of the greatest Fields for research and invention each year our artificial la Lump Nants Are improved but they Are far from being perfect not until these Cret of Tho firefly is rend and Light is produced without Bent will our even ing lamps be Chicago record Herald i astronomical clocks Many precautions Are taken to insure their accuracy to tie average person an astronomical clock is a complicated affair giving the Date Day of the week phases of the Moon and other miscellaneous information the facts Are far other else there is no clock so simple As that of the Astro Joiner even the convenient plan of having the hour and minute Hance mounted at tie same Center is abandoned because it makes a More intricate form of wheel work necessary says the Louisville courier Juu Izaak the Observatory clock has a separate dial for each hand con fers of the second band minute hand and hour hand being in a straight line and equally Distant from each other to secure accuracy further precautions Are taken Only men who have attained worldwide Fame in Mechan ical construction Are employed the chronometer must be mounted not on a that vibrates but upon a Strong pier of masonry having a solid found Tori also it is Best placed underground in a cellar to secure for it a tempera a tire As nearly uniform As possible Foi clocks do not run quite the same in As they do in cold by adjusting a Metal that has the singular of contracting under is possible to overcome the variation in a measure but the Astrino prefers to provide for his clock a temperature practically the same the year round the going of a Fine clock affected strange As it May seem by barometric pressure the running is different when the barome Ter is High from what it is when Low hence the Best clocks Are now in close air tight cases to protect them from outside barometric changes Macaroni dandies grotesque fashions in England in the eighteenth Century Dandy ism developed a new phase of quiet Richness during Early georgian times and the court exquisite were stately figures in finely laced shirts Long skirted Coats and Gold clocked stockings the hats worn by the Beau were modified reproductions of those in fashion at Versailles and the Art of wearing them was shown in the tilt in fact different angles in the tilt identified the wearers status and locality in 1772 Dandy ism became again Par amount a band of Young bloods re turned from a extended tour abroad and while in Italy they had contrived to get several new ideas about dress into their somewhat empty Heads fired with in Ever growing sense of their own importance As arbiters of fashion they formed themselves into a group know is the Macaroni club in contradistinction to Tho Good old fashioned Beefsteak club of London the macaronis dressed their hair in enormous Side curls with a hideous Knocker like twist at the Back with this exaggerated coiffure a tiny hat was worn which it was Correct for the wearer to raise with his toss Clad Cane a soft White handkerchief was fled in a huge How under Tho macaronis Chin his coat was Short and his tight knee breeches were made of striped or flowered silk Tims garbed with innumerable dangling seals two watches at least silk stockings and Diamond buckled shoes the Dandy walked abroad eminently satisfied with himself and quite convinced that his appearance was greatly Reau Brummel and his Spring love not in heroics but Ai it really occurred by f a Mitchel copyright by american press Asso Catlon 1911 pretty heavy umbrellas the Grout objection to years ago was their weight and when it is stated As a matter of fact that the very smallest umbrella then belched no less than three and a half pounds it will probably be admitted hint the objection was a justifiable one instead of the Thiu rain proof fabrics which now form the covering of umbrellas nothing better was known than leather or oilcloth the ribs were of Wood or whalebone and such u thing As a steel Rod was of course unknown the stick was usually of heavy Oak in those Days too Many umbrellas had the additional encumbrance of feathers Over the top on the theory of shed Ding water off a ducks but the oilcloth and leather umbrellas not withstanding the feathers were Apt to leak Way of the Waves a strange tiling about Waves that Are rolling in from Iho sen is that they bring no water with Thorn while these mad Waves Are rolling in a piece of Driftwood May ride them steadily and make Progress away from the land this is for the reason hint Waves Are made in the very Way a wrinkle tiny he pushed across i he Tablecloth with a Pencil Laid Flat the Tablecloth docs not Advance but the Ridge because of a five bearing on it goes York Tribune neither rot nor sympathy teacher Willie did your father Cane you for what Yon did in school yesterday Pupil no Maxim he said the Licking would Hurt him More than it would me rot your father is too sympathetic mama but Hes got the rheumatism in both arms Cotts one better prime have Here a certificate from a doctor to Trio effect that i cant sing tonight go to All that trouble in give you n certificate that you never could London titbits hatred is like tire it makes even Light rubbish when the poet said that in the Spring a Young mans fancy turns to love h should have added that in the Spring a girl becomes frivolous budding tons on May 1 moved into one of a Block of houses Frontin on a Small Park Grace Buddington watched from a second Story fron window the delicate Spring leaves com out on the Trees under the warm Sun Shine whether her heart budded a the same time is not known but a incident occurred that burst a Blossom of mischief into a full blown Flower Grace had caught a glimpse of a Young Man who lived next door h was Nineteen or Twenty while she was seventeen and a half being very particular that the half should be put on when her age was mentioned the fac of this gentleman who was very Good looking who wore Buff gaiters Over his boots whose clothes were Cut by the Corre test pattern and whose White cuffs always protruded exactly two inches below his say the fact of his being a nest door neighbor excited a profound interest in the Young Ladys heart they were to live no one knew How Long Side by Side they might become bosom friends pos Sibly like brother and sister possibly lovers this May be is decidedly pleasanter to contemplate than migh have the first is the Bud the last the decaying Flower of blessed age when there Are Nomad memories nevertheless youth is Peculiar one would suppose that harbouring such Rainbow fancies mis Buddington would act in a Way calculated to bring them about that she would look for Ward to a conventional meeting will her neighbor which would grow into friendliness and from friendliness expand in some one of the channels that had been dug for it he imagination she did the very opposite while she was watching the nurses in the Park halting their baby carriages for a Brief bit of Chat the Fountain sparkle in the Sun while she listened to the chirp of Birds and a Distant confused noise of Many vehicles on a Street beyond the door of the nest House opened and the Young gentleman of whom she was dream ing came out on the stoop his boots a Stickpin in his neckwear and his silk hat All glistened in the Sun he stood swinging his Cane in his band looking out on the pleasant scene be fore him evidently very Well satisfied with himself then noticing that not quite enough of his cuffs showed be Low his sleeves be adjusted first one and then the other but in doing so he noticed a spot on his right cuff and talking out a snowy Cambric hand kerchief endeavoured to obliterate it during All this time miss budding ton was watching him from the win Dow some dozen feet above him and two or three feet to one Side while to was endeavouring to remove the spot from his cuff she disappeared for a few moments and when she re turned held in her hand a Pitcher of water extending her Arm she held the Over the reflected Streak of sunlight crossing the top of his silk hat but she refrained whether this was on account of pangs of conscience or a desire to enjoy the situation by prolonging the Climax or from a dread of making an enemy instead of a Friend of her immaculate neighbor there is no record the sensation was certainly delicious but the most delicately Flavoured wine must be Swal Lowed at last and presently tipping the Pitcher she poured a Stream Down on her unsuspecting neighbor when or was the Young mans name t Pemberton tip the water resounding As on a drumhead upon the top of his hat and splattering Fountain like All him his first impulse was to stand from under Tho second to look up to see whence it came he was too late to see More than the Pitcher and a shapely wrist disappearing within the window but he had before Secir the Young lady who had recently come to live next door and was especially got up with a to distorting him self that she might Sec and Adrauro aim love scorned turns to hate or tippler having come out to be admired and having Boon treated Asho considered it contemptuously he quite sure by the girl next door lie swore a great oath of revenge a few Days later or tippler while walking Home saw miss Buddington coming from the other direction he involuntarily quickened his Pace then suddenly slowed up he looked to the right and to the left and up at the sky the Stoops of their respective Homes were Sloby Side or rather there was but one stoop with a Stone division at first or tippler wished to meet miss Buddington at the Bottom of the Steps that he might show his supreme a difference to her by turning his Back upon her then he was afraid he would meet her he took out his hand kerchief and blew his nose he car ried a silk umbrella in his hand and while trying to walk with dignity trip led on it his hat fell in front of him and he stepped on it Grace budding Ion who at that moment turned to Steps giggled or tippler was boiling with rage after that whenever or tippler caught sight of miss Buddington approaching him he made a strenuous Effort to appear unconcerned the Way he did it was first to pull Down his cuffs next he would adjust his neck Wear after that his handkerchief came he blew Bis nose finally when he passed her his face would be As red As a Turkey cock As for miss Buddington when she saw or tippler coming she would proceed on her Way with the utmost composure on passing the gentleman the Only sign of embarrassment she showed was putting her Palm to her Back half but this should not be counted As embarrassment for All women do that meanwhile the courtship was pro Gressing finely when or tippler went into the Back Yard he would seize the limb of a tree and pull him self up by his Aims to show his strength to the girl next door who he Felt sure was peeping through the blinds at him then he would loll on a wooden Bench taking care to assume a Graceful position All the while he was waiting for an Opportunity to show his contempt for the girl for whose Benefit he was posing finally came his Chance for revenge one Day when he was showing off in the Back Yard while his Back was to the houses he heard something lightly strike the ground behind him turning he saw a Little Posy looking up at the next door windows he saw no one but he knew and where was revenge he was supremely Happy Why not because he might throw Back this Little Token instead of doing so he put it in his buttonhole and looked up at half a dozen windows from one of which he was sure the Posy had been tossed his face wove a smile which he in tended for an appreciative and tender one but intended smiles Are always like those people put on to be photo graphed stereotyped nevertheless it was seen and appreciated by Grace Buddington who had thrown the Posy its the old Story of the alternate claw and velvet Touti from time immemorial women have poured a hot mens Heads and then have wiped out the insult by a Posy this love affair had passed the excruciating first stage having been begun All wrong its earlier features were distressing to the Young Mau but is All things Are enjoyable from Antithesis he found Delight in Tho very uni happiness that bad marked its beginning the girl who at that be ginning had found pleasure in pour ing water upon the adornments which the Young certain Birds who distort themselves in rare plumage to attract the put on to please her pursued the even Tenor of her Way she was simply doing her share in the love making on feminine that Are As far hidden from Mon As undiscovered Nat ural Laws was her first communication with him a stroke of Genius did she reason that it was an efficient Way of Sun ring him not by those stops which men Call reason she chose her Way instinctively having first made the Young Man suffer and then Given him a sop the Young lady proceeded to the next step common usage would have suggested an open acquaintance but miss Bud Diu Tou As Lias been observed was not prone to use common methods was it because she acted on the Prin Ciple that stolen fruit is the sweetest or did she consider secrecy and duplicity better suited to her purpose Only a woman can answer this ques Tion and perhaps no woman could an except for Hor self miss Buddington now thought it time that her admirer should do some thing in the Way of courtship so she waited the Young Mau had Learned the whereabouts of her room and had Learned that it was third Story Back his own being in a like position in his own Home a window in each room adjoined to contrived to get a note to his lady love by tying a string to the end of his Cane and the note on the end of the string whipping the missive into her open window this led to an endless string Between the two windows Over which passed bits of nothings gradually warming up until they became words of love one morning mrs Buddington who was nourishing some plants in her Back Yard turning from them happened to look up at the rear of her her curiosity was excited by an endless string run on two Pul Leys the one fixed to a window Sll of Tho adjoining House the other to the Sill of one of her daughters win Dows Tho lady kept her own counsel but the same afternoon seeing Tho Young Man next door come in she hurried out to the Back Yard and concealed herself under a tree where she could inc up watch of the endless string it was not Long before it began to move and with it a folded bit of Wilto paper a hand detached the paper and in a few minutes another paper was crawling along the string in the opposite Diro Tiou said mrs Buddington the next morning at breakfast get ready to go to your aunt marys you will leave on the 2 Oclock Why Mother whats that for never mind what for and youll not come Back Here next autumn you will go to boarding but boarding school failed to Solo he problem what there was in n Oltcher of cold water poured Over or tippler and his spick and Span outfit o Cement him to miss Buddington is mortar will unite two bricks is a mys Tery at any rate his love once thus wanted grew furiously and before the first term of school ended he had Elop to with his lady Lova

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