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Ironwood News Record (Newspaper) - August 26, 1911, Ironwood, Michigan Many Here Odd says prof Moriyon c3rewsome creatures very common finds expert Many pe9ple in the United states Are afflicted with a queer disease according to a statement yesterday by professor James m Munyon he made the follow ing remarkable and rather Gre some statement Many persons who come and write to i my Headquarters at 63d and Jefferson Philadelphia think they Are suffering from a simple stomach trouble in reality they Are the victims of an entirely different of tape these tape Worms Are huge parasites which locate in the upper Bowel and consume a Large percentage of the Nutriment in undigested food they sometimes grow to a length of forty to sixty feet one May have a rape worm for years and never know the cause of his or her ill health persons who Are suffering from one of these creatures become nervous weak and tire at the least exertion the tape Worms Rob one of am Ibitson and vitality and strength but they Are rarely fatal the victim of this disease is Apt to believe that he is suffering from chronic stomach trouble and doctors for years without Relief this is not the fault of the physicians he consults for there is no absolute diagnosis that will Tell positively that one is hot a victim of tape worm the most common symptom of this trouble is an abnormal appetite at the Personis ravenously hungry and cannot get enough to eat at other times the very sight of food is loathsome there is a gnawing faint sensation at the pit of the stomach and the victim has headaches fits of dizziness and Nau sea he cannot sleep at night and often thinks he is suffering from nervous prostration i have a treatment which has had Success in eliminating these great creatures from the system in the course of its regular action in aiding digestion and ridding the blood kidneys and liver of impurities it Lias proven fatal to these great Worms if one has a tape worm this treatment will in nine cases out of ten Stupey and pass it away but if not the treatment will rebuild the rundown person who is probably suffer ing from stomach trouble and a general anaemic condition my doctors report marvelous Success Here with tills treat ment fully a dozen persons have passed these Worms but they Are naturally Reti cent about discussing them and of course we cannot violate their Confidence by gov ing their names to the letters addressed to professor James m Munyon 53d and Pelterson streets Philadelphia will receive As careful attention As though the patient called in person medical advice and consultation absolutely free not a Penny to pay an anomalous Parent father yes what is reciprocity reciprocity but pause father never told slipped Over no epigram to knew not what was reciprocity no to totally different from the average father figuring in this sort of Short squib he just told Wilfred to run along and play and resumed his read ingot the evening paper truly a refreshing 80 v reason enough whats the trouble old Man asked the sympathetic Friend answered the judge you Sec my wife and 1 have never been Able to gel along very Well the relationship has become so unbearable that we both want a i answered the Friend then dont you get one answered the judge sadly i have sent All the bogus divorce lawyers to the mrs Wir Trown soothing syrup for children teething a Fleno us Elf re Lucca inflame if allays pain wind Colic 25c a bottle the hero is he who is immovable Cement task no 1 buyers of Portland Cement should re member that there Are various brands of Portland Cement on the Market and that All Portland Cement is not the same every manufacturer prints on the sacks the name of the Brand and the Trade Mark if you find the Trade Mark printed above and the name Universal on the Cement sacks you May know it is the Best Portland Cement possible to make Good Concrete de pends on Good workmanship and Good materials care experience make for Good workmanship Good Sand and gravel or crushed Stone arc obtainable quite cheaply with these Yon May feel absolutely Safe if you use Universal Portland Cement it is always uniform of Good color great strength and works easily if you need element Vise univ annl most dealers handle if yours does not write us Universal Portland Cement co 72 w Adams Street Chicago Akl Toal output barrels summer school of practical agriculture by r s Shaw Dean of agriculture Michigan agricultural College agricultural students at Michigan agricultural College constructing tile Drain tha first regular organized summer school of practical agriculture was opened at the Michigan agricultural College june 1911 and continued throughout the ensuing four weeks this course is intended to train the hands properly so far As the proper performance of Ordinary farm work is concerned no formal lectures were Given but each student was shown How to properly perform such operations As follows under the direction of a competent instructor Viz fitting and operating of haying arid Harvest ing tools and machinery the same be ing True in the Case of All implements involved in the cultivation of farm arid horticultural crops each student was required to take part in every operation involved in farm drainage the same being True in fencing in Addi Tion to this training was Given in the feeding care and management of poultry hogs sheep beef cattle Dairy cattle and horses in fact the Stu Dent was required to put the hand to every operation in Progress at this season of the year great care was exercised in the direction Given a student sent to mow out Fence Corners with a scythe was required first to grind and whet the scythe and was then instructed How to take hold properly swing and do the work easiest and most Colic gently rules for extermination of weeds by or w j heal 1 the right kind of a Man who will carefully observe and study the kinds of weeds and their fighting each to the Best advantage i with method y see that All seeds purchased or grown at Home for seed Are free from seeds of weeds although often heard these words Are too Little heeded 3 see that thrashing machines Hay Racks Grain bags from other farms arc Well cleaned before used on the farm 4 Cook or grind screenings and Burn Chart when certain weeds Are suspected 5 Send seeds to the agricultural College East Lansing for identification unless they Are renown to be harmless g strive to prevent weeds from ripening seems this is especially important late in the season in Case of All pigweed purslane and others where the Lowers Are very Small and Are liable to be overlooked and the seeds Ripen before Jahcir presence is suspected 7 for Meadow or pasture make the soil very Fertile As most weeds will then be idled or crowded by the bet Ter grass and become of Little account 8 modify the rotation of crops with reference the weeds 9 make a specially of Hoed or cultivated crops 10 make soiling crops n prominent feature in certain Fields 11 smother weeds with Quick grow ing and thickly seeded crops like red Clover or Rye or buckwheat 12 keep some crops growing on the land from Early Spring till late a cropping i two cultivated crops in one year for barn and cellar instead of one for use and one of weeds 13 cultivate thoroughly after a crop is removed 14 clean up and avoid leaving any vacant or out of the Way places for Breeding ground in where practicable remove fences and cultivate to the gutters of the Highway 16 keep some sheep 17 when once begun continue the work thoroughly from year to year giving no Quarter to weeds this is the easiest in the Long run and the Royal Way 18 where hand labor is employed it is far less expensive and much to keep weeds Down by raking or hoeing once a week than by going Orer the ground much less frequently the habits of Weed determine to this training is a prerequisite to the fou year course and must be procured in this school or elsewhere before graduation the work is not required of a Young Man properly trained on a Good Michigan farm a boy May acquire this experience during summer vacations on Well operated but As a Rule he is not Given an Opportunity to experience a variety of work As Days in succession Are spent in the Hay loft mowing Back Hay or pitching Grain it seems desirable to provide for this training in a special manner aside from the regular course the experiences of the individual students be ing so greatly varied an investigation a year or More ago showed that go per cent of the Young men enrolled in the agricultural and forestry courses came from the villages towns and cities the regular agricultural course pre sents an abundance of practical work not acquired on Tho farm such As blacksmithing carpentry operation of1 engines and farm machinery As Well As farm construction including Concrete work such As construction of foundations walks tanks troughs posts Etc in addition to this the Stu Dent is Given work in installation of water systems pipe fitting plumbing building designs and planning of farm conveniences generally a great extent the Best Mode of fight ing it curtain remedies suggest themselves for creeping perennials like quack grass and Toad flax while different treatment is Best for narrow leaved Dock and still a different Mode of attack May to adopted for crab grit is Anil purslane weeds Are annuals As pigweed crab grass purslane biennials As Bull Thistle and mulleins perennials like quack grass Canada Thistle Roxeye Daisy will it pay the annual Cost of successfully lighting a weedy farm of 100 acres in Ontario has been found to be about 75 Good cultivation in Tho Long run pays a greater profit than Slipshod culture it not Only kills the weeds but keeps the soil in condition for securing Good crops it conserves moisture perennial plants cannot gain any if the Green leaves Are not allowed to appear the nourishment stored in the Root stocks underground will Aid the Plant to Send up slender leaves and if these remain the plants gain and recruit but if the leaves Start underground and Are Cut off before com ing to tie Light these Root stocks Are drawn on again to furnish food to Start More loaves and thus in time become exhausted a walking Skeleton poultry notes Hawks and crows Are often trouble some in poultry flocks Bushes patches of Corn or where Neces sary artificial Protection such As frames which afford a hiding place will keep the Hawks from the and greatly reduce the damage thai these troublesome Birds Are Apt to perform Young Chicks will not do As Well if compelled to pick their living with a Bunch of old hens where they should be raised by themselves but when this is not convenient a slatted enclosure which will not per Mit Tho old Birds to enter will assist considerably in raising Tho Young Green food for Swine Swine should be fed plenty of Green food in order to keep their digestive tract in the Best of Condi Tion it is better if they can to Given a wide pasture run where they can gather Green forage for them selves they should be supplied with plenty of pure cold water and an abundance of Shade and a sanitary wallowing place worn out and prostrated with Terv Roble kidney trouble mrs Margaret Cook North Market St Logan Ohio says it is almost impossible to describe my sufferings my Back ached constantly and so awful was the bearing Down pain that i could scarcely drag myself about kid Ney secretions were in terrible condition and pains through my head were so in tense i could scarcely r e c r a i n from screaming i could not sleep was nervous and lost flesh so rapidly i looked like a walking Skeleton i doctored All the time but had begun to think there was no help for me then i Hegan taking Doans kidney pills and was entirely cured Doans kid Ney pills gave me a new lease of remember the for Sale by druggists and general storekeepers everywhere Price 50c Foste Milburn Buffalo n y unprofitable cows there is but one cow to every five persons in the United states and she supplies but two quarts of milk per Day for them according to the last census evidently some cows Ari not producers of profit but a of loss his crime he had them in a Corner am sorry but i cannot marry a Man of your character have i Ever done have just Learned that you Are a director in a life insurance company to keep the skin Clear for More than a generation Cuti Cura soap and Cuti Cura ointment have done Moro for pimples blackheads and other unsightly conditions of Tho complexion red rough chapped hands Dandruff itching scaly scalps and dry thin and falling hair than any other method they do even More for ski tortured and disfigured infants and children although Cuti Cura soap and ointment Are sold by druggists and dealers throughout Tho world a Liberal Sample of each with 32pago Book on the care of the slain and hair will be sent pos free on application to dept 22 l Boston the wreck mrs Ronald Tho Eastern Golf Champion was talking at Tho Cape May Golf club about Tho benefits of sea air to look at the cottagers and native of Cape she said Spoales of those benefits More eloquently than i could do How Pale and wan seem City people beside these Brown supple vigorous men and women an excursion is from the City said to a Fisherman on the Beach the other morning do you have Many wrecks bore the Fisherman looked contemptuously at the City Man who was in bathing dress he looked contemptuously at Hie hollow Chest and White thin legs and arms and then lie re plied youre Tho Fust Ive saw this a new ailment Mother was sick and Janet four years old had heard the doctor say that she had Tomaine poisoning a Short Umo later Janet was heard confiding to one of her playmates mammas sick show got Toenail Clergyman rebuke to thoughtless youths at once neat and disconcerting a Clergyman was one Day in a Barbers shop when four or five Young men walked in whom he knew by their voices but who did not recognize the mania the chair with lather All Over his face they proceeded to spend the time by telling stories and using expressions which to say the least were rather Strong when the Barber pulled away the Towel the Clergyman cleanly shaved stood before them so nonplussed were they that no one tried to take the vacant chair and the Barber called several next gentleman the Clergyman smiled somewhat grimly As he said it int a bit of use John theres not a Man Here who has the effrontery to answer to that Crafty what does the veterinary surgeon next door advises for your pet Lap dogs sickness he forbids my playing the Braetter Coles Carbo Lishe quickly relieves and cures burning it Liinar Ana torturing skin diseases it instantly stops the pain of Burns cures without scars 25c and 50c by druggists for Freo Sample write to j w Cole Blade River Falls wis it is the business of this life to make excuses for others but none for Louis Stevenson Lewis single Binder fives the smoker a Rich Mellow tasting 5c Cigar know prudent cautious self control is Wisdom Burns make the liver do its duty nine times in ten when the liver a right the stomach and bowels Are right Carters Little liver pills gently but firmly corned Pel a Lazy liver do its duty cures constipation in sick and distress after eating Small Pill Small dose Small Price genuine must Bear signature da3sy Fly kill tracts and of cells All film ornamental aeon tip Orer will not Zolli or injure effects seat pre Pelcl for b Harold gomkb3 150 a of Tab s hair Balsam cd acres mid Beant Lyles the hate promotes a luxuriant growths never fails to restore half to itt Youthful color Scalp Oleus hair Wylline flite Forto Nob Are Max be m patents ourm Page Box k Washington d o w n Chicago no 331911 important to Moth Ora examine carefully every bottle of Catoma a Safe and sure remedy for infants and children and 860 Liat it bears the signature of in use for Over 30 years children cry for Fletcher Castoria vacation scheme i have gotten a great Deal of pleas ure from anticipating the More pleasure possibly than youll get from the trip that what i think so Ive decided to stay at Home and save uie the Quality in single binders found in no other Cigar our highest religion is named the worship of 1ettek Rwjr than Castor go it sweetens and cleanses the system More efficiently and is far Moke pleasant to take is the Ideal family laxative As it gives satisfaction to All is always beneficial in its effects and perfectly Safe at All times the Circle on every package of tha genuine a reliable druggists sell the orig Mal and genuine when called for although they could make a larger profit by Selling inferior preparations yet they prefer to sell the genuine because u is right to do so and for the Good of their customers when in need of med1cikes such druggists Are the ones to Deal with As your life or health May at some time depend upon their skill and reliability when buying of the Gompka printed straight across near the Bottom and in the the top of every the genuine one size Only for Sale by All leading druggists regular Price soc per ulna Quilit picture of a Chace syrup of figs and elixir of Senna is the Only perfect family laxative because it is the one remedy which acts a natural strengthening Way and cleanses the system without unpleasant aftereffects and without irritating debilitating or griping and therefore does not interfere in any with business or pleasure it is recommended by millions or Well informed families who know of its value Hiom personal use to get its beneficial effects always buy the genuine manufactured by the for distemper catarrhal fever and All nose and Throat diseases in run the Sun Anil As a Loro Thirn liquid pleven on Rufo for Brood lick Kunny remedy 50 Cantu ind a bottle and f Llic Sola Ivy vol True Irleta and horse yoo3n or Cut cd Prius paid Liy the Spohn medical co chemists Goshen Indiana l shoes women Wear stylus perfect fitting walking Boole became they give Long Wear same As the Standard of Quality for Over 30 years the workmanship which has Douglas shoes famous the world Over is maintained in every pair if i could take you into my Large factories at Brockton and show you How carefully shoes arc made you would then understand Why they Are War ranted to hold their shape fit belter and Wear longer than any other make for the Price caution re Minn have w Dong an Gnu i Lull name find Price stamped on Bottom of you cannot obtain w to Douglan shoes in your town write for Catalon shoos not direct Oak pair of my boys s2 82 150 or from factory to we nor till to Marcos porn paid 6iiohs will Poult Lyciy outwear u5 Marlc us Brockton mass two 1ajluti of Ordinary boys Hoco Welcome words to women women who suffer with disorders Peculiar to their sex should write to or Pierce and receive free the advice of a physician of Over 40 years experience skilled and successful specialist in the diseases of women every letter this sort has the most careful consideration and is regarded of Sac redly confidential Many sensitively modest women write fully to or Pierce what they would shrink from telling to their local the local physician is pretty sure to say that he cannot do anything without an or Pierce holds that these distasteful examinations arc generally need less and that no woman except in rare cases should submit to them or Pierco treatment w5h cure you right in Trio privacy of your own Homo his favorite prescription Bas cured hundreds of thousands some of them the worst of cases it is the Only Medicine of its kind that is the product of n regularly graduated physician the Only one Good enough that its makers dare to print its every ingredient on its outside wrapper theres no secrecy it will hear Examina Tion no alcohol and no habit forming drugs Are found in it some unscrupulous Medicine dealers May offer you a substitute dont take it dont trifle with your cloth write to worlds dispensary medical association or r v Pierce president Buffalo n the received be Well Seldom see a Biff Pitnof Hoo than hot your horse Runny Havo a Bunch or Nitro on his ankle Jock Hullo knee or Throat tr11 Chavn Thom off without Lay inc Urso up no or bottle o8rrllio your Caso Lor i took h k free a for Mankind re moved Jan Fol swellings in Larrory till Nodi Jorro in ilk Var Lonso Vrons Varl Cost tics old Horra allays Luln 1rtcofl and a Botto at Norfle Liveri manufactured Only by ulcers h intr Muk Keg in Var Oll mice Manl mall co cents t Anu then Dotalo St full Minn dry Row flt Elro biting Pishori Neutra factory non retail to to work Bix return k i Chhoun Cizik Yucai Ftp Thrond in4 l Eft Wain

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