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Read an issue on 29 Apr 1911 in Ironwood, Michigan and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Ironwood News Record.

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Ironwood News Record (Newspaper) - April 29, 1911, Ironwood, Michigan Powder absolutely pure show Royal baking powder to be an absolutely pure and healthful grape Cream tartar baking powder and care should be taken to prevent the substitution of any other Brand in its place other agent can Bis Cuit cake arid hot breads be made so pure healthful and delicious Royal baking powder costs Only a fair Price per Pound and is cheaper and better at its Price than any other baking powder in the world it makes pure clean healthful food Royal Cook Send name and sofa baking powder new York the woman Corner rejoice and men will seek you Grieve and they turn and Iro they want Lull measure of All your pleasure but they do not need your woe and your friends Are Many be sad and you lose them All there Are none to decline your Nectora win but alone you must drink lifes ii Wheeler dear friends Ironwood has had a rare privilege this week in having As guest Aud lecturer mrs John b Sherwood of Chicago who under the auspices of the Art history club delivered two instructive and enter Taining lectures of the Hill towns of Italy Florence in the auditorium of the Luther l Wright school on monday and tuesday evenings respectively the Art history club has conferred a lasting Benefit by giving the people of Ironwood an Opportunity to hear and come in touch with a woman of such varied interests Broad culture and with a living vital interest in the welfare of humanity in our meeting with mrs Sherwood and our interview with her at the Home of mrs John m Bush whose guest she was during her Sony in the City we found her equally us interesting As a lecturer mrs Sherwood is essentially a homemaker a Home keeper permit Ting nothing to interfere with Home duties and obligations her family eared for in the Best possible manner and her Home set in order to the smallest detail mrs Sherwood disclaims the distinction of being Public woman or an artist in the Ordinary accept Ion of the word never having As she said used an artists Brush in her life but in her love and appreciation of the Beautiful she has by observation education extensive travel and study Learned to distinguish the True from the false knowing and recognizing True Art wherever found Lov ing it for its own Sake and on this same principle being Able to utilize and impart this knowledge to others having gone abroad ton times for study and observation is evidence that mrs Sherwood is authority this is the stove polish you should use it is so much bettor than other stove polishes that its in a Black silk stove polish makes n Brilliant Silky Lush that docs not rub off or dust Oft and he Shine lasts four times As Contr As stove polish used on Sample stoves and sold by hardware dealers All ask is a trial use it on your Cook stove your parlor stove or your tray Ranore in you dont find it Iho butt Tovo polish you overused your is authorized to refund Man in naps n silk stove t accept Afa clo in liquid Black silk stove Sterling Illinois Tajno silk Tran enamel on rusting to to recognizer on the subject of Art and its Kindred interests As a member of the Chicago to mans club and As chair Nuu of the philanthropy department mrs Sher Wood in doing a grand Good work for the Busy girls of Chicago in the erection of u Home where they can go for rest and recreation when a breakdown is threatened and a vacation is needed this Home which it is hoped will be finished by june 1st is a Beautiful twelve room cottage built of native Stone costing and located thirty Miles North of Denver Colora do close to the foot of the Rocky mountains and is to be hold in Trust As a permanent gift for1 self support ing women of Chicago of other of mrs Sherwood inter ests is the Attruia Library Circle composed of 28 girls having rooms in the masonic Temple building of Chi 5 for rest and recreation and where anyone who chooses May go at my time and will always find a Wel come mrs Sherwood spends Mon Day evening of each week with her 3rirls As she Calls them encouraging advising planning cheering Comfort ing and Loving them in very truth for As she expresses it i am their this Circle has issued a Beautiful Little Booklet filled with gems of literature to further its Phil anthropic work and from which we Vuole the following foreword which will explain something of their Creed we would preach the Sermon of the out doors where men Are free we would Lead the Way to the place where there is room and where there Are fresh winds to the person who resides in the country or the town Ive would give a broader View and Al so a closer intimacy with what lie Las we would put him into Harmony with his in closing it altoids us great pleasure to express to you mrs Sherwood appreciation of irom Vood her schools and the culture and hospitality of her people dear children this is such a Beautiful world dont you think so and dont you think that god meant that you should Sec and enjoy some of its Beauty right now you love Beautiful am sure and every Jne loves you for nothing in this world is quite so Sweet and precious As you Are do you know that you bring Joy and love wherever you govt this time of the year when May Day is so near we think of a carnival of buds and blossoms and Flowers and you Are the sweetest of them All if you Are that now int there a grand possibility that in the future you will reach the full stature of real True manhood and womanhood standing for the right As our beloved Lincoln said As god gives you to see the right Only today some one said to me that children love All that is Beautiful Are hungry for All Beautiful things and i am sure you were delighted with the picture of the Madonna and child and its Story As told you at school by mrs Sherwood who is do ing so much to bring these Beautiful things into your lives and to help you to run the race that in the end you May receive the victors Crown int it wonderful that Raphael who painted these pictures More than 400 years ago became so imbued with their spirit that he was enabled to Transfer it to Canvas and after All those years we catch this spirit and receive help and inspiration from them in presenting these pictures mrs Sherwood said that one Day in one of galleries of Italy she was look ing at the Madonna and child when a Sweet faced woman standing beside her said you love it too dont you and she was the Queen of Italy but we must hasten on As time hurrying us on to the first of a speak of something of How it is celebrated a Long time ago there were Man quaint and pretty customs to Herald the birth of May there were May Queens May dolls May fires and maypole and tha reminds us that we must not forge How delighted we were and wha pleasure it gave us when the twelve ittle lads and lassies danced Roun the maypole for us at l Wright school their Little Bodie swinging to the rhythm of the Musi n that easy Graceful natural a Peculiar to childhood alone enter Rig into the spirit of it with enthusiasm and Hearty Goodwill and going through Iball in such a perfect splendid Way that we Are glad to have this Opportunity to Tell them now much we enjoyed it All and How kind for their teacher miss Boche 10 permit them to give us this pleas ure we assure you we shall not forget and Are pleased that we can give Yot Jie names of those to whom we Are indebted for this Loving kindness race Stabler Roberta Shand Adelia Peterson Florence May Hildegarde Johnson Elsie Medlyn Harold Nel on Arthur Bergstrom Thomas Ekstrand Thomas Cox Anc Arnold Jackson and dear he sweetest time of All the year s when the month of May draws near he air is Rich with Sweet Darfur to int comes from Pulc Trees in Bloom he peach tree Sheds it Frair Rance Loo and Sius alike its share of Clew he Lilac blooms and shows its re flit to make this month a flowery situs he Pansy lifts her Welcome face of out her ions leaved Hydl Nof place your Friend the woman Corner Ianer read by miss Eva m Lofberg at the first is e Church sunday con Lair april 22 t the Celebration of the three Hundredth an ivc Ranry of the translation of Tho Iii or James songs of the Bible and the influence o Tho Bible upon modern music the Bible is not Only a theological Oli Imo it is not Only a divine store ouse of moral truth not Only a tory of redemption not Only a rec re of gods dealings with his peole it is not Only a volume of Bio Raphy poetry and history but it in also been called a music Box he first song we notice is the song the new some of the orcs of which a believer learns when e turned away from the songs f merriment and songs Olic world he then begins to sing new song the song of redeeming race the miracles of Christ show n every instance that the first act of be healed one was to begin to Praise he Leper cleansed of his disease the aisle Man enabled to carry his in one had a new song 0 sing of Praise and prayer David 1 his experience says and he hath it a new song in my Mouth even raise unto our then another song of the Bible is in song of the Arp of the King of Irael was Strung tune to thanksgiving and through 10 psalms its notes have been Echo in in the Church for three thousand one song of the Royal Singer i will Praise thee for i am fear Illy and wonderfully express no his gratitude to god for his Phy Sical and mental Powers for his pos session of sight hearing and speech another of Davids songs is o give thanks unto the lord for he is Good for his mercy end Ureth for then David goes on to enumerate some of the mercies of the lord he sati Fieth my Mouth with Good things he Crown eth me with Loving he praises him for summer and Winter for food and raiment for health and strength for deliverance and Protection for sunlight and Shower finally his gratitude increases to such an extent that he wants the universe to join him in singing Praise be him All his Angels All his hosts Praise him Sun and Moon Praise him Allye stars of Light Praise him be heaven of heavens and be Waters that be above the but David did not strike his Harp Only for temporal mercies i will Praise thee for thou has heard Praise for answer to prayer he has a song for these there is also the song for those mighty works which in All the Earth Are glorifying the great architect the account of the lords triumphal entry into Jerusalem tells How the people carpeted the Way with their garments and their Hoe Annas filled u n Tho air and then it says that the whole multitude of the disciples be Gan to rejoice and sing praises for All the mighty works they had seen there is a third kind of song in the Bible and that is the song of Victo in the Early morning an in tense Host stood on the Bank of the reel sea and from All of that grand company of two millions there Rose to heaven a song of Triumph and Praise the Day before there had been no singing hemmed in by the Waters and pharaohs pursuing army Israel had no heart for any thing but fears and murmuring but god had commanded them to go for Ward and when Thev obeyed him in the face of the seeming impossibility of crossing the Waves there was opened a dry path for them through the sea and with the pursuing chariots behind them they pressed quickly on until they stood on the opposite Shore and looking Back they saw no enemies but Only the Waves which had overwhelmed the chariots and bad covered pharaohs Host no wonder that they Sang he hath triumphed song of Victory because Israel had nothing to fear from Egypt any longer we do not read of any such singing Down in Egypt Tor they were slaves there and slaves never sing of Victory there was a time afterwards when the chosen ones were in Captivity ind their enemies urged them to sing she old Home songs but they Hung Mieir harps on the Willows saying cannot sing the lords song in a strange there Are very few recorded in stances of victorious singing in the Elble for Israel was so constantly or getting god and turning Back to he old idols that the victories wore new there Wuh singing when Moses Ivou the Victory Over Kamalek there singing when Faith shouted be Iid the Walls of i Crich and the shouting brought them to the ground we have still another song and hat is the song of the night time women who had endured tortures ind had Only the Prospect of violent Leath on the Morrow Lay in a Dun Ieon feet fast in the stocks and yet Nul and Silas at Midnight prayed ind Sang praises to god songs at Nide Light Joseph Sang in the Pris House of Potiphar the three men Sang As they walked through those Furnace flames Daniel Piug and his songs went up from the ions Den songs at Midnight be Ause the morning is glorious Dawn i cause the stars Shine brightest in he darkness because of the Reau rec Ion and the life there is one More song mentioned u the Bible the song before the Hrone Only one person Ever lived who heard that song and he was he apostle John at Patmos a Nind choir numbered by the ten thousands sing that song the song if the redeemed Rock of Ages left for May be a part of it Jesus Lover of my soul May be nother line of it and there May be to or three lines of All Hall the Ower of Jesus the music of All the Beautiful has been inspired by the text Low Many wonderful musical com positions have the words of the Bible aimed to to written the Hymna of Uther and Wesley were the result of heir inspired souls the result of Oine words in the Bible the Mes the greatest oratorio Ever pro used gives evidence of the effect of lie Bible upon our modern music Andels Masterwork had the advantage of a text containing the Init Beautiful and impressive Pas Ages of scripture relating to the Lessiah a circumstance which no ont inspired the Beauty of the indic Handel was a pious Man and Over the composition of some parts to was founding tears while composing the greatest of All choruses the hallelujah Handel said i did think i did see All heaven before me and the great god him so it was with the oratorio Eli while Reading his Bible Mendelssohn was struck by the words behold the lord passed and they at once suggested an oratorio about this thrilling sentence he Drew up the Story of the grandest and most romantic character that Israel Ever produced the natural devout Ness of Hay dons simple soul was illustrated by production of the lie said that he prayed every Day for strength to carry out that work and for the Power to Praise god worthily in much the same Way have All the Best oratorios and other sacred music been written in All instances the words inspired the wonderful stir ring music and thus great has been the influence of the Bible upon our modern music kerosene for Burns if possible immerse the burned part in kerosene for ten or i teen minutes if not cover it closely for some time with a cloth saturated with kerosene excellent remedy dry cleaning cover a Small Quantity of Cornmeal with gasoline and apply with a soft cloth to the article to be cleaned no water Marks and article looks like new cleaning Tan shoes Wash Tan shoes with soap and water and dry them before applying a Tan shoe 0reusing Tan shoes with warm no Etc milk will prevent them from turning so Lark name and address on gloves Many person ii write their name and address on the inside of their rubbers another Higg Cath Why not write it also my the Limle Edge of each Glove japanese remedy or insomnia some one Hays that insomnia is rare in Japan but if so he rises and goes out into the right air for a walk in the country a climb up the nearest Hill is indulged in gleanings the most valuable printed Book in the world is the Gutenberg Bible which was printed at Mainz Ger Many in 1884 a copy brought 30000 pounds or Anna Shaw says that washing ton Lincoln Anil Susan b Anthony Are the three greatest americans the y m 0 statistics Tell us provide More candidates for the Pul pit than the theological schools there Are 26 licensed aviators in America in China dress is regulated by Law driving horse for Sale for Sale a Black driving horse apply to Axel Berg Juist at Olson Bergquist for Sale four and on half acres of land close to Pabst mine very place to make a Home or build up new Loca Tion apply to George Gal Kuatz 401 Aurora location Arll 29 probate notice May 20 state of Michigan for comity of ii Rihl at a Mission of said Enlil at in Ivo of Loci in in if itchy mar in said county on i i kill in inf Arll a Mil is ainu ill nor Pron ale Mio of ii of Jusith Sam fir zijo Ianiro nil Linyel Alinur Riim Consul Imp uni Hiil i court ills Iii Tilton i ration of said to or to tiny soil it is ordered that Day of inv a d Mil Allumi Oclock in Tinfu noun in said probate of Lect be and is Hirilio Nuxol Nuvil for Carlisk said not Letlon it is further ordered that Public notice thereof be of Vii by Publ Viallon of a copy of Ali Sorder for a lire successive weeks previous los Ald Day of Glenr Leif in the Iii Vonil news record a i Spauer printed and Eire Laid in said county cams muck a True Lud Teof probate Cubit in Hock Jiula of Pierce theatre w l Pierce mgr direct from its new York and Chicago triumphs with Complete magnificent production and a perfect cast the thir degree Charles Klein author of the music master and the lion and the mouse wednesday May 3rd the management guarantees the appearance Here of the original company including Harry Forsman Florence Pendleton Ralpa Ramsey Arda la Croix Raymond Wells Grace lord Harry Farnibam and other favourites i i l entire Carload of scenery and properties gets on Sale at Mccabe monday May 1 prices 50

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