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Ironwood Interstate News Record (Newspaper) - March 21, 1891, Ironwood, Michigan Interstate news record i Hon Wood. Michigan tips for Young bachelors. In choosing a wife for your weal or your woe experience proves it is Best to go slow Anil also to pick from the girls you have known Ainee childhood began and who with you have grown. Regarding the Virtues your Choice must possess to make matrimonial life a Success a Good disposition comes first then a mind of Plain common sense with Book learning combined. Accomplishments next. She should equally Grace the parlor or Kitchen and Shine in each place she must play the piano know latin and sing and get up u dinner that s tit Tor a King. She needs to be cheerful and Thrifty and neat conscientious affectionate patient and Sweet independently Able to live without wealth. Courageous in trouble and robust in health. We have said not a word about Beauty a1 though it comes before All to the average Beau done to marry a girl for her Beauty alone for nothing is left when her Beauty has Down. Take the girl who appears to tie Plain at Tho Start for. After you know her in mind and in heart and Able to realize fully her Worth. You la had her the loveliest woman on Earth a tis the Beauty within that men Ever More prize not the Beauty without that so certainly flies and the Plain featured girl will be Sweet to tie sight Long after the a Beauty Quot has turned to a who falleth in love with a Beautiful face will fail out of love Tutor marriage takes plate. But who makes a Choice just for goodness and mind will afterwards worship his Angel enshrined. And now you would like me to Tell i suppose. The spot where this Flower of womanhood grows a tis not in a Parlord in Case you should Calls nor the Street nor Tho High toned society Ball. Though Over Tho world you in search of her roam you Only can find her hid deep in the Home and there without caring for you or another Shell be in the Kitchen assisting her Mother. A a. C. Dodge in Detroit free press a sea adventure. Outwitting a villain and a band of Bahama wreckers. A Tho Row a no doubt but what fifty years or so ago there were plenty of wreckers and pirates Down along the Bahamas but i hardly believe there Are any now or have been since we were boys Quot remarked an old sea Captain who was in conversation with a number of gentlemen of the smile profession. A i Tell you there Are wreckers there to Day a replied one of the group. A some twelve or fourteen years ago i was Matt of a bark bound for Havana from Bolton. The Captain was a younger Man than i one of those chaps whom Money had placed on the Quarter deck. Lie a knew it All a and would not listen to a wont of advice from any one. A we got Down All right until we had nearly reached a the Hole in the Wall a on the Edge of the Banks where the weather commenced to look bal and the a Glass started Down with a jump. I was positive that a norther was brewing und Felt that it would be a prudent idea to have plenty of sea room and As much water under our keel As possible so i said to the Captain a you surely do not propose to head her in on to tile Shoals with this Nasty weather coming on a a a a certainly i do a he replied a Why not a a a because when it comes on to blow As it will in a few hours it won t lie very pleasant to find ourselves surrounded by rocks und reefs with no Chance to get Clear of a a a i will look after the safety of this vessel a he answered. A at that i shut up As mum As a All that afternoon we kept her a going and at Sundown we were Down about half Way Between Little and big Abaco. As the darkness came on it began to Breeze up and we commenced shortening sail tile wind a hauling All the time. By Midnight we were running right before it but still on our course and under close reefed tops is and fore stay so is. There was t much sea for the water was too shallow for it to get up. A it soon became evident however that we would have to take in More Canvas or lose our Sticks so we rolled up nearly the whole of our Cotton. The Gale still increased and kept shifting Point by Point until we could no longer scud and to a heave to meant that we should Drift ashore so there was nothing left for us but to Anchor. A watching a Good Chance during a momentary Lull we let go both a mud Hooks a and paid out sixty fathom of Chain on one und forty five on the other thinking that would hold her. A we seemed to be floating on a sea of milk beaten to a froth by some giant s hand of gentlemen it was a terrible night. You May rest assured that i watched pretty closely to see if the vessel started to drag. A about two hours before Daylight we Felt a sudden Jerk and then the bark began to go. We All knew the cause one of the chains had parted. We hurried to pay out the Cable to the a bitter end a and a new hawser was a Beutz to the Kedge Anchor Aud that let go. But it was no More than a Straw. A a Well have to Cut away our masts a i yelled in the captains ear. A do As you please a he replied wring ing his hands in despair. A i Felt that it would do me Good to give him a thrashing then and there but it was no time or place for quarrelling. I soon had the men at work with axes cutting the lanyards to the rigging and one after another the tall Sticks went Over the Side. A this eased our Craft a Little but it was too late our Good Anchor had broken its first hold Aud seemed to refuse to a bite again. We kept a going Drifting almost sideways before the wind. We were at work Clearing a Vay the wreckage when there came a Shock and we knew that she Hail struck. She pounded twice then lifted drove further along for a few moments and then fetched up to stay Tho bark had travelled her last mile on Salt water. A ten minutes later she began to break up and then it was every Mac. For himself. I got Shore somewhat in the Robinson Crusoe style but it was through the kindness of Providence and due to no skill of mine. A i was pretty Well bruised and battered when i crawled up on the rocks to a place beyond the reach of the beating Spray. As morning broke the Gale began to subside i struggled to my feet to go in search of my shipmates if any had been saved. A i found myself on an Island perhaps five acres in area but almost destitute of vegetation save a slight growth of stunted grass on the Uplands. Among the rocks and amidst the wreckage and cargo were the bodies of my late companions i alone had been spared. A fall that Day and the following night i remained alone helpless and in despair. But the next morning shortly after Daylight i descried the sails of a Small Schooner approaching the Island and was rendered almost frantic with Joy. A close in she stood a rounded to and came to Anchor about a cables length from Shore when her Crew lowered a boat and pulled straight to where i was standing. They were a villainous look ing set All negroes but two. As they reached the land they Laid in their oars and sprang out upon a Little stretch of Shelly Beach. A the White men came up to me and one asked a question in Spanish but receiving no reply the other in Gan in English a How came you Here a a a my vessel was wrecked night before last a i replied. A a a was there any More of tile Crew saved a a a a i am the Only one i answered. A a a that s got Al who muttered a for it will save us a dirty then aloud he went on a was it that big bark which passed Down just As it commenced to blow a a i simply nodded my head in the affirmative for my heart began to fail me As i noted the actions of the newcomers. The negroes were Busy stripping the bodies of my companions and hauling the pieces of cargo and wreckage up out of the surf. The manner in which they went at it showed that they were no novices in the business. A the two leaders scrutinized me closely for a few moments and then turned to assist their Dusky companions when i called to them in the name of heaven to give me a drink of water and so an thing to eat. At this the spaniard grumbled in his own language and kept on his Way toward the water but the englishman or american i know not which to was paused and remarked a Well i a Spose you be Kinder hungry. Go Down to the Boot and see of there is anything in her to eat or drink of there in t any you will have to wait till we Send Oil Tho first Load to the a you May in sure i did not Stop for a second invitation hut hastened Down where the Little Craft was lying. I was doomed to disappointment however As there was nothing in her but the ours and a few pieces of old rope. I climbed in and seated myself on one of the thwarts und sadly w watched tile pirates for they were nothing else it their labor. A they did not As i had hoped Load the bout when they had collected a Sui Detent Quantity of the wreckage to fill it but continued to drag it from the water and pile it Well up on the Shore nor did they pause until nearly Sundown when they filled the boat As full As they dared and pushed off not paying the slightest heed to me or car ing for the suffering i was undergoing. A when they reached the Side of the Schooner i was nearly the first one to climb on Board and As the Man. Who had addressed me in English saw int hurrying Towall the Galley he called to the Cook to give me some water and something to eat. I remember feeling please to have this order Given in English Aud to hear the answer in my own Tongue but my Surprise exceeded my Joy when a Young White lad scarcely More than eighteen years of age brought me the food and drink of which i St kid so greatly in need. A my astonishment was excited not so much by the youthfulness of the Cook As by his face and bearing. He did not seem to me to it made of the same material As his comrades but was More refined and gentle. He could not devote much time to me then for the rough and Lawless Crew were clamor Ous for their evening meal and he w As forced to attend to their wants. A i did not much mind that however but ate und drank ravenously of that which was placed before me. Aft awhile when he had finished his work the boy came and sat beside me und asked me several questions regarding the Shipwreck. Then he wanted to know where i was from. A before i could reply the Burly spaniard approached and giving the lad Bard slap upon the ear ordered him to his Galley. Rough treatment i thought for so slight an offence. A when darkness closed in the Crew save the Anchor watch Betook Hern a elves to repose leaving me to shift for myself and i was forced to make a bed As Best i could upon the Bani Damp deck. A at Daylight the next morning the wreckers again went on Shore leaving Only the Cook two negroes and myself on Board the Schooner. I was not sorry for this As it gave me an Opp it it Unity to build up my strength a Little. For three Days this work continued on the fourth however Long before Dawn the White boy awoke me and whispered in my ear a they Are going to take you ashore to help. But Dou tyo Ugo. Be so sick that you can to stand i took the Cue in a moment although the lad Hail no Chance to say More to me for he heard some of the Crew stirring. A i at once began to groan and thrash As though i was in terrible pain. Two or three of the wreckers came and looked at me Anil then walked away. Finally the one who spoke English approached and said get up Ami lie ready to go in the boat. You have got to lend of a hand a i made him no answer but groaned Tho louder. What a the matter Are you sick a i assumed the most woe begone expression of which i a master and groaned again. Then lie there and die a and the heartless wretch gave me a kick in the Side which however did not Hurt very much As he was barefooted. A this treatment Only Hail the effect to make me moan the louder. Pretty soon and after breakfast had been disposed of the villains launched away both of their boats and imagine my extreme Joy at seeing every one except the Cook preparing to leave for the Shore. But before they pushed off. Tile Leader with a curse gave instructions to the boy to keep a Sharp Lookout and if a sail was sighted to give them the signal at once. Of. How delighted i was to have them depart. I did not dare raise my head from Leek lest they should see me and know that i had been spamming. The Cook waited until the wreckers had nearly reached the land when he came to me and said a do you want to ave your life a a now was t that a pretty question to ask of course i said a yes a and wished to know if Tipiere w As any danger of losing it not if you become one of their number Ami work for their interest oth Rise they will throw you to the Sharks before we reach Little a a a but How am i to escape a a a by helping me to run away with the Schooner a was the startling reply. The fore and Mainsail had been left hoisted so that til pirates themselves could make a Hasty departure it ease they were compelled to do so and it Only required the cutting of the rope Able and the hoisting of the Jib to a off. I caught the lad s meaning at once and grasping his hand said boy in a with you. Take your a and go for Ard. Let go the Jill blown haul and when i give til word Cut the hawser then jump aft to tin wheel and put it Haril a Star bad for Well till away on the port All right Quot he answered. And snatching an a from his Galley he sprang nimbly Forward while i crawled along the deck to where the halyards were delayed. A when i saw that my companion was ready i called out a let go the Down haul and Cut at the same time i arose to Ray feet and began hoisting the Jib. After the boy had severed the last strands of the Cable in hurried to the wheel Anil by the time he had got it a Well re i had the sail up the Sheet trimmed Down and the Little Schooner was swinging round on her Heel with her head pointed away from the fatal Island und the band of astonished cutthroats who were dancing with rage upon its Shore. A they had detected Tho first fluttering of the Jib As i started to hoist it up but the wind was brisk Ami the vessel worked so quickly that we were off let a fore they could Man one of their boats. Pursuit was out of the question although they essayed to follow us several Miles but they were soon obliged to give up the Chase and return without their Schooner to the land. A but to finish my Story. When i found myself in command of the Schooner i pointed her for Havana and in four Days reached that port without Accident where i had occasion to feel pleased that the wreckers had worked so hard in rescuing the cargo for tin underwriters turned the Salvage on it Over to tile Young fellow and myself with my share i bought a Captain s interest in a vessel and have been going master Ever a Ami the lad. What be earn of him Quot a the s my mate Aud a smarter one you never saw going to sea. You can rest assured of one thing however and that is you will never catch him or me going Down to the West indies Over the Banks unless it might be in a government Cruiser for we do not care to again full into the hands of the wreckers of the Downing in Yankee Blade. Foreign gossip. A of nil the Largo european cities that have had their population counted recently Rome has shown the most rapid increase. In duly 1889, the population was about 400,000 in september 1890, 4 21,000 in december 425,271. A the spot in Kopie where Nero committed suicide is said to have been discovered. It is on the pin clan Hill and was identified by Tho discovery of a Stone with an inscription fixing the location of the Villa where it was known the deed was done. A in London the foggy Days Are on an average thirty eight which is the same As in Stuttgart. In Munich they in forty seven in Hamburg fifty two in Terge russe in the bavarian Alps 104, while so few Are the Clear Days Iii St. Gothard that this lofty pass May be said to be enveloped in Mist during the greater part of the year. Its foggy Days Are "77 out of 865. A Finland the Northwestern most province of Russia is a country seven Hundred Miles Long and on an average two Hundred Miles wide embracing an area nearly one and one fourth that of the British Isles. It has a Commeree of Psi durable importance several interesting towns a University enrolling seventeen Hundred students annually a Hardy Thrifty peasant population Ami scenery peculiarly and characteristically its own. A a Stock company with $125, capital has Boon organized in Stuttgart for the purpose of erecting cheap Model houses for workingmen. The King and Queen of Wurtemburg have subscribed for considerable amounts of Stock and it is due to their recommendation that other similar companies Are being formed in other a Notum Berg cities. The Stuttgart company Lias bought fifteen Seres of ground near the City limits Aud will begin building in a few weeks. A a swedish girl called Marta Bisson from Stobo in thu Parish of Asa the other Day saved four lives. Two children were skating on the a Gunnen Lake. When the Lee gave Way and they fell into the water. Their mothers on seeing this rushed to their Rescue but themselves fell through and they would undoubtedly All four have been drowned had not Maria with the greatest presence of mind come to their assistance. With much trouble she succeeded in getting them out of the water Aud afterwards helped to restore one of the children to life. A in his recent address lie fire the British medical association the eminent surgeon Lawson Tail has his i it t it fling at general practice. No sooner is a new drug placed on the Market than everybody rushes to try it. At first it is Well and a is Good for everything. Then come a few isolated bits about the Quot toxic effects of Rob Bishin Quot and finally a Rubb Lshwn Quot gets drops d altogether and we hear no Mon about it. It is positively awful to think if what some of these new drugs say chloral for instance May have done before they got settled. For tin mischief that is done in this Way the Public is largely to blame if indeed it is not wholly to blame they like the idea of a new discovery especially the upper classes and Tail is told by men practising near the dwellings of the princes of the land and at fashionable watering places that the great Burden of their lives is to keep up with the new drugs and the new Dodges lit distrusts men who Ait always going Iii for new drugs. A Story of Kalakaua. Dressed Quot typewriters a which confronted the Loyal gaze when his highness sex mined his hand at the opening of a Jackpot. Thereupon Royalty Rose up in its Wrath smote the table with ids fist i and commanded that there la less noise. This move of the King naturally led to a heated argument with his highness and his highness California Friend on one Side and a Motley crowd of Jack tars on the other. The argument developed into a Lively scrimmage and before his highness had time to say Kop Pollin Juii lit was seized by the Slack of the Royal raiment carried to the door and tossed unceremoniously into the Middle of tin Street whore he Lay full in the effulgence of the tropical Moon until something ended in ii Heap beside him. This something proved to be the californian. After studying Tho stars for awhile the King got on his feet and hailed a passer by who was dispatched Post haste to tile Palace for the Royal army. Then the dejected individuals seated themselves on some convenient Steps to await the coming of the army and to re Fleet on tin uncertainties of draw poker in the tropical. The strains of Sailor songs were still la dating out from Tho tavern when the hawaiian army turned into the struck. The sounds of martial tread awoke Hie King and his companion from Tho ii deep reflections. A Hasty Council of War was held and then the Royal army full Twenty Strong an overwhelming majority being officers charged into the tavern encouraged by the shouts of the californian who discreetly remained out in tile night air and Hung to a sign from which Point of Vantage he could View the Battle. There was a defiant shout from the sailors when the troop rushed through the door then the sound of blows and scuffling which lasted the fraction of a minute. Then tilt Royal army Cam out of the tavern. It Wasny to a charge. They had simply fallen Over each other in which they were assisted by tile sailors who hustled them out on double Quick. In a moment us King his army and the californian were in full Retreat toward the Palace whipped horse foot Ami dragoons by a handful of sailors who pelted them up the Street with glasses Beer mugs anti Bun starter. Anil As the King retired unhappy to bed and the army to the dispensary to secure plaster and Beefsteak for scratched faces and discoloured eyes the Cocks were crowing and there floated in from Hie Hay on the Early morning air the muffled sound of triumphant shouts Ami Sailor Tribune. Hermits a mull maj Paradise. Lost in hotels. To jump things told by Well known folks of themselves or of others. Said a hotel detective a if anyone thinks i have a soft snap i would just like for him to try it awhile. One Day a guest lost his sleeve buttons and for two months i did nothing but look for them and came very in a arresting several innocent Bell boys. His sleeve buttons proved to to plated Gold and were found in a pair of cuffs he had put in the Bottom of his trunk. But women give ten times More trouble than men. They Are always losing something in the jewelry line. Instead of depositing their jewelry with the clerk they prefer running the risk of losing half a dozen gents. Ute i they misplace a Gem and there is the mischief to Athey want to see somebody arrested right away. One time i was notified by a lady whose husband is several times a millionaire that she bad lost a Diamond ring valued it one thousand dollars. I made an investigation and suspicion did not attach to one in particular but she insisted that i must make an arrest and so i arrested Ber maid. The lady became very indignant at the idea of my suspecting much less arresting her maid. I said i could not help it and regretted that i would have to take her maid to a police station House. It so frightened the a innocent maid that she brought Forth the ring. The lady did not discharge but kept the maid in her service. Carelessness is the chief reason for losing anything in a big hotel. My advice to guests is never to expo jewelry in their rooms. Never keep valuables in a hotel room except those always worn on the person a in. Y. Herald. To Kina Ami ill army beaten my it Hamlin of Sailor. Although the kingdom Over which Kalakaua reigned a Small its court was not lacking in the pomp and display of the older ones of Europe. Kalakaua showed his fit Ness for the position of King by Tho ready manner in which he took up the habits of Royalty us we know of it in Europe. Draw poker wus tile favorite game of the King and of recent years he was an expert. With his faults Kalakaua was venial whole souled and extremely democratic he was easily approached Aud like the twin Kings of the a gondoliers a wus not als Ive mulling himself useful especially in showing visitor around his Little kingdom. It i such occasions there was usually included in the sightseeing a a slumming Quot tour around and through the dark places of Honolulu the King in cog. As guide. Not Long ago a californian was visiting Honolulu and was the guest of Kalakaua. One night u a slumming Quot trip was proposed and some hours after Nightfall the Monarch and the plebeian visitor from California found themselves wandering through the lower part of the City. It was a warm night and nothing is More pleasing on a warm night in the tropics than a cold Kittle of Champagne. Lie Nee there were numerous Quot cold Battles consumed mid after exploring a Lurge number of streets and alleys the two seated themselves about Midnight Iii a tavern Down near the water front. A table divided the Dusky King Ami the californian and Tho King divided the chips and other poker utensils while his Friend examined the Label of a Champagne bottle at his Elbow. They began a quiet two handed j game which went on uninterrupted for some time the californian observing All the while with some solicitude the j slow but steady increase in size of the i Royal pile of chips. There was a British ship in the Harbor at the time and on this particular night the sailors had been ashore diminishing j the visible Supply of grog in the upper part of town. In the Small hours of the morning they started Buck for the water front and As unkind fat would have it their route Lay by the tavern wherein the King and his Friend were having ii Moin it Iii it it a by lest to that Vert a Iii London. London is unlike any other City in that ones individuality is lost in the great throng of five million people. The moment in has passed out of on of the great railway stations ail interest Iii him is gone and no one seems to know or care what becomes of him. Though he might spend his Days and nights in the streets if he avoid Tho Vicinity of the bunk of England the strand Oxford Aud Regent streets he might live years without meeting ii familiar face. Of he wishes to live tin life of a Hermit or escape the observations of his Fellowmen then the thickest settled part of London i his safest Retreat. No one will ask any questions if ii Lias the Money to pay his Way or no one will inquire his antecedents if he engages in a Little business. Loudon is tin a City of Refuge Quot of unfortunates front All parts of the world. Home succeed and become Good citizens but More linger on in obscurity and die broken hearted. Every one the stranger meets seems to be full of ids own business. Now and then one might stare at him. Hut it is with a far off look to be forgotten the next moment. Cabman Abd Drivers of ail kinds of vehicles follow their employment intent Only upon reaching their destination and without reference to the crowd of individual atoms of humanity which Block their Way everywhere. Not that the average londoner is different from the rest of Mankind hut his daily Elm wings by the multitude makes him thoughtful of himself alone. Otherwise his work Woald never be done. Politeness in giving Way to others even ladies is not expected. Men do not pay their fares in u railway Carriage bus or Tram car to give up their seats to others but to rest or Liee Ause they Are in a hurry. Any pretensions to superiority Are Only laughed at Ami would be n limbs must seek and pay for privileges if they would be exclusive. These Are to is had for the almighty Dollar but lofty bearing stands a poor Chance in the every Day London democratic crowd. Their patience und Good humor ure proverbial even under circumstances the most trying. When countrymen would rave und storm the average londoner would excuse and Republican. Owned by indians. The great Art treas atm hidden a Way in a mexican Village churl. Tzintzun Niznan wus once a great City and the capital of Tara Seiuli Kings now Only a straggling Village with a group of ruined churches. I made my Way quickly to the old Tower where Tho Titian treasure is. The populace following Iii my Wake or gazing after me with wondering eyes. My carefully St tidied salutation in Spanish a handful of cigars and to bottle of wine soon made the padre and myself the Hest of friends la seemed to know before i asked him that i wanted to see the picture and opened Hie High such of door of curved Wood which led to a Patio or court. Here seated on Mats spread on the Stone paving of a pillared and arched corridor were fifteen or Twenty women with their work braiding Mats and hats or colouring Feather. As was explained. They were doing penance. They bowed reverently us the padre passed. I thought he did not look like a hard taskmaster and perhaps did not care How Long they stayed As his life is a lonely one at Liest and their penance surely was not his. A Little in spliced Indian boy came with a lighted Candle the padre led the Way und a wondering Little procession followed through a Lark corridor that led up to another massive door barred and chained and padlocked. We were Back in ancient Feudal Days it seemed j and some old Castle had opened to us. It might lie that the clanking chains and Rusty creaking hinges were on our i prison doors but the boy held the Tal a Low dip High and showed the padres kindly face that reassured us that we were Only at Tzintzun Izan in search of a Titian. The door opened into an inner room As dark As night. The padre unfastened a grated window and a Flikeid of Golden sunlight came from Over the Western Hills beyond Hie Luke and fell upon the picture. Such colouring such feeling could Only come from a master hand. Whose tradition says Titian and presented by Philip la. Of Spain. Eminent men authors and artists agree. We had seen the Titian at Tzintzun Izan and it was Worth the coming for. The padre closed the window and the door after us. Locked and chained it again til boy held up his flickering Torch and we marched out leaving the padre and his treasure As a dream too unreal to be True. An Effort has been made to buy the painting und fifty thousand Dollar was offered by Tho Bishop of Mexico hut the faithful devoted indians refuse and the Price that bought a the Angelus Quot would be no temptation. A the entombment a is some Hundred of years older is the work of an old master and is lug enough the figures Are All life size to make a Hundred of a the Toronto Globe. Pith and Point. All the it Flrrence in til world. Traveler How do you like the appearance of this part of the country Chance acquaintance like it i detest it the people Are ignorant degraded Ami filthy. Upon my word i Haven to seen a sensible Man or a respectable woman since i came Here. They Are hogs. Sirs simply hogs boastful impudent besotted and a a Quot another word Uke that you insulting prig Ami Iti Knock the top of your head off what part of the country raise such men its you Quot a sir i am an englishman a a i beg your Pardon. I am proud and delighted to meet you sir. When ure you going to writ your Book about us a a Chicago Tribune. A whalebone is a Horny substance found in the Mouth of the whale. The their quiet game. Into the tavern they number of strips of whalebone obtained from the Mouth of the whale amounts to about 809. And Are from twelve to fifteen feet in length ten to twelve staggered with much boisterous laughter and an unseen tingly tramping of feet. Honolulu whisky a beginning to have its effect and what with Salty j inches Broad and from 4-10 to 5-10 of an songs Aud clapping of hands it was tax. Inch thick. They consist of parallel ing the Royal brains to keep the run of the game. To add to the Royal annoyance the Royal pile of chips became perceptibly diminished in size through the Royal overconfidence in three Gau Dily fibres and Are easily Bent or split. From its elasticity strength Aud lightness whale i sine is employed for Many purposes stiffening stays ribs for urn brei i As and parasols Etc. Importance of la Coin is. A prussian school inspector appeared in the office of the burgomaster of a Little town for the purpose of asking him to accompany him on a tour of ins a Tion through tin schools. The burgomaster rather out of sorts muttered Quot does til in Donkey come again Quot the los it Ector awaited his time for a Prober answer according to the immortal advice a vengeance is a dish that must is eaten when the inspector was intr minced to the teacher he said he was curious to see How Well punctuation was taught. Tile burgomaster the local supervisory authority said Quot never mind that we care naught for common and the but the inspector ordered a boy to go to the Board and writ a the burgomaster of it. Says the inspector is a then he ordered him to change the comma by placing it after in an inserting one after inspector. Thus a the burgomaster of in says the inspector is a it was ii cruel lesson but it is reasonable to suppose that commas Rose in the estimation of the a local supervisory journal of education. A ill Yule Kii s Long drive. A Caribou physician recently took an exciting ride that illustrates the extent of Maine s unsettled Domain in Hie North. The doctor was called to a lumber Camp above the Allegan one Day to perform a surgical operation upon a Lumberman. In Start at ten o clock a. Rn., and la it Yogi a grand Isle found four teams stationed at different Points awaiting him. He arrived at i destination at Midnight having made the distance of one Hundred and two Miles in fourteen hours. The drive was All the More remarkable because of the condition of the roads which was not favourable for fast me advertiser. Method of curing i Mig or Lover. Quot i got Over Ray attack but it was a Marvel that i did a says a gentleman who a ill in Ceylon. Quot one morning my doctor bled me till there was scarcely a drop of blood left in my Baxly he then gave me forty grains of Calomel and in the evening As the fever was still raging he ordered me to be taken out to the Yard of my quarters Laid on a Bare Rattan Couch und bucket of cold water thrown Over me for about Twenty minutes i a then put Back to bed and fortunately fell asleep for several hours. After some week on the sick list i a Able to return to my Post at new. A test or method. Mrs. Oldt Yine a these new notions about feeding babies nothing but Ste used milk and boiled water Are All nonsense. They make a Heap of work All for nothing. I had eleven babies Aud i ought to know something about it. The old ways Are Good enough. Young Mother and did you children All grow up to maturity mrs. Old Tymes two of them jury. If ought to have known. Cochrane i suppose that your name on this umbrella indicates that it belong to you Gilroy which the name or the umbrella cochran�?1the name of puck. A i All blooms the convivial by Dolored Post. As the world goes now the Man who loses his Grippe is not wholly . Picayune. A a lie will go a Long Way. But the sender usually has to pay the freight n. Y. Herald. A As a proof that he loves one woman ii Man must swear thut lie hates Atchison Globe. A troublesome employees can lie discharged but it is different with trouble soul chronicle. A it is one of the easiest tilings in the world to economically Lay out the Money you never will transcript. A every heart know eth its own bitterness. Many a Man who looks Happy is wearing a shirt his wife Republican. A do masons a Why did he Call it a collection of fugitive verses Quot St. Age Dover a probably Bee just they escaped from the . Joseph news. A Rhymer s relationship to the muses. A a Rhymer is a wonderful poet. He seem a brother to Tho a yes. Ile has wooed them All. And they have apparently agreed to is Sisters to in. Y. Sun. A Money you think Grace dear that or. No Wapato is a Man of very agreeable speech a Grace a indeed i do Kell. His income is two Hundred und fifty thousand dollars a a Wiek wire a there never were so Many chances As now to get a Good income out of a Small Yabs Ley a what id like is to get a Good Fortune out of a Small Inch Napoli journal. A a necessary Rushing in a a if you re going to play football to Day it time you started. Hurry now in Kiin Gullet Quot ill lie ready in a minute. I m just signing my last will and a Pedantic a a i mean to so live that when i die All the great cities of Tho Earth will Quai re Over the question of which was my wit Ticus Quot Yea each one will Lay the blame on some other Quot a Milwaukee Sentinel. A woman bless her Bright eyes can endure physical suffering with mow fortitude than the strongest Man and to can miss a train without tilling the depot with words that Don t sound Nice but she can t pass a Milliner s window without s Horn. A the lesser at Tho morgue a a a Shykes i can t stand this. Let s get Shykes Leezer on the outside a a Tough was t it Quot Shykes lighting cigarette a awful puff Leezer. Horn a where Are you going Leezer a Leezera t am going Back to the times. A an average a a thank you sir. I Ain very glad to have your name on our petition very glad indeed sir. Good do a business Man who has just signed the petition a a but hold on. What a you go hurry let me Reed that petition. Caller a this petition Why you have just signed business Many a Well you numbskull that a Why i want to read news. A new Lincoln anecdote. Old Abe i.<41 i on the list Post. Abraham Lincoln was perhaps Tho Best Man in the country in his Day to remember men and to place them with out hesitation in the environment when. He last saw them. Ile was first of All a politician and the politician who forgets is lost. When he was a comparatively Young Man Ami a candidate for the Illinois legislature lie took dinner with a Sangamon county Farmer and after the meal the two stood at Tho barnyard Gate talking and whittling. Lincoln a knife needed Hurt using and the Yankee in him prompted him to Sharpen it. He walked to a tool Box the Farmer had nailed just insult the Wagon shed took from it a Whetstone and came Back to tile great Gate where his stood Guin and began sharpening i knife. One Post of the Gate was very High and a Rod from Hie top supported Hie extended weight of the Gate. A Man came along the Road in a Wagon going in the direction Lincoln wanted to travel and he bade his Host Good by and clambered in the be Nieles intent no doubt on getting another vote. Years afterwards when he was president a Soldier came to Call upon him at the White House and at the Glrst sight the gaunt chief executive said a yes i remember you. You used to live on Tho Danville Road. I took dinner with you one time when i was running for the legislature. Recollect we St xxi i gather out St the barnyard Gate and i sharpened my knife Quot a Rya As Quot drawled the Farmer Soldier a and wherever did you put that Whetstone i have looked Hie whole place Over a dozen times but i never could find it after tile Day you used it. We Lowed webby you had took it along with Quot no Quot said Lincoln looking serious As if the matter were As important us the recent defeat of Pemberton Quot no. I put it on top of that Gate Post the High a Well Quot exclaimed the visitor a a webby you did. nobody Al have put it there and none of sever thought to look there for he went on Home and whim be got there one of the first things he did a to climb up on the Gate and look for the Whetstone. It was there right where it had lain for fifteen years. The honest fellow adoring Iii chief wrote a letter before ids furlough expired telling the president the Whetstone wan found and would never be lost Chicago Herald. Term to Iii word. She you promised to love me and bestowed All your earthly goods upon to when we were married Aud you spend All your time at the club and All your Money upon yourself. He but i have kept my Promise religiously for Ever since we were married we have been i tucs

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