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Ironwood Daily Globe Newspaper Archives May 30 1990, Page 2

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Ironwood Daily Globe (Newspaper) - May 30, 1990, Ironwood, Michigan The Ironwood daily Globe Ironwood my a wednesday May 30,1990 Page 2 forecast forecast for noon thursday weather data c High 0 a e3 s e3 s o a a Ali Low showers rain to storms flurries Snow ice sunny a Cloudy Cloudy fronts forecast tonight Clear and Cool Center of Low with scattered Frost in pressure usually Low lying areas. Low in the to upper 30s. Light Southwest wind. Thursday mostly sunny. Warmer with a High in the to upper 70s. Lake forecast Lake Superior tonight winds becoming Southwest 10 to 20 knots. Fair. Waves 1 to stationary front 3 feet. Thursday South a front thai move to Southwest winds 10 to Little or not at All. 20 knots. Fair. Waves 2 to 4 feet. Extended forecast upper Peninsula associated with storm. Air circulates counterclockwise. Center of High pressure usually associated with Clear weather. Air circulates clockwise. Cold warm stationary dry Friday a Chance of showers Over the weekend. Highs in the 70s Friday in the 70s to Low 80s saturday Only in the 60s sunday. Lows in the 40s to 50s. Temperature indicate a Tevious Day s High and overnight Low to 7 . Add. . Albuquerque Amarillo Anchorage Asheville Atlanta Atlantic City Austin Baltimore Billings Birmingham Bismarck Boise Boston Brownsville Buffalo . Hilo pre Tolk 62 49 .61 71 46 Clr 76 47 .06 Clr 63 51 .02 62 61 79 68 61 53 2.03 Clr 91 76 63 54 .73 Clr 72 61 .01 82 52 b2 68 68 48 .39 59 51 2.05 Clr 91 64 42 .38 Clr 66 48 .48 Casper 64 42 .07 Charleston ,s.c. 80 64 60 52 .14 Clr 76 53 Cheyenne 52 46 1.02 Chicago 63 42 60 Cincinnati 75 Clr Cleveland 55 45 .28 Clr 78 52 Columbus,Ohio 68 44 1 Clr Concord,. 64 61 .96 Clr Dallas it Worth 86 71 .06 Clr Dayton 71 44 Clr Denver 68 46 .82 dub Moines 79 66 in Detroit 66 42 Clr Duluth 59 29 etly Al paso 84 54 Clr Evansville 80 56 Fairbanks 71 67 .08 mis Fargo 78 63 Flagstaff 54 34 grand rapids 70 39 Clr great Falls 68 49 .15 greens 72 63 .07 Hartford 60 62 1.44 Helena 72 48 .14 Honolulu 87 73 Clr Houston 87 77 Indianapolis 77 47 83 58 Jacksonville 89 59 Juneau Kansas City Las vegas Little Rock los Angeles t _ St Louis a Clr Salt Lake City 65 san Antonio 93son use i Santa be 66 46 78 61 .01 83 66 80 64 70 57 7b 56 Clr 90 61 .06 Clr 84 60 91 74 .50 94 62 .14 Clr 56 43 Clr 71 48 82 64 85 62 60 63 2.13 Clr 76 69 .04 Clr 61 54 .44 79 65 1.24 Clr 77 62 92 68 61 54 2.00 Clr 84 68 Clr 56 44 .48 Clr 60 51 1.59 Clr 62 53 .04 m 66 53 1.16 Clr 73 53 58 51 1.21 68 41 66 56 .14 Clr 75 66 .04 80 66 65 51 .34 93 78 67 61 67 57 .08 94 76 66 m Clr Globe capsule adhesion create pain problem democrats choosing convention Sites Washington a without a presidential candidate in sight democrats Are leaping ahead with 1992 convention preparations by designating new Orleans and new York As the finalists to Host the meeting party sources say. The party site selection committee s recommendation of those two cities to party chairman Ronald h. Brown puts the democrats on track to their earliest settlement of a convention site. Brown plans to visit both cities probably next week and announce his Choice by june. The convention is scheduled to run from july 6 through july 19, 1992. The republicans Are receiving bids for their 1992 convention and plan to announce their decision in january. While the gop will visit potential Sites and weigh their bids president Bush could make those efforts academic if he decides to express a Choice. New York gop now Choice Rye Brook . A the state Republican party has broken with the National gop and adopted an abortion rights platform alienating some party leaders. With the vote tuesday the republicans appeared to be preparing for the nomination today of Pierre Rinfret to Challenge the expected re election bid of democratic gov. Mario Cuomo. Rinfret a 66-year-old businessman and political unknown favors women s right to choose abortion As does Cuomo. The gop platform committee s Plank on abortion reads in part state government must not become a big brother regulating people in their personal affairs and the new York state Republican party reaffirms its historic commitment to the right of privacy and reproductive rights it says. The National Republican platform opposes abortion in most instances As does president Bush. But some gop strategists have called for flexibility on the Issue to counter the abortion rights lobby in states where Choice stands Are popular. Duke legislation clears House Baton Rouge la. A a Bill sponsored by former Kun Mux klan Leader David Duke to ban affirmative action passed the Louisiana House with ease. The 66-28 vote tuesday sent the measure to the Senate. The vote crossed party lines 13 representatives abstained. You can camouflage things but racism is racism said one opponent democratic rep. . Jones who is Black. Duke a former Kkt grand wizard elected to the House As a Republican from a nearly All White District in 1989, argued that affirmative action seeks to eradicate discrimination by putting in a policy of this Bill simply prohibits racial discrimination in hiring promotion scholarships he said. There is no justification to discriminate against someone who works hard who is qualified for a Seabrook supplies first electricity Seabrook A four years after it was completed and 14 years after construction began the Seabrook Plant has supplied nuclear generated electricity to new England customers for the first time. The Plant was operating at 15 percent capacity and producing enough electricity to Supply 65,000 Homes when it was hooked into the new England Power Grid tuesday night officials said. The Milestone occurred during tests to ready the $6.5 billion Plant for full commercial operation by summer. At full Power Seabrook will generate 1,150 megawatts enough for 1 million Homes. Spokesman Ron Sher said the Plant would be disconnected from the Power Grid Early today for equipment tests. Operators will repeatedly connect and disconnect the Generator during the next Beveral weeks of testing. Bulldozer razes Mcmartin pre school los Angeles a a Bulldozer razed the Mcmartin pre school bringing to an end a frantic search by parents for secret tunnels and hidden Chambers where they claim their children were molested and engaged in satanic rituals. Dear or. Gott i get severe pain periodically from postoperative adhesion. Is there any Type of medication i can take to help this condition if not is surgery the Best solution dear Reader surgery always results in scar tissue. In particular abdominal surgery is associated with filmy but Tough strands of scar that attach to the Interior of the abdominal cavity. At times these adhesion can press on portions of the Bowel causing partial or Complete intestinal obstruction. In these circumstances patients always re quire another operation to remove or sever the blocking strands. Some people seem especially susceptible to postoperative Bowel adhesion the reason for this is not known. To my knowledge there is not consistently effective medication to prevent adhesion although some surgeons have tried cortisone with inconsistent results. The problem with re operation is of course that new adhesion May form perpetuating the Cycle. If you have periodic pain in the same area of your Abdomen and Peter Gott . Your surgeon is convinced that your symptoms Are due to adhesion you May be helped by laparoscopy during which the surgeon introduces a Light tube through a Small abdominal incision identifies the adhesion and clips them. This might solve the problem and save you a More extensive operation. In any cae you can obtain the most appropriate advice from your surgeon who is most familiar with you and your health problems. Let me know what he says. To give you further information i am sending you free copies of my health reports managing chronic pain and an informed approach to other readers who would like copies should Send $1.25 with their name and address to . Box 91369, Cleveland of 44101-3369. Be sure to mention the title s. Earthquake smashes Eastern Europe today Bucharest Romania a a Strong earthquake rumbled across Eastern Europe today causing heavy damage to buildings in Bucharest where Large chunks of Concrete and plaster crashed Down onto sidewalks crowded with pedestrians. There were no immediate reports of casualties. The quake appeared to be entered in Romania but was Felt in the soviet Union Northern Greece Turkey and Bulgaria. In Moscow 1,000 Miles East of Bucharest the quake rocked buildings and . Officials the lottery Here Are the winning numbers selected tuesday in the Michigan state lottery daily lottery 4-4-8 daily-4 6-9-1-7 the Keno numbers were 2, 7, 11, 14, 16, 21, 25, 27, 30, 36, 37, 40, 53, 56, 57, 64, 66,68,71, 74,77,79. Closed the older . Embassy which is 10 stories tall. It s an old building and when the upper floors Shook we called around other places in town and closed the building As precaution to do safety checks said embassy spokesman Jim Bullock. In Bucharest the temblor also damaged cars and sent thousands of frightened residents fleeing from buildings and into the streets. Some chunks of Concrete shattered the windshields of cars driving by. Or Jeremy Sutton Hibbert of Glasgow Scotland staying in an apartment in a 10-Story building in Bucharest Baid the Walls of the bedroom crumbled with plaster falling. Stuff came flying off shelves and All the plaster came off the ceilings. Outside there s a massive crack in the there was conflicting information about How Strong the quake was and where its epicentre was. In Athens the greek geodynamics Institute said the temblor measured 7.5 on the Richter scale and placed the epicentre North of Bucharest. In Vienna the austrian seismological Institute said the quake registered Between 6.4 and 6.5 on the Richter scale. It said the epicentre appeared to be located in the Grancea Moutain Range in Romania. In Istanbul the Semi official Anatolia news Agency said the quake measured 6.8 on the Richter scale. Tremors were Felt in Eastern Thrace in Turkey and elsewhere around the Marmara sea Region. In the soviet Union the quake appeared to be entered not far from Kishinev the capital of Moldavia one of the 15 soviet republics a spokeswoman for the Moscow seismological station said. The Republic is near the car mountains which Eastern Romania run the Pathan through Western Border of the soviet Union and Southwest Poland. She said the quake registered six on the soviet scale. A quake of magnitude is widely Felt causes pictures to fall off Walls plaster to crack and other Light damage to buildings. The soviet scale does not convert to the Richter scale but is roughly comparable. Enjoy the benefits of being the Only music store for a so mile radius. Music store for Sale for Cash and or Trade. "25,000 buys the keys & Stock on Handl the music Box 131e.ayerst. Ironwood my 49938 generous Cash discounts As usual open 12-5 6 Days Early Bird specials Blooming at the Towne House liver pork chops �1/4 Chicken seafood Alfredo 7 of. Sirloin Towne House motor inn 215 s. Suffolk Ironwood can t read ? mondays 4 00 pm it Rie Days 7 30 am ct1 thursdays 2 30 am it Bresnan communications co inc. 115 e. Mcleod ave., Ironwood pm. 906 932-1831 millions of american adults can t read. If you know someone let them know about another Page on Cable to. This series teaches the basics skills of Reading necessary for Success. Television the Book of knowledge. The learning Channel the smart Choice on Cable. Available on Cable Channel 30 Moui Guidel Cloverland 932-4424 held Over 7 00 & 9 15 r Bok Nontha fourth of july Tom c1ujisi held Over 7 00 & 9 15 pm this is no cartoon teenage mutant Nin j a turtles notice for bids the Board of Nicolet vocational technical and adult education District will accept bids for furnishing a used heavy truck suitable for mounting Hydraulic loader and pulpwood log rack. Specifications May be obtained from the Dean of administrative services office Nicolet College Lake Julia Campus . Box 518, Rhine Lander Wisconsin 54501. Telephone number 715 369-4413. Sealed bids must be delivered to said Dean s office. Bids will be accepted until a suitable vehicle is found. There will be no deadline. The Board reserves the right to reflect any and All bids and to waive minor irregularities. Board of Nicolet vocational technical and adult education Rhine Lander Wisconsin 54501 or. Patricia a. Travis president daily Globe want ads sell for Sale 2 sets very Nice French doors solid Wood Call-224-4691 notice of Public hearing on the 1990-91 budget to the electors and taxpayers of the Wakefield township schools of go Gebic county Michigan notice is hereby Given in accordance with act 63 of the second extra session of 1963, effective december 27,1963, that a Public hearing on the budget of the Wakefield township schools of go Gebic county will be held by the Board of education at 6 00 . On the 5th Day of june 1990, in the Board room of the Wakefield High school. The Public hearing on the 1990-91 budget will be held in conjunction with the Public hearing on increasing property taxes a copy of budget is available for Public inspection in the office of the superintendent Wakefield High school. The Public is invited to attend budget hearing. Bruce a. Evans superintendent a special for every taste. Monday barbecued ribs and shrimp with dinner salad and Choice of potato. V tuesday Chicken Cacciatore with Side order of a is Spaghetti dinner salad. Wednesday shrimp Scampi with Side order of Lin pulse and dam sauce plus dinner $g95 thursday All you can eat Choice of Spaghetti Ana meatballs Rigatoni and meatballs or Gnocchi and meat $q75 balls dinner salad. O Friday our famous fish Fry still at its $q95 remarkable Low Price. O saturday rib Eye Steak and shrimp cocktail with Choice of potato and dinner sign salad. 6� sunday All you can eat Choice of Spaghetti and meatballs Rigatoni and meatballs or Gnocchi and meatballs with a 75 dinner salad. %3 plus our Complete regular italian american menu. And at noon As Well soup n Sandwich bar Bell chalet 109 5th ave. South monday thru thursday 11 .-2p.m. Open for dining nightly at 5

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