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Ironwood Daily Globe Newspaper Archives May 11 1990, Page 4

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Ironwood Daily Globe (Newspaper) - May 11, 1990, Ironwood, Michigan Opinions observations the Ironwood daily Globe Ironwood my Friday May 11, 1990 Page 4 Wes Maurer Veteran journalist still keeps telling it like it is on the other end of the upper Peninsula a 93-year-old editor named Wes Maurer works in a Small office in st. Ignace Dilli gently putting out three Small weekly papers and although the st. Ignace news Mackinac Island Towne crier and the Cedar Ville weekly wave May seem rather insignificant in the modern age of mass communications Wes Maurer is in fact a Monument on the landscape of american journalism. He is even today the classic 1920s-style Newspaperman. I always picture him in the composition room meticulously working the paste up boards with hands of a craftsman. Tufts of White hair stick out from the band on the visor that Shields his thick bifocals from the Floures cent lights. Tucked into the band on his right sleeve Are always two pencils one pen and a 6-Inch straight Edge. His career in journalism began in the 1920s, when he edited a Small daily in a Coal mining Region of Southern Ohio. He used to Tell me about the time when he tried to Tell the miners Story during a bitter strike and was subsequently visited by the Kun flux klan who burned a Cross in his Lawn among other things. Later in his career he taught at the University of Michigan where he established the school s graduate program in journalism and served As the department chairman for 27 years. He bought the Mackinac Island Towne crier in the 1950s, hoping to sell it to us As a working journalism Laboratory. But the University walked and he found himself stuck with the Small summer time weekly. Mark Esper he recruited University students to staff the crier and by the 1970s, after retiring at us Maurer bought the st. Ignace news and weekly wave. Even after his retirement Wes continued to bring students to work As interns at his papers and i can say from personal experience that working for him is in Many ways More like being a student than an employee. I recall one Day when i had been at the st. Ignace news barely two weeks i placed a Small rather routine article in the in Box on his desk then returned to my desk to Start the next assignment. Berry s world c 1990 by Nea inc. A those were the fun Days poppies investing in America s veterans As we approach another memorial Day once again we pause to remember and Honor our deceased relatives friends and veterans. In the near future we will be called upon As in the past to donate to the various veterans organizations. I wish to comment on this. Letters ducted by their own organization comes from the heart not from what you Are forced to pay in taxes. I May add the following. If your gratitude Means More to you than lip service buy and proudly Wear your buddy poppy when it is offered by a veterans of foreign wars Volunteer. Leo a. Lariver vow Post 1580 acting chairman Hurley within a couple minutes he called me into his office and when i came in he was looking at my one Page article then he put it Down folded his hands Over his stomach leaned Back in his Cane chair and said you know Light can illuminate but it can also he proceeded to give me a lengthy but nonetheless fascinating lecture on his theories about education democracy and the Media. I figured out later that it must have been his introductory lecture to his journalism ethics course recited word for word from memory. Ever since that Day i be been acutely aware that ultimately we in the news business Are really in the education business. In this incredibly Complex world information is no Mere luxury it is a necessity for our collective survival. I try not to dwell on it too much but the Media has an awesome responsibility and i often wonder if the general Public truly realizes the difficult decisions we have to make on a daily basis. We re often required to try to condense an infinitely Complex situation into a 500-word Story which is just about impossible. We try our Best to provide More depth More background stories More features but it s never enough. We also face daily deadline pressures that Are by no Means insignificant. Last october for instance we had to cover governor James Blanchard s 11 . Visit to go Gebic Community College for the groundbreaking for the new business education facility and somehow have the presses rolling by 12 30 . To complicate matters state officials chose the same morning to announce that Ontonagon county was a nuclear waste candidate. Naturally we needed the governor s comments a second Story. Don t ask me How we got the presses rolling by 12 30, but we did it. Despite the pressures i love the news business. You never know what s going to happen next but you know it s your Job to find out. And while Reading this week s st. Ignace news i smiled when i saw Wes Maurer s byline on an editorial saying congressional pay increases to $124,424 per year by 1991 Are a i could t help wondering if it was a rewrite of an editorial he d written when Calvin Coolidge was president. Ninety three years old still As feisty As Ever and he s still telling it like it is. Editor s note Mark Esper is the Globe s regional editor. Power shift division of congressional Region 1910 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 South 104 102 105 106 106 108 116 127 Border 47 43 42 38 36 35 34 33 new England 32 29 28 28 25 25 24 23 92 94 93 88 84 80 72 66 Midwest 86 90 87 87 88 86 80 73 Plains 41 34 31 31 27 25 24 22 Rocky Mountain 14 14 16 16 17 19 24 25 Pacific coast 19 29 33 43 52 57 61 66 projected source vital statistics on Congress congressional quarterly Nea graphics in the last 80 years congressional Power has shifted increasingly to the Pacific coast and the South. Meanwhile the number of seats in new England and the mid Atlantic states has declined. May 11, 1990 today is the 131st Day of 1990 and the 53rd Day of Spring. m r w i f ,5, a spreading All that expensive stuff on the Lawn c 1890, newspaper Enterprise Assn. Tho Ironwood daily Glt Herb Levin editor general manager Andy Hill news editor Robert Trevarthen advertising manager Jeff Krone circulation manager Gary Marland business manager Michael Anderson pressroom manager Richard Linn production manager Melody Thorn classified manager comment local hospitals Battle medicaid unfairness another 88 american hospitals shut their doors in 1988, 19 More than the year before according to government statistics. Particularly hard hit Are hospitals in poor inner City Urban areas and the Small hospitals in Rural America. In Michigan one out of five Hospital directors believes their facilities will close within the next five years according to the Michigan Hospital association. A major cause of the problem is continued inadequate reimbursement under the medicaid program and this is clearly no mystery to policy makers. The question is when will Congress Wake up to the problem of increasingly scarce health care services in much of the country Here in the Western upper Peninsula we have seen Ontonagon memorial Hospital seek management help from Marquette general Hospital and we have seen grand View Hospital reorganize in an Effort to make itself More viable in the face of continued unfairness with the diagnostic related groupings system which reimburses some hospitals More than others for identical procedures. Grand View s Board of directors and administrators Are doing their Best to retain Community control of the Hospital while making necessary changes to improve physician recruitment efforts expand out patient services and gradually diversify its health care services. Grand View is particularly fortunate to have in its Arsenal a Strong network of Community support embodied by the Hospital auxiliary. The difficulties facing Small Rural hospitals Are immense but with perseverance continued political pressure and the immeasurably important Community support grand View appears to be headed in the right direction to continue to provide Quality health care services close to Home. Today s history on this Day in 1858, Minnesota entered the Union As the 32nd state. Today s birthdays Irving Berlin 1888-1989songwriter Henry Morgenthau or. 1891-1967public official Martha Graham 1894-choreographer Salvador Dali 1904-1989artist Foster Brooks 1912-actor Stanley Elkin 1930-writer Doug Mcclure 1935-actor. Today s quote you Are unique and if that is not fulfilled then something has been Martha Graham Don t leave disadvantaged behind when climbing the social ladder o when you Are asked to buy a poppy during the coming Sale in this Community do it with a smile on your face. And remember that it is the most grateful investment of your spare funds you can Ever make. Across these United states thousands of men and women Volunteer poppy Selers Are offering you a once a year Opportunity to personally thank the veterans who have made the supreme sacrifice and those countless men in hospitals who May never again be physically fit. Maybe the government does give a few Bucks a month to their survivors and maybe the disabled Are Given some free hospitalization but the help you can give them through the poppy Sale con today s Moon Between full Moon May 9 and last Quarter May 17. On an average Day 3,260 americans move to Washington . Source on an average Day by Tom Heymann Fawcett Columbine today s barbs by Phil Pastoret we won t believe that springtime is truly Here until the first of the Christmas Cata logs arrives. Why Don t they invent a Money mulches that saves you the trouble of something murky appears dark or foggy. If you re in the dark about a synonym for gloomy Why not try murky Phasis Fay Sis indicates a phase or stage in development. You should t be fazed by this term Phasis starts like phase. Q. Can you Tell me which spelling is Correct Blond or blonde a. The answer depends on the context. A male with Blond hair is a Blond a female with the same colouring is a blonde with an e. Use blonde Only As a noun however the adjective is always Blond. In other words a blonde is a woman with Blond hair. Q. In an air plane emergency the Pilot uses the radio and says mayday what Day in May is that a. As the International signal of distress this mayday does t refer to May 1. Instead the radio signal comes from the French m aided which Means help me the French term sounds like the English mayday in use since 1927 As the word for distress Calls. Supposedly All men Are created equal but if you Are born into wealth can afford a Quality Edu Caiton or become somebody equal becomes nothing More than a five letter word. As if it should matter How Many times have we heard the expression do you know who i am while climbing the social ladder one tends to forget the elderly the disadvantaged and less Fortu n we Are cursed with corrupt politicians overpaid ballplayers entertainers and the like. Monies pledged to help those in need is seared up by High salaries and administrative costs and As the Money is funnelled Down there becomes less for those to which is were intended. Our elected officials promised to represent us All but after elected represented themselves instead of fighting diligently for an astronomical riase then All but turn their backs on the three million homeless that Are sleeping in our streets. The above is an example of the decay we see daily in the Media giving us All a bad lesson s Day memorial Day and father s Day Are fast approaching. One wonders How Many aged parents will be forgotten or grave Sites go unattended. Too Many of us tend to forget our roots until there is monetary gain involved. We seem to forget our parents should they no longer hear As goof or communicate As Well As they once did. Maybe we feel Superior since we like to think we know More or have More forgetting How they must have deprived themselves in order to provide us with our first car an education or a lavish wedding. There Are numerous stories out there. I know. I saw it daily having for several years in my life the privilege to once service through a federally funded program the poor the handicapped and the aged. Some extreme cases come to mind an elderly lady who admitted to have not heard from her son in lower Michigan for several years. Letters when she finally did she called a neighbor Over to read it to her. When the neighbor arrived she found her slumped in a chair with the letter in her Lap. And the 79 year old gentlemen i found tangled on his bathroom floor after suffering an apparent stroke. It was summer and the heat in the enclosed room and the odor from his own excrement was overwhelming. It was obvious that he had lain there several Days. No one bothered to Check on him. Then there was Mike who had had a leg amputated at grand View. He went to the Hospital with most of his belongings a duffle bag a radio he had received from wyms Joy of giving program and the clothes on his Back. Mikes Roommate had a card rack full of cards gifts plants and several visitors. Mikes Only visitors were his landlord and myself. I contacted individuals groups and organizations and told them about Mike hoping Thye might respond. They did. My next visit to Mike found him with a rack full of cards and a Plant on his night stand. When i walked in Mike said i Don t know who the Heck is sending me All this stuff then started to cry. Mike was 86. Maybe these stories would have been different had the above been somebody or were financially secure. All they were guilty of is being poor and growing old. Don t put All the Burden of caring for an aged Parent on one Only to await until they Are gone to show up and demand your or worse if they did not have a lucrative life or what savings they might have had were depleted by medical Bills and or inflation not show up at All. Opposed to them owing us in fact the opposite might be True. Quoting a once popular country Western song a Mother Sang to a daughter from the time that i carried til the time that you married no this Mother s Day memorial Day and father s Day or anyway take time out and Tell them you care. After All where would you be without them Rod Stockhaus Bessemer m

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