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Ironwood Daily Globe (Newspaper) - June 1, 1973, Ironwood, Michigan Temperatures 24 or. Period to 12 noon 66 48. Previous 24 or. Period 74 51 year ago High 73 Low 56. Seasons rain 4.22 in. 54th year number 163. Ironwood daily Globe forecasts a partly Cloudy and cooler tonight and saturday. Low tonight in upper 30s to lower 40s. High saturday in upper 50s to lower 60s. Winds 8 to 16 . Saturday. Associated press leased wire news service Ironwood Michigan Friday june i 1973. Fourteen pages single copy 15 cents Senate votes nude dashes by fraternity men Are latest prank at mus i r a the mad it i i a a us. Re am1<> Civ Irnen no. Noruo 4a run tar at int Nilep in 9 to hic Raj role Nam Knop i -1 r ill Ujkaj 1. A or. Cambodia fund cutoff Washington apr a i Bat activity in Cambodia and conference committee will have Laos. The House had voted 219 the task of thrashing out a to 188 May to to deny any funds Compromise Between a Senate in a $3.6-billion appropriation Bill that would Cut off All funds Bill for any further hostility by for . Military action in in the United states in Cambodia. By Carol Morello although Only six were of nerve to run around nude on a he loses his pants. Members insist All Are acted personality so does each Fra Lansing state journal writer served by neighbors who called Chilly night. Delta Tau Delta is not the with Good intentions. Vemity House have its own Dis East Lansing Mich. A a a Al anti most a nobody really wants to do Only Campus fraternity getting Lester Chan president of Tinc Tive flavor. A fraternity men noted for 1 it so its funny they do it any its yuks from body exposure. Delta Sigma Phi insisted no the Phi Delta Theta Broth goldfish swallowing and Tele Bouse members Weie out a he said. A even though a member of the Phi Gamma harm was meant when his Eners confine themselves to the phone Booth packing pranks of that night. They Arentt physically forced to Delta House who identified tire House drove Over to the a a Normal fraternity pranks the past have switched to mad most a a streaking incidents go out there a a lot of peer himself Only As a a Toad a a it a Delta Delta Delta sorority stealing composite photographs dashes in the nude around so by the House Are directed to group pressure to so they More because in a Short and squat House last week and deposited of sorority members from their rarity houses As a prime outlet Ward the three sorority houses or less have dec ibid his House s Ben a freshly decapitated cow head houses throwing eggs and Toi standing on Harrison Road the pranks Arentt seasonal. Hur prank three nearly nude purchased from a Butcher shop let paper on their lawns around Delta Tau Delta. Some of the biggest laughs of men wearing Gorilla masks rid on the sorority a front Doorstep. Although the Friendly she a a we la run across and ring cur in the Winter when a Mem ing Down grand River Avenue a in a Wray we regret it now Nanigan Are initiated in jest the Doorbell then run around Ber gives his fraternity pin to standing in a convertible the House a couple of times be his Girlfriend according to a a but everything a in Good fore we get cold and come Lenti. Taste a he pointed out. A we Al for evening humor. Termed a a streaking by Michigan state University a naked marauders the pranks done to really have any Point said Nic because some of the girls did no to Deputy chief Robert Foster of Sochina and a Milder House version. The Senate thursday voted to Cut off All funds for . Com change greek government a majority of republicans turned against president Nixon s bombing policy As the Senate voted 63 to 19 for the anti bombing amendment sponsored by sen. Thomas f. Eagleton do. The Senate ban which applies to All Money Ever appropriated by Congress for any purpose was attached to the same $3.6-billion Bill. Administration spokesmen had said that the House action even if the Senate concurred would not have stopped the bombing. B52 raids were started in March to Force withdrawal of North vietnamese troops from Cambodia in compliance with the Jan. 27 Vietnam ceasefire agreement the adminis Valenti of Delta Tau Delta. A they Are just an accepted Back a Valenti said. A the girls then the brother gets run part of fraternity life. And just really enjoy it. You can see the through the Shower before they about anything is lights go out in the House and strip him to his skivvies and a member of Valentin a House the girls standing inside peer drive him t o his Girlfriend s was arrested last week when he ing House. Ways have Jock straps Toad said such pranks Are conceived during Stag parties think it was so funny. But if we offended anyone it was unintentional a he said. A maybe it was in poor taste but it was such a Spur of the and carry an unwritten code of moment thing we did no to think ethics avoid mentioning them the East Lansing police department say they Are potentially dangerous. A these fellas May be sneaking into a sorority House to steal a composite picture or about it much then. And we some silverware from the and five fraternity Brothers pain Rice of Gamma Phi a Chain is Strung through his around girlfriends and parents did no to do any damage to their girls a he said. A but when the were seen directing traffic in Beta sorority next door sex skivvies and tied to a Post so if although some pranks May Call comes in the Middle of the the Buff on grand River ave planned most of the girls Are he tries to escape before his walk a thin line Between pure just As each member of the night All we know is that a nue. Amused the men have the Brothers think he a had enough fun and poor taste fraternity House has his own individual burglary is in Athens a Premier George Papadopoulos announced today that he was abolishing the monarchy and making Greece a presidential Republic. Papadopoulos proclaimed himself first president of the new Republic in a radio Broad traction said cast to the nation. Eagleton said final adoption Papadopoulos had taken Over of his amendment after a As Strong Man and Crown re House Senate conference agree gent in March 1972. He master ment would make any further minded the april 1967 coup . Combat activity in Cam which brought the military Jim Bodia and Laos illegal. To to Power suspending Parlia the conference probably will Centary Rule. He said the Junta made the decision to end the monarchy in a special Cabinet meeting today. A plebiscite will be held within two months to ratify the decision he said. Following the referendum greeks will vote in a general election for a new parliament by the end of 1974. It will be the first election in Greece since february 1964. The Premier said investigations showed that King Constantine was involved in tile recent abortive attempt by admirals and Navy officers to topple the government. Take up the Bill next week. Sen. John Tower r-tex., urged House conferees to remain finn against the All inclusive Senate fund cutoff. The Senate action he said undercuts presidential assistant Henry a. Kissinger a negotiations with North Vietnam s 1-e due Tho. The sessions in Paris june 6, As both men seek full compliance with the cease fire Accord. A you Are encouraging further bloodshed in Indochina a Tower told the Senate after the vote thursday. A a done to think that lives Are going to be spared just because we Are out of unemployment rate unchanged Washington a tile nations unemployment rate still failing to respond to the economic Boom held stubbornly at five per cent of . Deputy held in murder of wife sons Escanaba Mich. A a Delta county sheriffs Deputy was arraigned in this upper Peninsula City thursday for allegedly murdering his wife and two infant sons by setting fire to his Home. The burned bodies of a Dennis Murphy s wife and children were discovered at the 25-year-old Deputy a Home thursday morning after Murphy was found beaten and handcuffed behind the firehouse in the nearby Community of Garden. Murphy is in jail Here without Bond after the arraignment in Escanaba District court on three counts of first degree premeditated murder. A preliminary examination was tentatively set for june la. Deputies at the Delta county sheriffs department said no information on Why Murphy was arrested was released by county prosecutor Tony mar Cinkewicz pending the hearing. Murphy was arrested thursday by Michigan state police. No motive for the killings has been determined police said. Murphy told police he was attacked by two unidentified men when he went to the firehouse in response to a report about a traffic Accident. He said when he arrived at the firehouse he discovered an inscription on the Wall written in red paint declaring a i will kill you Murphy. First your wife and Marcinkewicz said an Auto Nixon Pompidou talks accords relations warm Between leaders Reykjavik Iceland a can politicians who had failed a president Nixon and French to understand the aspirations of president Georges Pompidou Date charges de Gaulle. He today ended their two Day sum. ,. Mil talks. They agreed to work was flu0,Ert Asna it up it Quot go i Quot i for a revitalized transatlantic becoming More and More Alliance that can meet the gaullist changing needs of the 1970s. Aides reported Pompidou the american and French came Back immediately with leaders took leave of each other a in my own country people Are with few if any firm accords of saying in a becoming less and substance but with an under less standing that if All goes Well a unique Summit conference of i North american and West european government leaders can be arranged. This would bring together All is French and . Presidents Confer �?. President Richard m. Nixon and French president Georges Pompidou of France meet in Reykjavik Iceland at the Jarv Alstair Art museum. They discussed problems confronting the North Atlantic treaty organization. A photo of nonagricultural payroll jobs climbed modestly last month increasing by 150,000 to 75.2 million. There was a similar increase in payrolls in april. The jobless rates for most of the work Force in May the gov the other major groups of the by showed Murphy s wife a Ern ment said today. Labor Force remained at about net 20, and his two sons 2 the Bureau of labor Statis the same Levels As in april. For year old Randy and 7-month-old tics said the . Job picture adult men it was 3.4 per cent Robbie died in the flames of was essentially unchanged adult women. 4.6 per cent and the three bedroom Home. Teen agers. 15 4 per cent Gerald a a babes Bouchard of there was a Small decline in nearby Fayette the Deputy a the unemployment rate of White Collar workers from 3.1 to 2.8 per cent. For Vietnam veterans age 20-29, the jobless rate was 5.9 per cent. But for those from 20 to 24, it was 8.2 per cent an War on Ohio is declared by Michigan state senator since last novel it or although the Economy was in the midst of one of its most vigorous expansions in history during that period. As in april the number of people that the Bureau counted out of work totalled 4.4 million. The work Force remained at 84 million the Bureau said. The figures were adjusted to take seasonal Job patterns into account. Actually there was a Small decline in total unemployment but the drop was about in line with the usual Job picture from april to May the Bureau added. The report cast new doubt on whether the Nixon administration will be Able to bring the father in Law said Murphy told him two men came to the Murphy Home about i . And reported a serious traffic Accident on . 2 about 15 Miles away. Murphy told Bouchard he improvement from the 9.3 per was asleep when the men came cent in april. For Blacks and other minor a we might be forced to draft some men to Man the barricades but hopefully the True michigander spirit will bring us a Volunteer army mighty enough to quash the buckeyes la or 12 should do Ity groups the jobless rate increased slightly from 9.1 per cent in april to 9.4 per cent in May. The Bureau said that the number of unemployed persons who had lost their last Job was 1.6 million the lowest Point since april 1970. The report said the average Wyandotte Mich. Apr handed $11 billion and change added. Michigan s mighty militia May from the Wolverine state in re i Mccauley said several state March on Ohio to capture to Parathion for the 1835-36 Mich senators who served As pilots in Ledo and other hamlets North of Igan Ohio War Over Toledo world War ii have volunteered the 41st parallel says a state which was fought because of an for the Michigan air Force senator who has declared War j apparent drawing error by a on the Buckeye state. Mapmaker. Sen. John Mccauley d that War Cost one mule its Wyandotte declared War life a Soldier a Cut Finger and a thursday because of a nefarious Toledo Farmer his cabbage demands by a group of Toledo Patch. Businessmen and the . Supreme court i i j and his wife who talked to die the lighthearted group has de ruled recently Toledo a Mccauley a chief of staff is up a in rom in it t co Quot on a new men informed him they would j tally is part of Ohio a Deci-1 sen. John Bowman a Rose a that a rejoined Nixon not apparent to Pompidou emerged from the conference briefly to address newsmen saying his agreements with Nixon outnumbered 15 members of the North Atlan their disagreements tic treaty organization plus a the results will show them Ireland which is the Only non selves in the coming months nato country inside the com and years a he said Mon Market. I Nixon and Pompidou Shook personal relations Between hands after their Windup meet the two presidents evidently ing and Nixon said a Titi see warmed considerably during you in their conference with each Pompidou smiled and we aved passing Subtle political com Goodby. Aliments to the other. The two presidents could French officials for instance Point to nothing in the Way of a reported this conference sex dramatic achievement from change Between the two Lead their private talks thursday in ers Iceland Schilly capital. But Nixon claimed he has been their spokesmen indicated Hope working since 1969 to improve for eventual agreement through past misunderstandings in his negotiating procedures in View were the fault of Ameri see Atlantic Page 2 promises open Wisconsin budget meetings sees delay Madison wis. Apr the Hollander indicated that the chairman of the legislative con partisan overtones of the meeting were a result of the com jobless rate to tile Range of 4.5 hourly earnings of production per cent by years end. As it has forecast. The administration now is trying to slow the Economy Down a policy that would tend to push the unemployment rate up. Or no supervisory workers went up by two cents to $3.84. Average weekly earnings increased $1.12 to $142.46, primarily because of the increase in hourly earnings and a Small the Bureau said the number Rise in tile work week. Meet the Deputy at the fire station and go from there to assist him at the scene of the Accident. The Deputy claimed he drove to the station in his patrol car and was attacked by the men when he walked into the building. Murphy reported he was held by the larger of the men while the other wrent to the patrol car for the Deputy a Handcuffs. He claims he was dragged outside. _. And handcuffed and his shirt Day Ovner cd Lom was pinned Over his head so he a an pane Sam airlines said could not see his assailants. Colombian air pirates still control plane by the associated press two Young hijackers 22 passengers and a fresh Crew of seven took off from Aruba bound for Lima Peru Early to w u stale budget promised thursday. N. Sion some chauvinistic Mich Ville his Roommate in Lansing Yie six Man panel will not hold mittens three republicans and ganders applauded. And his partner in the Cele any More informal meetings in a Mccauley who recently rated Chicken Case. A because this is the Way the aided a Roseville girl fight a sister Mary Karl George j people want court order to get rid of her pet r.s.m., the provincial adminis-1 3ut sen. Walter Hollander a chickens says declaring War is Trator of the roman Catholic j Rosendale predicted that strict his a senatorial a Ergative since Sisters of mercy in Michigan in no hic mooting by his com my District abuts Ohio. A the War is in the Best interests of the misplaced persons who Are rightful residents of Michigan a he told the associated press. Mercy in Michigan by Public meetings by his com Lowa has volunteered to Mittee would delay completion serve As official historian for 0f the new biennial budget past and see Deputy Page 2 it had forked Over $50,000 in re turn for a Promise that every one aboard would be freed and j the plane abandoned at the next Stop. Eighty nine persons were aboard the plane when it was hijacked wednesday but All the women and children were set free la men escaped thursday and 9 More were released Earl today. The two men ordered the plane flown to Aruba on wednesday and threatened to blow it and the passengers up if they did not get $200,000 and i the release of 140 leftists from colombian jails. The Michigan militia a was Long the Date it is scheduled to take As i can watch the Battle effect. Through Field a i doubt we will be done by sister Karl authored a the june 31,�?� Hollander said. A was a we want to Lead them out of fall of Toledo for the a result of what happened today the Ohio wilderness and return state historical commission. It and holding the sessions right them to the Good is considered the definitive out in the open we wont be Ohio has not responded to the work on the War done in Challenge but Mccauley says Mccauley plans to finance Hollander referred to thurs he a willing to take the con j the Campaign with contrib Days conference committee tested Ohio lands in Trade for tons Ami says a the War session in which action on five some of Ohio s Lake Erie Chest is growing. We have Agency budgets was postponed floodwater which keeps parts of $10.25 already and i expect because of partisan differences his District wet. $37.28 by sunday.of eight Agency budget pro a Amie Higano a own Henry Kis Mccauley also wants the leg Powals taken up at the meeting Singer sen. Harvey Lodge r Slature to declare the Cardinal Only two were passed a title an Waterford says lies willing to the Ohio slate Bird a lest in other failed on a party line 3-3 Lead the peace talks a he Michigan. Vote. Stood firm however and the hijackers abandoned their demand for the leftists release and reduced their Ransom demand. Before Dawn thursday the Northern Ireland but Childers doubts whether his Victory will two men ordered the Pilot to Fly have any immediate effect. To Lima. The plane remained in the air for two hours but then returned to the Aruba Airport because problems developed with the propeller lubricating system. Then ordered terrorists killed two persons in Belfast late thursday As Northern Ireland held local Council elections As a prelude to legislative elections june 28. The protestant unionist party which has ruled Ulster for 50 off track a workmen replace tracks and scrape up some 300 tons of Coal after last part of a freight train derailed in Ann Arbor. No one w As injured Blit the Coal buried three parked cars. A photo i the hijackers the plane flown to Al Salvador years again held firm control but it never touched Down and More than 88 per cent of the returned to Aruba shortly be electorate voted in some areas three democrats not meeting privately to work out their differences. The new state budget expected to total about $2.7 billion is scheduled to take effect july i. Hollanders comments followed increasing opposition to private sessions the committee was rumoured to have been holding since its deliberations began tuesday. Gov. Patrick j. Luccy told a news conference he believes a the exact spirit and letter of the anti secrecy Law should be complied with by All governmental agencies. That Law prohibits closed door meetings by state agencies except in certain limited cases. The Wisconsin daily newspaper league filed a formal protest Over the meetings with atty. Gen. Robert Warren calling them illegal and asking what action the state could take to prevent similar sessions in the future. Several state newspapers have blasted the informal sessions in editorials and the Madison capital times wednesday printed a statement saying the newspaper would a Challenge the secrecy of the budget state sen. Henry Dormand Raeine issued a statement blasting the informal meetings a common feeling Between the \ As a a Sham a hoax a and sen two parts of the country and ate minority Leader Fred Ris despite his religion his eng-1 above All in helping the two Fer a Madison called them a bsh upbringing and opposition communities in the North to get to the Irish Republican army to know each other better a Childers is expected to have Childers said thursday trouble persuading Ulster prot-1 Childers replaces Eamon de est ants that a Dublin politician Valera the 91 year old founder can offer a genuine hand of of fianna fail who held the Friendship. Presidency for More than a half j while failing to approve a bldg although the republics new j Century during the Sto Miest i it for tile state budding com Irish Republic elects protestant by the associated press feat for the Irish Republican a claimed Aims of National recon the Irish republics Surprise army which had called for a filiation the new president s Milf tl5l0wvpr0v, Choice of English born Protys a total Boycott of the polls. Tant Erskine Childers As presi in his presidential Campaign Dent opens the Way for a new Childers 68, promised to try to attack on religious feuding in 8 Northern Ireland s protes Tants and catholics to the conference table in an Effort to bring peace to the six counties under British Rule. Personal initiative is limited by the constitutional role of the Irish presidency which is largely ceremonial and Akin to the British monarchy. A i would like to use whatever influence i have in establishing a perversion of the legislative the conference panel approved budgets for the Board on government operations and the state commission on aging fore Midnight. I and observers saw this As a de j government has also pro j Era of Irish politics. Mission

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