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Washington Democrat (Newspaper) - March 6, 1912, Washington, Iowa Thirty fifth ye4rwashington, Iowa wednesday much 6, 1912�?eight pages vol. Xxxiv., no. 32 Woodrow Wilson in Des Moines. Certainly Bari Bronson has no cause for complaint that his Wilson Booster meeting was not a Success whatever the effect of it May be. The Reglster-1 Reader say it was carry much weight and to Tell the truth i believe Iowa will be for Champ Clark. And i done to care. I will be glad to support either one the Best i can. I never have seen things so mixed. Most of the dem the biggest political meeting Ever olt rats fax or an uninstructed Dele held in the coliseum except when gation to Baltimore. W. W. Marsh Roosevelt was there. I pre of Waterloo is talked of for one of sume to say whether this was a the four delegates at Large. John veiled thrust at tile Taft meeting Stu Benrath of Pella would like to held there last autumn or _ not. Go. And Why not of i heard of any whatever it was Woodrow Wilson had a great meeting and he made a great speech. They said it was a school masters address but we sometimes wonder if a Little school teacher business is not needed. His oratory is not of the William Jennings Bry i want to know the fact i would an Type he does not enthuse a rather consult the reporters than others i do not recall them. You will say this in because i Ani a fool Stan Pat Democrat but nevertheless it is wih at i heard. They do say around Des Moines that Taft will carry the state. Thi is newspaper reporters talk and when or. And mrs. N. C. Easley not in time to get the Cut. We had the picture last week but it takes four Days to get a Cut made a a chips a Easley was a Good Friend of the Democrat and a mighty Square Man. We wish everybody were As Square As he was. There would be no use for courts or lawsuits. Crowd As Bryan does but i believe a Little less enthusiasm and a few More votes will a help some Woodrow Wilson talks with very Little att t politicians and statesmen this Side of kingdom come. They say Taft will have the four delegates at Large and the majority of Effort his language is Well nigh per the District delegates. And i did feet. If he made any grammatical bulls i did not detect them. Old Casey of the Knoxville express said not get this from Des Moines capital reporters either. I talked with Young Jarnigan managing editor Good old w out. I met Ollie Hull of the Leon reporter and actually he was Enro Ute to cd. I never knew he went to bed before. I thought he and Clint Price always sat up All night. He never heard a speaker who did of Lafe Yon go a paper but we did not make errors in grammar but i wholly disagree with him. I have heard Bryan and Taft and Roosevelt and their language is Well nigh perfect. Dan Hamilton sex congressman might say a has went a but most speakers use pretty Good language and so Woodrow Wilson a is Beautiful but not stilted and stiff. He uses Short Anglo Saxon Ham Lincoln words that All can comprehend. Tin Hist writer newspaper English i know is de. Howe formerly of the Atchison not mention politics. There is a reaction going on against Roosevelt. He has eliminated Cummins but Only to solidify the Taft forces. A cml Ial ism Humbug. A socialist lectured at the Workman Hall thursday night. He is from Milwaukee and his stage name is Silas Hood but his real name is the unromantic one of Jones but whether he is the Jones who pay the freight we do not know. He had oboist a Hundred out Ito hear him. Some of them were Republic in this terrible iou atry of ours. He says the Constitution of the paired states was created not to free men but to ens valve them. He says it was n conspiracy to enslave the Farmers and workingmen we Call that kind of talk treason but if you were to Tell a socialist that he would shriek himself hoarse claiming it was persecution they sold a few of the Hooks that Tell you All about How to get control of the property that belongs to the ten million. The socialists May As Well admit that they Are in favor of a division. We Are too. We would like to make win. Niou amp a and w. R Jeffrey and the Washington National rank and the either Bank and a. P. Well and Curt Well and All the rest of the moneyed men and institutions in the county Divide up with us but we Are afraid they Wmk not do it and we do not believe any of the soda list present will live Long enough to see that come to past of it did in three weeks a few would have Mere than the rest of us. What silly talk this socialism is to be sure. He say he was in Des Moines sixth District gossip is that Nate Kendall will be beaten by one al free of Newton. Some even go so far As to say he will not be a can Abra dilate. Syl Reynolds mayor of Oskaloosa will run on the democratic of ticket for Congress and he Wmk i take them to some. Syl. Has the Money and the ability and besides old Rusty looking coloured skirted paper collared Fred White was on our train and i would like to bet a forty Dollar dog that for intellect leans some democrats and a lot of and saw shacks where working men and shrewdness he has them All socialists. We do not know How live and the Shack had no Bath skinned. He has read everything Many Are socialists but perhaps tubs. He want Bath tub. We and from Carlyle to Dickens and re there were More than we think Mit Bhat some of them need Bath maybe there were fifty socialist tubs but w know some other folks there were a number out of Button Cut who need Baths a fut is much As tors and it seems that they have they do. We know plenty of wealthy Globe he uses just such Short Crisp tat he smoke will kill off a to Republican in the District. I believe when i think it Over that win. Sutherland Jim Daniels and my self were the Only democrats from the first District present. We have divided All the offices. If Woodrow Wilson is elected Jim will be postmaster at West Chester Hill will be postmaster in place of John Lytle and i will be a poet Lariat a of the stand patters. I May pungent words As Wilson. De Howe makes some Rotten Breaks in grammar but i always thought lit did it with malice afterthought de Howe knows better than to say a of we newspaper still he says it. Woodrow Wilson use few gestures. His Prim pal gesture is made by extending his right hand with two fingers of that band thrust Forward and he occasionally brings his hands together with a whack. Remembered it. He has remd Darwin and Huxley and Spencer. He has travelled abroad. He says if he could not read he would xxx i ii to die. He was t Ming me on the train yesterday about the British museum. This is written on the train saturday morning Between de Moines and Oskaloosa. I am now going to the rest of that Story about British museum from Fred. A. It get the m. The i dim that they have to be socialists Bec am Sie they Aru workers. John messenger a Button Cutter al. Horsey and a stranger to us took up the collections and sold the socialist a Hooks. Tom Shrader xxx is chairman of the meeting and addressed the audience As a gentlemen and Comrade Silas Hood or or. Jones is a Good taker and is evidently Well educated and has gone to seed on sociology. There is not half As my h i people who halve no hath tube and Likely would not Nae them if they did. He says we live mkt Savage and we ought to have collective ownership and then our would not in Fiak Shorter hours am people starving in the midst of they want to draw All a Roy Fril baking Rowde absolutely pure to have pure and wholesome food be sure that your baking powder is made from Cream of tartar and not from Alum. The lobe will guide you Royal is the Only baking powder made from Royal grape Cream of tartar no Alum no Lime phosphates More pay. Else. He atty he voted for Blains Tho Money and then Foi Cleveland and for plenty la alls it a philosophy and an it i to nothing in Exchange for it. Bryan. He is now a soda list. He we Mil it rot. Thin is Tho same old Devil that. Came will be voting for bluebeard and he ways 4,000,000 Are walking Adam and eke in the Garden for Ltd Amain Kidd it. Idle and be xxx can Tell him that am said a heat of tit tree of life Farmers right Here in Washington and you shall be As Wise no god county cannot get labor for their or word to that effect. It in the a wedding reception. Or. And mrs. Knight Wagner entertained about 35 guest thursday in Honor of their son Lester in Aetiology As these agitators would �?Tani1 3 her girls for t heir House work Aamy kind of a lie. Wagner and Bride. A sumptuous have us believe. The trouble with of so a a 4, Are Idle hut we dinner was served at 111 o clock theoretical sociologists is that they 1 an e la them we hired the pee or they received Many valuable and think Tho workers ought to gel four tramp printers the Pant six useful presents. The Bride is a along work i lug half the time. No 1,1 on the and the ornery cuss left uses the epigrammatic form of sex Chan my mind however if i find pression very much. He is not very emotional in his speaking and As stated does not warm up his crowd greatly. But he commands and hold attention. He tells a Story Well and knows How to drive Home a Point with a Story for example he described an insurgent Republican As a fellow who was not quite satisfied Dpi i he is and he cannot quite bring himself to come Clear Over. Bur he says a thinks of Hie Story of the deaf old lady who was introduced to a gentleman by the name of a stick pin a she said a wha is the name a a a Stickpin said her son a what is it a a to said site. A it sounds j ust like stick pin Ergo an insurgent sounds to him just like a i it Emo it rat. A along working half the time. Daughter of the late George Swift body not even the Farmer got on 1,8 right Iii the suds without a word he said he was glad to come to Iowa where they Start things. But a Charley Amos the Knoxville lawyer said he was very it careful to say Only where they Start things and not where they Complete them and this reminds me of Casey of the express who says he has been listening to speeches for pm years just to hear a new Story and has not heard one yet the a Stickpin Story Wax new to me but not to Casey. But does t to know that there Are Only seven stories in tile world ? out who snored. When we went to bed East h was Catech ised As to whether he snored. Each one asset rated that he did not. Jim said a my wife says i done to and or. Sutherland said a my wife Saju i Don t Ancret and some son of a gun snored of i can find the culprit he Shaw not have the Post office. I was glad to meet a lot of folks. I am always glad to see George Huffman xxx to used to it be state chairman. He has two Beautiful Little girls. Maybe they Are not so Little. Max be Huy Are i to or 18. They look like their Mother. Clint Price has three girls one Gladys is taking nurses training at Des Moines. Mrs. Earl Bronson was also in the Bunch of politician s wives. She has one daughter. Of course Iowa xviii never go democratic. The democrats raise Only girls. All i get out of politic a is the friendships so i was glad to meet Harry Evans and his wife. She is a daughter of Gen. Weaver and a very comely and Bright woman and i met James b. Weaver jr., who is a Whistler and a Good speaker after dinner talker and lawyer. Ile was toastmaster at the University club banquet to Woodrow Wilson. And is a very accomplished Young in that Way lady having All the acquirement j we always thought socialism of making a Happy Home. The Groon meant that we were to Divide up is the youngest son of or. And mrs. Knight Wagner and in a prosperous Young Farmer. These Young people Start out in life with the Best wishes of their Many friends of this Vicinity. They will make their Home with the grooms parents for tile present. A guest. And Start out even. Socialist usually deny it but Silas Holl it and the Burden of his talk was a collective ownership a he says 80.000.000 workers do the work and 10.000.000 get the profit. They make five fifths of the things that Are us d and get one fifth of the profit or the pay. Iii says we cannot sex congressman old Bill Jamieson who run the Clark Boom was Ming ing with the crowds of he was disconcerted by the Wilson Boom he did not betray it but wore continually the smile that won t come off. I told him he had better go Home and run his paper for his paper is Rotten xvii n he is not tic re but a that i sax to Bill or to Clint Price or to Casty or to goo Huffman or to anybody Jose does no to seem to Des Moines has a University club composed of University men from All the colleges. About 175 were at the banquet and All rough necks were barred. Who was it was it Charley Miller or a. J. Casey who said a no rough Nelt is Are admitted Jerry Sullivan introduced Woodrow Wilson and was xx1tse enough rub Ber boots menus Snag proof rubber Boot Quot $4. 0 boys Snag proof rubber boots Loo menus gum boots 4 7s boys gum boots 2.75 youths gum boots _ 2 5 you w la need them buy them now h ave just received a new fresh shipment. Frank l. Wilson amp co. X5/>e Quality shoe store j of warning. The Trumps who Are Idle Are natural born loafers and do not want work and the socialist Are to blame for preaching their foolish doctrine of discontent. There never has bet n a country on the face of the Earth where there was As plenty As there in in America today. There never has been a time when there was As much work to do for those we o wanted to work and Silas Hood alias Jon a knows Jit if to want to know it. I he sax s formerly the Farmers owned their Home now not one in fifty owns his Home Silas Hood alias Jon fit inns got the wrong Pitcher by to handle As lox is not telling tile truth Farmers of this country Are Hefter off today than Ever before. More ride in their own an to Moi lies More own Fine baggies More halve piano in their Homes More have Bath tubs in their House than Ever had before. And when he says the workers have Ihu show he is telling what he knows and what we know to he in me it Muscatine Bas had a Sample True we know Fred Tracy and ii ugly of it Boucan and John is Ann Ell All men who worked on the Section All their lives arid each bae a competency for his old age. None is Rich but there he say it is their goal to own every Bing and he sax they will wipe out the supremo court and the Senate and Congress maid just naturally raise the very Devil. Just As we supposed socialism is just exactly Aru by in removed from anarchy. Joe runner was there and we wondered what he thought of it i was in tic army and he know what this on to try stand for. Joe it incr never had a Dollar but that he worked for it. Joe a just like some of the. Re of us. The Only Way in knew to make a Dollar was by working for it we wondered what in thought of it ii say it is rot to Sam Anderson xxx As there Ile also made his Money and in is also a Republican and to say he thinks lefts of socialism than Ever. Jones says Iii. Re is no Dill relic in Tho two old parties. He sax it is ilk. Two links of san Sage from the same old log. That the methods of their minds. Stir up passion arouse the. Fighting blood if you cannot Xxiii by Lair Means win by foul of you cannot win by arg a Nimit Knock t i Oiler follow Down. That is so. I Alist argument a very to told of t in it h i i cd work in in tin democratic South and in Republican Pennsylvania and we All Agre that it must be stopped but the socialists can to Stop anything. Ii also claims that 720,000 girls Are in the ranks of the fallen because of the condition of the Tabor Market All leading shameful live because they cannot get work. But he knows ii Titer t ii an that too maybe xxx have been too Radical against this foolish ult for it is Only a passing foolishness but when any Man Cut me along to blackguard our country and abuse our institutions xxx believe is., ought to be met with similar argument. We Are glad we heard him. Be Caubit we Bell. Be he is one of their Ablest agitators Ami if he is and if he give us the Best they have in Tho shop i ii we have be More fear of social ism than xxx. Have of Tho world coming to an end next sunday after noon. It is a foolish vagary Ami nothing More and then it give Silas Hood alias tone something to do. Ruin the other fallow of you the Democrat has re Mark eel Many times recently that it did not believe in mixing into the presidential Are very few Rich people anywhere. But they worked whenever they handwork and saved what they made j they did not get drunk every Chanci one they got hut they kept their Money Ile Saye machinery a displacing pc t to buy five fifths with fifth sex we went to own All of the. Things we make he take no a workmen and they want to own the a a Vij. 1 ult us mount of the owner of the capital machine. Yew they 11 u no u a As a mat it in of assuming Xiv presume that there is pews sin. Hearing Wilson in ibs Moines ii is our opinion that he would be a stronger vote better at to make his remarks ail Ort but the Lvi is the in lamp Lark Admir Farmers we want your butter amp eggs we can save you Money on All your meats and groceries and at the same time pay you More for your plate it it pm. He is such a True Patriot pointed. E. G. Dunn of Mason City in de a Short talk while we were a waiting for Woodrow Wilson. He to i two Good stories and got them across in Good shape. I. Isl running for governor in the democratic to tact. He is smart As lightning he has been mixed up with the Iowa Grain dealers of Northern Iowa for eight years and they say they Are All for him. All i know against him is that he org d democrats in slump speeches to Vole for Clifford Thorne. On that account i am for of Connor of new Hampton Bunn May get his votes from the Thorn republicans. He does no to need democratic votes. I was glad to Ste judge e. Carrs benign countenance on the Able though Champ Clark May be. I Democrat would vote for Champ claim but not Many republicans whereas All Democrat would vote for Wilson and Many republicans. This is not a written to stir up a Row in the party he Cauer we can easily and gladly and heartily support Clark. So can any demo Erat hut he is located wrong we believe Wilson is the stronger Man. Still if til Punty democrats Are for Clark that is their privilege. This is Only our opinion and May be Worth vary Little. But if you had heard Wilson a did win. Sutherland James Daniels and this scribe you would feel lunch As we do. Clark May even carry Iowa at no such tiling a capital since it is mostly unearned increment or a it me fool thing of that sort. Of. Says the socialist now have 64 cities under their control and xviii have 65 when they get Muscatine. In did not Tell us though that Milwaukee is worse in Dent. The in if Over was. La did not Tell us that socialism has ruined Muscatine. He did not Tell us til at socialism had to do with the wrecking of the an l 1/00 Angelo times. Him will deny tins Birt the Falt to remain. Their chief Organ the Appeal to reason of Girard Kansas shrieked itself Black in the face Over the Mcnair ant to get something for nothing. We knew that Xiv a a socialism although they will deny ii in private talk. He say while Howa at Spokane Washington three men were murdered at night because workingmen were Idle la knows that is tit True. Four of his kind of people were hanged in Otic ago a few week ago for murdering an Hon truck Farmer not because they were Idle but because they a to brute. He will deny that they were socialists but we Cau your attention to the act that they in Siw d the government and our Laws Jim a Silas Hood alias Jones did. Working men Are not. Murderers it Man Ary. A in Oakland february 25, 1012, Stanley beloved son of Rev. William c. And Jean Black Allen and brother of or. Baul e. Allen of mus Aline Iowa Arthur c. Allen of Elberta Walter Allen of chicagoan Gertrude and Theodore Allen. It Quot a. Rule or ruin that is the Beati v not to a of. Trine of la slim i. I Quot i a a 1.s 7 ,11 01110#. Friends and acquaintance and How he hum d Lafollette j a resp fully invited to attend a a a High in in a Nak Ile say la funeral service tomorrow tuesday Follette Parade Over the country 27, 1912, at 3 of clock p. Rn., from As a i ogre us Ibe but be is nothing the Brooklyn presbyterian Church of the sort. He say he come along Corner twelfth Avenue and East arid steals planks out of their so fifteenth Street. Remains at the cd Alist platforms but i too big a family residence 1028 East fifteen Coward to come right out and be one of them. Rho a Bove is from the Oakland and he smashes Theodore robs California enquirer. How sorry we Volt he called him a Roosevelt. He say the Sun All store keepers an Only collecting anode for the trusts. All he wants is to a bang trusts. Ii want a socialist Trust of what we now have. Aud in Are to record this item. We had hoped Starkey might pull through. He made a Long. Brave but hopeless Light. His father who is preaching in St. Louis was riot riven Able to go to the funeral. A brother Paul is a called the audience of work doctor in Muscatine. What a trial or blockheads and Loo is and every this has been to the Good Mother thing Elk because they do not vote Tim Democrat joins their on the Mai h in cry and everything Friend a re in condolences. Many Mara but the chief editor Sheafe four fool boy Are on trial in chitin off with another Many a xxi Cage a this is written for murder life and he is out f it. Lincoln Steffens Prim e of socialist said the Mcnamara were ing mrs. Kauffman not because the to of Idle and looking for work but b Cao thy w re id and drunk. The state convention but we be healthy but misguided boys and the we Hoy i what Caumo All this Hull Lieve Wilson is stronger the Conn try Over. Think about it anyhow. Butter than any House in Washington. Let us prove it to you. The Royal Market and grocery Todd Stuart he has fought bled and died for his country a thousand Tim a by phone 361 Mutual 5b notice of school election. I the annual meeting of the Elton sitting on the platform so that the ors of the Independent school Distant of us might behold what god Triet of Washington Iowa will be wrought when he had made him. Held in fireman a Hall on monday John Dennison and Louis Murphy March Lith 1912 from. One o clock were at the head of the reception p. M., to six of clock p. Rn., for the committee that w ent from Des purpose of a letting two directors Moines to Grinnell to meet Wilson for the term of three years and 11.ow Lovely one director for the term of two i years also a candidate for the of i met Goshorn of Winterset. Hee of school treasurer. Gosh xxx hat a name. Tut he is a a in. Morton secy judge said Lim a in Steffens was a liar his socialism is a pretty theory and All that Aile it it wont work. There is nothing in it in a country like ours but it is an outlet for the discontented whom we always have with us. If it. Is not the grangers or hic anti Inonu to Lista or the know nothings or the i of Folt of it is the populist or the socialists to if is an outlet and we May a Well let it go at that. In has some Little books to sell at ten and fifteen cent that Tell one All about How Rotten the it on Titu he sax we want Shorter hours of lion is and How to mend matters course that is the Burden of the on Earth or a great a al of it. Excessive whisky. J he says to have starvation in every county in the United state. How would to urn it from time immemorial there has bin a starve Don and Laws cannot cure it. Christ said a the Joor be have with you alway he admits that drunkenness cause a lot of the trouble for he say machinery does the work bet Ter and faster than men and it does not get drunk on saturday night. A is at stake when your prescription is filled. Bring it Here and it is filled the Way your doctor wants it to be the Way that will make you Well. And the Price will be just what it ought to be. Lemmons pharmacy Icho

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