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Iowa State Reporter Newspaper Archives Jun 15 1893, Page 7

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Iowa State Reporter (Newspaper) - June 15, 1893, Waterloo, Iowa A atm state Porter. Matt Abbott a 80x8, full saws. Waterloo. 1wa to Ikka arc reported to be commercial drummers in this country Only three of whom arc women. Tub last letter written by George Washington was recently sold at auction in Philadelphia for eight Hundred and fifty dollars. The leading medical authorities in new York express themselves As of the opinion that this country has nothing to fear from a cholera invasion. Babies May be checked at the world s fair now. We have seen babies with a fog Horn accompaniment that sounded us though even a world s fair would t Check them. Epitome of the week. Interesting news compilation. sends annually in round numbers some eggs to in Guild. This is something o an offset to the English Yolk of which she complains. Is a Boston paper we h and this advertisement a Middle aged Young la wants a where else in Al the world would one find a Middle aged Young lady except in Boston in her translated Book lady Colin Campbell says that kissing ruins the complexion. We wondered what was spoiling the complexion of so Many Chicago girls. Siam which has never had a legation in this country has established one at Washington where her dreamy representative will be Able to show the hustling diplomats of other countries the real Siara ease. A Gex Lemax who economies by de Clining to take a newspaper May save Money for a time but he is dead sure to lose every cent in. His clothes the first time he meets the gentle Confidence this statement can be. Verified by a Orlance at the police records of any Large City any Clay in the week. A curious will was placed on record in Louisville. It was written by a Young woman who recently committed suicide by taking Poison. In the last agonies of death she had scrawled her parting injunctions to her friends in this world on the Pillow with a Dull Pencil. This Pillow Case is to be regularly recorded and filed. The rate schedule of one of the trans Atlantic steamship companies sets Forth that the i ice of passage for dogs cats and monkeys is each and that those animals must be caged before being brought on tie Steamer and will then be placed of the the idea that suggest to a sea sick passenger is most petrify ing. Ore was first mined in the unite states in 160s. When about thirty futons were exported from Jamestown a. The Ore production was Ineo sic arable until the present Century. In 1810 it was but tons per year in 1850 it reached about while in 1s90 the vast total was More than 15, of this coming from the Lake Superior mines. From Washington. At the Treasury warrants for the pay meat of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Laud claim amounting to were cashed. By a presidential proclamation the extradition treaty Between the United states and Russia is now a Law of the Laud. The three floors of Ford s theater building Vised by the pension and rec Ord division of the War department col lapsed and Twenty two clerks from All parts of the country were killed and Over fifty others were injured some fatally. War records on which the claims of thousands of veterans in All parts of the land depend were destroyed. The building had been in an unsafe condition for some time and re pairs were being made when the Acci Dent occurred. Tajii leading Clearing houses in the United states reported exchanges during the week ended on the amounting to against the previous week. As com pared with the corresponding week of 1893 the decrease was in the United states there were 322 business failures reported during the seven Days ended on the in the week preceding there were 2ss, and during the corresponding time in 1802 the number was 10s. The report of auditor Ackerman shows fair receipts to May is were and the expenditures the East. The failure was announced of Samuel p. Prince owner of steam Marble works in Philadelphia and interests in Marble quarries in Rutland it with liabilities of s100.000. At the Dannemora n. A prison Sapione Martello was electrocuted. He murdered another italian named Gio Anui Harrelo in Saratoga May 5, a big whale which became tangled n the traps of some fishermen Oil Sandwich was killed after an exciting Battle. The Pennsylvania prohibitionists nominated j. F. Kern for state treas ire and 11. P. Ames for supreme jus ice. In Boston Josiah b. Kendall a real estate dealer and broker failed for my. Family trouble caused g. C. Prav aged 20, to kill his wife and then shoot himself at Shirley me Davix Booth s remains were interred n mount Auburn cemetery at Boston. Fire destroyed the Lehigh Valley Soal trestle and Coal storage House con dining tons of Anthracite Coal at Buffalo n. Loss s500.000. The death of Warren Leland aged 9, the last survivor of five Brothers mks. Moskow Otto Stevens and Luther w. Turner were drowned near Spring Valley Minn. Their team plunged into Deer Creek upsetting the Carriage. The republicans of Ohio in convention at Columbus nominated William Mcl Iii Ley for governor a. L. Harris for lieu tenant gym Ruhr w. T. Cope for state treasurer j. K. Diehards for attorney general and j. 1. Bradbury for supreme judge. The platform favors Protection to american labor and industries pro much bloodshed. Trouble Ali cuke out anew a Guiont. 111. Hucl a i Vaw two men Aud i on Sibly Moro Aro a heed Aud Jinny wounded. . 11l, june a result of the labor troubles in the Stone quarries be Voen Here a us Joliet and on the drainage canal a Battle took place at noon Friday Between the will county Sherrir s posse and the strikers Noar the Camps of e. Smith it co. That Toction against the influx of vicious and resulted in the criminal classes favors pensions to disabled soldiers and sailors of the late War Aud the widows and orphans of such As Are deceased and favors honest Money composed of Gold Silver and paper maintained at equal value and under National and not state regulation. the Texas regatta oarsman Peter Sou won a Quarter of a Mil defeating Stansbury Hanlan Teenier ten Eye and others. Eulalia of Spain and her husband Prince Antonio together with members of their party visited the world s fair. It was decided by judges Woods Aud Jenkins of the United states circuit court that the Gates of the world s columbian exposition should be closed on sunday. Judge Grosscup rendered a dissenting opinion. A mob lynched l. C. Dumas a Young coloured Man it Gledson tcnn., for assaulting a daughter of a Farmer. The men and women official positions make their duty the caring for the unfortunate in the Public ins Titu loss of Sev Era lives and the serious wound ing of a score of others. The names of those killed Are not known and there Are conflicting statements us to the number killed it being reported some of the strikers fell into the canal when shot. A Deputy Coroner from Joliet held an inquest near Mason dash in i Hoge co s Camp Friday evening on a body found on that Section. Another body was picked up Belon the Norton Bridge Aud a third Man it is positively asserted fell in the canal near the same Bridge. John Kluga aged 17, and an unknown Man Are known to have been killed. An arrangement was made Friday morning by which Tho strikers in the Vicki Ity of Lockport were to meet the strikers from Lenont at Smith co s Camp about noon. The Smith Camp is about 3 Miles below this town and about half a mile below the Norton Bridge. It is on the line of the drainage canal Between the Illinois Michigan canal and the Desplaines River. It is said Frank Pilachowski who is under arrest at Joliet is the Man who negotiated the arrangement Between the Lockport strikers and those Here lie is a Barber in this place. According the canal riots. Illinois state troops Heady to 1 revert Furt Lier Roumo at Alt visits Trio score had after Uulu Jedi lib a that the shooting str Kim wan in. 111., june site militiamen Are scattered Alou the route Between this town mid Lockport in command of col. Judd of Chicago and col. Bennett of Joliet. It is riot Likely their services will to needed. The soldiers Are patrolling the right of Way of the canal. Altgeld arrived Here at o clock saturday afternoon from Springfield and at once began a per Sonal inquiry into labor troubles exist ing along the drainage canal Aud which resulted in Friday s allow of blood. This governor listened attentively to the stories of Twenty or More persons who were either witnesses to Friday s Battle or were among those who were wounded. The investigation lasted nearly three hours and at its conclusion the governor made the Fol lowing statement i received n message Lato Friday night who made the name of Leland famous n the hotel business from the Atlantic o the Pacific occurred at port Chester the woman s building on tin fair grounds is an edifice of the accommodation of the Small Chil whose parents take them to the fair but who do not wish to have the trouble and care of them while there for a Small fee the child can be left in the hands of trustworthy misses Anc can stay contentedly in the Cona Fortal playground which has been provided until its parents Are ready to leave. Australia has invented the stump jumping plow. The Farmers who use it Are claim jumpers. The dealers who sell them Are Coxeter jumpers. With the Boomerang and stump jumping plow As implements of War and peace the Kangaroo and Jack Rabbit As the typical Fauna and even the Banks jumping their Australia should follow up the similes and make leap year every season the National coat of arms jumping Jack. Man has accumulated wealth lie seeks Fame. Some Rich men become patrons of Art others distinguish themselves by works of philanthropy and still others Purchase seats " in the Senate of the united1 states there is a Maine millionaire however who avoids the common avenues to glory and wins the plaudits of the multitude in the of a drum major of a Village band. And if therein anything More impressive than the drum major of a Rural it can Only be the drum major of some other Rural band. The prettiest scene in the tour of in fanta Eulalie was when she visited the new York Normal College and saw the Bright faces of the Nineteen Hundred Young schoolgirls. The school was presented to her highness who bowed and Nineteen Hundred girls arose and bowed in return and one girl an american born of Spanish parents made a speech of Welcome speaking Spanish. To this the Infanta replied saying among other things i can Only add that i wish i was seated on the benches with the exercises that took place highly pleased the Prin Cess. The total Silver production for 1s01 is placed at Troy ounces of which the United states produced 58. . The government purchased 54.ol-2.su ounces in that year a very considerable proportion of the world s output. In Iris the United Stales produced ounces at an average Cost of cents per ounce. The value of our yearly Silver production has steadily increased. The production of Gold on the other hand has been much less in the United Stales during the past Twenty years preceding. The of Gold mined in Sill was of the 7 a Tucket club intends to Row from that City to the world s fair in a thirty on foot aluminium racing Shell. Last year or. Appley performed the foal till then unprecedented of rowing to now York in i rat ing Shell. Lie will follow the same route on his world s fair Zarni Gannett Bay and through Long Island sound. He will connect with the lakes by the Erie canal after rowing up the loud son River. The actual rowing distance will be Between 1.500 and Miles and or. Appley expects to be from six to ten weeks on the journey. E. P. Sax Fokd co., new York jew Elers made an assignment with liabilities of and assets of West and South. In Chicago the Grant locomotive works one of the largest manufacturing enterprises in the West made an assignment with liabilities of Flavies destroyed the Schelp Wagon and Carriage factory in St. Louis the loss being s100.000. Session in. Chicago the anti Trust convention adopted a platform calling for the enactment of More rigorous Laws against combinations in restraint of Trade. Is Detroit the world s 25-mile record for bicycles was broken by Fred c. Graves the professional wheelman who made the run in 1 hour 13 minutes 8 2-5 seconds. The death of Julius Balke one of the founders of the Brunswick Balke col Lender company billiard table makers occurred at his Home in Cincinnati aged 03 years. It was said that j. A. Jenkins who resigned the treasure ship of Jefferson Ville was Short in his accounts. The Bradstreet Thurber company s furniture store in Minneapolis was burned the loss being the whisky Trust directors at Peoria 111., have concluded to shut Down All the distilleries in operation. Eulogies were pronounced at the annual meeting in Chicago of the nations of the country inaugurated a con Gress of charities and corrections in j Chicago. Six masked men held up the Mobile Ohio new express train at j by a crowd of men estimated at from 100 to 200. But probably about 125, i marched from Lockport Friday fore noon northward to the Camps. J when the mob reached the Camp of i the decor Nick construction company i it was met by six Deputy sheriffs who i had been sent out by sheriff Henneb j of Joliet and thirty or forty men who had been armed with rifles by the con tractors. When the strikers observed the formidable array of rifles they quickly surrendered Aud seventeen of them were arrested by the Deputy sheriffs. The balance took to the Woods or went Back to Lockport. The be Mont division did not reach the Norton Bridge until a Little before noon. The strikers crossed the Bridge and a part of them started South on the Tow path on the canal while another Sec Tion went West to the open space be tween the Santa be railway and the River. There was something like 300 men in the mob but a great Many of them according to the Best citizens of Lemont were unwilling participants in the affair. The More Bloodthirsty it is said rushed Down to the Edge of the River and seeing workingmen across the River began firing at them. They then started South it is said and fired Sev eral shots at the mounted guards. The sheriff s men and the guard advanced and it is said opened fire. Some of the contractors men were armed with shotguns loaded with Buckshot and they were successful in bringing Down some of the men. When the Deputy sheriffs and the. Contractors men opened fire the mob commenced to run. Many of the strikers tried to take Refuge be Hind the pile of Earth that had been excavated from the Illinois Michigan canal but were apparently pursued. It is not even claimed by the contract ors men that the strikers attempted to do any firing after the Deputy sheriff ordered the attack. The men were Pur sued As far As Norton s Bridge and most of the wounded were picked up along the ton path. It is apparent that the firing was extremely wild. John Kluga the polish boy who has since died was sitting on the Bank of the track eating his lunch. He was employed by the Railroad company As a Section hand and had nothing to do with the trouble. John Severn Peter son one of the wounded was a car Penter who was forced to join the mob much against his will. Nelson Colson the swedish boy who is wounded in the ear was with Peterson. It is asserted by some that three men Forest Lawn 111., and robbed the express car of the Nebraska state building on the world s Fairgrounds was dedicated with great enthusiasm. Is Chicago the Congress of vegetarians was opened and papers setting Forth the benefits to be obtained from Absten Tion from eating flesh were read. A wind storm swept slice county Minn., doing fully tie Village of Dundas suffered the most severely. At the annual meeting in Peoria 111., John a. Lee of St. Louis was elected president of the travellers protective association. The recent fire in Fargo Jav. D., caused a loss of and an a peal for Aid for the Many persons left destitute has been made. At Mayfield. Ivy., Bob Brown a negro was hanged for the murder of Al Bert Colley a Well to do Farmer on the night of december 10, 1s92, j backs failed at Mascoutah 111., Hud son wis., Ellenburg wash., Missoula Mont., Gillespie 111., and two private Banks in Chicago. At the session of the women s Chris Tian Temperance Union Congress in Chicago the world s fair directory was denounced for permitting the Sale of liquor on the grounds. Of the line of the new drainage Ca Nal at Lemont. 111., a sheriff s posse met and put to rout 400 striking Quad ramen killing seven of the number and seriously injuring a score of oth ers. Gov. Altgeld ordered troops to the scene of the strife. Foreign intelligence. Nat mounts. John Smith Robert to wat and Henry Whitfield were drowned at Pine tree Harbor ont., by the sink ing of their boat. In Galatia and Kuk Owina in aus Tria fifty villages were partially destroyed by floods. By the explosion of a Shell from the military Drill grounds at Luxemburg. Germany in the midst of a procession of catholics seven persons were killed and thirty others fatally wounded. The sum of Money Given to the Pope during his episcopal Jubilee by bands of pilgrims by Catholic orders and by individuals amounts to francs. I flames destroyed the Ville Marie j Convent at Mon lands near Montreal involving a loss of insurance the stables of the Street railway company at Winnipeg Man., were destroyed by fire and sixty one horses perished in the flames. Signed by Thi Sli Urilt of will county tie sheriff of do county Iuit by or. Gilbert the sheriff or cools county evidently sent from Gilbert s office in Chizuko. Stating that Thoro was riot Here that a number of men had by in that sheriff s deputies were not Able to maintain peace and order and protect life and property Aud that a mob of about strikers was threatening violence and that they called on to to order out the militia to protect life and property. I telegraphed to the sheriff of will county and to Gilbert Sld ii How Many deputies they had sworn in Ana whether Uny one had been Hurt other than the strikers. The sheriff of will county replied that he had about 120. I rot no response from or. Gilbert until saturday. Believing the telc ram signed by the three sheriffs stated the facts correctly i ordered out the second Aud third regiments Ana one company from another and at the same time adj Gen. Orendorf with an aide started Lor Joliet. This was about Midnight and by 2 o clock saturday most of the troops were on the ground and i will say responded with remarkable promptness. I arrived Here about saturday afternoon and have been making inquiries. I Learned from the Deputy sheriff of Cook county that in fact up to he Tinius the Telegram was sent Thoro were no deputies for Cook county and that the sheriff sent Down twelve special Aud eleven regular deputies. I have talked with men who claimed 10 represent the contractors and sent word to each that i would like to meet him and ret his version. I went Down to the scene of the shooting Aud talked with a number of men not interested and especially some Railroad men working on the tracks of the Santa be Railroad who saw what took place and gave me a full account of Tae affair. One of their num Ber was shot. The information i get thus far tends to show that there has been no rioting or serious Urbance Here for a week until Friday and the Only violence used was by a number of men both coloured and White who had been brought Here by one of the contractors from the South and who were armed by him with rifles and who opened lire upon some strikers who were walking Malonff the Tow path of the old canal and were not making any demonstration and were not going in the direction in which the new work is being done. The moment the firing began inc men on the Tow path began to run northward and were followed by these men with rifles for the distance of about a mile and they kept shooting the entire distance kill ing and wounding from fifteen to Twenty men As is claimed. These men trere shot All the Way along this distance of a mile. Among others mortally wounded was a labourer on the Santa be Railroad who was quietly eat ing his dinner when he was shot by the Side of the track nearly a mile North of and away from the Point where the shooting first began. In Short the Only men who seem to have violated the Law Friday Aud that in cold blood were the men who had been armed by this con tractor and who did the shooting. 1 have been told by some gentlemen claiming to give the other Side of the Story that the con tractors claim that some of the strikers Confidence restored. End it of Clil Vako Simiu cum Cru 1 Hills of business troubles la a. June has been fully restored to the Small arc of the Okich tary Circle that was disturbed Momley tuesday and wednesday. A great Many of Tho Tiu id Sav Ings depositors who rushed to withdraw their Cash from the Banks under a false impression that a sort of ii aficial Day of judgment had come tre now rep Hue ing their Money in the Banks and the Only result of their tic arc is tie loss of whatever interest might have accrued on their de posits. At the Bank of Commerce Tilbe savings and dime savings the run has ceased entirely. At o clock a. In., at the receiving Teller s window in the Bank o Commerce wore some Twenty person waiting to Deposit Money Aud at the pay ing Teller s desk were two men having1 checks cashed. At the dime savings depositors Are revoking the notices Tun monday of their intention to with had fired Over at them. This is not tonal prison association in memory of Rutherford b. Hayes late president and Gen. Tinkerhoff of St. Paul was elected to fill the vacancy caused by Gen. Hayes death. The fifty elevators belonging to the Northern Pacific elevator company in North Dakota were attached on claims aggregating ?400.000. Is Chicago the anti Trust convention Iuis hed its labors after adopting Reso nations providing for the formation of an anti Trust association with two a ional committees to prepare remedial legislation. The heaviest retail dry goods dealer n Chattanooga. Tenn., d. Job. Loveman ailed for at Hinton. W. Va., and Vicinity a loud burst did damage to the extent of Dora a. Velv shot and killed w. G. Jray at grand rapids mich., and then ook her own life in tie same manner a Lousy was the cause. Flames swept away nearly the in ire business portion of Fargo. N. A. He loss being Over and six croons perished in the Ilams. The lira Nade a clean sweep twelve blocks Long y five blocks wide. Over persons Ere made homeless. Tun firm of Joseph Rathbone co., lumber merchants in Chicago tiled for gasoline Gas exploded in the base ment of Samuel grocery store in St. Louis injuring sixteen per sons four fatally. William a. , of new York was elected president at the thirty third an Nual convention in Chicago of the United states association. The association represents capital to the amount of about . 1 residences burned ill san Francisco causing a loss of fl.00. 000. Richard Windrow cd Ward Davis and Charles Madison firemen were killed and another fatally injured while lighting the flames. Akki the discussion of constitutional prohibition mid the religious aspects of the Tempo rom a the world s tem Perance Congress in Chicago came to an end. A h07kn buildings at Oshkosh wis., were burned causing a loss of tin failure of the private Bank of a. C. Robert at Washburn wis., caused the Shell Lake savings Bank of which he i principal owner to suspend. Later news. Chief Justice Fuller of the United states supreme court granted the supersedes sued out by the world s columbian exposition company and the Gates of the fair were open on sunday. Buildings and in the Public All the Eastern state Many of the exhibits buildings were closed. While temporarily insane mrs. G. J. Weaver drowned herself and two Chil Dren in a Creek in Fultonham 0. The Union stockyards Bank of Sioux City la., with assets of s4s2.c67 and liabilities of made an assign ment. The mexican town of up Ahmetta was completely wiped out by a storm and nearly persons were homeless. Savage s livery stable at Charles town w. Va., was burned and thirty one valuable horses perished in the flames. At the conference of charities and corrections in Chicago l. C. Storrs of Michigan was elected president. The California express on the Santa be Road was held up by five men near Cimarron kan., and robbed of Money and jewelry amounting to v Oaks tax Gaui Sauk won the 3-mile professional race at Austin tex., in which Breaks the world s record. A Tei Mufic windstorm swept Over Buffalo n. A. And five persons were drowned by the capsizing of boats in Lake Erie. The Battle ship Massachusetts was launched at cramp s shipyard in Phila Delphia with notable care moan. Axxie b. Maui by aged 25, was convicted of forgery at St. Cloud Minn., and sentenced to ten years imprison inn t Anton of Odell 111., died from drinking Loo much whisky from a Jug he was carrying Home. in the warehouse of j. H. Bobby sons in new York caused a Joss of Over convicts while returning from the quarries to ton Rah prison Nofer Cairo Egypt attempted to escape and thirty nine of them were shot dead by the troops. The Little town of Liberal. Mo., was almost u stroy cd by a of incendiary origin. The percentages of the baseball clubs in the National league for the week ended on the 10th were As follows Pittsburgh fill Brooklyn fill bos ton .605 Philadelphia 000 Baltimore. My Cleveland .v53 new York .5m Washington .472 Cincinnati Chi Cago .429 St. Louis .413 Louisville .148. Fell into the canal while others say Only one fell in. It is believed by Coroner Kufus Arnold who held the inquest on the body found that there Are two bodies in a clump of Bushes near the Norton Bridge. A look through the place did not result in the bodies being found but it was dark and they May have been there and escaped observation. The Bushes Are in Cook county just North of the will county line and this is the reason Why or. Arnold would not make an investigation. The people of Lemont while they do not seem to be fully in sympathy with the strike blame the Deputy sheriffs and the contractors for the trouble. It is said that if it were not for a few leaders among the strikers who insist on raising a Row there would be no trouble. , 111., june gov. Altgeld at p. Friday decided the condition of affairs at Lemont War ranted calling out the militia and he issued an order for the second and third regiments to report at the scene of the trouble at 6 o clock this morning. Adj. Gen. Orndorff has started for Joliet and will remain there until order is restored. The second regiment of Chicago will be assigned to duty at be Mont and the third will assemble at Joliet. Banquet to ,1. .1. Hill. St. Paul Minn., june culmination of the Celebration in Honor of j resident .1. J. Hill of the great North Ern Railroad came Friday night in a banquet at the Aberdeen hotel in this City. There were present men celebrated in political and business life Railroad men. Literary men and others of More than National Fame. The welcoming address was made by sex gov. Merriam to which or. Hill responded. Other toasts were responded to by Franklin Macveagh of Chicago c. J. Davis usted states senator Cyrus Northrop president of the stale University Arch Bishop John Ireland other Moalli of an Illinois Ottawa 111., 0. S. Eldrage one of Tho Best known Law yers in Central Illinois died Here Fri Day evening aged it years. Lie. Was judge of thu recorder s court at one time lie was also a member of Pic convention for framing a Constitution for Illinois. In Harmony with the statement made by the Railroad people Ana As i am now advised that no contractor claims there was any necessity of following the men who were running and shooting them Down after they had run a mile. I expect to make further inquiry and will do what i think the Law re quires at my hand. If after looking More fully into the situation 1 conclude that the Law re quires me to keep troops Here i shall do so if not they will be taken gov. Altgeld went to Joliet where he summoned the various contractors and a conference was held on sunday with a View to getting at the Bottom of the trouble. A committee of the strikers was also present. The contractors All said thai their men had made no de Mand for an increase in wages and were willing to work if the Quarry strikers could be kept away. The strikers asserted that the contract ors discriminated against local men in giving employment. This the contract ors All denied and said they had favored the local men. Four men Are reported dead and three others will probably die. Gregor Kilka a married Man who came to this place a week ago died at s a. At his Home on Stevens Street. Kilka had done no work Here. Friday he was forced to accompany the strikers against his will. A Bullet of Large Caliper struck him in the head and he was brought to Lemont in a dying condition. It was Learned at noon that another body had been found near Mccornick s Camp. The party of poles who found the Corpse say that it is the body of Ignatz ast aged 20, and a resident of be Mont. Ast was shot through the head. The officials Are positive that the body of an unknown Man is lying in the canal near Kotney. This Man with Kilka ast and the unknown Man killed near Romeo Friday completed the list of those known to be dead. Supervisor Wei Ier has made preparations to Send three of the badly wounded men to the Cook county hos Pital where they can receive better at Tention than Here. These three men Are Michael , shot through the liver Michael Yaslaski shot in left lung and Thomas merc Leski shot in lungs. Aside from the dangerously wounded men above mentioned the injured Are resting easily and the doctors fear no More fatalities among the list. E5sj Guasti the following table shows the stand ing of National league baseball clubs in the struggle for tie championship won. Lost m draw their Cash. The run 1 continue i in a mild Way at the Illinois Trust the Union Trust and the hibernian Banks at the Illinois Trust All depositors were paid in Cash in full of All claims great or Little. Ferdinand Gehrke conducting a Gen eral banking business at 1207 Milwaukee Avenue made an assignment wednesday afternoon. Hans n. Neil oct was appointed Assignee to take of the assets of the Bank. The liabilities were placed at and the assets at inability to realize on paper caused the failure. The As signee said that every claim would be paid in full if time were allowed. Joseph Rathbone co., lumber Deal ers have made a voluntary assignment. Assets Are scheduled at Aud liabilities at Robert p. Shank Len is named As Assignee and has taken Possession of the company s property. Inability to realize on commercial paper is Given As the cause of assign ment. Rathbone co. Have been extensive wholesale lumber dealers for several years. Their business was handled both toy water and rail. The firm has extensive interests in the Prairies of Northern Michigan and also in the Lum Ber regions of the South. Louisville ky., june new Albany Hanking company in business on Pearl and Market streets new Al Bany ind., has suspended payment and closed its doors. The existing financial Stringency is Given As the cause of the suspension. The company has been do ing a general banking business in new Albany since 1832. The capital Stock of the company is with undivided profits of the assets excluding real estate Are with liabilities of about new York june million Dol Lars in currency was shipped Day by new York Banks to Chicago. Demands from Banks in Cincinnati Cleveland arid other parts of the West brought the total shipment up to application was made at the sub Treasury for a telegraphic Transfer of 5700.000 to san Francisco. An order for was filled for which Gold certificates were received. The Gold which 33arlng-, will run again. Flow. My Tuley lilo Tor Guilior Selt Liju Mude mat forum adopted. Co Lumius 0., june re pub Licau state convention was called to order on thursday morning by lieu. Grosvenor and Rev. Or. N. Holmes implored tin divine Blessing of the proceedings. A Hearty greeting wus accorded to Hon. 11. Al. Daugherty when he was introduced As permanent chairman. Gov. Mckinley s name was presented a candidate for another term by col j5ob kevins of Dayton and seconded by j. W. Nichols of Liel Mout. There were no other nominations and the governor was declared the nominee amid a scone of wild enthusiasm. Gov. Mckinley made a lengthy address on state and National politics. At the close of gov. Mckinley s speech Tho convention proceeded to compete the ticket. The. Following were nominated lieutenant governor a. W. Harris treasurer w. F. Cupe attorney general Jolink. Richards judge supreme court Joseph p. Bradbury member Board Public works franc j. Mcculoch food Ana Dairy commissioner. U. F. Mcneal. He commenced his address by accept ing the nomination and expressing Hia gratitude Aud appreciation. The got error proceeded to review the administration of state affairs by the Republic an party at extreme length. Then coming Down to National issues he said regarding the financial Issue the National administration has done Noth ing thus far except to create ill the minds of business men a deep distrust the Linan Cial situation which for the most part has prevailed since the 4th of March has not been improved nor tos the a Lancial Stringency been relieved by anything the administration has said it has announced no policy suggested no it far and Given no sign of its disposition or Abiley to restore Confidence Stop the of Titow of Gold to foreign countries Aud Tho contraction which has taken place at Home. The of Gold Reserve which or. Cleveland in his first administration set apart As a sacred fund to redeem the greenbacks and which be dedicated to that purpose and no other he has been the first singularly enough to encroach first to drop below Trio line which he himself had established As the Only line of safely. To announced in 1s85, that this sum of was a Trust fund for the redemption of the greenbacks of tie government or. Cleveland fixed Eliut Jim below which Tho government should not go and could not go n Honor and Good Faith thus creating in Trio minds of the people the feeling that this was. He danger line and that to curse it meant financial Dishonour and the plighted Faith. So when he was compelled nil Cross it is he has been several times since of March is it to be wondered at that apprehensions and insecurity everywhere pre Vail the democratic Victory of 1892 has not been Able to bring the better limes promised. It has not been Able to maintain the Good times which were enjoyed everywhere in this country on the Lay of the Victory. Business failures have in creased Banks have suspended Money is murder to borrow Aud borrowers Are compelled to pay n Gher interest for their Loans than for Many Many years. Feverish uncertainty prevails in every financial and business Circle. Labor and capitals ire in doubt about the future. This has Jeen our condition for two months and no change for tie better is at this moment appear it if it is True As the administration boldly proclaims that our financial distress is Occa Iio cd by the Silver Purchase lava which re Wircs the government to buy ounces of Silver every month and is sue Treasury notes therefor then Why does not the administration Convene Congress and repeal that Law or. Cleveland in direction Magoun co. Had arranged to Shin on i Pess since. Both Viil Niillo i Mik Solon. , june Box of opals valid cd at the property of 3ov. Casio of , Mexico was stolen from the private dining room in general Vanamala a a Storo. Civ Jyh. Won. Lost. Cent. Pittsburgh.2i m Miroo Kleri. 2u 14 .ci1 Boston.23 15 605 i m Yoy 17 .5-u new is 17 19 21 to ,4 of St. Louis.14 Louisville. I is tin team of the University of Michi Gan is the Winner of Tho Western inter collegiate league Champi nip. Jurs. Leslie divorced. N. Y., april drown bus granted to mrs. Frank Les lie in thu proceedings begun by her Aag Hist her English husband William c. K. Wilde brother of Oscar Wildi Tho poet. The grounds for the divorce Are Given As Gross Ami vulgar intemperance violent Aud profane abuse of and cruel conduct to the plaintiff Etc. Fargo for Alii. Aijoo n. Nih the total loss by the recent lire in this City is placed at and m Appeal for Aid for the Many left destitute has been made. Lot be sent out the two houses most prominent in the Gold shipping movement said that they will not ship on saturday. So far As can be Learned the exports this week will be restricted to the shipped tuesday. Minneapolis Minn., june statement comes direct from the Gener Al manager of the Northern Pacific ele Vator company that that corporation will ask for the appointment of a receiver. This Means that the red River Valley company will do the same As the capital interested in each is mostly Mutual. The capital Stock of the Northern Pacific elevator company is held mostly out Side of the City principally in Duluth. George Rupley president of the North Ern Pacific elevator company resides in the latter City and until his arrival no statement As to liabilities and assets or the financial difficulties of the companies will be forthcoming. The capital Stock of the Northern Pacific elevator up Many is and the red River Valley company is and the interest of both concerns in held largely by the same men. Fargo n. D., june were served at noon upon All elevators and other property of the Northern Pacific elevator company in Kota on claims aggregating brought at the instance of Banks in Montreal Minneapolis and Duluth. There Are fifty elevators belonging to this company in North Dakota. The Headquarters of the company Are in Minneapolis. Madison wis., june Back Bone of the run on the first National Bank is broken and Only a few of the depositors Are drawing out their Money. The Bank received Gold by express at 0 a. M., and the sight of this has tended to restore Confidence. Ashland Bank of tvs Burn closed its doors wednesday morning. Officers claim that the sus pension is Only temporary on account of the financial Stringency and that it will reopen in a few Days. It is a Pri vate institution with a stated capital of surplus. Deposits about a. C. Probert is president and states the depositors will be paid in full. Burned by exploding. . St. Louis june cans of Gas Oline in Tho store of Sam , no. 1080 North seventh Street exploded wednesday night. The building and Tho ones on either Side were completely wrecked. Hen we Ismail a Butcher living at no. 1028 North seventh Street and his wife and five children were All badly burned mrs. Weisman probably fatally. Fiu Kelstein. Who lived in the House adjoining on the North and his two children Are also seriously burned. . Who caused the explosion by the Asoli be with a lighted Candle was also badly will probably die. The National i risen association. Juno of Tho first session of tin annual mooting of the National prison association devoted tributes to tin memory of in Iii a Forral h. Hayes its Laie president fell. Hrinko Roif of president and i aul the next place with the Eon branches elected f which elected spouted authority in him under the Constitution to con Vene Congress he issues 110 Call and takes no Steps to repeal the Law which he believes is the cause of our disturbed business condition. Be Lieving he knows the cause of the trouble he makes no Effort to remove it and in this is his responsibility and from it he cannot escape. The platform reaffirms the principles adopted by the National Republican convention of 1s92 endorses and com mends the Harrison administration and the administration of Ohio state affairs by Mckinley endorses the action of the last general Assem Bly in compelling railways to use Auto Matic couplers in passing Laws for the arbitration of labor controversies for the taxation of franchises and Collater Al inheritances and other measures to reduce the Burden of taxation on farms and other property favors biennial sessions of the general Assembly favors full and adequate Protection to american labor and industries and cites the Mckinley act As the Best exemplification of this policy of co Clemns the placing of Wool upon the free list by the democratic majority in Congress and insists on such full Protection for the Wool Industry As will enable american Farmers to sup required for consumption mixed states endorses the policy of the National Grange that All Tariff Laws shall protect the products of the farm As Well As of the factory favors such legislation As will secure a. Free ballot and a fair count demands the rigid enforcement of existing immigration Laws favors the policy of the Republican party regard ing the granting of con Clemns that of the democratic party declares for honest Money composed of Gold Silver and paper maintained at Elijal value under National and Nowc state regulations denounces the avowed purpose of the democratic party to repeal the prohibitory 10 per cent tax on state Bank issues. Tho Duke at Columbus. Cout maps 0., june Duke of Vergna and party reached Here thurs Day Aud were received by the mayor. In the afternoon there was a Parade of school children in Honor of the Duke and in the evening he was the guest of the Columbus club at a ban Quet. Killed his wife and shot himself. Dover me., june

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