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Informer (Newspaper) - June 29, 1935, Galveston, Texas Vage seven a live in religion educational and civic life v the Man Arnest Ness Thapy John stoic a those and cake of ii mgr it scr vow Par tto dlr predominant. He considered in East Luo Small to accomplish a it no Loo i it to Inkler re it. a k came list Iii served 111 Ever capacity lie found himself. He neither Ulf erod nor accepted a f Humble 3orn in Darrow. La., he was of Charles was forever faithful to i line Pirl. Havine other friends hid no other sweetheart. Courtship in Nils in i Liv courtship of Charles my cruder and Nellie Donalo was a Beautiful Alvair Lus Lini Nihro Jimh six year at Sorn Vejil r a bleed mid re nil in Inu irial e upon her from the music school to because of a character which inspired Ronli Dotice. Mecl Ruder in his Lue All air was accorded Many Privi let is that other lovers did not have. He often took his air Oil the Rani on to operas and other forms of entertainment always choosing recreation of the highest Type first wedding in Chapel Ible Bill diligent parentage. His his wedding in 1902 was the first a a Blacken with. Owned his to Lake place in the Chape of e Slid inculcated the necessity is 1 1 College Home ownership in Little Charles j comes to Texas Vor cd Way through College believing that opportunities for Hurles worked his Way through advancement were greater in Texas right College beginning As Jani j than in Louisiana or. Mugruder in a girl s dormitory working came to Texas at his first opportune rare entry and later As a sub j Ity. Arriving in Victoria. Texas with ate teacher. After his graduation  ins newly wed wife a week after was plan real on the Pacully. Of their marriage. In Victoria he taught might College and taught for two in the school in Winter and followed carpentry during the summer meets girl of dreams i months. Lie made no plans without 1 was at straight College that the help of his wife. Who worked r. Mugruder met the girl of his beside him in school and in Church earns Little Nellie Eugenia Donato. Ii was in Victoria that or. by the Beauty sweetness Gruder s five children were born Fri purity of the girl he immediate 1 Thev Are. In order of their birth decided that she should be his j Helen Ruth Iva Emily c. H. Jr., he entered courtship in such Ewart George and Dona Lolila. Ines alike manner that Nellie i wears ring to end ".��, was immediately impressed j 11 was during the engagement of ",. Young Man and they be Charles and Nellie that perhaps the Ert a acid ?.-f-t--wrs a cafe of Only serious rift in their love affair a first j came. Charles believed thai ill s girl o?dett4 recipe of the week bad lost Confidence in him. To prove that she still believed in him. Nellie placed upon his linger u Gold i bund ring which had been the prop j of her deceased Mother. This j was to be a Token of her Confidence. I to be removed by herself Whene i lost her Faith in him Thi Wui e until the Las. Moves to Flat Muslim in Victoria prof and mrs. Or ii uder look Active Purl in Reli iou and civic life until 1921, when h 1 moved to Houston to assume full duties As grand secret nov of the order of u. B. F. & s. M. T. In hums on prof. Mcgruder and his wife immediately became Active to the Church life of my. Corinth Bap list Church and other religious circles. In the same year or. Mugruder built his Home of Stevens Street. This Structure was designed by students taught by or. Mugruder in Victoria. Or. Mugruder considered a Home and its ownership a prime necessity. He was not extravagant but believed in providing his family with comport and conveniences. Awarded master s degree by completing a correspondence course from Bishop College in Marshall Texas or. Mugruder was awarded a master s degree from that institution in 1908. He placed much emphasis upon education seeing to h that All his children received an education. Outdoor sports his hobbies among his hobbies or. Mugruder liked to Hunt and Ash. And was interested in such sports As boxing racing track and a pm Wau however business always came first and Fie never sacrificed his work for i hobbies. Kept apace with news he always kept epee with the news of the Day by Reading the newspapers Niht and no ring. And by Reading the Ute Rary digest his favorite Magazine. Among other j i i or. Mugruder had a line no a of humor and Kavay enjoyed j i Ond clean joke i disliked indolence i the trails of character Admire i most by or. Mugruder were inn Esly truth and Indus ii. He detested i indolence in any form. He believed a Man should always live within his Nicks and i e us Dee of debt As possible. Or. My i Giuder owed nobody. He loved i by friends and tvs peeled by his enemies i civic and i Ligi uus interest or. Mugruder was very much Ink rested m the y. M. C. A. And j its development and Juu lies of the three re id in in Lii i Atienz to the i and do Oil a Mugruder last Dahi was a \ by nod Palieri Here is Curneau As he Lokeil when the to in sounded for tin most sensational Luff he of tin year at the raid of the Fali t had Eia cd the canc it smile wit i i Ortisi Jirik icons which crumbled Lite Iii it. Foe should smile i or he Iwuh Pruvey unit Luk can take it in old of Turse lie ran live i a his Victory tills  Amlin Midor a too. Owens heat and 40 of his team s w 1-5 Point Glenn slats Hardin dete Din in the National collegiate a a. Chirip of uni Winana state championships a i Pinna l wen.-2211 Yard Dalle -. Hurdle Ami the a Man ran win a Indium dollars ill fifteen minutes in a nip or less y. Ill Only a pair of altered ear.1, a to bloody nose and a Wendy in to show As to the Elford he Pul Lorelli gamblers Lane to have Money a to operate. Gamblers Are ii trailed to the cauliflower Industry like Moths la a in i i limits were Rosy for Loe Louis before last thursday nit it. All he t had to to was of into the rms. Whip i Orneia. Which he believes he i Lin a easily do and then Lay around for a shot at Baer in september now he finds Lames .1 a lilt Agi i and i i i do me minimal i a and a e Ter mind a Mil about tins Here i and Cleek Haer  a inline Fujio. s Tai a an imaginative trip behind the Seene and Crewe can nut Irani 11 Rel weeds of insinuation who Peis and Himly veiled Ebal a to a Beilue bruised about and that do a Little predicting first. W have a new Hea j Bra Driek in the i fish seat and Boer world s Champion m lame .1 Iliad jul Lilac Doek. An Luis hymn Lon Lully do k. The irishman from Lersey Al Wall another Luis him. Cily. Secondly we have an sex a Lori Mac from the coast prob Champion in the person of Max y won t have any Tylnn to do . Wih Lanula in a belligerent Viny. Paul Franklin san Angelo manager signs Ruel Cannady of Dallas for his team l in commission to make final Nel a Rinis Carter will Paul Franklin former Dallas Ball baseball tournament Iti Cju w 8-�mi i Zuj u�,,il� v to. I a in tay Lily i Ian named Joe Louis an he Fly a a inched Bui . Ambrose Caliver of the United state office of Blu Muzii will add hot a wlm to in of Ype Okken in tidily summer program of the univ / ph3miff first base Lor tie a i Aiu info Nens in. While. A Lowers. of Houston with his instruction of j sleep Erdei. Made a Nap Sims. Valma . lie liven a. The classes of education. Or. C Aliver to Davins l Ricia Nihl land i Uel and a air of delivered Many inner stink lectures i Cannady for he. San am a in nne a. Penoi known i.,.,. , dui in like a 13 l summer Tern. Itlie sheep llerrler.-. Iia a ii in la or. Caliver was recently elected Oul of 18 i my this a an a Linnnie Nisi no Rol the and have Lii ii i a a and Ville Cradle a Isoard of trustees. If Elset in part Ocipa ill .1 in an aunu., also deliver d the old Al in Wille College to a j Ida. Of -14. second Laite a Cla Ila in Cilery to la i Pul  Keo my i of Vlaco All Dulc \. To Tai opa Baer German. Welsh i thirdly we have a National lion Baer am to ii mass till ii to i s. Vuk om1 Iii Mill that hold ii i la to la of Tuskegee i i r i Tennis Star s to a at la hop ,. Hon at Paul Guha. Played i to s enter Atlanta meet i hour d 11 Mill Bill Itai h m a a a i laced p my a. A a i All i. Luncheon Melet to Ilow eld Reif none the end. A Ive my h oed a a. And Neer a he a sent leu did a w tint later Ilia mix Elf tip dig i fall re. A Itiat lie i v to serve it luncheon i often As big a problem As tin dinner menu. Mijoi Doii s Kec pc of flu week service not Only dinner needs but luncheon As Well. to for instance this week s recipe Loti Icleon Melet it really makes a delightfully Complete lunch in itself. If you like an Melet and who does to you la like this Melet served with peas and sliced tomatoes and garnished with watercress and watch for other i Juall tempting cheese and fruit dishes. As will As interesting cakes pies and desserts. In Borden s recipe of the week service. You la agree this is truly a serine rendered grocer Sells Burden s 1 Ine Dairy products in get lord in s Kix ipe of die Eek. your i i a i s. Died in nuked Tusk Akk ins i Ituk. Ala five Membris of the Tusker dec Institute Eirl Tenuis club will leave the Institute on wednesday. Juju 26. For Atlanta. A. To Parli Capati m the annual tournament of to a Atlanta women s Tennis club 21i-2h. The personnel of the i Uke i it be part will include by Semor a Hila Dellna. 1j Woods. To Lou Pitnor and Isabel Camp for. Port Arthur. n will " la ii. Wood a the no learn Maholl Cane lick a caller is. Lit team 11 in Ella a d the Pinion d file. Ane Oik the tumor a. Of Villi will per. M the allot I�. Voici a. N a re Ai ode coiled an be c. ill lie since Utah de an1. Furl i Adt Orilie lend him it e eos they did Den us i eligible Pla i it since coach brio i it would he a Obi j wait of to Hake Choi Kari Porru ill the ointment. The Force and what else pave y now 1 was t Lliel e i \ i plus lipid a lot weren t Eil Hei bid distance i clue re on mall if Lla Odoi e Bear me to a Ted i d i the ords of the a a Pel l. Ira Dock did hi.-, i foil Ella like one do piled and Del Erm died i \ to Acu u d e n hid Khiav can a Man to e h. Id it dip a Ello who lit you know tie Ivl. Anol her Nei i " i All i Elloul a and a out in. N a led Ward and id i Lenl tall on Hie o to if m some Mulleavy Wiehl if to de cinch to Jiuu ii us n was Lance no to me it Ninlin Alinn j Sun a i Lac Mil " to Chreas at ii Hal a a a Eilo rial the never Ila i had to unlit Loe la d la a Lai plied held Hen three bin. I Boer. Via i. Ill ill bar. In d live. Us Mas us anal a Lor i a i lae seple d Hie be Loo Liui d soil Chinie. Was Sli Rcd up. I in Hove then will be by the Dis up untied sports iness which predicted hair Duld win. And if an 1 a e-1 in a Ion Viiu the matter is bared on the National in tiny Din ii is. Ion by Arch Ward s deeply in tie red Chicano Tribune. Which i a on Many occasions indicated that it would t rest until Louis v. A Ian Mcreel into the title As a Oil of Back payment on debt Liu pm red in the polish International Golden gloves tournament in then something Oniu it Drift our Way. Then i d be optimistic Over the Outlook. Ibin a could come about la Toueh the Nali Oruil boxing Eom men the principals i a funny Iii it could be made to " a . A i e at Ede f,.k-,-a cd lad Hen a 1. A a a a

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