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Informer (Newspaper) - June 29, 1935, Galveston, Texas The informer saturday junk 29, 1935 j. R. was Burn May 13th. Do you think i will be Able to go through with my present plans you will continue As you have i believe that you will find it possible to make this trip you Are planning on. B. T. Tell me Why Rny husband treats my so cruelly my birthrate is on August 24th. appears to me that you have been entirely too easy with your mate. It you would try giving him a dose of his own Medicine. And adopt the same attitude he has 1. Could vision some change Tor the better in him. R. L. have been Reading your column for sometime and enjoy it very much. Can you Tell me Why i am having so much bail Luck lately you Are experiencing a rather undesirable period in your affairs i can see that if you would apply More personal Effort arid depend t less upon Luck you would enjoy a better degree of Success in your financial and social ventures. To r. most terrible tiling has happened to me and i would like your advice. Will it be Best to Tell my husband everything or go Home for a while "ans.-it,is very evident that you will have much difficulty in getting your husband to forgive you and under the circumstances l would suggest that you make a clean breast of your affair with this one and then make arrangement s to go Home until you Are completely cured be. H. M. Will i marry the Man i love _ can vision u successful Union with this person you Are associated with at this Lime and it you learn to curb your jealous disposition i can predict Many Hap a. I. it possible for tin by Days of happiness and Content to beat this game just once ment for you in the future. Are taking y o u i a gambling entirely too serious a will there Ever be a time and unless you Are looking Foi in my life when i can enjoy the trouble i would suggest that Yoi. Comforts of a Home and not. Have look to some other form of rec to worry about How to make both creation that is not so much of a ends meet Drain on your pocketbook. t be disappointed if your general altars will remain much in the same condition As they Art now that. Is until Aller the late summer of iu37. The Star s reveal that you will commence to enjoy a much better degree us Home Success at that time. A m. you think 1 will be married before i Complete my education. you will have an Opportunity to marry during the mid summer of this year-1 would advise against it As your Best move would be to Complete your schooling first and avoid an Early marriage. Sunday school lesson by Kkt. W. A Joshua taste greater Jordan drove Bastl t Church Houston Texas lust rum i in is. I. U. Work in state s. A. And b. Y. 1. U. Congress of Tat general Baptist state convention of Texas our letter to l. M. be return to me As lie promised ans i. Am sorry to say that your Lover has found someone else who interests him More than you did. It would be Wise that you forget him. K. B. will i come out with the business Deal i am interested in you protect yourself legally. I can see Yuu suffering a Money loss before the summer is Over. I would suggest that you have a reliable lawyer go Over your contract. T s. W. . C. D., a Friend of mine died last year Aid from the actions on certain ones that close to him 1 have cause to be suspicious can you Tell me if there was anything unnatural to cause his death ans.-11 is my opinion that this Young Man s passing was due to a heart ailment and the persons you have in mind had nothing to do with it. You will however be o witness in a lawsuit concerning his insurance Money in the near future. A contest a the pics Are talking about the i d like to hear from some of you picnic Story contest. Have you heard about them. About if Well yur editor is. Offering pics please please when you re a prize for the Best picnic Story of sending in poems be Yuu not More than 200 words. I know the wrote them yourselves rats club to minute you read about it you put for you and when we print the Ion your thinking Caps and planned. Poems Jou Send in i want them to your stories. Member that when you Are a writing your stories and poems. Last of All Don t forget the membership contest. It ends july 31. And the winning City ,. A special edition. Watch the ranks of the cities each week and work so that your City May win. Austin pics Are determined that they will win the contest just read the letters they sent free tour question will be answered Eree in this column Only when a clipping 0f this feature is enclosed with your question non full name birthrate and Correct address. For private reply Send Twenty live cents in Coin and a stamped envelope for my new astrological Reading and receive by return Man my free opinions on any three questions. Address All communications to Wynston the astrologer care of Houston informer. 409-11 Smith Street Houston Texas. A Or. Johnson who lived in Bremond Buist mis i to Bra Payne reporter Of Avert Church services at Raethel Baptist Rev. King pastor arid St. Pun m . E Church Wea a Goodr Row by. Wal. A Ioka Etab Ofa Jen District superintendent preach i masses Lone May Jones and eded. Rev. Robertson Church St. Paul die Lee Wynn spent the kith june a splendid Sermon. Rev. Whight an visiting friends and relatives in out of town visitor was among the Crocket a. Mrs. Minnie Moten Anc visitors. He made a few Brief re granddaughter mrs. Mary Moore of Maiks. Independent is glad to Wel Crockett was the weekend guest 0 come Willie Ward Back who has been their daughter and Mother mrs. Is attending school at Guadalupe col ther Simpson. Lege. Out of town victors mrs. De miss Inez l. Hicks had her tonsil Nabeal son Wassill. Are taken out last week and getting visiting her daughter mrs. Edna along Fine. The following have re Moody of 1-Ioustom mrs. Lola Reevs. Turned from Schoul miss Jessie Mae and Little son Lee. Ester have been Hicks Mary Allenjr. College miss a ,mlor., father Whu. Gladys Hicks. Lou Titi Bryant or a lives in Groesbeck Reddin Palis of nest Wagner Crockett High misses Houston visited his parents on the libertine i Jackson an Flossie m-19th. Or. And mrs Potis Dalter Beasley left last week 1 or Mary Al Stewart the prodigal son returned Len Junior College Little Ruth agon the 19th to his parents or. And ties dancer is spending the week mrs. Walter Stewart. Or. Earnest with mrs. Claudie Potts. Mrs. Hulda Hill of Goose Creek was a weekend Stell is yet on the sick list also our visitor. Or. John Edwards has re old reliable Reader Tom Lloyd. Every turned from Seguin. He motored one was shocked to hear of the Sud the whole Grigg family to san an Den death of mrs Laura Woolen Tonio on the 19th. Reports a Fine which occurred at the Home of he time. Mrs. E. V. Philips received the daughter mrs. Ida dancer on june sad news of the death of her brother 21.-Mary beavers reporter. Lesson Xiii june 30, 19s5 Liberty under the Law rom. 14 13-21 i Cor. 8 9-13 motto text it is Good not to eat mesh nor drink wine nor to do any thing whereby thy brother Stum Bleth or is made weak Hom. 14 21. Introduction a. Or time a. 59 andfl0. Place Corinth and Ephesus. \ out line i. Liberty under the Law is. 13-21. Ii. Liberty through sacrifice. Is the text of he lesson i Ybur Stort a be your own poems that you made 13. Let us not therefore judge one i whatever you thought about it up yourselves. I be received so Many another any More but judge this Lebu had better hurry and. Send in Jnice poems but they weren t Rigi rather that put a stumbling to Iose picnic stories because. You i could t print them. He Block or an to Lull m his have just two weeks m which to brother s Way. Send them in and the judges will 14. 1 know and i am persuaded behave a hard thine Ricking out the the lord Jesus that there is Noth winning Story i know because All ing unclean of itself but to him of them Are going to be Good that esteem eth any thing to be tin. Lela Jay sent in a Good poem this clean to him it is unclean. Week and it s talking about a con15. But if thy brother be grieved mention. Lela j. Seems to have a with thy meat walk eth thou not convention definitely in mind. By charitably. Destroy not him with Hie Way what became of those ideas thy meat for whom Christ died for colors of the club and the slogan in. Lei not. Then your Good be evil spoken of 17. For the kingdom of god is not meat and drink but righteousness and peace and Joy in the holy ghost. " 18, for lie that in these things i Serleth the Christ is acceptable to god and approved of men 19 let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace i and the things where with we May. Edify one another. 20. For meat destroy not the work of god. But All things indeed Are pure but it is evil for a Man to Eaf with offence. 21. It is Good neither to eat flesh nor to drink wine nor any thing whereby thy. Brother Stu Bleth or. Is offended or is made weak 9. But take heed lest by any Means this Liberty of yours become a Block to Themi. That a re weak 10. For if any Man see thee which hath knowledge sit. At meat in the idol s Temple shall not the conscience of him that is weak be emboldened Ito eat those things which Are offered to idols 11, and. Through thy. Knowledge shall the weak brother perish for whom Christ died 12,. When be sin so against the Bethera and wound their weak conscience be sin against Christ. V .-13. I wherefore if my Mcm to make my brother to offend 1 will cat no flesh while the world Slan Deth lest i make my brother to offend. Critical notes on the lesson is. 13. riot judge one an other since we learn. From the . . That must give an Dorenia to Blank for membership in the Junior informer club name. .1 a a address. City Grade in school a wants Austin to win dear editor 1 wish to become a member of the Jim club. 1 am joining because 1 do not want Houston to beat us in membership and Hun e because i want Tun Coine in Contact with others and make new friends. Naomi Norine Bolden. 1115 Comal. Austin. State. To fill poet s Corner dear editor for me to be a Good Jim i shall have to follow the rules of the club 1 am trying to keep our poet s Corner from being empty and i shall Send in a poem. I will do my Best to make our poet s Corner what it ought to Jay Fleeks Woodville ready for work -.dear. Editor Iwar very glad to get my membership card. Now 1 am ready to in the club have you heard from my friends in Goodrich i. Am Tell ing them daily about the Lee Tucker Goodrich. Wants to make Fri Mills dear editor i wish to become a member of the Junior. Informer. Club. I read the Junior Page every week and i have found it very inc. Teresing. 1 am joining because a 1 Don t want any other City to Beal us in our. Membership. A nne s Izenetta Overton 2105 new York Avenue Austin. Print All information on this Blank and Mallet to the Junior informer club 409 Smith Street Houston Texas together with a sell addressed stamped envelope Rind membership card will be mailed to you new pics = Jameal Zeliela Overton 12, 2105, new York Avenue Austin. C. Mills jr., 16,"Box 33, Pineland Ida Mae single tory -12, 2105 Whitty Houston. Nora Simmons 10, 228 Spruce san Antonio Willie Wise jr., 14, Somerville Seth Dotson jr., 12, Somerville Alton Golden Halston 13, Box 76, Somerville Charlotte Turner 14, 2810 ave m ,4, Galveston Naomi Bolden 14, 1115 Comal Austin rank of cities is. --14. Withine the Unble on the jewish Economy having been Abom shed and ceremonial eating of certain meats and keeping certain Days having been replaced by. The better Way of Christ. Is. 15. Walk eth thou not. Charitably or according to love. Such a course is. Not prompted by Christ Ian Jove love. Is. 17. The kingdom not meat and drink christianity in its Grace i , its subjects does a not consist in any distinctions As to what we May eat or drink As fundamental but the fundamental things of the kingdom Are righteousness peace and Joy. Is. I these things that which pleases god also wins the admiration of men. Is 9. Take heed be especially careful. This Liberty of yours your right to eat what you please. Become a stumbling Block or Lead weak. Christians into sin is. 10 be emboldened or encouraged to do that which is evil. Is. 11. Through thy knowledge this is to say the knowledge that enables one to eat without sinning i May cause the weak to perish trying to follow our example. Is. Is.--1 will eat no More meal a Noble practice of self denial for the Sake of the weak Bre Hern. Comments on Hie lesson this is a lesson on Temperance and the question before us for consideration is personal Liberty und Houston Austin. Dallas tej Arkana Heine Woodville Eagle in us j. Avy Toi a r a a. 97 poet s Corner what i d like to do 1 would like to be a writer writing poems stories, 1 would like to write of higher tilings. To help the pics along. I would like to be acquainted with All the members tis True i would like to shake hands with them of Houston Austin and Hearne a too a. 1 would like to be a writer of our convention when we meet i would like to be the first of All to walk Down 409 Smith Street member from i Fenland dear editor. I have i Iti the Ulin about the Jit club a i i. At Ileal us i am Seth Lii in in a i Lii Matiun Blank Lor a tin film ship Rani Mills or Box 33, l Melamid wants Iti Livilla to win dear editor i am Chi Viiu the news 1 would like to see lir Olville win. 1 am sending in a Mardell Richardson. Your poem was Good Mardell. But it was t original lie sure you make up your own poems. Jim on vacation dear. Editor .1 am very interested in the news and i am urging other friends to join. I am now in Al Veston with my Cousin Thelma Lor a vocation. 1 also have another new n i Icken,.1 William i my i for an1.lie. I am look i  i a Book whose i i i examined Hast \ ii Iii cant Hook of the la Vears. Black recon w e. 1. Dubois a i iliac who could Ever Mich a Book. I shall a my of that Book from co to and i advise Ever. Amei Icar negro to do so if he wish i Bioti Ilii arid strengthen the 1 Lii Isis olins understanding and his sell respect. Verv White Man should Road it in he wants to let a bit o j Light into the caverns of darkness i which is the producing place of prejudices real prejudice can flourish Only in the darkness of ignorance. And How can i speak so con a Denully of a Book which i have Only scanned hastily and which 1 have still to read carefully because a the Over thirty years i have known the Man who wrote the Book and fur All my Reading and studying life .1 have known the awful need for such a Book by such a Man. The sex Parte statement of the Negros life und. History  in America. In the United slates is one of the most monstrous fabrications in the Eltern Ture of the world the half truths the carefully selected facts All on one Side the exaggerations the suppression of More important facts these things und methods constitute Jim love, enjoyment the most effective Means of history to All pics re sic Mae Isaacs 20th Street ave. I., Galveston 2814 Oul lying. Dubols will Tell of. The sincere efforts of the emancipated i negro to hiring real democracy and wants Jio spire humanity into the. Country whose. R a n a  a a a a social institutions had victimized dear editor 1 am a Honshu he Rhim for Len generations How at least " but 1 am on Iny vacation a i Cal j a see form of Universal de Vestah. It the Houston pics win 1 a Colney and the theory of Public would like to write an edition education were first brought int called Jim spice if the pics do the sex slave it Asci by the strivings not object flow Ghoul it pics my of the sex Sla is at once to Advance cons air and i Are enjoying the sum j and to order their lives according to Mer. Thelma Lewis 20 Street. Galveston. 2 114 ave i for summer Reading through the Long Days of the summer months you pics will got very tired of doing absolutely Noah t6 add course in Jook binding to curriculum Tuskegee Institute a i. Institute s. Printing has recently received and in ing so Why not spend a 1 stalled a Glrst class bookbinding Otil. 111. With the opening of the Tail Moscow. 6 four members Wharton and Bell Ville. Three members Rook Dale an Lufkin. Two members Merlin Henderson Chapel Hill Mart Jefferson clip Ingston Plano and Clay  one member san Antonio Pine land Galveston Richards Anderson , g re Esbeck Chesterville Lewisville Hempstead Carmona cold Springs Daingerfield Yoakum Marshall Glodine Weimar Lovelady Centerville and Midway. Contest ends july 31. -�.--.-�.-�, Ead no some of the delightful books you will find in the. Public libraries of Youv respective cities ? some of. The ones listed below you May , but. If you Don t the librarian will suggest. Something you will like the Story about ving by Mur Jorie Flack about a peking Duck log who lived air a Houseboat. On he Yangtze River. Fables Aesop the most enter term-the., division plans to add course in the binding of books. In addition of the Institute and a its faculty the school Library will. Afford a Large amount of work for this new phase of Industry. The Constitution of the United states. We shall see that the negroes. Acted As any humans would act under the Piven set of circumstances thai negro legislators judges and politicians were different Only in the color of their skins und not always in that in in negro government officials did More than-eat-., peanuts und spit Al Silver spit tons mostly missing the Mark. And what about the Man who a written this missing link of american history he is certainly one Orf the men of history who could never be bought nor bullied into the expression of a pretended opinion. Whether others always concur in his opinions or not. They who know he must always confess that his opinions Are intelligently bused arid Hong Estly expressed. Of All the men x for the past Lour or live Yean know m America. W. E. B. Dubos new course at Tuskegee Tor it was i is the Orel one 1 would select to taught Many years prior to the fire represent the interests of the. of 1918 which completely destroyed race behind closed doors. 1 could. Taining stories you have Ever read building and its equip peacefully full asleep if i knew that Smoky the cow. Horse by will f,.w.ouia like to shake hands with a Vav editor a whom i be never seen yes in my mind i d like to see her for i think she is a Queen. When Dallas Texarkana Woodville and other cities appear we will have have a Jolly time with our editor so dear. Then Well March Down the sure eur All in our colors and uniforms dressed everybody will be wondering which of us is the Best. When we reach the place. Where the convention will Convene of All the pics in. Your life you have never la be highly entertained i want you to know Well i guess i be said enough it s time for me. To go. Lela Jay Fleeks. Woodville. Can you guess it 1, what the biggest hat in the army Mardell Richardson Bellville a 2, what is Blacker than a Giles 3400 Honsinger Houston ,. 3, though it has. No voice it sings though it flies it has no wings. What is it Willie Wise Somerv Ville. 4. Why is a lawyer like a restless Sleeper Verna j. Mitchell. Route 4. Box 469, Houston. Pics it is not. Time for play 5. You can t Auto with and to Idle our time Avay out it no Auto will run without but search All Over the land it yet it is absolutely of no use and try to lend a helping hand. Directed by mrs j. A muck present mall do your very Best dear pics some of us Are so but still we of things that grown ups. Can t see at All. James. A very interesting Book for boys. All about pets. By Margery Williams bunco about the care of rabbits mice Guinea pigs Birds turtles Trees and their leaves. By f. Schuyler Matthews. Leaves Are used As a guide to Trees. A Bird portraits in color. Text by s. Roberts. A delightful Book for boys and girls interested in Birds. The radio Amateur s handbook. By a. Frank Collins ,. American boy s Handy Book. By. Daniel c. Beard. Instructions Lor building articles Lor games and practical use. The Boston cooking school Book by Fannie m. Farmer. Now Lor tin girls a delightful Book containing Many simple recipes. Classics treasure Island. By Hubert Lour Stevenson. Alice in wonderland. By Lewi Carroll. Penrod. By Booth Tarkington. Little men. By Louisa Alcott. Little women. By Louis a Coll Skoe Suzick the past week was. A very bus one with the St. Emanuel District sunday school and Byju Congre held Willi the Lone Star. Baroti Church assuming primary Irti por Tance in the activities. I la opening feature of the Congress was la unique and inspiring program tiles Day Reghl with the Congress mils Cal director is. Mrs. L. Erby it charge. Wednesday night local Talei Sjur in Confer t to were ment. A Jit was he who wus taking care of for the past four or we years the interests the just und fair a there has been considerable Effort Teress of his race in Uny made towards reestablish Long this ence. 1 have known i to wry who phys i at the printing courses and almost As Brilliant but. Not this Hasi ust culminated in the have known a few who Uit Willif la ph8w" by Zilphie it. Equally honest but univ Dpi Rob Oit with the opening of the fall term afraid. None of us id perfect but work will a Fagin on the Forl Licorni Dubois Lurial quotient would stand edition of the negro year Book highest when we average All edited by Monroe n. Work Ami pub qualities. And i have known some Lisl cd continuously by the Institute who if they Sal in conference where since iui2. I your interests and mine were while you and i were locked ii old for mtg Rokit a it would give me cause for having wild imaginations while awake and Lumberton n Cani i a William Blackmon was held Here thursday charged with Glrst decree murder in connection with the latal a hooting of Elijah Loni Intel. Witnesses til i lie in Niesl testified that Ulack Mon shot Enanuel As he stood in the Road near Here with ins Liu Iidro raised nightmares when 1 went to sleep fearful of betrayal by the weak ies of intellect of the want of charade.-. But in Black reconstruction we have the right combination of the Man and the occasion the intellect the courage und the cause the Book will be a bulwark for generations to come. What is it Clara Mitchell route j but i am going to Tell about myself 4. Box 469, Houston. I and some Dav i will Tell the rest j. When is a clock cruel Therna that i am trying hard to do Lewis 2514 Avenue i. 2 it Hsi. Gal i very very Best. Ada Lee Tucker Goodrich 2014 Whiten your skin with this famous bleach answers to last week s Llic Lucs 1. Electricity. 2. Sawdust., ,3, because Thev both Are crusty. 4 Irish potatoes. 5. A Mirror. G. A dog named yet 1 walked. 7. The sky. Kont fool around with strange bleaches. Be sensible. Use Nadinola bleaching Cream known for years the bleach that really bleaches and purifies the skin. Nadinola bleaching Cream can t be duplicated for results because the secret Nadinola formula can t be imitated. Nothing else does so much to lighten the skin so quickly so surely. Start tonight with Nadinola bleaching Cream and watch How your complexion grows lighter in tone smoother and softer in texture. Nadinola in regular size at soc and extra Large Money saving size at $1.00. Full directions and Money Back guarantee with every Jar. If your druggist can t Supply take no substitute Send Money and we will mail to you postpaid with Book of treasured Beauty secrets. Nadinola Box 444, Paris Tenn. New Nadinola Pace in / a 5,i. A a a u. 2 ill St., ave. I. Galveston. Law of the land because by so doing ,1 set the right example for those who follow my leadership. We see illustrations of this every Day. For the powerful and leading men among us Are feeling themselves within their rights when they turn aside from the line of right and Are forgetful of their Fellows. But god fashioned the society of the world and ordained that we who live m it should so adjust ourselves that we furnish the most spiritual arid moral helpfulness to those who live with us. _ a Howard announces student Aid plan Washington. C. will be interesting. I be sure Tiit you Send. A stamped i envelope a Vixen you Spud in your up plication Blank so that 1 May Send j you your membership card Rich t j away. _ 1 even though you submit Contri i bulbous you Are not considered Lenin allow lonesome Mary became Llo pay Bers f the club until Vou Send in once there was a very poor and your application Blank. Blanks must unhappy girl named Mary. Her j be sent in for application Tor a ther and Mother were dead she j worship. Lived in a Shack on the Edge of be sure to put Vours birthdays on town. when Mary was going your application Blanks to school she saw a newspaper mi__0._______ the Street. Mary picked the paper up and saw that it was a Junior informer. She carried it Home and read it. The paper was very interesting to Mary. She tried to get the paper every week because it made her Happy to Leola Green 34ug-. Hunsiger. St. Won t forget to run your Saliv in the informer s baht edition. Good such some went to Lake Sutton and new Willard on june 19. To Mcgowen of Galveston was a visit of. Miss Gladys sturling is Back with her aunt to sped the summer. Moi tines Grimes visited his sister and brother in Law of new Willard recently. E. Hearm was in town raid i policy writers Memphis o s e Thornton 3g3 Allen Street Nathaniel Jackson 220 Luerene Street l. Jcharles Williams 200 Butler Street i Anderson Taylor 005 Marble Street a will Adams 270 Caldwell Street am Daisy Rainey 837 Saxon Street. Were jailed Here last tuesday in policy raids by the police. De a commendable program of we come which was Abl responded i by Moderator item. P. Ii Hui be Calvert. The meeting was spin Ila y successful throughout the Weher. . C Mccur Treen was ii ii pertaining pastor. Many g Roe dec kit s Eno de the emancipate a i Leb Rution Al the Booker t. Wasl a Nylon Park. Or nirl or. K. Mack and tree i Ula Mae., Atli used the inn dial 1frs. Mack s brother in Urc non saturday Nio Riig mrs. L. A Lulli i and airs. W. M Johnson. War Hachie. Stopped Over euro ulc to an from Bremond. Lola Mae a turn with her Mother. Miss l. Evans visit me. Or brother Jara vans. Mrs. Edgarv visited i Lou fori last week. Falls asleep on Railroad i track killed, n. C. And falling asleep on the Railroad tracks of Dav miss Lilly May Yates has re Cameron 45, was struck by passed Turnea from Ger train no. 22 and instantly killed Grimes reporter. Monday night k Wilsy Marshall Texas now an knt Luwi to instil lit Ion Kulivan cil Collel e by association schools n medical ase Iii id and Sei ind the Aiji Erica Ici Alion draws student from 20 stats aits Horii i conjoin in -.,o in Lucre music Ivan to i ii Tili a. I Liy Sinai Ducal Iii Kytka a us Ficulak activities by Battia Uia Inal its. Athletic. Munc. I i atari lilies sororities a a Cir Sicular in Tab. I h males 1- i further till nor ill ii m. W. , pc silent \ baby edition the informer will him jts Anni Kil easy edition Airi this year 1 u i itly in airy edition Yuu to mint Itin in our Insl a Lilliy such in we will run in i lie a by edition. Soini in i Iii . Lull i lie Wisi a Man who walked with men once sail Sill Fei lit fit . -111 1 Iii incl Thi in not lot of such is Itu King Rioin of do onic v o it r whom m our Tion. You cute of know child in Fiig Lijoi Hood i Ciul

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