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Informer (Newspaper) - June 29, 1935, Galveston, Texas Inge four or in him Ink. Satt a Psi. A a a Ogo . Fannie Butler spent the Ivonok student at Kisk St. A it. I \ Sci a. Hirl Tiv i Aslor j i 1111 a r ii it t my a \ i a div eth of 11 i a or a i ii i hint All service 1 est. Vul wrii1 div eth of i u w Altai and by my. R Ith tire inn jul and or �11 Day school at 0 30 a in., it had . A ill i the a it runt a i i in it j mi.-. Jock had Toimi dih a wimm the to nun via Hrkel j hint1. By in i i i Imi Hopt eve in but the a i Why i Itoi i and i i Ivy. Vav ii Ott. I t Zurh j. It. Olive Baptist a lift and a a t . Hav i5ton Brunch pastor sunday school. Was called to order by superintendent omit or a t it 3o. The attendance was Lwood the u.�-. Son was reviewed by the pastor. The at i o , u id a Lin. No v h0. The in Lor delivered in message al Boji so Vilts. Wolni h Wen helpful and Insp rational. C nth added to our number. Mrs Wor rack. To were a lad to see mr.-. Patrick at. Service rtt Ain after having been confined to her Home for the past month. Mrs. Helen Haynes in at Home fro form softly Hospi Bli Larneard is. On the sick list. Robert a to. Has Boen e i j j h 4 heir vacation a there Tatj. They Are .,?�5spnii�5hq a i i h i p r p h p h or i j n revival began in the. 1 . In Lour the morning Sermon Wax preached by Ati or i an he a a i n i i. N r i a a i 1 in 2 a _ "--x1 " i a f v 4 f a b al x i. Nvvf Rufis Hamilton a former pastor i Reedy Keha Peli Hbl Pas a Waw Steve Vair guests at Home of j mis Elmore enjoy i Many Hospital ties or. And . Andy and Tuson us new York n. Y., who has been the House guest of miss Letillian al More of 1802 21st Street for a week expressed themselves As having had a most enjoyable time and pleasant stay in the Island City. They were entertained with a Bridge party. Dainty refreshments were served. They left for their Home tuesday. Household hints or a a . -. to keep roses fresh after the first Day in cold water Cut the stems to first joint and dip ends in boiling water a j _ 4 Kyj a to i \ a i i put in t a. Keynotes to fashion now that vacation time is Here or at least on Way for some of us. And Many trios Are being plan Ned let s take a Peep at travelling fashion hints. One s wardrobe selection for travel depends on the r Tuskegee Tuskegee Institute Anuj or. F. D. Patterson presi kind of trip to be made and the j Dent of Tuskegee in Ute of the traveler. However is that Tuskegee re certain fundamentals always remain gently received a Grant to establish the same. First the costume for the a personnel Bureau and to conduct a actual trip which is the basis or 1 study of the trends and tendencies keynote of the whole wardrobe in the occupations of negroes should be smart and practical. In j the personnel Bureau will have fact desirable thing to do two objectives the first to guide and is to have two suits especially if Milady is going to take an extended direst.,the students at the Institute in making vocational choices and journey. The one for a Cool climate tre secon,3 to assist the. Graduates should be of Light weight Woolen. The other for a warm climate and former students to secure positions in. Industry agriculture and my seems to run place the bowl next week to Hajj article on travel Mem Mimmi a Ward be ill a continued Sheri Ali of a. Little or be us h i f Itji v _ a al v h a Jim. ? a a to Lafaj hrs. Or Sis will be placed on . Of be useful to in its training Tus. To fear tit rep in of Rightn p a i r Hempstead to the 20.miie foot i ,1 by j. H1 to or vr1 ot3k of rown gtd ests tie ate Hev Hamilton Post Ned h Houston at .St.-Paust. A take Baptist v Inava Kotait Ine Norae a s,mi7sif--Ji a Jonnson a of beaut Virl it Swap v a 4,. A teach. To five his with us V y _. A n by a. A y r 7 x a 1 J 1 a y a y a " h a Vla a -.1. By a r a l ? Katy j v Yvor Jet. Fosto Liuato a a Church of goo Mahvi visitors were present or 1. Sunday school opened at the us 5 i Telg .comb5, in charge. A. Very Nice Igan. Miss Kilpatrick miss Roberts Mother. An omm Higan Ted Rich a c he to Oberlin of o to with Pec the a a i Anaa Wirs. Of aude l., Hii of Crabb. S " a a a. A of. Of 1 the pc n vhf i j the june Teeth Celebration v was Sheldyn Wiliams Grove Many were. Present from Houston a Booth and Thompson barbecued beef Mutton Chicken and a chef do duh ing Hal Gbor _ action of her Niece. x.  i honoured  her Gra 6sicwiuiam/df Houston with a birthday t table was decorated in Green and White an the birthday cake was iced in Green. And there were about 3 of the Iho Bree present. Menu con slated of Chicken salad waffles ice Cream and honoree Rei Civ Edw any hic and win Wilkerson died an his to june 19 funeral services were held june 20. Rev. C. A officiating. He is survived three sons and buried in the Blakley it Bend e. Horace vols is of is Are nip to is attending family. Went to. The nine tent Cele Thorh son a Freeman sunday. Mrs. and Hearne Sena Hilliard Are. On the sick list. Mrs " the clubs together and an organic ule Jyo list Henry Hen of Tion was perfected. Deacon Tabscott Derson received a fact tired leg while / was made president and miss Roxie of work. Courts of Calanthe paid a Sonnino Weils Secretary a he War Ami c to Liinus a. I i misses Oressia Tyler and. Artess by. A r a by. Re. " Hixa \ " -. To l . A a l " 1 t / to or tarried on june 19 with a delicious. A Psi Barbecue supper ate her Homey guests present were and . Fred Van Lein or. And Leroy. A. I t t n M to. r t n i a n r. In to �.-. To j -1 a ror. _. In i j. -. _ r l l / Thomas or and c. Scott Jones Rebecca Williams a a expander a i or a. ./spen0.weekend at Home persons attending Prifte lev Barber read the opening Ture sunday a it Ibrain aggregation  left at ten o clock on 29th, our Siinda school sunday. / mistress of a a a p r with an interesting. Program ii feet came Forth Pell bound with v to soul surring. Tween the Hoskins Brothers and in is gave it. Or. Incl Tho he Gaye some Johnaon to us to 11 1 As f week the Congress and Tenh. Mrs Bertha Island is visiting her 1 Davis b. Davis some Points. Mrs. Gammer. Garner and tv/i1 lir a  s Dalip Hopr Moi j or . Willie Hoskins motored to Tex few .ua.usntjr, Mesiya motored to. Hemp ,i.,u, a a a. A special cars for the annual visit to Houston the Days service was god. Mrs. ,1. A Thompson opened the Day s service with a Sermon. At 4? a a i a a i a i i r a in i a. L in n t a it _ n v j _ r r _ _ j i al. Williams and iescj0n period the lesson was review sunday in de by . Laura Prince remarks in \ Henderson reporter. V ,.jlj-Lr_Jj-.i to Trinity Baptist . Be Reese past6r. Sunday school opened at 9 30, witly superintendent a i. Foreman in charge. The Well taught lesson was reviewed by the superin Len Cut. The sunday school is growing in attend ache and finance adult s class leading in finance. At the 11 of clock Nei vice the pastor delivered a powerful Sermon subject Christian Mission acts 13 12, at a biblical drama blessed in ,. ,. Marque coloured school in Lamar Mollis son. And two lady members _ or and f. K. Lewis messes. B. Que. For the Benefit of our sunday i of West Point h , Moore a fan j. Fau school . A Jackson of club a o.2 ,.i�. Much,.better-,.ia_tiie Delight of the , Fannie a of to. ,. Teachers saturday advised Thern to s. A Davis left for the cattle town. Continue school through july and j fort Worth to attend the grand Lodge ,?e- is i of Eastern Star and master masons. Co operation of the entire cd Muir a Brown . Howard Ity. The St. James b. .0. I \ piano Iii . H. Johnson r. E. Lee e. Stree a financial rally july 0 and 7 to , r. Cleveland and . Sims a Haze a Rah Geo i Allen of Lamarque is visiting her visited theiave5or/ cents Willow spi ing. Albert. \ Thompson and read the news. Lonnie be Lii Dusten a kit cd Hir. A rents my and ton reporter. Hill 1 Fri grids of Houston / spent Galveston. They spent a delightful by the pastor meeting . Evening crabbing and Oclo obo with a Lively song led 6 o clock b. T. S. Held its. Meeting Marque lbs, a to mum to Oug Hout the service oui it pastor took his text from John 1 17. Another. Day of worship. The Pas there were several visitors present. Tor preached the Sermon v r1 f a rising Stor Baptist Church the assistant super Inteia Dent . R. Shannon Vas in Charjie of the n j of. M Sha Nho was in a charge -aof,. Nib the sunday school the Paffor. Rev. S or. And . Of orge Arm Strbic Bvrd Reade a trip from Prairie View to i bitty reviewed the Formerly of Galveston in Thom-p�0ii/vmiss/arse b. Newton san anti mind is. Visiting her aunt . Al Zorn. Fit raid. M a a _ _, i j r t Columbus Ait ,. ,.the funeral of miss Gladys Lee . Rut i Janks Art Ltd re id Jones was held at St. Paul me til e Ter Ruth v Brown i i Hull he " Church june 21. She of Mcle Lemon add in .-, Luther victims. I the. Wreck which h to a. A r Porter. / / a . Bertha Lewis of Dallas Vns a visitor in Marque during the weekend the Home of her Mother . Maggie ,.m. Butler and Dorothy. White of Houston visited with her sister. Mrs. Grace Brit Toh of Marque. A ./,".""� Justice is on the sick list this miss Annie Lee Fields met with a serious Accident at her Home but is doing much better to the Delight of her Many trends. V. A . L. K. Bell and children left Satur Day in fort Worth. A by a j firt " to Ann a Leon Morgan costello James Ray Sheppard and Hall Dansby All instructors in Central High school Are off to Ann visiting relatives together with the it of the visitors a. and . 1. A. Mar worship with us. At 5 30, the b. Tjie Church pit nist. And one who p. Al had a very interesting Meei Alzeen. Avau Hui wry car Verj the in. At 8 p. A. The night Xerva Clerch. Under weird Periou opera ice were held and our pastor de Tion on Laft saturday. We Hope Liverda very interesting Sonnon for her an4. Oths a speedy Reedy a from Titus 3 4. 5 Vemo of of of i. B. Plus has report r. Assistant pastors. Hev. L. A John of j a is leaving for los Ang ies. Celii. Vow will miss him very much Heen use he is a dependable. Cont Ien Tiou Christian. We do Vlash "f6r-him Mueh or o g r is Siv e a p tis1 Visi Fod 1vi o a. A a .1a h id he a i lard is lion alter is a Viii a term prison. Fol ref Fiji enc Mii a a grind daughter ii Iii and a i int and Jum Edwarh. Visited " a i term -1jw, . Of Deri  if. A l Hirw i it i on or who if to find o an Optima icon Hosn Curtis a Grad tick of cd and b. State in Tiki i turini a to aus-. Pekin of Kerr. Hazel  Lack son and. Hire a be Jack. I \. Char a Jyh. Hoit Norv Are n a Jove in a i pleas.  . A. Adj. Ii e my ii to Pas of r a inn stay. Witly ruh.Tiv-, a find Fri Rui. -.last. Sunday j. Mrs Mur a -pur.iti. I u�4rtiom.e after i Ith her no ddn it or. Success on his trip arid Hope he will throughout Hie Day.1 of he sunday forces were on the Job the attend be received. With of stretched Mua slow hey . A he n h in Hie of win i viewed the. Lesson. The pastor also hands a Hen he ets to his de non a b. F Takir i the lesson at i Ujj. A a or al Tion. Come and enjoy an out Init Given by ave. L Baptist Church on thursday july at the. Williarm Park Marque reporter. St. August be Ftp Scopal . W. Brit fill. Davis pastor 7 a. M., cel ration of the holy y-c6mraum 6hy" 945 / . I under the dire Eikon of . Origin c Davis 7 30 p. P even Iii Torii a i 11 j0, . Go in delivered a splendid message. A the choir Sang. At 0-Mo, the b. V. P. D. Progi and a 3?on were Mafried. Out with the usual i eci Clarily. Promptly at 8 o clock the evening service began. Deacons Louis and Glover Jed the prayer meeting . Glenn gave \ and . Jav F Gan off to stroy into the deep and let Down your number is requested to Atte Iid the Assoc Fatiori on tin sunday in july. A h Thompson reporter n a a w--4w,. Fim. Tic or r .--i, _ -. ,h._uh Wesley Tabernacle al e. It Valbert e. Lib spa a Tor " nets Jor a d Augne and Verst from hence Forth thou Church sch Blahd Muffi Hall Catov men Glenn Butler-.-. By i ytpr0 i Riiho be Oit -.mahife?t cd. Improved at Shiy a "servicejiat"5 i of Eink were Heliat Trussville reporter. Tended. Delegate. Tih Tual strength Mildd by renewed the sunday he of rim Koil. A in Oal a in attendance and finance. Of very body is looking Toj if. The a. Hij rally next sunday Ornim. The morn in u Wei ship hour carried with it that deep hip Rural. Isle cd. Fire v solemn nit 4hat-- Mark 3. , for. Cock . The parlor t ill in the pu1 r it us irk Chieft. Wev. Ltd Avn "v", 119 105/ Ruth Circle splendid , the Bur "bees,.1 a h a of which mis. Ady re ". M a to Williams pastor k a a ii nil Ieli re rde act the sunday a cobol a pwned Urther Rinnig ,.silversleav/,-sunday, Evje tint sorviceat.3 80. " m tub. I usual hotter. Nth the super Riende it ?4ft of 4 Nhi ii n and in a Todd n e , a a Hown Chr the relatives attending the funeral from out of town were Joe Bolden Robert Brown . Venue Hall . Sarah Connaway. Mrs. Leon Gant or. And . Walter. San fore and Daugh Tiv miss Ruth Elm a san Ford. Aileron Brown. Joh Hunter a nil . Mollie shr push ire. Eagle Lake Rof. And Lee. Weimar. Mrs. Poll lie Cole Corpus Cliris to . Carrie Miller Galveston Betty Courtney and family and mis. Para tee Willis and family of Glidden. Miss Blanche Mae Barrows a visitor the Home of her aunt. Mrs. Foley and family. Miss Margaret. Williams at a fended the it Trees association hep1 at Houston last week and reported. A very pleasant meeting. Rev. And . A. Freemy in and family Soeuto the 19th of june at Gonzales with his Mother. al urn and Vera Whitehead u. A Dawson " jr., or. T. Aud others eel i o rated their at Bren Ham Texas. Joe Mitchell. Brenham was a a weekend visitor of . To Mitchie Lilleon Mitcheli returned to Yoakum j Une 17. Miland . Lne us Courtney Houston Are in the City. Mar. Willie san Antonio is visiting int lie Hom of of a Taborne a. L. Toliver. A i 1 i Porter.-. Be women s. Home Mission Day. A program will be presented by the 1 o clock and by Prairie View at night. The pastor and congregation of the. A Church Rno stored to sunny Sicie where the Pas Tor Wilh preach at 3 30 o clock. Miss Houston who is visiting Edna Smith worshipped with them. Sam Schwartz training school has been rated As a four year accredited High school by the state committee on class inaction. Zz.z/-0 s. Bra Vahai a a . Mary Bonnett. 102 e Hollywood Street san Antonio visited her Mother and other relatives. Or. And . Robert Webb and children Percy Bobbie Mae and Nephew Do seals houaton/mot6rbd to Bren Ham to visit Tfir Mother and grand Mother. Mrs. Mary Webb. Or. And Lou grave sent the weekend in Brenham visiting or. And . G. L. Webb. Mrs. Elisha Lincoln 3405 howell., Dallas is Here Vas Mug her sister. Mrs. Mamie Davis . Howell is a former resident spikes to Qiric a Tkv with great festivities As the people. W Sledge r d Elfer i n Raj a i of our cloy and its adjoining Section. Is isum i an of successful re War Barbecue Watermelon Etc music for Roo Dalp a Ilcin the Occas on was furnished Bya hand Aenes Harri Theyna Mark r until 1 a is Burmingham were sponsors of the Wal its county line Celebration . Virn a min r Ray a Uusi Geniaw. Wells and son of Houston. Tvr Airle View. Miss Willie Lee s. Not w w Washington Miles pent the 19th in Waco. Mrs. Las a t. E. Seay died after a Long illness. Mrs. Isabella Brown Leo Brown mesday the 19th of june the panthers Defeated Wallis score b to / 3, with Emroy Chick. Davis opening of Wii Wright. Or. 407 = the. Game and Marion Louisiana Harding tort Worth., visited his a Brown pitching to a finish. All of the boys played Heads up baseball. Marion Brown reporter. Mrs. Ruby Williams is recover inc after being ill for a week. Miss Quency Mae Hilliard returned sat miss Blanche wakes and miss Johnr of Morales were visitors of me Mae Jones of Houston spent the Hayes Mothe a. My i my p to services at sle b. A. Carter left sunday Chapel me Church was excellent. Houston. Where he will under . Plenty Edw arcs delivered some g0 treatments in the s. P. Hospital great sermons. David Washington a and wife . Willie Lee washing i ton of Webster were Here to spend j \ Trinity the june Teeth the a interest Paiit hers baseball team beat Sukar ims a views t 1 Lone Star. Was land tuesday scores 5 to _2. Wed raised and $3.11 was raised at Bow f a it rents or. And . Will Wright or. Miss Floretta tillary of Houston also visited her announce the marriage of / Mexia Beatrice father s Dav program at nest or which took place Antioch Baptist Church at 3 o clock it men at Home of her aunt on last sunday evening sponsored by Luna Ali Fiji Farley with . The laymen league was very . Reese Iii coating Judi Esting. The 70th annual june Teeth on wit he a a quarterly exod a jul everyone is looking Iii next.  of the j a beside being called nuts a or Dunne of v cans Are a in , Westpoint male Tkv Meryom de a a on Jet the even huh Iier 60000.000 pounds pecarkuiope-1,.- t a. Pamir a r Juc lied. in t a were consumed in this country a Way fire incl holy Choc i to from in. In i.-, 1 a but h i Portev 1 k v Anee . -61k Odri is h up Mich land Heights Churchi shoo   t Urx. I f t f a al raft Sun Day. The Galilee Baptist Church a i Ned. To v ninth Rani Sermon by their Nastor Fuhr a c Smith. " 11. Won a a a nor he foil Vou Erni five us a rim., the wire have been nut up of tflephonc.--, let the Hildron to to lie Plav if round on South morn my Man Field the Masai ?r�. be Jive. Gundry to have a o for Jwuc Niaj the St. Andrew off. Church was triad to see the Mysior . I fielder by a Funni we 7 j Jar i -. I v. I where he attended inn Riner school and finished his in " the go Thip a Embe r shits u u ii Pricr Eai .h.itr. Vhf it drs Are or lavs j Weh Faith. T in. hand of h h. I i be their ii mull emd a sinday to d by Somerville spent the week a Here yith her schoolmates . Eliza Fisher and . Ellen Mcgregor. Mrs. Quisle Morris died june 19 she is survived by for husband Grant Morris three children Willie l.,and Marie and Lola Edwards two . Gussie Mae and Wil he Grant Morris two Brothers. Breedlove pay ton and James Stafford three Sisters. Mrs. Roxie de vault of independen Hee . Surv g . Alsace Parish Brenham one aunt. Mrs. Mary Hughes. Brenham and other relatives. Burial was at Independence with prof a h. Hogan undertaking go. In charge. Hai Rison Fields and of Scott of Galveston spent the weekend her at the Home of mr., and .j.w Fisher. Sid Hornby for a Nurnberg of years Well known in Railroad circles of died june 20 Heyl survived by a daughter . Waiter key four sons Toni Arthur speedy and j s,hftti3by and Bilier Ela Vesi. The remains were interred in Burton saturday with prof. A h. Hogans undertaking. Co., in charge. Funeral services were held sunday for mat Chad Wick who died june 21. He was a member of main St. Baptist Church and acacia Lodge no. 40. Free and accepted masons of which he served. As Secretary for a number of years he is survived by his wife Ope sister . Cor Neila dwards of Brownwood two children and other relatives a Williams delivered the funeral Celebration was held at Booker t. Washington Park june 1g, 17, 18, and 19 approximately 2,000 persons were. On the grounds wednesday afternoon to witness a very Fine in Pilgrim for . T. Walker a of i a if in who is expecting to to to the Hospital. Rev. Campbell held services at Church of god in Christ. Into Esvang services were held at c of Church. The missionary a society of Bowel Pil trim. Met june 7. In runs Circle raised$5.58. Ruth Circle $1.13/ prof b.-Johnson and miss Maurice Bubs crime Hoe from Prairie View the Harlem night club Eye a Donee on the 1tlth, High in enjoyed by All a. Of the Williams of. To Stonik visit ing port Rud Williams. Mrs. Gertrude jul ams is visiting her sister. Mrs. Fun in Johnson of Funk or. T a on k"pv1v sent the nth at new wih a. Or Rosetta Simpson Berry and hush no program when . L c. Graves implored t0 Houston for in a welcomed the Many visitors and the i a Perry Conn. The 19th former pastor of Antioch Church,1 in rjt.,,/ Lay to. Al . D. Edwin ,. Johnson pastor with her grand Mother. Mrs. Peed in South trip11 v. The Walker " " Ted to his Mother in Houston. . V in How to hip or Johnnie Haines Charity. Barnes and i Ter have to n a Ejmer Mac p of. is is Thip her sick father in . Baptist Church Terrell delivered the add to vent to hum. Presi Clernt of Cotton and others i h1 i san Dav no. My inn the Delmer cites social club met a Lri of to new Juli with . I c. Prov Leson. East Ary inc of of Mit Chanel held Palestine Street thursday evening june 20. An enjoyable evening was Rel "ph1 non t ups Ftp ent arid misses Loiza Foster and Barbara Pruitt were added to the club roster. Misses Aima Waters Kathyra. Britton and al be Lewis of  Corsica Ria arid Pressley Wadley j of Waco were guests of miss Arratia Riley the Paat week. Mrs. Luia Hammonds miss jewel Harris of Paul Quinn College and Douglas King of Austin were among 4he Jiwany visitors in the City on the 19r . U a Harrison and daughter miss. Daisie. L. Hai Rison of Seguin were recent guests of prof / and s. O. Parrish Denton Street. Their proom Fileri was a visitor in it visit was made a very pleasant one j pleasant and a map some Tim Elv. Re by madams s, Pollock Claude Marks . Vergie Hon a of Jill Bonner Street in Cal de to th3 bedside of her Mother at Denn on Texas. All services were in a n a up n Wichita Falls the adult Dehoot with . N. F. Waren As Rinc Inal will Hosp. June 28. Secerel rest fic ates of Honor a 1l be own ded. Next Vear-thri11it school Hobes to add to it . Staff a teacher of Home fro Nomi and instructor of Minsio. A prof. Shannon and others who entertained , h r i i re link Jig Lioce t count Sun if Sec flu act. Weil i a i St. Andrew a  e. Church al apr i oration the remain Vivere buried the Oplt a if  in umbras. r. A w Ond of Ful it j Wanh masonic honors in the Campton i.per.r.n Oen in Vennea. In , a Borjan. Reporter cemetery.--. A More reporter. Pay the government $22 of year in taxes. A a Bearov Are be coniing fashionable in Europe. a a i neck to a his fret. of god the choir. We red service and he ordinance of baptism a a in Cini Lic if r the Trif Eddie Molden reporter

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