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Informer (Newspaper) - June 29, 1935, Galveston, Texas E Louis i Nul him in t rum l i a i  i in. A i. 1 ill i ii a Lilly  i. A i  la by it v it a minimum a Ittu Jim i ii is veries. They told. U go out and rough lop and to Hlili. In Lillig 111a a Iliili Hung. Joe uni tire him. They were ii Cai Tieni s doom if Viii his seconds Lii de oui ill the Start of the sixth lit i Lull Ali. I l imn t i or. Ills l . I i ii m . Is Fakir \ i l i \ a Adekk Kuhs class Dhu x Toli ill i tin i is Chisin in Mil Hal v ii \ i. in i still i. I Tutu Yiu Uruu Willi ill la i ii ii 1,1 is Ilic i ill i ii in i ii my Lull i till my i it ii j . 1 Lulu ii Urti la in Ivil it pit Lilly Lull ii. I ill my sent my i ii la. i Mil j ii.,11 Ilo i a mini s is 111, n l j ii ii Niimd 111 i lilt. Toes ii Ute Canu a ii jus us til i la. I mid Usif Doe to the ropes and be to Rev ugly him and Sling him a./,. Jov twisted away his eve a we titled to. Sill thai showed the.1 in nil or a King denied if was on Carura with a vein out lefts Ana rights that liner ally Garnet a Down to the ground. To last a right to the Mouth Send-"i5 him Down. Carnera went Down but in the i hires 01 torture he could not slay my where longer the taxi four counts. He staggered to his i get Joe i crossed Hinr with a left Hook to one a file by the h Rad and a Jong right Oilie other Side lost tid Hinr Down again his seconds were screaming for Nan to stay Down avid rest until it count of i Init. Bui who can May till when they Are writhing in a in. Of who .can., hear when they no seeing stars and hearing builder again Carneta staggered up once More. Joe sent greased winning from both fists to strike his i Tan and again he was Down. There is a peculiarity about earners he can stand us when he is Mil he did not kno a any More just what was happening in. The a Ixl than if he had been in Italy i a on his Way to . After the third Knock Down a got up i it tile count of three bin in Boultt 1 rent Raiot hi1 arms. The it i h r he wok. Out Alfip Ped to i fend gave Joe the thei on a kno a out. Joe did his Tali affy Dir the Light with Bis Dodty . After the los fit he had Little to say he id "1 5ust Seibt hitting him until he Tuv that was his Stori. Real i warriors do Inot do Butch talking. White Bettig rub food. Down. Joe mint those close to him the detailed Story less time than it took him to finish up Carnera in the sixth round. 1  " i j ust took any Tipsie said Louis in a Voi & barely att Dible Abbye the Hlamov of his Bowling admirers. "1 Hod ii Hwe trouble getting past his rift because he kept sticking it in my face. Athen when i Hurt him in the fifth round 1 decided to make my move in the Lieut Roluri d. I dropped him first with a right hand to the head. 1 saw he. Was Hurt and i did t think he or Ilia get up so fast. Then 1 just kept hitting him until he thar. Did you finish him with to Hook and a right #ss&7d in e m j is Drewing i mum mini i Fth Lii ii till my. "1 am Thrombi " he act he v sit going Back to Itti 1 As won a he Lioi ild arrange. His i flan a. It was another White huge Seni to destruction by beg put in the a Seth of the stalking Kilius of weights. It Wii an title r Rolelr twin Joe s weapon of of Truw Ion in Alt ing 19 Knock outs. Zitti Niiori. . A ,1 nun Hudt Iru ii ll1 Lillile loin. In Urai dim a tit Multi Mikil r i ivs Lii a i lighting ii eur bom is Ihu . Smut. I Idil Sli Lohli " is i youngster sin Ashai Iid i a i. I la . Chance it Iuis Lii i. In u it win by gift Ichill in in ii mini ii i Liance tic a i in i us m ins path . To i.1 i l i Uii u i. It he it i get.-. To lit it in a push us i. To in. The blown Bombei is lie of is 0011,0 10 negroes who hoop his blasting of camera portends y Hin Wil do to Italy Fig by rounds Holni oni Ari Crit Cate bounding nut of his in Rinei out in the Middle of tin ring where a Hoits Send i loft Hook to he italian s Lindy bal . He wat smothered Liv Lii if c Ai Neras arms Tiern look flirt i still shots on the a Cut Iru s. Into Hie Roku s the italian Kis driven and Louis smashed camera s jew Willi his rift lit. The Tri will yelled Thunder ugly As i tuned Rij Lils Tii ill Lefis Uji ii the body of ancient Nilst grew wobbly Ami tit my. Ali Ruut Ali nil of ins tin for oui Nihar did not Elian to his Esi it Essink. As car nera Dlo hold Mills Oil a ill a Long left Onollie right from Louis brought blood drip pint Down i s lips Taihei had to Muster All of his Strei Irtoli to Leepow i from the onslaught of blots of Louis u Shirli Zhitni mixed the i u 11st it s hands to his Side. Louis ducked when car it i a used his bin Hulk of a body to throw the Deli Olter into the ropes As Louis ducked he shot a hard left to he head As the Bell sounded. Louis round. To i m two Willi the instructions of his seconds to stay in close ringing in has i ears camera Crane out of his Corner determined to smother his opponent in his arms but As he at Timil Ted to do so Louis smashed a left and right to. Cameras jaw this jaw attacker followed he a left Hook i Cipich Lin eked camera into the Ronies. But he wrestled Joe about f ii jul the smaller tighter was Ilung into the Comer Cut Nerit worked on Joe a head with i. Left but Joe came Back Low and ripped both of. His hands with powerful Force Hilo car nera s body. As i Rimo backed into thei Rozics jigs Mouth was Del Iping Blozitis Lujuan and ,1oe Sanii Liefl Viert. I Dojk o ills tried Dess Peia Civ to hit Louis with .1 Riff ii but Loui Wolti ipod three successive Hooks to camera s head. After this camera was Ali ing his hands wildly As Loe. Showed no exp cession on ills lace As the Bell Radir Louis round Itoch thru k Lou is circled he giant menacing Ivas they came to the Center of the Ling. As camera tried o Box Joe shot at his head Willi a left Jab. Into i Ritmo s Side went a terrific left As Carnera Inis sed a heavy Hook a to Joe s lie ail it Pace a loved for a bit inert used As Louis drove both Liams into the italian s head. Carib Raifort a left Hook from Louis Hill he managed to get a Light tap on his opponent s head with two lefts and a Short right. Joe ducked Low and sent two crushing rights under camera s heart. Tills was to be. Lou is round and he Tore into car .1 Lull nil a i Iryll ult a .-11-holi. It Luigi ii kept ins arms . Louis slur i a Lunt left into i his to null As Itie italian stood n in Cardell. And Shook tile towering , with a Tell Hook to the Clinin. The son of Italy made the Moil of his Oppio to inlay when he gut Louis into close quarters and Shook my from Side to Side. A Long Lii lit to the Chin from Carnera shocked him fur a moment. Joe Fot Lou cil tils shot with some Dill into it rights Ami lefts i the bleeding lips of i Rimo who was shaking acid jabbing As the Bell sound. Koizim even. A a a a i Lvi. I Rimo bucked around the ring and Slabbed at. Louis head with a Long if i two lefts from Louis landed on Carnera s body acid caught Ellie Siant on the Chin with a Jab. The crowd got in sonic booing As the action started to slow up a bit out of a al Inch in which Caine a tried his old trick of wearing out his opponent Joe Canic furiously to ill Var the italian into a Corner Llloyd tricked Down camera s Chin As Hie Brown bomber smashed rights and lefts to the head. Louis forced Hie italian Back with another left Hook which Shook Carnera. Joe failed to land a Long hard right Hal planted a hard left into i Rimos body Ihen he delivered a ferret la. Right to this jaw. The Lile fit Flatt did his Best to Dodge the Volley of shots and All Hal Joe Rouill do was o hit with a left As the Bell rang Louis round round six Joe came out of his Corner with a mighty determined and expressionless face and started to Circle his foe. Carnera appeared to look shaky As Louis Sank. A. Left Hook in  to the stomach just above Lite Belt line. The giant Carnera picked Joe no and moved Ulm to the ropes where he Sank a Liard right to Louis body. Two hard rights to the body of Louis by Carnera did t prevent i Louis from smashing a terrific right to the Chin that floored the italian for a count of four up filmo came reeling with jigs face spouting blood and Joe Sank him again for a count of four with another right to the head determined to crush his opponent Joe dynamited a reset Tatayon k St of those who made by promoter Jacobs read like a Cross Section of who s. Who and Brad Street s. Everybody it seemed wanted to see.4he greatest negro lighter since the Days of Sam Langford. Among the Parade of champions at the , one of the greatest to gators Ever to step into a ring and former title Holder. He came n. About five minutes later than Louis among onlookers were and Gene attn lies retired gentlemen who Onca held the title Louis aimed --siicees3tutly-- tuft iday night brads Baer were in attendance it curiosity draws crowd p. One and a All those who attended the Battle were drawn by curiosity they wanted a to see Louisin be Juicy. Did "/.see. A Man of action. They came to see a Man faced with a the. Greatest trial of his life and the crowd saw Louis smash his Way. To a positive Kev d. H Rankin Moderalli of the District association Olio was Maiti speaker at the sunday evening mass meeting. Grows cold hol Ston in a local funeral hot tins Welc Lay the body of a jilted Witni . Faced with a living Willio ii the Titan she loved a i Annie Mav. Ritoh 28, o�,1203 Sam s place drunk Poison late monday. A pm a. I. Roach president of the min Aliona Alliance who delivered the graduating address tit the Cong Ress. Gress from i age 1 ill isl inning a i Papel 111 to tin h. La. Rev. F. J. Mitchell director of the study course of the Congress. Hunt Cei Ved Cek pirates from this course Friday might Jtmo-21, others took the Miami Fialkin saturday and made credit Wilile Grados in the course Rev. W. Aitery of Hosenberg Texas Ina stot Buind in marshalling. I Byju Zottos Kach evening the Don and body he died at 9 40 . In Gress a a an by n opener in Byju hotel Dieu Hospital without re continued from Page 1 right Eye and right Side of if Ace badly bruised a put on the right Arm after 16 minutes he i leg aired consciousness. Williams received painful cuts on the right leg bruises on the body and stiff joints from the shake ups Hunt who was asleep in the Back seat suffered a fractured Skull Savi Crall cuts and bruises the a Cal Velh Lite. Rev w a. Joshua of the i eater Jordan ii Dve Baptist Church was Dan a live wire in Byi u technique Kun a i. Hunch president of the Toimil Alliance of Ilowit inn towns delivered the Fadu Aling address la the Bizadi litter. Ill address was i Struc . Prominent in religion labor and i ruler al circles m. Shunt was prominent in i a Ligi Ops labor and fraternal movements. He had Many friends and was highly respected by both race and All classes. He was president of the i. A a. Local Here had represented his local and this District al Many of their conventions. He was elected a Delegate to an i. L. A convention which will meet in i it attic to at to .rwu.-a. Wanted the Poisott Luli owing a quarrel in i Intini to m a. Inc was a my Muci of my z on Bap lie twit Send Haa ten blk Ille ,riiat/0slttpv.jow.nsends/liaa it erg l-5 om-about.,,o monday night. And. Attar having Vlic r a i Are e v. Hunt. His. Wife a some her left the House a u Hub a the Galveston Tex teacher m the cloy schools was at about 1 1 30. ". A to a Salem dirt to police mrs Ida Firo Iurii. , is coming House al that Abaye add at Alk tit 1 .30 monday night she. Heard a Glass smash in miss Ihil s Roo i. A she entered the room she found lie a Uii ithe bed in misery Nav i i. Villi we Lill la lip Cal inn tin Piil i in hires and in since the Rulu Mii was created Especial tin Vuu. C invite veil to take Aik ii Maee us n. Let us know whal von Art Teliin Kwiim. Al Vou arc enjoy in. To inv us our lectures. Lell " in lulls site Ato i i r. inv be inv item inter v ,11 1 .in,in." Vliem Tell i a i en11 be Illi i Ludying tie i a and arrive it ,.,-e belly i ii about them i mean the in is of the 111 a pinions let us vaders Hove to founder of the first spiritual association in t e x a s of to Mem Tom to Nln summer school at Prairie a v 2ttis Aai item is a bedside before he passed in a Voi he session. To"iri1 v  run 1 24. 1 30 . Zariv a its capacity hundreds were tra Alment a lard and Olive Oil Val a. A Branch Lirl until i Ain i Alt. Jed a scr Orie i when i i it no say j address our Lel teis to Clil heal i or. S a care it lie informer. Tost Smith Street. Illus to in. Texas. Learn the Barber profession today most All / material things Are based on Supply and demand prepare a Tirse i along the lines in i Bieh there Are demands. At this Home there is a greater shortage by far in the bomber profession than any other. Of i were a Young Man or a Young woman with a common school education 1 would decide in favor of the Barber profession the greatest Field now open Lor ambitious men and women of the race a real make Voit self More to de maid thereby strengthening your chances to earn More Monkey which will make asset to. Your Community and la those to whom you Are indebted. We a Bijj. Secure Vou u Job when Roife Complete Evv Hatch i All Over Texas Are willing Lis doily Tor Barbers and. A it Kinoer of them Are offering lucrative guarantees for Coll i a atoned by Beis a or your Befetil we will stale Hal we Are Attoh Gnu red by ,,, the slate Barber Ali incl n t. Class a College for further it Muon write the Tyler Barber f ollege ilm Morgan president 21?, Hast St  although. Japan Hersel uses Only about 10,000 tons of al Lilium a year she has is Label hed four or five aluminium ------3--.-- Califon Niparts consume approximately half of the fioo.000 oases of Ripe olives produced in the country annually. Get this straight 2t�l l. Ill. Ortiz it. A. A a . Brown said Tomt Shor fief i fore the gift committed the Vitas h a no i Elm m will Lowns in a had called to a who a i a Tammy of his own it told a Viniss Ruh to like his things and leave because she was Bonvini -. De he did Ilot care for Heie Wilt Tai Throe Cafuir l Xvi Serid Koe Kiriat. Miss Rich Ilioiu a twin pounces or carbolic acid. The a mrs Brown said. Had Ittig peculiarly pm . sunday she Laid a ,Ͽ�.I�Iwic-.t- a a honk it a sly to a ii ill w Jthn purchasing look for lit vaseline on the of tubes. It y u do not Sec it you Are not getting the Gen unit product. Keep. Visit Lytic Puoh Tiru it Liy la Street about a 30 ii. M. Griffin said he went Lionie his wife of the Sci a Lam. I further stated thai it upon the advicf1 of i , members that. He. Notified the. Police concern ing the matter. A. A under the across ire of police win doubted his Story Grillo admitted that his Story was Only a. Concoction i Ami that he. Had taken the Moneva forms. Private use. Griffin was j. Placed under arrest and charged i with it Roniotis f in Kleinen judge Maes court. Game authorities estimate Pierc. Are 15,-000,000 sportsmen in the United states who spend styx Mitis -000 annually in Hunting and Lish Uii. Mrs. Brown mid the Gnu had been livid Ign Wittiv her. Three to months. Dur much it love with his wife. This realization is. Believed to be ing this time she had beet carrying Mot pc which pm pts Lihe Home. committee offices arc Solon Brandon vice chairman be Armstead chairman of scholarships Rev. L. A. Thigpen chair Ituau Church co operations a. H. /wobslor.iiublieily, those who wish to contribute to Camp scholarships should. / remit to a a Armstead chairman or to the Branch offices1217 Bagby Street / citizens of Spring Are sparing no Means to make the stay forthe Camp boys Liis year lie most enjoyable Ever. / / parents Are.,urged to come to the. Office / and / Register their boys in person and Supply needed inform Tion about them. Friday june 28, is the last Day for registrations in first group. Imo Hlib Mcgowan Mother mcl3owen, the state Mother and founder of the spiritual Temple association in Texas located at 2117 Elgin Street Houston Texas. Mather Mcgowen is one who has helped the Community of Houston and Harris county. The Only Mother who healed the Blind and has their statements. She has healed coloured and White people who lost their minds and were turned Down by Oil doctors but the bugs Mother in Megowen s prayers they were re or trod to their r ugh t minds  mrs Moore 2119 St. Charles was lame and had not walked in seven years. She was visited,.hy.Mother Mcgowen in 1930 and healed on the same Day. Thousands of people in the state of Texas have been helped and healed by Mother. Mcgowen therefore we know that god called her and chose her for a Prophet and healer she can Tell your past present and future. 11 a a you need advice please see Mother Mcgowen,./2403 Gray Avenue phone. F. .0003-Houston. Texas by one. Of her friends White of Houston Texas. Mrs. Groom. Panisz passion conquer the ones you Lutr and Havel lie in completely in your Power. Lie u j master of the opposite sex. Muke them Ilo Woltil of want. Enjoy life s to the fullest. Spanish passion is a i live stimulant Llma must work. Just mall today und try it Vii Urner. Juki a few drop Are to ouch. It by Khu. Lourk 1mmediatklv. Send c. 1. If Mia prefer and. You / pay. The porn Man on delivery plus Pok Taire co a orders Send in a Pla to Knapp Lar. Your Money will he returned 1nbtanti.y if i Yim Are not . Than Dellb Ted secret Lutt auctions on .12 ways of mating Laive-1-rbe.i�, us order at once. Spanish Imparl Cis dept. Ull mad fifth ave., new York ily notice the Klc laral Colic go of the Texas conference a. Ill. E. Church will Convene at Bryan teas thursday july 4, 11135 to elect Lay delegates to the general conference new York City May 1ii3g it. Item. Geo. B. Young. Presiding Bishop Rev. C. I Dawson Sec Hilary. Texas conference notice to agents and correspondents As the fourth of july is a National Holiday the informer in ust have All news in Early. All news for the Issue of july 6 must reach the office monday july 1. A Horticulturist. In Souriv Atria recently grew varieties n be beaut tonight use Larry use today Lorieuse gives your hair that sop Silky Jet Black Bril. A Fiance in 15 minutes look at your hair in the Mirror. Is it streaked with Gray is in find cd or Dull looking has it been scorched with hot Irons and straighteners it has probably that s Why he Best looking most popular boys Don t ask Vou to go out any More. That s Why you Are miss. Iii dances parties and Oiler swell affairs. You Are letting ugly Hoir Rob Vou of youths of love and Romance flow fun if att Fenu Laiful hair get a bottle of Godefroy s Trench hair colouring today. In is easy to use no More trouble thin an Ordinary in just a few Tii mites your Jirair will have a Brilliant Coal Black Lustre. Girls will envy Voo men will soy you look Beautiful and years younger. You will again be he girl you used to be la eco Ivy i am stars stage and screen stars society and business people Uliey use and recommend Godefroy a have for 40 years. A very Boule is guaranteed to satisfy or your Money will be promptly returned your dealer Bis Godefroy s Lorieuse French hash colouring if lie does nut have it Send $1.25 to god Koy mfg co  5juo Olive St. St. Louis a v la six in i

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