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Informer (Newspaper) - June 29, 1935, Galveston, Texas Complete coverage one of the biggest crowds in recent years saw Joe Louis whip camera and make another step to the world s championship. The informer has graphic accounts of the Battle. On Joe Louis fight festered As beyond rits s Matur to of inti i i sir. Liuha i Iii ire tie concern Luik a. I miss camera . Adult la ii in to i t Orne. Duj t i Evv list 1. Aint those of next week1 help Tell the Ston volume xvii no. 1 Gale its j on Edl j saturday 19price of two Are killed hits Texa Kana Brilliant us Texarkana on last Friday Lime 81, Chi worst Enrione Evcic to i it this Lection Nejme so Tiv , in its Wake death and destruction. Storms of this magnitude have and about a Texer Kana Many years but never within the City limits. Houses were splintered and roofs lifted off wreckage was scattered everywhere Trees Large and Small ii weveh6rn to top by the roots or twisted to Orija their stumps and piled helter shelter fashion about the streets and Yards of this City Telephone poles were uprooted and in Many places tagged. In the wreckage were charged electric wires two Are known dead Dunbar Mccartney and Cynthia Perkins. D. I. Freeze and his two year old son Gilbert White were also killed Dunbar Mccartney was working on a Relief pro eel at the Texarkana Airport along with several others.  when the storm Rose they took Refuge under a hangar it soon became apparent that the hangar would not be Able to stand the storm s fury and those who had taken Refuge decided to forsake it and take their changes Mothe open Field. Mccartney started out with the others but his nerve evidently failed and he returned to the shelter of the shed. In we Kythe storm s attack and my s"5? App crushed beneath steel when to Fleer Tern was a strayed give birth to a child six hours after the storm had i posed a i a it i a . 1 among the injured at Jamison sanitarium Are of b Stewart with an injured Side his wife mrs Pearl Stewart injured Back their daughter Dorothy a broken leg and scratched face Moses a son injured Arm leg and head James another son sustained a broken leg and injured mad Eva Mae a daughter escaped unhurt. Their Home was come of plemely Maestro Yea Mads by eggs mrs Ruby Lee Braggs his wife and Alice Braggs sister and a w. Stynson r. Received treatment for injuries inthe Jamison sanitarium. Five airships were strayed at the port the general property damage is estimated at $200,000. A  a  v or. Charles Wesley blogs with a wide reputation As one of the most Brilliant of the younger scientists or Charles Wesley Buggs was recently appointed to be in charge of the biology department of the new Dillard universally which is to open in new Orleans in Buggs made an next Rani Denary. Record at the University of Minne Sota where he was elected to Sigma i National honorary scientific society. For two. Years he held the Shevlin Fellowship at Minnesota for original research. For the a jail year he has been associate professor of biology at Bishop College Marshall Texas. And photo   -0 reports a by committees on Centennial negro Centennial commission held meeting Friday june 21 at the moot Eland Branch Myca with slate chairman a k. Banks presiding. Reports were made by the fallowing committees planning and exhibits state. Board of control Federal commission of control Central Centennial corporation and the Bond sales committee. Secretary a Maceo Smith reported that definite Assurance wan in evidence that $250,000 would be included in the Federal appropriation for a negro building and that the Central Centennial corporation would match Dollar for Dollar that negroes raised to go toward the constructive and permanent endowment of the negro building. Special significance was plated upon the report of the East Texas division of the band sales committee which was made by Jeff 1, Jones or and j. M. Blackman from k.11-Gore. After the executive session was ended us a Thomasson i College president returns to mss e. Branch has returned to the Campus of til-lotson1 College after a two weeks to the East where she was How ored by having the Ped. A degree conferred to on Shier Yat fwd Gim assist b College and the la. D. At Howard University v these degrees were conferred top on her for a Long period or sati Olff ,.  zip a on this u or fit Exsa feel Ness with. Pleasure. By visit Angl friends and relatives at l Frieh but of her a 1 a 5trict . Hold Congress District sunday school and Byju Congress of Llie a Independent association has just closed its school of methods ton Texas which began tuesday evening june 18, 2 20, and closed i Rector of sales for Centennial Bonds sunday night june 23, 183,s the. J in ill my Mem addressed the group of Tenien i Sonopol convened with the pm Ashat Nial Bonds As an a res 1 Grove Baptist Church on Clarr in o c l 6 t v missionary sir Baptist prize for tile most unique pose. More interest is being shown in this year s baby edition than in previous edition. com ing in from All. Over the state announcing that babies will be. Entered. Photographers Are cooperating to get pictures made promptly. One photographer is offering $10 in prizes in connection with taking baby pictures. Babies Are not Only innocent but Are always cute from birth until five or six years old. In the Case of Many of us that was the Only w. Houston Clias. To Brac Kiib mrs h. T. Winn w. D. Cain j l. Blount j. A Jones or a m. Blackman Rev Geo. Guyd ii. P Carter j. L. Plur Mer a h. Waller and James Thomas of _ what should the negro do by Rev. Bebnak1 bar Dallas what shall i do that 1 May inherit eternal life asked a Young Man. Ii was ignorant of. Some t things but was to ill conscience of. The fact that he did not have eternal life. A Man does not told what his conditions Are i hem better than men can Tell. In j View of. This fact i conclude that i s. The negro needs not to be told that he is in need of social econom a 1 a a in and political i . A us who is he that has suffered Hie pains of social depression and. Political. Dis fran. Claisen Keiit More than the negro in , the negro is full cognizant. Of these unfavourable Condi masonic grou holds Galveston sunday 3 30 a. M. I Lime we looked Good enough to be the annual thanksgiving Sermon of presented. Perhaps every person the greater Galveston Lodge no ought have one picture taken some 675, a. F. And a. M. And the morn where in life that in t Star chapter no 753, o. E so was Luna Tely the taking is up to Loving held at the Pirstl Baptist Church parents who like to do things for Texas City with the. Iwo branches babies. I of that i Ity. Surely it will be Tun ten years Rev a 15 Newell delivered he later to get ail informer Hie and see.?t0" b"if0" is we so Paul How baby looked in 1935. In 1945 Ujj i p. Daviv s worthy babies Mav be wearing in Drew a Matron of the Eastern stars. Tit,.? cd a a a go a a tests. It is announced that the m a is. alter the. Edition ran Oseph grim 1 Lodge Willcon Venelyn some wrote spying they wished they to cd y in july upon invitation of. Had gotten their babies in. Last the local lodges. Year s baby Section went into the.,.-a. .���.,--?--. the fourth Church along  with the wonder fill sermons that were preached by Rev. L. H. Simpson. Rev. C. H. Biourn t. G. Jackson and Rev. D. To Ranlo ins. Houston. Texas in Moderator. Of the Independent District association was the main speaker in the Sim Day evening mass meeting that Proy de to be the pentecostal hour will the Congress Forcer. The Hext most interesting feature of. The Congress was the graduating exercise sponsored . Mil Chell director of Thel study Comro of the Congress. Twenty three in see Congress Page 2 labor president visits Texarkana texai1kaka.--c. A Rice of Houston president and general Ranager of tie Texas and Labouring men a association. publisher of negro hears or. Melville Atlantic City n. J and the joint convention of the Ani ii can medical Astico Iarion and tie Canadian. A i tical association which imbed Here Friday not Only brought Togo that Hie id top t numb i of physicians Ever to assemble it Antei Icv but made history m . For he Mil Simetti Tegio any ficus appealed before that uugus.1 body Duli Vei my an addres on a subject Aboul which Little has been Silhi Stu i Iowa the physician was or Kenneth i. Melville Jamaica bom and hailing from Canada where of a ass Islai it professor of pharmacology at the University of Magill. Or. Melville has. Held this position for two years. joining he Canada s Premier institution i did room cd work in France and the Subie it of his Addre which was illustrated with Lallem to lid. A tie comp Ratip Efi ecu us Pic " or and oxytocin him Liun us or pituitary extract in a local Irish Jill irom injun la re Telu old Anoma state c infer end0 be eliminated. ,. ,.,., branches of the National Assoc a if a Man whose hand is in a fire Uon m. U e Adan Emmet o co. Puts Forth no Effort to. Take it out surely a by Stander Tho he Liim Selt May have placed it there Wilt exert Little or no Effort to Aid thai Man. A ored people has been awarded the association s Gold Merit medal for 1934, which will be. Presented at we have come to tie time when we the. Twenty sixth n a. A up. Con a. Race must Stop demanding and to pc sunday june 30. A begin commanding men to recon. Tis " has automobile or Dunjee Naze in an As important Factor floured the entire state of Oklahoma lining up a Lancial and moral sup port for a condemned Man. Winning the backing of the is in the state he raised j Large sum of in Nuey for attorneys fees and expenses incident to the Case devoting a Large amount of space in each Issue of his newspaper he printed the name of every contributor Iti the Jess Hollins de of Frise fund no matter How Small the donation. When William pick Cut n. A. A. C. P. Field secretary., to Oli Lahonia to a id the.ops0,- or Dunjee left his work and Dame or. Pickens All Over the slate in his Avito Nobile to address Mas meetings for the Hollins defense. An official Survey shows there Are about. 2,000 judicial in Georgia including courts held by Justice of the peace modern civilization. If 1 say to the race command your. Rights tie question May arise. How can these "j6 j Vij Lri answer i say any Arl Jet a see negro Page 4. The informer net paid circulation forjune"22, 1935 was 13961 the informer is a member of i the audit Bureau of circulations i potion sunday Hight june 23 tiie choir music and had As a guest soloist. ?.irs Williamson. At the close of the. Service Rev. Haynes invited a the mayor to make remarks. Reluctantly the May or slated that he appreciated and enjoyed the services. Mayor Sargent poke of three of the Many plans he old the Council Are working on for Dallas citizens namely the schools. He said we asked to slate its need. We. Received two letters setting Forth these needs one evening this week we. Hope to meet with the. Board and to overs with item by item their Leeds. How they expect to spend Tho Money on hand and the kind of Bond Issue they Hope to launch ". The mayor next took up ins Park plan and said that lie had i Bitch every Park in the City and that Iii Liiv every Park needs something lie called attention Hail Street Park and playground saying that pool., . They the girls could get la Sills Whitmi ,. Lur boys a Iii Sii then turn in the swimming Ullh it turn made it quite evident hire Duil Tai i Tut proper play whim it Jui were quilt made my. Ali a a -.a-Iiotliei-. Plan. Lih i the a a the full uni t Leartice an. name. In id bul the plan is to Clem up ainu or two a the City and i i Buckl ii Luigi Init s of a modern City a Willi lurks Pool and a a Schigol. This plan Call for live acres tin negroes uni whiter,-and.makes no provi Khoii for mexicans. The mayor thinks that provisions should be made Lor thin flu if. .1 citizens. J Fin the first Lime Many Able to Greet a a . Mavor a Sei ,l.\ in Rel Public upr.eainc.? was invade in his to the Aine Rikin Woodmen a. .1.-Tijut meet at St april. Lawrence Williams in m to the place where he had left his car. " being sleepy and fatigued Hunt got into the rear seat Lawrence Williams and Jack Nicholas were on the front seat Williams driving Hunt instructed Williams that there was no need to Rush. According to the statement of Nicholas Williams was observing the order Given by Hunt when he saw in the distance a ear that .seemed---to.-, be  As this car Drew near he discovered that the Driver. Had lost control he attempted to Cut off the Highway. The approaching car skidded across the Highway causing the collision. Williams was unable to Tell whether the-.13. Year old boy or mrs Daigle was at the wheel. The Accident happened Between 11 and .12 o clock. Jack Nicholas was thrown through the door of the car receiving two. Cuts on Tho head his see Hunt Page 2. By plans will Convene in n. Y. Fng Ali from a hair Roble of. Cat Oera would stagger Back Pew lower. De. I tis Bald that the japanese dem mandant of the Fleet that to destroyed the russian Fleet had anti oui iced regarding his plans after a 4hous and thoughts one fixed purpose de stroy the russian Fleet it sepia that. Louis with one fixed purpose destroy camera. His smooth beardless face in clanging this 21-year-old boy me the Mically and relentlessly went about the work of carving Carnero . With. Of a. Palm com Jent so Hill of a Veteran Louis did his work with amazing Speed and sureness never slackening never take off his eyes Oft camera with Gilt Tran Black eyes narrowed by the grim purpose that held him he hardly wasted a motion. After taking the first three re ids Joe used the fourth to late a final Survey and plan the end. In the fifth Louis took his time and balanced his attack against the Moi lain body and the dumb head camera backed around tie inns the burning Sotl is b levied to serve 7tli term new Orleans. La. I ii went eur Atli biennial session of. The us Premen Lodge of the knights m pythias will be held in the convention Hall Rochester n. Y. On tuesday August 20, according to a aet s Lor proclamation issued by s. W. Green " supreme Chancellor of. The knights of pythias \. I in officers arid ,tiers of the pythian Temple commission will assemble August 19 for the Pur pose of transacting business. The to Orrin Viltee on finance will Liisse Uible August if. Oil sunday August is. Tit i biennial Sermon will be preached by res. A. A a arid. Prelate of the kit Iphi of pythias at v. O clock . In the " convention t1-? Tew a h Hall joint Membria services for the ,, Gavm Brown 1570irving Avenue after a Long illness died saturday at 450 or. Brown who was born in Tetora Alabama came to Texas forty-thrt.? years ago locating in. Beaumont h.-. Was married to miss Tennie in 1899. They have lived loge Tiger since their marriage. Or. Brown s condition has k1 serious for some time. His 1 children were at his Betta 1v1 the end came. He was re loved by. All who knew my fellow workers he was Kii in father he w Mth a he was a Verm i of r Paul a m e. Church and a a Torr a " three years. ,.surviving ii Iii a i v in , v i. at James supreme court of the order of town a so Calanthe and the knights of pythias will be held monday august119 in the convention Hall. Rev. E. U. A Brooks will preach the Sermon. 2u years for killing negro foe failed to lie daunted by the huge m t Fisi Milch Lizino a Iriti i tji Rusf into a Rte l i Noil s face during a training bout at of Varro Lake \ vice univ Leloi Chr Iii to 1 Iii it flit Niar Amouli italian gave special to the stif i tic in a i. H Jimr ii St a. H Tiou ule in he championship bout last rear. Hut ins left railed to dec Fhi Siun the Ciori i c Rue ii Tol Trio Hui Tun i int we near held its meet ugh a Sloan him Murii in cd Iurii in Liu Sijoon. Mine Oid 21. I spi in y,., id n in i l t a Tifful bus keel us. . Re Ilie Birmel Niram Ala. And i Bot i a i Iii a Horn Awn a ii by 5 tit a i Najfi White was sentenced to serv jul move in i pm i Nort 2 i year m prison Here tuesday we " unit i bit or .1 la. Vail. A f0und guilty of murder n i Sim War al. Elem a d. The a \ to Lac Sec Imd Derec in connection �1," i mls a. j Ich urci-.".900.000,000 Gallons of we Ier a to., ,.,pro Hale Igli brow ii a i Rembi of the Shreveport High school Farriw two lint Kiersi other relatives au.1 a Host of friends the Fui Crai serve Ivere hem tt0. Fat Paul a 1vi, e Chun a a Tiia i Lay of Vernoon the Large Audi a and Mam Beautiful for i Here ? of the i teem m a ii to was held Rev Jno Ami Roi. Pastor Del nerd the fun via a. Biogy. Fleming fraternal underlay in had Lurge of arrange rnem1 with burial m Blanche be com Eticy. Or Brown was buried with masonic honors. Bishop Grant i div in it t a m

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