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Read an issue on 28 Sep 1859 in Indianapolis, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Indianapolis Weekly Indiana State Sentinel.

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Indianapolis Weekly Indiana State Sentinel (Newspaper) - September 28, 1859, Indianapolis, Indiana A Man fms a a september a a Chat Hon. A Aji Moo in Ihu g�4t a la a a of ii a Ipoh get Mounic Ali a. A Netiea the a Uteta or in team in Bolh Teri to. Lii us air suit Dix in la a enter str opon con Podojil Inion. In by Tuv. U to Ltd Itu pre�wle4 get it Pii Otom Tkv a a Oli Como tax Tom. Salon Ltd a tax but i it ,.vh�j Wouita come in Viive slim. He la Tea Tutt Oei it Mil or Olivita Vovou Blueit uis dts term Lumua of us the Innell u to when he Rihem a old in a a to dept Odd a Motly opon Cosgro a to. To blk Lle Oij or a Taip it a la Butor Oluia Noite Wmk Era a Loit us Uio old bin a of 1787, to aft Dun a us a in to i fort lat lit by to Hilm Here by Colin a uld lid atm in Mij. Dependent 401 the pm or Tbs of Boinoff to Duna a Quot ,. Bodum it we k Clito Sute a tense i Interj bid Quot a Cost / -imu>liiti>.iut, us tto a Milit. Of their. Sulg an a mme inlay Dino. We Nini Wolti ibo do Lull for trim tatty Jilin becoming Moto wild ontto to people Oto Llu tetto Morthoe United state that Ite Bolo in Eaton of a layer in Tea la an Izerial Issue in Tbs flew it must soon Equelo Bare that promo Nice Blob Baa been for Megli toll it la and remain material use lamp la be a a Terry tories log by be and Dii Puto about. Ikel in lilo. Noni of hereafter. Coi Tao a town a Brill to iutei7. to old Louee of 17s7, a Dlane Tan Oij pre it Alan Codo 16 the tent Obj h Ite 8ui�<>r 10cu a Lubovi Niame Uriot Tiei Aln pts ��?�jim4 k cum a ode for Lon Liing total torn Blanc too a territorial a Guaglio Pomti Itai us riot Eton Ltd Ono of the dome itto in tel Tolios or Indiala us a Mboli us Zurel t we Iliili to Ute Nill died by the Sto. Teen Ono Long in a Fantha by Indiana in adopted ini8so,. Ftp Eie Idao of the Righi u Choc Ihler Brm of Gor emment Quot ordained that heir Ahall a Lle Mother. Lla Raij . Aet Iloda it my bin the site Ibi in lab enl o Here min Tise to Nebr a. Waa Hongloo nor in a Zoubi if that Ball be organized. None can Arlio in new Mexico for Thero tha Terrill. Rial Alfil Laturo Baa Paa aed Lawa control lion Alava property while Mowerer there Ianc be controlled. In Kaosara the Ineat Loo Baa been Dii Poich of. Where Clie and a Nipote armlet to answer Nonh the whole qom lion of Giaver the Tenor Lea an immaterial Yasnel it Bulj la. Then we Aboid the Democrat us put be la treated or a gilded a iii Obj i hold it be Ali Rohd with a much Tehi Quot aha flu idiot be in time to do Ionia them and Settle the when practical Imkea Ball be fall made Opl suppose a acquire Cuba and that will that ire Ball make apr Aducal Laane will not then Ariae lot it Rill be Alato territory already. Suppose we to a old portions or Heiloo a practical Laane might probably w0uidd0tarlbeinthatcaae,f0r either no slaves would be taken there or Toter re Lorelai legs Iturea would Paa Lawa controlling them it blk Rhonl ibo into diced a tha Teir to Ilal legs Alatore of new Mexico by done. But Dpi Liona of a Eilau Tori Story into which a Thody would a lab 10 carry Alarea Are far in tar future and farther in the Vuturo la it when there will Hellace with Ziilch to people new Terrill i ties Mowerer Well Tobej maybe adapted Lare a hot. So we Aee tint it will be Many Yeats an a Oleo tbsp be you of ig30, again in ibo not to have Larery. la Ltd. Ution Quot Tobej could bite a id i and Congtan Mold Lian admitted Indiana into the ponied Tracy Witk it Contil Turon permit tag a lately. Bui non. Aai Lillic Wraya that no.teiritoi7 a As Erer admitted aai state wit i t Oon Ili amp Tion Tobi Bitton aureria by the free Chol of hereto be up Othir Ireri a popular Patete Lily inn Nida it Ftp Bute or extended it Toti in. A a option of so to co ii Turon. How a Villi Cau Ionta and with Oreg in before Ali Iiona Alary Warnol i tories by Congre Lonal be they Oue into the Anima Tab Stala by the Tolan tue in lice Al lib nth talk Fite Alioe of bar people make her a free a at Warne will it in irl<li7ietns�, Mif Belemby Ibex re a Condrea. A clonal anti on in Kanaka Aure can be a a Oyid yet acct dog co Akl Nikoui abet a Keef come to the Union a a aware state. And Calus la adore a. Goethe ides Welch Peralla with or. A Japour a and the party be represent la that the people of Jhn Tell tories Are incapable of judging whether better adapt them to free Ecaldre labor. _ a a .6v.tbe dilated and if flt argument of or. He. L of a a May appear found and Artia factory traded expo but and but they a ii not be accepted. I in ii Elj enry Titi tit. May get Andolf Thal a pm to depend argument he made in Bla ape Edi by re to mat Al their eat there a Jeaa. B a Little. Tolon estimated than a a by Oak. With ii Rel Ecung Ouk a lao no Hall speech damaged these i Hexame epee Cli no udi the a Ute Damoci Atio to la any a thera know of. Bla anal Milly waa Quot too Trani Painel to Decera ally anhstanee.1 snob food May Howater do a Hon. Joi iii d. Dub and Hon Cilz a Sann when weak a iii Aiebi seemed Well Adait Edfort. Ulof Olimi and Rebsom Psi Chamb Elburg Penn titania l laity so name of Job go Lack to the head of Ita Columna for the Den a Atlo nominal boat Charleator and Adro Cath Lis selection in a Strong editorial. A the a Iowa oreo Jefe in announces upon an Iho tily thit senator do Nova will visit wisc on and address the Pecolo on the great Ishnea of the Day. The to 0�>d"ln, i a rec cd speech Dellre Rcd at the Quot Republican Tato Oon Rentin a few Days afro Pompati Kalb . Bit Lilicy ic., of la Quot Mem Boicu ��11 to the Sorge Oua Aurora bore ails which a Jim a with so much splendor lately Orr the Bole bilion. Tia Wai rear a Quot try bid be Foi. Lowed up Taos Lille. The ill ended phenomenon which furnished Ibe speaker with 10 Beao Ful a figure Una sea we Are greatly Are not Teni Aud it a Moat a soon a ii appeared and Baa no thee been or Beard of Onlynn. Ago Quot Olieen Dricks Are the it Gore or. \ o athon a Busy u be can be Friend All Orer the state. A. This charge against or. Ai Only in Tetra upon to and decl asking him be Bethe is a candidate or will permit Hia name to he used in that coat Section. To Union Tab t it or. At hdm is not seeking a nomination but if to abound become the Choice of the state Cove Tiou for that position be will regard it a a High compliment not Only but will yield to the judgment and partiality of Bla political Frieada Quot exc Rob dam Caits. A under Tia caption the new Albany Ltd or remarks upon the extra Ordinary Tao Lubou passed by the Aikin county oem Neralic contend of Well Ibia la a new Plank in a poll Licati plan ,m,.oa,ehg, Ink that Dunham demo Crata id the i mistaken. There Field for is or. In eclat Coo Gresa indo Raed the ordinance of by 1,. Log the proper function Atlea to carry outta a girls a Mutu Uono my we be binding on All future generation i. A simple cite. Ution of an Arvicio from to of Zioance and one from the Conati Tulou will remora All to sophistry Theao re Tiemen Hare thrown around it ind tender it 10 Plain that Quot to who Tona May read and undo maund to wit Quot it a hereby or ii Ned and declared by the authority Afore aau Bat the following Articie shall to cola dered a or Liefer a compact a flatten lae on Vinal Staci and be popu and the Statti in Laid Urr Lory and Rol bight a the or Quot a Fly Quot by 1 r Aluce. Well pc upon it that the Light of Ullh wll Bare upon or. Of Leta a political party. Only be Retic shered u a St Ngo Ltd neat. Aai venue Man following the foot Tepa of Doi Ioui. And a Erer to Tollow blk. He spoke at Columbua on Friday last the stall an Oft Allty there the Benmor Ufir meagre audience attend Bocoat to Lncoln Mae Flag a Eidymt Day aft Moon on the a item tet Taci Oft be Sute House. meet on Wedo Eada a re a in bin on yesterday and my in ased them from the at Lem bulge. Tbs meeting Yea tend waa Ioder a la a St amp in Quot we on r Ibe mayor Broome ool Fiat in Ein Ariae Riboul aurbery in the territories Welch will and segued. By nol then Lel the Boie que Atlon alone t whal Niit can a a of in a Gutlon other than further distr action a Iba t the Greal primp be of Gonoir aai Hal i ionic if. . Thal was a practice and Kaaa atlatl Lasne. The question in olred o 11 waa whether the Larery agita Uon Haoold be rat drawn Iram the arc a of Federal Poliuka or Ema Napei Tualau Jentof Contention Loco great. Taif Den Octavo party Lus Nln Iol Jii Redl Lial the agita Uon a onid he Lub balt and Ihl com Haring Jerlad cuon oter it and the people in the election of Jans a Nouita no tried the Delaion Otho Demoon to. In to. There my gel Bare been and of Agha to Hare been Ihal poll att Eod to Ibe whole by Aliivaa. Tier maybe Anen Dof i nov member of the Democrato Patty will 10 will in there la so necessity Tot and there is no Propri. Ely in catty log ii Inlo Iba dental Eleocipo next year. The Truo course la to re affirm the doctrine. Of Abd an unbroken Froni to the Buck Ron wiccan Quot Coos it Quot Era to Day i Tom Tala time Gnu Tho Elk Cvik i Hei Nolano alot. Homo , rate do Taler. The Motill Bli to Lily it is Tum no in what he up their Ibert own Way i in Faroe Oft be inter Enron of con Teia and the control Rishi tel a Ito rim through con by of opinion Satt bet Laan Quot i repro Lible convict Between which will Nearor end Una a Ali Naae ire or All ate made Ilare it la icon u nol it great Man Rety Mit Andahl Irish Bete will Noly Ana foe the new it Iago proposed to a erected not Only be but All who a be with him in opinion Are to feel the weight Otibe Floge Anceo demo Taoy of alien. In us of Auger and appoint meet people will Bay and do some it Foo Ilah things and Tia a the Ciao with the a county democrate who adopted the Shore Reio nation. Bat ii Oor. Ali land a to be proscribed by the democrate of one county for Bla action in shia care. It will Only Atten then big a we under stand that Hon. J. D. Bai slowly too rering from Hia Receola Lola Poillon. A Don t Coue to Ibe instr Leuona of the chairman of the Central committee to that elect the Alai of yeat Eidar failed to puh Ilab the official proceed Inga of that body. It evidently Teal xes Tea awk Ward eat Olita position u Weil a that of the Central committee. A it la said that the Hon. Edward Everett will the South con Dur log the a hafe. Dellb a. End Road Tho write k abort Lime on monday i if , Hail. The speaker Como ill Wariy Lile and in a Ai Alili cd Iasi wound up Bis ii How How Good a Illo judge Dougia appeared to him against the United Slattin under Lui Gin. Ton 01 under the other comment la to necessary. Liciu . 1 Laland Tho Haw ,8apt.l3,16�. In Tiki. I thereat in Slali Ariea Beaida the Oneo Obuck Quot log slug Auburn and Otho Hoilo of the Neatem and tie Clinton in he extreme Northern Norton of tel Sute. Beae three Pritoni Ai Nendet the control and min lament of three stale prison Torl. Who to elected by the people each of he Ini Pecota Bare alternately it three month a Enio in Europe of to re. E. E. I from present incl Carloni it la thought thai the Republican Patty la Drifting along toward the polio Rete ii will be finally graph bring a the Newa of the. Dei h. Tracy of Bottilo a Gilloman l Wilb new York polio Ca an Able a a Manea. Indeed the Bezub Sioana feel Ibe has is Seibelt fingas by bringing bin hero. Happily for Themi however Tho Andi Enci his rear inferior speech will do would hire done had the Audlene bets All Awn air Avitee Ibal he filled to draw the crowd Alc Indianu that or. Dorotia did. Tai end Nurer Days of Ibe meeting there the opposition Bare been making great step Anit Lons All Ibe week to draw together a meeting that would Rural that which inked out to Greet senator Dougia on Friday 94 cult Tiey enl remt. Unoo Dougls a for to United state emf the oppo base Len is it Ion letter. The Maio it is tied la Quot Lhasa befriends of the vol ii of in Simony of the Oor frament Ball Telotte on Thia taxed ipes Limi Ibal in to Terrill risk Acla in Lawa Ahall be a pay Byi Helen . Habit log or Inte firing a Ltd the Esi Alence of. A is ret in Ibernia Quot and Thia Baal la i Donad by the a Ebli Oiin a Wabsis or now a Eek the new torte ivi6nu Cornee Down non in Opp Maitlon by it Lher. Quot Whall Quot Luj a by Quot am enl to Leo the to and look Fot ii Twenty forty yen by not Osco Nateel no Seriy. Helpless so her Nnadi of Bluet i Vul Lehst in Nota Peru envy into their a Oul Quot and n the i Kuae fall. To and de of inc St Hii Wippl Bra a . i in Gatlon Eren the a Montfo Doo Liziie or los into Nenton rat Oimen thai a the Mir Piet Cable Bada or Anylon to the next Teai denial election that Wuehr Veha Tenolan a >iunded,,lheco4petadonof All Auch Ai. upon the Clayery Baaun in toured in that context Bolding in the a Hiie minor i ,.oii which there a no a in other Wor Futua Back on United Hoith on a purely acid ional Tiia which Moat Neceta ally to rep dated by or teen of the states of Tia Dion. iks re try Patri Zucally but ii jul be a Lalk to Long a he Reli Isea to join the Only Nasonal Patty standing by tie . Quota Akebi. The entire poll Leal capital of the sep Beans. Is oppo Duon. Or Nils fact finds Ahota a in Bulon it pm Dong his speech waa Opp gluon to Doomas is sutlej out with the idea i bowed ii Oloa Ely and Quot Conomea Quot with in if Dowlas had not fsr , to syr it he evident a regarded Douvlis As s great hmm to Baakko us Sunshine this Opp Maitlon to the dem Aatlo parly Tahah Lebest Tritat which the sep ubut is can a Eylfa ii la an acknowledgement on their part. That of Poui of their the can Only ure by find tog fault or opposing the Patty which Leasea the capacity to Ani fully Gorem the country. The whole Eifert Loco of waa Butto and a Maltlon to or. Dorous and to make blk a great Leyte. Centauro of democratic Park Cipley. If i pm Holm had been exp really hired Donnas he could not Mote Fau Huby perform the talk than be did in a speech in Tia City monday night. Ads Vaaloa and Cea Anre Thea ii Quot Rand Scalea the truth of Xiatou by the Agni Vialon that excl Aion was Bol required <0 make free state of Oregon lace More Oft be Poalo on of , who Aroya bal reign. Who nol Nake s free state. To Epponi sore Gunty Ulla Tiser dilemma bythe fierce Onalu Gelof . Theau Oali a Ulin Togo s Goodway fat to nil Ono to Opp Oiin Opiat to Betake of a Occean bul ii does not Leem Loeu oed to surrender iia Popolar sorer Elan codons 10 Ibe dictum of a old Asi uh-001�.� floor Abor. Lencou of hatred in Bla Lato ape eco a try were opposed to Quot free Lahore. The great body of he demo Tatlo party is com Pessy it Labouring i Ira yet or. Lansou and Hii. Men ate pose to Lisborn Nie log cd Power of a , a re Beekil Purily tried Aims Litfy vat a ii Jii Tenille Oiga ii Rof Ketabu Baalam the a in Ulm Quot what in a a iii Crk it. Llis Tris a Ptel Iier lob w Ilo Adi a Bohr Tite Quot i to oppose la Pii. us Timu Tiit neet lev of the us . Tab in Pattani body numbering Home fifty member could Muller but eleven yesterday to respond to the Coll of the chairman Hon. Michael Chi Mariati Galata Lor a meeting Foi the Quot Goodof Tho they met in the hot a Rosce. Long and intense were Thair Dell at Iona or Imbi nations we Don t know which Poole rated. Finally the committee Rea olred open three Mattera j stat they declared Jadi Elalfy officially and Republic any that a Rackocy Ita Exi Atin the oleic of Secretary of sate but upon the whole they to bought it inexpedient make s nomination for the Willce for tease bereft it to be made known to the faithful. The Pter Albig tonal Deramon Welch induced thai determination waa Pra Hably the Kirce of electing Republican supreme judge two Yea a ago and its ult. Second they Rea olred to memorial Ixo the fall rail f Republican comm Ltd the next go no ral consent Lon of the put oily. To Hope this May be 1 Plia hed As Anco a consent Lon will be he help to on railroads botel saloons especially and Wui Giro our the. Cana queer ides of repoll too Temperance Sandmo tally. Lastly bal the Focey of the meeting be published off Lesliy in the Allai Only thereby to gratify Ibe Albu Man and Aisuss fat la ignoring the it army a the or Gano Flo a july. Tia More waa to Teal of Home Apple Andlor the Potoae of aiding the Hon or. Dis sea. To secure the printing of the House of represent tired for the next Congress. We Don t know be bet Quot old ass Lih oui Quot waa Brongil Bete Espenl any to Inano Enrie Tia Little chemo through of getting of one Organ and pug Down a Nollon Bombl atlatl appears very opportune. Hon.j7. Carton ohm was Jiete a . Ago and was probably consulted be big an old political Artager whether the Thiol Nylon 10 Putini the proceeding a Tho Central committee in the 4tfaa Only officially waa not a foil and Complete recon icon item eng the Opp Maitlon Central Organ in Indiana. The hot air office Chioka Auy Hov in Bas got the ribbons. To accommodate an Ai Ivious rapid Ileal ,.we-anticipate to new Organ b gig the Zologa of the . T.8.-Wedhire mentioned thai 3or-0. Of Mon Baremor sir 9. Zobiri and Tiri iii other rep Blean go tenon were on hand Yeste Day i though and they ail resolved not to cd a f state Conte Nhon Bow but Wall to torn Senate in Hope that his lame linked u it la with or Don Laii would draw out ibo masses. They a Aro nonce of Ibe meeting m All the Day Lon Inala for a week and had Sitse out for Bare nil Daya. 10 draw out a Large crowd. They fired Heary Cannon in the Atreyu Are work from the a Eaket s aland., Nolti Tantog All Ihu work aided by a Fine Nib Lille Meeyung was not one Quarter a urge As Itiat of or. Dougia who came hero on Dhoti notice on a different night from that Welch he had appointed. Or. Lincoln ail Hoob a Man ibor Dingle off Ceis and appoint others the inspector lifer in Politica and Hare their Pera Oal far Ritea. The practical Elf oct is 10 produce frequent change in the off to Lai and Pei Onai Lian it Doea Upo it eerily moral Worth and Fil nebs to do charge be Dot Lea of the the spectre Posi Liona. A Long ago 13 is it waa said that Quot the new Yors it Loob Zubor under very great dial Drange from a that Are continually interfere i Perriion la Ciolino Economy Al to fisc tuition which la Tho policy and management of Public Here each political or Parte Ter Oulion Giurea Lem a new Supply of olb Ceil or a new set old Guu Llona. Moat be clearly injurious to the in a a Sooalo duo Cavatio , Dickinson made a Apicco which with great Lii Tot before 1 exp Cilona of Bis a Hon. J. D. A Aloir and Oore nor we Tao Tion of a Alterton county a Madison Nert saturday Tho 24lh inst , Esq Secretary of the convention Rilea a in accordance with. Teao Luton adopted l y the demo Tallo county at this place on saturday september 10, 1859,1 would in lot Yon Conre Nilon be i acted a Tho delegates to the Sute Coor Fotioo the following named gentlemen to wit John Richmond Dewitt it Denny Henry Stanley William m. Barney and George w. So Eldon. A , now York of the Char acte Rof this body of the co Brention proper. It la Only Neo Eairy to remark that ii was Able to character dignified Itea Elco and generally Barm Diona in la Jedi Oga. I embraced the entire ,,soft8, Quot Ivaon men Seymout men Dooglas men Ety Branch and Wing of former do turns 0 the parly a Union. Indeed such As Baa not sex re or rein there waa great unanimity to and a ticket waa Gubi Tor Nimo a Tao Sutz con rent of at Syracuse w the Coutue Bybia speech be a Aid. I. parly la be get can rarer. By itt Doc Tillea i abide. I do not us Bat Mio Houi office and if he Dimbat Gea he duly i Don t care. I Bare held once Mieli and lode enough for my Adra Nuge a cd Dono Boldo Iffie now yet a Imi lire a Webster Laid. Laughter whether Ishall Erer another Soei i do not know and do not am better but of Oslo iban in and Baro Inorg a to know it. If the people want to Ibe. Jere they will adopt be great democratic train and take to in. If they do Noi wait to they Rill not atop for my hallo oing. They ill Al rays know where to find Mem or Garden. In the Hosom of my family to the Pun ult of an Hen Ohrablo profession by which i am 10 a n a lire Hood. When they want to they will find m there. A the editor of the new York courier an the article in Lla pct b Douglas. It is methodical and logical. The writer Eccl the Pointe and 10 meet them and to get a driven to main Tiu that the territories people and All Belom 10 the United Stoica to be disposed of at Elk Region a min ought to Aee that Tia is a reduction cd at Purdum. Your Login May be very go. Col. Webb but Ibe a Emilea that Lead to such a con delusion will Narer do in Tia Courly. Co ogre in Negrita if that body he a mind to bul o l allow it to own and speculate id White Democrat. Etna Quot hic Soat Quot Dara great gathering of people to listen to the Pecco of senator Dougia on Friday last at Wooster. One feature of the demonstration bore a sinking Milano Clotho Quot old Hickory Quot a Iber Ibal a ii dictum or sentiment a a Iiri build 10 it by line to. It a a Mere figure of Bis partisan agitation. The Interra Guiory clearly Aud Diali Nutly. Ludeiro Trego Hemment made and sub labed the Donau Turon and not to the que Salon 0 very. To delegates 10 that Coor Elliou mad Tia Gorc Manl Coli tilled partly of ree am a Quot r of aware Sutea a it now Ian the Delegate log full Well inv Ibey could not is Lillie or prohibit slavery a it being look to 1 lie Stales Quot Quot Rosw Ous the ado Lii curious that Giocoli judge Doogin of a Quot a guilt of Dougia to s Loo aloud Ftp non a Laona were Origl-7 to ascertain by actual Pola Ihle to release tha Chancial Iradean from treat at the tiered by those employed at them i comp etl Llod of cheap abandoned Quarry Ion a co Vida Aro now engaged in files angers Hames hate cd Pete Abaca and various other to the Iradean. To stole parc Hasei i iii a Only 15 of which ate used for Ibe priv designed 10 Cuit Rale a portion of the land and a -11 the vege Thiea required Lor the prawn 1 Haa demonstrated that it a much rite in Geraled Sites Tec still Dill not slab -. Jacb formed the cont Lulion hut did assert Ublia hed a Gor Crimeni of a i part of which were at Ibe Lioi part Wero share. Treeon run Lobb surety it excited her Ore ind subject Only 10 local Auto Mirll Raof the Federal Courtl Sutlon Ali. Tempi not will Crape Eal Fot them to Delegate any Power in the Federal fete with surgery either u a up Erie a for the cheaper and Betler to employ the Conrite in Uhopa thin it is in firming and accordingly ii inspection in their last annual report recommend to the legit Maiuro Ibe propriety of a Elsing Quot the land that it a not absolutely required purposes of the prison and Jereral Yeata sex Rioce has Alao that the Conri can nol be profit by employed in digging h Oro and to manufacturing Iron and nails and 11. Lire by into Ducios Matloob mechanical trader m d Ibal the experience of Tail Coul i of Europe Concan surely demons Ialea . Letter for Ibe Oor emment and the Conrite t lbs prisoner Bould work at lome Mechan Trade better for the Gor emment use filled a rom the depot to the Grove where judge spoke. The Wagon waa drawn by Tea Ipin each one of which waa a to the Center of Thia Quot Young Hickory Quot Rehl Cle was a tree of the aame Embie Matial material Home thirty feet in bight from the top of floated the Quot Eura and re Itas admirably got of and was indic air the people toward the Lulea clarity Haa not been equated Binge Affe Tda it because. Tho prison i and to turn again to society Rich a Good Trade by which to can earn m Bon Al lir iii acid will to eared from Ion by which Hij pathway will to Lur were in the ,oatiie3l to september. 1858 696 Quot sent and Bellen Road ored Malea Ini a indans of .jbe8e, Rete Nat Ihebom 339&Quot were foreigners 303 Mattied,393 were Elogie 454 Cinyd read trite 98 could read Only 53 Coul Quot in educated 13 in tempera Lefi ragtime 1 whose p Quot Urnes log looked a though a big in Good Eamel. The people of Wooi to Are cult id to Ibe credit of the fit it Quot Hick Ory Quot demonstration which will Orr where Mark the Campaign of Buqo Larrr. Bdl and Insl Nile Lor the Educ atm a i tue Blind the of the Abate Tinte Wiscom Menchon the int Mondayla oct Ohi Lien la u Impre Erion among Many peo oomph nution or pay la Sof the iii Tiute. Tuala net the care. A proper Persona Are admitted free of a badge and a Thoai who Are enu lied to the benefits of the a mutate ebon old take Adran. Geof Ibe same. A. Bojt the press of the Itolo web Gire Rotthe Urne of the pc big and the fact that Ali eligible Petina six do cited without Cree we copy in eff a owing from Behy Lawson Iho Nafi tuntion to How who Are admits lbs m mini persons in sliding in the state of info in to Peramia a Ualifi Ina and pm Rio Tion. of appointing Ibe die Gay on at this ume was i was Achsie sold in with Etuin Corii Lity by those who Adru rated a Post Polemeni to a lit note Day. The arrangement of the delegation 80 u to Aati Afy the we nol an easy matter and we a aspect led to no utile a Lacuna on the fact thai Ioto Reau supposed to be to i Bare been harmonized and that a agree do the the Salt Ugoh Well for Ibe Harmony Nion of tha party Here Flet. E new Trot Cotte Sponden of the Pabila. Ciphia Prai Aarau a the same a eject id general sent men of the party la confirm Malory of the action of the convention. A majority of the delegation to Charleston Ateno i Ueall snably in Fror of Doglu and. Ibe fact u 6y no Means without sign Osnee that the per is nine it Oldelia of the cont nation we. H. Ludlow we named the comm Lateo to Repon the Dele Suonto Chat Mon Eiri lest took ground in Faroe of lbs Coune of judge Douglas on Lecompton and Poller of . Or. Ludlow Himl Quot u a Delegate from the Eltsie District and will e Ercse in the now at Charli ton ibo Bame Ina a bal he exercised at Cincinnati and has exe Tim in Nestly All Ibe Conre Tlona and All isl Noldo More menu of the demo tax of party in now took for the Lait eight be new Yolk to Ola Alfy j554 were Thero for _ second time ii fur the third Tami the time 4 for the a lib time. 111 rioted for Crimea against the Persou 3 it oat Ore and 583 for crimes against thei Rinken 151 riled for crib crimes Aga Ioil a . The Nagui Baring the rep Tattoo or. Len Chi enjoy the Grea Champion of to publican principles in the weat indulges in a pm ots which a Kabool boy might Oriel How Andje a conclusion i with an air of perfect Triumph dude that 11 advocate a a Quot Mno Faiia thatch consult nation were of All Meo. The beat judge a of what it contained that the Firat Congress com. Posed to part of Tho very men who framed the Coniti Tutlo waa the Best judge and the Best an. Thorit of what waa and whal waa not to Matilu Sionil. And that a the very aame incl Ridulis who Ait in Ibe co Ogretia of concede Halloo and passed the on Nince of 87, and who also iii in Tho convention and Coo. Aah gently were Faff Liliar with the Lull scope of Ite Powers and who in the Fini Coo Teaa under the Conati Lution appointed Ibe proper function at lab to carry out the Lions of said ordinance they therefore considered it co Sutu tonal Gare ii hell approval and Lod nement from which an Bority there is now no Appeal. The Hon. Mboi. Corwin of Ohio when in this City used the Basme argument i and held up to ridicule and contempt those who do Noi agree with him in Thia Pitt Leniar. To make it still More Plain to his audience he used ibis Illus la. You Quot who knows so Well As to makes Whai in meant ins written Inbum Mcnull which a the Mote Liml Lisi with its Torii Long Ibe Miker and composer or some Soihet person who bad nothing s do with in cons Yuetlon 1 who knows so Well real Ibe maker of a will intended to de Lii Bis legals n the Cin Ilon prison at e Maia and 23 coloured Mil. Oitice born 141 were foreign i led 19b were Lingie r a tempi Tate 93 we Here intemperate b7 a against the person Izz. "5whll dem. Malea were Alire ro�ignitl66ssia�ii a Quot a Malea riots the person 809 Mal and 94 female were convicted for crimes again it property 143 were Lemp Eisle 539 wets item Jerit Cand 86 were moderate dil Oken Wales were there for the Fiat time 79 for second time 95 for Tho third ume 5 for the fourth time 1 Fot the fifth time and i one for to Blitz time 97 female were Shete for the fint time lot Tho second ume and 3 for Ibe third to peace 1hls ill Hostetter s st0macoi�z�zers. It is it fact that at some period Mercry member of the bump of mlle is us Lyell to to Issue or of the bodily fun gods but in the Aid of a Good ionic and the Etc Rise of Plain common sense the mtg be Able so o regulate tits in item As to secure permanent co Ltd. In order to accomplish this desired object the the coarse to Porto is certain that a hic vill co it natural state of things at the least Hasard of Tittl strength and life. For this purpose or. Hostels Elias introduced to this Constin it preparation bearing Bis name Bieh is not a Nev Medicine Bat one that has been tried for years i a a a hate used it. To and so Del e denied Yolk my to does or. I Oug. Grea Tim Slio Luon. his Effort to conic gtd Lais Hood should falsehood yet 101 Frog Story Conui a n tel Chart Lincoln a Thor co _ reel conflict with speech Eland writ Iuga and who knew Furze Cei Lanly Baa not be Cenea of Hia memorable o Lalor Douglas last year. Ail local Luthi Lincoln contended ii so Tulion subject Only Congre bad no Power �1 adoption of the co _. Ind that the convention did not lot fete with it further than As to la of full Lofever and ague in which maund Altet Orer a of e Globe u Tho Cona Menec of a die aged action tie Ija tem induce by the Poison a Euble decay. Thu cd Halazon u Ero ired by Whilo the Ano la below Horine Oda razor linger new the Earth a a face and the Rima a Ussi with in Oreh the . Poison on the internal Riveera and excreta my Sigana of Leebody. A a sous old Boi thes and the Bue acc Nulato in the Cileu Baucu. And produce violent Cona Liui a Lonald Sordet. The in sen the kidney and the a a Irith the user and advertisements. A m s lengthen Lii old Ollaf. T s pm Patrize 1 been my a fault. Sto Gsg them to Rig Crons action and thus by the simple process of strengthening nature Winnie the system to Triumph Orer ease. O for the Cero of dyspepsia indigestion Lea Flat Leney Lou of appetite or any bilious comply dts Arii ins Tom a morbid inaction of the stomach or bowels Clag cramps dysentery Colio cholera Korbos &o., these bitters hate no equal. Diarrhoea dysentery or flux so generally contracted by new settlers and caused principally by the change of Irater and diet win to speedily regulated by a Brief use of this preparation. Dyspepsia a disease which is probably More prs Talent in a its various forms than any other and the cause of which May always by attributed to Dora sements of the digestive organs an be cured without fail by using no Stettes b 8t0macu bitters a per directions on the bottle. Fortis disease a very physician we recommend bitten of some kind then Why not use an article of Crown to to inf Al Ubalo All nations Hato their bitters As a Prev entire of disease and strengthener of the system in general and among them All Thero a not to be found a Mora real tiny people than the germans from whom this prep Atlon Emo amp Tod based upon scientific experiments which hate tended to Proto the Talue of this or preparation a the Sicalo of medical science. A that. At the adoption of to Constino Isoo of a local Midk Inch for the Hon. Abe Lincoln s charge Nitor Douglas bad Faro red the idea bal Ibe Conre Nilon which formed the Federal con tit Ulion Eit bushed i Lirett the idea in Riel of judge Dooglas whole Rumic life 1� a Jurf and i Marrel that i Peohl could stand be lore an audience with such Ahr Ardilar on his Liri Wilmont breaking out in a laugh at Bis owl Leme Tity. Not bar Mittet in or. Lincoln s speech is world of a easing notice or. Lincoln charges that Douglas disturbs this negro q Beall a that he Foroe Alt Loo politics Elo. Now ibis Lerie Rose Firat speech in Tho i seasoned w overflowing wll the Doc Rioe that this Union cannot exist wll part free 9utea and part aware Stales and a decide the antagonism. A Home. Also. In one of i Best and so Papest school books the body of Man reducing him to. Dow in s abort time and rendering him by air ally and Menuier use la can be driven from the body by the use of s by owned bit Tebb. Further none of the Ahorro buted la Osaka can be contracted Eren b exposed attn sons if the billets Eto used As per directions. And As they neither Creati nausea nor offend the palate and Render in Nece Saaty any change of diet or inter Pylon of Ordinsky pursuits but promote sound Bleep and healthy do Geston the complaint is to Mot cd a a peed Yaa u Coni Ulen a Ltd the a cuon of a thorough and permanent Chr Crimi in Adi Imad Tan and firing from an enfeebled con suttion and infirm body these bitters Sre Iralu Abl As a Restor Tiro of strength and rigor and need Only to tried to he . And to s Mother whue nursing these bitten Ture Indis a Enssle spec iii where the to that b Nour Siment is Realise to the demands of the child Tien Insl yield and hero it is where Good Iloilo such u Hostetter Sstrom Schwit Isle eded to impure Porsky at Rengh and rigor to the system. Ladies Aronld by in Means try ulis remedy for a cases of Debi Luy and before to doing should ask their hrs Ehui who if be la Aeq minted Wilh the Retno of the bitters a Fol recommend Ihler use in All Kaaea of weak near of Snohr a cantata the Puutio Aga Hiat using any of the Many Oniu Tlona or but a a Tor Hostin s ii mum Steiler Annm and Aee that each Bot a Baa tha Worda Quot or. J. Home tet a stomach Bettati blown 0� the Sto of the Bogue and sloped on the Metellie Cap Eor Aring Tea Cork and Ohi Erre thai Oor autograph a _ a a prepared and Smith it Tatarski re and sold by do Gifu Eto Cera and dealer in too Riboul to on Ted Bulea Canada Komi Motica and Qon Nasr. A,, 000�. Daum 00.,. And Mitt Ltd . Dior dared Alio. Finally the instinct of out o in Tho internal Xei Etorie to Force them to East it out the blood Lear i the surface and Tuitea to the Central organa Teri Orenee. Tala lathe Cine. Bulin Thiafi Ortelt amp Ila. To Bents Firmi follow in which the blood Learea the Central organa and Ruthea to the to face a if a 10 expel the that other great excite Toiyo the Akin. In Tea Alao it Bill and Iba Ayi Tern. the to Esbitt another Day. Theae ate the Fiu or Paro Urima of Fosma aws atom. Such Contil National i Woider will of Coune Indef mine the health if it a not tenured. We Hare shored to find and Hare found an an dote Ayer s ague Oure which Gentr Alizea Thia Valarious Padaon in Ibe blood and Sti Muuga the Uret 10 exl in irom the body. ,boltdoeaniraaaietin8 . Landoll Odesss Mote Verrice to those Aub led to Thia infection. If taken b Leaion it exit Ihm the Aylem u it i a nihed and Thoa Ken keep the Ayi Temh health Alt Boimah exposed to Theodi aerie. Cooke Quenoy it not on Eurea but Este from the great a piety of affections which Are bib oed u this malignant Infin ence such a Bemi tent Ferer cult Ferer dumb or my eked i Fei idol Neada Ehe my a a id a of Fkd is Orth Couo Faial Sia and fall Fol a amp count of the atm Nash Ani Wela All of which when arising am Ihn cans will to to aia Umo Mote e Leaa the item Lutent Type. Thia it Ann Cobb removes the Cante of these do Range ments and Cunes by . Henc Pariseaw action. To Neman acco Maliab same end hut often he u notions Enon a sacrificed in the attempt while Thia a oui cum Doea it at once and with safety. We Hare Gatei Tea onto believe Tia Ian Auger s remd Elbr the whole Clara of dial a Brit or 8iae. Of Odds it Sbei of Giffis a a Fri sea Ofori it in in it Umu to. Thu Voo Ber but my. Nor in Eure adj it to a tors Ali duct u taii oper a Jav pm up a it Quot a a a a a in Oeh. Over ill if a a a i iii a a re a Sii a Urtz fuss in. A Fwy to Wiir the Tow it a it i organs i7 degrees become a office of their own accorded . Time May a com thee. So. , a Quot i a Quot Quot Cubi which i any 01__ wnicon�o�nq�c<3twu a us n has Stillett Otbo important advantage to the Pobile which is that it amp . It do. I o. Ayer amp 00. Lowell mass. Of secs on Dolus Rosa Bonu. Ayer s Cherry pectoral has Ami for itself such a renown fat the cure of Ireby Rariek of Throat and Imi comp last that it u entirely Meece Saaty Fot is to recount the i Daneo of its air Tea whet Erer it Haa been pm Doyed. As it has Long been in co aunt Nie throughout la a Section a thu Erer been found to Ayer s cathartic pals tog a i m Nib oses of it Nve iii ii i. Fob Cost rms Fob tub Cobb or disc Ziaian Fob Jaroh bib f0bibb Bibb Quot Fob has ache Fob teb Cubb or Fob a Foni. Stomach i Fob tub Cobb 07 est shias Nobui bpm Psi Fob tub crib 0� so Aorta Fob All Scio folios Contr Luisita i Law Dalhed air i Quot we a a .ip, Etui Tnie Ink try a Ith Job Palcu Pia Tatei to Maun Dio Drca la a Iguiter Uclea a a a do Ali mild tel a taller Aad re ail. Dir Jantia ofstertcott�u7 it Naiad in. It two to a tul or wind i Irp plur or ulna a Kondili. Ltmlumaur4li�eaamliili,. Al enl Dlf Eurt �111 b. Mide to Ipoh a be Bay. 0 now in the prison 1081 males and 131 there u no Wall around Tho prison which the Quiroca a much larger num Het of keepers Ani a Quot Quot it inc Tearea the expenses and Offen Peen Luc Emente to get up reroute with a Riew to escape. The build Iowa ate prior Lilly of atone. The Priou a on Low ground. The Hudson is 1 eoe Side ind a Bill about three Hundred feet High on the other bide. No Effot Baa been made Tea Dufy or adorn the ground. Zwaap Reeni by Mentel or Hobby weakness Fot Yuselu inst no. Lebn a Hill is a wasted Eurble Fot Arnii Isginn a pupils of Boi Nice Tlona May do Newcom within the see a Delfied Bui in every Ucb cabe pedal lotto Fifthe . We also copy the following fam an Adap stored december a 1813, making the eds a anon of the Blind in Indiana fuse slim Oil 1. Beaten feud by tic Ceneria ailed of Orta stall 0.�diano, Thal Bete Afler Ali shall be admitted free of Barge tote Elre inti action in the in Duna input note Fot fret Feit Thal the Frua tee of the the us Dow in Force Persona to Beinart ruled in bid Infunte. A Eta Guthrie a in tar. 1 Fot Secretary Cobb 1 Fot Poil mister general Hoit 2 Fot it. Buchanan and 1 Fot sex. Speaker Orr. A pout Cal Cortea Pondell of the new York journal eco it term Haa the Foll Oiring e wculallou3 upon the future As to Brailon of Cong team appt Oathes Perety thing appear to indicate that Ite chief empty meet will be Pica Deni making. The Donn Tatj now a gluten by Tala que Salon who Ahal i he the next pet Ridenti and Coo will Ireat cont Rotay with Aull More interest after a Lalion Aasu he made Neil Spring the l into Roeu of the cd Unior will become neg. Elected and exp Eriena great detriment from the Fia Ceneia of the strife and the in certainty of Ite Issue. Tai act do great compliment to oni Poni Loal Statam Atleata a begat i the Modo of electing a Prea Dent Wilb Grerr term the country will increase in Popup icon and territorial a Xiet Ter. Leand wealth and of Eoute the Preel Deney Ibe Moro and Mote ill mutant and Beo Omo i and decl of Atul my re dangerous Agi Tiou and if dict. There let traps no remedy Fot ibis i Thorb Many Bare ton get that one could found in Auch an amendment of the Cona Titu a a would refer Tho Choice of president did Wilhour the Isle Irenton of toral eol Legea and the Nomi naung party con Irma probable than Anol Hir 1>r her in band con dts bile de aaa ass Rota isef own Mia Elchard Daria a land agape Gardener Teeling in Watten county in this Sute a mile or in from Lebanon biting led a Dalasi rated life for Amber of months put and failed to Fui Niah h Imily a wife and child with ii. out Day lat learing a Leuer Aung his determination Erer to Aee them again. The unfortunate woman being not Only pen Ileal but by an enu rely Dee Llanto Oon Mon Fueloep food the maket Constin d Black 0 a iut ool the i More accurately than the maker i Ein Quot and then while this fresh in the mind of Hub argue Mot that or. Lincol same men in part who a provided for the exec lion ordinance Ibey Iberi fore to Dorand the a being con8tilulion�l. And ail they Wero la _. Judge in the world of what was and what waa nol from the Lait that they framed it it la presumption and Folly for any of late do 10cooaider the qua thou &atelaocc,tht8a ago Cote and Maui of of the will More a it Federal Coati Tutila i a Arap col e weat Seei to it the Moat buyer Ficini Miami radon exhibit a their unsoundness and Utu Ranlof foundation. Lei i pal them to the teat. Becan Iotha Les lot ii the least acquainted Ullh the or Orilona Oft be will the member of Ibe heal Jung a of the scope and extent of the Power granted m Coo alien. Lion framed Branch Coo Reolon. The will la the work ill on Emend and devils. The Teutor a tales with the a Moit minuteness which piece of property he wll Hea by Legatee 10 posse alter Bla death. To Short. It la ail Pitti Eulata and devils. On Ibe other hand a Cou. At Sutlon is the work of Many Minda and la a Grant of general Power and Haa nothing to do with Dellb and Patti Eulais. Beqo Selion i not Euils of the Power will operate in this that form but shall the Power As a granted in fact but very Lew of the Odo thousand Conrick very greatly doubt be bet they Bare enough to eat. I passed through the dining room a Flertie meal waa Orer a dido Noi believe that there waa enough left to satisfy one hungry Man. The men looked healthy and robot but there waa an entire absence of the cheerful and contented appearance bal i bad of seared in other poll our. The Conr lots Are Mosul from this City ate hardened and Depra 0 item incorrigible bul from Heidi i am satisfied bal lat Loo great Rella Oce Bis been placed on Brule farce Ani Loo Little on the Cicer of undo ii and Tiina in Gore Raing various modes of punishment Are Insie cd Here and the co riots oin Norer Tell whal Char acte of Ponlin mint will follow an infraction of a rules and the prison. The con i Sto showered confined in the dark cell led yoked bucked Bare their hair cropped impelled to carry a Ball and Calr i so to Punu menu inflicted in 01 >110 there were Only 140 at the Cllnton at Ibe Aubin Pilsen. The Congregaci pre Raila in All of theae prisons but it Bis adopted Many features of the sep Sicko and a better managed than 11 tie cell Boule at slog slog is 500 Feng and 5 Range High with 100 coils in cach Luse derided by an Arch Way in the Center Ell Ineich. Near sleep in the Chapel a badly Cotui. room for Imp orment in the discipline and Man. Age Rentof Thia prison i am i Luttice Baa been done to the offie Eta thereof. Nelub there 1 divided by 20 galleries 100 Conicia ate compelled i Peong i beae a Laona Bare Erer paid i. Managing them and Bare from been Saul Ned by appropriation a i Raitio Theu tie boy about Bree years of see and is ached by him a til to fell asleep in the arms of death. Haimm that to had ceased Tollete she swallowed the Lenin Der of the Poison and taking lha or a of her Ion in Ber arms Lay Down on Ibe bed and ,,, a Towal Imsand stupor Ore oame Ter amp oms she Nerez Werni Sisente Oltay is it Good heard Oft be affair they repaired to the wretched Borei Lif bleh the family bad ured and found the a the rigid Bon locked i each other s and death s Embrico. Arrangements Jere made to Inlet the bodies. against lheh6absnd,of whom nothing has As yet Quot a std two to i bn5irirer.,. R a a the was Hub new form prescribe from the coming it Ltd i Dellal election Tho country u not Mowerer Likely to incur any Dan get but Ite result will probably tend to Aba age Jar Tyand the ill re to age Culloo will be rendered-.11leleoa Seepo Liliose put Paea ii it Aba to found a it by willbe that those who Hare Bou i a use ii for Salfia a a . Pesout Bisnow known 10 on lbs surety. Que Suom they Akano a peeling slavery to the. Territories. Senator a Loomba for instance Haa Kriewa Tohla effect be Meir York Regilla Democrato con Renoa in their Teso Lubons on the a eject As like id very ground which held by out of Tyce Subbs to Tulyk a Whsle anticipate a. Que Tiona. Which now of copy Pohli were anticipated by f you. off iii la a Fth Bob try ftsirfcriuteithslllisowweueilabllsh�d., lhitil6lii by ii la cd Ray Africa hire been i in Arldt the Peg to the sent nth ire sheer Ibri Selloni. The it ii a Speen litre question there l8nottobebomilchdiacuily,,a either b the Fot Matioda of a put form at Charleston or. The Alec. Don of candidates to be placed thereupon. The general Prosperity of the country particularly Oft be sooth Talao notable to a pm Ioe Fui Mesili of the Electon context ind Ihu Nort beef people generally Ibone Hera who them Hill heir in. Leredu Are in perpetual of the blare hold log steles. Tie my Modesto Tony lately held by or. Corwin Andamo other Lead lug ,"ra-theiiatei7_l3iic, giant Odd a lion of sent Monir in of Patty and no tit abound be Reud sled by the pm tit. I or. Lames s. A boo of Charlei Torii is i tots Bly spoken of u to de iii Cir to cupid Luif Ling demo til ind 1 Matt dial left Genus a a leu desert it hat ttys Niy b . I framers of our co Natilu. Of bomb a you mention is. Irto constitute Bauble d firm government. Such Behig the fact let apply them to the question in baud. Were e members of the fits Congi under Gornati Tillion whoa Al in the con Rendon framed it the beet judges of its be nets scope and the Cilenzi of in inc Denul potent Rob. Ably there Nerer waa a con ten where to few on Ted in the opt icon a to to waa and what wianoloonstltnllonal., and fat Man it iii Reeed. Log waa Ernei. Or. Madison Tbs Quot fat hit 6f our Itear us Cobain Lien Quot and or. Hamlet of no re did agree a to whal was and what waa not . Tonal con Ranton who on to Bare been the most Camilu Wilh the or Orilona Oft be Constitution was Ito. it. George Washington it waa Bla duty i Auch Offler to preside Over Ite deliberation Ai to pay strict mention to Ibe Eph kor a he urged Hia Isa ent or Obj Cliona to the different grand proposed to Liaty a to a polls of All comm Luskeet and in All ways to be per. Factly familiar a Ltd Ibe Acu of Tho consent Loo. Wash Langton waa i Man that Nerer blighted Bla Duyea. Be waa Alto the Firat president under the yet he did Noi pretend to know we id and what w a within Eoo Elk sick a a so nil ton my Mauff of Quot tended bal it was utterly Loreign to the constr Luton while or. Fia milion contended that it was clearly within Ila Juria Diyuon. Wash Langton Mowerer did Noi pretend thai he waa competent Eren if we should a Poi him by at Yaoqu whited with Ite now eras bul he a amoded the written of pylons of Bla Cabinet from which he might draw i the exp Uaea during Ibe Bame ume were �582, 933 05-Maktog 1 dese ency $u8,870 91. During the Bame period the aggregate a Ninga if the Ohio ton prison waa tul,mi9, and the expenses were $2i8.eb 38-making a balance a Shat the prison of ,476 79. Tho aggregate earn his of the Auburn prison for the some period we $347,447 78, and the. Expenses were �351,974 42-making a balance Gunst the prison of Only $1426 64. Tab Ita Lement Doea nol show the actual amount Oft Belor they Hare charged the Sute Wilb All menu made and i that ate employed in Tho Kite to spill and Well Housea. A Ron and Asau unt a the female Conrite and keep them constantly engine Dan binding bite one Hundred and Twenty dozen of which Are made every i the female Hare been More orderly inti and manageable and u to will was Ano Woski waa la though loot Ding to Hess. A and c., Ihn a Lle bests i the world nor did the amp Phi duty intend to know to a hit stat lha or Wincn Mobe than2,000,000copies have been sold h the last 18 Moni this series eubba023 alphabet spell beading. Primary school charts. Ecle Otio spec Long Book. One a 1st Eole Otic Reader. New and Ecle Otio Reader. New sri Ecle Otio Reader. New 4th Eole Otio Reader. New 5th Eclectic Reader. New 6th Eole Otio Reader. New High school Reader. New Eole Otic speaker. Aei thetic Ray s 1st Book. Primary. Ray s and Book. Ray s 8rd Book. Pra Cucil Ray s higher arithmetic. Key to practical Arith. Key to higher arithmetic. Alq Ebba. Ray s 1st Book. Haeil Iier. Ray s and Book. Clito key to 1st and and books English Oba Usab Pinneo s primary. Fot Conomon schools. Pinneo s analytical for acs Demira. Pinneo s English analysis of Engleh new Ecle Otio educational series which of braces the forego log Popolar Clara Dooka for primary common schools and Academe Al a an Entwit Ariae for furnish log for Pur Antun introduction,1st. Better books than others. 2d. Cheaper books than others. Their Exten Siro and rapidly inc teasing Sale in All the Sulea where Hersl attend in la Giren to Public int Inchon u evidence of their Anterior Merit is other books will to added to the series Embt Ming All Hronn chs of study. i w. Skua it co disc Biti. Disk Abb ii a Mph new Tobi. Fob est o re a Vanlen Vuic in Fol Atte and it Annenia Ltd Job Oil at til it 1. A in Offish of , a or Mhz. J85�. It r gout 1 to Ida la the of each Iua a the Pii of the "8o�lli.rd my Noemi Quot and ii Man Sapolu cml til lbs Quot Bill Road wll Hla ii Dlin let of Una a Lala act to Quot to Ielmo a met a i Ibi la he ormber �853, of All the ratan Lri a a Ike Eren num i Obi. Lalhia Lis Elln a each ill. At the Puu if a polls ind Cedar taller Quot Aas us Quot Boot bit Bill Tuiai wll Hla the Juillet it Bala Lulu eel Darol Odo demand subs and take no otheta i suck want the beat Aid then a for them and Cihiy shold in . Jozeb eoe Bimston who Ilila Cly Len Quot a to a is by ncomlm.iiru3ut, Edlam. And by Roalia Ibe und Offitt it Cim Arldie 1859, a Quot Nihil. .1� Mim on each Ihu firt a midst a Llroy Aliaj a Neh win i Inbi eel to ills it Omwango knee at Portland of Ibe 3 Lowa Ielpi idd inc Lyonil Fairbank s Patent platform Scales. Barwidi a Guilotte Fri Octon a a in Oferd a ,, Bill on 1 Nice Puodis tel a ally win b. Help 0�, Outter a Blob a a Lobl Iceo Milb into Ciales Loiba Sallie Mellon of Ibi proper Lusher us by a Quot a a Quot Quot Quot a Quot Quot Quot a Ilsoo land Ornee. E of reformation than the i which i 10 to moral influence Liat he Matron and bet Ai Pilunt Bas exerted hem. 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