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Indianapolis Times (Newspaper) - May 02, 1935, Indianapolis, IndianaIt seems to me Heywood Broun it a. A pressing business Gage mint which too me in to town. But what All the other Farmers were doing around the bar at 3 in the morning passes my comprehension. Pound Ridge Brewster new Canaan and Stamford were All represented. And every last one of Tho country Squires professed a longing to be Back again with his buttercups and lilacs. To hear them talk an evening in new York represented the hardest kind of chore. If their Testi Mony were accurate each of the nascent agriculturists would much prefer to water a cow than to soak himself in fizzes and in Rickey. They drank but from a nostalgia to be in Connecticut now that May is Here. And they did Well to apolo Gize to each other for straying out of Bounds. There is in All the world no spot More Lovely than the ridges of the Nutmeg state when the Green Waves sweep up from the valleys and carry each fortified position. Give me for my declining years some Section which knows the swing of the seasons. Much As i hey Wood Broun am oppressed by new England s wintry bleakness. I would not have it otherwise and Exchange and one of my five acres for building plots in Florida. Spring Means something when it comes As a release and the very fact that summer is a than Siena adds glory to its Short and Mery life. We have a Complete set of seasons on the Ridge and other Subtle gradations quite unknown in Many parts of the country. For instance with us Spring is not a single maid in a night gown As the newspaper cartoonists Are fond of picturing her. We know a child called Early Spring and her Mother is Spring herself. The child is pretty but slim and wayward and Given of tantrums and great floods of tears. March and april Are her months. I do not. Rare what calendars May say Spring herself just arrived yesterday n a a and then Rune Slone fences May first is More than a Promise of some dim Ful filament. In the future. It is a living Demon stration of the actual presence of the new Dispensa Tion. And so no better Day could possibly have be come the time of Celebration for the masses through out the world. I do not wish to be set Down As a mystical sort of Radical and yet it seems to me fitting that the Maples and the Meadows should burst out into new growth along with Union Square. I do not pretend to any poetic insight into the articulation of the Trees but they murmur and cry out and wave their arms against the skies. And surely it is not too much to assume that they cry out against the Winter of discontent and the bleakness which lies behind them. And every Bud would push ahead into the full leakage of its potentialities. Although new economic movements generally have their inception within the cities it is natural and inevitable that no proper and lasting program can he built for a people without recognition of Man s right to his share of the land itself. The puritans w to settled along the rim of these Connecticut Val Leys did have a sense of oneness with each other and there were Broad acres held in common. Their sons and their daughters strayed from the Early ideals and with them came Stone fences and signs to warn the trespasser. A a a he leaves the Maples on their own r i to tall Maples stand before my door and some j times i grow avaricious and talk about my Trees. But they were doing business at this same stand at least Ion years ago. They May be even older. I lean Back against an a protesting trunk and ruminate in the same spot where once upon a time four thin flanked indians sat. Although Joyce a ilmers poem and the Melody to which it has been set both pain me severely i will admit that i have never made a tree nor even tended one. The Maples Are wholly on their own. Even the tent caterpillars which Are worse than usual this Spring have not attempted to set up a claim upon the giant Trees. New York is not Distant by More than a few thou Sand Stone throws and there the gruelling fight goes on by Day and night for room in which to swing a cat or find room for soul and Elbow. It hardly seems that Humankind has been quite sensible in these matters. Here there is space to Burn and Sun enough to furnish every Comer. And if the country Squires came to town to sit to the Small hours in conversation it May be that each of us was performing a sort of May Day duty and preparing himself to go Back and say to the tree.-, and the shr and the grasses As they join in visual and verbal protest against a passing world of fear and bleakness ats telling pm Maple. Copy Leht. 19351 today s science by David Dietz step up and meet the neutrino whom prof. W. of the University of Chicago Calls the Little Clown of the atomic circus. Whether or not the neutrino exists is still a matter of debate but you should know All about him if you want to know la the characters in the 1935 atomic show. As the name indicates the neutrino is a Little Neutron. That should help you fix his position. Until the discovery of the Neutron All atomic particles possessed electric charge and were either positive or negative. The Neutron is electrically Neutral. So is the neutrino if it exists. Sub atomic particles today fall into two groups the heavier and the lighter ones. The heavier ones include the Proton which is the nucleus of the simplest Hydrogen atom and which is positive and the Neutron which is Neutral. The lighter particles include the Electron which is negative and w hich if a number of physicists have their Way will be renamed the negation and the positron which is the positive counterpart of the Electron. To these two Many physicists would now add the neutrino which is Neutral. A Little table will help fix the actions of these particles in mind heavy Light positive Proton positron Neutral Neutron neutrino negative unknown Electron Nan it was suggested a year or More ago that the Neutron might be regarded As a sort of fundamental particle possessing mass Only. The Proton it was then suggested might constitute the Union of a Neu tron and a positron. The unknown negative particle corresponding to the Proton would then be the Union of a Neutron and an Electron. This new. However seems to be somewhat upset by the latest develop ments in quantum mechanics. According to these the Proton under certain conditions can give Rise to a Neutron while under still other circumstances exactly the opposite can take place the Neutron giving Rise to a Proton. A a a there Are plenty of experiments on record i which a Gamma Ray from Radium has been observed to split up into a positron and an Electron and there is reason for believing the opposite take place. Most amazing of All. However is one suggestion As to the nature o the neutrino. It is now known that the Electron possesses a spin that is it whirls upon its Axis just As does the Earth. According to one theory or. Harkins relates the neutrino is merely this spin without the Electron. You will remember How in Alice in wonderland. The Cheshire cat disappeared leaving a disembodied Grin behind. Well apparently the election can do the same thing leaving behind a disembodied spin which attains motion in a Given direction. Questions and answers a what does the name Bernadine mean a string Brave. A his Many rooms Are there in the White House a seventy six rooms including 20 bedrooms 10 bathrooms and four toilet rooms five Halls and corridors and 10 storage rooms. A what is the address of Hugh s. Johnson al2o Broadway new York n. Y. The Indianapolis times ill leaped wire Servin of a knifed pres association Indianapolis thursday May 2, 1935 the reign of George the Wise second Section in ered i Sei-nn-4 Jurn Mit ii ill -g., m All her cousins George had been the favorite playmate and the nation rejoiced when their engage ment was announced on May 6, 1893. The wedding took place in the Chapel Royal july 6. The newly married pair were Given quarters in St. James Palace and settled Down sedately. In the course of time they had six Chil Dren one girl Princess Mary and five boys the youngest of whom Prince John Only lived until he was 14. Nan the Dukes father wanted the future King to see the Empire for himself. Accordingly the Duke and Duchess visited Ireland in 1899. But now a bigger trip was planned. Parliament had passed a Bill creating the Commonwealth of Australia and there was a great demand that the Duke should open the Commonwealth Parlia ment. Queen Victoria had consented. In the meantime she died on Jan. 22, 1901, and her son mounted the throne As King Edward Vii. The King agreed that his son should make the trip As already planned. So in March the Young wedded pair boarded the Mer cant ship Ophir turned for the occasion into a Royal yacht and started on their Long cruise which took them to Gibraltar. Port said Aden Ceylon Singapore and All Over the australian continent. They were warmly received every where. From Australia they sailed to new zealand Tasmania South Africa still in the dying throes of the Boer War and then made for Quebec from whence they went on a Complete tour of Canada. The future King George of eng land was formally made Prince of Wales shortly after this trip. Now his intensive training for the King ship began. King Edward sent him on trips to Berlin and Paris and. In 1905, to another great Section of the Empire India. The England to which the Prince returned was threatened by a great political storm. It was a problem which caused the King much anxiety and which caused his heir to say to a Friend that he was glad he did not have to handle it. And the boy grew older. Childhood pictures of King George v of England Are reminiscent of the old family album. Beautiful Queen Alex Andra above holds the infant George on her knee while Trince Albert Victor heir to the throne clutches at the Royal skirts. Age 4 right the Sailor suit forecasts his career As Sailor Prince which his captains uniform won 20-Odd years later confirms. It was then that the King once More asserted himself and intervened in the cause of peace. On july 21, 1914, he convoked at Buckingham Palace a conference representing the government the official tory opposition the Irish nationalists and the Ulster unionists. Although the Sovereign him self opened the meeting in a very grave speech the conference failed. While people were wondering w hat the next step would be greater events overshadowed it. The heir to the austrian throne had been assassinated at Sarajevo on june 29 and Austria had sent a terrible ultimatum to Serbia. King George was due to reign during great. Britain s darkest period. Next War and Post War prob lems. Atlantic City asks 1936 legion session gov. Hoffman due Here to extend invitation. Gov. Harold g. Hoffman new Jersey was to arrive Here today to join new Jersey legion officials in urging that the 1936 legion convention be held in Atlantic City. Gov. Hoffman will go before the legion National executive commit tee tomorrow. The proposed convention City Al ready has raised $50,000 to defray expenses of the sessions it was announced. The party of new Jersey officials includes c. Richard Allen new Jersey legion commander judge Frank Matthews Herbert blizzard William f. Casey Atlantic City City commissioner a1 Skean Atlantic City convention Bureau manager and Lewis m. Hermann chairman Atlantic City press com Mittee. Appeal for Aid issued by memorial group civic and patriotic clubs invited to Send representatives. Representatives of various civic and patriotic groups will be invited to attend the next meeting of the general memorial association May 9 at it. Friendly. The association is seeking the support of All such organizations to assist in programs for the War dead to be held in various cemeteries on memo Roal Day and in the decoration of All veterans Graves. All officers of the association were re elected at the first meeting of the year tuesday night. They Are Wilson c. Oren president Charles r. Michael vice president Paul m. Trees treasurer mrs. Edna m. Pauley Secretary and Joseph Hen Ninger. Honorary president. Manion wins support for Industry Survey 550.000 to be sought for state Check on consumer capacity. B or Imes special Washington May 2 Clarence g. Manion Indiana National Emer gency Council director reported yesterday that the Indiana plan for a consumption Survey to boost Indiana Industry has been l Vora Bly received by Charles Elliott executive director of the National re sources Board. He now expects to Lay it before Frank Walker who is to pass on All works Relief allotments. The plan or. Manion said Calls for a fed eral Grant of $50,000. About 100 w Hite Collar workers from Relief Rolls would then be employed to conduct a state wide Survey of Indiana Industry in its relation to products consumption with the View of fostering new Industry where a state Market can be cultivated. Willson will filed widow named executrix receives major portion of estate. Mrs. Kathleen Willson widow of Romney l. Willson prominent Indianapolis attorney who died recently has been made executrix of or. Willson s estate. The will which has been probated before judge Smiley n. Champers leaves to each of or. Will songs nephews Eugene and Larry will son Sizoo and the remainder of the estate to mrs. Willson. Daily Washington merry go round by Drew Pearson and Robert s. Allen Washington May 2.two important factors regarding the$4,000,000,000 work Relief program Are being definitely soft peddled by the administration. One is the realization that the United states is in for a More or less permanent work Relief program if unemployment is to be wiped out. Two is the fact that a Large part of the work Relief plan is nothing More than a thinly disguised revival of Cwa. The first of these represents a distinct departure from the 1933 Public works expenditure of $3,300,000,000. The chief aim of which was to prime the pump until Indus try could pet Point. Now it is pretty generally believed that Industry is not going to get going in sufficient degree to absorb the great army of work less even in the More Distant future. Administration master minds Are not saying much about this but recent surveys show that labor saving developments have been such that even with a re turn of the 1928 Boom there would be around five to six million Idle. With a permanent Relief pro Gram ahead it was figured that the least demoralizing Type of re Lief was work Relief. Hence the revival of Cwa. U a a present work Relief plans however Are to be More thorough and carefully planned than the Cwa. The latter was a hurriedly thrown together organization aimed chiefly at carrying the nation through the Winter. Part of the new four billion Dollar expenditure will of course go to the old Type of pea projects. There is to be an unemployment census the country is to be divided into regions and funds will be rationed to areas where there is greatest need. The new Cwa will be called by anew name Small but its object is just the pro vide work Relief quickly to the largest number of unemployed. And that the president does not intend to take any chances with this phase of his plans is indicated by the fact that dynamic Harr Hopkins who pushed through Cwa with such Speed is the Man in charge of this pro Long was in a crowded elevator in the Broadmoor hotel when suddenly he turned to a Stout lady near him and demanded what Day is this catching her breath the lady replied this is wednesday. Huey pondered. What Day will tomorrow be Why tomorrow will be thurs Day with earnestness. Huey repeated the word. Thursday took an envelope from his pocket wrote the word Down. Broadmoor residents Are still wondering whether Huey was absent minded. Or kidding the lady. An to All prominent government officials receive requests for autographed photographs and most of them respond within reason. But not Madam Secretary per Kins. Rep. J. Burwood Daly Phila Delphia Democrat makes a Hob by of collecting autographed Pic Tures. On the Walls of his office hang signed photos of the presi Dent. Prominent House colleagues. Senators members of the Cabinet and justices of the supreme court. Recently rep. Daly wrote miss Perkins requesting a picture. He received the following reply i do not have a picture of myself and have never had one taken. Furthermore. I do not approve of that sort of publicity. The labor department exec Tive wonders Why she is so in a popular on Capitol hill.1 copyright 1935. By United feature1 Syndicate. Inc the circumstances were these Lloyd George then Chancel Lor of the exchequer had introduced what was deemed for the time a revolutionary budget. It sought to shift a greater Burden of taxation on the Rich. It was Defeated in the House of lords. Now the government had no in Tention of tamely submitting to a tory House which was hereditary in its membership. The govern ment therefore proposed to Shear the lords of their Power. They should have no right to Amend a Money Bill and no right to veto any House of commons Bill if passed in three successive sessions. Suddenly there came a tragic interregnum. King Edward be came ill from a neglected cold and died May 6, 1910. The heir to the throne Wras now King George in his own right. His troubles had now begun. Every body could see that in this Parlia entry struggle the King would perforce be brought into it. He grasped the nettle with a firm hand. He insisted that the rival leaders should meet in Confer ence and try to Settle their Dif frences amicably. Twenty one abortive meetings were held. Neither Side would Budge an Inch. There was a sort of truce while the Royal pair had their Corona Tion ceremonies on june 22, 1911, and then the political Battle was renewed. Finally the More reasonable men among the Peers decided to accede to the inevitable demo cratic trend. The government measure was passed by a majority of 17. Ana this settled the new King next was assailed by the angry shrieks iof the suffragettes. For Many years the women in a lady like Way had been campaigning for the vote. But in 1910 mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst had formed an organization designed to be militant. They interrupted political meet Ings. They set fire to buildings. They broke windows. They went on hunger strikes. The King himself was brought into it a High Climax came when Side glances a Suffragette attended the Derby threw herself beneath the feet of the Kings horse and was killed. This Battle came to an end when War was declared. The militants threw themselves into War work. So nobly did they labor that by Universal consent in 1918 a Bill was passed giving women Over 30 and having certain property qualifications the vote. Ten years later All restrictions were removed and All women 21 and Over got the vote. King Georges reign wac therefore marked w Ith a Situa Tion in w hich there were More women than men voters. No English Sovereign in the last 300 years has Ever been permitted to reign without having Ireland on his mind. In King George s younger he often visited Ireland and had always been Well received. On july 8. 1910, he once More sailed for Ireland accompanied by the Queen the Prince of Wales and Princess Mary. Graciously received in Dublin the Sovereign cleverly took the Opportunity to show that he was above religious quarrels and considered All the Irish people As part of the brotherhood of the Empire. Ana but the cheering had hardly died before an ugly situation arose. In May 1914, a Home Rule Bill for Ireland had been passed and was ready for the Royal Sig nature. The Bill proposed to set up a single Irish parliament for All Ireland with full authority Over everything except the army Navy and foreign affairs. The Bill meant the inclusion of Ulster which Ultra loyalist and largely protestant violently objected to being part of the new Irish do minion. Ulster men began enrolling in military bodies Ard arms were smuggled into the country. It looked As if the stage were All set for a civil War. To Avert this Premier Asquith introduced an amendment to the Home Rule Bill by which the six main Ulster counties should temporarily at least be exempted from its pro visions. Even this did not Cool passions that had been excited on both sides. By George Clark n to ims by he service ing t. M bes. To s. Pat Oft. She s even got me thinking about vacation time. Your health by or. Morris Fishbein in most civilized countries number of deaths of babies in the first year of life has been reduced and it seems Likely that continued advancement of medical science will still further lower this incidence. At the same time however there is a steadily de creasing birth rate and As yet there is no sign that this is going to slow up. In fact As the Young per sons who passed through childhood during the lean years of the world War come to the Marriageable age. The number of births is Likely still further to be lowered. With a rapidly declining birth rate control of in Fant mortality becomes of even greater significance. A b b lowest infant mortality rates of the world Are those of Australia and new zealand where Spe Cial efforts have been made in the past and consistently maintained to control this Factor. Rates for the United states compare very favourably with those of other countries of similar size such As great Britain and Germany. Among other factors determined by a recent investigation is the fact that the male infant Dies More easily than the female. This has always been so. Al though no adequate explanation has Ever been established. Only answer Given by scientists is the statement that nature has endowed the female organism with greater vitality than the male because it is meant to bring Forth the next generation. However that is a statement of opinion and not an established fact. Bus it has also been proved that infant mortality in creases when the age of the Mother passes a cer Tain limit and hence has shown that babies bom to mothers t r

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