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Indianapolis Star, The (Newspaper) - May 28, 1914, Indianapolis, IndianaV Goux Winner of mile race last year will write inside Story of big gasoline Derby this year exclusively for the Star Don t fail to read his account in the sunday Star the Indianapolis Star vol la thursday Corning May 28 1914 cents rent your rooms to Speedway visitors by advertising them in the Star 0 s holds ship which carried to Huerta German Steamer Bavaria arrive at Vera Cruz without Manifest and Captain admits Landing ammunition and barbed wire at puerto Mexico naval Law is violated Funston detains vessel commander of ship liable to Pine under local Law on two re fused until paid Cruz May the German Bavaria has been held Here Brig Gen Funston s order upon her arrival without Manifest the Bavaria recently landed a Large Quantity of munition on mexican soil it is estimated that the Bavaria put ashore rounds of ammunition the cargo was destined for Vera Cruz but diverted to puerto the reached Here sunday the Cap Tain a Manifest ing to the Captain of the port that it had been taken away from him by the ican authorities later he ing the cargo which included also Rolls of barbed wire Funston understands that the munition and wire reached Cordoba by Way of Blanca mexican Laws violated the Captain of the Bavaria is liable to a Fine under the mexican Laws and these Are the Laws that Are being administered by the collector of the port capt Man o the shipment of arms consigned for Vera Cruz but landed at puerto Mexico forms a violation of the Laws and the absence of a Manifest a second violation Brig Gen Funston said the Ter of fines was entirely in capt hands but the collector said he had not actually levied As yet the Bavaria is held Here Only because clearance will be refused until the matter of fines is adjusted the customs officials assert that so far As they know the arms shipment on the of the same line which pre the seizure of Vera Crua by the american forces was still aboard when that Vesel left Here for puerto Mexico two Days ago they assume that there is no possibility that the 250 machine guns rounds if ammunition and other War material aboard the would be landed As the is under charter of the German government at the present time and ordered to puerto Mexico the German minister to pick up Man refugees confirms Rumor been for some of the War materials for which had contracted in Many had filtering through to the federals by Way of puerto Mexico tally every liner touching at the ports has carried arms and 7 2 end of severe heat for today showers expected to rout Day temperature mounts to 90 resulting in two prostrations Mother Squirrel her Back broken fails in heroic Effort to reach babies a crowd in University Square yesterday was almost us much affected by a out Mother love and de Votion life As if the Mother had been a human being in the Early Spring a Squirrel made her nest in a Little Box in one of Tho Trees Lon the North Side of the Park Habi tues watched with interest the care has taken of three baby squirrels a tragedy of City life however broke up the Little family yesterday the Mother wandered too far in Nen search for food and crossing Street was run Down by a vehicle mid suffered a broken Back life was not crushed out immediately and the Mother instinct led her to at tempt to reach her laboriously she Street and made her Way to the tree and then tried to climb it the watching crowd stood breathless slowly she made her Way up the tree As the crowd hoped she would win just As she was about to enter the Little Box Home however her grip loosened she made a few feeble efforts to regain Heri hold but at last fell to the ground As she Lay gasping her last breaths the crowd slowly malted away thinking sadly of her Fate following he plucky fight the orphan squirrels re alone last night but those who have been watching the Little family said they Are about big enough to care of themselves the Fortune Teller which Virgo s nebulae found to rotate Hoosier astronomer head o Flagstaff Observatory makes discovery throwing Light on origin of universe scientists Are interested spectrograms taken of non May show magnitude of revolutions and Aid in solving Stellar problems the severe heat which has held in for the past three Days was to be broken by Thunder ers this morning much suffering has from the unusual heat wave and two additional prostrations were re ported yesterday Clara Potts -1261 West an employee at the j Guy Haugh shirt factory in the Murphy building overcome and taken Home about 9 o clock yesterday morning Leroy Carr it coloured boy was overcome at school no 24 and was taken to the City Hospital temperature reaches 90 degrees the temperature again yesterday reached a maximum of ing the third successive Day in which the May heat record of last year has been passed and coming within six degrees of the May heat record for Indianapolis established May 31 1895 Cool breezes last evening brought in people to the Parks and front Yards throughout the City scores of persons were sprinkling streets front Yards and walks that they might become cooler employees of the water company reported that the City seemed to be ing a Midsummer allowance of water heat records threatened Many cities temperatures and much suffering Washington May wave of intense Midsummer heat accompanied by enervating humidity settling Over the at states the Ohio and the mid Mississippi valleys brought temperatures today near record breaking Points and caused suffering in densely populated ters of Many in Washington the enclosed at the elevated weather Reau registered 95 degrees while those on the streets marked the official figure within one degree of the record for the warmest May Day since 1870 new York Boston Hartford Albany and Philadelphia All sheltered with the official thermometers showing 94 degrees dry leaders discover new kidnapping evidence Iii May a new Angle develops in the Case of Rev Louis r the dry worker who Days he was kidnapped from on March 81 during an option Campaign he will not be called before Tho grand jury again the state s attorney said Heie dry leaders have new evidence and that startling ments my be expected in a few Days failure to fifth Chicago weeks Chicago May fifth private in Chicago to fall in two weeks wont under today Whert the Bank closed its doors it had of private Banks under fire in Chicago for some time Washington May from London that from Percival Lowell director of the Flagstaff Observatory in Arizona now in London has received word from prof e m that made at Flagstaff show Virgo s nebulae rotating in the Constellation were received with interest in scientific circles As possibly throwing new on of Stellar evolution the origin of the universe director of the smithsonian Observatory of discovery and to relation to the nebular of of the nebulae Are explained said Fowle Are great masses of Gas appearing like Gantic pin wheels and looked upon As worlds in the process of Tion suggested la Reous hypothesis origin of Earth and the solar system their appearance suggests rotation iut they Are so far Distant that even rotating with velocities of Many Miles a second in centuries such motion adjacent stars would be in the Eye spectrograms like the speedometers of automobiles indicate at once the speeds of bodies but the nebulae Are so very faint most of them being invisible to the unaided Eye that Only with the most powerful telescopes May Grams be obtained of them discovery is interesting this discovery of is inter Esting As throwing new Light on the problem of Stellar evolution and o origin although the rotation was no guess could have been made As to its magnitude which spectrograms will probably Tell an earlier observation of in that the nebular of Andromeda is approaching us with a velocity of 200 Miles per second discovery is explained astronomer says inclined spectral lines proof of rotation of Nebula Flagstaff Ariz May of the spectrum of the Virgo Nebula made at Lowell Observatory show its spectral lines inclined and therefore the Nebula to be said prof e m in a statement ing the reports from London through Percival Lowell director of the staff Observatory that spectrograms made by had shown the Nebula rotating just As the inclination of lines in a planet s spectrum measures its diurnal continued prof Slipher the inclined nebular lines Are direct proof that the rotating about an Axis from the Days of Kant and Laplace and the celebrated nebular hypothesis it has been thought that Nebula rotate and while this View has since received support in the great Advance in our knowledge of them through the observations of Schel Roberts Keeler and others it is not until now that their rotation has been actually observed the establishment of the fact has been slow in realization but must be looked upon As evidence of the obstacles that continued on Page 7 3 weather forecast and for for Indiana rep for 4 and Day partly Cloudy thursday and Day probably local Thunder showers Light to moderate variable winds 7.04 forecast for Anapolis and Ity for showers of the Sun risen at Sun nets at conditions yesterday amount during Tho Twenty four hours sliding at 7 p m o amount Jan 1 1261 accumulated departure from Normal Jan 1 3 97 7 a i n 7 p i the nine Date last gift 64 61 starters in race and time in Speed test with the completion of the the list o for Tho big rave memorial tap time Peugeot mix deluge 1 1 Mercer Merrer Utility Keeno King summary of the Indianapolis Star thursday May mexican situation Funston holds German ship landed arms in Mexico Page peace protocol May be signed within week Page Huerta reported to be prepared to resign Domestic presbyterian Assembly urges study of Bible in Public 17 t r says he planned to end miners 1803 with troops 2 James Watson is overcome by heat in midst of speech to Missouri republicans Page 5 Bryan outlines foreign Trade policy of United states before Trade con 7 col Washington trip 4 severe Strain Page 17 Federal Folk examines f Baker on Haven 8 Senate committee to consider proposal to arbitrate canal tolls 2 foreign of balloon found in Siberia hint at Fate of Polar sex Page 1 state Ohio Man killed in collision of Wabash trains on Bridge at Delphi 4 arson Case at Washington to go to jury saturday Page 4 state senator George w Curtis elected head of elks reunion association Page 6 Walter Brubaker of Warsaw denies re turn to Republican party 6 local youth drowned in fall Creek near thirty second Street Page 1 mayor declares Speedway visitors will not form excuse for lid Page 1 Thunder showers May break heat wave today Page 1 four Hurt when Wagon Driver held Page 1 Street sprinkling contractor to be of con tract Page 3 old Gas main petitions to been first consideration 3 woman and four men fined for violating liquor 3 Trade boosters triumphal journey through Ohio continue Page 5 ocal printers elect delegates to Union convention Page 7 dedicatory exercises Are begun at new Page 12 Home of Independent medical authorities discuss plan balloon shreds hint of tragedy remains of Aerial Craft in which Andree started for North pole in 1897 believed found in Siberia Sweden orders an inquiry explorer and two Otter supposed to have searching tons failed to bring results Auto strikes Wagon four held William h Albersmeier arrested after Accident charged with driving motor car while under influence of liquor Stockholm Sweden May is believed to be the remains of the Loon in which prof Salamon a ascended from Dane s Island near Bergen july 11 1897 in an attempt to reach the North pole have been found in a Forest in Eastern Siberia according to a Telegram received at the swedish foreign office today from Yakut a thorough investigation of the re ported discovery has been ordered by the government the Arctic explorer was accompanied j by two scientists and after leaving Dane s Island no report Ever was re from the party Pate is mystery although traces of Andree s balloon have been reported at various places from time to time and while even the body of the famous swedish explorer was said to have been discovered of the coast of Labrador nothing has Ever been definitely a to what actually happened to the expedition or what be came of the balloon Andree and two companions messes and Fraenkel started from Dane s Island in the Hope of being ried but Trade winds to the North pole the explorer believed the steady current of air would take him into the Polar re Gions in a week carry him Over the pole and land him safely in North America five buoys from the balloon have been picked up the first found in Norway in june 1899 contained a note from an Dree and was thrown out eight hours after his departure the North pole to have been dropped when the pole was passed was found off King Charles Island in september 1899 a third buoy also empty was on All time health officer p West coast of in i90n ail time 17 and another was reported from Norway Council to consider Bridge appropriation 18 departments tews of the 3 movie Story Page q Page g society Page 9 sports pages 10 11 and 12 Leal estate Page 13 Trade and 16 Burns detectives fined As Georgia Law violators a month later to september 1912 a buoy marked Andrea s North pole expedition 1896 no 10 was picked up by the norwegian Steamer Beta which arrived at Romsoe from searches prove futile Many search expeditions some Ped at great expense have returned in in january 1910 dispatches from Prince Albert Saskatchewan said that Bishop Pascal announced that to had received letters from a missionary telling of the supposed finding of Andree s balloon by near Reindeer Lake in the Arctic Circle 900 Miles North of Prince Albert the eskimos it was said still were Atlanta a May de in m j v 01111 w w c Tedder and using Tho ropes and balloon material in o operating As padding their canoes and fixing their of William j Burns were fined Ach in the City court Here late having been found guilty of working n the Case of Leo m Frank without be no approved by the local pollen Board were bound Over to the state courts Der similar state Laws similar against c k rears and w d Mcworth to other Burns operatives were Dis missed during the trial Herbert Haas one of Frank s counsel testified that made a report to him showing head discovered a police against the court out the rank Mony in Indianapolis today Homecoming concert by miss Helen wan urn Murat theater evening Catholic knights and ladles Lon session hotel morning county Council meeting to consider Ridge appropriation court House no and afternoon Kansas City is Indianapolis Washington pork 3 p m concert by Apollo quartet for Benefit f settlement y w c a r m i open Home at new Independent Home and Meridian streets tents it has thrice Beeh reported that body has been found but none of these statements was substantiated aviator Hamel not found London May report that Tho British aviator who has been missing since he stalled on last to make a flight across the English Channel has been rescued pears to be entirely unfounded too Busy to attend court Man leaves Case to judge too Busy to attend was Given to Bailiff c c Huff of criminal court yesterday by Byron Horn 1529 charged with Sault and on his wife when asked Over the Telephone to explain his absence Horn evidently did not desire to Dis arrange the court s business for he whatever Tho court does in nil Light with me he he Hud sent a lawyer and some i lends to court it up the was continued William h Albersmeier a architect who lives at 3329 North Capitol Avenue last night after his Auto Mobile had collided with a Wagon at Southeastern Avenue and Washington Street injuring four men men com polling company they had been going East and were turning around in the Street Albersmeier was going West and is alleged to Beeh driving rapidly he is charged with drunkenness and with operating a motor vehicle while the influence of according to witnesses another Man and two women were Vith him in the machine but ran away before the arrival of Brady and who made the arrest one taken to Hospital the men who were in the Wagon were Charles Harmon of Bedford ind j j Hayes of tie Tremont hotel a o Hill of Dallas and another Man whose name was not Learned All of them bruises Hayes being Hurt More verely than any of the others and being taken to the City Hospital for ment Only a few weeks ago was arrested after his machine had collided with a pillar under Tho Kentucky Avenue viaduct pie was accompanied at that time by an actress and was charged with driving a machine while under the in fluence of French financiers held in Bank failure fraud Paris May Henri de Ville and Baron Robert de were arrested tonight on charges of fraud in connection with the failure of the ing House of de co on May 4 the closing of the doors of this concern led to an extensive investigation of its affairs the liabilities Are estimated at to and Tho assets about no lid declares mayor Bell asserts presence of Sands of Speedway visitors will not interfere with Law enforcement policy plans to protect crowds chief Perrott enlists detectives from other cities to Aid Loca Force in keeping pickpocket under control will to until Friday mid As usual and if people Here of the Speedway race want anything to drink they will have time enough to be it there is no Why the Law enforcement policy should be dropped or this occasion i Hope the Speedway will have a Good time while Thoy Are in the City with this statement mayor Bell defined his attitude concerning enforcement of liquor Laws in tomorrow night the throng o visitors for Tho annual bile stood classic last year was h urge that permitted thu saloons and cafes to remain open Midnight mayor Bell however does no the same views concerning Tho re of hospitality chief of police Perrott declined to comment on the situation apparently preferring to definite orders from mayor Bell crowds be safeguarded Tho chief of police however is making elaborate plans to protect Tho thousands of visitors from the coterie of pickpockets usually attracted by such a gathering not Only will the members of the City detective department to on the Lookout for criminals but detectives from other cities will Aid in safeguarding the crowds from criminals who probably will be drawn from haunts in other Largo cities of the Central West sleuths from Chicago Louisville Lumbus Cincinnati Detroit Cleveland and Toledo will to Horo to Koop watch for suspicious persons from those cities who probably will attempt to prey on Tho visitors suspects to be gathered in the actual commission of crime will not be necessary to cause the arrest of known pickpockets the fact that they have criminal records will he considered client cause for their arrest and detention until after Tho crowds have loft the City chief Perrott will urge people to take precautions for their own Protection and their valuables so they will not fall wish prey to pickpockets he uses that it will he impossible to eliminate crime entirely but Hopes to be Able to reduce la to a minimum not Only will he urge that persons take precautions while on Tho but he recommend that doors and Dows be kept locked while householders Are away from Homes outlying will be instructed to keep a Sharp Eye out for suspicious characters May 25 1914 my dear or when it came to my notice a few Days ago that you Are planning a testimonial concert for Helen Warrum i Felt impelled to Send you a word of cheer according to the scriptures a Prophet is not without Honor save in his own country and that May still hold Good Down in but we use the revised version for to Honor our prophets la our first great privilege whether they come a sword and shield or Only a song on the lips All we ask is that they be not it is a Fine thing that Indiana to realize that to Honor herself she must first Honor her children this Young girl with the full Throat and the Golden note has Sung self out of the Homo country into the larger world As she is about to leave for that land where music with her Silver sound is the very language of the people i want to add my Hearty wishes to the Many that will follow her her father and her father s father wore near and dear to my own people in the Days that Are gone end so it is with an interest More than common that i watch her a she faces the hardships and struggles that have always been the toll that Talent pays to Fame that she will face them bravely i have no doubt that she will Triumph i firmly believe but whatever May befall her she goes knowing that she boars with her the Faith and affection of those that know her neighbors As one of them i sign myself with every Good and hopeful wish cordially yours Tho Hon Joseph e Bell chairman of the committee t de Palma last to qualify for grind Winner of two sends big German Mercedes around course in winning applause from fans when end try is assured j elimination tests end with 30 starters on list Burman makes sensational fight against time in his second Santa grand prize Winner fails j t by r m Blankenbaker Ralph a Winner of two hero of the most Over enacted of the motor Speedway the idol of thousands of race fans Over the world will in Tho race saturday qualified into yesterday after noon sending his big Neunan Mercedes around Tho course in he was the Dilver to the test the thirty wet e announced last night when it wits announced that Hud in getting enough Speed out of Hla six Cylinder oar the Grap Driver wan cheered loudly when arrived in Indianapolis he expressed some doubt As to Tho Speed of his car his first two trials were very disappointing and it was thought in Many Quarter that Ralph web out of Tho running to Laboured All Day yesterday and his were with by Tho responded and Tho favorite of thousands landed in twentieth place in Tho third Mercer out Winner of Tho grand at Santa Monica probably will watch Tho from Tho Mercer pit for Tho youngster s our did not show enough Ood to got him Tho chosen Harry Grant Simula last in Tho list one of Tho thrilling performances of the t Day of the elimination was the second trial of the upend King stopped on his no 1 car hard to hot it around in to do this he one of twin most sensational drives of the Day hugging the retaining Wall All the Way and Tho Tump at full Georges usurped the place of teammate Jules Goux As the fastest traveler on the yesterday ing when to a Lap in the Able time of Tho travelled morn than 125 Miles an hour on Straightaway it is believed the record will not to touched for a year at least Maxwell company a it of the excellent shown by toddy and Billy son in the Maxwell cars built by Ray for the race the Well company has mailed a Check Tot to or Harroun several months ago when and Moross entered into a contract to race continued on youth is in Pool Ralph Frank 17 years old sinks to death in deep water near thirty second Street body recovered Ralph Frank 17 years old son of Erick c Frank 2828 Street was drowned while swimming in fall near thirty second Street about 8 o clock last evening the body Sank in deep Hole from gravel has been for work on the Boulevard pm two professional divers failed to the body which finally was found policemen who dragged the Stream 1 Frank who was employed As a Helper at the aug company s Plant the water when he went Down Homas Rafert Robert Ramsey Carl Laley and Mulford Crall had been at Tho same when Rescue Effort Falls according to Rafert who was no on Tho West Bank of the Stream rank entered the water on the Ido and had started to swim across when to heard a gurgling noise and saw he sink Rafert said into the Wator and started to Aid but that Frank did not at the surface again repeated efforts on Tho part of and his companions to recover the Eforo it was too Lute to save Frank s life Al de because currents of cold water fax own in the Pool prevented successful no two professional divers were unable o reach the Bottom ii was Nat until a squad of policemen boats and dragged the Stream Bat Tho body was recovered patrolman Burk Hartsell and Todd do body from the Hole about o clock deaf ear for plea of suffragists t Washington May delegation f Pennsylvania suffragists headed by lira c president of Tho Homo and school league and mrs Lawrence Lewis chairman of in Philadelphia Union to Tho House rules committee by for notion on Tho proposed amendment Lenry told the visitors the committee to act in View of the failure f Tho democratic caucus to include sufi rage legislation in the session s program Hearse carries raiders to race track in Chicago to Tho Chicago my 27 a spectacular ild in which a Hearse filled with Deputy made on a standing at the Edge of the it Roe track this afternoon Tho Ltd wan made the direction of Init Deputy Charles w ii purpose of obtaining evidence if Ami other forms of the Heine and two draped in wore used to divert the on of snipers who Peters Learnt id been posted Tho Loof of the in to occupants of the approaching 1 i 1

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