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Indianapolis Semi Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - September 4, 1841, Indianapolis, Indiana Semi weekly journal. By Douglass ii Noel Indianapolis. Saturday september 4, i841, vol. 3.�?no. 252. Rubel sized three times a week during the session of the legislature twice a week the remainder of the tear. dollars a year a a Nyhl in , a a a hired due at thl Date if the . If nol pills iii and Sancilio Wever five dollars will let a tie Pulca. will a incr cd at the Folio Wlna rate 1 Ca line or let for a near Ihrer a a or ii a a on now Ond Twne Renva cent for a a a a continuance. Or. Willin Conli Neil on �15. Ami will in a if Sci Trail on loner adv to la Frimu it la a Romo Natlo ileum wit w ill be made. Q-91nclb a folks it he Quot i Quot _ to flute i vegetable life Medicine. Pt1hese medicines Are indebted for theft Numo to x their Mam lest a lion in purifying the Springs and channels of lifts ending i Leui i ill a a �?��i�., a a few m that in a very Early period in their history they Aad rescued sufferers irom he very verge of an i. O by Grove Ufier nil he nostrum. Of he Day prescribed by physician had utterly failed in War ten cases they also permanently secured thai in form enjoyment of health without which life Steif shut ii artial Messina. So great to does had their Pintac ct1ie Phoenix bitters Are so called because they possess the Power of restoring Tho up Quot a of a Beri of health to a glowing vigor theron Mutton a the Phenix my to he s in from the ashes of its own dissolution. The Niante bikers Sre entirely vegetable composed of roots found Only in certain purls of the Western country which Waif infallibly euro fevers and Agues of �1 kinds will never fait to eradicate entirely All the if feta of Mercury infinitely sooner than Tho most powerful preparations of Sarsaparilla 8"d Atell euro the of blood to l in head never fail in Tho sickness incident to Young females and will be found a certain remedy in All esses of nervous debility and we Aeneas of the Moat impaired Konsut unions. As a remedy Fotz Cut to Quot a inh amatory rheumatism the Efficacy of the Phamy bitter will be demonstrated by the use of a sing e by the proprietor rejoices in inc Opportunity of lorded by the Universal diffusion of the press Lor placing the vegetable life medicines within the knowledge and Eagle i air factory. The a truer hut announced to the Pulc line Lith no Rhino Vail til Schult Kiln Hulwi Nunt Hottie 2tory built Lini on Washington Street Otic dour went of tiny Indian journal office and nearly opposite Lite Post of Floc where he Kraj a hand n and splendid is not Inonu of Fattey and Windsor Clin Irv by follow Filep grecian Flag a Cut can a Black Walnut chairs i Phul Stert a i Large can Hack and can cat rocking chairs Large Ron ton style nothing do the most approved a Altera of upholstered rocking do Maple stools Cane seats for hotels or canal roast upholstered lounges Cane seat do Large writing chairs fancy grecian Cane seut do p. 8, Ca i Quot a tii sr�iiae�, hand. Spring also a Pleony inn try on hand. All Oriler from a Elmance will he punctually attended to. neatly pack. Oc1.20. 183h. Joseph i. Stunt Cibir. Do do do do do do do do do do settees of Al a pattern regular sweep fancy round Post Cane sent Dada Flag do Large Windsor rocking Small do do Windsor scroll top do Slat Hack do common do table do children do reach of every individual in Tho Community the Host of pernicious Quacke Rief which boast of pc Cable ingredients Tho Lilu Pill a a purely and solely alike % Antimony vi.cjetaiti.fc., ill contain not la or arsenic nor any Oiler Mineral in any form whatever they urn a Nti iely composed of extracts from Rore and powerful Plains the Virtues of which though Long known to several Indian lbs and re earnly to some eminent chemist Are altogether a a a known to the ignorant pretenders to i Quot us �?o1 cd a and were never Belore administered in so happily efficacious a combination. The first operation is to loosen from the Coats of Mir Tomn Chand bowels the various and can constantly settling around Iceni and to remove the hardened fees which collect in the convolutions of the Small intestines. Oiler Medicine. Only pan. Ally cleanse these and leave such collected a Quot a behind is to produce habitual , with a l it. Train of evils or sudden , with us dangers. This fact is Well known to All regt. A. Anatomists who examine Tho ,.-.an Bowe. T r death and hence Iho prejudice of Tollese Well informed men against the a Usk Node Ines the age second effect of the vegetable i i l is to cleanse the kidneys and the bladder and the pills by this n, to Quot he liver and a Longs he healthful action of which Enn rely depend upon the regularity a Fth Ouri Nurr organs. The Wood which Lake silk r. Re color Iron the Agency of the liver and the lungs before it in no Quot the hear.,being thus purified by hem and food coming irom a clean stomach courses Frencl through the veins Renews every part of the and triumphantly mounts Tho Banner of health in the Altif blowing Are among the distressing varieties of u . m. Ems Wadys pop a by Fao roughly and second stomachs and a flow of Puro 1hnalthy in i a a a a Lead of the stale and Acornl kind a palpitation of the heart Lott of Jipp Ruk heart Burn and Hail arc Rallet Matt a temper anxiety Lan Ouuor and melancholy which Are the general symptoms m dyspepsia. Will vanish As a pm mtg of it cure. Convened by cleansing he whole of die Ini Slines with a solvent process and without violence All purge leave the Bowel Ostive within two devs. Dior than and cholera by removing inc Sharp acrid fluid by which the complaint Are occasioned and by promoting the Lubrit Caiiou secretions of the mucous membrane. Peter of All kinds by Recto King the blood to a regular through the process of perspiration in some cases and the solution of �11 intestinal Obj Trust inns. Others. The life Medicine have been known to cure Wick Yausm permanently in three week and Gosiel in half that Lime by removing local inf Lamain from Tho Muscles and ligament of the joints. Drop a of Alt kinds by freeing and strengthening the kidneys and bladder they operate delightfully on those important organs and hence have Over Heen found t certain remedy Lor thu worst cases of urn Vel. Also Worms by dislodging from the turning of the Bowel the Slimy matter to which these by the president of the United states. In pursuance of Law i John Tylk president of Tho United states of America do hereby declare and make known that a Public Sale will be held at the land office at gun seek in the state of Michigan for the disposal of certain tracts of land hereinafter designated which were ceded to die United states by he Sug Anuw tribe of the Chiparo nation by the treaty concluded with those indians on ibo 14th january 1837, commencing on monday the thirteenth Day of september next to wit Worth of the base line and East of the Meridian. One tract of forty thousand acre on the West Side of Saga naw River i lug within the limits of township fourteen of Range townships thirteen fourteen and Range four and townships thirteen fourteen and fifteen of Range five except the fractional sections ten. Fifteen end a in Feii. In la whip fourteen of Range four the surveys of which Are incomplete and Blini portion of Section three in Toiv Lahip fourteen of Range live reserved for the us of a Light House. One tract of Tir thousand acres on the North a the of a he Kawkawlin River bordering on in gnaw Hay a hunted in townships fourteen and fifteen of Range four and townships fourteen and fifteen of Range five. One tract of two thousand acres on the East Side of Sag anal River where Nabo banh formerly lived situated in township fourteen of Range five. One tract of one thousand acres on the cast Side of Fagadaw Ivor. In township thirteen of Range five. One tract of five thousand seven Hundred and sixty Seres on Troili sides of River know., us Koa Uuie a Village situated in township no Ond ten of Range five. One tract of eight thousand acres at the Village of Oulu son. One tract of on thousand acre at men Oquita a Village one Trad of six Hundred and forty acres at the Oreal item All stun no outline nor let Side of Cass River designated on Theof Lucial plat of Survey As Flint River in township eleven of ranges so and seven. One tract of ten thousand acres at tie Hig lick or Rock situated on both sides of the Hiawassee River to township nine of Range three. _. One tract of six thousnn.1 acres at the Little Forks on the South Side of the River. In thirteen and fourteen of Range two. One tact. Us thousand acres at the Hisek Bird a town on the South Side of Jetahn Wasenk River in township thirteen of Range two. townships twelve and flier teen of Range three. The i ii its hero described Aru to be sold Lor the exclusive Benefit of thu aforesaid tribe of Indiana under the provision of a Wrenty concluded with Thorn on the23d january 18-1�, ratified by the sonata on Tho 2d july following the first Arsiclo of which fixes the Price at tvo dollars per acre under which sum no bid will be received and which funds arc not subject to entry under any Preemption Siuw Ulun the Sale will to kept open for two week fun Les the funds am sooner disposed of and no Lunger and private entries of land in Tho townships so offered ii to admitted until alter the expiration of the two tin i weeks Given under my hand at the City of Washington this ninth Day of Juno Anno Domini ir4i. By the president James Whitcomb Tho general Lannu of co. Joil Tyler creatures adhere notice to county clerks recorders merchants Jjo let ill cd Kors re a is it a Iny tobit in. 11he subscriber has just received a Largo and Good assortment of paper Suim to for records lepers Dav books blotters amp a. he is ready to fill All order directed m him. With Promp incs and despatch at the to Icett Market prices lie has n new Annj Superior ruling machine and will 1 a Slater 6 door East of Iho Post office. Nov20 thl iii id v Lliotai-1 f asthma Aud consumption by relieving the air vessels of s. Lung irom the. Mucus which even a a a get holds wil1 a cession which if not removed becomes hardened and produces those dreadful diseases. Sturdy la cart and line Ternate sores by the perfect purity which these life pm la sgt Volo the blood and All the Humours sror Mie eruptions and bad Gimp Triay Mel by alternative effect upon the fluids hit teed the skin the morbid stale of which occasions All by fire a saints Sallow Cloudy and other disagreeable complexions. The use of these pills for a Verv Short me will effect an entire cure of Salt Rheum Eryn Pelas and a striking improvement in the clearness of the skin. Common colds and influenza will always be Cui a one dose or by two even in inc worst esses. A a a my remedy for this most distressing and obstinate malady the vegetable Aud emphatic recommendation. It is Well known to hundreds in this City that the originator of these in Valus Blo pills was himself afflicted with h a paint for upward of thirty free years and that he tend f n nor n r sheriffs a . By virtue of an sex Emlynn to me directed from the clerk s office of Tho Marion circuit court. I will expo to Public a ale on he 13.1. Div of . Fill. In fro of Pic tour House in the town of by when the fans prescribed by Law Oil said Day the rents and profit for Urrea years of Inis no 7 and 8. In my arc 51, lot no. To it in Square 80. In Isaac har Ris s addition to in Diane a Oll and on failure to a Calixe the full amount demanded by said execution with Dunn Gas and costs i will at the a me Lime and ply a it a a pee the fee Sim ple of said Ion to he a old As tie property of John elder at Tho mass a a Quot la m0trto0&Quot j a a . St ate of Indiana supreme court. Vay term .1 do i8-ii. Was ten a no Lith. . Loll. John Jamison James Fellows John Wadsworth. Richard 8. J in chancery. Fellows. John w. Osborn Jacob 8. Will cts i Martha for ter. Albert o. Willard. J a t this time Tome the complainant by his counsel and it a appearing to the of the coughs. The defend dams. James fellow. John wads Orthund Richard 8. Teh at not Nhah Lynnis of Thlu a a it Quot Hereupon ii is ordered in Vatn every remedy prescribed com tried within the whole of the . He however at Lens h tried the Medicine which he now offers to the 35. He w8i cored 3 a a �?T�?oi.5 of a Roe after i. Recovery had been pronounced not , but absolutely impossible by any human Means inns ate not inhabitant that said inst named defendants he and Apitai Lic Forn this court at the state House on the fourth monday in november next and answer the complainant s Hill or the matters nod Hilno therein contained will he taken a Toafe red a to them and decreed a enrol ugly and it i farther ordered that a copy of this order be on blushed in the Indiana journal a newspaper printed at India Napols for three weeks Succes i orly. A Truc ropy. Attest. Ang 25 3w a a by authority. Laws of the United Stater pa86ki at the first session of the 27tk Congress. _ Puli us no. Or an act to Csia Blish a uniform system of bankruptcy throughout tie United states. Or it engr led by the Senate and House of represent lathes of file untied Stales of America in Congress us Sembhi. That there be and hereby i established throughout the United state a uniform system of bankruptcy As follows All prions whatsoever residing in any state District or territory of the United states owing debts which shall not have been created in consequence of a Deal cation As a Public of Licer or As executor administrator guardian or trustee or while acting in any other fiduciary capacity who shall by petition setting Forth to the Best of Bis knowledge and belief a list of his or their creditors their respective places of residence and the amount due to each together with an accurate inventory of his or their property rights and credits of every name kind and description and the location and situation of each and every parcel and portion thereof verified by oath or if conscientiously scrupulous of inking an oath by solemn affirmation apply to the proper court is hereinafter mentioned for Tho Hen edit of this act and therein declare themselves to be unable to meet their debts and engagements shall be deemed bankrupts within the Purview of this act and May be so declared accordingly by a decree of such court. All persons being merchant or using the Trade of merchandise nil retailers of merchandise and All Bankers factors brokers underwriters or Marine insurers owing debts to the amount of not less than two thousand dollars shall to liable to become bankrupts within the True intent Ond meaning of this act and May. Upon the petition of one or More of their creditors to whom they owe debts amounting in the whole to not less Titan five Hundred dollars to the appropriate court be so declared accordingly in Tho following cases to wit when Evdo such person being a merchant or actually using the Trade of merchandise or being a retailer of merchandise or being a banker Factor broker underwriter or Marine insurer shall depart from tie state District or territory of which he is an inhabitant with intent to defraud his creditors or shall conceal himself to avoid being arrested or shall willingly or fraudulently procure himself to be arrested or his goods and chattels lands or tenements to be attached Dis trained sequestered or taken in execution or shall remove his goods chattels and effects them to prevent their being levied upon or taken in execution or by other process or make any fraudulent conveyance assignment Sale Gator other Transfer of his lands tenement goods or chattels credits or evidences of debt provided however that any person so decl Rcd a bankrupt at the instance of a creditor May at his election by petition to such court within ten Days after its decree be entitled to a trial by jury before such court to acc ruin the fact of such bankruptcy or if such person shall reside at a great distance from the place of holding such court the said judge in his discretion May direct such trial by jury to be Lind in Tho county of such persons residence in such manner and under such directions Ostlie said court May prescribe and give and All such decree passed by such court and not so re examined shall be deemed final and conclusive As to Tho subject matter thereof. Sec. 2. he it further enacted Tomt All future payments securities conveyances or transfers of property or agreements made or Given by any bankrupt in contemplation of bankruptcy and for inc purpose of giving any creditor endorser surety or other person any preference or priority Over the general creditors of such bankrupt and All other payments securities conveyance or transfers of property or agreement made or Given by such bankrupt in contemplation of bankruptcy to any person or persons whatever not being a Bona fide creditor or purchaser for a valuable consideration without notice shall in deemed utterly void and a fraud upon Liis act and the Assignee under the bankruptcy shall a entitled to claim us for recover and receive the same As part of the assets of the bankruptcy and the prs on making such unlawful preference and payments shall receive no discharge under the provisions of this net provided that All dealings and transactions by and with any Hnit Krupp. Boon fide made and entered into More than two months before the petition tiled against him or by him shall not be invalidated or affected by this act provided that the other party to any such dealings or transaction a had no notice of a prior act of bankrupt cd or of the intention of the bankrupt to take the Benefit of this act. in cose it shall be made to appear to the court in the course of the proceedings in bankruptcy that the bankrupt i application being voluntary a subsequent to the first Day of january last or at any other Limo. In contemplation of the passage of a bankrupt Law by assignments or otherwise Given or secured any preference to one creditor Over another he shall not receive a discharge unless the same be assented to by a majority in interest of those of Bis creditors who have not been so preferred and provided also that nothing in this act contained shall be construed to annual destroy or impair any lawful fights of married women or minors or any liens mortgages or other securities on property real or personal which May but a h. Coburn c. 8. C. All that or. Moffat require of i. Pm a of it. I. To be in taking the life Medicine chord favor to the directions. It is not by a newspaper , a a their particular in taking my to tha a i 1 a a a is Quot Quot a Quot these St , Joly 22. 1r41. 21m.t4 it school Hook. A a status Josh of Tow skins m a a. P., fax a a a l �7 a a a it. A a re Adan Rte is sri. A a i at. In it a Rev a Loti vat came my ale Pill Davis Boot torn to raehr�4 and for a a a by 11 cra10brad it Rran Dox administrators Sale. Pursuant to. Decree of the Union county probate court there will he a old at Uhlie out Ery at the court How be in Greenfield. Hancock county. Ind. The following Landa to wet the East half of the North West Quarter of Section Twenty eight n wave teen a onh of Range a. La the District of Load old it Indianapolis to nunning eighty acre subject to the widow. Dower in the record of october. 141. At the me time and plat will be a old la. Right of widow Dower tie terms will to Liberal and made known on the Day of Sale. Bale to commence Between the hours of too and four o clock on fat car Jerup. Starr la. A Maby a part a of Tomu Martin deceased. Id by the Laws of the states respectively and which Are not inconsistent with the provisions of the second and fifth sections of this act. Sec. 3. he it further enacted that property and rights of property c.i1 t inc Naau White Lead. A Quot 35 Pound. Parts Cra ii. 25 do Rote Pink j Barret i jump Black. Just received and for tale by Jay g Craighead it Brandon. Teas. Boxes Imperial Tea and $ Clear y. H. for a Al by 1� Taa Jara Here teed e. Jordan. Moffatt a medicines a lot of and bluer a. Be cotard and foe a ale feb Asdon. Magenta for Toyiaa Apotala All the of every name and nature and whether red personal or mixed of every bankrupt except As is hereinafter provided who shall by a decree of the proper court be declared to be a bankrupt within this act shall by Mere operation of Law Piso Facto from the time of Auch decree to deemed to be divested out of such bankrupt without any other aet assignment or other convey once whatsoever and the Watne shall be vested by Force of the same decree in such Assignee As from time to time shall be appointed by the proper court for this purpose which Power of appointment and removal such court May exercise at Ita discretion totes quotes and the Assignee to appointed shall be vested with All the rights title Powers and authorities to sell manage and dispose of the same and to sue for and defend the same subject to the orders and directions of such court a fully to All intents and purpose As if the Aaric were vested in or might be exercised by Soch bankrupt before or at the time of his bankruptcy declared a aforesaid and All suits in Law or in equity then pending in which such bankrupt is a parly May be prosecuted and defended by such Assignee to their final conclusion in the tame Way and with the same effect a they might have been by such bankrupt and no suit commenced by or against any Assignee shall be abated by i death or removal from office but the same May be pro accused or defended by i successor in the same office provided however that there shall be excepted from the operation of the provisions of this Section the necessary household and Kitchen furniture and such Uther articles and it cos Saries of such bankrupt As the said Assignee shall de ii guat and set apart Baving reference in the amount to tie family condition Aud circumstances of the bankrupt but altogether nut to exceed in value in any Case the sum of three Hundred dollars and also the wearing apparel of such bankrupt and thatus his wife and children and the determination of the Assignee in the matter shall on exception taken be subject to the final decision of said court. Sec. 4. be it further enacted. That every bankrupt who shall Bona fide surrender All i property and rights of property with Tho exception before mentioned for inc Benefit of his creditors and shall fully comply with and to it Bev All the amp at Ders and directions which May from time to time be passed by the proper court Anil shall otherwise conform to All the other requisitions of this act shall unless a majority in number and value of his creditors who Hove proved their debts shall file their written dissent thereto to entitled to a full discharge from All ins debts to be decreed and allowed by the court which has declared him a bankrupt and a certify Cale thereof granted to him by such court accordingly upon his petition filed for Sulci purpose such discharge and certificate not however to be granted until after ninety Days from the decree of bankruptcy nor until after seventy Days notice in Somo Public newspaper designated by such court to All creditors who have proved their debts and other persons in interest to appear at a particular time and place to Nhoi cause Why such discharge and certificate shall not be granted at which time and place any such creditors or other persons in interest May appear and contest the right of the bankrupt thereto provided that in All cases where the residence of the creditor is known a service on him personally or by letter addressed to him at his known usual place of residence shall be prescribed by the court As in their discretion shall seem proper haying regard to Tho distance at which the creditor resides from Soch court. if any such bankrupt shall be guilty of any fraud or wilful concealment of his property or right of property or shall have pc feed any of his creditors contrary to Tho provisions of this Sci or shall wilfully omit or refuse to comply with any orders or directions of such court or to conform to any other requisites of this act or shall in the proceedings under this act admit a false or fictitious debt against his estate to shall not be entitled to any such discharge or certificate nor shall any person being a merchant banker Factor broker underwriter or Marine insurer be entitled to any such discharge or certificate who shall become bankrupt and who shall not have kept proper books of account after the passing of this net nor any person who. After the passing of this act shall apply Trust funds to his own use provided that no discharge of any bankrupt under this act shall release or discharge any person who May be liable for the same debt As a partner joint contractor endorser surety or otherwise. For or with the bankrupt. such bankrupt shall at All times be subject to examination orally or upon written interrogatories in and before such court or any commission appointed by Tho court therefor on oath or in conscientiously scrupulous of taking an oath Upun his solemn affirmation in All matters relating to such bankruptcy and his acts and doings and i property and rights of property which in the judgment of such court Are necessary Ond proper for the purposes of Justice and if in any such examination he shall wilfully and corruptly answer or swear or affirm false la he shall be deemed guilty of perjury and shall be punishable therefor in like manner As the crime of perjury is now punishable by the Laws of the United states and Sulci discharge and certificate when duly granted shall in All courts of Justice. Be deemed a full and Complete discharge of All debts contracts and other engagements of such bankrupt which Are provable under this act and shall be and May be pleaded As a full and Complete bar to All suits brought in any court of judicature whatever and the same Shell be conclusive evidence of itself in favor of such bankrupt unless Tho same shall to impeached for some fraud or wilful concealment by him of his property or rights of property As aforesaid contrary to the provisions of this act a it prior reasonable notice specifying in writing such fraud or concealment and if in any Case of bankruptcy a majority in number and value of the creditors who shall have proved their debts at the time of hearing of the petition of the bankrupt for a discharge As Hereinbefore provided shall at such hearing file their written dissent to the allowance of a discharge and certificate to such bankrupt or if upon such hearing a discharge shall not to decreed to him the bankrupt Tuny demand a trial by jury upon a proper Issue to be directed by the court at such time and place Ond in such manner As the court May order or to May Appal from that decision at any time within ten Days thereafter to the circuit court next to be held for inc same District by simply entering in the District court or with the clerk thereof upon record his prayer for an Appeal. The Appeal shall be tried at the first term of the circuit court after it be taken unless for sufficient reason a continuance be granted and it May be heard and determined by said court summarily or by a Inry at the option of a bankrupt and the creditors May appear Aud object against a decree of disc Large and the allowance of the certificate is Hereinbefore provided. if upon a full hearing of the parties it shall appear to the satisfaction of the court or the jury shall find that the bankrupt has made a full disclosure and surrender of All his estate. As by this act required and Bas in All thing9 conformed to the directions thereof the court shall makes decree of discharge and Grant a certificate As provided in this act. Sec. 5. be it further enacted that All creditors coming in and proving their debts under such bankruptcy in the manner hereinafter prescribed the same being Bons fide debts shall be entitled to share in the bankrupts property and effects pro rata without any priority or preference whatsoever except Only for debts due by Auch bankrupt to the United states and for All debts due by him to persons who by the Laws of the United slates have a preference in consequence of having paid moneys As his sureties which shall be first paid out of the assets and any person who shall Hare performed any labor a an operative in the service or any bankrupt shall be entitled to receive the full amount of the wage due to him for a labor not exceeding Twenty five dollars provided that such labor shall have been performed within six months next before the bankruptcy of his employer and All creditor whose debts Are nol due and payable until a future Day All annuitant bolder of Bottomy and respondent a Bonds bolder of Polisie of insurance sureties endorsers bail or other persons having Uncertain or contingent Demanda a gains such bankrupt shall a permitted to Cone in Tod prove such debt or chum under Thi ctr Tod
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