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Indianapolis Semi Weekly Journal Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1841, Page 3

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Indianapolis Semi Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - July 28, 1841, Indianapolis, Indiana Which it Lilc on my lung nil liver products x a Cut Etc cough a my Ian in the a uto out a Houlder which Ivano Dovere it Lime i Conilio i ice by turn Over in bed. I win ered Itali wanting a a Way and weary oven of my lire. My Tough a a very do arc a me and being Wilh Numnum Ion of Aii Iel Iio term Illy und Oiler dlr Lre Long symptoms. My a were a tremor finding no iii Ella Romany Medicine nor from my Pleyel Rinns i Gol a Boll ii of or Taylor a in Law of Liverwort it d75 now Ory which a non made in Well and Able in attend in Niy Bui new. G a Oro a Volino. Pirug let. 8c1 i Ulion a. Brooklyn. Cave paid a theft be and heat Evri iii a Linvin Fiir n Lull to vie a let Rinard Lili a Maavere Pam in the mde and beat a. Conigan cd Wlllie n dry Coull. I Wnm in e Ursinio a try it. Taylor la Guam of Morrw maj Wiull Inus imy in lib Quot la Hnz sinew Reif in Pur pm. In a iii Lii by my dlr Ircy Wnm prod i e de by a Everi Lii it Ami in Rio Erent Liat ii Wnm Wollt Willhi ulry i Loti old a Ivellow my loud la Ileal i ii in a allotted in Deimo mum Lave Lermit Niril in l on com Nylon or a wine in enl did one Limi it not been turd Yib Liju Dicio a Melli flu Idi Oil Olio a he to prolong live i would Udvig a the Uno of or. Taylor a Balaam of Liverwort line a t own a it Hwnry. I Tiit Aitilia Rine it fur Sale by the porn Rivoir my i Orr re bit term fourth and fifth sit., a. Altai fur Rule by l it my 111 and u Brandom july 2d Idee iii a Cuit for Ludlam poll. . Mario . Of Khaki a up by in Otana Tuguo of Warren Lown-1 8bii, a tii tool fifty 2 year old last Spring Ali hands butt me appearance of Trio big head of a ruined at �20 before Justice Shirley. Taken up by a. If. Strutt of Doyno township on Annilo 11wi, a sorrel Mure n or id bands Lugli 5 Vur old Bla to Luce Bolli Lumi feel while email while a peeks Oil the Nour shoulder and wet Theta �pprai3td to Idi Pelote Justice Muri Moduli. F Uken up by joule., v. Eberil of i Erry township o Mere a a or it old about id hand Lugli Blind in thu lilt , t Homo Small Saddle Miks on die ic11 a Nie of her Back appraised to 30 dollars Bourc Lelieu l i it my this quoth taken up by honed /. Eu1�, of Washington tawn Alsip april i jul a buy ,4 Jeute old Atar in his lot head oud Slop on his Loae both Hind feet White iii holy marked with gems n shot on one of inst lure Luff a poised to �35 a Iso u Gray unite 14 yen Raold child be litre lieu ii a rued with Geurs appraised at a it dollars be Iole Justice Kalis Liyun. A a vol up in a Jeru Uilah Wilson of Pike township a nutria of u yellow Eulor la trends Lugli slur Tuilio Tor Elieud while a Poi on Ibe tilt of her nose 0 Lump us her Levi shoulder Kuppu Odio in Hurt by u Collar a mull White spot on it. R Righi Side had on when up u �m.,ii Bell the Clapper Lus ened in with wire Imti ened Arn find the neck Quot Itu a leather Collar 5 years old till Swimm a to a yellow coloured suckling horse Coli 2 months old, up May 4, 11141 appraised to �3d by forc Justice Loop up to James Carter iii Washington town Oil april -211, 1841, a Hay to nor5 Yeturu uld 14 2 Lounds left Hind Luuri White slur m her lord head some Suu Ulo Mink appraised to �.5 Belbru Justice taken up by Sanine i Richards in Decatur town Shin on May 3, a Chi suit sorrel gelding Star to his la Rohima has id Lam Fis Lulu shod future appraised at 2a dollars Clofe Justice Wilson. Taken up he w Illiam loan living on the Michigan Road d Miles South Casini on May �2d a 41 a sorrel Mare 7 or u years old. Stur in her lore head bum a want a it a both jaw Oil a a Dilke i Nark. Us Himl �?~��?�1 wisc a a a to while on her Righi Hind loot a loll m her neck id or id Htu Nhy All Miseli to 1� dolls before Justice slumber. Taken up by Artur Leonard in Warren township 41 North last of Indianapolis on j Ine i 1841, n Chisnut Torrel limsi4 years old Small Stur Iti ins lore cad Loti Hind Loo will to up to Ilio Pastora joint 8 White iii ii across ins Noee supposed to be Dono by a Milter a nod bet a re Abou i4 hands appraised til 27 doll uts before Jur Leo 11 ister. Taken up by we. C. Rann Idale of Wayne town Niarkos or brands perceivable appraised at �48 dollars before Justice Cook. To Ken in by William t. Render living in a Ali Date Bury township a Light Iron Gray Mare with a switch Tail dark mane Tail and legs will the App Taranco it u a Welling of the glands no Marks or Brand pc Receiva Blo appraised to 4.5 dollars before Justice c Volt. Tuomas Thomas clerk. Rush county. Of Milken up by Samuel Pearson of Orange town i on april 14, 1841, a Day More supposed to be Throe years old line Spring Black Mono and ail. Tif Arti legs near to a Stibol tatar id her rift head and a White a nip on Ilia end of her Nuse no Otho Marks or brands perceivable appraised to lilt Cen Dol. I lira let Vandrew Colliver ail Lur Cux d. Stallard Deloro Justice Sibley. Taken up by newel Sedito of Posey township Lin a county ind Rinn on the�?~28th Day of april 1841, n Ray Mare about 14 hands supposed to he Typo sold a Small Star ill her forehead a Little White on thu belly and a few White hairs tin the outside of Inch Tore leg Between i he Kneland shoulder Lias a on the Leit Hind leg and is crestfallen no Oiler Marks or brands perceivable appraised to twelve i Ham by Coo. Us Cloore and Uriah Riordon Bei oru Justice Kellum this kith div of inv 1841. Taken lip by win. It. Newbold of Ripe no township Rush county Indiana on the 3.1 Day it june 1841, a red Hull Soma White on in loft thigh and Smie White on the brisket and end of tile Tail thought to be of Lino Stock a opposed to be six year old appraised to �13.40 Liv Jesse in ton and Solomon , before Justice Tull a june 12th, 1841. Hubert Thompson clerk Ivas it ipg Toiv co v Sty. Pinken up by Jam a sur Divanni in la Ranklin township Washington enu Fotij Indiana in Miles a a a a 111 Salem on the Charlestown Road a brawn m ire supposed to it it to nine years old 14 hands Tigli a Dull tar in the forehead g a idled with the Saddle and Collar Vilh White spots the left fore loot Wollf am the right Hind White with a Small Bell on a Votilie 37 cents appraised to thirty dollars before Justice John Hartley on die third Duyol june 1841. Taken tin by William Crne Rafi in township Washington cuu Niv Indian a hav mate with and Tail Ali but 14 hands supposed to he 3 years old this Spring the led his Tor no other Mark a it a Brum a perceivable appraised to i iriv dollars be lore Justice George debut on Tutu 17th Day a i May i 4l. up by William Garrett living in gift uni town slip Washington it Mouv Indiana an Iron Gray mar live years old of teen nut.1 a Hall hand legs s inn Saddle him raft Neaf thu Back Bong a air a on the Steht ear Tom end of the Etc turned up Arm the a i grown last appraised to fifty Dollar actors Prui Janie Stripe on the lag no other turks or Brand. Apt a Ito dirty dollars by Elou Derc. Stevenson and it Talt a Iti ren., before jul Sizoo win. R. Iwa Homcy. A. Mochau Gilby Clark. Imo hey cot Ati. To Kurt up by James Taggart sen a of Llam blon Lowns ii. The la eth Day of May 18-11, Olio Seimy Llou m a i Runa with some email Spola on Liia hip the Point of Ilio Righi hip Duton Tho Wilto Ilio Ellior Ligula All tripod ital a urge hip in the left Sulu Belind Tho loft in Whitead. No Othor Marka a a Vii. A i praised to 25 Titi Laid Hytt in. C. Tucker Ned i. To by forc Jii flick wilting 1 Aggari. Tit n tip by John Frend it ii tit Bleu to Vns hip in die 23j Tlajy of Juno 1841, in Sirgy Bay Hurst a updo sri to by it teen or six Ven years old Righi Lumi Ioni Luis a Fornili Star in Ina fort haad no usher Uttke or Brand appraised la twelve dollars by Jan. Tag lieu r. Luil Ivr Calvin in stick. William Taggart. Tuow Jas m. A dams. Cheik. . The being upon log ppr Ulso in a stray a or Euken up by a Miltun Jenning Nytz Kotov. Tow. Lion iii oxen a Indinia on the 7ih Day it a june chive Ilio undersigned to fed Ilio a Aido Irav i liar alarm having legs Mun ii and Laii in Filio Idit you and is by lore has Ahi re. A tilt j a a nil still on ilii.-28 i Dav i jun�., 184 �11 w. M a Lott Cly i county. Taken up by George i. Dart of no table Tow nth n iii my. Indiana on the i iii club april 1841 a Brown mate a Tut Ceu and it Hall hands Stipp Sec in be live old lost a Pring no other of brands appraised to thirty seven dollars and fitly or Nis before Justice j. W. Wilson. Taken up he James Grant of Liberty township Aprl 24lli, 84l, in web Nib county Indiana one a wrap horse of a in nth Bay color a Small Star in Ilie Loren Uit. Some Simalt a addle Marks both Hind Leet while Man and Tail Black ,i.\ years old fourteen hands up praised to Twenty Dolors before judge Lucas Morgant taken up by Abner Dillon of Liberty township a Byrhe , Indiana on the 14�h Day of june l84 a u Bay Mure shod All round supposed in be us years old some Sedillo Mark marked on Tho a Hull with Collar appraised at thirty dollars judge Lucas Morgan. W m. Stallk clerk. Shelby coup qty. Taken up he Hubert Brown of Union township Maya a. ,-.� ,. In if,4l, a Chi nuut sorrow horse Small ear some cel Oil May 23, 1841, a a a re Marc 14 bands 11 fir Cen hands eight years old. Also years old a Small Bell last Elied of with a Icah Arstra u Lark a inv Murp 8mnj 9lnr, shod , sixteen do Chlud Ulius stitched u a mall piece oui ��1 Tho 1 l0am us la horse appraised to �4 5. And the Mare appraised in �46. Before Justice sic,.hens. Taken up by Daniel Ward of moral township Loti mss 1841, a Flea Ruiten Roan Mare Black Mano and Tail fifteen hands eight years old up praised it the Bell her toll offs Unter appraised to 35dollars b a i a Sac r. A Necker in Lawric Nch town , on m29, 1841, a dark Bay , Blind a. Lier tic in Che 3 while t a Jet Blu a m Hur to relves a scar on a Quot re a a a jars beware Quot Justice Gnu ring House Back a a car m the Mie i her , a Large. Sylvan b. Morris clerk eur Milu a Nubi land log 12 year old appraised to �26 beware jus me Job Otto a. Duncan cd a. De Arbor is county. My Ken l Foj Roudol r. Fall a i lasers Creek i Lowi Iskiw on Ilio 13th div of May 1811, n i Mure licht and loll she Ull Louto Phoui �4i�?zaitds a a car on her o it some m irks �1 havoc so supposed to by u or 9 years old appraised to 40 dollars of to jell nuns of and Harvey i Hatcher Bel,.re a Uslick w Illium i Almer. Taken up by John Shoemaker of m no Hosier april to 1841, a Clay Bank mete supp sell to a years a Ivi this Spring 15hands , marked will. to. V county. Taken up by l. W. L or Vinnice in Casier township n Bay Sli Ilion supposed to be twelve years , w Tali a piece out of the ear Hind foot while to the pastern a a ear on the left lop fourteen hands no other Marks or brands perceivable appraised to Twenty Utida highly three and Tille third i lots by Arviance in Eler wire and Frederick Kautz big be a Saddle on each Side no Utu f Marks observed a,.praised to s-5, by join d. Martin and Henje inn 1. W. B. A Meisoll jul ice William ii Betts. Taken ii by g. Raid y. Re u Duvol april 1841, a Mortel Marc supposed to us 0 cars uld Levi Mph Quot a. But 14 Luilus Lilli 3 Whit. Leet and Winte ta.-.-, had on n Sigall Bell when tak. Ii in ppr i cd 10 16 pulls Belote Justice Peter r. Till be Puri or. The taken up by George Arnold of township on 20,1. Davol a hit 184, a Small Hay mate 2 Yea. Old this Spring 3 a mall White spots the Len ear the Tigh. Hip knocked Down to other Marks observed appraised i b George Bowlby and Dautel l. Milnrt Pence Bei oru. Jiu Tiee of Piekiel Jackson. Taken up by Larkin Kinu a. Of Lawrence Burgh township on june 2, 1841, a Bay Marc 9 or Loyear id Mill a trips of Lina hair on her Hin legs 141 Hainds i. Fth Black mane and Tail a split m the Hoof on the in i lore loot appraised at ?40. Also 11 Bay snare Colt 2 years id this Spring Black mane and Tail no other Mark appraised at 80 dollars by James i or no in and Robert Lanley Belore Justice John Saltmarsh. Taken up by Alexander Patterson in Lawrense Burgh , 7,1841.sm.b right ton Gray Mare 6 or 7 years old a Hole Hind legs a White strip Down Over nose , a updo to to by �b0�?ot 14 hands i if to 2. Dollars mid 50 eerie by John Callahan and Van Lii yes before Justice John Salt. 01 taken up by Tavner Cheek of Lowren Coburg township on june 1�, 1841. A dark sorrel Mare Suppon a d to be 12 or 13 Vars old a Blu a lace a Small spot on the Oft hip n Smalt Bunch on her right Hind foot has a Gray mane and Tail. Also a Sorrell Coll i year old a Small White on the forehead and two spots on the off Hind leg a he Mare end it a Prui aed to26 dollars by Abram b. Stephen b. Ludlow v cd Eek cps. Elkhart county. Ken up. By ill a Scriber living m an ton Low Slud a i?-.rrel my re. Label. M Ion a a a la. 0m3 year old boat 13 hand had on a . A h a . Rope tied a a a a a a a it the to hurl in. 1 around rhe leg just above the knee marked with he a addle a Star in her forehead Pace and trots a Para my to 20 dollars by . \ a a a a Hilton be foil Jatice u Herler on a it 41� Tuki a up by Peter Ygem in Elkhart mgt a quoth ik4i, it a Bay Niaz a a by id bet re a a mall a a i her in reseed. A a the Saddle Mark porn whirr on the. Lefi shoulder supposed to be by rime Fiti. In no her Mark or brands perceivable appraised t 30 dollars by James an Isaac Werner before a Uatrice Ferguson taken up. He Wil Lintn Hunter living in , Light sorrel More some whip on the fosh vhf 14 Hind shoot 3 year. Old no other Ollie live dollars William Purviance May 3d 1841, before to Tice Hratin Toiv Cox. A i Uken up by John Polo her of Lancaster township on the 25th Day of april 1841, two to Sissy Marne Bright in one supposed to be twelve years old Forward with foal Somo w Hite hairs on the Leit Side of Hor neck some White in her forehead a Tih a Small by ii on Las irlies with a Small strap shod before it Fleck hands appraised to thirty dollars the other supposed to be nine years old. Shod nil round some Saddle Marks while in Tho lore cad thu right Hind loot White a Prat cd to Thuv live dollars by Asher of tilter and John toggles this a tit Duy of Muy 1841, before Justice Bronson , taken up by William Ritten Hetiso of Sal Monta Townsin on tire first Day of May n Brt Olti Bay Mare with Black Misino and Tail Wilh Souve White hairs in Sci lore cad supposed Miho three year old no other Murks or Brand Vahle fourteen hands appraised to Twenty tvo dollars by John a Back and William Schen Cli Mclore Justice John let. I Ole. Joseph Wiley clerk. Franklin county. Taken up he by Enoch Abraham a of Ray township Franklin county state of Indiana on the sirt Neemah Davol May 1841, one a strut horse Bay with but cd Mano Tail and logs and Small Star in Tho forehead neck a Little Stilla Small White Star on Tho near Withers supposed to b. Eleven year old appraised at tarty dollars by Thoma Longfellow Aud Jacob m. I minus tins 27th May 1811, before Jiudice a Vel m Broca. Taken of by William Stone of flute water township Franklin county Indium one dark Bay Mars Star in iter forehead and a inn la White a tripe in the nose Mack legs mane and Uil a slight sear on her led bind foot near the a tort joint a opposed to be Lull wiltern hands and five years old last sprtn.-, n., other Mark or brands pet. Ova blk appraised at titty dollars by z. A. Nyo and Earl Power Belore Justice j u-4i.uk, Ruben r John clerk. Kosciusko county. Taken of he Andrew sell in Harrison township. May 31, 84l, on stray Dun a lure with Black mane and Tail la go of n dark color up to the knee a Hoe on her lore feel Only 14 hand Tippo eel to be pm year old appraised to forty dollars before Juliee James Bowen. A a taken no by e. P. Davis in 5 syne town hip Msy-30 1841, a Bay Uorn a Pussy supposed to be six years old tiny Soring about fourteen hands heavy built Nuttal Trotter Bob Tail j a Hod before Only pm it of right Buff a Pliz inane hot in by sch vide apr Aiad Ai Twenty Ivolure before Justice c. B William c. to clerk. Pot am . Taken up he Johnf Earey in Jefferaon township Putnam county Indian one Alray Horae by Quot bulk j three White feel Plaxe face fourteen and one Ball Uganda . A App it Wrd to be ten a . By John and w Par Tel Heffne David Scott Notzon tic la Day of Jane a d m taken up by John Hammond in my a hip Putnam county Indiana on the of june 1841, one Mare mule about thirteen or Handa about three year old Ofa Dun color dark my by own. A nil s nth on her legs and is supposed to i it. Tif cil it ars old Ami fill on hands lug i Anil w is ppm .,1 to Tyrenty a Ven Dull re by a tiny �?~2 24 Tiluy a if j i a lb4t. Appraised by Jacob Brogli and David Ali c veil. Stimsc Thind nil a worn to by Ilio Aitoro aul up Piai Tig. Before Elm Smith a Juit Ioe of the Paoa ill i lie i a in lip Benton county Indiana to. The Unicoi glad it aug called upon apr Nice in Zsiray taken it i by Amo White jr., in Fine town shot briton county Tolina on inc Eluzai Itji Day it 1841, we Tho under Rigour do find the a a id a stray t i i a Block la Rise. Having three of his Lent Valitie up i Ilie in tin re joint und u soar in his loft Tup an l a Ilire Viars old l is Spring and is about file cedi hands ugh und w us up praised to 35 dollars by us William i. Johnson William a d Rick adv Belore Justice Elias Smith june 26,1-841basil Justice clerk. Ii Ells . Taken up by Duvini g ung of Rock a Reck town a tip. Well cd ult a Indian on the 221 Duy no May a d. 1841, a cams nut sorrel Horae supposed m by Iivo yours Oil apr Rii. With four bit 1 my of tip to 11io 1.��cl Obj in a a joint a Buiu lice in a it hip n Rall a Ruli Lii Moira no Tihor brands Perciv Nolc appraised to 40 dollars by John and Thomas t. Smith Belore judge if not taken up by Eli. Worrell living in Lancaster township Wells county Indiana one stray Bay Llu so at Xii a hands Lefi Bull loot partly White and 9 iii White a pots Hack of the oors Tutti fur a top i Ihu neck and shit elders Trupp nud to be Collar Marks j no Otlmor Marks or brands perceivable Suppo cd to it Fourtin or Fiir teen year old no praised to 3l dollars by i Uter Jeanbl Ossou and David Bennett this Wicnty tits Day of june 1841, Bei oru Jos time we. Ii. Part foe Bowen Hale clerk. Of county. Taken up. By James Baker of Montgomery town n i Iky Barblock mane and Tail Lurge Plaxe m ire three White Ferij Shtaml. In with a on the right thigh m ire i Hin leg Nhom fifteen anti a half hand supposed to get years old hipped in the night in. Up Prmt flu eighteen Doil Urs before Justice James Beck june ii 1841. R ,.taken up he William King of Law Oyette township june �?~21 the 1841, two Morel one is a dark Brown lit i ten a Nils eight years old Luw ,t0 in 1�?T9 ill ill forehead some Elmo on thu Leit bind Mot a it to rial fou cd it the to mme appraised to m. Dollars inc Uther to it care soul sorrel White Matt till Quot Var my. Urine Tho forehead Hind toot White to Tun addle it Mark a Boul fourteen hands a Weizt or thirteen year old appraised to Lite in dollars Biclon Justice Joseph g. Doyle. Amp j0�?zns0n, cd k. For xxx . Taken up Lor Tho month preceding the fir a Day of pm a 1841, a wit by Henry Knox of town ii hip a Ltd Bank horse with a Black Mano and Tail and a Lump i ins Back supposed to be six years old tins Spring appraised to 30 dollars before Justice goo. W. Swear watn., taken up by William Ramol of Adams town slum one Iron Gray Marc . Hands live year Lii tiny for Phinij of praised to .15 doll urn Ulm of a dark buy Tilv on year old tit Spring a Star in the forehead Tome White on the right Hind Luo. Appraised to . Dollar the 17.1. Day of Mac 1841. A fore Jostich w. I am Wigal. H. Ils evens clerk. Jacks v county. Taken up he John p. Franklin living in Vernon township on Lutc 5ih Day of May one Strawberry Roan Mare supposed to be five years old Lourn in hand and a half a Small sear on tire right Aid. Of the under lip one on tire face a neat on ire neck As done by u Rock bail face flax ire nod Tod. He d hoots White appraised to forty do Willara Belore we. I. Langdon j. P taken tip by Joseph a Teller living Tiyo Miles West . Two Estr nys one a dark Bay h a Ltee 11 hands 7 or 8 years old last Spring Black leg mane and toil a Small White spot in his lore Hemi. Had on a mull Bell tied on with a a Tnp Sirius Szmil before no Marks or Brand a receivable appraised a it i Futon one Inow Hay a tire. Or. Vears old last a Pring. I i hands a Star m her forehead Black mane und Tail both it ind Leet Volme three a mall a pots on Tho left Side of her Hack had a Halier Chain tied on iter Stork with a Gruss line no other Marks or brands perceivable appraised to a in by my w in a a by Myiron. Clink. y county. Taken up by Archdous Van Latuk of Union Tovin shot a sorrel Mare with a bal Jan a supposed to be i years old about u a winds her right Hind foot while a hot before no oth a Marks or brands perceivable appraised to 30 dollars before in Stoi l. A a. Senor by a sch Hanks of Coal Crock township three Estravo. One a Yel-.ov horse , free White , a nip on the nose and a Small Vul forehead shod All round 7 year old . To 4h dollars one dark Bay Mare both land loot White a a nip in her we and a Star in Lur forehead having. Small Bell supposed of m-13 Vears old. Lame in the right Hind leg App timed to 13 dollars. Also one Brown yearling Ifor revolt upper need to 1-� dollars before Jit Stice Thomas lamborn James w. Lynn clerk. Ora it . Taken up by James Wicker a ban of my mroe township Gram county. Indian on to Letb Day of May iri4i, one Bright buy Mare with a Star on the i Side of Ber forehead both Hind feet above the pasture ionic. A natural Trotter abut fourteen hands nigh supposed to be two Yar old to to dollars by Levi Lullay and James Lundy before jus uce Marshall. T taken of by William Jackson of ple int town hip. Grant county. Indiana on the 4tb Day it june Imi a Che out sorrel Mare Ali or 1� hands Hagit. With a Blaze in her face her left Hind fool White above Ibe pasture joint a Lump on her right fore leg below the knee two or three a mall Saddle Marks to be five or six year old no other a Narks or brands perceivable appraised to thirty seven dollars and fifty cents by j. A. B. Miller and Mahlon Waldron before Justice Dittin. 12. A Cary clerk. A county. Taken up by Lewis w. Mccormick of Harrison township. Fayette county Indiana on Tho la today of april 1841, one Ettl Ruy Marc about 11 hands four years old this Spring a Bright Bay a Star in her forehead a White spot on each Side of her Back a Inge on the Sid it it a f iter neck or on Tho Point of her shoulder supposed to to occasioned by a fistula a . to a Dot can dollars by we. Ii. Mccort Niek and vivit Linen Dehaven before me on the 21st april 1411. Before Justice Jinns c. Res. up by Conner of Columbia town hip fugetto a Juicy Indiana on Tutu �?T27th Day of Lofv i8.ji. One Estravo Mare about 14 1-2hand�high, 12 or i it years Kulij a Bright Bay a Star in the forehead do left Hind foot while and some White hairs it it a the right fore foot and a White spot on each std a a i her h Tik appraised to 15 dollars by James Lim thus and joint a. White Kolbre Joalice Horatio Mason. It. Ginn clerk. county. Taken up by a dbl Dougherty living in South West township one he a horse supposed to he the years old this Spring not of 15 Homis 3 inches with a piece a tit or Lorn to till of itis left Eye lid appraised to 35 dollars by Janies Bret Len and Samuel Taylor on the 5th Dav of june ln4i. Before Jostine joint Moon. Tho. V. Thornton clerk. My 1mi county. Taken up by ii. Williams in Union township Miami county la., on the huh june 1841, one dark buy horse about 111 years old. Supposed to be 14 hands Black mane and Tail latter Short Black legs some Saddle and Collar Marks n White spot on the nose branded a. T. On the right shoulder the same Brand of Side Down on the Leit afflict cd with the pole evil appraised to 15 dollars by John plaster and Burkett Jett on the23d june before to Tico Abraham h. Lecky. B. H. Scott clerk. Warren county. Taken up by Lawrence Kinison living in Mound township. Warren county in Liana. On the kith Day of May 1841, a dark Bay Mare with a Small Star in her forehead 1-4 hands i Inch i years old anti appraised to 35 dollars this 2 Atli Day of May 1841, f by la tar Dixon and Peter Wroughton. We. R. Boyer clerk. Full Rox county. Taken up by Enos w. Butler of Liberty township Fulton county Indiana an stray Mare a dark , with some White it air in the lore cad some Saddle anti Collar Narks supposed to be fourteen Tinnus and about 11 years old no other Marks or brands perceivable appraised Al fourteen dollars by Andrew River and Elijah Johnson before Justice Robert Marlin on the 10th Dav of june. 1841. L Bozar tii clerk. Spencer county. Taken up by Lorenzo d. Pug sctt. Living in grass township Spencer county Indiana one Bay horse Hunt fourteen and n half hands supposed to be 7 year old with it Large Bell on left Hind loot White with a Little White Unitis right fore foot appraised to 42 dollars and 50 cents by John Kitchen and James Miller the 20th Dav of june 1s41, before Justice we. Grigsly. Thos. P. Britton clerk. Whitley county. Taken in by Anthony Geiger living in Smith township Whitley county Indiana one Surrel Mare with a Small Star in iter forehead a natural Trotter Between 18 anti 1-1 hands near Hind foot White shod before 7 or 8 years old no other Murks or brands perceivable appraised to 25 dollars. Also a yearling Bay i Are Coil no Marks or brands perceivable appraised to fifteen dollars by Martin Cleland and Corgo Martin before Justice John w. More. A. Curry clerk. Scott county. Taken up by John Lowery in Lexington Scott county Indiana on the 27th Day of May 1841, one red Runn horse about 15 bands and one Inch about five or six years old very badly Creaso fallen with a running sore on inc left shoulder no other Marks or a Matuls appraised at 40 dollars by Andrew Campbell and Thomas Rankin before Justice j. W. Read. Lite 10th Day of june 1541. Willis l. Traylor clerk. Blackford county. Taken up by William Bolinger of Licking township Blackford county in., an stray steer a dark Brindle marked with a crop off the left ear and a crop and two slits in the right ear supposed to be 12 years old appraised to 18 dollars july 7. 1841, by William runts saw and Adam Hart before Justice John l. Moreland. Jacob Brough clerk. Hancock county. Taken up by John Long of 5ug�tr Creek township Hancock county. Indiana of the 20th Day of june 1841, an stray Ira a Gray filly a Star in her for Cit and. The right Himl foot White fourteen hands mip nosed to if two Yenry old no pred to 1ft dollars by Joseph Al Xanti and James fallen. He re Justice get True Les Ebann. This 2d Dav of july 1841. .111 Dison county. Taken up by Jackson Bragg living in fall Creek township. M Idi Quot t Eoo Niy Indiana on the 7th Day of june 1841. N sorrel h True. With a Blaze in the forehead. Both Hind feet White some White spots on the bark supposed put Hove been caused by the Saddle and Nln of White on the Nerk caused by the Collar Blind in the right eve. Shod before supposed to be 15 years old or upwards appraised to Twenty Dollar by Enoch Gray and Joseph Garter this Toth Day of june 19-11, before Justice a r. Line Day. Andrew Jackson clerk. Hixt i Sci to y co vat y. Taken up he Joel Seely of Huntington township Titi extra v horse the one a Bay horse about fifteen h kinds Digh eight Ven sold shod before a snip in his forehead three White feet appraised at 30 dollars the other a Bay horse a Star in his forehead Short tall the tip of his right end Cut off no shoes on sup nuked to be ten or twelve years old appraised at 20 dollars. June 19. 141. Before Justice Elias Murray. Joseph Wiley clerk. Law Range county. Taken up by the subscriber living in Milford township. About the 10th Day of june a. D 1841, a dark Bav Mare or Poney 14 band Hind feet White a White Stripe in her face Long Tail and mane no other Marks or brands perceivable supposed to be nine or ten Vears old appraised at 25 Dolors by Edmond Taylor and Jared a. Cook Justice c. Turner. Thester Taylor. Joh sox county. Taken up by Joshua Cumings of ple ant township Oneel Ray dark Bay Mare heavy with foal some Small White socks on the Back Black mane Tail and legs and the Tail cropped a scar on the left thigh the left bind fax a White around the Hoof a opposed to be 13 or 14 year old. About 15 hoods no other Marks or Brand perceivable appraised to 27 dollars before Reuben Dave. June 18.1841 David Allen clerk. \
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