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Indianapolis Semi Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - December 4, 1840, Indianapolis, Indiana Semi weekly journal by Douglass it Noel Rio build u Tref. Time a week do i 1 no the. Kassion of the legislature twice a week the i remainder of the year. Pc rho. Font dollars n year land blk iii nil avg tie. A a a Fiill Tutu do Al a Date of pm tubits Tulio. If ��ji"1 a us a Vanir. Liow for m tip Wrt will be insert we at Trio follow diff Raton. I on a Leonor log a. For it a Terrt a a or Fioz a. Of Pom Arnn it i two Nam pm for re a. Quot a. Will Oil Ondrac a no year. For $15. will be altered Kreasl Oneilly Imo irent. On longer n re Somma will made. Indianapolis firday december 4. 1840 vol. 2.�?no. 160. Ti1k Cuin eke army. \ from tub cantos Tress the Arm and accoutrements of this form boat arc of the most simple nature. A a min an Ordinary jacket with a Border round it Tbs of of which do mines tire division . Whit i gt.-iodb�, whilst the name it it of the division a written in front and on in. Back. If he can afford. Be buy. A Niters and a pair of shoes and Banc Tnge by the a Are no dispensable Tif Ticle of War. Instead of n in Ansek he Only encumber Hui Elf with n con Vars bag into which he puts nil Bis valuables and provision and the Cartridge Box a smell Cotton Pouch he Wear in Troni it it that during bring he is in danger of explosion u Mista Tunu which lie Bap a a Cpl ohm is of n Longist Ndini a in danger of Quot a ,. A Pond very frequently. I Cap if ire Haa any dial i so pc with a a mall red a. 13 of a Witti Hmoih i ,. The jackets Ore of All possible colors by no red yellow and Whitt nor Are they of very Nice in there distinctions a Tho european barbarians. I he ancient chinese War Meiji fond of wearing Armor anti in modern times u Lew of the <1<u have retained me custom it is Only however on or great state that they appear Lull docs sad. Ilia uni orm of the Calvary duos not differ from that of the in unit by Thev ride on very Clumsy saddles and use immense stirrups without spire. As Lor toe officers they Wear lung Robes Eit Kierol suitor Lor. Tud choir dress i distinguished from that of Tho civilians solely by Tho embroidery in front and behind of Somo fierce it Simul like a Tiger lion or in Lori. All Tivo n ring on the thumb them drawing the How and this May considered As the generic badge of Tho profession. Every our of Tham on occasion of state slings a Bow round his neck and gird on a sword the former being the natural companion of every Warrior. They Delight in the grotesque and arc fond of painting Tiger head out Gate of the fort their sideboards vessels and in Lam where a place is found Winch can be with a Bead. Whoever car. Procure a Tiger Satin a Leeb and Siu upon his hey Gand the Bones which Are imported from Southern asm in great quantities and make Jelly of them which a most delicious repast whilst the Crew a int bit a great officer can partake of the Call and All this for the Sake of inspiring him with Liger like courage. Thev even dress Tho privates in Iota Msten of the terrible Ani Mol but in this Case Totoy do not use real skins by Only dotted cloth Trucl. A corp., really looks in mutable and would perhaps inspire terror # will zing Grap shot it the latter could be stopped in us 111 Tho arms Oro the Pike Lance a Pear half Moon with Hooks and various other implements double. Sworde Tito Bow and Matchlock. 0.1 the former there exists great variety and they become dangerous in a close aug Cement. The a word Are badly tempered and next useless yet the sons of Ham Hove an advantage Over All barbarians Lor they fight with two. satisfied with carrying on Tho work of a laughter with one hand Thev draw both and go >11 fencing till Mboi antagonist i out of breath. They a the very great adepts in it it use of the Bow and. Opposed in any or it Cresol the tribes they have Invar Iahlo in a drawn Battle gained tic advantage. The Mino Hioki. Arc it the worst Dite Crillion the barrel being cast and the oct Liole very Large a. That no Reliance can he placed upon their hitting qualities Are averse their Uso on account of the Many Accident that con Minally occur and a Breve Man looks behind him whenever he takes atm. A it pres Rev his eyesight for n future Oce a in. Notwithstanding the reiterated order of introducing Lirou rms , the Bow is Anil retained us thu principal implement of War. I Hields made of ratan Wicker work Are universally in use and afford excellent Protection Arrow s. Sold., re .1� not nne umber with a variety of army there Ore Pic Omen a words men archers and Mutchl com. A each of Whin has Only one weapon and no other. When drawn up m full array they look the most Motley group upon which the eve can Bosch. We have heard them compared with Tho military Ages but if the knt by. And their retainers made a sorry an appearance As the warriors of the celestial Empire All the glowing description of Liol Mui Brait ply itty Oriel inner with which the chronicle of chivalric lore abound seen sadly misapplied., _ the Are of the most varied Caliper Home Aro so a mall that they Are earned on menus , and place d on a stand whenever Thev Are be used. Flying artillery of the til will or spire. The chinese a Avo managed cast a in Menso pieces which would match with our dirty right Pounders and have in fact manifold variation of this instrument of destruction. They do not Unden tand How Fate them but the body in ready cast of Iron with Mauv pore a and often honeycombed a that they frequent burst. Tho touch Holo in a moreover too Large and the whole without mathematical proportion and of course not Oblo maintain a Well directed fire. _ instead of balls they often use Stone or pieces of Iron of every possible shape. They also Avail themselves of grapes hot rockets and grenades which on account of their Clarasy make prove almost harmless. The Pong and a Small drum Are the principal increments for encouraging the Soldier make an attack. The latter emitting a deafening none is Well calculated Rouse martial ardor. They have also born which sound like Concha but Are not frequently blow. The Aimy is divided into five ten and one Hundred and these again into battalions Camps brigades and division Ratibor different from what we Are accustomed . They do not Moreb in Cleofo ranks nor wheel round and draw up like our soldiers nor ran they be said properly March. In fact they walk As Iliev be can without putting them a a any inconvenience and in time of need Thev run in a Trot and whoever a the Foremost is the bravest. The a Bines have a great variety of works upon tactic and they have the advantage of containing the experiments made during the space of two thou Naod year and if be off Era by studying Ihm. Do not become first Rsie tacit chaos there never another formed any where the great Art consists in drawing up from ten a Hundred n in in a Circle and making Tham move about in All possible direction so a Roosov Tho enemy in front and rear. The whole Arron is divided in Van. Centre and rear and each part consist of a number of theae subdivisions. At each circles stand several Stan Dard bearer who indicate the rave innit by their flags. Thev fall Down Rise again jump Forward yell a Tonko the Gong form again then Holla out and thus proceed terrify the enemy. It is Nln of customary that the bravest ride before the tanks and after Bov a a a a soundly abused their antagonist Bev Challenge the strongest single combat. This offer decides be whole Battle and the party whose Champion a healon thinks it Only proper Retreat in disorder or be out up in piece meal. Engagement where manages fight Are unknown and the whole aft of sex is reduced Mere skirmishing. The army it raised from the offspring of Tho sol diets win a in Ulm stall married. It rather an opprobrium be a Soldier and tic very name of Laon Seang is enough fill pimple with aversion so that no lion oat Man would enlist. A Tho army is very badly paid the privates ate obliged shift Lor them Islrea a Well As they con. They generally understand rom Craft or other and Are frequently eff Gnu in husbandry. Every province has Louis lands which Are either cultivated by the military or let for their own advantage. The most propitious time however for these heroes is when they Are on actual service. Then Thev find some Opportunity fur squeezing and robbing and their number ensure them always impunity. Hence the terror tire peaceful at Tho sight of Tho defenders of thu country for Ullrey Are private marauders. Every private May become an officer and tin greatest mandarins have Nunn from the rank. The butt a i firm ton for advancement ate. A thorough of Archery running jumping and a general knowledge of tactics. It is surprising How ignorant Theoff ionis in general arc though there Are regular examination instituted enable them Olu inn do orce. Once advanced they Urett promoted by slow sign and though Merit constitutes the sole cause vet Money is a still Mure important article and one May but a commission at ease. As however Tho situations Are by no Means lucrative and Ore retained with considerable risk there is Limilo ambition shown Riso in the service by paying sum. As a whole the Chine army a. Unique in its kind and time will show of what stuff the men Are made who according their own statement keep All in Tiona in . Arrival of the Briti a Queen. At half put 0 o clock tin bring the steam ship Betti i Queen. Capt Roberts r. N., arrived at her berth in the ent River. Having sailed from ports not Ilion the 2d inst. Her news Lias been anticipated by the arrival at Boston but. Our Paris letter is full of interesting detail and shall no poor on monday. Pc Annex the letter front our London correspondent a. Y. Courier nor. 21. London oct. 31, 18-10. The British Queen departs Morrow afternoon and accordingly Send you the latest Loudon intelligence of tits present saturday afternoon. The Caledonia arrived at Liverpool yesterday in a a Sage 11 Days from Halifax hut of the a Nielli gence though Hitler is not considered materially different in character from the preceding accounts a the political relations of Europe and particularly of France from the governing business of the present tinier it is will regret that i inform you that the expected making of the chamber has been postponed from the 28tb of the present the 5th of the ensuing month consequently the result of this import nut meeting cannot even reach you by the next so want ship in the Halifax and Boston line. In the mean time the Cittato of affairs in France remains peaceable appearance towards foreign nations the Altiera in administration having been dissolved and a new government being in the act of being fur mid by Marshall Soult with whom is Mons. Guizot who Lins Lieen recalled for the purpose from his embassy the English court. How far this government will be enabled stand is ground in the chamber is beyond the judgment of on person this Side of the channels but from former experience it in inferred that the chamber will lie against the republicans Tho terror of whom los taken precedence of Mehemet All. In the Eye of the people of property in France. As Mons. Thiers is equally with the court opposed the Republican Narv. It is generally believed that neither himself nor his friends in the extreme left will vote against the administration of marshal a my Ltd All parties Bei expected a Quot in it court for the present no nine the masses by whom they have found items Elvce lobe in dimmer of being suddenly a wallowed up. In the midst of other difficulties it no Penis that the lie Seth of the King is rapidly giving Way old age anxiety and the terrors of the Queen since Ibe last attempted assassination of his majesty lev aug led very serious indications of Abdiu Wiig the Tirone offered the above View of the general appearance of France lest any a Criden should prevent the arrival of your correspondence from fan. I proceed inform you of Tho state of English monetary and mercantile affairs. Since your let accounts country business has Wen extremely Dull Lor though Ibe directory of the Bank of England have not further advanced the rate of interest the most rigorous measures have been adopted it the provincial Banks particularly at the Liverpool Branch of the Bank of England where discounts Piave been supplied a it it sparingly that tent i As been created in the Trade of the manufacturing districts and Good have fallen in value near a a our cent in Manchester during the last ten Days. The prevailing opinion amongst the capitalist us London in. That Money is the Best of All properties it this time and thai it is not prudent venture in bust up a in the slightest degree speculative until More new be ascertained of the True prospects of european political affairs. The English fund 3 per cent Only remains Suluki Kiuly firm at Hui 7-3, but never was there less business going Forward in shares or in any of the foreign funds. American securities partake of the general san inn Tina the transactions on the most limited scale and in several Days nothing whatever is known have occurred. The uncertainly in which some of the Holder of Illinois Bond find themselves in consequence of the proceedings of the commissioner of that state against or de infield and the uncertainty that that portion of the state debt will be required when due. Has added the get Terai disinclination Purchase the stocks of the United slates. The a hates of the Bank have been opened Day freely at d14. Although the Caledonia has brought the must ninth Educ accounts of the certainty of the resumption of Cash payments at the appointed time. The holders of the Stock of the Bank of the United stale were at first considerably alarmed by the republication in the London journal of the strange and truly artful and unprincipled fabrication which arrived if the new York Herald by the great. Wes turn steam ship of the dissatisfaction and separation of or. Jaidon and of a new Agency in London of which that gentleman was be the conductor in chief All of which Are pronounced at the Agency o he Mere of the most marked and unqualified kind. The oppressed condition of the Money Market renders Uncertain the prospects of business and the value of american Cotton at Liverpool and of East India Cotton in London has been declining since your Lam accounts. Tire Public sales of Cotton have beet Small in London but rather urge a ales of Rice have taken place 3300 bags of Bengal Good and Fine White at 13� 6d a 14� 6d per cwt. Carolina Rica has been told at 34 a 3ft� per cwt. Duty paid. Tho value of wheat and foreign floor is rather improving but that of Barley and Oats is lower in a corresponding degree. The average value of wheat was 62 per Quarter on Tho last Day of declaration and the duty is 23s. 8d. Per Quarter and 14s. 3d per Quarter on n barrel of foreign flour of 1�o6 weight. Tho Prospect continues be that wheat and flour will Advance much higher Price in the Spring of the coming vent is the crop of wheat is undoubtedly Small Anil yet the Quality unusually Fine. The de alts of several persons have taken place Ivi Hin the let few Days. Lord Holland n Cabinet minister Tho Ikun r of the British Glittis rent Washington Fod sunday la a i. Admiral Fleming died yesterday and two i Rich members of i Ali Zumut. Or. Visors and sir William Braham inv also Diml within the week. In the nearly bul anted condition of parties these two latter deaths arc important is the successor May not he appointed under the influence of or. Of Cortner whose popularity in Ireland is much upon Tho Wane. The Queen is at Windsor. The time supposed he rapidly approaching fur the appearance of Tho Prince of Wales. Office Hunting. Never did the office Hunting malady rage a Mong us so furiously As there is As great a mania abroad among our politicians who have devoted both soul Utill body in country or rather their cause As Ever existed w Ith the Texas land companies or Moru Multi Canlis speculators. Some of this ill appear so entirely a rpt up in expectation lib i would certainly operate us a death Idow and place them by Vontel tire Hope of recovery. The anticipated change in the National administration a wrought upon their desire this enormous Pilch in the Hope of securing n morsel of the immense patronage which Falls Troni the hands of every new Cabinet. Against the profession of politics Hayo taken several opportunities warn a nine of our Fri Citer As not being the same delightful and enviable employment which we sometime hear described. It i an evil which needs correction Eliut so Many men in our Community should leave their proper business fur he purpose of becoming prof cased politicians and living by such profession in expectation of becoming both honorable and wealthy. A a Rango Muren is Elioso who have already tried it Are ready it it testily. There Are always a multiplicity of applications Lor of cry office Inge and so sly in the gift of the government and �1 is frequently happens that Lyn go away with Long fares one Fiat is 1 his extent of risk renders Tho Success of an office Hunter extremely Uncertain and the Chance not Worth contending Lor beside there Are but few offices in com ii Arison with the number distributed that arc Worth contending for with Tho Drudgery which office Hunters Ore obliged encounter now a Day and those Are Given the most influential who heal under a innit How Wield the Atron nge Tut May attached them. The infatuation of office Bunting equal tint of gaming has ruined Many men who hive left better employments Lorn withal a mean pop ule Saiid office Hunting have become aflame Var a perfect Manta with our people As Universal is the Tir we breathe. class age or occupation i sex Mut from it. It has Steed hold of them a a by instinct and filled them with fire and so that you new May be scarcely Able find an Divi jul among such no unit or How deficient Eren natural no Litie. But who confidently believes himself a born Rule Quot and destined High a Al iii Al advancement when Thia incurable in rum Haa for la Las toned ils Oll upon any one of the pro Ion it hang him through life and keeps him in a .-011110110 Whirlpool he i hurled from pillar pc isl in search of what he perhaps never find i Day Are rest less Ami his nights frequently sleepless ins temper is soured the finer feelings of his nature which tit Quot Ion for social Ami Domestic enjoyment Are dried an and withered Bis int hits become unsettled and Freud Emit dissolute in Short he a Ever haunted with a trend which will hurl him through All opposing torrent stud Lead him into Evory path a Uve that of hop Quot this i common delusion of office Hunters a non into from which nun Enn Promise themselves deliverance. It is no n passion which Truty he Pill on and off no id closure hut onco on and i is fixed from election election it Sticks by them do tto Yinug their a members of society their Comfort in Domestic life and All business Energy frequently showing n in a men table wreck of talents which if Sel upon some a a it next and industrious occupation would Crown their toss Erar with abundance and n Good share of honorable Repnin too. But suppose that fhe office be Oscr a successful and obtain what he Lias made such sacrifice for is i solicitude and turmoil any nearer its no. Its cravings Are As deep a. The Cunn and As boundless As space. The office Hunter is never satisfied until death swallows lit Passmon. With his life l the Reward adequate the sacrifice a made 10 obtain n no. Lie must spend himself and his possessions for n Long time before he can even Hope for a Reward and when it Doce come it Mac be As a drop of water the of Rehrs lip of a Ali Triy traveler. The emoluments Are but Seldom More than sufficient Ancet the current expenses of Tho time being without of a in Ltd any compensation for years toils Mely spin lit it Pursuit and in Toto slave a tic be vice of tic then consider the Uncertain tenure by which the most honorable and lucrative of them arc held that the of fico Holder is never safely possessed of his situation but on the contrary Ever in jeopardy of being ousted and turned a Dot upon the world with no Money in Srere by Long unsettled habits Tor bust the picture a a True one is unwelcome experience a taught a Nav in this Community and in Prev for tbsp Foci we would advise men and Young one in tar titular against sacrificing the pros Recta which their Irr Nitima e employment pc sent and the prime of their Vrtar a profession of and in office Hunting. It 1� a potent delusion Winch has already spread too. Much among our people their injury and the endangering of our in motion by evil which grow out of French King. John Quincy Adams in his lecture last Niht incidentally alluded a topic which May Fie the cause of the uneasiness we see in France the frequent attempts at assassination the insurrections riots amp a. Amp a. So often suppressed. Loim Phillip pfc he or rued had no right the French throne. He was not born it nor was he chosen it., nor did his sword win it. His dynasty must end with himself he continued. could not be a throne hereditary. Perhaps it is ibis deep conviction of the French people that settled so often and so often unsettles a ministry. They sit uneasy under the executive nut Bority. The go eminent Thev Are under perhaps they feel is not there by Quot divine right a or any other right at All f course where such opinions extensively prevail changes must be constant excitements prolonged and dangerous tumult frequent and restraints what now endangers Franco and the Peca of Alli Europe. We. However Hare great Faith in Louth i my Lippe whether his dynasty be hereditary or but for himself. For ten years past lie has Dooe he Deserf the respect of the world for his prudence and skill if not their admiration and when France loses him she will be Lucky if she Doe not Are worse. In. Y. Esp rest. From the new York Ohio rear. The profane officer. Shortly after fhe termination of the revolutionary War or. John Rogers was on his Way from Philadelphia new York in one of the Large stage Wagon at that time it use. It was filled with passengers of various Anne frnnces and characters among the number was a Middle aged Man of portly person who rendered himself conspicuous by his jocular conversation. Inte larded with frequent and horrid the loquacious gentle raft occupied one of the front a Oats while the Pood old do Etna sat in the fear but a till so near that his ears were constantly filled and his heart pained by the horrid sound of oaths sad Asho had Seldom. If Ever been obliged hear before. Turning general c., who sat next him the doctor inquired with , a who is that voluble and profane gentleman Quot Quot that is Captain late of Theu. 8. Army a was the reply a indeed Quot said the doctor Quot i must take an Opportunity of speaking him on the subject of his Quot you had better not said the general a Quot lie is a rough Many quite a hard character and May Quot turn again and rend Quot i must venture that rejoined the doctor and Pray fur Wisdom direct me but i cannot think of sitting still and silently hearing such a torrent of profanity without an attempt suppress set orly afterwards they arrived at a stage House where hey were the doctor improved the first Opportunity of addressing Tho Captain under Circle instances and in a manner that would not wound his . As soon As they were none the following conversation ensued. A if i am rightly in Formor snid the doctor Quot this is Captain a Eye sir at your service Quot was Tom reply with a military Nir. Quot a no re lotion colonel . Formerly of e Quot Quot i am his son Quot replied the Captain. Quot indeed a said the doctor Quot i have often been hospitably entertained your father a House in my Jou Mies during the revolutionary War. Pray sir How is your Mother a she has been Dud More thin a a a Laid Tho doctor a she has at last reached her heavenly Home and your father. Is he yet alive a a yes sir. And in a i am Happy hear it a please present my kind regard him and Tell him if it a Hall be the will of Providence that we arc never More meet in this dying world. I Trust we shall meet in a better world never More part. After a Short and solemn pause the doctor resumed a capt. T., i Trust you Are a gentleman a certainly air a snid the Captain somewhat startled at the interrogatory a every american officer is a a that is As it should be a said the doctor a a Well then. Captain t., every gentleman will be careful not wound the feelings of on Uno fending person especially those who have neither the Power or disposition retaliate. Now sir i am sorry say though Vou did not mean do so you have by your profane language. Inflicted a great Deal of pain on in self and probably on some other of your fellow inv i not Hope then Thal you will do me the favor 10 refrain from profane language while we Are necessarily associated in a Public conveyance a such Quot Atlis cannot possibly do you any Good and they will be very in moving me and the doctor ceased and the Captain very promptly replied a a sir i pledge my Honor i will not inti go myself in another oath while Are a i thank you Captain for your said the doctor Takin him cordially by the hand Quot a Hall 1 have the pleasure of a Glass of wine with you sir a a with All my heart a said the Captain. The wine was ordered and drank when they separated and the Captain with evident satisfaction related the foregoing conversation Gen c., and in the conclusion remarked that the doctor was not Only a christain but a real , and if All Christa ins were like him he verily believed lie would become one himself. After they had dined they proceeded on their journey and the cup Diin was faithful his Promise. Not another oath proceeded from his lips and they parted with reciprocal civilities and kind feelings. It is that in these Days of in total ism Somo of the friends of the Temperance cause May be shocked at the idea of a doctor of divinity inviting a profane military Man take wine with him at a Public inn but nil who had the happiness of knowing or. Rogers intimately would testify that there did not live a mail More systematical conscientious and temperate than . If he had lived in the present Hefny it in probable he would hate said in spirit of the apostle pan a if my wine Macelh my brother offend i will not take another Glass while the world a Tandell so arts Spanish correspondent of a Paris paper give the following description of an european sport Quot a splendid Amateur Bull tight took place at Tea circus at Campo Santa Anna on Friday. The Public were Only admitted by tickets obtained gratuitously from the associate amateurs. I awards of five thousand tickets were Given Newny and no less than that number of persons were present. The boxes were filled with ladies and the rest of the seals by Voung Marquis of Valenca and the brother of the Marquis or Louie fought the bulls on horseback the former nerf red his part with particular Grace the latter was a horsed in one enc untre and according us age. Subsequently dismounted and fought the Bull on foot. The other com Bounts who fought on foot belonged the rising aristocracy for the most part and the elegance of their varied costumes together san Froid with which they speared the bulls on coming Forward in Masse seized them by the Horn and led them off a highly applauded by the spectators. Upwards of a dozen bulls were successively brought on and Tho whole went off without any serious Accident. The National taste for Thi somewhat cruel and dangerous amusement seems quite a Strong As Ever. A Bull fight takes place every sunday at Campo Santa Anna the proceed of which go the Cassa i an institution for the maintenance and education of 1 xdianapoli8 steam foundry a. R. _ Underhill respectfully inform the Public that his foundry is in full of oration. And Hia prepared Lurriah reorder. Casting of All Dea Entrena for grist and saw Mills bucket for the spiral Voni wheels lathe and engine casting horse Power a. Also andirons Wagon boxes wheel Barrow wheels a. A. has an engine lathe in operation Aad �111 keep Mitt spindle and Gudgeon of on band turned Reedy for me and will do All kind of turning order. Constantly on bad looking parlor Tea Aad 8a von Pic a stoves and a Large Armor Tinea of Patent cast plough s. __1st . A a a Lotf not. Seipt Alo of Vui aia a a a a da1�1kl King. »�10
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