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Indianapolis Semi Weekly Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 25 1841, Page 4

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Indianapolis Semi Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - August 25, 1841, Indianapolis, Indiana Notice. A Wick i tuna Mart rat pm Ike crack comi sky Indiana Wili August 11. 1841. Re he Max nuns of raid company Are inc by notified Eliut for lire any mini of Loene in tits and in Thiim a a a urine and incurred by my company a intr 28, 1840, lie Dow Ion Imre life Day ordered Tara following twee unit an lie i it Mew not payable to tie treasurer on or before the Earth dug of Ott Nhor next in Flung to wit on �11 note dated on or before december ii 1839. And not discharged in Ling from so. 1 to no. 1998, bold incl ire. Right a a in Narter per Trot. On 11 note dated Fler december 8. 1839. And on or before iwo Matt 23, 1839, being from no. 1999 to no. 2,1118, both in elusive Erren and ear peer re per toot. On 11 note dated Niter Cmaher 23. 1839. And on or before r Renber 29. 184&Quot. Bring from no fj019 to no. 2.181. He Prtrt a thrive tit and int Quarter per cent. On 11 note dated october 29, 1 �40. And on or before decent her 8. Ib4 i. Twins from no 2,1 k5 to no. 2,231, in iii inclusive it or and three quarters per Cut it to All note doled alter december 8. 1840, and not before december 18, 1840, being from no. 2,2.15 to no 2,245, bold lit elusive a re and one half per Era. On All Vole dated after dry Ember 18, 11140, and on or before february a 1841, being from no. 2.24li to no. 2,283. Both in c inure a a or end three per feat. On All note dated after february 0, 1841� and on or before february 18, 1841, being from no 2,284 to no. 2,294, Botu lit Fli Urve four and one a Manor per cent. On nil Vole dared after february 18, 11 41, and on or before myrrh 9, 1841. Being from no 2,295 to no. 2jlh>, troth incl per teat. On All Nolen dated Niter March 9. 1841. And an or before May 24, 1841, being from no 2.107 to no. 2.334, both inc delve. Aria and three quarters per erne. On All note dined after May 24, 1841, and on or before july 9, 1841, being from no. 221,15 to no. 22149, Batu inclusive ear Quarter per cent. Receipts for arrestment will he forwarded to ult a of a or nth or duly authorised person Lawborn member Are requested to Melro prompt payment. Interest will he charged on All a a a menu due after october 4th, the Day on which they Are payable. Member Are reminded that by the Ete Renth dec Runof the charter Uliey Are Ronde Lii he for ult on tile whole amount of Ali eur Premium Noiea in knee they neglect or re lure to pay their hmm menu note no the solvent Hank in Indiana Illinois Truluc Ohio will be received for Par in care any member have climate Ilu in policies by Rale or otherwise icy Are urgently Sci Iier til to the nor for Dur linage in accordance with the a the ire Ion of the Etmeier which make them liable for until a Urb surrender. Agent Urc re inserted to Call the intention of member to the re Iju Milioni of lire and 4y fare. Try order of the directory aug 14 3w Jam Erl Blake try Titner or. it a Imu Nils \ 111-fil.niana or wild l ill Llott. Par coughs. Colds i Eikman spitting of blood soreness of Throat in hooping cough and Alt Dir run i tin How ire of com s cup to Iota. Mini people Are a Apt Tomu Lder a cold but a trifling matter and to Eltink that a it will go Newny of it Leif in a Day or two Quot Tinl they Giro themselves no trouble Ghoul it. Lint to a Uch we would careful of your cold not tamper with your Eon at tuition. If you desire to live tin Quot a Good old he careful Woutke Sulci remedies a will effect in and a speedy cure or. Swayney a t compound syrup of a a la runs or wild Cherry Quot a cured More cold inti any Othor Medicine offered for Sale in thl country. The . Of cure elected by this invaluable Medicine which the proprietor is Dally receiving Are of the most Gratifying character and tend to show it Santive properties and the High rank it holds iii emulation. Forsa Lehy Craighead a air Andrix. Aug 18 3w agent for Indianapolis. To country merchant. Wet c. Fel loaves it it Corner or main and Wall a streets. Lou Lavelle a would respectfully inform country merchant hint they will Ettor purchasers the ensuing fall one of Lim largest stocks of dry goods Ever opened West of the mountains and from the fact that they make All their Purchase from Al re to band and at a Low Price a any Eastern jobber they believe they can Ell their goods at Eastern jobbing Price with a. Fair nolo Nuro Lor excl Midge a Norge interest arc. Their terms Are Cash or six months to punctual men Oil they solicit from All such a visit and examination. Their Slock will lie completed by the 151u of september. July 28 7\v list of letters remaining in the Post office at Indianapolis a Jet isl 1, 1841. 0�?�perstins calling for those letters will please say advertised otherwise they May not be looked for. A Aurum Aldridge 2 Ekebon Allen Leonard Atwater Williams a Dill Orth rho to chair a a rarer. Produce commission merchant. Anti rim Irr in Lett stirs a Riivet Retar to c. It j of May 2l-3m no 29. Wood Street Pittsburgh Van s camomile fills. Just received and for Nile by june ii Craighead it Brandon new Shad. received 3 la. New Blind. No. 1, put ape sure by for family ii a. Aug 14 e in liver complaint. The Ili sense is discovered by a fixed Oluse pain in tint fight Side under the Short rib attended with beat and Una sane a a iut the pit of the Stori Meli there is in the right aide also a ills tension the pane i loses his Appe Ite and becomes sick not troubled Whir vomiting. The Tongue become rough and blues. lunge to a Pale or Catrou color or yellow like Rhiw null tarted wit i Jaii Ndler of breathing disturbed rest with a dry Tough Dller Zolty of laying Ori Hie left a Ide. The body heroines wonk. Ami finally thedus cow terminate a into Titi of her of a none serious nature which in All probability is far Ike Orni the Power of human skill. Or ii shuck Compoi in Xep Grkman i Glt Kar Pitts if Ink o in the commencement of this Domue will Cheek it. Mid by Ron Fnu no Hie use of hip Medicine n few week a perfect ears will be per Orile i those ailing Cun be Talfy to this furl. Certificate of Many later on May Dally be Een of the Elf Raey of tin. Invaluable Medicine by no paving at the Meti Leni it lace no. 19 North eighth Street Philadelphia. Bold at wholesale a nil Reni i in Hie sign of Ibe Golden mortar directly Oppi Nole Ibe Washington Hull. No Ellow Tomlinson 1ir0tuer8. Drugs a medicines. _ room Lisbon Brothers Arn now receiving and opening at Hilr vets a Here Ruota directly pin Isle Browning Washington Hall no entire new and Large Asson Vitili of Freli drugs and in Loines Parent medicines. Paini. Oil. Her Wood and Dye stuff glassware. Window Gius coronello perfumery and medicinally line wines and , to which Hiey Call Ilo Atiqi Itman of physio inn country merchant painters Sud invalid. Their a tuck Litis been per phased under Hie e Lospoc Hon of one of the Linn a lid warranted of the first to in Lucy putt Cielur attention is Given to tilling Prev it Riphon my shop open at All hour. Ump 25-tf my fixes Panacea. I>02 a Vamo put Karen warranted genuine. A june 11 for Sain by Craighead it Brandon. A 1n1 nth Ato it s s a be. Or Tore will the n a Nie of the personal property belonging to the estate of John Campbell of n horse and Wagon a Ouie Llaga and t Tlle. Corn in Hie held and perhaps on Oiler article on saturday Lair 28th August Torrny unde known on the Day of a Ala aug. C-3h Pamuel Houston Allmyr. Brushes Brush in sweeping dusting scrubbing while Wash Lar Ortli. Shoe Krivine. Cloth la nor Crumb Point errand even other kind of Urt Obes. For Sale by Tomlinson Brothers june 25 sign of the Golden mortar. Consumption Nuil its fun to i i Law iii air re. It is made known to us from the a Bills of mortality Quot Tyml two thirds of the human family die annually from that fatal a Stroyer a a consumption Quot would patterns pay More regard to thru health and procure proper remedies at the Linn Murk Many valuable live would Lor saved to the enjoyment of their dear it Friend mid relatives. It to a Well known fact Tomt doctor Bax via a cars Jocko by Bop or wild ii Kory Quot w iii Arrast Hie dangerous disease Trilis Medicine has proved it Elf Raey in a a thousand of the Vury Ninny certificate received and the recommendation from country Nugenta who sell till medical or throughout the United Prates is truly astonishing they speak from ocular proof witnessing the cure in Ali eur own Vicinity this certainly i mtg client evidence to convince the most sceptical of the wonderful Efficacy of this invaluable Medicine. Will patient any longer be duped by inexperienced compounds recommended by ignorant pretenders an cure All Quot which Urey Well known is both Rui Nuu to a lie i Caile and Constitution 1 principal depot for the above Medicine is it no 19. North eighth 3t, Philadelphia. It May be obtained or agents generally throughout the United plates. Price to per bottle n. It. Any person wishing to see certificate of cure and re Connie mentions. Out a them at any time by calling at the Pron Eipl depot. For Sale by july 28 Craighead it Brandon agents Indianapolis. Allum Salt. W barrel Allunis Aalt received and for me by Madison june 25 c. Woodll in. I Ames in la. To to tailors. Hall. Ijr.1pkh .1xd . Indianapolis Ould respectfully inform the Trade generally through out Llie stats hint Lio is Quot the duly bulb Orissa agent Tor Acuti it Wilson s Mirror of fashion aysies of cutting Etc. Tei is As follows. I Purt atm Faly Mirror per year $6 00 six month 3 us 8y�tem of cutting garment. 10 Itu Patent Square Anil Scales 5 of the above articles together with shears tape measures advertising Carila and any article of trimmings May lie and by order with a remittance accompanying the amount cd Rod. The system Freu Uiligi a Guare and scale with reports and Mirror one half year ran i and for fifteen dollars payable in Advance. All letter on the in Hurri Musi or peat paid to receive attention utile a enclosing a remittance. Lune 1h3m fresh medicines amp a. Pile subscribers have Ritat received Anil opened at their new a store room a new and Large assortment of Freak Draga Midi Start paints. Oils int Khodr and dyestuff a it dial Stltt Silvare. U indoor gins pm Mettet purr la Inee and legs sri a elected expressly for purposes together with almost Evi re Ottier article in Thor line All of which have been a elected Liy one of the Prii in the Eastern elite with a View to have each and every Art Tele of to Cidrat Are determined to a Ell the same it the very lowest prices for rash or an Shon no proved credit. The attention of physicians country merchants painters and invalids Are respect fully invited. Pan leu Lor earn find attention will he Given to Lilling prescriptions and compounding Medicine and believe Tinl with of twelve years in this particular Branch of bus Lueas we shall la Able to Render full satisfaction. The stare will be opened at any hour in the night when called an. Indianapolis june 11. Craighead it Brandon 135 Tust received a 1ml of extract by Maimu. ,1 comp extract co Lecynth Micuta extract Gentian Uriate , dandelion. Vern Lurlne. July 8 and for Sale at the drug store of Craighead it Brandon. Cabinet business. T rep. Subscribers have taken the Well known Cabinet shop formerly occupied by Fleming t. Luwi where they will Pune tally attend to a Border entrusted to Thorn they re Pec fully a share of Public patronage. V. B. They will especially attend to the business of making coffins a Herne and gentle horse to ill always tie in Atten dance. All orders in this line from both town and country will be promptly attended to. Tucker it Weaver. Aug 18 mansion House. Main Street near the canal Cincinnati up. Levering formerly of the Cincinnati hotel re a tactfully inform Bis old friends and tha travelling com nmn Ity. Hint be Baa let for a term of years that Well known and pleasantly situated hotel Stahl pitied and conducted for a number of years by win. 11. Henrie. This extensive establishment i now in Complete order and open for the reception of visitors is Vang undergone thorough repairs and improvements the proprietor feels Eyoub Dezii of being Able to give Universal satisfaction. He can Promise at least that no paint or expense shall be wanting to promote the. Comfort and convenience of Bis guest and make them feel perfectly a it Home. Actuated of Hie House is at Hie main Street canal Landing it presents a desirable stopping place for travellers who May arrive or depart by canal boats or stage. Pork merchants and country dealers would a inn find this a convenient location for the transaction of bust in during their stay in the City. No House in the Wesl Poos a a Roure comfortable or agreeable lodging rooms which see Kepi in the most neat and cleanly manner. Honest and careful waiters will be Ever found in Readlyn fuss to give their attention. The table will at All tunes be furnished with the rho West provisions our abundant Market affords and the bar with the Best selection of Liqun re. In the residing room May be found newspapers of the latest dates front the Parloua and Moat important Section is of tha Union. The stables attached Ore extensive Well provided and under of a a prior Mai Biffer. S. B. Hem and carriages at All time in readiness. July 5-2mo cd adv. $5 aoh.2.vdw Tomc mixture. To r the ague and fever just received and for Sale by july 22 Brothers. Opposite the Washington Hall. Vinegar. O bus. Best cider vinegar just received and for Sale by july 8 e. Jordan. Montague s Balm Fob the Teeth for Aale by Craighead it Brandon july 31 Fanir for Indianapolis. A Shad. Lot of Fiyod no. 1, Josl received Aad for Aalt by july 8 e. Jordan. 300 school testaments. Testament for the use of schools just race Trad and for Osteal july 22-1 w Davis a Bookstore. Bl.oodcood�?T8 Al Ixer of health genuine Fot a Alo by Craighead k Brandon Only 31 Agente Fot Ladiana spolts. Denti St by . Hunt Barin located be the town of in. Dlos a he Eritrea Sud Public a a Irr ally Inai he be prep Orr to All opera Frouz in Bis line. He will laser Parta or Shols Seis of por Coats Teeth extra Sci. Cranss a of Lui wry Gomos a Ber material in a Bai Poss Isis Marron a Ile Wal Roga Lato irregular Iliew m Rasen Tisi to the pro Strano Aad a pro Raece of the natural Teeth All Opu Siksna warrant re to stand. He May a faed St a office Alm Casoff away of ii fu.iena1 bus Isaac urm Aram door a ast of the waa tag to Hall in Washington Stref Taffin napalm. Mat 14-Rf Tran Sylvanin University Modi milk . The this in a a Loti conic once. Asu Ual. On the first monday to november and dote on the last Day of feb Rui iry. The faculty consist of Benj. W. Dudley m. Pro Feivor of ant my James m. Bush m d., adjunct professor of . James c. Cross m. D., prof user of inst Bules and medical . It Shn la Nullett m a. Porn Festor of theory and practice. W. Ii. Rec Giardinn m professor of Obstet lies and hit Eane of women and children. Trios. I Mitchell m d., prof Cor of Materia Mcdian and therapeutic. Rolert Peter m professor of chemistry Ami pharmacy the Cost of a full course of lecture is #1u5. Payable in and Vance. In note of Good and in event Banka of the fistes whence the Pupil come. The matriculation and Library ticket is $5. And Ibe ticket 110 graduation fee $2u boarding and lodging fuel and Light included from �2 50 to per week. By order Thomas fat Mitchell m. a Dean of faculty. Lexington ky., june i 1841. July 2-3mo. Fkmale8, who Are troubled with sir k headache pain in the it breast and Hack Loo of appetite Latu Hrnry. In tie of spirit palpitation of the heart fainting or glad Inry a Lack Tiee at in try Toaia Cli Ollious affect land tight Neh at the Chest nausea vomiting noise in the a Lomench of heal and chilliness it san a of the nerves and organs of digestion pc. Those who mar to thus if felled should not neglect to procure fir lift itch s compound strengthening time end ape Rient Onermaa a tilt we ilex a re warranted to give unmet late Relief thousands we Alij to Dally behold whose countenance and pole emaciated Cheeks in in ocular Watnes to Lark ecu and Afflic Loti. Could those per lie persuaded to Etc this invaluable Medicine they would to a find their weak and Frame strengthened their Mirds composed sad All Pele and Irros driven from die system wbk Otlie body will again renew its loot vigor and put on a a new life a and death for awhile be deprived of 11� prey. What heart rut feel gtd to Heroid Belr near relatives and dear friends a Darli Edas if by magic from that fatal destroyer. Death. Be who tre Labouring under Date ease let not another Day or Aigbe pats procuring this Medicine a it will in a majority of cases effect a permanent cure for Arster dilate Art dangerous and if Dot rest 1� neglected to ravages will doubly increase. J7peinctp�l office for the United Dunles no. 19 North eighth Street. Whert recommendation of Hundred of person May be Wen All of which have been curator Ben filled by the a edition for Bale at tha sign of the Goldea mortar directly of Praise the Washington Hall. Aug 18-Jw Tomlinson Brothers. Agent. Notice. The an designed have taken out letter of tin the Astaire of Thomy a Mill. 1st of Handricks county a. A eased. Those having Dolma against a a id estate Are requested to a mint them duty for uthement and those 1�. Deuce to Atad Estela who Stoa a make immediate payment. The estate u supposed to be so veal David Mills Sug 18 3wp James Wilson i. G. Bun Well Henry Brennenan Luke Bryan John Burk Myrv Brown amp s. Brown f ins. M. Brown Jolt m. But Mann f f. Brintl Sleizer Jas. Burton s. A Bickford 2 Ellis Bunnel miss Isabel h. Bryan Lewis Bouton Jan. Bradley j Benjamin Carter alar in Christian John j. Chiller a Mary e. Clark Henry l Coffman Stephen Crawford Janies gear thug Russel Cambee p. Coverdale Isaac Cook 3 Brenton Dilworth David Dit Nan Thomas Dunning William Dorsey Henry Duvid thinus Dwyre mrs. Frances Eakle mrs. Lucy Lileck James Fisher Benjamin flours James Farnsler James for Sec 3 Frederick Fultz Daniel Triffin fifth Gates a. T. Green Allen Green Jane Grofford h. R. Gaston j. C. Howe 2 Peter he son Peter Hess no Isaac Hensley h. H. Hall Mitchell Hushaw John Hawkins Robert h Irvison James in reason Hill amp Bartlick James Higenbottom John Hunter Thomas Johnson 2 Russel b. Jones Edwin Jones or. L. A. Johnson Torney Kilgore Charles Loco Nathaniel Lyon Edmund Lovett John Lea George w Lewis Rebecca Morehead Heinrich musing Jane Milter Larkin Myers John Malone Elizabeth Malory Nathaniel Matthews James Mustard Nathaniel Bolton Sidney Bruce Henry Brenton Karl bade Bartholomew Bridges Hiram Bacon Samuel Burkman a. Boyce West Ley Boyce c. W. Brown Alexander Bodkin Elijah Bowman Noah Barnhart Elizabeth Bylery Vincent Buquerin i Wilham ii. Carol Joseph Cay Lor Benjamin Crowder John Coil John Mathews or Mary Calvin Martha Tommas j. Collins Bonju min Carrel Joseph g. Drake Jackson Davis Ambrose Dawson or limb Dawson John Dowling doctor Daviess John Emrey Richard Fox Claudia Francais a a Fowler. Mrs. M. J. For Juar Stephen Foster Arnos w. Gordon Joseph Gunter John Green John Gilleland James Gibson Henry Gravlun Susan Howard Joshua unhurt Levi Hobbs Henry Harnley John Hippo Jacob Homan Gila Ann Harris David Huff Selan Holmes Israel Hardin William Hall Daniel hermeling f Israel Jennings William Jenkins Albert Jones 3 George kiss engr is a c. Logan Riehard Ladutke Sally Jet Point John Locklear m John Mon Garry Moore he Brooke Abr Linin Mann David Morrs Kneeland i. Munson Robert Mitchell or. Morris a Ifni is tooth ache. Just Roro Raff a Supply of Meau fue s Bala fee the Teeth at la alga of the Goldea Manar opposite la a hog Tun Hail. July 22 Tomlinson Brothers. Agent. Gold lean. G packs Gold Leaf. Foe Osla by ii Craighead it Brandon Philip m Cor Nick David my nah William my Call Alexander h. M Clusky Henry or Risby Timothy Orr Robert c. Pittman Alexander Pugh Adam Patterson John Pike Nicholas h. Porter James b. Roy c. Rivers William Ransom Lohn Richey Ephraim Robinson j. Read Lavinn Reed Peter Royster George stump Tabartha Sanders Morgan l. Smith 2 Scipio Sedwick Charles sellings William Sparks Ellen Sanders Nicholas sell Joseph Felt nor or. Of Mich land office i miss m j. It Scott Joseph Shroyer 2 Judith Snell Mason stake Harris Tyner w. E. Tyner Ira Thayer John Thompson Oliver Vanlan Ingaro Milton Vert Xvi acs Thomas m Clann ban Francis m Clelland Thomas my Farlund Alexander Mackenzie Caroline o Neal Fletcher w. Trau John Perkins John Prickett Ezra Prutsman 2 John Perry b Mathias Reck John records John Richey or Samuel Richey Samuel Ritchey John Robe Rachel Rodgers j Clarissa Saith Samuel l. Scott Thomas m. Smith or. Judith m. Snell Anthony Watsey David Shields Delanson Slawson James Snow in Foch silvers Hugh slaving Daniel Shroyer Thomas Stout Peter Stout Milton Taffe George Tomlinson John to Melkild v Nathaniel vice Blue writing Ink a 5 Gross Clemens it Blake s unchangeable Blue writing Quot fluid of Perma Ixl color. Juat received und for Sale by june4,1841. Tomlinson Brothers. Sheriff s Sale. By virtue of nil to Rue directed from Llie clerk s office of Llie Cass court i will expose to Public Sale on the 3 so Day of August 1841, in from of the court House in the town of a Wen the Lauura Pimperl Hotd by Law on a Alt any the rents and profits for seven years of 85 feet off of Lou no. 10,11, and 12in Square no. 74. With a Brick hopi too the same in Ilia town of Milln Napell and on failure torn ext the full amount demanded by said execution a Villi damages Ami come i will it tha nun it run Aud place proceed to a pose his in a simple of said lot Loho sold As the property of i Lillep k. Inn Dos it the Rullof William Lituco Tuti. A a 11 3w j. B. Furga80n, sheriff. Gutlieb Wilham John Wood Daniel Winslow Joseph e Wishard Joh Wishard 2 Francis Whicher Joseph Wheatley America Williams Cyrus York w John Williams Charlea Whitehead Frederick h. Aville bring Sarah Warman Silas m. Wheeler 2 James Ward Riley Wooten Hiram Wright Tiz Carl Zobbe Joseph m. Moore. P. M. Sale. Notice is hereby Given Tomro will he sold at Public out cry m. Wednesday the 1st Day of next Between hours of 9 o clock. A m. And 8 of clock in. I. At the Lute residence of Law Dmn Dimill in Franklin town slip Meriun county Indiana All them it re annl property belonging to tie estate iii said Law. Rourl sting in part of lots or sheep hog Corn wheat Oats potatoes household and Kitchen furniture. A credit of nine month will 1�? Given on nil sum Over 82 on Good a a curly. Ana ii a Mel. Andaman Adieu r. Oil i Ai its pc. on hand a Large linseed Oil paint Painter a brushes varnish , be. June 25 Brothers Lead. A we lbs. Ilner lend for Sain by u june 22 a. Jordan. M Atelth colors. Lot of Osborn a s american water Colora. Just received and fur a ale at the drug a Tore of Jane 18 Craighead it Brandon. Hayes liniment. K certain Safe null remedy for Llie piles Etc for a 1 Sale by july 31 Craighead it Brandon. Foolscap and letter paper loner paper. Just Reft a visa Bookstore. A Superior article of Polar no and Cei Ved and for Sale at july 2 the Soelv yorker subscription for Chr new Vorher received by the undersigned Al ins Bookstore one door Tevesi of the Washington Hall. July 22-1# 0,11 Davit. Agent. White Lead. 1 w kkg8, Avry it Ogden a White Lead Fine for Sulu by Tomlinson ult��tiibr8, june 25 sign of the Golden mortar. Rutm scholar s or Guille to i heir i to biography. Pronunciation Nini derivation of the English Lau Gunge by it. A Creen a. M. July 2 received it Davis Bookstore. A Ilia a a a it a Feinbl agile Imi. Phe Cit Iseli it Are Limi Bave 1 tee Elved Faroui the Western Dejin Surry of Jayno it in const i Louis a Supply of Jayne a pc Retablo Agite Mia we tech in pc in come sup Pular in min a Uii i Ami Meier pan of Ibe Western Mun try. A trial of one i Ottob is Oil la required to give a Ili coiled preference Over All outlier a Tirles or the Klud in use. T0mun80n Brothers Kageals. July 22 plan of the Golden mortar. To Yvanda a tonic mixture Pew Duzen Rostami tonic Max tire a vegetative Feltri Inge. O hit civic and lasting cure for the fever and Nigie War rain Iid genuine for a Nio by july 22 41 Graighead it Brandon. Sole by Spanish Segars lot Superior regalia Principe Lanorma Havana is Lattimor. Constr nein mid Oiler turn kids. Just received Ami for Juno 18 Craighead it Brandon. Soothing syrup. I Doz. Dry k in or la justly celebrated soothing syrup for Ali Ildron teeming Juit received mid Lor Sale by june 4, 1841. Brothers. Sign of the Golden mortar. E. Deans chemical plaster Mrich rheumatism. Pore even fever pares Etc. Warranted f genuine fur a ale by Craighead it Brandon july 31 agent far Indianapolis. Iron Ani nails Twenty thousand it Assur Teli bar Iron. 100041 lbs round Square and hoop 5 bundles no24slieet Iron. 100 kegs nails assorted warranted just received Ier Steamer Harrisburg and for a ale Low by june 11 of o. Woodi Lurlyn Madison. Morrison a Verm Fuge. A Rinz Morrison Verm Fuge a Safe and efficient remedy for Saruis with directions in German and English just received and for Sale by june25 Tomlinson Brothers. Palfy s Murai. And political philosophy for the be of school As condensed he a j. Valpy am j�1 2 for Sale at i�oavi8 Bookstore. Oldridge a Balm of Columbia. A Supply of s Balm of Cala in Ida the Best Anil. Cheapest preparation for the hair Ever offered to the Public. Received and for Rale of the drug Szorc of ,y3l Craighead it Brandon. Tip a i n Jayne a Carminative Balsam. J8t i be Civco a lot of or Jayne a Carminative Balaam n certain. San and speedy Eure for dim Interr Dyer Truea cholera slurp us up Meiier complaint Colic hour to much and All disease of the stomach and Bowel also All spasmodic and nervous diseases. Foi Sale at the Ferne store of a a of 31 Craighead it Brandon. Eagle hotel. Punn move Indiana. I hand respectfully informs his friends and the Public that lie liar taken the a Bove Houte ii having undergone a thorough repair lie i now prepared to accommodate the travelling Public and Hope by his unreal led attention to Merit a portion of the Public patronage. June 4-tf c. R i res u. A. Vij a Ort have constantly on hand a generals a or Troenel of Copper and tinware which they will sell wholesale or retail at reduced Price. They have received and will keep Ronaisa Nelyon hand Frank Len ten and a even plate 8tov is of various patterns and a Itea also the Premium cooking stove three Sixes. This cooking a love they would respectfully recommend to tie Public is Oas Well worthy of at Lent Ion As it combines More advantage a than any Oiler in us and meal eventually supersede Ell Othro numerous certificate could he Given. But they a re unnecessary As the above a peaks for itself. By of 2 door East of Post office. Cash wanted. The subscriber would inform Bis friends Ami the Public generally. That a will Tell 10 Inch tin Valley for i2 rents per foot 14 Inch a. For 17 Ceotra 4 Inch Hong no trough for 121 cents 2 Inch conductor for 12j cents and 3 Inch ditto for 2fr cents pet foot. He has also. Tinware. Cooking moves of Parloua Sixes of Resor a Patent Fiat Ware of the by re i Quality. A Killie urea. Pots doth and Tea kettles and spiders of Virions a docs Oil of which he Prfu Oell Low for Etna in hand at Hla store on the South Enst Corner of Wash Agiou and Meridian a Zeets. U7"an apprentice wasted to learn the tinning business. Junso-3mo Samuel wa1nr1ght. 40 dds. Balt just received Aud for july 2 a or e Jordan. Samuel Wilson forwarding of commission merchant wholesale dealer in Sally and general steam boat agent tug ii 1841-Lyp Mem so i Jet
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