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Indianapolis Semi Weekly Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1841, Page 3

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Indianapolis Semi Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - August 18, 1841, Indianapolis, Indiana Quot what is now tube regarded of the judgment of the american people on this subject i have no accurate Means of determining but by appealing to their More immediate representatives. The late contest which terminated in the election of general Harrison to the presidency was decided in principles Well known and openly declared and while the sub tres sury received in the result the most decided condemnation yet no other scheme of finance seemed to have been concurred in. To you then who have come More directly from the bosom of out common constituents i submit the entire question As Best qualified to give a full of their wishes and opinions. I shall he ready to concur with you in the adoption of such system its you May propose reserving to myself the ultimate Power of rejecting any measure which May in my View of it conflict with the Constitution or otherwise Leopard the Prosperity of the country a Power which i could nut part with even if 1 would but which i will not believe any act of yours will Call into from the furl Wayne Sentinel. At the moment of going to press this morning by the politeness of a traveller to were favored with a slip from the office of the Cleveland advertiser containing tile following horrid catastrophe. From the Cleves Ahil advertiser extra aug. 11/a, d o clock a. M. A u i la i Lainily. The Stea m boat Erie Burnt. I no lives lost. By the Steamboat com. Perry just or Rived from Buffalo we Are startled with the a pulling intelligence that the Steamboat brie was entirely destroyed 01� alter the a Aion Eom Munct. They will not Imre by fire on the afternoon of Monduy last. I c.i1ml a he no a excuse Lor the delay. A n to a it a i i Critten of Jud Tameni rendered Ai Uinam any of the inulin ii or so far As we can learn from the floating rumours not a or obligation. Purport Ogilbe Given or signed by non., brought by the ferry the no started Trow by Dukj pump must be Ziatta of Trio origin feoiji4trtkvn of Poelt Rixtun with Over two Hundred passengers Only Twenty Etui i the Ercums Diirr which the judgments were Minine of whom escaped. Lee it . The conf Irr ration took n Nee of Silver Creek my judgment notes or Otic motions will lie regarded a a j Ilc Conni Gration Linn Hilli a Rich a Rvl dam be of debts unless the indebtedness be clearly Eli Ewo Bilboul Twenty five Miles Inis Side of Buffalo it is if the Uri final honk or Cuttles a Tumuli be produced Ali or lass somewhat co incident that the Steamboat Wash or ii Mut to proved. Kington was burned two Venus ago near the same each claimant in he account Iusi specify the Leeo of in re sri. A i so device or 11 f Trade. A ,. ,. N .7all see unto Ana tit the nation a band or an incl the lire was discovered by the Dent Clinton visual Indian be mated Eula misty. Lion about 18 Niika Floc St of lll6 enc i till claimant in nil Kijik Linci will be required to swear to the taxes it in 1841. The treasurer and collector of Marlon county Indiana hereby give notice Blini lie duplicate for the present year 1� now 111 i hand. Tho amount Futai levied is. For stale purposes in enc Une Hundred Dollar forty tent for slate purpose poll tax seventy five Etui / for county pure tue on each one Hundred Dollar Fifette cents for county purposes poll Tat aft cents for Load purpose on each one Hundred Dollar of taxable property urn Elenh for it nil Road luxe on each one Hundred dollars of taxable property five Tnie. For Iho Pur pane of re raising Lexer he will Allend at the usual place or Bolding election in the several townships in suld county on Day to wit township of Fike. On to today. The i Fth of net tar township of Wayne on wednesday the sixth of october township of Decatur on thursday t tie 71 it of october township of ferry on Friday Ipoh Ali of october township of Washington in monday the let lion october to jew Lahip of Lawrence on tuesday the Lidma october township of Warren on wed Leaday the kith of october town lip of Franklin on thursday the 1-Lth of october he will Etie Iid in person or by Deputy at his office in Indian Polla on it when Elisent in the several Lorna help until the �5th Day of december next. Person owing taxes Are nor tired that in Lori the Annec Are paid within the time by Ian payment will be enforced by late wll Boul reaper la person. Jacob Landis nug 111 6w court 1 re Turco. Or. Nut ave h Romp and a nip of feb Tonus of bold Folk Kkt. For caught colds let Kama spitting of blend Serene so of threat to keeping cough and Alt diseases indicative of . Many people Are of Apt to consider a cold but a trillion matter and to i Hank no away of itself la a Day or two a that they give them twelve nol Roubie about it. Bui to Ucli we would May lie careful of your Eold a do not tamper with your con elite Luns. If you desire to live to a Good old age Quot be careful Lota Kepanch Reni Edie Rawll Leifert an Ira Lynnd a a a Cert cure or us Ayden compound syrup of a a run us Virgin Lana or wild has cured Intro cold than Uny Oiler ined Litno a lured Lor a nil in till country. The certificate of cure effected by thin invaluable Medicine which the proprietor i Dally receiving Are of the character and loud. To show it Santive properties and the High rank ii hold in Public estimation for a Aleby Craighead a Brando v. Quot or 1.8 in a ecu for Indian poll remaining in the Post office at lint of let tech August 1, 1641. 07�?� persons calling for these letters will please May advertised otherwise Liev May not be looked for. A a Jez ebon Allen b Nathaniel Bolton Sidney Bruce Aaron Aldridge Leonard Atwater notice. The having been appointed by Ibe president of the United state i . In pursuance of the treaty with the Miami tribe of Indian on the a Dili Day of november a. 1840, to invent Laie claim against the Miami in dunns a provided in a Aid treaty a hereby give notice to the claimants and part in interested thut we will attend at or Noar the Fork of the Wabash on die aral of september next for the purpose of receiving and exult Nung Ucli claim to Are proper la vouched and presented. The investigation will commence on the met Day of september the commissioner however will no tend four or five Day previous thereto Lor the purpose of receiving car Ounla Ami cd Luis. Ally Lulu mint he handed lit to the Cutilli Tilsy la so tears within sir was a put for Ilie a put and arrived in time to Renatto Twenty seven of the two ugh to were Dickt ii tip by a Small boat from Dunkirk and these comprise i to whole list of saved. The Clinton towed the wreck m within litre Miles of Iho Shore when the line parted and it sunk. When Iho Clinton readied the spot the Erie a burned to the Waters Edge the few survivors clinging to the Al to iii fragments of Ibe wreck or floating on such slav or icle. As Accident furnished. The fire Apnoea red to originate from the bursting of a Demijohn of spirits of turpentine of which 2 or 8 were placed by a Onte painters who had been at work on Board near the Ilnez. A More disastrous up Mentcle could not have been presented. Perish King hundreds awaited a fearful death fur what rate is More dreadful than such of i met in the midst of burning timbers and stifling smoke a alone in their misery on the Waters with the land which they would have bartered worlds to gain but five or six Miles away with none to hear the wild cry for Succour or to speak Consolation to tie despairing spirit. Fearful most fearful was their perilous condition and it will be before either the event or its consequences ure forguites. From the madisonian of August 12. Sub Treasury repealed. The amendments adopted by the House to the Bill repealing the sub Treasury were yesterday concurred in by the Senate and the Bill therefore Only wants thu signature of the president to become a Law. Tie Bill repeals the sub Treasury net excepting that part of it which provides for the punishment of defaulters it repeals also the Deposit act of 1636 the stale bunk Deposit system excepting the 13ih and 14th sections and also repeals a Law of 1636 limiting Thereceivabi-1 try of Bank notes to those of a denomination above ijv20. The a semite employed the residue of the Day in discussing and amending the Lund Bill. The bankrupt Law occupied the deliberations of the House. If the repeal Bill becomes n Law Ami the Bank Bill does not the tru usury will he thrown upon the Law of 1769. Justice of i Duvini and i mul iii Fly Tiai the aril viol charged have lies a a uld in Good Faith to the Indian or band us Indian and have not Assili recur chased by Iho original vender or Hll Rick urn eni or any one re in Emited by or acting fut Liloni and Riniti re a uld to the Miglini Indian purchaser or pure Liquet a hint the debt has been contracted lit the Date or Dale it Bear a that inc Gaud or other article have Bren sold to thu Indian to Supply their Ivan real or a apposed and nut that the Amu in tilt be Roi Rivad in payment fur a Torso or other Articie it an enormous Price. And if the claim be in the form of judgment note or Bull gallon the unto must testify Limi they were rendered or Given for the aunt actually owing and not sex titled from the Indian for More limn ten really due under Dure Why Arrey or civil precess or any other a us Cir of Durex a circumvention or deception. In Ciu get ule claimant Doc not attend himself i affidavit to the effect in the foregoing paragraph a worn to before Aouino proper officer and a Mutt accompany tii statement of has claim. Account or claim bearing Dale Between Ali Aiila of november a. I. 18.1�, and the �81 h of no Ventler a d. 18-10, and Ilion a bearing Date Between the Laid mentioned dais and the �5th of february a. 18-11. Mutt to stated separately thug ib3w u. The. Clare furl Wayne August 4, 1841. Lot Bloomfield. Notice. Tlle undersigned have taken out letter of on the estate of Tumua Mills in adm re petition to a Ell re Al estate of a Aid in. Ice Taic. Into of Llen Drlicka county to la Dea de. Thou of having claim Ngn lint a Aid a late Are requested to prevent them duty authenticated fur a nod those indebted to a Ald Cantu will please make Sirim Cutaia payment. The i Latte to supposed to be a old ont David Mills it Sun 18 3wp James the state of Indiana Makion county. Probate court of said county August term 1841. Jour l. William and Daniel Anndra. And of the cd tale of Jim cd Dean defense i a. John upon. Sarah Doan Hannah Dean Margaret Denn Elizabeth Dean and James Dean and others the unknown heir of a Aid Jmc Dean Doe end de. I he said defendant. John Dean Sarah Dean. Hannah Dean Matt Rel Dean Elizabeth Dean Jam a dealt and Oiler the unknown heir of said James Dean it treated am hereby Nolfi. that in the thirteenth Day of August 1841, said Jetse l. Wii hams and Daniel Mande. Administrator a aforesaid filed Ali or petition in a Aid court against them said defendants which 1� a till pending therein and they Are further hereby notified to appear into the probate court Afu Rosald in the first Day of the november term thereof. In be held it the court House in the town of India a poll on the fourth monday in november mix and a How cause if any they Tan Why the real estate of said dry Cdcil in the said petition set Turin and described a Hall not lie sold and assets fur the payment of the debt and demand and such expenses a Lime accrue against the Ranate of said decedent. Ily order of suld court this 13th Day of August 1341. Fuesl Untig Ludw r. Ii , clerk. Notice. Dec Isdio jux mar Trux Fine Indianapolis i Guil ii 1114. Phe it isms of a Aid company arc hereby notified that for the payment of to a a a by lire and i Abille sustained and incurred by suld company a inn september Iti 1840, to directors have this Uny ordered the following Eton men on the pit me no Van Psia has to the treasurer on orb Eforo the fourth Day of oct kor next ensuing to a it on nil notes Daie to on or before 8, 1839. And not discharged being front no. I to no. 1990. Bolli inclusive eight and one Quarter per cent. On All note dared Niter december 8. 1839, and on or before 23, 1839. Being from no 1999 to no. 2.u18. Both in elusive even and one Quarter per cent. On All notes dated after december 23. 1839. And on or before october 2 j 1810, being Frum Xuy. 2,019 to no 2,184, both inclusive in and three quarters per rear. On nil. Note dated october 29. 11140, and on or to1 fore december 8,1340. Being from no 2,185 to no. 2,234, both inclusive five tied three quarters per cent. On nil nun a dated after december 8, 1840, and on or Buforo Ili cd Tullier 18, 1840, being from no. 2.235 to no. 2,245. Both in elusive,./� and one half per cent. On All notes dated of tar december 18. 1ii4u, and on or before february 8, 1841, being from so. 2.-248 too. ,283, both in Dua ivc. Four and three quarters percent. Oil All note dated Oiler february 6, 1841. And on or before february 18, 18-11. Being Fruin no. 2,281 to no. 2,294, both in elusive sir and the Quarter per tent on All note dated Ufier february it. 184and in or before March 9, 1811. Being from no 2,295 to no 2.3015. Both inc la a Ive. Four per cent. On All notes dated after March 9. 1841, and on or before May 24. 1841, being from no 2.3u7 to no. 2.134, both inclusive and and three quarters per cent. On All notes died alter May 24. 1841, and Oil or before july 9, 1841, being from no. 22 35 to no 2,349, both inclusive one Quarter per rent kept Pitt for Aste Teniente will lie forwarded to agents or nth or duly authorized persons to Wiconi members Are requested to make prompt payment. Internet will lie charged on All asses Mem due after october 4th, the Day on who Ali they ure payable. Members Are reminded that by the eleventh Section of lire charter they Ore no tic liable for suit on the whale amount of their Premium notes in ease they neglect or refuse to pay Lliel asses. Menu. Notes of the ova to Bank in Indiana Illinois Kentucky and Ohio will he received far assessment it Pur. In Case any members have alienated Ali or policies by Sale or otherwise they arc urgently requested to surrender late same for in accordance with the 15ut Section of the com re which makes them liable for until such surrender. Agents Are requested local the attention of members to hit requisitions of the charter and by inter. By order of the directors an 14 3w j Ames ii Akk treasurer. G. G. Boswell Henry Brenisi Eunmi Luke Bryan Jphn Burk Mary Brown �6. S. Brown jus. M. Brown Julin m. Bateni Nii f f. Brand Steiner Jas. Burton b. L. Bickford 2 Ellis Bunnel miss Isabel h. Brynin Lewis d. Boynton Jas. Bradley Benjamin Carter Martin Cliris iian John p. Childers Mary e. Clark Henry l. Cote Man Stephen Crawford Janie cent aug Russel Carabee p. Coverdale Isaac Cook 2 brei item dil Worth David Dunemn Thomas Dunning William Dorsey Henry Dav id Thomas Dwyre mrs. Frances Eakle mrs. Lucy Elleck James Fisher Beri Jamie flours James Fernsler juries 2 Frederick Folly Daniel Griffin Uriah gales a. T. Green Allen Green a Jane Graf Lurt ii. R. Gaston Henry a Ronann Karl bad Bartholomew Bridges Hiram Bacon Samuel Brack Man Charles w. Boyce West Ley Boyce W. Brown Alexander Bod kit Elijah Bowman Noah Barnhart Elizabeth bakery Vincent a quell 1 William h. Carel Joseph Caylor Benjamin Crowder John Coil John Mathews or Mary Calvin Martha Cox Thomas j. Colling by Minmin Carrel Joseph g. Drake. Jackson Davis Ambrose Dawson or Uriah Dawson John Dowling i doctor Daviess s a John Emrey Hiltl Niles Hill Shes i Seepin g. Dusting Fern Hong Wii to Wash health. Shoo i la Nasr. Troili la till Crumb i Nln tvrs and every tuber kind of a rushes for Sale by Tomlinson Brothers j Lino 25 to sign of the old cd mortar. Com mitk1cated. Obituary. Departed this life near Rome Perry county i Diu a on the Gib inst. James Reding at an advanced age. Or. R. A among the pioneers of the West and a Soldier and nun commissioned officer in the campaigns of St. Clair and Wayne. He carried with him to his grave wounds received while engaged in the Public service. Toe editors it Lawrenceburg i and Richmond will please notice the Buve. Christian hymn Book. A Phe Christian hymn Hook by Walter Scott new edition for a Sale at Davis s Louk Giorc sue 18 1 door Weston Browning s Hall election notice. I it v authority from the governor of Indiana i Hershy notify the a qualified voters of Marlon county to meet at the several Plu res of Bolding elections in said co univ on late eighteenth of sep temper 10 choose s senator to the general Assembly Uthe state of in Dian. To fill Tbs vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Robert Hanna. Aug 13. J. U. F17rga3uk, sheriff. Medical College of Ohio. Ryphe annual Conre of lectures in this institution will Eoin a Nita ice on the first monday is yet Ember and close tile first of March. R Virr John t. Shotwell m.d., Prufeta Sorof Anatomy and physio for John Locke. M. 11., professor of clime Lsley and pharmacy r d. Mussey. M. professor of surgery John p. Ilar Rlou m. Ii., professor of Materia Tea and thera polite m. U. Wright. M. D., professor of obstetrics and diseases of women and children Jared p. Kinland. M Prufeta Sorof the theory and prac Nee of Medicine. Labouring under disease let not Ann liar Dav or lug i Nass without the fes for a Quot a u 15 a Roi it Lar la be. A will in a majority Zzz 7ffcct each making the aggregate $9u--to be paid in Advance. The Eure. Remember delay Are Jan Pereue a cd if do 1 t ,.r811 01 Moriar. Directly opposite the state of Indiana Marion county. Probate court of said county a Lugus term .2. 1841. In the matter of the estate of iii j n a incl alien larger deceased. \ it it a a a a a . In Lle crr Dolors of said Estnick Are hereby tit Laird that on the in Elmili Day of August in late year 1841. Jacob Carman administrator of said estate tiled ills complaint of the insolvency thereof in the a Aid court that the same is now pending therein and that unless they notify sold administrator of Uin existence unit extent of Ali eur respective claims by filing Iho same or a statement of the nature description and Dale of the contract or Assum sit upon which the same maybe founded in Hie office of Tbs clerk of said court previous to the final distribution of the assets or the estate of the a Aid decedent such claims w ill he postponed in favor of the claim of the More diligent creditors. By order of a Aid i2tb Day of audit to 1841. A teat nug 18 8w_ ii. B. Duncan clerk. Female who Are troubled with sick headache pain in Ilia aide breast and Back loss of appetite Fiat Lency. Lowne a of spirits palpitation of the heart fainting or giddiness tick Ness at the stomach billions Sefc Cimon till illness at the Chest names vomiting noise in the St Maeh Fiu Shinge of heal and cell lines. Diseases of the nerve and organs of digestion f c., those who a tsp lie thus affected. Should not neglect to procure or. Ila Lieh s compound strengthening tonic and it Prieul Osman pills which Are warranted to give immediate Relief. Thousands do we almost and its in enl i Ouss quench. It is known to us from the Milf of mortality Quot that two thirds of the Hui inn family die annually from that fatal de Siro Yor Quot consumption Quot would Palacul pay More regard to their health and procure proper remedies at tire first a Luck Many valuable lives won id lie saved to the enjoyment of Itier dour est friends und relatives. It is a Well known fact Tomt Quot doctor 8wvs s com porno Senci or Chen svy will nor sol the dangerous disease. This Medicine Lias proved its Efficacy in a a thousands of the very Many certificates received Ami the recommendations from country agents wlm soil tills Medicine throughout the United Tate is truly astonishing they a Oak from ocular proof witnessing the cures in the sir own Vicinity this certainly is sufficient evidence to convince the most a kept cat of the womb Erfil Efficacy of tills invaluable Medicine. Will patients any longer be duped by inexperienced compounds recommended by ignorant pretend Era us Quot cure alls Quot which they Well Klion 11 is both ruinous 10 the health and Constitution Friny ii Al Defot for the above Medicine is at no 19, North eighth is Philadelphia. 11 May he obtained of agents gone Ralty throughout the United slates. Price 81 per bottle. N. 11. Any person wishing to see certificates of cures and re. . Can Sec them it any Lime by calling at the principal depot. For Sale Hyu a 28 Craighead to Brandon agent Indianapolis. l Nirce Siviy fils Dichl . Nilk lectures in this instil Tiou commence As usual in the Al first monday in november and close on the last Day of february. The faculty con Ells of Benj. W. Dudley m. A professor of Anatomy and surgery. James m. Bush m. D., adjunct professor of do. James c Cross m. A. Professor of instil pics and medical jurisprudence. Elisha Bartlett. M. Professor of theory and practice. W ii. Richardson. M. I. Professor of Lisle tracs and do eases of women and children. Thos. Mitchell. M. I�., professor of Malula medics and therapeutics. Robert Peter m. I professor of chemistry and pharmacy. The Cost of n full course of tenure i it lion payable in Advance. In notes of goad and solvent Banks of he Blair whence the Pupil coma. The matriculation and Library ticket i jjl5. And Hie dissecting ticket 8111, graduation be 82 1. Boarding and lodging fuel and lights included from �2 All to 3 per week. By Thomas i. Mitchell m. a Dean of faculty. Leti Eglon ky., june 1,1841 july 2-3tno. New Shad. J. C. Howo i Peter Hesiod Peier hese no Isaac Hensley h. H. Hall Mitchell Hubli us John Hawkins Robert ii Brisun James liar in Sun Hill amp a Firick James Higen but turn John Hunter Thomas Johnson 2 Russel b. Jones Edwin Jones or. L. A. Johnson Turney Kilgore Charles Luce Nathaniel Lyon Edmund Lovett John Lea George a Lewis Rebecca Morehead Heinrich musing Jane Miller Larkin Myers John my Lone Elizabeth Malory Nathaniel Matthews James Mustard r Richard Fox Claudia Frank Ais Asa Fowler mrs. M. J. Farquar Stephen Foster Amos w. Gordon Joseph g on ter John Green a John Gilleland i James Gibson i Lenry Grayson h 6nsaii Howard Jushua Hobart Levi Hobbs Henry Harnley a John Hippi i Jacob Homan Gila Ann Hur Riff David Huff Solan Holmes Israel Hardin William Hall Daniel hermeling Israel Jennings William Jenkins Albert Jones 3 Tust received 3 Iba. New Shad no. 1, put up expressly for a a i imply use. E. Hedderly. Nug 14 teas. Boxes Imperial Tea and 3 chests y. Ii. Tea just received and for Sale by Juno 22 e. Jordan. 35 Allum Salt. R barrels aunt bar received and for tale by Madison june 25. C. Woodburn. Liver complaint. This disease is discovered by s fixed obtuse pain in Iho right Side under the Short ribs attended with lick and a bout the pit of the Eton he there in in the right aide a Iso a fils tension the patient loses hit appetite and becomes sick Sod troubled Nib vomiting. The Tongue becomes rough and Black countenance changes to a Pale or Citron color or polio like a Hose Affell Rtse with jaundice difficulty of breathing disturbed rest attended with a dry Chugk. Difficulty of laying of the left Philip my Curmick David my Nab William m Call Alexander h. M Clusky Henry Ormsby Timothy Orr Robert Pittman Alexander Pugh Adam Pitt arson John Pike Nicholas h. Porter h George Kes engr x. I a. C Logan Richard Latike Sally Lapoint John Locklear m John Mon Garry Moure amp broke Mann David Marrs Kneeland i. Munson Robert Mitchell Vir. Morris maos Thomas m Clannahan Francis my Clelland Thomas m far Laud Alexander Mackenzie it Caroline of Neal Dally i Bald whose countenance and Pale emaciated Cheeky Bear Ide. The body becomes weak and finally the disease terminal a Oce fsr witness to sickness and affliction. Could those persons 1� persuaded to use this invaluable Medicine they would soon find to intr weak and debilitated Frame strengthened their Minda composed. And All pain and untie a driven from the system when the body will again renew its lost vigor and Pul on a it new life Quot and death for a Lille be deprived of us prey. Wlms heart but feel glad to behold their near relative and dear friends snatch i so As if by magic from l a i fatal destroyer death. Be who Are James b. Ray Rivers William Ransom John Ritchey Ephraim Robinson j. Ready Lavina Reed Peter Royster George stump Tabariay Sanders Morgan l. Smith Quot. Scippi Sod Wick Charles soiling William Sparks Ellen Sanders Nicholas sell Joseph Steltner j Fletcher w. Pratt John Perkins a John Prickett 1 Ezra Pru Straan 2 John Perry r Mathias Reck John records John Richey or Samuel Richey Samuel Ritchey John Robe Rachel Roget s Icia Ritam St file Sisamud l. Scott Thomas m Smith or. A Judith m. Snell i Anthony swat sky David shield Delanson Slawson James Snow a Enoch silvers into another of n More serious nature which in All probability is for beyond the Power of human skill. Or. Han Lien s Coue Ovstei to Gik mss arts Rtin Puls if tak n it the a. A. ,-.rit of ills disease Willcheck it and Hyron Lynu my or 1 and office Hugh slaving the use of us Medicine a few weeks a perfect Eure will 1� per. Miss m j. Coll Daniel Shroye formed thou sails can Latify o this fact. Certificates of Many persons May daily Besonen of the Efficacy of this invaluable Medicine by applying Al the medics office. No. 19 North eighth Street Philadelphia. Sold it wholesale and retell Al tic sign of the Golden Moriar do really opposite hit Washington Hall nug u 3w tool inbox Brothers. Joseph Sligo scr Judith Snell Mason slake Shroyer a Thumas Stout i Peter sum Tbs commencement for conferring Legreca will Uke place on. A no a ii Bijj Jer before the 10th of March. The Grin Lauoe fee te25�?to by j paid prior to examination. The Price of Good boarding in from 2lo3 dollars per week. Cinch Natl aug 12 aug Tjw Jons t brio Twili. Dean. The was Langton Lylall. Tomlin Bon brother9. Agente. But ree iced a lot of co qty. Extract co Lecynth a rare Chance. The thee tubers being about to relinquish the drug business offer for sate their Stock of drugs medicines paints oils Dye a Tiff a. The stand 1� our of the licit iii theol tvs the by sin Rae extensive and with suffice ant menus Enn by increased to nay get Rome a mount. Terms of ale a Vocque Aid known of. Of application to w. Peck to co. Aug in 3� 1 Mam St. Cine Anu. Extract Hyo Sciaqua. A a Riscuta. Uriate Morphia. _ verse Rene and formals at the drug store of Craighead so Mirandon. Extract Gentian. A a Unn Dilkon. 6 july 8 Cabinet by in air it a. Pic have Iskin the Well know a Chinel Blip for Merly occupied by Fleming t lost where they will Punk lonely attend to �11 orders entrant cd to them. They respectfully Solidi a Abate of Public patronage. N b. They will especially attend in the basins be of making coffins. A liens and gentle Bone will always is la alien Western Reserve cheese. Drum of Western Reserve cheese of a Superior Art ids.1 dance. All orders in Lins Imp from born Nwa and ene try. A the Cheep Creery and part Este store nearly open was pm a promptly attended to. Tucker k. Weaver Palmer s new hotel. Eng 14 k. Hedderly. Of Fig administrators notice. V Otice is hereby Given that the undersigned has taken out 1� hurts of administration in the mute of John Zumwalt a ate of Hancock county state of Indiana a a Creed. All per sum indebted to Bald estate Are requested to make immediate payment and Khoee having claims against late Arne Are notified to or reel them duly authenticated Tor settlement the said estate n supposed Ohe solvent. Dmkl Al 22-,.v-pd Daniel Long. Sheriff s Sale. By Wirtae of an Ese Rutlen to me directed from the clerk s office of the Marlon ctr cull court. I will Export to Public Sale on the 26th Day of August. 1b4i. In front of the court House la the own of Indianapolis Between the hours prescribed by Tew on Aam Day the Rente nod profit for seven years of the East half of the North West Quarter of Nett of 22. Township 1�. Range 2 asst containing forty acres More or less and on Lauura to in slice the fall amount Daman did by said extent Lon with Gem Ages and costs i will at the same time and place proceed to expose the firs Staple of said tend to he Eold As the property of William t. Lewis at the Call of David g. Boardman a of 4-s j. B Furg Abo. By of Harris Tyner w. E. Tyner Ira Thayer John Thompson Oliver Yanqui ingrain Mill a Vert Milton table George Tomi Inion John v Nathaniel vice Gotlieb William John Wood Daniel Winslow Joseph e. Winhard Joh Wishard 2 Francis Whicher Joseph Whalley America William Cyro York w a John Willig is i Charles Whitehead j Frederick h. Willenbring Sarah Warrian Isilya m. Wheeler 2 James Ward a Riley Wooten j Hiram Wright y pc z Icar Zobbe Joseph m. Moore. P m. Cold a Kif. Packs Gold Leaf. For Aale by fct11 Craighead Brandon
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