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Indianapolis Semi Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - August 14, 1841, Indianapolis, Indiana It it is obvious that the Public sentiment in Maine demands a change in the office. It is unnecessary to specify the evidences furnished of this mate of Public feeling. You Are aware of the popular expressions at the meeting above referred to and of the statements and request set Forth in the memorials of citizens and the recommendations of Many individuals who enjoy the Confidence of the people and from the situations they occupy Are entitled to speak in a representative capacity. They Are such us to warrant the conclusion Tomt your longer continuance in office will excite the disapprobation. I have accordingly come to the determination of ordering n new appointment of postmaster for the City of port land. Thomas Todd Esq. Will he appointed your successor. In order to allow sufficient time Mil a convenient period for bringing the business of your office to a close general Todd will not be required to take charge of Tutu office until the commencement of the eau log Quarter which will lie on the 1st january on which Day this appointment w ill go into effect. I am respectfully your obedient servant w. T. Barry. Isit not conclusive or. Editor that the policy of the preceding administration was to remove in ail cases incumbents from office who were opposed in opinion to the measures of the administration and substitute in their Stine political part inns who were willing and Able to contribute Aid in behalf of perpetuation of their political Power the above letter is offered As record evidence of the fact. Or. Mitchell was removed for no official misconduct on the Ctm Traer the Postern a sier tie Noral frankly attests that his a int Nichil conduct had no t with my his decided to Peru Antum Quot and appears to have consented to his dismissal with Manifest relic Tincu. It Ostyn Blimie however an important fact that the administration held themselves to remove whenever Quot the Public sentiment demands a a wigs Quot a that is whenever a the party Quot required the dismissal of a Public officer from whom no political support could be extracted and the substitution in Liis place of some one win could and would apply that assistance. Docs this not draw us irresistibly to the conclusion that the present Loco Foco incumbents were corruptly advanced to Power a Ltd place upon that principles and if so is it not due to the dignity of the nation and in accordance with every principle of Justice that they lie immediately dismissed. Having been found in office upon the coming into Power of the existing administration is proof that they were either preferred to Supply the places made vacant by the dismissal of Stern and incorruptible Republican or having been appointed by former administration they basely yielded under the influence of retention in office. Under this gun Ziotis wrong have we often living for the last twelve years and until the late glorious Victory when the people place pal Power in the hands of their servants to apply the remedy. Why sir is it not done Why is their will thus utterly disregarded create. Or. Brent and or. unto Rinato difference Tun occurred Between these gentlemen which Lias led or. Brent to charge or. Clay with ingratitude and a want of integrity of purpose in his conduct towards his for ads. He has also cited Sonio expressions made use of by Gen. Harrison to show that he also had received treatment at the hands of or. Clay which caused him to entertain the same opinion of Hui. This Inis induced the publication of the following remarks made by pm. Harrison shortly before his inauguration tit a Public dinner at Georgetown which Are vouched for by or. C. C. Fulton the Hon. Henry Cut to having been toasted Gen. Harrison Rose and remarked in words and substance As follows a i take great pleasure in responding to the sentiment Winch has just been received with so much enthusiasm by the company for i am proud to to Able to state that the distinguished individual alluded to is my firm personal and political Friend. My own inclination As Well As u duly which i owed to the country prompted me to tender to him the first Post in my Cabinet hut in his own Good judgment and no earthly Man was blessed with a better judgment he it a declined it and i Felt willing to yield to ins wishes both from the knowledge that my administration would receive cordial support from him us a senator of the United states and from the experience which had taught me that Henryclay Pas always i Fth let him differ with whom he May. I consider his judgment Superior to that of any Man living for during my political life. I have never differed with him on any important subject Tomt i did not afterwards become convinced that he was right and 1 was we Nave seen it stated in one of the Western papers Tomt Joe Smith the mormon once paid a visit to Keokuk. The Indian chief Anil attempted to persuade him to embrace the mormon Creed. He told the Indian that morn Uinise would prevent the bullets from injuring him and Tomt lie Ltd himself been shot three times und not Hurt. Keokuk then requested Joe to stand sixty paces off at which distance he would shoot at him three times with his Rifle and if he remained unharmed the Indian promised to embrace mormonism. This was rather too much for Jue and he accordingly backed out and refused to take hint on a those times. New Shai. U8t Rof Elvrd 3 i a. New Slind no. 1, put up exp rarely for family 110. Ang 14 k. Ikid Durly. Western Reserve cheese. A Drums of Western Reserve cheese of a Superior article. A at lbs cheap Groe Erv unit provision store nearly opposite. Palmer new Hilel. A us i i e. a flab hot jul. Putnam Tut Indiana. Cd. It and. Reaper fully inform his Friend and the pub. A be Baa taken inc above a Louiae la having under Cone n thorough repair be 1� now prepared to aeon Modale the travelling Public and Hope he to under glued attention to Merit n portion of the Public patronage june 4-tf notice. Or Nix Sinuru mar Ira i Fine. I Arlune conium a Indianapolis Aufu to ii 1841. R i a 111 m pm Rui of said company Are hereby notified Itiat for a the payment of Job exby lire Anil Lindbl Luiey sustained and incurred by a nid company since september 26, 1840, the direr torn Linen this Day ordered the following warn mint on the put in m nor payable to the tree Ortr on or before the fourth Day of Odt str next ensuing to tit i in nil note dated of or before december 8. 1839. And not being from no. I to no. 1998, both inclusive eight Oil on Quarter per a ear t in All not dated after december ii. 1839, and on or before december 23,119, being from no. 1999 to no. 2,1118, both in Joiva. On had a a Quarter per rat. On All note dated after december 23. 1839. And on or before i it a Toby a 29. 1848, being from no. 2,019 to no. 2,184, both inclusive a and three Guilder per re of. On nil note dated o toilet 29, 1840. And on or before december 8. I a a in. Being front no 2.183 to no. 2.234. Both inclusive fire and three Quarter per cent on nit note dated after december 8. 18411. Ami on or before Llee Emluie 111, 1840. Being from no. 24.15 to no. 2,245, both iii a Luaiva firt Anil one hat per cent a ill nil Vole dated after december 18, 11 40. And on or Befu the february loll being from no 2.246 to no. 2.283, both in Elul Lac or and three quarture pert rat. On All note dated after february 6, 1041, and on or before february in lit 11. Lirio from no. 2.2114 to no. 2.294. Both and oar Quarter per teat. On All note a toil after be Tirgary 18, 18-11. And on or before March 9, to Helm from no. 2,293 to no. 2.306. Both Pilu Lve far per rear. I ill All Nie lined after March 9, 1841. And Oil or before Muy 21. Ili la. Being from no 2.30? to no. 2,334. Belli inclusive one and three quarters per cent. No All not dated after May 24. 1811, and on or before july 9, 1811. M ing from no. 2.835 to no. 2.349, Laili inclusive one Quarter per teat. Hopt far Ateo Mente will be Fonn riled to Asente or nth or duly militarized Perron to we Boru member tire requested to a non prompt payment. Internet will to charged on nil a secs menu duo after october lilt tie a Lay on which they no payable. Member Are i minded that by the Ete Reuth serf Ion of the charter they uro Mude liable fur a lilt on the whole amount of a Weir Premium Muon in i ii i they neglect or refuse to pay Tinli a a a a. Menu. Note of the solvent bin Fly a Indiana la Liliola. Kelt the by. And Ohio will he received Lorn Csc i Lieut at Par. Incas any Mem 19� have Ultra att their policies by a Alcor of her Wise they Are urgently requested to surrender the a nine for ills Hurge iii with the 15th a Relian a i the charter a a Well make them Halili for a a no a mints until Ucli surrender actin no re it Uez teil to Call the a Irenton of members to the requisitions of Pic charter and i Loirs. By order of 111� director no 14 3iv jvme9 Mare Truu Urr. Lead. A a 808. Ilner Lor a ale by june22 e. Jordan. Water colors lot of 0�i�rne s american water color just received mid fur a ale at the drug a Tore of june 18 Craighead a Brandon. Hayes liniment certain. Safe und tone by nine do Tor the in Lle a for a Sale by july 31 Craighead be 1iranoon. A him Sii Psi him iii so a sweeping dusting scrubbing while Wash Hearth shoe horse. Cloth unit. Crumb Painter Phil every other kind of brushes for Huleby Tomlinson Brothers june 25 sign of the Golden mortar. List of letters remaining id Lite Post office it Inui Impolis August i 1041. £7-persons calling for these letters will please say advertised otherwise Thuv May not be looked for. A Aaron Aldridge 2 teze Bon Allen Leonard Atwater b Nathaniel Bolton Sidney Bruce Henry Brenton Karl bade Bartholomew Bridges Hiram Bacon Samuel Brockman Charles w. Boyce Wasiley Boyce c. W. Brown Alexander Bodkin Elijah Bowman Noah Barnhart Elizabeth Daley Vincent a Aquilin 1 William ii. Carol Joseph Cay Lor Benjamin Crowder Joliet Coil John Mathews or Mary Calvin. Martha Cox Thomas j. Collins Benjamin Carrel a on no Plinio and it in Tel it Oiin Ltd ii in. It a made known to it from the a a Bill of Morl Allty Quot that two third of the human family die annually from that fatal Day troyjr a consumption at Quot would patient pay Intro regard to Ili Clr Lut Atili and Procuro proper re medic it Ilio first attack it try valuable live would lie saved to the enjoyment of la Tell dear out Fri Ovid and relative. It i a Well known fact Tomt a a doctor Siva say to juror in so nor or t a Cav Quot will it real the Dili Germit iii care. Till Medicine has proved 11� Efficacy in a a hot tend of the very Many Ceri Ideale received and the it Ion from country no Crit who a Eli till Medicine die United state. 1� truly no Tauly hinge they speak from ocular proof wet not iii the cure in their own this certainly 1� a utile Lent evidence to Coti lure i tie most sceptical of the wonderful Chicory of this invaluable Medicine. Will patients Uny longer be duped by lne Perl need compound ree Mumei Ioctl by i Norimi prese Nilert is a cure alls which they Well known 1� Boris ruinous to the a Icalla and Constitution principal depot for Thea Hove Medicine i. It no 19. North eighth i Phlon Delphia. It May a Oil noned of a genl generally throughout the United suite. Price 91 per Houle. N. Ii. Any Perenon wishing to a co Retif Scales of cures and recommendations can see them at Nuy time by Catling at the principal depot. For a Alo by july 28 Craighead so tilt Andon. Agents Indianapolis. Cabinet business. Rylik subscriber have taken the Well known Cabinet shop for Merly occupied by Fleming t. Lose where they will punctually attend in nil order entrusted to them. They raspe fully solicit a share of Public patronage. N. Ii. They will especially attend to the Imamov of making coffin. A Lara so and go nil horse will always he in alien Donee. All orders in lulls line from both town and country will he promptly attended to. Pucker a Weaver nug lit trim air tin in i birr Nlle 91 a Pliml . The 1,natures in commence As usual on the fir to monday in november and close on the last Day of fell Runny. The faculty Coni Sta of Ellenj. W. Dudley m. In. Professor of Anatomy and surgery. Janie m. Push m. D., adjunct professor of do. A Nuiet a Cross m. D., professor of lust tute and medical jurisprudence. Elisha Llort Letl m. In. Professor of theory and practice. To ii. Richardson. M. Professor of Oil act dlr and diseases of to Oman and children. Tim. Mitchell. M. I professor of male la medic and therapeutic. Robert Peter m. Professor of chemistry and pharmacy. The Cost of a full course of lectures is $11 13, payable in and Vnnie in note of Good and solve Hanks of the slates whence the Pupil come. The matriculation and a Library ticket is $5. Nude he dissecting ticket $10. Graduation fee .$20 boarding and lodging fuel and lights included from f2 50 to $3 it or week. By order Thomas i. Met Cileli m. a Dean of faculty. Lez Lugton ky., june 1,1841. July 2-3tuo. G. 0. Boswell Henry Breiu Leinan Luke Bryan Motiu Burk Mary Brown s. S. Brown Jas. M. Brown John m. Bateman f f. Brandsteter Jan. Burton s. L. Bickford 2 Ellis Bunzol a miss Isabel h. Bryan Lewis d. Boynton Jan. Bradley Benjamin Carter Martin Christian John p. Childers a Mary e. Clark Henry l. Coffman Stephen Crawford James cd about Russel Cam Bee p. Coverdale Isaac Cook 2 Brenton Dilworth David Dunnan Thomas Dunning William Dorsey Henry David Thomas Dwyre mrs. Frances Englc mrs. Lucy Elleck James Fisher Benjamin flours James Farnsler James Fursee 2 Frederick Folly Daniel Griffin Uriah Gates a. T. Green alien Green Jane Graffort h. R. Gaston j. C. Howe 2 Peter Hesson in tet lies no Isaac Hensley h. H. Flail Mitchell Huslia John Hawkins Robert Harbison James Horb Sori Hill amp. Al lick James Higenbottom John Hunter Thomas Johnson 2 Kussel b. Jones Edwin Jones or. L. A. Johnson Torney Kilgore Charles Luce Nathaniel Lyon Edmund Lovett John Lea George w. Lewis Rebecca Morehead Heinrich a musing Jaue Miller Larkin Myers John Malone Elizabeth Malory Natl Niel a Matthews James Mustard Joseph g. Drake Jackson Davis Ambrose Dawson or a Riah Damp Tyson John Dowling doctor Daviess i Jjohn Emroy f Richard Fox Claudias Frank Ais Asa Fowler mrs. M. J. Farquar Stephen Foster of Amos w. Gordon Joseph Gonter John Green John to it in Leland James Gibson Henry Grayson i Busan Howard Joshua Hobart Levi Hobbs Henry Harnley John Hippi Jacob human Gila Ann Harris David Huff Selau Holmes Israel Hardin William Hull Daniel hermeling Israel Jennings William Jenkins Albert j ones 3 k Georgc pc stinger l a. C. Logan Richard Ladunc Sally Lapoint John Locklear i m John Mon Garry Moore amp Brooke Abraham Mann David Marrs Kneeland i. Munson Robert Mitchell or. Morris j Ihorn play. Pron Uncial a und . By r a. Tresil a. M. Jury 2 guide to the or derivation of the English received at Davis books lore. Notice to county clerks. Recon Derb merchants lad All other whom it map Eoa Eera. Flifle eur Scriber bus just re Kivuti n Large and Good a assortment of paper a Uit ahle for re code lagers any Book blotters in. And he is ready to fill nil orders direct cd to him with prom pin pm and despatch at the Laved Market prices. He hat a new and a Porior ruling a machine and will Rule to nov pattern. We. F. Slater. Nov20 6 door end to of the Post of Lico. Blue writing Ink v Gross Clemens Wjk Libke s i Rohnn Greshle bios writing fluid warranted of permanent color. Just received und for Sale by jane4,1841 Tomlinson Brothers. Team. 4 boxes Imperial Tea and 3 Ulnaty u. Tea just received 4 and for Sale by june22 e. Jordan. Inyat e ague Pill. In Lle i Thonna of Are a firmed that Ibey have f received from the Western de Ion Story of Jayno a Pancoast St. I Oulu a Supply of Jurne s vegetable ague Rill which a in heroine so popular in Miaow i. And other parts of the Western Roi try. A irial of one bottle is All that 1� required to Elve a or la in ii Pere Renee Over sit other Artelle of the kind in use. Tomlinson Brothers. Agent july 22 sign of the Golden mortar linseed Oil paints. A. Always on hand a Large assortment a timed Oil psf no. Painter a brushes varnish brushes Sec. June 25 Tomlinson Brothers. Rio Coffee. Rio golfer jut received and for Sale Low for june 33 b. Jordan 8pi.phatk a Vine. Ounces pure French in lint received of for Sale by june u Craighead or. Or Andon. 1 000 a i oae by 100 i a ounces Papen be. Sulphate morphine. 6 a a Arrisi do. 16 07. Oil Botnek Pepper 16 do part creosote 12 do iodine. June ii Keck a and for sate by Craighead a Brandon. It e. Deans chemical plaster inv r Soreen a a Ferer sores her., warranted r Gri Raine it r Sale Ity Craighead pc Brandon july 31 apr ate for Indian Polie. The a Elf yorker. Subscription fur Tbs new Ymker received by the under signed at in Uoo Knore. One door West of the Washington Hall. July 22-1w c. B. Davis. Agent 351 Allum Salt. Darren Allunis St it received util for Sale by Madison june 25 c. Woodburn. 1urt received a is of a tract Gentian. A a dui Ideson. And for Sale july 8 Exir it Yore Tinmu a a Micuta. Uriate Morphia. \ to Rihm. At the drug a Tore of Craighead a Ura Don. White Lead. Kegs. Avery a Ogden a while Lead warranted Fine for Sahr by Tom inbox Brothers. June 25 sign of the Goldes mortar. 100 Philip m Cormick David m Nab William my Call Alexander h. Mulusky Henry Ormsby Tini Olby Orr Robert c. Piltman Alexander Pugh Adam Patterson a John Tike Nichulas h. Porter James b. Ray c. Rivers William Ransom John Ritchey Ephraim Robinson j. Ready Lavina Reed Peter Royster George stump Tabartha Sanders Morgan l. Smith 2 Scipio Sedwick Charles soiling William Sparks Ellen Sander Nicholas sell Joseph Szeltner or. Smith land office miss m. J. Scott Joseph Shroyer 2 Judith Suell Mason stake Harris Tyner w. E. Tyner Ira Thayer John Thompson macs Thomas my Clannahan Francis m Clelland Thomas m Farland Alexander Mackett Zie Oliver Vanlan Ingriam a Milton Vert Caroline of Neal p Flo ichor a. Trait 2 John Perkins John Prickett Ezra Prutsman 2 John Perry 21 Mathias Reck John records John Richey or Samuel Richey Samuel Ritchey John Robe of Lachel Rodgers s Clarissa Smiith Samuel l. Scott Thomas m. Smith or. Judith m. Snell Anthony Watsey David Shields Delanson Slawson James Snow j Enoch Stivers 2 Hugh slaving Daniel Shroyer Thomas Stout Peter Stout Milton Taffe George Tomlinson John Threlkeld v Nathaniel vice Sale. N Otice is hereby Given that there will be a a id at Public Oul Ery on wednesday the let tiny of Hept Euiler Neil be Wicen the hours of 9 of clo Eji a m and 6 of clock p. M. At tha 1st� Renli Lenec of Ephraim Law Alec eat de. In Franklin town he Marlon county Indian. All the personal property belonging to the estate of a Aid Law. Consisting in part of tots of sheep. Hog. Corn. Wheat Oak potato., household und Kitchen furniture. A credit of nine Manili will be Given on nil sums Over it on Good Security nug 11 Samuel Andaman Audi r. Magnificent schemes. B Goa Quot of . By sea sad Laud exhibiting us Coli Ierson with agriculture the arts Aud Nuu Laetari a. July 2 for Sale Ai dav18 Bookstore. Foolscap and letter paper. \ Superior Articie of Feol Arap and letter paper. Just received and for Sale a i july 2 Davis Bookstore Gollick William John Wood Daniel Winslow Joseph e. Wishard John Wishard 2 Francis Whicher Joseph wheat 1er America Williams Cyrus York w. John Williams Charles Whit head Frederick h. Willenbring Sarah Warman Silas m. Wheeler 2 James Ward Riley Wooten Hiram Wright 7 amp z Carl Zobbe Joseph m. Moore p. M. 4 prizes of $25,000 amounting to $100,000, for 25th september a $50,000�?�30,000�?$25,000, Pur 32d october. J. G. Gregory is . Splendid Union lottery a for ih4i. To he drawn it Alexandria. Ii. F. On saturday sept. 25. Schcik. I Prim of 45, 100 boll., a. J Rio Boll r . Of doll�., tickets $15�?llulvrs $7 50�?unnrterr�?$3 73�?eighth� $1 87. Carth cintes of Pink Genf 2fi in Hole tickets $200 a to do �.7,000 Itolia. A Muli Inu item ski Dollar. 1 prize of $16,066 -1 prizes of 2,000 1 Fin of 8,666 56 do of 1,600 1 in of 6, i 511 Ilo of 560 1 do of 5,153 56 do of 256 2 pm pcs of 4,060 166 do of 200. A t-1 firn a number oui of 78. do in do do do of 26 half a of 26 Quarter do of 26 eighth do lot 50 �?�50,000�?�50,000�?$25,000. On saturday. Oct. 23, tue Guanio Union lottery class 9, for 1841, will he Drun n Al Alexandria h. C. 16 drawn Hail old. Taiin it inst soil Wmk. l ii it ital priv us Cpl Rudisil prior of do do i a exc 1 do do Al it it do do do do run i prize of 5 do of Fly of or or of of of 7.u00 6, Tou 5.01k 4,006 5,50� 2.311 2,0i in 1.750 iii prize of ill do of do do do do do do a. So 56 5 1 100 100 17u of of of of of of 30ihmi dollars.10.000 dollars. dollars. Job Mhz dollars. $1,500 1,250 1,000 500 a. 400 300 250 200 a. 16 drawn number out of 78. Ticket $20�?halve $10�? 4untter$5�?eighths $2 50. Cert Hirnle of package of 26 whole tickets $260 do in 26 Milf do 130 do do 26 Quarter do 65 do do 26 eighth do 35 50 it order for ticket and blare and certificate of packages in the above splendid Uch Etnis will receive the most prompt attention nil Hie drawing of each lottery will he sent immediately after it i Over to All who order from us. Add Rem j. 0. Gregory a go. Managers nog it Washington Vry d. C. Samuel Avilton form ring Ltd commission Marchant wholesale dealer in sait and general steam boat agent aug ii 1841-Lyp Momson la. French Rouge. A few pot of genuine Prendi Rouge for a Nie by nug ii Tomlinson brother. For the face. T do. Oriental powder of Alabaster. 2 a a role toilet powder. Just received and for a ale he Augull Tomlinson Siroti Ieko. For the complexion a i do. Glenn a roman Kul Dor i a a a freckle Wash for removing freckles pimples Tan sunburn. Morphew a. For a Nie by Augull Tomlinson Brothers. Cement. 1 fill barrels Cement. Just received or. Mail and for a Quot a w8 by mad lion june 25 c7. Woodburn. Boxes Superior tobacco. A 10 do common in. Cadlaon june 25 for Rale Holt. Coffee sugar Tea. A. 100 Daga Rio Coffee 5 boxes sperm candles. 20 Iloda. 8ugar. 5 bbl loaf sugar 20 boxes gun p. Tex. Just received and for Aale by Madison june 25. C. Woodburn. Salt. <1000 doric la Fine and Quot fined . On hand and for v a ale Low. No my Nail slide near the Corner of West and Ohio streets. Madison june25 c. Woodburn. Mackerel. ubit. No a. 23, for Sale by Madison Juno 25 c Woodburn. Bunt Ken. To ent y thou8a n d pickled oysters. For a ale Low is Madison june 25 c. Woodburn. School Hooks ller Tehee astronomy Clase Bonk second part a it Fri done riptide geometry h Oree Etere headers Pete Etc first a Reud third and fourth rendered jul received at july 2 Davis Blok store 6bhls. Linseed Oil for sole by Daniel King. Jan27 quinine. 7coi French sulphate of in inane warranted pure just re a Cei Ved and for a ale it the sign of the Golden mortar. Indianapolis june 4. 1841. Tomlinson Brothers. I Rarrel eed pressed cot Tor Oil. 1 june 11 for Solo by Cri Ghobad a Brandon. A Moffatt a medicines. Lot of Moi Tatt pills and put enl hitters. Received Aud ferrite by Craighead a Brandon a tax 11 agent for Indianapolis school to amp Acher s Matual containing practical suggestions in Tan Chang und popular education for Sale a july 2 Davis Bookstore. Pro him a la Ifird few nor at Olsn round and. Compounded from . Huar Lionel Slippery Elm Comfrey. And thirty other Choice vegetable cough Ingrodi Eal. Warranted genuine of a Rale a the sign of the Golden mortar opposite the Washington Hall. Imp 25__tomlinson Brothers. Rilk Tek iii the tar Jerii j a Doz. Suit Flor Teutli Liru Shes 2 Dor Glenn Roe tooth paste 4 a it a reids chlorine tooth Rusli 1 a a Mayra s Ceylon tooth powder 6 a a prepared charcoal. Just Rac d and for Sale by june 4, 1841. Tomlin on Brothers. _ at the sign of the Golden mortar. Soothing syrup. Dot. Or. J. K Haris justly celebrated soothing syrup for a children teething just in relied and for Sale by Jane 4, 1841. Tonlinson Brothers. Sign of Hie Golden mortar. a of political . I for the use of school a confirmed by a. J. Valpy a. M. In y i for ule at Davis Bookstore. Davis Bookstore. Howand a tonic a mixture. A few dozen Rosauda tonic mixture or vegetable Pelt i fug a a or ride and Outing cure for the fever and ague War la refi genuine. For Ulm by july 22 41 Craighead a Brandon. 6oi.d up. Packs Gold . Far a ale by Jane 11 Craighead a Brandon Iron and nails. Twenty thousand lbs. A aborted bar Iron. 10,000 la round a quart and hoop 5 band la xo24shri Iron. 160 tin Nally. To muted axe warranted just received per Steamer Harrisburg and for Rale Low by Janell to c. Woodrol . My did on. Mob Ikon a veh Milce. G Hoz. Morrison Veroile fast. A Ufa and role heat remedy for a Wonus with in German and English. Jak Roceil a and far Rale by jane25 Tomlinson Brothers
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