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Indianapolis Republican Convention (Newspaper) - August 9, 1882, Indianapolis, Indiana A Quot err the and Ettson Hebald Friday m0bxi no August 11, 1882. Friday morning. Aug. 11. 1882. Free Trade Champion s. In a recent speech on the Tariff in the United states Senate Hon. We. P. Frye of Maine said the Only prominent champions of free Trade to Day in the world Are England and the democratic party of the United states. Amazing co partnership for centuries England was the most Earnest vigorous and determined Champion of Protection the world Ever saw enforced the extremes doctrines by All the Powers of War and All the arts of diplomacy. She destroyed the i owing Commerce of Ireland by one blow of her navigation Laws repressed her cattle raising her Wool growing her manufactures and made her the waste of to Day. She attempted the same role in America forbade the of her products to any country other than her own forced All of the carrying Trade into English Bottoms repressed All manufactures of fabrics and provided by Law Quot that none of the american colonies should manufacture Iron of any kind to lat no Smith should make a wit Spike or Nail bar or Rod Iron that no Mill or other engine for rolling Iron or Furnace for making steel should be permitted Quot finally drove us to revolution and lost the brightest jewel from her. Diadem. This spirit of repression in the interests of Protection controlled her conduct with All of her colonies. Nor did England confine this policy to them alone but by every Art and device known to War and peace she a protected and encouraged her manufactures strengthened Anil extended her Commerce at the expense of every nation she could frighten or cajole. By fraud diplomacy and War by repression Protection and prohibition resorted to for centuries with a persistency and and determination which never wavered England found herself Quot mistress of the seas Quot and manufacturer for the world. Then with an accumulated capital no other country possessed with skilled artisans kept at Home by Laws forbidding emigration with machinery far in Advance of any other nation with a merchant Marine Cai Able of doing the carrying Trade for the universe with the key to the whole situation in her own hands As she thou Glit England suddenly discovered the charms of Quot free Trade Quot opened her own ports and demanded reciprocity. Was this new Lilit had site found herself in the wrong during All these years of wonderful growt i and to do works meet for repentance to repair the wrongs inflicted a on tie other Naticks of the Earth did she determine us it a this new it policy by no manner of Means. She Only counted herself Able wifi the advantages she possessed to compete wit i the world successfully to herself to hold her own markets and gain theirs. Well May she to Day with her Cobden club and with every device of which she is so cunning a manipulator oin with the democratic party in a crusade against our industries. With her overflowing population with a i re Luction one Quarter of which she cannot consume at Home m Ith a third of her spindles Idle with prot edition against her manufactures in every country even in her commies of Austraha and Canada Well May she Champion the cause of Quot free Trade Quot in this Republic with her fifty millions of be Oftle. To succeed and to acc Midish her purpose would be the crowning glory of her great Industrial career. The demo Chato Pally. Now or. President As to this Champion of Quot free Trade Quot a the democratic party. How does it happen that party of Ca ital at the South and labor at the North should Champiom such a cause in claims to Huron using to e for the Akhir Man deadly hatred to the Rich it Rolls Over its Tongue As a Sweet Uku Sel Quot bloated bondholders Quot Quot National Bank robbers Quot Quot corrupt and corrupting in season and out of season it proclaims its Devotion to Quot tie i Oor Down trodden i i ple Quot and yet singularly enough its Savage animosity to Quot Protection Quot and its intense love Tor Quot free Trade Quot were irn of its unswerving Devotion to slavery its fixed determination to keep degraded labor still in its degradation to maintain in Aid toil still unpaid. For the North it Only to desired one thing that it might Belonje a great farm for its lash rows that they might become Farmers whose St it to business in life should be the sowing to it of Seel and the reaping of harvests to Supply the slaves of the South with cheap Fikrle allow me sir to Ltd quote from a Standard authority in the South from Quot Cotton is King Quot a Inion published in Georgia in 18 50 by subscription alone edited by or. Elliot president of planters College in Mississippi. He declares the o tpo8ition to a protective Tariff by the South arose from two Canses first to secure the fore ii Market Tor its Cotton second to obtain an abundance of supplies at a cheap rate. Let a system of Frea Trade be adopted the South would constitute the principal Market for and the Fertile Law of the North Supply the cheap food demanded for its slaves. Again if they could establish free Trade it would secure the american Market to foreign manufactures secure the foreign markets for their leading Staples Force Northern men into agriculture multiply the growth and decrease the Price of provisions feed and clothe their slaves at lower rates. Again there was a fusion of interests Between the planters of the United states and the British manufacturers and to the planters the Copartnership has been eminently advantageous. One of their leading statesmen said we must prevent the increase of manufactories Force the Murphis labor into agriculture promote the cultivation of our unimproved Western lands until provisions Are so multiplied and reduced in Price that the slave can be fed so cheaply As to enable us to grow tar sugar at three cents a Pound. In the interest of slavery of cheap labor and cheap living for the slaves. South Carolina rejected or. Clay s Tariff determined to resist its enforcement nullified its provisions and refused to allow its execution within her Borders. What a Choice feast this democratic party was spreading for our Northern Farmer manufacturer and labourer. And yet the Home Able senator from Kentucky or. Beckwith i dramatic solemnity declares that Protection is terribly selfish but what of free Trade so advocated the whole North to feed slaves is it not passing strange that the democratic labourers of the North hundreds of thousands of Vliem exiles from Ireland forced from Home by British free Traile should live joined hands with the democratic planters and capitalists of the South in this shameless attempt to compel Thom to become Hewers of Wood and drawers of water for their slaves or. President i have referred to two eras of Protection and the unparalleled Prosperity of both no Man can gainsay. I know that free traders hauntingly Point to 1873, its anic and subsequent hard times. 13ut what had that to do with Protection ? its causes Are familiar to a every senator and i do not pro Ose to enter upon a discussion of the War an inflated currency wild speculations resultant to it and to the other causes common to other countries and ours. Why free Trade England was worse off than we. More than half of her spindles were i line half of her workingmen were out of employment and she was feeding More paupers than Ever before. Sup use we had had no protecting against her then she would have poured her surplus products into our markets our manufacturers would have been literally crushed and it would have taken Many years for recovery of our position. History repeats itself. Our per iils of Prosperity have been the years of Protection and of adversity those of free Trade and by free Trade i mean a tji Riff for Revenue Only. In 1789-1801 we had Protection in 1801-1812, free Trade in 1812-1816, Protection in 1810-1824, free Traile in 1824-1888, Protection in 1883-1842, free Trade in 1842-1847, i Protection in 1847-18 51, free Trade in 18r a lil Protection again. Take for an example those got d old Democrat times from 1847 to 1860. That party found tiie country when they Tok k it in a condition of healthy Prosperity i laced it promptly under a Tariff for Revenue Only held it for twelve years left it in debt with its Treasury bankrupt unable to borrow a few millions even at 12 i or cent interest its industries almost destroyed and its courage comi lately paralysed. The item unlit an party received it in this ii edition placed it As prone poly under a protective Tariff carried on a four years War raised billions of dollars by taxation other billions by Bonds paid its debt for years at the rate of one Hundred millions a year red Cetl the rate of to 3 or cent., and have it to Day in the most prosperous condition it Ever enjoyed. When in the history of this or any other country has free Trade proved a let Lessing a free c017ntry. The Only country in the world i know of that has thorough free Traxtle Forcell upon her by compulsory process is that most distract etl and unfortunate land Ireland. Before the Union her manufacturing industries were protected against England by duties on woolens Silks Cotton yarn and twist ail Cotton manufactured it mils. Her Cali Coes Ami Mullins were protected by a duty almost prohibit by and Ireland was rapidly l com ing a successful manufacturing country. Her people were Hai by Cumi tented industrious and pros Seroua. There was a loom in almost every House and with it Comfort came too. Her linens were known and appreciated All Over the world and her Silks were gaining a ready Market. There were in 1800, As appears by an imperfect census then taken Over 8,000 weavers employed in Cork alone Over 5,000 manufacturing Woolen Glt ads in Dublin 3,000 making blankets in Balbriggan 2,-000 weaving Cali Coes in wicklow 1,000 making flannels while the numbers engaged in Linen work were immense. This Linen Trade was encouraged by subsidies but they were gradually withdrawn until All Protection ceased in 1826. In 1825 More than thirteen millions of dollars were expended in the Purchase of coarse unbleached Home made webs of Linen. What a Power of Good of Comfort and of happiness those Home made webs revealed. England not Content with destroying Ireland s navigation with crushing out in the earlier Days her manufacture of woolens greedy to manufacture for the world determined that the rest of Mankind should raise the raw materials to feed her hungry Lam is As the South wanted us to feed their slaves beguiled poor Ireland in assenting to the act of the Union under the terms of which i every duty was repealed some gradually to be sure but certainly the act continued the Tariff on woolens for Twenty years terminated it on Cali Coes and muslims in 1821, on Cotton yarn and twist in 1816, withdrew All subsidies in 1826, and Ireland enjoyed the Benefit of absolute free Trade. Arhat was the result England held big the ends of the bargain. Ireland could raise in her Fertile soil the raw material. England could make it into Gools cheaper than she could but Ireland had no voice in the Jiricek to be i Aid for either. In 1840 another census was taken and there were 500 Blanket makers in Kilkenny 200 silk weavers in Dublin no carpet makers in All Ireland no Linen weavers in Cork 300 okie natives in Liat City in the manufacturing industries where fifteen years l before there were 8, 000 weavers alone. Free Trade had done its work and Ireland was starving. She is the Only absolutely free Trade country in the world to Day the Only land enjoying its rare privileges incomplete fullness and what a commentary it affords with a Good climate a Fertile soil great Rivers splendid water Power Broad Safe Bays and harbours an abundance of minerals an inclined people it is the most terribly vexed troubled suffering distracted impoverished starving country in the world. Irishmen Loving their land earnestly and with More unbounded enthusiasm than the men of any other country have been driven into exile by the millions. Now 1 do not blindly charge All of her woes to free Trade alone land tenure has to answer for a portion not for More than ii Alf. Give her a parliament of her own and the first act passel would be a protective Tariff and in Twenty years from now the exiled irishman would return to the land he loves and find it peaceful contented and Prosi Erous. England for her own selfish Urix ses fastened these two fearful leeches in on her and they have been fattening on her blood. England ail her ally the democratic party Are undertaking to fasten free Trade upon us and strange to say nine tenths of our citizens of Irish birth starved out of Home and driven hero into exile go every year to the skills and vote with England s democratic ally for free Trade or. President the Milicy which has a tendency to reduce wages in this country and Degratte our a Ltd King men and women is a bad one for the Republic and its sugar coat ing by All the theories and Sophis tries of democratic free traders cannot make it Good. In Europe the women carry bricks and mortar for the masons work in the Field with a Hoe and the scythe and a re h it made to the British parliament a few years since shows that even in favored England there were forty thousand Little Bare footed girls from six to ten years of age carrying wet Clay on their Little Bare Heads in the English Brick Yards at from four to eight cents a Day. The descriptions of the condition of the Labouring men and women of Europe Oon Tineil in Quot the state of Lala a in Europe Quot published by authority of Congress in 1878, Are terrible pictures of a it Verty degradation vice and utter k eleh8ne88. Quot Josh pulpit Quot is the name Iven by the Rutland it historical society to it i a Curi imply rounded Knob of slate Rokitk some Twenty feet High at Mason s Point Lake bomb see and the genial Phil Stipher says he Hoins some time to read from it his lecture on Quot the probabilities of is there a Republican or Democrat who believes in prohibition it is Republican doctrine that he should be allowed to say so. Is there a Republican or Democrat who opposes prohibition it is Republican doctrine that he shall have the unquestioned right to so express himself. This is republicanism Plain and unadorned. It is for the Republican convention today to see that this fundamental principle is set before the people of Indiana in such a Sim in and sincere manner that it will admit of no doubt. If the time shall Ever come when the people As a mass cannot be trusted with determining the character of the Laws under which they must live then is the Republican form of government a failure and a relapse into some form of oligarchy inevitable. That Day has not yet arrived and if the Republican party maintains its supremacy it never journal 9th. _ owing to the immense Fields of ice off the coast of Newfoundland the Seal fishery has been very unproductive this Yeier. The whole number of seals caught is about 150,000 against 447,992 last year and in some years Over six Hundred thousand. It is however thought that this off year in Seal fishing will result in greatly increased numbers for next year and some years to come. As a compensation for the Small take of seals a very prosperous cod fishery is going on. The Little fish called Caplin the Best bait for code has come in such incredible abundance that All the Bays harbours and coves in about two thousand Miles of coast Are crowded with them and a Ixia May be filled by Means of a Small Seine in a few hours or a cart on the let each May be filled in a very Sciort time by Means of a casting net. After a storm the Beach for Many Miles is heaped with dead Caplin. Fish Oil and guano factories such As abound on Long Island would evidently pay in Newfoundland. The London truth explains the origin of Egypt s trouble by saying the origin of the troubles in Egypt was a speculation of Ismail. He paid �100,000 into the hands of his friends in Cairo with which they were to buy support for him. Two negro regiments were purchased. He was to land and these regiments with Arabi at their heat were to declare for him. After he had spent his Money his heart failed him and then Arabi determined to act without him. He at once turned to constantinople and promised Large sums of Money if he were then commenced a series of intrigues into Wlinich the French allowed themselves to be drawn. When Der Visch was sent to Egypt his Mission was if possible to Patch up some sort of apparent reconciliation Between Arabi and the Khedive Wlinich Rouhi Haa e been followed by the deposition of the latter. The Sultan however when the crisis came was afraid of discovery and in the end Dervish acting under his instructions urged Arabi to act with Moil ration. But Arabi knew with whom he had to Deal and he decl Ineil to put himself in turkish hands in which perhaps he was Wise for he would have Deen strangled or poisoned As an inconvenient and compromising associate. The government is to be praised for having Cut the gordian knot by the l Lombard Niento of the forts of Alexandria. But they would have been Wiser had they taken the precaution to have Stime trips at hand. Had 5, xxx troops been landed Alexandria would not have Lieen burned. Euro eans would not have Iwen massacred and the trek ups of Arabi would probably have at once gone Over to the winning Side. The Landing of English troops would have Lieen Justin Neil to Euronie on the ground of the inevitable logic of events. No one can for a moment assert that with the Means to do so the English Admiral would have l Een blamed by any Oneff it a preventing incendiary fires or massacres. Fun Ani it Lair Ninons. A striking Subj it it the Hammer. Quot Hikmet ask Quot a lasting and fragrant perfume. Price 25 and 6< cents. Or. Brandon druggist. 14-24-Lyeow mothers Motyli Orma Motyli Orsu Are you disturb red at night and broken of your r�5ht by a Siok child suffering and crying with the excruciating Lutin of out Ting Teeth if so go at a Noe and Jet u Mittle of Mother win Hikin m soothing syrup. It will Rolive the Imker Little sufferer immediately the tend a Miu it there s no mistake no mint it. Titera is not a Mother Ltd Earth who has Ever used it. Who will not Tell you at once that it will regulate the Imi Wels and give rent to the Mother and Relief and health to the child operating like a magic. It is after feebly Safe to use it in All of Quieti and pleas ant to the taste and is the a resorption of one of the oldest and Best Femine Phy simians and nurses in the United Hatm. Sold everywhere. Twenty live cent h a it title. A a 15-19 a Well in eating Man one who you it Templ Teti digging Ona Shiloh a Catarrh remedy a positive Oure for Catarrh diphtheria and Zauker Niu Utu. Or. Tim udon druggist. L�-3�Lyeow men s clothes Are of his life a thing apart they re woman s whole existence. Wily will you Cou Irh when Shiloh s cure will give immediate Relief Price 10 cents 50 cents and 81, or. Brandon druggist. 14-24-Lyeow Grig Gas Glycerine Salve. The Best on Earth can truly be said of Griggs Glycerine Salve which is a sure cure for cuts bruises scalds bums wounds and All other sores. Will positively cure piles Tetter and All skin eruptions. Satisfaction guaranteed or Money refunded. Only 23 cents. For Sale by Gid. D. Searl 14.39eb Money for a a Iii Day. Quot for six years my daughter was sick from kidney and other disorders. We had used up our savings on doctors when our Domine advised us to try Page Ker s Ginger tonic. Four Wittles effected a cure and As a Dollar s Worth has kept our family Well Over a year we have been Able to Lay by Money again for a Rainy a a poor Mim s wife. 6-a for dyspepsia and liver complaint Yon have a printed guarantee on every bottle of Shiloh s Vitalizer. It never fails to cure. Or. Brandon druggist. 14-24-Lyeow cons Motlon cured. 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You Oan live at Home Ami do the work. No other Hua Inaara will Gay you nearly an Well. No one can Tail to make Emi Moua incur by a omit in at Onoe. Toady and Terma ree. Money made fast Okay. Thu x aug Matt 1441 u4�. Time tables. After monday not. 21,18id, Traina will run As Tou Iowa after monday not. 21,18id, Traina will run As Tou Iowa we8t. Stations. . No. S. Anderson leave. Johnaon arrive. Bruin. Lapel. Ramhi aers. Wrights. Curls Vule. 8 00 820 823 s84 8 42 8 so 8 ,55 �00 a 10 �20 8 00 p m 8 1� p m a 21 p m 3 86 p m 8 41 p m 8 61 p m 3 s6 p m 4 08 p m 4 2u p m Ooi Nobart. Stations. J no. 2. No. 4. 10 30 4 90 p m Stonycreek arrive. Clarks Vule. Wrights. 10 40 10 80 10 55 1100 1105 1115 1125 1127 11 50 6 00 p m 5 10 p m 6 14 p m 6 18 p m 522p m 5 80 p m 6 40 p m 5 41 p m 6 00 p m ,.�.�. Bruin. Johnsons. Ande soil. Traina up by Columba time. Traina run ,, Nooi Estrue Lor Point Nort m a Rauth. A a twin no. S Oon Neota with trains on w. 8t l. A p. B y. At Noblesville for Ponta North and Aoi Ith. trains to and wet on Ohio r a and p. To. Amp 8t. L. K a at Anderson. Train no. 4 con Neath with Ohio a and c. W. Amp m. R a at Anderson. J. A. Larnerd. Superintendent. Traina up by Columba time. Traina run ,, Nooi Estrue Lor Point Nort m a Rauth. A a twin no. S Oon Neota with trains on w. 8t l. A p. B y. At Noblesville for Ponta North and Aoi Ith. trains to and wet on Ohio r a and p. To. Amp 8t. L. K a at Anderson. Train no. 4 con Neath with Ohio a and c. W. Amp m. R a at Anderson. J. A. Larnerd. Superintendent. 1n innate. Wabash it Michigan Italy Road. The four Wink time table took effect sunday. May 15,1881, at 12 o clock noon Ooink South 7 48aml 810pm Loa pm 1 i it a 0ii5pm los him 1028am in Iriam Youtem 9 52am �3flam a Mam 8 5llbm hot am 7 45am 718am 7 Ham �4uam 6 34am Taulaai 6 20am 7onpm 4 50pm �32pm 10 4<h m 8 30pm 8 atom 7 25am 11 loom 7 45am a Otom 8 3upm 8 2up9 818pm 8 33pm 7 50pm 7 2hpm �59pm 0 12pm 5 54pm 5 25pm 5 10pm 4 55pm 4 40pm 4 25pin 4 05pm 1015am 8cnam u22am a Rosmar Kanaka City St. Louis. Louisville. Indianapolis. In Cannati. A Anderson in Alexandria. Somr nitrile. Fair moist. Jonesboro. Marion. Lafontaine. Wabash. N. Manchester Silverlake. Oodho Worth. 64spm a spam 70bpm 4 80am Nso pm a Ham a slam 6 46am 7 Mam 718amwarsaw� 18amlos Sam 1052am Blosam Liao am also Kun so am 7aaam 7s5am 210 pm 780 pm Imam ssh a �46 pm �?�68 pm 1010 pm Lda pm 7 28am 1032 pm 7 54am 1054 pm 8 45am,1118 pm �25am 1150 pm �4sam i21sam 1240 am 12 54 am 108 am 122 am 185 am 196 am 7 80 am 10 00 am 115aml 2 82 am 500pml 610 am trains run daily except sunday but c on saturday. Columba Norman Beckley. General mra Agen Owen Rice. General ticket agent pan handle route Pitts Oboh. Cik Cinnann amp St. Louis railway. Condensed time table of passenger trains. Corrected to july 16.1882. Osimo no Btu. Pan handle route Pitts Oboh. Cik Cinnann amp St. Louis railway. Condensed time table of passenger trains. Corrected to july 16.1882. Osimo no Btu. Stations. Expbb88. Expbkb8. A room. Local. Leave Richmond. Hagerstown new Astle. An Denim. Win Tau. Kokomo Galveston arrive Logansport. To 55 am 11 31 am 121upm 12 55 pm 12�pm 147 pm 2i7pm 232 pm 310 pm 1 �?�1020 pm Llo pm li2bpm1215am a 12 52am 1 Loam 145 am 200 am 2 40 am t4 pm 4 46 pm 6 25 pm to som arrive of loom 720am 840am Lioam 1226pm 128pm 840pm 420pm 600p� leave Lokun sport. Arrive la. State a. T7 00pm Tso Oam 945pml 10 30 am 1 leave lion a sport. Winamac. Crown Pont arrive Ohi Cako. A t3 2i pm 4 15 pm thu pm 7 40 pm 3 15 am 4 00 am 5 40 am 7.10 am i t7 00bm 7 55 am �45 am 1146 am te20am 84iiam 21l4>m 640pm accommodation train klares Lansing for Chi wont 12ao p. M., returning at 10v a. Ogino Sotu. Stations. Exfbe88. Exp basils. A com. Ilo Oai. Accommodation train klares Lansing for Chi wont 12ao p. M., returning at 10v a. Ogino Sotu. Stations. Exfbe88. Exp basils. A com. Ilo Oai. Leave i Chicago. T8 25ara 815pm wa>pmt�40am vow no it 1015 us 11 10 pm 5 pm 1115am Winanac 10 Elaml 11 43pm 706pm 42spm arrive to Ryan port. 12 45 pm 12 �5 am Wpm 655pm leave i Lio Ransport. I to in pm �12 40 am i. Galveston. 117 Ami. 150pm Imam 2aipm 211 am 2 �8pm 231am 3 10 pm 3 a am 3 55pin 3 55 am 4 22pm 421am Kokomo Wim fall Elwool. Anti Ortton. New com to. A Gerritt own arrive i Iti Limond. 5i�� m Snong 16 45am 7 51am f645am 810am a ulam Luau am 1120am 110pm 81-jpm 8 25am�4s.5pm �15 am 16 30pm exp Chi train or riving at Kokomo at i Jio a. Co Nooth for Isidio Mariolis and Louisville. Con notions at Richmond. Trains leave Richmond for Indianapolis at t7.2l a. M., 10.12 a.m., t3.n p. M., and 8.10 p. K. For Dayton at �7.25 a. M., 2.15 p. And t7.55 p. For c incan anti at �5.05 a. M., a. A and tii.l5 p. For Columbua at 7.25 a. M., file p. M., and 7.� p. Bad Pard in Vihlo a a Zoino Kahi. 8t.\tions. Exp Bush. Expbb88. Expbm8. Leave Lotman Himert. Arrive Hunker Hill. Marion. Hart font. Ridgeville. Union fit tl250 am 127 am to 30 am t 1111 am 2� am 12 2il pm 3118 Ami 104 pm 3.m Ami 157 pm 4 2i>am. 231 pm 5 05 am 3 30 pm t4 w pm 4 41 pm 5 45 him 6 31 pm 7 25 pm. 7 58 pm. 8.10 pm. Urm Lford trains leave hrad Forti Junction for Tolu Boa and Points East it t5.10 a. M., a a i am p. A. And �?�9.08 p. Daily. Daily except sunday. Time Given above is Columbus time 9 minutes faster than Chicago time. Sleeping can run Between Chicago and Indianapolis Louia. Ville Rin Ninati and Columbus regularly in la a the directions. _ _ James Mccrea. E. A. Ford Malinger Gen pass and ticket at. Columbus o. Pittsburgh a. Takk the Bee line Boute. Popular thoroughfare but wbb the East and West no Midi Firlit Chau fire no Emi Feraut trains cuu ii htii>ii8 ill Union depots for All Points. The uni unwed facilities offered by Thia Coli shiny for luxurious travel Are a Leguit Kasy uld Liik. Day Coa bet. Elf Khiuit Wagner and and sleep Init Caw. Midi to fit a Al ii Kulver St. Nuu free. Met Noel hotel cars Atta red to a Siuma train in which Toi Iether with a track Andl Toad bed a known excellence you Are a aured coi Okwit a Sanrra with fast time t3lilear in mind that Imp Thi ouch oar Roatta Are Nui Seroua and excellent a Grant Sonve Nienka to All travel Era. Ertha Only line to the East Ria Cleveland and Niagara Falls. Traina of Thia company a aaa Anil Araan a Tol. Iowa car Ward. _ Mimi. We Twain uw.ftht.l.ltx.bina.11. is consult your to Tot mat by Erody Yimm

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