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Indianapolis Republican Convention (Newspaper) - August 9, 1882, Indianapolis, Indiana Proceedings of the a publican state convention August 9, 1882. A Ihram Uiva the info or of a Limi exime Ina Strim. Mittu Odlum Kier re a Aue Aram pm it to that they Muy a a Lle Currlie Imbt Raveane Emu omit a act to tie i Nfn off of a Lucli u to Orliw cd but a be re tub Tom mrry Slivo tote a Fli mrlak Init a a of mifi�minti7. Took a mme Wii Vliem in Bat if by Iti in Hail la Tea Mantua m 1990 a a a am Helle Ltd them to Bove Geum ral thu Rock declare the attn platform that they bad waa not expire Rhita of the a Nae of the Stemac mtg uh8�eii, it that on the contrary Tuey favored the nine in Trina bit waa advocated by toe re ii it it Iii party. , democratic of a now Otto Wols have told Lia time thay re in t in them Pard by the Democrat la Evula Tui to favor of a Tinera and the a Curtner it that warn. Thatje own ii Saaed a Imio it a Ivriy Liv Laion to the and when nov. Will Lailia a ame to appoint a mine Inai Mentor be Anpo Latzl a Republican and alter that key a Ibl Iaan Imd Reat ened he appoint a a not brr Hep Bumm. Ami a a of that Law a Wonc in the Bnita Oftle a a toe Ina Teetor. No a my Tri it a held a he Alaee. Am it Lamae a party by a mine Ina Leo to a now a a Ottnad a by Quot a Yaeli. The name the Way a hot Oor. Wal Hawk Ovioe App olme been use he Mio Ekht my to pomp rent Fri Piihl Leao Nurt a that Inan Lia Combe Benefit of Abalhe Taalid for the Tittor Amir Lar of Lueter Shiv Fiat Are to Niport Ait that i a Nail a Alie Paina to by lev them a a the attention of the Neit i Lala tire. Appia aae and a Pyn re info Vor of Stvil Are Vine. Why. My a a la Ndu. Every Hod Bere Knawa that the Only tinier we a Vita find n demm Ratic of vol Martoe a la form to waa Boih a a by w ten Donn a a. Eltea the do my a end to elected off Loera Forthm control of be Eity a Over my sent and a erred one year and the demo Raflo Pirty Pat Tbs a out i tact. Thera were of Bemo Erata to that Otty it and of the truth what Ald at the Attaie or. Enolla waa who rated to pot the Parma ont of Power on that i iranian. App Lanae and Whan we hear a Lii in Here to imy that that party to to favor of Reform it Lopeka to me la Ocean old Branken a Hankel Man of ninety air it mud up in a Mir of or. Hawn a Pantaloon a i Rater and Appia aae they have never in Che whole history of the party been practical or in favor of a Tell aerie a Reform but in every Taa Tanea la Wutoh hey have Bern in Powar Timy have aged Beir old Eoa a Mere Maana of party Patronas and party Reward. Waw. My Frienda. In . There a one Ubiar that to Mora important than Todi Aonia beae in Bolo Mea area. How Are we to be orca Alsede Are we to have the sort of or Cani Sutlon that we had to 1880� la every Man Feo Linx in that Eon teat Aane Felt it to that context. That a Haa a Orno Power to elect the real to it la when every Man to the Republican parly Feela that a Polar area aume Power to effect tie spa tilt that we win our treat Apoc Kaaea. App Lanny i i Kave no Faith at All in a Contant of notae an it i la play. I have no Faith at All in a context of la raft a i Unity meet non. My Faith la in a Eoa Wrt in which in every Aeh eol data Trot there is perfect local and where every to Tell a it it Republic to can Tell not Only How every Oil Iii Republican to i oink to vote but Liat demo puts of any. Are joins to vote our ticket. It la a context in which the Palm Troni Man. The Mee Hants the merchant every Clara la inter Ted to recur info one or More voters for the ticket. When we Are organized to that Way. With it Arf and Bitelli Ironce. And ener iry and data Cleline. We Alonya Aeh Teve Aii Cceal but when we Are Orion iced on the principle of Duplay and treat Conven Tiung. With Al Puntin it a by inner and Hope Runa Bleb that to the time when we lose the a Mclory. Now. We have a a rat question Tia year. A Ludiry bit Edwin raid there la always Blenx thrust upon i be Lopuh Linn party Home new Laue. Whyl the conservative party never Haa a new Laane threat upon it. The Fri and party Haa no to area. It la the Lar Licitr party the pro Jarc Shiva party Lap Lauw a the party that la a eking truth no Natter Bow unpopular it May he. Iti Athit party tint Livia new Taa ups to rift Apon it and when Audi a party has new Law sea Tornat upon it. And the Maas a Are Aronald. It car Lea those new a a Huper on to Victory. Then let the motto be fellow Ilcy Nellc a if every Nina can to a Oarth work a Victory. Applause Hob. W. N. A vol kit is waa data covered in the Palleria and waa loudly and repeatedly called for. In reap Nae to the demand for his appearance he approached the ical cry rail and Addrea aed the convention. He a Aid or. Prea Dent and gentlemen of the Conven ton it Aegina to me other butane a Ouirt at to to to re aide let crore and think further to Bald on the poll cml in Siisea of the Day to the convention but allow me now to return to Yon my Ai Uuereb than a for the rail Yon have is Ven Roe and aay to you t iat either Tomay or in the future and in Rivitt the entire Tampa in. I will appear before the people Oan Yunc the Banner of the old re Publ Leaa party. Applause it Haa been part and parcel of the Creed of Tea Renu Lioan majority that the majority a onid Rule and the majority to one More than half and when that a la a tally ascertained Tiia a it Kent and binding a Tho Nirh it were multiplied by a Mguinn. Applause it Haa been the Hgt Licy of the re pull Ean party to Aav that there rho ild be a free ballot and a fair count i applause and that Republican Oon Reaa though born Prrry by Andy All the obstruction a which thu equity Rould top Maiee come to the country to Day aay Iii but to Grey have a lighted and Purd the election of fraud to far a waa to their Power. We have stamped non the Tala ice ballot and we have put the real of Golden nation upon the per Verlona of the Law. We have said that the whipping and Aem Irvinia and Inua Datton a Borild a ease. The in Luton of Tea Republican party Baa Juat bet run and will never sea a until from one and of the land to Tea a ther one Man a Ali vote one Tokat and Kava that ticket Hona aur my fairly Coa nud. Applause. I or. Preat Dent a remarkable ape Taela took each to the Halla of Toni treat thin Winter when r. I Neh from Miaamia Auppl. A Nao of Ducky Kue but an orator and a nun a ability at nid to the Arena and Foruria of Thia a Willo and plead not for any pro Vilecta for hta Rama. Tit plaid that the a Publia Aisbet in Trua to itself and prot aet the parity of Tea ballot Imp. The world move Aad not Twenty Flea Yawara Aca a a air Hook his Ahnelt la a tie to atoll of Tiia Alava. Ana of those Salavea atone up to tha Halla of Coe Neww plead Nir that tha Peu Morary Mii Rbt not Atra Adle the Cou Witry. I thank you or. Para ideas and of the conv eation for twin panel Tad to look to your Facea. God bleat a Hama car convention. A will go in to Totory Tala Yaar. It a Here. It la to every Otan a fact and countenance and. A Oava mor Porter Aai it i Wearver a convention Andert Akca to Atile tha voice of the people Tea Pepla Wilt Artke Back with Auch blow that Tia men who a Tana to front will not remain there ions. It aka a Crater Trad dear than even Tea remarkable chairman o Tia Pia form com Mittiea to carry water of both Abou Idera and foul me people. If the people Ilka ant Blanc it is Bon a aty and i did not train my political coi irae in Ehi ornery and i will not end it there. Amsalu thank it Yon for the Honor of Bei if Callad might ii to adorm Yon. I Oloane. Applaud. Tha ticket cd Aiple Tad. The Cou vent on demanded to regular order of butane a and the Point nation of supreme judge waa called for. Hon. Geo rite w. Friedlay Pla Ood in Point Patton a the candidate of the pirate judicial do tract. Judge William p. Edson of Pokey county and Warrick and a Oderburn Cou Tiaa moved that the nomination be made by acclamation. And it waa to made. Jusfre Edson Waada flared the nominee judge j. O. Berk hire waa nominated from the be crud data tract by Hon. J. J. Span ii that nomination Una Alao made by acclamation. From the fifth la Trot. Judge join f. Alb lies. Of Wayne and judge John it. Hasnaa of Jimiy. Were Nomen acid. The Call of the Roll waa Ihnn made and it being evident that judge Kab lies had Reo Eire a a Large majority of the Votaw the name of judge Haiina qua withdrawn Ann the nomination of judge Kibbey made unania Fuoua. An of Joni a flt or . Aubo Iiga Tea Convent ton waa quiet digit told Aarn eat and a Fleettaa. An ii Burat of ent Huai main occurred at that Point to the proceedings that d Flea an adequate portrayal. At the Cun Clit Lono tha ballot for supreme judge and tending the Annii Teemant of Ita Reault the band Atri Iok up a Medley of those soul stirring Atra a tramp tramp tramp Tea Boya Are and Quot John brawn a with Tea Flatt Atraill of Tauaa Liia Piring Niru the die to tatar a Nii arty of Koia Kad Omar bad to their Nokle Froais Atlanta to the Aea. Or iad heard their sea Luiu karm Ulra at Tomt out Teaburg and a Akbar Felda �1 tattle Felt a Reata Loia impolite to a alone than with a Alteer. And by the Guiua the in imly Al Borbat Liivat Vera bad keen reached be to Agar curbed a but kataura coat Eugun a web Ana Vole bunt act Moa at a Timp to Wop. Trans Tea boy Ara making Quot hot arty Akiak his Iralu and Aanas i the thrill St Monin to Gonna to Brogota the Aya Teai of a Twy Lagale. Tea Aanund of Tea band waa atnally Emihl at Limm m Elton Tom Aroya to Weeoma to Tea . In imm la Kph Dot Iier Imi emt Tiv Bat and aka Rad. And a Kan a i in of Ord ill of re Ruki it a Raptor to a 4�l� gala with an empty Laava a ailed ver Furta Cheera for the pm they win Elvaa a Ith a degree of car duality and warmth that a Tot Tad �0 doubt of the political of ii i Exira a Tea Eaas vent Ltd. The Amine waa in marked Oan Taatto the alarm Lathatte eoe Pum of Ika a ame at by the de Noralla you vow Niibu of a weak a Aquia indo Raed by Tea Wannen it waa then amt Onnord that it two octet Lea of Laditca were present ago desired to add aaa the convention. Penn Talon was freely granted and mra. P. T. Merritt rape Keiit Ira Trad anal Bhe Bald mks. Nerkitt s address. Gentlemen i feel that As from a t can uak of you net blog More. I will aay for my self. And for a urge Mit Mortty of thaae whom i represent. That i am perfectly Natl fled with the Reault of your combined Tadom. Aii a Ean at Tala Kiaie is that our Auma Menta Chati come before the voting people of tto stale for Beer de Talon Aud from my a two i thank Yan. I Bave still my Appeal to Nam to Ron a Inglr Mannl i Ember of Tala it to your plea Anre that i Aliona do to. Your decision that and the ballot Aballo of Imi id in band meets with our Entera a ppr Vij a. On he 19tb of Quot May last Large and in Tbs not a tto state Maka meeting of Parana inter sad in to Tail final rights of women was convened in Tala atty Aad the grand Oivera Boule we a full let to with women and their free bad who bad come from All Patta of the state to assert their read no a to take non the Melvea All the Prev Leges of civic Enship As Well As the n woman in attendance there represented from one to fire Hundred others and thousands of letter were received from those Nii Able to be Pri Aen. Or to Send represent Alves. By a cafe nil a Sti Tbs Ite it Hua been tracer tarred that not it a than 4o,Oao Sobiek were rept Senthy at Abbt by an act of that Contention was. M. E m. Artoe of Kokino my. H. R. Old paid of Oreen Castle and myself were appointed As delegates to the i thereat politic so state convention and it to by that a Twity that i am Beton Yon to a. That women Bould have party prefer Mees a Emma under the to congruous yet Auch is the Case and while they feel bound by no party which continues to ignore Thein i Thi Tiit i May cloth the Honor of a larger number of Republican citizens to it Day than any Obi a Delegate present. I am not Here to disc was the subject of Quot woman s Sii Trage Quot the fact that Wonyen in lady Una Are citizens Haa not been dented that All Cut Sens of a Quot Repullo Quot a government of the people for the people and by the people Are equally entitled to a voice to that government la undeniable. The abstract right of the women of the United states to the ballot la almost universally conceded. When the non exercise of a right Haa Leeome a palpable Oba Taele to the proper performance of duty there can be no ii Eaton of exited Ncncy to Ronalder. With Rea Peet to the tiie Atooli a to whether a Romen Thiu elves desire to cd Erciso the right of franchise i am Here to answer Liat they de and to Aucon vast that it Aegina to us unreasonable to wait until nil Are heard from before Home action is taken in our let half Especial of since no citizen can be forced to exercise this right against Hia or her will. There la. Then but one All important que Atlon before a a Lila time shall women be granted the privilege of exercising it would be out of the present sphere of woman to attempt to Auh were this question. It a for the Sovereign male citizen to decide whether we shall to get put into Possession of our Birthright As free born a Aprl an citizens. Therefore to accordance with the Pirie of the meeting of May 19, in let Elial of 4< ,00u a Omen there represented and in behalf of the Oliou hands of others who have in Vari Riih ways expire aged their wishes. I Aak you men of Indiana that Yon give this subject of equal rights your consideration. In that ease we do not fear your conclusions. We do not presume to urge or to dictate. We ask Only for some expression from you that will hasten Tny Day when we Airall stand before the world clot lied in the full dignity of Freedom tit to be Wavee and mothers of freemen. We a Al to your a Nae of a Mattce and right. Of have Ever been generous and considerate. As Indian women we have indeed much t4> be grateful for yet we cannot be Content until we Wear with Yon the priceless Gem of it Terry. Doit Are Here As representative men of the great Republican party. I Aak you to remember that Quot he who server Tim country Best serves his party this government was instituted to promote the cause of Liberty and a Mattce. What higher service can one give to his country than to seek to establish the principles upon which it is found ill Tbone of us who Are republicans feel that we have much to Hope for from the great rep Allcan party. We already owe Yon much. We would be glad to. La a measure Ean eel that debt by swelling the victories which Iii list surely be Yourt if you continue to adhere to True Republican princ Plee. But alas we have no votes. Politically women Are indeed but ciphers. We count for nothing. But gentlemen although Cippera have in themselves no value their position with regard to values to important. Place us on the right Side and your Power will increase ten one Hundred . Consign a to the left and it will decrease in the aame ratio. Fellow cd Lzena and delegates my duty is done. What answer Ball i take Bank to my waiting chairman Thompaon informed Tea convention that be bad answered mrs. Merritt s closing interrogation by saying that she would receive Ber answer at the november election. Muh. m. , representing the w. C. T. A. Was next Intro duped and add reeled the oar Eaton a follows or. President and Oen Leaen of the convention i can a count for the enthusiasm and Good nature that prevails a this Convent ton but in one Way and that to because Yon knew Yea Hare done right Aad Yon Are Happy Applan Sej and on behalf of tie woman s cd Tsuan Union of Indiana that a no unimportant Factor to the great agitation of the state i Bank you and a Yon have Given us no Uncertain sound a plans i on this occasion give you no nne Ertain found to thanking you for your action this morning. Yon have done Ricot. Howl first Yoa have said that Yon would leave the question of these two amendments Toad Reet vote of the people secondly you have very a lately and very properly to Accord a Tab the wish of tha woman s Christian Temperance Union left them entirely untrammelled from partisan influence thirdly. Tou have done the next fair things Yon Bave said that these amen Meute should go to the Mople at a special election. We can stand upon hts platform a Tab you and work for the acc was of beae two great alien menu because we Are not afraid of the Volee of the people. They Are always to be trusted Aud never a it be dist stad. My friends i Wyuta i would say that these great Queen mrs Are to be left to the voice of the whole people but i still maintain Confidence la the Mala people who will setup this question. In ume. Quot be Piile Quot will Maan the women of Indiana Juat the same As the men but we Are willing to Trust your Bonor in Tala matter. The Volee of the people is the voice of god. If we do not falter but present an unbroken front to our enemy Indiana will write upon the statute books nude Meier the 8th, at our next election Day Quot set i Briety and Emial rights for i thank you on Liebali of the woman a Curi Atlan Temperance Union for your honorable action this morning Aud Pray for the Aii Chaae of our great causes. 1 thank you and Truat Yau. A Danae _ concluding feat Irea Jim Wood the Irish Miner was called for by a thousand voices and made one of Lus car after ution telling Apecechea. My. Wood s a Nuess. I feel Prond of being Here to Day. That is the first rep Abilean state Convent ton that i have Ever Iteen in and. When i look upon the Facea of the men who compose this convention to Day i am convinced that it is far Superior to any Convent he that i have Ever been in before. Applause j Iii Leinen if i waa ten foot Blob and weighed a ton i feel like every Inch of a would be a re Inbi Feuu. Lapp Lunae sometimes when i am going for the they say m me Quot Jim what Nide Yon say so Long with the do Moc Ratie i it arty. Kilo Wing them to be guilty of so Many front rat Quot i answered Bat que Atlon by having Tala Quot a Long a i ail Weil Lui Hendricks Bill English Frank Kandera Aad Dan a Oorbeek to do Jim a thinking Joni waa a Democrat. Lighter Aad Apida Iise. I uni ust As Aooie a join pm it a an to do Illa own Reading und its own Blu tag be waa a Japp Lanae. I waa a inured Over in Washington City to Bear Little 8uni coi and Robinson trying to Natter the irl Tineo. In a countrymen and make them be Lleve that the Liema Cratto party was this Friend to the Irish. They would ont make me Bellvue that. I knew better. I have studied Thia thing ont for myself. In the great state of new York the Deino cratic party would not amount to a Corporal Gaard without the Irish vote and they never Nave elected an Irta Man to a state Floe on Tea Amo Zratie ticket m Tibai Stata yet. state of hew York. Be Aab a Carr is an Bonor Atole Man a cat bolts us a girls Kun and he Kas keen a hated Totea a it Faez Rou slag majorettes. Lapp Lanae the tree Ereie will Nolif Nathan it bin my a Bea la Knob a a Bla Tea Homb a Loaa flu a a Oil Baia pne. And com 1� bin. A Dow Matt san to no in Long Alaee of be Jim. What Sas the a Annb Lucaa party Ever Doaa fur the Ichi Btu Lataya Quot mister what did Meiris Baver Devar the Ren Buean party Quot Laug Biar had applause i would Baak people if to a be Ratet. App Rne. I Bald to Kim. A what Kad the Irish Ever Dene for the rep Billoan party before 1880, Forl believe it did get a Cood Maor Mah Totea Benl Quot they of a a boat Tea or Tab Aen that bold off Len Ander a Macon la Darta Ihram of. I went to work a self when i was la Washington City Aad i a fa0�ter, and t am ram 1,� people that were employed in the drove Rapant Sai <�1� Ware Bora in Inland. Applauss.1 Tbs a Over was Ball that Amber Ander any do Inow ratio Adu Taistra ton. Mow i will not detain Yoa longer. Cree of Quot of ahead Quot Quot dont Yoa most Samoa by say Ngao int web about the in Tab. But Tia la a que Elob i Aai Lote Rasted la Theta than aay to Iii Alm. A soon m a Irish Aida land. La Toto eau try they to with Bim what they did with me. When t got to cattle oar Dan the first thing that waa aimed upon be was that the Republican party was the Well per Lac of Itow i to bought Bat Wmk to Natii i got to doing by town Madlung and mar in thinking and then i found oat Todt in the year 1850 the Kho in the soak then be did in Tufe a Oft. _ there were 44 per cent of the vote that were East in the South in that year East Tor the know do brag a abet do the and Onia 18 per cent. �1 the votes that wet Cost m the Kortbein states a fast for the Kaow nothing saudi Dorte. I also found that thai it great Republican state at Ohio gave 28,000 know Othong votes and to great cum Oci Ratto state of Kentne by. Nat across the a ver Gate 67,000 Vomm and i could name Stata after state to Sbet a Abbt know oth Inglin a Rak bom and raised in the Sontz. Them was another thing that woke me up a Ift Rte. I found that there were fifty seven is Heb murdered in. The City of on the Host monday of angst in 1s3�. Abd Only two votes were East there in 18s0. Applause sent Leuten. This to the argument they Are making All tiie time to make the ignorant mass believe that the. Republican party is against Tea Forstner. Atad it to All perfect Humbug. 1 Asp Planse j the will do anything to get votes. They try by every Means to catch votes. As it was a dressed beef a while afto Quot they have a Keg of try sky Oti on shoulder and a Glass of water the funniest thing yet is the Way they try to get the Dorky tote. It used to be the Quot Nigger or Liat Quot old Dorky Quot now it la Tea Quot coloured i Tell you that the Quot old Darky Quot has got a Bettar memory about him twin the demo i a five Bim credit for. He is not going to forget the Day when the White Democrat could to into Bis log Cabin and take Liber Tea there and when he went to court to get a Mattce All the Justice he got was the whip a Cross Bla Back and Aho Uldera. The darkies Are not going to forget those times. The darkies Are still acquainted with the fact that it was the Republican party that Cut the a hackles off four millions at s aves and made them human beings Ond told them to take their places to the world s humanity. The thirteenth. The fourteenth und the fifteenth amendments were passed by the republicans against every Power Agal Nat every prayer and the supplication of every Democrat in this whole country. I should like a Man to show me a Democrat to Point out a single Democrat who waa a Democrat at ten time that qua in favor of any one of those amendments. It cannot be done. Another thing they Are trying to do is to Blindfold us on the Tariff but they cannot do that with the Labouring Man. He is too Well posted. He knows where Bis friends Are. The Republican party stands United upon protect Lou. The new England democrats Are in favor of Protection and Tea Western demo Crata Don t know what they want. In the last Campaign i Law a Democrat take Bis hat off Bis Beati and hold it up. And. Says be Quot gentlemen there a a hat that Republican Protection make coat me 94 but under democratic free Trade it would Only coat Quot sume fellow cot up then and asked the Qvie Stion just this was Quot but suppose the Man Sidn t Bave the $2t&Quot laughter and App Lanae i Tell you. If you Hud free Trade a this country there would be but few of us that would have $2 to buy anything with. Applause the Farmers would not find much of a Market for what they raise. We doa t want Tea English free Trade principles to prevail in this country and. As i told my countrymen in the last canvass an irishman would not do anything More for England if lie was to shoulder Bla Musket and take the rat Veasel that would sail for that country and enrol himself under her Flag and tight her battled than by voting to favor of the democracy and to Beer free Trade principles. When he does it be votes to take the bread Aad Moat out of Bis own children s Mouths to taks the school by it is out of their Banda and to throw Bim Aalt ont of employment. And make a Wamhof atm Oelfand vagabonds of Bis family. I say that we Labouring atm in this country cannot do anything More for great Brit Ala iban to Vota in favor of beae free Trade principles Necaise. If you do Bey would shut up oar Maebane shops atop our own industries Aud open up a Market Ybera they can sell Beir goods. Everybody knows that where goods Are Mauu factored for the same Narket Andona Man has to pay $3 a Day for labor and another Man Baa Only to pay 91 a Day for labor Aud those two men go feta the aame Market to sell to Beer goods it is understood by even Bedy that the Man who gets labor for 91 a Day can Andar Seli the Man that Bas to pay 93. Now we doa t what to work As Bey do in those old count Las. Sone demo Crata tall be we ought to work As Robeap As they do Over Tybera. Of Allemen a poor aaa cannot educate Bis family Over there Bat be Ean in this country of Freedom Ana Liberty Bleb is Tea borne of the oppressed from every Bation. We Bave a Good Canoe to Edu Eata end Boye and Girla Are and to make same Blag oat of them eran if we Are poor Labouring people. Now. I will say Jast one woj Nore Apea the amendment a and than i will quit i will tall Yoa a Lite tale Taat Oceana Tane. It was supposed that Johnny Bull Aad brother Jona Baa got into a itt tto social were bragging about Bair a pantries. Aad Job my Bull Bald to brother Jona Baa Quot you Bava got a Royal Fanelly la Yaar Chantry Quot and brother Jonathan Maya to Jab any Bull Quot Yon Are nista Kea air Avery Auta a the United a Taine belongs to the myal now we propose tha every Labouring Man and Eveir Nan in this eau try or in this state shall Bava a Banee to Fez Wees Bis up Loloa Apon those area Owenta. Fat la what we what. We what no a Mhz and to Lees. K is Roe a nay differ in our a Plata a regard to then but a Bava a right to express that opinion and we Danang neat leg Natura that a Ball have a Vota upon them Unoura numbed by aay a Litreal Orvaal Oatlene that May exist Fatwa pm. Applause be Nunesn. Us crowing late and perhaps a great Nany of on want to go Bono on a strata Aad i Don t what m take aay More bae but i will Tell Yoa one thin. When the Battle Eames. Lax peretto Boa the Pieket Una. Applause and if there Are any of the a any a Gana to be Epi cd i am ready to make the Barge and try Taalke then. The lady Bald. Baa sea a poke that Iba a Pabunan party waa right Apia Tala a Aeson. That la Trae. The rap Amioka party to right Apon every que Estloa. App latin Tea rep Abilean party does not desire to no True word or Ane latter oat of Ita past history. They stand to Day upon the pin Aaela of Fane looking Dowa upon the nighty change that have Tabea Plaza Sines the Golem Nat Bas Lieen to to brr Bonds. The demo Crata Dea t want to look further Back Baa two years. Bat look at it All the Way through. The always of potting everything the Are doing Gad a a a Oona the Republican Bave it. Then they Tiern around and claim All the Appu quae a not that sol la the Loat canvass i Neard Amine of their big Guna get up and talk for two Honra. The Flat hour they would take no telling what the Denoe Ratte party had done for the Roun try la the War of Al Nantes. And a next hour they would occupy tailing what scoundrels were upon the Republican ticket who if they got Thor does Woald All be in the . They claim tha credit for the Al Nantes of the country. Now just one word at out that. You ally know How this country was when the Republican party took bold of it. Bonds bringing 10 per cent. Interest were old at 83 Sente. Now under rep Billoan Rule a bad i Earitt 4 per Cut. Interest Briaga a Premium of 10 Penis. That is All the history the a publican it arty wants in relation to the Ali incas. Now let us go to our limes and go to work Eari neatly and not Ait Dowa and talk. Let every wan put Bis shoulder to the wheel and i is it right along. I thank you for your at tenuous. At the Cloae of or. Wood setae cd Tea Een Vui thou Adlour Imd slue die. Coa Vaaloa Netos. The indies were a shelved. Mator Calkins Cut its remarks Short Long before he convention Bud heard enough of Blai. Governor Cammack a Tab its Aee untamed gallantry appeared As to Champion of the ladles. The gag Law was not applied. Bull there waa not a single Quot no Quot in response to the Call for Tea negative when the Reso Luthane were Road. Jim Wood Quot the in Tab Miner Quot gallantly gave Way to the la it Lles and Awal Tad its Epport Aalto Jin was loudly Ebe Atad Ubea be appeared. Or. Orer Neyer was Quot net Laa Trostad by Tea Coa Alitae to Nove it us then when Tea Reee Lakeua Vera Ole Rad Tor Tea approval of Tea eat Vaadia. Jin word am that a a Laag a a allowed magi lab Daay Orbam Fri mtg l4mid�ni Aad Quot bin Xum a andr Mcketo do Jota Tbs Akong Jim mob a3>en-�?�erak by Somis aaa Betta Gan to self Jin Boane Jana Wood Tea Imbt Laok who a a Asiong a a flee Ateela a Taa Dyro the Edven to a Hake an Lounel and a prese Tanea it Tea Irish question. In Bis own Peculiar style waa highly Coupe Natad. Ceased Evcole Para la it Baar Ope bin a a Tny Aea inn to enter the Zaavan. Baving already received req its from All part of Tea state Aad a will Wou Wynot mip a or. Overmeyer s take off in or. Hendricks s Rana Eksaa Ibasan Abrama Anat Kattaa waa Par it the nearly Happy. Or. Head Teks stated that a Quot had bean lae trusted by the Elm Elltee on Reso the Ada Tiaa at the platform a inf no a Lnig a data Aava Tea a Ratow or. Overa Taurer Abaied a hot a bad not bean in meted to Nava the Prev loue question Bat bad Boa requested Toplake the resolutions before the Convent Lea for . The gag Lbw we not apply ill. A it la a by. I Watn knig of Tea Vraa eat Aad Tia King a Ulit past of our deat aerate Meating the latest Yea. Tea last. When oar great men met again at Tea Oapl Tal of state. To fund again their a Mott. And la be platform it to late. Tis Well to Bave some Wise men us Quot to rulers Quot to guide. Or where would go the ship of a tata out on Tea Stormy tide was thinking on the Kag Lesb Spe Aeb and what we did resolve tis wonderful the Wilsden Tea minds of seme evolve. To allow the people to vote to it Rob bit ill Liz whisky is to their Liber Tea wonderfully o wonderfully. Re ski to keep the people s Bonor and yet preserve them free they must be allowed Only a vote on certain things you a a a it. Now if this matter s muddled quit Bard to understand. Remember the Contention lipid this we Dotu of the land surely tis very Plain there is no error Nawy the people must not vote on a Quot sump uary Quot Law. Owem. Gobi out ind _ what is thought of it. Opinions or leading be publicans at the work of the convention and the political Outlook. Shortly after the adjournment of the convention a of the journal met col. R. W. Thompson at the new Delson hotel and asked him what he thought of the gathering. Quot it waa an excellent convention Quot said colonel Thompson Quot one of the very Best i Ever . The proceedings were harmonious throughout and everybody seemed Samseli a. For an off year great enthusiasm was shown and it was tempered with Good judgment and a to rough Apple Slatton of the Quot what do you think of the platform Quot queried the reporter. Quot it is generally Good and the amendment Plank is particularly Well suited to the ext Gen cles of the hour. I think it not Only expresses the opinion of the republicans of the state but of All fair minded men generally. In Short it is satisfactory to every Quot do you regard the political of look As encouraging in this Etstel Quot Quot so far As i can find out. It is decidedly so although i have not been around a Noab to form a careful opinion. I can see no reason Why the republicans should not be Adeee Erful this to the reporter s suggestion that be Craven ton Manit Estad b Blob Apple Cuzen of colonel Thompson s ability and car vices that gentleman modestly disclaim of any superiority in this regard saying. Quot of i am an old Man Aad i have been in rep Lilie an convey Sluus in this Stata Stone the foundation of the party. Probably the reason the Dele Cea to Day honoured me waa because they had re Thair fathers and Gravid fathers talk about having worked with me in conventions years ago. Col. Thompson a Ras cuffs ring fron a severe headache and the reporter humanely refrained from questioning him farther. Hon. W. H. Calkins Quot it was one of the most orderly intelligent and enthusiastic conventions i have Ever attended and Ita Woi will meet with the App Robatta of the people Hon. George i. Reed Quot i an Well Natl fled with the Day work. I think the platform will commend i itself to every thou Gotful wan in the state senator Lockridge of Putnam county Quot it will a Alt the people in every part of the Stata neg by Beci Paa. ,.�?chop raw fresh pork Tery Fine add a utile Salt plenty of Pepper and two Small onions chopped Fine Liaf As numb bread a there a meat soaked Antil soft two Egga mix Well Ether make into Oblong patties and Fry like oysters. These Are Nice Lor breakfast if used for luncheon Terra with sliced Lemon. Of Tail 8oi<p.�?taka two tails Wash and put into a Kettle with about one gallon of cold water and a Little Aalt. Skim off Tea Broth. When Tea meat is Well cooked take out the Bone and add a Little onion Carrot and tomatoes. It is Batter nude Tea Day be foil thing. To that the fat can be taken from Tea top. Add vegetables next Day and boil an hour and a half longer. tale bread and break or Cut into Small pieces put a quart of the pieces into a frying pan pour Over it one pint of fresh milk and cover Light put on the stove for about Tan minutes Wpm it is not too hot then remove the cover and break in Ona egg Radii a piece of Batter the site of a Nat a Little Salt and Pepper stir with a Fork for a minute or two Aad serve. Tia with scrambled or poached Egga Makas a Nice dish for breakfast Tomato 8alai>.�?wipe and slice about half a Doxen tomatoes Lay them in a salad bowl on a bed of Green salad pour Ever them the following salad dressing it in the Bottom of a pint bowl the Yolk of a raw egg and a Quarter of Salt spoonful of Aalt stir in drop by drop three tablespoonfuls of salad Oil Ona of vinegar or Lemou Juita and half a Aalt spoonful of dry Mustard stirring until smooth. The appearance of this dish May be varied by a Erving to tomatoes whole each Ona surrounded by two or Threa Small tender lettuce Leatea tie tomatoes should be scalded for a minute by pouring boiling water Over them to that Thair Kina can easily be removed. Peck of Green Tom toes a pint of Green penile is and a pint of onions together. Sprinkle and Stirt Roui a cupful of met and let them cataud Over night. Drain and a Queena out All the juice take vinegar enough to cover Tirom add two in get of Brown sugar a cup or less if you prefer of White Mustard seed half an ounce of whole cloves the same amount of ground All Spica boil it altogether for t lire a ii Artcrie of in hour Piid pour into your jars this is also very Nice to use a salad without cooking ainu if stirred frequently to prevent molding on the top it will keep All Winter. Let it Ual Parta of Thia and cabbage chop red Tine Giitl pickled with sweetened Pinckar is a Tiu Good. Graham Hoven cups of Graham hours sifted or nut a she chooses allow one cup of Cream or a Little Over two thirds of a cup of butter two table it Oon Fuls of baking powder one joint of Sweet milk mix the powder thoroughly with the hour then stir in the butter or Cream and the milk add a teaspoonful of Salt see that it is evenly distributed through the dough mix with a spoon till so stiff you Are obliged to use your Hunius then Rull out As Oiin As you Roll Ginger Simps and bake in a hot oven. Toliese Cra Kors require Only a few minutes baking if the oven is in a pro or condition Lio not put Ulicni away in a Jar or Box until they have been spread on a Platter near the fire for about two hours so that they will to perfectly dry and will not absorb moisture. Of course their Cyrel Lynca depends on their being Crisp and Brittle. A Farmer near Liverpool eng i Bas in tented a self acting ventilation apparatus which prevents Hay or Grain put into stack Al Nita wet from being injured by heating thus rendering the Farmer oomph ratio by Inda Pendant Elba wether in that Mott , Garden and Home. A4avungai Marioaa methods of conducting Many departments of agriculture Are being introduced into almost All parts of the civilized world. Otto system of making butter and cheese in Large factories has been adopted in All the Dairy Coli Itria of Europe As Well As ill Australia and new zealand. Barbed wira for fences is fast superseding All other kinds of Materiola in almost Alleo untried where land a enclosed. It is Bow vary extensively used in South am Rica Africa and on Tea islands in the Indian Ocean. More labor saving a a Achi nes for doing work in Fields and for Dis have been invented in the United tates than in All other countries combined and there Are fast finding their Way into All Parta of the world. Ohr Aoa Bines for sowing drilling harvesting Atid threshing Grain have been the Means of giving wheat 3n bread to million of peo de who have been accustomed to eat Little but bread made of the inferior flour of Rye Oats and Barley or that made in part from potatoes and Chest a nth. American inventions Bava lightened Drudgery in Fields and elevated agricultural labor in every country in the world where they have been introduced. Our system of drying apples and other fruit has resulted in to red using articles of b Quality so Superior that the system has been adopted in Many countries from necessity. Fruit dried by exposure to the Sun and liable to be injured by dust and insects would toot sell for any approach to the Price that would be obtained for that deprived of moisture in apparatus that excluded the impurities of the air the insects that Are common during the season of drying which renders the process of Decicca Iota very speedy. The of beat sugar. During the present season May Farmers in different parts of Illinois have been experimenting with sugar beet seed supplied by this agricultural i apartment at Springfield and thus far the reports received by sect teary Are to the effect that the culture of sugar beet can be made profitable. Some years ago several Large factories for the manufacture of sugar from beets were established in that state but owing either to defective methods or the Lack of the right kind of beets the experimenters were compelled to discontinue their Elt Orts to create Thia new Industry. The seed planted this year was obtained through or. W. H. Raise an enthusiastic German who is now in this country engaged in ascertaining just what opportunities Are offered for the establishment of factories. Or. Kaise is now in san Francisco rep renting a number of German capitalists who have Confidence in the Multi niuta Success of the beet sugar business and who Are prepared to Start factories in this country wherever they receive the slightest encouragement. The manufacture of beet sugar bos been made successful in several Kur Opeai coun tries and certainly can be made equally in America especially on the Rich soil of Illinois and Iowa. Practical and thoroughly skilled workmen Are All that a needed and the German capitalists referred to will if properly encouraged attempt to demonstrate that Good Merchantable sugar can be made from beets. Of recent years the machinery for manufacturing beet sugar has been very much improved although foreign inventors have taken the Lead in this direction. Aided by the inventive Genius of this country backed by the necessary capital it must follow that the results in the manufacture of beet sugar will at least equal the Gigantic impera Eventa which have been made within a few years in the manufacture of sorghum sugar. _ the in Taro Pri so of wheat. Or. W. I. Chamberlain Secretary of the Ohio Board of agriculture in his crop report for july 1882, has this to a in regard to the future Price of wheat and his opinion presumably founded upon authentic and careful reports from All parts of the state cannot but interest Farmers and dealers outside of Ohio. Referring to the prices of wheat or. Chamberlain says Quot they seem already to Nave touched Bottom sooner indeed than waa anticipated. Coming Eventa cast their Shadow before. The crop of Winter wheat is now Safe and is for the whole country without doubt the largest in our history except Tobosa of 1879 and 1880. The absolute total May even reach those immense crops but to relative total probably cannot. Our acreage has increased to keep Pace with the steady and rapid increase of population and Home consumption and wit i the rapidly increasing foreign demand. Several fact seem to indicate that Good to. 1 and no. 2 Ohio wheat cannot Long remain below or even As Low As $1 per Bushel. First the history of tha past a bows that the Seldom occurs in of Iii. Second old Baat is old off closer than for years Bane our total apply of old and new is not so great. Third the War Cloud in the old world is increasing. Fourth reports of Rai Harvest weather and Danga to crop in England Are not contradicted. Fifth our a lady increase of population and of Export Salas will doubtless require our entire snap Las at fair prices. Sixth the probable Short am of the Corn Aad Apple crops. Seventh the fact that $1 per Bushel is Low the Price comparatively of other article of human consumption. Beae and other considerations Lead to the belief that no. 1 and no. 2 Ohio wheat will be excellent property at 1 per Bushel and will probably average some Bat about that figure for thevera to if or. Chamberlain a Correct in this reason in the aame will hold Good Brou Boot the West care of Hannaa to Lamner. Harnabai a Nore rapidly injured in sum Mer says the country gentleman Titan in Winter. It is sometimes soaked with rain and again subjected to heat and drying and the perspiration of Bors a does it no Good. If kept Well oiled All Towse a dunces will cause Little injury. There Are Many different applications used and different modes Are adopted for employing them. A common Way is first to Wash thoroughly with soap and warm water and then apply neat foot Oil As the Best Oil for the purpose. Buta different course is adopted by others. One team manager inform us that the first thing to do is always to apply one or two Coats of Castor Oil with enough Lampblack to give pro tier color. By thus saturating the leather with Oil first tha soap and water applied afterwards do not penetrate it and when leather is permitted to absorb water it Bard ens it and excl daa the Oil. By oiling first the dirt is softened so that it is easily washed of and Thia obviates much of tie to scraping otherwise required and tie whole operation May be performed at once. After being oiled Wash it with a sponge and Boa it Suda and when dry rub Over it a mixture of equal Mirts of Oil and tallow coloured with Lampblack and a Small portion of i russian Blue. This is substantially the process recommended and we shall bog lad to hear from those who have tried differ edit methods As to their Comparativo Vaine and of Shebene Oltof applying the Oil Flat and the fitness of Caa Tor Oil As compared with other applications. While on the subject of using i Arnesa in farm work in to Rimmor. It a Wall to recommend for any Field work the simplest harness that will answer the purpose both for the Comfort of to horse and to prevent the needless Wear and tear of leather. Blinders Are not needed belly bands nor croppers. Simple harness for the farm kept always in Good order not liable to breakage will be a thing of Economy in More was than one. And sometimes prevent costly delays in the most Busy Days of the year. Prepa food. Toua Keepen who Are the feeders of men who Are compelled to do Bard work mental or physical should Unden und Bow much depends on the proper kind of food. Strength Donee Only from suitable nutritious food Well do heated. A Man whether a Inlo or or employed win Hare Arnore working Power if he eats As much and Only As much As ii can digest Well Lof lean meat properly iwo ked Good Jaraad. Oat meal Ordinary and curd cheese and the like than if con suiting Aalt fat pork Cooke almost to a Crisp a with potatoes Etc. A labourer paid a Dollar or More a Day will do double real work if five to ten Cento extra be spent in supplying him with food that will give Bim the fullest strength. Beans if not charred or browned in cooking peas Green or Ripe Good bread and cabbage thoroughly cooked Supply the elements for muscular Force. The blood is the Active Helper in digesting food by up plying the gastric solvents and it carries nourishment to the Muscles and to the brain. While a beat meal a Beitf worked up the blood is drawn away from the Muscles and brain to the stomach. We at Bard work 6r of exercise with mind or i the blood is drawn from the stomach a less nutria Zentik obtained Froia the is a Good Rule to work slowly at first i full Mebis and i Cream a a Abi Ouist of to Cise gradually As the blood can be from the digestive organs. More will d comply sized by this course la Wor and thinking. The French be who make a study of the a Arjaev take a very Little food on Riding a Rolf and Coffee and perhaps a Mem j and begin work at Daylight. Towards Nomof to from a iils Poppr they take another similar simple past Aiila do a full Day s work by 4 o clock a the aft a it noon then rest a Little take a fall heart meal and make a business of digesting to amp i during the rest of the evening and night i this meal is digested diffused All through the system and quietly builds up and strength ens the Muscles so that they Are ready for vigorous work the next Day. Experienced horsemen understand that with a heavy Feea of Oato Etc. At night and a Light breakfast a horse gets a reserved Stock of muscular strength Laid in in Advance and will travel faster and further than one having a Hearty morning feed to Start on. Household Plato. For a room which has a prevailing tone of Gray a mantel Lam Requin of Blue velveteen is handsome Tia May be brightened with Pink Flowers put on with silk embroidery or with a delicate scroll worked in yellow silk or in the favorite Chenille embroidery which is very showy. Velveteen of Good Quality does not Cost As much As Pius i or velvet and for a use like this i perfectly satisfactory. Cardinal velveteen a also handsome and in Good taste in a room like the one mentioned. A pretty Wall pocket or sort of banging Basket is made of a common fan not so called japanese fan but one that spreads. Take out the wire that holds the Sticks together at the handle then spread the fan and fast the two outer Sticks together Tea win piece of wire around the Sticka at the Bottom a tie a ribbon Over this and make a Haw via Short ends. The handle by which the polkas is to Liang a of ribbon also of the abase wid a and color As the other and is fastened at each Side of the pocket with a Small Bow. One Way to beautify a baby Carriage and to make the Young occupant appear to advantage is to make a Pillow Case for his Pillow of Blue Silesia to this May be fastened on the upper Side a soft cover of darned net with an Edge of Torchon. Fasten this to the Silesia with Small bows of narrow Blue ribbon. Make each Bow unlike the others. This can be planed on the Pillow when the baby is to be taken out in his bests at other times a Plain White Pillow Case edred with Hamburg or Torchon is Good enough for the Best of babies. Blue Holland shades with insertion and Edge of antique lace make a pleasing change from the red ones which Are and Bave been so popular. The shades Are especially adapted for windows Indaura and for bed room windows. Like the Scarlet ones they do not show dust and Wear As White or Cream coloured ones do. Under White Muslin curtains in a bed room curtain of common Turkey red Caliso not Only answer Well for a lining and give a softened Light to the room but Are durable also As they can be washed without fading. _ ram Motos. Mclean county Illinois is again a tic cd with an epidemic of hog cholera. About one third of the farming land a Illinois a rented either for Money or on shares. The Corn crop of Texas this year a estimated at 140,000,000 bushels. The value of the agricultural products of that state is $94,� 071.998. Fish farming has become popular with the Farmers of Georgia and Liere Are already 2.s00 Ponds in a Bat state which have been stocked with German Carp. It is estimated that 63 per cent of the Paov pie of this country Are Farmers. To per a cent age used to be about 70, but the increase in Mann factoring Baa caused the decrease. During the week of july 24 to 30 incl ale the Cobden us fruit a Biners Assoc Tauaa forwarded from that station 71,000 boxes a tomatoes of ruining one third of a Hushal each. The amount of buckwheat Faiaai Baa it of the Western state is very Amaal Aad to generally decreasing. Kansas has put Acree in this crop a decrease in Oak fear m 6s per cent it a estimated that the Wool Elip Teaf this season will amount to 28,000,000 pounian which at an average of 22 Cento per Potsiad will bring 10,300,0%. Ilie number of ahem a in the state is placed at 7,000,00a an Elm staads Neer the depot in Bir Street Kinton a y., which a a Favorito building place for Birds. More than two Hundred nest have been counted among Ita bran Baa this season and the Birds fill the old tree with song. It is the admiration of every visitor. Many go to Bear the singing of the Birds in the morning. There have been imported into new York City recently from Egypt 10,000 barrels of onions. This is said to be the first importation from that Region the gardens of bermudas and Portugal having hitherto sin it plied the deficiencies of our Home Fields. The egyptian onions Are said to keep better and longer than those of More Western countries giving them Especial value in ship a applied Lor Long voyages. A Missouri Farmer writes As soon a t and an animal in distress from bloat from eating wet grass or Clover i wet it Luong the Back with cold Well water and Alao Siaca a Large cloth or Blanket of several thick Nesses Over the paunch after Belog saturated with All the cold water that it will absorb and Over that a dry Blanket if the cold Watera is properly applied one will not have to wait Long for a cure. The crop of Indian com a one of tie Moat important Aud valuable in the United states. The crop of 188u was estimated at 1,717,000,000 bushels the wheat crop of the same year was estimated at 498,000,000 bushels. It must be considered a being the stale crop of the Western and South Western Tate. In 1s80 Illinois produced 240,000.000 bushels As against �,000,000 of wheat the acreage of Corn in Kansas the aame year waa ,�,095,070 acres Aud the product 108,704.-07 bustiers against an acreage of 1,520, 9 across of wheat with a Gradus �1 17,fiu0,250 bushels. After Long and patient Ian Vlier into the habits of the beast know a cum Divinch Bug professor Forbes of Normal tata Entomol Gist believe a hat disco Ferm a oomph action that is certain extermination to Sll the tribe. After numerous Experiment he discovered that a solution of water kerosene and milk costing halt a cent a gallon applied on Tea Corn will exterminate . It a Well known that the Cotton Coria at tha South has to be treated to a similar Bath although not made of the ume a Batoba. Or. Forbes can Teke the lame my ulna thai applied tie in Nirid Pieria nation to the Tottas Plant an Quot Quot Quot Nator. And use it for by i est Bici it bad it Mif

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