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Indianapolis Press (Newspaper) - May 13, 1888, Indianapolis, Indiana Vol. I no. 5. Indianapolis sunday 13, 1888. Five it phases of life stories of persons and incidents judge Lyron a. Elliott s recollection Homo of the City s a est Market master an Ohio be pii lican s indignation. A win tes for the i once upon a time i am not explicit As to dates out of regard to my hero s tenderness upon the subject of his age Gideon b. Thompson reigned Over the markets and Market a oxides of the City. His reign was Short init great. He was too faithful zealous and determined to he Long continued in office. It is really not too much to say he was the Best Market master to Diana oils Ever had. He had an unlimited Supply of that Quality which he Luis so often lauded on the news under the name of Sand Quot he has oth moral a my physical courage. He had in truth Pluck Zeal and persistence such As few officers i assess. He was a i practical reformer and a muscular one. In More than one instance his Cut rage was put to the test. A notable one was his capture of wild Bill. Wild Bill was a Butcher a desperado from tie Frontier always armed and Quot eager for the fray Quot the terms of his and of the police. This fellow brought into Market Ojie morning a lot of spoiled meat. Rideou s keen nose scented it from Quot afar of and he ordered that it be removed from the stall. Tie but can f reached for his we Ajjon but Gideon collared him. In the scuffle tie latter lost his glasses and As he can not see two feet before him without them he mistook the slain Boue of an of for the a Cleaver and with it Hilored Bill into submission and marched him in Triumph to the jail guided As the Story runs i y the Ever present Small boy. The Market master was the mayor said As proud of his exploit As was Samson of the feat he accomplished with another kind of l Oue. It was said by Many and truthfully that Gideon enjoyed a Quot scrap Quot All the More if with a piece of danger. In fact some of his enemies said he was always trying Quot to a a l Utcher an incorrigible offender after he had been fined for the fourth or fifth time in Rose cautions instituted by the Market master thus denounced him. Quot Dot snack ses jokes Dot nose of his into anybody s bees Ness. He nukes More trouble As Twenty Market masters. He knocks Hub Down Shust As Quick As 1 Knock Down any Oder calf. But he Atni t got no More Beer at de Butcher s expense he Don t l ring Dat Mouth of his and dose legs to any More butchers Quot Quot snacks Quot was in truth a Model officer and would do Honor to a much More important office than the one he held. Thor orighly honest he was fearless Aud impartial a and he enforced the Law with forcing the Laws Ither foi ii it a novel one with one at least of tin men lers of the editorial Stalf of the news. In a sketch Short As this is meant to be it is impossible to do Justice to the career i the Model Market master for tie chronicles of his reign show Many worthy things that he accomplished. But As an impartial biographer 1 feel it my duty to admit that once in awhile the excellent Juar Ket master Aud in All seriousness he was an excellent one was rather worsted in his Wordy encounters though never in his physical Battles. One instance it is due to the truth of history to give. A Prim neat precise old lady from Warren towns iii had on her Bench one Bright morning a lot of fowls and the Market master making his usual round picked Yue of Triem up adjusted his glasses and in a Stern tone said Quot Madam this Chicken is spoiled Quot but the old lady without giving the official time to Complete his sentence exclaimed Quot Why Law or. Thompson Don t you recognize your own kin that aint no Chicken. That air a in order to i break the Force of a Story which i am quite sure or. Thompson when he sees this article will hasten to Tell on me i Tell the Story myself. During or. Thompson s official career it became my duty As City attorney to prosecute a defendant for keeping a disorderly House. One of the witnesses was a sleek venera ble looking old coloured Man with a sanctified air but whose manner of life belied his sanctimonious appearance. This witness testified that among others there were five women in the House that two were White and two were coloured women. The examination which followed was something like this attorney what was the color of the other Wom auy witness can t rightly say Sah. Attorney can t you say whether she was a White woman or a coloured won Iny witness no Sah. Attorney was she not a coloured woman. Witness can t pc aptly say but she was about your color Sah. Duron k. Elliott. Ing the morning paper m Hen my friends entered and i noticed he was much interested in what was transpiring. As Rny victim could not tinder stand English anyhow i concluded to try the patience of the gentleman from Cincinnati and with this in View i administered the customary oath modified As follows Quot you solemnly swear that j of will support the Constitution of the a United states and the state of Indiana that it is your Bona fide intention to reside in and Bec Mie a citizen of the United states and that you renounce All allegiance and Fidelity to every foreign Prince potentate or sovereignty whatever Aud particularly the German emperor so help you god Ami that you will vote the democratic ticket until you die. Without Relief from valuation or appraisement Vandercook sprang to his feet As if he had been shot Aud shaking with anger and excitement he shouted Quot that s a 1�? 1 outrage and i shall report you to the state Central coup Pittee and then with an air of mingled indignation contempt and desperation he grabbed his hat and grip and bolted for the done shouting As he went out Quot a j wonder you 1�? 1 rascals can carry Martin t. Intr err. Of that circus posters Are Ripe i am reminded of something i saw recently in a Niall town not More than eighty Iive Miles away. I was walking Down the Street and noticed Ati undertaker s windows. In one was a Little White coffin with a Wiite Dove suspended Over it. And in the other was an assortment of Black shrouds Laid out with their arms Gente Elly folded. In both of these windows Over the funeral suggestions were Hung bar num Quot a Large circus to Osters blazing with Green red and yellow won it a Jumi ing from horses through Hook is. And being fired comi Posedly Motif of cannons into hammocks Etc. Thinking a Man who could concoct such an incongruous combination was certainly deserving of investigation 1 went in and Liim. A very genial German gentleman responded to my greeting and 1 said Quot my Friend i just stepped in to about your Windo a decorations. Does t it strike you As rather incongruous to i it circus posters and coffins in the same window Quot Quot vat Vas Dat Quot Quot asked the Gernian gentleman. Quot does t it strike you As rather queer to mix coffins and circus Bills Quot Quot i amended. Quot veil maybe Dot Vas so Quot was the reply Quot but you see circus Man he sees my Nice big binders and dose Vas lots of room Dere and he comes in and he says he gift me d tse circus tickets for mine Little Gal Shoost i let him hang n is up Dere so i let him hang dose ills up and ven dose circus comes mine Little Gal and me we goes and sees dose vim men s shoot dose cannons out. In der midst of det we Vas in life already aint it Quot Quot a l. M. P. It has been intimated that Moths got into the hair of or. Will Heiskell some years ago Aud ruined tiie once tix Friant growth that had adorned his head. It May not be trite but the fact that he has iii Ere nothing to part in the Middle is evident. The doctor wears a tight Skull Cap i protect his head from flies and foul h. A about , and a Short time ago occur. Quoted an Lucid but that strange As it May Seii. Interrupted the to Quality of a Barber. It was in a neighbouring town where Heiskell had been called on . That he wanted a shave and going Down from his room iii the hotel to the Barber show Ore on his head merely the Cap. After extolling the merits of sea foam and Quot Cusp Dora s hair the Barber urged a hair Cut. Quot what kind of a Cut can Yum give me Quot Quot asked the doctor. Quot Pom Jadour or straight or Feather i Edge Sah Quot replied the artist of the lather. Quot then Cut mine Pompadour please Quot Quot answered Heiskell As removing the Cap he exposed a cranium As Bare of hair As a billiard Ball. A speaking of Barber shops recalls an in cadent that of Cut red several months ago in which James Whitcomb Kiley and a i coloured Barber figured. For some reason Kiley asked to be shaved without lather. It is resumed that he had left his mtg find Brush at his room and did not care to mix in the free for All lather that other customers used. In the course of the monologue that the Barber carried on with our poet the Barber Learned that the occupant of his chair was a plumber. When Quot next Quot was called 1 responded and the first remark vouchsafed me was Quot that Nuin said he s a plumber and did t want no lather on his Cheek. I m did if i believe r. W. matters. Men who carry canes and How they handle them. Peculiarities of the walking stick habit an Ltd the Odd styles that May lie seen in i be by Well known people Washington Street with a Little stick in hand. Geo. W. Spahr has a fancy for the society of a Cane also Aud is reported by an Ai Mirer to carry it As a mule carries his Street car amusement tail switching it in the air All the time. Jos. Perry is never observed tit in Broad Daylight with a Cane but has a grand army stick with a heavily loaded Silver he id which accompanies his Twilight and nocturnal jaunts. Every self canes. Some respecting grand army num has one of these canes it is stated. Or. Perry is also the possessor of a Cane made of thrust upon them. Those men who Are j Wood alleged to have been taken from born to canes carry them with enviable Commodore Perry s ship Grace Aud ease and without exciting a is not generally known that col., a ,1 James h. Kice is an Early tii orning Pedes Ripple of comment. At biome or abroad. Some achieve men Are born to canes while others have canes they Are never awkwardly at a loss to know Liat to do with this pedestrian accompaniment ind in Brief Are never so truly themselves As Wii Eti with Cane in hand. Those who have canes thrust upon them Are a Nunu Vous class who were never known to brandish a walking stick in their lives. By stymie Peculiar irony of Fate this kind of a Man generally has More canes presented to him than he knows what to do with. In the Corner of his room year in and year tit stands an Idle Bun ii if them ranging from the Gold headed Cane to the exposition Cane with a picture of the niacin building inlaid in the head thereof. The women of the use them to Pinch up refractory inside shutters or to poke under the Bureau for Eloi ing Couar buttons but the Man who owns them has no use for them whatever. The Man who achieves canes comes most ii pleasantly and of it noxious by before the Public Eye. Having achieved a Cane he never gets Over if or look dangerous. Trian and is greatly devoted to a quaint old shillelagh sent to him by an admiring Friend in Ireland. The colonel is a Little eccentric in More ways than his stoical disregard of Temi ting matrimonial chances but to Many who Are Best acquainted with his peculiarities it is doubtless not known that n Iyoho al fondness for mushroom Hunting still lingers with him Aud that he indulges it with As keen a relish As the average sportsman does . In the Early morning of summer Days the dignified but genial manager of democratic campaigns May frequently e seen strolling leisurely Over the commons of the Twenty lift i Ward with shillelagh in hand looking out for fresh i Gigous l l it oms a Vicli Are As dear to him As the Sun lower is to the once famous but now effete apostle of is Theta cism Oscar Wilde. Col. Lohn c. New has been Kedwn to carry a somewhat for mailable looking Cane at times when the position of fighting editor of an occasionally saucy and daring paper made it necessary for him to Allous anybody else to Overlook the fact. Wherever he is his Cane is prominently in the midst and positively demands general and marked attention. The Wiur of the achieved Cane is generally a Young Man and invariably the achieved Cane is from Twenty to forty years too old for him. Of Ages and classes in canes he knows nothing and gently perpetrates the selection of an elderly professional Cane a thick Stati with a Hook or heavy Knob on the he id of it. A lawyer Quot a or doctor s Cane with a dignity and severely i rof and far beyond Liis years. How the Young Juan with the old Cane deports himself is but too Well known. On the Street he flings it with an air that makes him an object of terror to nervous women and of derision to Squill boys. In the Street cars he carries it tinder his Arm to the destruction of the Public Eye or adjusts it Consic piously Between his Knees where he Nuiya lean i on its pronounced handle Ami make an absurd spectacle of himself to the edification of All passengers. In the House he can barely be persuaded to part Vith it at All and his wild and Lawless feats with it make him the horror of householders owning Choice Bric a Brac. It invariably accompanies him to Church and there also ministers to the diversion of All beholders. is not Tiu bling tui Tutu the aisle the owner is affectionately sucking tie Harry new has a Good right Arm. Well trained in pugilistic skill Aud does t feel the need of a Cane for i r fess ional or ornamental Tise. But a substantial looking stick that bears a very close resemblance to a base Ball Bat May usually be seen standing conveniently near his desk in the journal office. It has blood and hair on it. And timid people never ask questions about observations. Indianapolis needs a Pound for the incarceration of the professional Loafer. The Cyclorama with commendable Patriot so or Enterprise has the National Flag flying before the roof is on. Since the duty of prosecutor is to pros Etite it is difficult to understand Why major Mitchell should meet with opposition in his own party. The Quot firemen of other Days Quot must not be Congo minded with the Quot old Seminary boys Quot although the latter used occasionally to catch a who complained to the journal could ii l get a rear View of the state House Knob of it or gently caressing it with the Street in the Campaign of 1883 i was deputized by the clerk of our court to Naturalize the alien residents of Michigan City and my office became a sort of political Headquarters for the faithful of our town. One morning a few Days prior to the election a special insurance agent named Vandercook who hailed from Cincinnati and whose company i represented at Michigan City called at my office to inspect the Agency. His attention was at once attracted to a pile of Campaign documents lying in the office Aud he at once pitched into me and the entire democratic party in a manner that was calculated to make one shed his hair. While he was still Reading me the riot act a polish gentleman who is engaged in the Sale of , vinous and malt politics in my City came in with a fresh looking countryman of his who As he informed me could speak neither German nor English but who had a burning desire to become a citizen of this great Republic. After the Mutual Friend had asked of his protege the necessary questions and interpreted the answers into German for me he left him in my care and went Back to resume his practice at the bar. When i had made out the papers i motioned the candidate for citizenship to take off his hat and hold up his hand. This attracted the attention of Vandercook who had picked up and begun read attractions that May lie seen in Indian Apolis this week. The Only local amusement attraction this week will be Hettie Bernard Chase in Quot rags Quot at the museum. The play is a Melo drama with a plot that embraces scenes in the South during War Days Aud life in new York whither the heroine a Rich orphan goes to reside after arriving at the age of womanhood. A scoundrel who endeavours to Defratus her out of her property and the inevitable rescuing Lover Are the characters used to give the play dramatic interest. There is a treat in store for those who like Fuu. Will t. Siphar the Comrade who afforded the state Camp fire last february much amusement by his comic recitations will appear at the grand opera House tiring the week of May 28, Lune 2, with an admirable company in the German Volunteer a play that evokes unto minded enthusiasm wherever seen. The proceeds my ii go to the Relief fund of major Robert Anderson Post g. A. R., of this City. A a whale that is being transported Over the country in a car built especially for the purpose will be on exhibition to Day and during this week near the Corner of Virginia Avenue and Delaware Street. It is said to be a great curiosity being sixty five feet Long and weighing fifty tons. The mexican military band which has visited Indianapolis two or three times will give another concert Here on june 16, while making a tour of the country preparatory to going to France to play at the world s Centennial exposition. Back of ins head. Take him All around the a Mug Man with the old Cane is a valuables Tecimen. The Small boy with his father s Vest on can not be always with us. 1 it he will be luit slightly missed Wilile the Law permits the free circulation of his est rally anus aug parallel. Among the Well known men of the City who carry canes As a gentlemanly Ami adorning habit there is to one who does it wit in no re elegance or elaboration than or. Romeo Loh Sou of the news. He has a collection of a Hundred or More Catu s. Eau bracing All styles from the slender Rattan to the heavy Hickory with a hooked handle. His favourites Are the kinds that Are to be the latest in style Aud just now or. Johns in is carrying a thick heavy stick with a Stork head handle. He grasps it just above the Middle and swings it Meas redly Aud gracefully. It s companionship is about All that he seems to care for. Because he never makes any practical Ytse of it. A year or two ago he carried a stick with a Silver Skull Knob but he was Persia idea by his friends to Lay it aside after the hideous thing had frightened several nervous ladies and Small children into fits. Among Young Uusi who Are particular about being in Good form in All that pertains to dress and manners or. Johnson is recognized As the Leader in Cane fashions and they make it a Point to find tit what is the style of his latest walking stick before Luik aug their Spring purchases in that line. Frank Wright formerly a reporter on the Sentinel but now an attache of the i township trustee Quot a office got into the habit of carrying a Cane while associated in work with or. Johnson and he does it in a Way that is a caution to All persons who May have innocent intentions in the same direction. He carries a very heavy stick and with every step allows the full weight of it to drop upon the pavement making a noise that can be heard two and three squares away. Several meu have been made desperately insane by Wright s manner of carrying a Cane but he is immovable in his fiendish determination to keep up the habit which i. It is suspected he has adopted out of purely misanthropic al motives. John e. Cleland is a mild Cane collector having in his hat rack about a dozen of All Ages sizes Aud previous conditions of servitude. This gentleman frankly admits that he carries a Cane to lean on and not because of its becoming Ness. John Finch has a weakness for canes and if he could be induced to commit himself probably has an interesting assortment selected in foreign travel. Judge Lewis Jordan is a Cane fancier also and will never live to Oti grow the Story of having absentmindedly held his Cane Over his head when a sudden Sprinkle came on. Hon. John m. Butler w. H. Calkins and numerous other gentlemen seem to regard the Cane As a feature of dress Parade and Are Only seen thus adorned on High Days holidays or sundays. Geo. B. Yandes has a Choice assortment of walking Sticks and is just now travelling beside a Brand new one just from Japan by Way of California. Will Ketcham generally has a Cane on hand. Many of the City ministers carry canes. Noticeable among them Are drs. Jeffrey and Mcleod. Col. Wildman carries a highly ornamental Brown and yellow stick presumably Orange or Lemon Wood. J. W. Riley May occasionally be seen pro menacing along the Simony Side of dome. With recently try stories about comical incidents Litdia Fioris and Ridic Niotis things that re seen ind heard Wilile travelling a in the Street cars. Recently a Young Man on a Virginia Avenue car was conveying to a wedding or some other festivity an elegant Jelly cake. It was made in Beautiful and mathematically exact layers was frosted to a j Point that would make a Bronze statue s Mouth water was surrounded by a becoming Halo of lace paper and gracefully on a Long legged cake stand. Dust was evidently u a bugbear in the Vicinity from which it came As it had not even a Napkin Over it. And the gentleman who was it to its destination seemed rather a Roud than otherwise of the admiring glances cast u on it. The car Lecanu Cro vied. And tie Nuin with the Jelly cake arose in polite relinquishment of his seat to a pretty girl. As he stood hanging on to a strap and deftly balancing the cake to protect it from the of the rude world the car ran Over a Bowlder on the track the lurch and Jar threw another Man violently against the Jelly cake Man Aud the other Mau Quot a Elbow dug rudely into the very Center of this Pride of the confectioner s Art and heart demolishing it almost beyond belief and i it Patty a ring lumps of cake All Over the . It was a comical but pathetic Sig it. Of. But the Jelly cake Man was mad the English language offered him no Ade Nate expression so he merely bunched what was left of the once Beautiful cake into an ungainly Lump and remarked to the apologetic Aud miserable offender Quot you do that again if you dare and i la lick you within an Inch of your life Quot Quot comical things in the eatable line Are freq gently seen in the Street cars. One Day last week a won Jan on her Way Home Frojm Market boarded the car with a Basket in which was packed a live dts k and on top of it All the family dinner. The Duck s Long neck stuck tip Between the cabbages and potatoes Aud its head waved about As gracefully As if such things were common occurrences where it came from. A some years ago a banker Aud prominent Church member was placed in a rather embarrassing position in the cars. A lady from out of town handed him ten cents with which to pay her fare. On the Way up to the Box he encountered some Man who wanted to talk business to him and when the Driver handed in and pretty soon hayseed a Nickel to Deposit. He fingered it rather dubiously. As if he did t know exactly what to do wit i it and somebody called out i put it in that so the Rural Gen i to Lenin reached up and dropped it into i the Hole in the roof. Half a dozen fares were passed up. An Ltd met the a iame Fate. About this time the Driver began to suspect something As the Cash in the Box i did Quot to pile up As it should have done Tuler the circumstances and opening the door a Aid Quot mister Are you doing with them fares Quot an swered the Granger t put Quot pm up in that there Hole like they Tole me those passengers who had been watching the j performance now roared out laughing and As Quot Strenth Street had come along i got out. And never knew h a a the Driver settled with or. Hayseed about the Luck Els in the a funny old lady travels often up and Down the Street car line and scarcely Ever fails to afford some diversion to thu passengers. She is Alert to All that is going on Aud frequent by distinguishes herself find semis around a smile v pounding ii the window Aud ordering the i River to drive slower to drive faster or to Stop beating the mules. One Day recently she was on tie cars and among tiie passengers a Man accompanied by a Squill boy. The Small boy was evidently going away from Home on a visit and the father was a i it ardently training him up in the Way he Stoulil go on the eve of his departure. He admonished him in very audible tones that he must not be out late at night he must not swear or keep Low company and so Forth and so on. All tiie time the Man was talking he was chewing tobacco violently Antl had expect rated a map of Australia Between his feet on the car floor. The funny old lady had listened very attentively to the discourse without any apparent mischief in her Eye. But when she rang the Bell and was about to embark she turned to the Man and said. Quot mister you gave that boy heaps of Good advice but you forgot to Tell him he ort t to learn to Chew this unexpected lunge brought Down the House and the lecturer on morals and manners discussed to longer. Kkt. Thomas ii. . Methodist the profile of the Cyclorama. Among the Eclectic doctors in attendance on the recent meeting of the medical association was Oue named coffin. The majority of people would incline to the opinion that such a Man ought to have become an undertaker. Nineteen women by actual count were clustered recently about a picture of the Macj Iliene family exhibited on Washington Street. A Little farther on. About forty men and b jays were superintending a i leap knife Sale. The change he absentmindedly thought he was paying his own fare so put one Nickle in the Box and the other in his pocket. The lady eyed him in in Tonish Merit a but it was so Quot Busy talking dividends he did no observe anything out of the Way. Pretty to sketch Joon the Driver called in Quot Oue More fare no response was made. Again the Driver opened the door and this time j said pointedly Quot lady you Haven Quot to paid j your Quot lady Quot was mad by this time and indignantly exclaimed pointing to the banker Quot i gave that Man my Money to put in the b jux. And he paid his own fare with it and put the change in his pocket Quot this brought the banker to his senses and amid the intense of the passengers he attempted an explanation accompanied by full reimbursement. The lady listened wit ii Only a fairly Credus us . And left the car with an air that said too plainly Quot of 1 know you Are a Highway robbery the read Ai out Quot pm in the a Lurainy Jle Legate to. The Ling Coiffe Recife. Special to tiik i kiss Nev York. May 11.�?during the first Day Quot a of the methodist general conference now being held at the metropolitan opera House in this City a slender Man of intellectual a i Warance arose Sud army trom his seat m tie front part of the House and joined in the debate then in Progi Ess it became at once apparent that he was a Man of Force in a deliberative body standing with his face turned toward the vast auditorium which was packed with delegates and visitor. A Vopai ukr. Thos. N Kelt. The business wheels of the a. M. E. I general conference moved too leisurely i to suit one of the delegates who threat-1 ezied to Quot leave for Home immediately Quot Quot unless things were hurried More. The presence of or. Derrick of new York ought to have moved affairs along. The cow kicked us such a dust in the Council last monday night that the real and Only original dust question did Najt come up for consideration. If a majority of the councilmen were As enthusiastic on the dust subject As they Are on the cow , something might be accomplished. A if the new Street car company now organizing in the minds of several gentlemen in this City holding Forth seductive of comfortable cars conductors Transfer tickets and Superb service should Ever materialize it will be a grand thing for the Public even if the Backbone of City journalism should be forever shattered. A an Indianapolis lady was called upon by a Sentinel reporter recently with the request that she would give him her views on Early marriages As he was preparing an article for his paper on that subject. The lady informed him that she had no ideas on Early marriage to communicate but she was a firm believer in the advisability of Early death for some of extravagance. Superintendent Galbraith of the insane Hospital Likely to lie asked to resign. It is alleged that further disturbances Are brewing in connection with the management of the Hospital for the insane. A conflict on the subject of the discharge of employees has Arisen Between Phil. Gapen of the Board of trustees and or. Galbraith the medical superintendent. Or. Galbraith having flatly refused to comply with orders issued for instruction in this matter the Board will doubtless exercise its prerogatives and request the superintendent s resignation. Much internal dissatisfaction is said to exist in connection with the administration of affairs under or. Galbraith s incumbency of office. Extravagances and incompetency Are the main features of the complaint. Newly purchased lace curtains in the superintendent s parlor while the wards Are not furnished with sufficient seats for the accommodation of the patients Are the causes of the trouble. Further developments will probably meet the Public Eye and interest the civil service commissioners As Well. A gentleman who rides a great Deal says the funniest thing he Ever saw on the Street cars was a Man with two buckets of slut Wash. He acted pretty funny All the Avay up Avenue trying to keep the stuff from slopping Over and to look unconcerned when the women who had their Best clothes on scowled at him for being there but it was not until he attempted to leave the car that his full strength As a humorist came out. In some Way or other he got out on the step. And dropped off before the car had fairly stopped like a Plum idiot he jumped off with his Back to the car too which of course gave him the wrong impetus and Over he went Whitewash and All. The most of the stuff went on his clothes and he was a sight. Of yes h. Wore till the air was As Blue As iii Back was White and As to the Street car Well there was t a dry Eye in it. Quot what is the Best Street car joke that you know Quot was Romeo Johnson. Quot the whole system Quot was the Quick response. A Quot they say Quot women have no sense of humor but some women go so far As to enjoy jokes even on themselves. Quot the biggest laugh i Ever had on the cars said Oue lady Quot was on . The Driver was beating the mules dreadfully and i could t stand it so i went to the door opened it and said Driver Aren t you ashamed to beat those mules that Waythe Man at the Helm turned around and replied Madame if you think you Cali drive this car better than i can you can come out Here and try it of course i was not prepared for carrying my humane principles that far so i withdrew into the car and sat Down and laughed. A Quot the rolling Stone May gather no Moss Quot said a Well known druggist Quot but the Man who rides in the Street cars much picks up an everlasting fund of amusement. One of the most laughable things i Ever saw happened on a Street car last fall during state fair. It was just after the Bell straps had been taken from the Middle of the car and More convenient ones arranged along by the windows. Of course the car was pretty full and the first Man who got in and had to stand up was or. Hayseed evidently from the hoop pole District. He was a Long gaunt Butternut clothed Hoosier with hair and complexion of the White horse blonde variety. He walked a to the far end of the car looked around for something to hold on to and for want of anything better put his fingers into the Hole left in the roof by the removal of the strap communicating with the Driver s Bell outside. The people kept crowding parquet to Gal Lethe spoke in a Clem voice which could be heard by All. His manner was Earnest his sentences terse and his logic Strong. In everything he did he j showed the tact 1 and knowledge of i a trained Parlia i Mentar Iau when after speaking to i resumed his seat. I severed Okler men seated near him leaned foi Nvard and conferred with him in an eager Nuu Iner. Lie seemed to be the Leader of the liitle group and indeed he was. A Philadelph i ins would recognize in this Man or. Khoii iii b Neely i Vears he j is about 47, but his Brown hair and Beard untouched by a single Streak of Gray a makes him tipped in Urach younger during to iii Twenty Oliree years of his ministerial lire he has been in the Phila i Delphia aimua.1 conference. He is ranked As an Eloi Juenst preacher and an Able writer. He has written a work on parliamentary Law and is also the author of several books in regard to the training of Young people in the churches. His latest work which has just been issued is entitled Quot the evolution of Episcopacy and organic or. Neely s first Appo Aranco in a general conference was in 184 at Philadelphia. To gave such a Good account of himself at that tine that Hove As the chairman of the i Philadelphia delegates to the present conference. Or. Neely has delivered courses of lectures o i popular subjects at and similar places and has Ilso parliamentary Law. Ilia Nasuo has Baba mentioned As a candidate for a lives sacrificed. An insane woman poisons her son an Ltd kills herself. Between 1 and "2 o clock yesterday morning the wife of Thomas Jordan living at no. 82 Park Avenue gave her youngest son a fatal dose of Poison and then committed suicide by cutting her Throat. For several months she had been mentally deranged caused it is believed by her husband by study of the teachings of the Christian scientists. The Poison that she gave her son was aconite Small doses of which had been him Given to allay fever from which had he been suffering recently. Or. Jordan was awakened by the difficult breathing of the child and found his wife dead on the bed with a razor in her hand. The child was already beyond medical Aid and died three or four hours afterwards. Mrs. Jordan was forty one years old and was the Mother of three children the oldest being a daughter about fifteen years of age who is now visiting relatives in Cleveland. What Competition will do. The Outlook for Indianapolis continues to grow brighter. Only a few months ago the people were told that it was impossible for any company to Supply them natural Gas at the rates fixed by the City ordinance now the Indianapolis natural Gas company announces that it will Supply Gas at thirty cents less than the ordinance rates. Better Street car facilities could not be secured while the franchises were All in the hands of the Johnson company now with the new companies preparing to enter the Field new lines to Woodruff place and Cron Hill Are promised

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