Indianapolis Press in Indianapolis, Indiana
1 Jul 1888

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Indianapolis Press in Indianapolis, Indiana
1 Jul 1888

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Indianapolis Press (Newspaper) - July 1, 1888, Indianapolis, Indiana The la Diana Polis press sunday july 1, 1888.famous chess players Zucke tort s wonderful record some interesting and instructive facts Abonit the most scientific game know ii the chess school in India. The death of j. H. Zuckert it it the famous chess player makes a big i at it among the manipulators of knights Bishops and Rooks. As a chess player Zucke tort had few equals and the list of his defeats looks very Small indeed when compared with his Many victories in tourneys with the experts of Europe and America. To was a chess Plajer by instinct and although he did not learn the game until he was eighteen he advanced so rapidly that within a few years he was Able to defeat with ease his old master professor Anderson who was then accounted one of Tho greatest players in Europe. The Only Man who was Ever Able to successfully compete a with Zucke tort was William Steinitz of Brooklyn who Defeated him once in 1st3 and again a Tho famous tourney of 18s0, when Steinitz gained the title of Chani Pio i of the a world. At the London International tourney of 1883 Zucke tort carried off first i ize performing the wonderful feat of winning Twenty two games and losing Oulu one. His play throughout was characterized by unusual boldness soundness and brilliancy his Beautiful game with Blackburne on that occasion being pronounced by Steinitz Quot one of the most Brilliant on at the conclusion of this tournament Zucke tort made a tour of the United states and Canada giving Blindfold and simultaneous , and in 1884->5 to gave similar in England and on the continent. Zucke tort was a great fancy player and his wonderful i cry Romance in defeating to Enty first class players simultaneously while blindfolded created great enthusiasm. These simultaneous games were a great Strain upon Hin not Only because he had to keep Tiack of All the different games but because he was often obliged to keep up a Consi ant train from one end of the Board to Tho other for from six to ten hours. G3 a a go As you please walking match. Even in a single game when the reputation of one or the other players is dependent upon his winning the Strain on a chess player is something inconceivable and men who have sat Down at the table in perfect physical condition have been known to become total wrecks in a Short time Tho game of chess is so ancient that its origin is wrapped in mystery. The Hindoos say that it was the invention of an astronomer who flourished several thousand j ears ago while tie greeks claim that it was Tho invention of Pala aedes to beguile Tho tedium of the siege of Troy. The Ai in legend is that it was devised for Tho instruction of a Young despot by his Tutor a Learned Brahman to teach Tho youth How a King was dependent upon his subjects for his safety. Tho is that it was Tho production of some military Genius to illustrate the Art Zucker tobit and Strenitz Playico. Of War and Tho weight of evidence inclines to India As the Home of this inventor since it is mentioned in Oriental literature Long before the Western nations heard of it. There is a chess school in India with its salaried professors and Success in Tho garage is held in very High regard. Had Paul Morphy gone to Calcutta in his travels Twenty years ago he would have met an antagonist Well worthy of his Powers in Mohesh thu tuck who it is said could play a fabulous number of games when lying of the ground with his eyes closed. Kings and potentates live usually delighted in chess and Charlemagne a a a As thoroughly infatuated with the game. So was King Canute tie Dane and the latter like Many other regal personages could not tolerate Dii Terence of opinion on the part of his antagonist even going the length at one time of having Ulf one of his most trusted officers put to death for making a vexing move. The unwillingness of Kings to submit patiently to even the mock defeat of chess is remarkably Exempla flail by the Case of Ivan the terrible of Russia who died in 1584 of an apoplectic fit caused by Rago at a checkmate received from a subject. Queen Elizabeth was very fond of chess and rewarded with special favor those of her court whose playing pleased her a that is who considerately always allowed her to beat them. Chess was a favorite game of Napoleon 1. He opened his games badly his biographer assures us but when warmed up he made some very Brilliant moves. If his adversary was slow he lost his patience and drummed on the Board and made a mess of the game generally and if he lost he was in a rage and sent the men and Board flying in All directions. At st. Helena he played daily going Over on the Board the Battles that he had fought and More than once declared that to ought to have won at Waterloo. Louis Xiii of France though he detested All other games was so fond of chess that be played it in his Carriage. A civil War in France owed its origin to a game of chess. Regnault a Nephew of Charlemagne and Berthelot a Knight of the court had a quarrel while at the game. Berthelot struck his opponent in his anger whereupon a Regnault lifted the chess Board a which As the Story goes was of solid Gold and struck him dead. A factional War of several years followed which involved half the kingdom. The first instance of playing chess blindfolded the great feat of modern times is said to have occurred 970 a. D., when a greek Joseph to Chelelli played a game in this Way in the City of Tripoli. An unusually Large size of chessmen were made for the occasion and the players were permitted to handle both men and Board. Mention of such games however is made several times in Arab manuscripts some of which have antedated this and in 12g6 Busecca an Arab doctor played three games once looking at one Board Only. He won two of the games and Drew the third. The name of Philidor is one of the Brilliant ones in the annals of chess. He was bom in Franco in 1736, and was a Page in the court of Louis Xiv. He could play two and three Gam s without seeing the Board and at tie same time carry on a Lively gossipy eon Tersa tion. In this Power to Chat on desultory it is while he was conducting intricate games he was quite unique among Champion players. He published a work on chess which u now one of Tho classics of chess literature. The two most Brilliant chess champions of tills Century have both belonged to this a pantry though Paulsen was a hungarian birth coming to the unit states whip yet a youth. The other was Morphy whose death a few years ago recalled Tho International Intel est in chess matches of Twenty five years ago. At the chess Congress in 1857 in new Orleans Paulsen appeared a Young Man of 25, and All the champions of the game present gave Way to his skill but when Morphy a youth of 20, came he vanquished Paulsen also. Early in ia58 Morphy played in new Orleans six games at once Blindfold winning five. Then he went to Europe and in August of the same year at Birmingham England played eight games at once Blindfold and won six Drew one and lost one. To went to Paris and there performed the same feat with a result of six of the games won and two drawn. In i amp to he played in the same Way games with eight of the most distinguished Mem of the London chess club and won two of the games and Drew Tho other six. A few Days after he no t eight members of the st. George chess club and of the games won five while Tho rest were drawn for want of time to Complete them. But even this remarkable feat was distanced in 18g1 by Paulsen who in London played Blindfold ten Gan ifs at once with ten different players. He sat at this match in the same place for twelve consecutive hours neither Rose nor ate nor smoked Din ing the entire time dior drank anything but a Little lemonade. He won of the games lost three and Drew Tom s Lomax ice. By i Rouge i. . The editon s Lote. Thomas Whittaker was the very last Man one would expect to see engaged in anything so sentimental As Tho world regards it. a decoration Day Parade. Quot professor Tom Quot was the title Given to the managing editor of the grandeur by his office associates when to was out of hearing. A Nick Quot the composing room Devil usually styled him Quot the because it was policy for him to to very exact but to All others to was known formally As Quot or. no one in the Iran dour Oitice where he had Bent to the Grindstone for Over ten years Ever knew him for anything More than a human machine and so far As to could judge to had not a single confidant. Social life bad for him no attractions to the Church to was a stranger and no club of Good Fellows Ever hailed him As Quot one of one Day when the majority of those who take life pleasantly were preparing for the Holiday season Tho Little daughter of the local editor came to Tho office with Tho View of getting her Good natured father out into the fairyland where dolls and jumping jacks held High carnival on Holiday counters. Of the age when Bright people of her sex Are curious and audacious Tho child found her Way to Tho Sanctum unaided just As the latest reports were Eizig in ado up. The editor had caught her Eye. Soon Tho copy boy escorted the intruder to her father s desk a with the dry remark Quot Trio professor is not receiving Calls nothing daunted the Little one turned round As she reached her father s desk and said quickly Quot Wiat a funny Man Quot Quot who Quot Quot that Man in there. See him a that Man there with the strips of Quot that s the editor. You did not trouble him i Hope Quot Quot of he is such a funny Man. A where did you o in o from where Are you going Quick As that. I said. I am going with my papa to see some dolls dolls ilm dolls he said and looked so funny at to. I Don t like Quot was that All Quot inquired Tho father deprecating the child s ill humor. Quot yes. It is All Quot came the Quick and snappish reply. Quot i Don t belie e he has any Little girls himself do you. Papa Quot the following Day the managing editor Laid his Small hand on Tho aim of the fatherly Quot local Quot As they were passing along together toward Tho next Comer on their Way Home the conversation taking a form characteristic of both Sharp Short questions by Tho chief and rapid absorption on his part of Tho replies of his companion. Tho latter answered briefly precisely a couple of dozen words Sufficing to transmit to Tho one a knowledge of the Domestic history of the other. Quot dolls Quot had obviously brought up the new topic for discourse. Quot i Havo a Small family Quot said the Quot local Quot Quot live in to in a Little House one of a Brick Row with a Yard and Garden near Tho water and. As things go manage to Havo a pleasant Quot and i Quot responded his neighbor in a tone which indicated that to had never gone any farther on the Road than thinking could carry him. Quot have often thought that if a Man. Like myself for instance. Had a Little House not too Large just Large enough for two or perhaps for three a from the noise not too far just far enough to drive in in an hours with a Garden of course some vines and roses a Hammock and so on it might Good night sir Quot and with this As though he had already said too much touching his hat. For he was Altaj s the gentleman or. Vvhs Wittaker turned the Comer like a Flash and was lost in Tho crowd. Not Long after the new year Whittaker appeared to become More and More absorbed in his routine labor and mor3 reticent than Ever. Quot he must have nerves of said Tho men around him. For in their estimation he had reached the limits of human endurance years before yet he worked Larder than Ever arousing still greater curiosity on the part of his fellow workers. One afternoon late in March this curiosity reached its culminating Point. A notice in the editor s own hand a writing was sent to the composing room to to printed in the obituary column and leaving two hours before his usual time without waiting even to see Tho paper go to press a Hasty scrawl was placed upon the Sanctum desk announcing that Tho managing editor would be absent for two Days at least his first a sea in ten years. The death notice read Quot in this City on the 20th inst. Webster Reese aged 33 years. Of is ased a a medal of Honor Man of comp in a a Pennsylvania volunteers and in a Gallant action at the assault and capture of Marye s Heights Fredericksburg va., received a wound which resulted a his death. Quot funeral ceremonies will to conducted by Nathaniel Lyon Post grand army of the Tho relationship Between this fallen hero and the managing editor proved As mysterious i s any of his other connections outside of Tho office for within a week after Liis return it Bega i to be whispered about that prof. Tom was actually improving. Not that Jie Laboured less if such a thing was possible he did More being at any time Worth two men in Tho Obice. Neither could it to said that he was More genial but somehow he looked changed. His face assumed a softer expression a less burdened one. And when a pair of Indian clubs were one evening hauled out of the Corner where they had rested for an age and whirled around like a pair of humming Birds at one stalk the Printer s Devil chuckling to lii self at the novel scene cried out to Quot Bones Quot the Copyholder Quot i say , would t it be a Good scheme to have the professor sign with our grandeur Nino Quot Quot we could give the sneeze Fellows three and boat them then Quot came the Quick reply. Matters continued to improve and when the Long pleasant Spring Daj s appeared our managing editor contrived to make Shorter hours at his desk at Tho same time accomplishing the same marvelous amount of work As before but where this extra time was spent no one but Thomas Whittaker himself could have Given an account. He kept Good company if company it was for he grew Ruddy and Boyish looking. He was regarded astonishment by All and the prophecy that Quot prof. Tom will kill him self with his work Quot went out of use and out of mind. Now t to grandeur was an afternoon paper and since the coming of Whittaker As manager it had not missed one of its three evening editions six Days in a week including holidays. Judge then of the astonishment with which All hands heard the editor Call out to the Foreman of Tho press room on Tho morning of decoration Day Quot to will omit Tho last two editions Quot can t do it sir Quot replied the chief of Tho Typo setters so dazed by the unexpected order that he forgot who Quot was speaking. Quot we will do it Quot came the mild but firm response. Quot we will do it. It is a Holiday of which to must make an exception. I la Havo to leave Tho first edition in your hands i am going to join the column on truly news has no Breaks. A prof. Tom was going of Parade. Earthquakes broken Banks rumours of War in Europe All were common place by the Side of this announcement. It required the personal presence both of Quot Nick Quot and Quot Bones Quot to verify Tho truth of it. These two important characters generally possessed inside information of the doings of Tho Sanctum quarters. Quot of it s True Quot exclaimed Nick to a doubting hearer Quot and you need t hedge on that cablegram Quot Why. We be seen his uniform Quot interrupted Bones Quot spick and Span big brass buttons a. A. R. And All that that Quot a his memory failing for he had no text to follow Nick prompted him. Quot that insignia of the Quot yes that i Sig Quot a stammered Bones when the editor himself made his appearance the Blue Blouse and Soldier Cap in his hand. Walking to the reporters table in the Ante room to opened a package of adjustable buttons and letters Nith Silver Wreath and Bullion Cord and apparently regardless of the crowd of employees around him began to prepare his novel suit. By this time the publisher of Tho grandeur had climbed the three flights of stairs leading into the room drawn thither by Tho news and puffing and blowing from the exertion to see whether the grandeur was in very truth about to Stu Latify its ten years record by suspending two issues. Quot Well Well Wittaker. I did t know that you had Ever been in the Quot i was there sir even if you did not know Quot Why you were Only a boy then that s years and years Quot yes i was a boy but i was one of 2,000,000 boys who fought the this questioning of a fact of the past seemed to arouse a personal Pride and having completed his dress to his satisfaction he slipped on the Blouse Drew it in buttoned it tightly and placing the Mcclellan Cap rather jauntily it must be confessed upon his head with his Lithe straight figure Pale Earnest face and deep Blue Eye he looked the Ideal Soldier. Quot yes. I was a he continued proudly his Eyo wandering Over his audience then suddenly stopped As though to had said too much. A second thought urged him on and he continued More gently an Edt tob s a War Stoky. Quot i was a Soldier find is the first time since i put off the Blue that i have Ever spoken of it to any who did t know it from the first. The War was no child s play not As i saw it and i gladly forgot As much of it As i could when it was Over. Today i am doing what i did in 61, because it is my duty. At this hour Quot a it had just struck 10�? Quot a new silk Flag is waving yonder in our Lakeside cemetery Over the remains of a Soldier a Many no not a Man Only a boy. But a boy that shared my life. I was a Soldier. Sated it too at the risk of a Soldier a Dearest treasure his Honor. Aye and not Only my life but a Battle. A Battle or. Jones though he was Only a boy. It was at Fredericksburg in those dark Days when the nation thought that our cause was lost. Fifteen thousand men had fallen in vain in front of Marye s Heights but a few months before and now we a been ordered to Ilie front to try it again. We of the Light division led the charge and cleared the first half of the Steep slope but i wounded and left behind. Bleeding and sinking. 1 saw the second column coming on Over the same ground where we Haid marched and As they passed my eyes met the glance of another a boy like myself he in the ranks i on the ground fainting from loss of blood. I did not mean to Appeal to any Comrade to halt in his duty for my Sake for fighting men you know must leave the Suc coring of the wounded to men who cannot count in Battlo to Tho Relief corps. I heard the jeers the insults hurled at my deliverer As he stopped and lifted me out of harm s Way and then i became unconscious of aug it save the sensation of being alternately carried or dragged Down the Bill and of tasting some water. I must have swooned on the Way for the next thing i remember i was lying under a sheltering Biff on the outskirts of the City Tho wounded All about attended by surgeons. Of ricers and men came hurrying from the front seeking friends and companions among our number. Thanks to this unknown boy i had been among the first to receive attention and now my head was once Moi a Clear and 1 could Noto what was going on around me and pres eat i saw a body borne along on a a me out of Kaiim s wat Stretcher Over which were bending some whose stars bespoke them of High rank. I watched the group for something within told me that that Stretcher had something of lnterc.5t for me. A sad Case said one of tha surgeons to me sympathizing with my feelings. That boy led the charge that took the Hill carrying the colors up in Tho very face of the enemy s guns. A Quot will he live i anxiously asked As a break in the crowd gave to a glimpse of the Well known uniform on the Stretcher. Will he live Quot doubtful. The Ball passed through his Chest and out Between the shoulders Quot leaving me in Safe hands stung probably to madness by the undeserved sneers of the ranks he had left for me to had a hurried up the Hill to overtake the charging column. He found it still below the Crest staggering beneath the murderous fire beyond. The line was wavering giving Way. And vainly generals and colonels were trying to cheer on their men. Their voices remained unheard in the Battle. Or. If heard unheeded. The color bearers of every regiment Iliad fallen and not a hag could be ,. But this Brave fellow seizing a staff from a pair of lifeless hands spread out its folds and hurried of on past the line of Battlo on toward Tho enemy s Battery in the front. Dazed and electrified lie men whom he had passed followed him for a moment with their eyes till aroused into action an d . A Boob them by their enthusiasm they Rose in one grand overpowering charge. The boy planted the colors he had carried so a bravely within the works and fell beside them. But the army with ready bayonets was at his heels. The Day was won and Webster Reese was its hero. Quot the ended but it left him his Woid and his pain with none to help him save a faithful sister one who made his life s Sori of her life s martyrdom. Those two alone Havo carried the Burden of that Brilliant moment s work at Marye s height until a few weeks ago. When death came to their Relief and now the Comrade and the brother lies in Lakeside and i Quot the Story was left i finished. Tramp tramp tramp the boys Are marching was Bome in by the Breeze through the open window the g. A. R. Columns made their appearance in the Street and As Whittaker became suddenly conscious of his position he blushed and vanished. A letter and an item that appeared prominently among the announcements in the marriage columns of the morning journals of the next Day created no Little excitement in the grandeur office. The latter read the evening of the 30th. At the rectory of st. Paul s Church by the Rev. Or. M. Browning Marion Reese daughter of the late or. Warren Reese of Pittsburg and Thomas Whittaker All of the letter addressed to theoflice stated that the managing editor was to take a three months leave of absence. Many decoration Days have passed since Thomas Whittaker was initiated into the grand army of veterans and each one has Frimd him a zealous Comrade and a generous Friend. He remains the chief of the grandeur office and is also Tho head or somewhere near the top in the Domestic Hierarchy of a Quot Little Home not too Large but just Large enough Quot out in the Lakeside suburbs. There was some talk this Spring of releasing Hughes the Brooklyn Pitcher to Buffalo. Money could not buy the release of that Little Pitcher now. He is the Only Pitcher in the league or ago citation who has not yet lost a Gama additional society news. Mrs. Frank Hardcastle and children of Chicago Are spending the summer at no. 290 Lincoln Avenue. Mrs. Chislett is at Crescent Springs. and Albert Gall and Harry Sells will spend the fourth at Lake Maxin Tuckee. Miss Hattie Smithee and or. George Powell of Shelbyville were married on wednesday evening at the residence of the Bride Rev. M. Sargent performing the ceremony. Among the guests from this City were mrs. Get Gie Wright and son Harry. Miss sue Ketcham s annual summer Art excursion will leave july 1 for round Lake ten Nules from Saratoga. The National summer school will be in session at this place during the entire season and a musical festival and a i to lectures on All subjects will be Given. The features of miss Xet Chani s Art instruction will be drawing from easts a portrait and out door landscape painting. These annual excursions have grown to be quite a powerful attraction both to Indianapolis people and those of other cities. Ketcham will this season be accompanied by mrs. W. W. Scott miss Raydon and miss Stanton of Indianapolis miss Corwin. Greencastle miss Grubb and miss Grace Foote. Craw Fordsville miss Nutter. Martinsville miss Chittenden Anderson and others. Fi1� ?.> i in tiv r can let a had at the pri Ihirg i o., t7 Andu Virginia Avenue at Olif a prire.-. R. Ii. A i it. A it aint Tylik front. Anni Ai. Niagara excl . ?"i.0o. To a rav al a. U. . Sido trips to Toronto , thousand islands and other attractive Points. Forget not that this is the Only one that via the Quot Cool non Horn route Quot through i Canada. Full details As to sleepers chair cars hotels Etc., will be Given Oon in proper shape. Personal attention to the Comfort of our , As usual. A. H. Fishko Ceneria agent c., ii. A d. 1. 1. The ii. A a will sell ticket ? to All Points on its lines i Chidini t in Cincinnati Dayton and Toledo at one fare for the round trip going july and 4, returning until july 7. A. H. I Siikki g. A. Fttie rec a the Short line is both East and West. The Only line with solid trains to Ign t Bloon Kington and Peoria with through cars to principal Missouri River Points in several hours less time than any other line. So thorough sleeping and declining chair cars via Danville to Chicago making As Quick time at lower rates than my other line. The authorized differential route East with Quick time and through tickets to principal Eastern cities at considerably less than regular rates. Boxi. Leave . Ave. I Quot Oani 10 20pni i 0, pm arrive Union depot. 7 i Ani pm leave Union i epot"7 it ii iii Luj Vopni pm East bound. Arrive Union depot. S -10piii i a it Oam i0 -j0am leave Union depot a a a ii o0pin a a a Siloam 11 00am Quot a a daily. All trains have the finest of Buffet sleepers and Quot reclining chair cars. For tickets and full info urination apply to Geo. Butler general gent 138 South Illinois Street the Union depot Indianapolis or to any agent on the line. H. M. Bronson general passenger and ticket agent Tkave Elees Index. Time table of c., h. Amp i. R. Ii. Depart. .�?�57�?st. L., . It i. Ex., daily e e pcs. I a Nim 39�?Cincinnati 31�?st. L., Chic. Amp ind. Ex., pm 33�?Cincinnati express. It pm arrive. 32�?Indianapolis Zacconi. 8-&Quot,0am 8�?ind., st. A Chic. Ex., 40 in 38�?Indianapolis express. 4 57pm 36�?1., st. Amp Ex., daily e e i s10 5.5pmkankakee line. We got there 2,000 Strong and our Njma Jority was at least it i Over All competitors. And in another it got there our is port cry got there with us. No Liate trains on Ouk line. Now we Are ready for a Comers wit ii. Sale Quot t i Carfi tickets one Way.5?.7 bound trip Chicago. 5.0 it we Selling tourist lick is to Uli a shh Ami pleasure resorts. East West and Noi Ali at the cheapest rates. Remember the grand trip to new York i i i Boston via old Point Kifori mud Occam steamers. Balti Fuore and return it ii in. July 1,2, and Slor Only a in. A a Tys Buirk and n , on a Auric it a. The is convention in san Rran Cisco it. Tickets on Sale to All App Caits lor st s5 to san Francisco and return. Time Vbd. T i a r n k a t i 1 v i a i it n. i 4."iam f. Copra i lip ii la 5uprj depart. 4.00am i i. Iii 45am la 4. Jam Cincinnati division st nitty 4 00aiii depart. Arrive. A Pra Cilk Agio i>1v1i. A Quot it Oam i050pia a ion. Depart. Arrive. Iti.3aiu 7liiam re 0.-, Quot a i Piu la 20ptqsiam 0 25pi>i Pullman Palace cars elegant reclining a Clair cars and parlor cars it tween Indianapolis Chii Ajo and Cincinnati. For tickets sleeping car accommodations and All information Call at Union depot or the Model ticket office Corner Washington and afer Idian its. J. In. Maktima it is. Pass. At 1ii , iii file. Time Tiwe of through and l ocal trains corrected to june 10, Trains leave and arrive at Indianapolis As Pun it null Rouh Alet i. Leave for Pittsburg n. V., Etc., daily. 4 Ioam i 2r>pm Leavi for Bich d Antl Columb a. 00am arrive from n. P g and East i 40am arrive from col., Luch a Etc. I 40am mail and express daily Quot keepers to Pittsburg and n. Y. Without tic Tigjo . Leave for chicagoan Northwest Tell 15aia arrive from it hic Goit n West. I i Iam Jor. i. A. . Leave for Louisville and the Siuth. 3 h0am Rol iii 4 00pm arrive from Louisville and fhe a uth.10 4.1 11 10am 7 45pm i. A v. I. Leave for Vincennes. 7 i0am arrive from Vincennes i 4. It am lollow.? 5 i0piil 4 i him r 20i in 7 Quot Listii change. I o0pui 50pm Quot Koopen 10 ."0pin 4 Pili Pullman s Palace drawing room sleeping Ano cars through to Pittsburg Harrisburg Philadelphia. Baltimore Washington and new York without change. Through tickets to ill cities on Sale at a principal ticket offices in the West and at City ticket Tolice. No. 4� West Washington Street and at Union depot ticket Otyce . Ind. Sleeping car berths May be secure Ltd in Advance by applying to ticket agent at City Oitice or Union depot Indianapolis ind. Mccrea e. A. Food Ien l manager men. P. T. A of. Pittsburg. Pittsburg pay John f. Miller 11. B. Debing Gen. Supt., Columbus A. G. P. A., n. E. Cor. \Shington and Illinois. Hot weather goods 0-ax-o i of e. Washington st. Luu. Ii a 1. \ u i 16 and 17 s. Delaware st. Sole accents for Quot the Peninsula Quot natural Gas or vapor stoves. Everyone fully guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction Quot. Cos oooo the Ocoe Csc Wayne s Patent Cork filled refrigerators and ice chests most reliable in the world. Buy no other and save the Price of a Clear article in Oxe season s use. Payments Cash. elevator so stairs to climb. Messenger so

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