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Indianapolis Press (Newspaper) - July 1, 1888, Indianapolis, Indiana P 3vm�� i. \ a ii a vol. I no. 12.Indianapolis, ski a july 1, 1888. Five cents. Grit political work Harrison s support at Chicago How Indiana republicans themselves tie directing Genius in the great fight was col. John c. New. La the nomination of Gen. Harrison the Republican politicians of Indiana particularly the men who upheld and pushed Forward his candidacy in the face of All opposition and discourage Merite achieved a Victory which has not Only brought the highest Honor i of the Hoosier state but has won for fiem the enthusiastic admiration of All Wolti messes to their Good work. There were no observers of the movements at Chicago who were less prejudiced than the newspaper correspondents a ind certainly if they were prejudiced it was not in favor of Indianapolis. It is the testimony of All of them that such Loyal support such shrewd scheming and such persistent Effort As was Given to Gen. Harrison s candidacy by the Indiana republicans who went to Chicago in his interest was without parallel in any political convention in recent years. Among the avowed Harrison supporters there was at no time any wavering or treachery and the enthusiastic and indefatigable Effort put Forth in his behalf was really wonderful. Quot i have attended a great Many Large political gatherings Quot remarked the correspondent of the new York Herald to a mention on his mind during his restless nights and Only when the Victory was a matter of fact did he feel free to let go of the Helm and indulge in slumber. A rising Young orator. John 1. Orif Fluhs Quot Olio is now in Sach great demand As a political speaker. The time of John l. Grif laths is pretty fully taken up now a Days in delivering speeches at Republican ratification meetings. He has filled appointments in neighbouring towns every night during the last week and has received 4irgent requests to speak at a number of other places during the next few Days. As a speaker he is generally recognized As the most promising Young Man in the state and it is expected that his Rise in prominence will be rapid. He is a native of new York City but his youth was spent in Iowa. When he came to Indianapolis twelve or thirteen years ago he was fresh from College having graduated at the University of lows. In partnership with or. A. F. Potts he began the practice of Law and although the two gentlemen Are classed among the Young members of the bar the partnership is is said to be the Oldert Legal firm in which there has been no change in the City. Or. Griffths s gifts As an orator first attracted attention in the Green ley murder Case in which he and or. Potts distinguished themselves but it was not until after he was drawn into politics that there began to be such a demand for his presence at the voluble gatherings in the state. His speech nominating Hamilton for United states senator at the last session of the Harbison and Morton. Press reporter Quot but never have i seen any such shrewd political work As was done by those Indiana Fellows. Their organization was perfect and there was nothing in which a possible advantage might be gained that escaped hem. Tivey doubly earned their the one Man to whom the chief glory of the Triumph belongs it is generally conceded is John c. New. There were other men who doubtless worked As hard for general Harrison and were quite As enthusiastic in their support As was or. New but they were unable to exert any such influence As the senior proprietor of the journal Avi Elded. He was the Genius of the movement. He started tie Harrison Boom he nursed it through a sickly and apparently hopeless existence and by persistent stimulating gave to it the appearance of some vigor. Hundreds of columns of Harrison puffs were thrown into the journal and for months the paper was Given up largely to the task of convincing the people of Indiana that there was no Man so Well fitted and so badly needed for president of the United states As Gen. Benjamin Harrison. Under the circumstances it was a fight that few newspapers if any would have dared to make and by Many the Wisdom of its course was questioned because if Gres Liam had been nominated the paper would have been greatly embarrassed if not seriously crippled. In the Triumph however the journal achieves a glorious newspaper Victory probably the greatest the country has Ever known. If Gen. Harrison is elected it deserves to be declared by special enactment the Oili Cial Organ of the administration. The journal s support however was not All that or. New gave to Gen. Harrison s candidacy. He supplemented it with Many weeks of personal work in new York and elsewhere and at Chicago he was the recognized head of the Indiana hustlers planning and directing the fight and in spa ring Hope of final Success whenever Hope began to weaken. In the leadership of the Harrison supporters there were others who distinguished themselves notably attorney general Mich ener col. W. W. Dudley e. W. Halford j. N. Huston and Many More. It is Safe to predict that none of them will be forgotten when the plums will be distributed. Harrison s baby grandson. How he shared in the Strain of recent political excitement. Little Benjamin Harrison Mckee grandson of the illustrious grandson who has just received the Republican presi a dental nomination lives in the same House with Gen. Harrison he has not been very Well for some ten Days past sleeping badly and generally mis conducting himself after the fashion allowed a Only to infants of few Summers. The night after the news from Chicago was received and when multitudes had surrounded the Harrison Home with horns and other vocal demonstrations it was feared that a great time Wotila be had with Little Benjamin under All the excitement in the air. He was removed to a room As Remote from political centers As possible and to the great astonishment of All his relations turned his face to the Wall and entered without protest upon the first night s sleep he had indulged in for ten Days. The next Day of course he. Was a family hero in a Small Way and the household verdict was that Little Benjamin must have had the con legs la it re a it is at eloquent and eff five curatorial Effort Vichich attracted general attention to his ability. Many of Harrison s friends desired that he should second the general s nomination at the Chicago convention and a petition signed by two or three Hundred republicans was presented to the Indiana delegation urging that he should be asked to do so. However or. Griffiths declined to comply with the request for the reason it is understood that he feared that such a proceeding might not be regarded As entirely proper under the circumstances. While or. Griffiths does not always speak sex temporarily he never writes his speeches. If he makes any preparation it is merely in giving careful thought to what he will say and he never gets his mental machinery to working satisfactorily without walking briskly to and fro in his room. This habit probably accounts for his tendency to walk about the platform when delivering his speeches in Public Quot porch gossip. Its al out All sorts of things amusing and serious. In Sweet Midsummer the Indianapolis porch claims for itself a social position and prestige which no Well regulated person will Ever attempt to in Atli away from it. It makes no serious difference whether the Afore mentioned porch is a solid Stone affair with Iron filigree around it and a red Brick House Annex or is just an every Day wooden construction enlivened by the fanciful play of the Carpenter s steel edged imagination but a Poch of some sort it must be if the owner wishes to hold what ground he May have gained in the neighbourhood friendliness. On these indispensable porches through the Day a solemn stillness reigns. The Hammock hangs list Lestly on its Hooks and the red the Blue the Green the drab and the yellow chairs maintain fervent devotional attitudes against the Side of the House. Here and there an isolated ship chair lends enviable distinction to its background and a real Wakefield settee makes All its plebeian fellow chairs turn Pale with envy. As the Sun goes Down the mute House Breaks into signs of life. Doors and windows relax their grim expression. Folks come out and turn the Garden Hose on everything in sight. Somebody comes out in a Light Lawn fluff of garment and deposits herself gracefully in the Hammock. The chairs assume upright attitudes and Are occupied. After Tea the neighbors drop in or Over and additional chairs come out to Supply the increased demand. Sometimes a Cigar gleams comfortably out in the darkness without fatal offence to propriety. Things Are talked of All things and everything the weather the sprinkling question the new summer ears picnics Church Lawn fetes the dullness of Midsummer social affairs the liveliness of things political Sheridan s illness Warner s Harper article on Indianapolis the trophy Laneum who has gone away and who is staying at Home. Indeed there Are not Many themes local or a local that do not Drift into the Channel and come to the surface of Orch gossips and the Wise stay at Home in sum mer is he or she who always flies to the Center of interest when these absorbing summer evening symposiums begin. The girl who according to her own account is always on the verge of pretty nearly dying at regularly frequent intervals in her existence was on the porch the other evening. Quot of you just of it to have been in our Church this Momtag she remarked. Quot i just thought i slab Stald die. The preacher was preaching Luid everybody was just As quiet and of s sudden i looked around and it was funny to see everybody sitting there fan Ning. You know our Church is a sort a a if Semi Circle and you can see All around there they sat men women and Chil Dren All fanning away for dear life i just thought i should die. You Jusi ought to have seen the sight fans Blue fans Pink fans Green White fans red fans fans with Birds them padm Leaf fans red fans with bli edges Blue fun Iwach yellow edges Ani Green fans with White edges. I thou How funny it must seem to the preach and just wished i could get up in the Fiji pit and see How it looked from the the choir were All fanning too and really just thought i would die Quot a fishy gentleman came and joined the porch gossips last night and he had 4 few remarks to make on the subject of the new summer cars. He does not see to think they Are such a wonderful pro vement on the old school after City of Fine Homes. Social life in co n n ers Ville. The mysterious o. W. L. Club the purpose of which no Man can find out a the Shakespere club and its members. Special cok Respondence of the . Coxx Husville june 29.�?the Busy Little City of Connersville is beautifully to Jated. It lies on a gentle slope that descends from High Green topped Hills to the Fertile Valley of the White water. These Heights dotted with modern cottages and Many More pretentious Homes afford a wide View of a most charming country through which wan a is the somewhat Rivulet like River just beneath and extending As far As the View is the City itself with its Well kept and Shady streets its charming Homes and Distant fringe of Busy fac and not in costume. The plan usually followed in the studies is the consideration of the historical jointly with the poetical Side of the drama and the interest is very generally maintained. The membership is made up of representative people both men and women. Or. Q. A. Mount at present travelling in Europe is and will continue to be the Leader. Miss Jewiss who is an exceedingly pleasant and intelligent Young lady is the Secretary the membership is air. And mrs. E. M. Or. And mrs. Josh chit Mithner Wood or. And mrs. D. T. Root i. Marj Hunter miss Kate mount miss Mary Founer miss Anna Mic nor miss Emma je\vi.-.s, miss Anna Jewiss Misi mad it e be iii miss Kate Heron miss Josephine Haver miss Florence Burk neck miss Alice Shera miss May Pratt miss Elsie Pratt Bliss la Ira Pepper miss Irene Pepper Belle Liapin miss Daisy Dixon in. I. E. Hunter or. I. A. Mount or. P. C. Wright it a. L. I. I Lohnau or. H. M. Ellis or. Will Mcintosh or John f. Wink in. Build anything new a Days to the fat Man. His wants Are tories.4 in the City Are apparent every where in Teu you what Quot he grumbled Quot they never i�?z�?z�?z4.1.-j� _____11___"tions of Comfort and wealth a fact which Marks it As essentially a Money i getting place. This is substantiated by considered. When he goes to Church he a a i is in perfect misery perched on the Edge j a tires which place it easily among Indi of a narrow Pew with his legs out in the. Aisle. In the theater it is ten times worse unless he rents two chairs or a whole Bench. When he goes visiting his hostess always regards him with terror for fear he will smash up All the chairs in the House and he is never truly comfortable except in his own Home in his own chair especially constructed. These summer cars Are not for the fat Man. I have just bumped myself Black and Blue getting into the things and getting out after am firmly wedged is an act of genuine sleight of hand. The old Bob tail dump you in the mud pay your fare or get blown up by the Driver car is More suitable to my style of the Story of Little Agnes was told on the porch not Long ago. Little Agnes was a dear Little pet girl who fell a victim to that dreadful enemy of children Membranous croup. As the fearful disease encroached further and further on her Little hold on life the dear Little child grasped the awful fact and talked about the nearing change with a childish calmness which is unexplainable. Heaven had always been pictured to her As Beautiful and the thought of going there to used her mind with no terrors. The family doctor Hung about her in helpless faithfulness a grim old Bachelor with no Faith in Man s immortality and no Hope for his fume. Little Agnes Clung to her father s hand and asked of him a Pron else that he would come and find her again a Quot that Beautiful heaven in whose of leads hot Little feet were then Alny st a Tutaj bit Drevos Dif Feti a similar request Quot by i he walked away moved too deeply to reply. After Little Agnes s death friends came bringing Beautiful Flowers to place beside the Little faded Blossom and before the Little casket was closed came the Gruff physician who gently lifted the tiny head and placed under it a folded note in answer to her question. Who shall measure the precious ministry of Little Agnes s life Quot Don t ask my to make myself agreeable Quot said the Lounger in the Hammock after the first Day of ratification had gone by. Quot i Don t know anything but horns horns horns toot toot toot. Really the amount of disagreeable that Man is is willing to go through with to reach the White House proves him made of sterner stuff than the feminine sex by far. It does not do to say you Don t like the noise of horns however or a suspicion will get abroad that you Are not i patriotic. An enraged and indignant resident of North Tennessee Street the other afternoon opened her window and threaten red a crowd of Small boys on the pavement with instant and dreadful death if they did not Stop that horrid noise this very minute and go right away. Of course they did not Stop and she then said she would put on her Bonnet and go Down and see tie authorities and find out whether or not she could not have her afternoon Nap unmolested. She had not had a Nap for two Days and she did t propose to stand it any longer. At this the Small boys mustered All their clans and gathered in rows along the Fence two thick on every picket and tooted until bedlam would have blushed for itself. The enraged lady banged Down the window and doubtless retired to woo repose with a Pillow stuck in each ear. The infant terror had come out ahead As he generally does. A Quot Well Quot said the Laziest girl in the neighbourhood Quot you can brag All you want to about the new cars and to be new management and so of but metropolitan ways Are too Swift for me. Who last summer when i was in Chicago i really thought those Cable cars would set me crazy. Who wants to Skurry through life As if it were Only a 2 30 gait to the burying ground it goes too fast to suit me anyway and a Driver at one end a conductor at the other and a Whiz in the Middle is not my idea of pleasurable Riding by any Means. The Driver always has his Back turned and the conductor has to speak to a his friends on the sidewalk so it is a work of Art to get the car stupid after All. I am not exactly pining for the return of the Johnson regime but after All there was something rather convenient in being allowed to Stop the car and go in the House and put the rest of your clothes on before you got local notes. The Lawn of b. F. Haugh on North Pennsylvania Street is decorated with a tent and cider barrel in memory of the Harrison Campaign of 1840. Woodruff place is planning to celebrate the fourth in conjunction with the arrival of the Street car tracks at its Gates by a display of fire crackers rockets and other patriotic incense. Grows. Brighter with Isab Imus. Kokonis dispatch. Will Fortune s Tinwai Kapotis press sunday society and literary paper grows brighter with each Issue. Ana s first towns of manufacturing note. In some particulars notably in the manufacture of furniture and buggies it is Foremost. A according to a recent definition two daily papers create a City. If this is True Connersville is entitled to the distinction of that title. Much wealth has certainly bred a metropolitan air of luxury and ease in which social forms Are pretty thoroughly observed and out of which it has acquired somewhat of a reputation As a social Center. To Tell the truth the idea is not repugnant to Connersville citizens who Are rather proud of their Thrift their Enterprise and their rather sharply defined social conventions. The Many elegant Homes of the City Are largely conducive to social pleasures. During the season teas receptions dancing parties and like entertainments and amusements Are numerous but in Connersville unlike Many other places of similar size social activity is inclined to Advance in individual lines and not through the medium of the clubs and societies generally dear to the feminine heart. A its people Are not Given to organized Effort the general disposition of All to entertain being found a of Focient in itself to Ifford what of social relaxation in found desirable. The Only present exception is. A society composed of Young unmarried a Omen known As the o. W. L. Or com ii Only As the owl club. Just what these letters mean is not Given out. Yoni Quot ii ated of a ii ctr i suspicion of Ettry say they stand for Quot of wretchedly lonesome Quot but this is indignantly denied. The object of the society is likewise a secret known Only to the members a score of Connersville s brightest and Best look ing girls. It is known that they meet in very secret session during which Gallant Cavaliers Are compelled to await their i Lea Siire without. As a Reward in Are frequently Given to which the Young men Are admitted of a strictly leap year basis. On the Isth inst. One of Toliese will be provided in the Slape of a picnic that will also celebrate the first anniversary of the club. No one is admitted to membership who has the slightest scruple against unlimited dancing and no one is expected to continue a member who is not in the fullest sympathy with the pleasures of youth. These provisions a Liovvi the spirit of the organization and comprise its unwritten code. Miss Anua sinks a Beautiful and charming Young lady is just now the chief presiding officer. Under her leadership the members Marshall themselves in tempestuous and Jolly array each week. Miss Lou Devoe records the proceedings of the business meetings and miss Laud Ball is responsible for the funds of the society. The members who will be Well known to All acquainted with the City socially Are miss Olla Wood. Ella Wood miss Lou i get of miss Mazie mount miss pet Kotis miss Lou upe grail miss Annie sinks miss Daisy , miss Anna Devoe miss Nettie Oreen miss Belle Morris miss Maud Ball miss Mary Hunter miss in tie Stiles i mud Mccae miss Delia Smith miss Mazic Moffett mrs or. Davis. Among the Many Bright woman of Connersville no one is known More widely and favourably than miss Kate Heron. As a Leader in everything that tends to make social life interesting and chief participant in its pleasures she is decidedly prominent not More by her Grace of manner than by her Grace of person. To Many Indianapolis people and in other surrounding towns where she is a frequent and Welcome visitor she is known As an interesting Young lady. A series of letters concerning California written at the solicitation of the times of this City were much above the or Linary matter furnished local papers by travelling citizens and attracted much attention locally. Miss Heron is ambitious As a traveler and now has in contemplation an extended tour through the holy land and Asia. It is her purpose in this to satisfy not Only a natural desire for travel but to cultivate a tendency to tourist writing a disposition which is very prominent among other literary tastes. A in a literary Way Connersville presents the usual society in this Case a Shakespere club a body that has been in existence with fluctuating favor for three years. At its inception nearly if not quite forty members were enrolled but of this in under about half have dropped out for various reasons. The remainder meet regularly each fortnight on monday except during the summer when work is suspended. This work is systemized by a Leader who selects the plays for consideration leads in the discussions and in some instances distributes the parts for the informal enactment of Cehr la i scenes of some plays. One evening during the past season the Quot merchant of Venice Quot was presented in its entirety for the profit of the club. It was private however prof. D. A Hunter superintendent of the Public schools and a prominent member of the Shakespere club with his daughter. Miss Nora Are at present off on a vacation trip both novel and amusing. They projected and Are making a Long drive by buggy a la Quot adventures of a Pha ton Quot through Southern Indiana and Kentucky. Or. Hunter has a buggy especially arranged for carrying Light baggage and is proceeding at Liis will a route that will embrace five Hundred Miles of the picturesque regions of both states. His sometimes somewhat amusing adventures and mishaps Are daily chronicled in the daily news in the last instalment of which he describes his experience in the rugged wilds of Brown county known heretofore Only for its luxuriant growth of hoop poles and More recently celebrated As a possible Hoosier Gold Field. Morgan Mare. The doctor has some very Fine Stock at Quot Willowbrook. Quot f. M. Rottler drives a very promising Colt the Bay gelding Harry Lee sire John Berden he by Almont dam. Brown chief. He is three years old fifteen and one tenth hands High. There seems to be no limit to his Speed. Or. Rottler owns one of the Best bred mares in the country the Bay Mare Emma. Sci sire is Joe Downing sire of Abe Downing 2 20 dam. Lady Emma by Jim Monroe sire of Monroe chief record. 2 18x. Wilkes passing observations. Roadsters with records some of the Fine horses owned and let riven in Indianapolis. H Ritter for Tjie . Indianapolis has some uncommonly Fine horses. Among them is a Model roadster that is driven by col. John a. Bridgeland president of the Indianapolis importing and Breeding company. Quot John Quot he is called and in condition he tin Trot a mile in less than 3 35. In appearance he is a Bright Bay sixteen hands High. He is a plucky animal with uncommon intelligence. He has crossed the Ocean twice and won a notable race on the other Side. It was while there that he was caught Between two trains while col. Bridgeland was out driving with a Friend and by standing erect on his Hind feet until the trains had passed escaped death. The Quot Good horse sense Quot of the animal has been demonstrated on several occasions and a distinguishing chi Serif tic is Hist Suer Tvan is usually other horse Jar councilman Isaac Thalman drives a Bay Mare called Laura that is regarded As one of the uncommonly Fine roadsters of the City. She was sired by Springsteen s Bashan is quite speedy and has All other essential Good qualities. With proper handling she would have trotted very fast. R. L. Depuy thinks that his Brown gelding Clyde is perfection As a family horse. Clyde is a handsome Seal Brown fifteen and three fourth hands High Fine mane and tail with a head showing intelligence Joe Becker drives a Bay gelding sixteen hands High that is regarded As a Model horse for a Surrey. Joe has had some experience with Trotters. He made it very interesting for the boys with his Joe Downing a few years ago. Stoughton j. Fletcher drives a family horse that can easily pass any of the roadsters. He is a dark Iron Gray about fifteen and three fourth hands High very Strong and powerful in build. He can pull a Surrey with the whole Fletcher family in it at a three minute gait. John w. Browning is very proud of his horse Rosswood which he says is second to no family horse in the City. The animal is eighteen years old but looks and acts like a six year old and understands everything Browning says to him. Or. Browning s daughters have driven him Ever since they could hold a line. As to Breeding no one has a much better bred horse. His sire was Miller s Hambleton Ian he by Alexander s Abdallah dam by we. Redmond s Valentine 2d dam by Downing s Bay messenger. Rosewood has the Abdallah and Edwin Forrest crosses on top tracing Back on one Side to the thoroughbred Waggoner and on the other to messenger and Diomede John and Billy Browning of the new Denison own a pair of Wilkes Colts that Are very promising animals. One is Airel sire Onward 1411, record 2 254 dam Cattie Williams sire Haywood by Blackwood sire of Cloteine record 2 18. The boys think they have a Winner in the Colt Gen l Harrison sire Gen l Hancock by Geo. Wilkes dam. Blossom by Hiawatha he by imported Albion. I Apt. John w. Ford of the Stock Yards drives Quot old he was brought to Henry county in the fall of 1873 by gypsies. He is said to be a Morgan. Capt. Ford got him of a. F. Fetter when nine years old and brought him Here in february 1875, and has used him Ever since on the streets As a business and family horse. He is Twenty three years old but a horse win have to Trot a three minute gait to pass him. W. H. Coburn of the Stock Yards and proprietor of the seventh Street stables drives a pair of Bay geldings six and seven years old fifteen and three fourths hands High a Model Carriage team. They Are full Brothers sire. Or. Herr dam by Kentucky Bassenger. Or. Colum owns the pacer. Ingalls by hambletonian Tranby dam Flora by old Limber Bill. Ingalls is going very fast this season. He paced the Greenfield track a few Days ago in 3 37 and 2 37. Or. Colum s favorite is a Bay Colt Vigo or. Sire Vigo 3,643 dam. Park maid by Huron 2,761. He was bred by w. P. Ijams Warren Park. He is entered to Trot at the breeders meeting. Or. Charles e. Wright drives a pair of Well bred roadsters. His Bay Mare Jeannette c. Sire Monroe Downing by Joe Downing dam a red Buck pacing Mare is a very handsome animal. She has much Speed and at the same time is gentle. Her mate is a Bay gelding by Wilson s Blue Buu dam a Black Hawk it is Weed time and Harvest on the state House Lawn. The clerk of the weather ought to be ashamed to look a Lawn party in the face. The prophetic significance of Gen. Har Rison s red barn is now clearly understood. What is a poet to expect of the outside world when a paper in his own City refers to him As Quot or. Reiley Quot col. John c. New s front Yard has evidently taken a vow not to have its Beard Cut until Harrison is elected. A critical Young lady says that some of the dress Reform toilets look about As immoral As the decollete Fuu dress horror. All the boating accidents that hereafter happen in Indiana will be attributed to sympathy with the spirit of Tippecanoe. Indianapolis has not done much in a base Ball Way lately but will have to be excused on account of politics in the family. The average Indianapolis picnic at Golden Hill during june has had to observe Myron Reed s advice and Quot get into the canal to keep out of the we Stop the press to announce that what can i you guess Well we Stop the press to announce that be Stop Fiji press. The Sun rather outshone itself on monday when it proclaimed Harrison s Victory on the first Page and predicted him wholly put of the race on the fourth Page. Gov. Gray is not to be censured because he blew a Horn when he heard the Republican news. His excellency used to train with that party and Force of habit carried him away. People in search of an interesting sum mer resort this year will err in judgment if they pass by Indianapolis and it is As confidently asserted that those who go away Are to miss lots of fun. A the new baby boys in Indiana now a Days will find a ready made title awaiting them and in a few years it will be impossible to throw a stick on Indiana without hitting a Benjamin Harrison. If Indianapolis Ever expects to be the residence City of a president of these United states it had better prepare for such glory by gradually becoming accustomed to clean streets and alleys. The news errs in directing the attention of the fool killer to the Campaign poet. It is the editor Man who allows the political verse maker to get out of the office alive that should be foully dealt with. The juvenile catalogue issued by the Public Library is found to be a convenience not Only to Youthful readers but to Many older ones who have not outgrown their fondness for a Good child s Story. A patriotic four year old in the East part of town recently rebuked a peddle Olio was loudly crying Quot bananas bananas Quot by saying Quot Stop thar Man you must t holler bananas Yoti must holler for Harrison Quot the fourth of july in Inifi Anapolis is to be signalized by two games of base Ball one in the morning the other in the afternoon Between the Indianapolis and Boston clubs. It is to be hoped that Indianapolis will seize this Opportunity to demonstrate to Boston its belief that the Star of Empire has permanently located in the West. The presentation of a Gold watch to tames Whitco Nib Riley by the Marion county medical society was unusually appropriate in that it found or. Riley without any such useful ornamentation. In accepting the gift or. Riley ingeniously announced that his father gave him a watch Oace when he was a boy and then took it away from him because he did t take Good care of it. It is no laughing matter to live Cheek by jowl with convention Headquarters. Two Days after the musical convention a Rural Delegate went into one of the offices in Plymouth Church building and insisted on having Barclay Walker produced at once. In like manner shortly after the literary convention the occupants of the same office had difficulty in convincing another belated Delegate that James Whitcomb Riley could not be materialized by them at will. A blockade caused by a pin. An old lady dressed in grandmother garb with a White kerchief neatly folded across the breast of a Plain Black frock caught the gleam of a pin on the Streetcar tracks at the intersection of Illinois and Washington streets the other Day. Thrifty habits of Many years were strongly Woven in her being so she stopped to pick it up. Her fingers were stiff and trembling the pin was wedged in the car track and the process of extricating it was a somewhat lengthy one. A car drove up and stopped with the mules noses almost grazing the old lady s Homespun Back. Carriages and pedestrians waiting for the car to pass were halted in strings on either Side and in the Center of the impatient bustling throng was the Little old woman from the country digging at the old brass pin. The wheels of Trade had to Stop however until the act was accomplished and the Little old woman hobbled off in her carpet slippers utterly unconscious that she and a stray pin had clogged Commerce and Given Rise to amusement and malediction in the minds of Many people

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