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Indianapolis Press (Newspaper) - August 9, 1900, Indianapolis, Indiana Get the who when what Book. No run a a cd a to a s a Kwh a edition vol. . 205.indial��apolis, mv., thursday August 9, 1900.-Fourtee�z�z pages. Two texts. America demands chivas co operation with Allied forces i the fiend in the weather office. $ a Mem a clause on a which ultimatum Jim gear a a the clause it president Mckinley s letter to emperor Kwang us on july a 23. In accordance with which the ultimatum of the United slates today urges the chinese emperor to act contained the following a quot to put the diplomatic representatives of the Powers in immediate and a free communication with their respective governments and to remove All danger to their lives and Liberty. A quot to place the Imperial authorities of China in communication with the a Relief expedition so that cooperation May be secured Between them for the liberation of the Legat loners the Protection of foreigners and the restoration a of order. Vigorous note sent by state department to minister we for transmission to Imperial government cessation of attacks by mongolian troops on legation called for proof of Friendship desired. A Washington aug. 9.�?the following memorandum Bent to minister we by acting Secretary of state Adee after consultations by state off Clale with the president demands the immediate cessation of hostile attacks by the Imperial troops on the i ovations and says Are availing ourselves of the Opportunity offered by the Imperial edict of the 5th of August allowing to the foreign ministers free communication with their governments in cipher and have sent a communication to minister Conger to which we await an answer. We Are. Already advised by him in a Brief dispatch received August 7, that the Imperial troops Are firing Dally on the ministers in Pekin. We demand the immediate cessation of hostile attacks by government troops upon the legation and urge the exercise of every Power and Energy of the Imperial government for the Protection of the Lega tons and a foreigners therein. Quot we Are also advised by the same dispatch from minister Conger that in his opinion for the ministers to leave Pekin As proposed in the edict of August 2, would be certain death. In View of the fact that the Imperial troops Are now firing upon the legation and in View of the doubt expressed by the Imperial government on August 2 As to its Power to restore order and guarantee absolute safety in Pekin it is evident that this apprehension is Well founded for if your go government cannot protect our minister in Pekin it will presumably be unable to protect him in a journey from Pekin to the coast. Quot we therefore urge upon the Imperial government that it shall adopt the course suggested in the third clause of the letter of the president to his majesty the emperor of China of july 23, 1900, and enter into communication with the Relief expedition so that co operation May be secured Between them for the liberation of the legation the Protection of foreigners and the restoration of order. Quot such action on the Imperial government would quot to a a at factory demonstration of its friendliness and. Desire to attain these ends. Quot department of state Washington August 9, 1900. Quot Alva Adee. Acting Secretary of Bryan party leaves nominee is pleased talks of his plans nebraskan expresses his Delight with reception accorded him notifications yet to be made to him his letter of acceptance departure of visitors for Chicago at 11 45 this morning. Or. Happen Hans turns on the hot blast from his Eyrie on the Majestic building and gloats Over the disco s fort of suffering Man below. Allies take Yang Sun lion officials believe China is backing Down Pei Tsang reports Good. To aug. officials to be very much surprised at the tone of the papiers this morning in representing the chinese situation both diplomatic and military to have increased in Gravity. They say on the contrary that they believe it to be greatly improved. The receipt of the Conger dispatch in cipher shows they hold that the chinese government is preparing to Back Down and the message from Gen. Chaffee regarding the taking of Pei Tsang was especially encouraging. It shows that the chinese Are not putting up the resistance that was expected of them. Only about 4,000 allies were actually engaged. It now appears in that fight and yet they were Able to drive the chinese from their entrenched positions. At the War department the result at Pei Tsang is accepted As showing that there Are plenty of troops now in China to meet present emergencies and that there will be enough when All now under orders shall arrive to handle the entire situation. Under the circumstances they Are distinctly encouraged at the Outlook and believe that the Gravity of the situation is lessening rather than increasing. It is said that no More troops will be ordered to China and there is no expectation that an extra session of Congress will be called to declare War for the reason that no War is expected. It is Learned that president Mckinley when the message of Adee to the i Linese government As originally drafted was read to him last night himself suggested several modifications preferring to maintain some of the stronger expressions used in the first draft for use in succeeding communications should they become necessary. One of the modifications was the striking out of a suggestion that the Allied troops should be allowed to enter Pekin to take away the from ministers. By Good. The wounded Are the austrian foreign office has received the following dispatch from or. A. De Rosthern Secretary of the austrian legation at Pekin dated August 4 quot the legation was burned on tune 21. Since june 20 we have defended with the French detachment the French legation which has been continuously under Shell and Rifle fire. Part of the legation was blown up by mines. Our losses have been Thomann and three sailors killed and Bonneberg and two others seriously wounded but now out of danger. Since july 16 the attacks have been without effect. The chinese government trying to induce us to leave for tien Tsin promising us Safe escort. We have hitherto declined this Goodnow s representative said to have left peking cablegram. Tiendon aug. 9.�?the Rome correspondent of the daily mail announces the reception there of Oil cal dispatches from the italian minister in Pekin asserting that he left Pekin july 31�?presumably for i Tsyn. This however is so utterly at ice with the action and intentions of other ministers heard from that it is almost incredible dispatch from Rome says quot the for a office Here has received a cipher Dis itch bearing the signature of the italian Linister at Pekin not dated in which the Linster the Marquis Salvago Raggi con arms the reports of the murder of Baron von Ketteler the German minister and adds that the legation of Belgium Austria and Italy have been evacuated the members of the legation missionaries and foreigners to the number of 700 seeking Refuge in the British legation. The Catholic missions in the North City. It is further announced hold out de ended by thirty French and ten italian marines. The British la gation when the dispatch was sent was provisioned for two a dispatch from Madrid says quot the Spanish minister in Pekin Senor b. J. De Coogan. Telec graphs that the Spanish legation has suffered slight damage adding that the situation is most painful and perilous he confirms what is already known Reg arding the attitude of the chinese the German pore Lam Force has received the following dispatch from Herr Bellow first Secretary of the German legation at Pekin dated tel non quot since july 21 the situation has not Chan ered. There has been neither attacks by the troops in Piasse upon us nor Shell fire Only desultory Rifle fire. The health of the in Mbeni of the legation is comparative Landing of British troops at Shanghai May bring trouble. London aug. 9.�?the Shanghai correspondent of the news cables quot United states Consul Goodnow strongly opposes Admiral Seymour s intention to land 3,000 troops on the found that such an act would not be warranted by the circumstances and would be Likely to create trouble. M. Ezaure the French Consul agrees to the arrangement but he says that if the British land forces the French will do likewise. The austrians will also land men. Consul Goodnow further says my personal opinion is that the Landing of troops Here at the present moment would be a grave mistake quot Hong Kong reports two detachments of Indian troops Here have been notified to prepare to proceed to Shanghai. About 3,000 Black flags left Canton today ostensibly bound for Pekin. It is reported at Canton that the French intend to Clear the chinese Craft from the Creek separating the artificial Island of Bra Mien and Canton. The chinese protest against Auch action As calculated to cause place on Way to Pekin captured from and forts fall 3ef0re russian losses of allies in Battle of Pei Tsang Over 1,100�?heroic charge of go up 20 per taken on Indianapolis fire insurance conditions by committee in Dilca Ifo today. A Telegram was received this afternoon from the governing Corni Nettee of the Western insurance Union meeting in Chicago today stating that the committee had met and after considering Indianapolis fire department conditions had decided to increase Are insurance rates in this City 20 per cent. Or. Goodloe the local inspector for the fire insurance companies met with the con Mittee. The schedule of rates to be adopted under this decision Are practically those published in the press Sev eral Days ago. The Telegram was As follows quot inspector Goodloe met with the governing committee this Mommy. Decided to re rate Indianapolis by schedule with increase basis rate for deficient fire department. Work will begin at once. This will affect All special hazards in the this Means an increase of about 20 per cent. In Indianapolis rii it mile from Phi or the town of Yang Tsun is on the Pei to eighteen Miles North of tien Tsin and where the Railroad crosses the River on the Way to Pekin. Today s news shows that the allies Are moving on Pekin at the rate of eight Miles a Day which is reasonable Speed in the country of an enemy. Yang Tsun is eight Miles North of Pei bang. The town taken last sunday. The next station of importance on the Way toward Pekin is Lofa thirteen milo3 North of Yang Tsun and nine Miles South of Langfang the Halfway Point reached by Admiral Seymour s Rescue party in june. The allies on monday were sixty one Miles from Pekin. Preme commander and All express greatest Confidence in his ability and declare that the Powers could not accept a better Leader. It is reported that the Czar of Russia has telegraphed his personal approval. It is Learned that the Field marshal volunteered his services in China when the trouble began but the Kalmar declined offer on the Gix und that the Alae of the German Force iii Jhina did not justify the appointment of an officer of such exalted rank. It is strongly hinted that Waldersee s appointment foreshadows the sending of a much larger German Force to China than he Taen expected. Count ii Ald Eiyee was bom at pots dam a hmm enters joke army took Dart in Vas to Prince Fri in Tho Austro prussian War of 1866. He was later detailed to the general staff and was afforded Opportunity to study von Moltke s military methods. In 1s70 he was sent to Paris As attache to the embassy and his reports m regard to the French army were of the utmost value. In the Franco part Ossian War he was chief of staff of Prince Frederick Karl and ren it dered conspicuous service in Many Wajs. After the War he was made acting Imperial ambassador for a year. Then he Washington aug. 9.�?the War department has received the following bulletin addressed to the signal Olicer quot Che Foo August 9.�?signal officer Washington August 6.�?Yang-Tsun captured today. Wire up. Need own transportation. All Yang Tsun is the second place on the March of the allies to Pekin and was reported strongly defended by chinese. Yang Tsun is an important town fifteen Miles above Pei Tsang and Twenty three Miles North of loss in the West governor of Colorado size sup National situation. Quot Eastern and Centra states will make up Colorado majority will not exceed sixty thousand and Washington will go Republican. Count aupr60 von Wato Enate. Who it is reported will command the Allied forces in China. London. Aug. 9.�?a Che Foo dispatch dated August 7, reports that the new Liwang forts and the chinese City have been taken by the russians. When the chinese were forced from their outer works at Pel Tsang. Sunday they blew up the Pei to Bridge. The japanese the River exposed to a murderous Cross fire losing heavily. The fighting lasted from 8 o clock until 11, with heavy losses on both sides. The chinese retreated up the River pursued by the allies. There is a Force of 15,000 chinese about two March to the South and East of then Tein which is guarded by 6,000 men of the Allied forces with fourteen guns. An Imperial edict has been issued at Pekin that tien Tsyn and the Taku forts must be retaken at any Cost a Dlf Patch to Dalziel s news Agency from Shanghai gives the total losses in the fighting of August 5 As 1.130, divided As follows russians 600 British 130, and japanese 400.May command the marshal von Waldersee sent to China by Germany. Berlin aug. 9.�?Field marshal count von Waldersee has been appointed by the a emperor commander of the German troops in China and it is the general belief that he will on his arrival in China be placed in supreme command of All of the Allied forces Espe Clallie As reports from All of the capitals of Europe declare that the appointment meets general approval. Tho papers of Berlin credit the probability that the count ill be made us commanded a cavalry regiment and next he was made chief of staff of the tenth army corps. In 1881 he was made assistant to von Moltke As quartermaster general and in 1888 became chief of the army s general staff. For a time he was in Disfavour with the Kaiser but in 1896 he was made Field marshal of the German army. He is universally respected and beloved by his men. The father of the countess Waldersee was a rather impecunious new York grocer who left but scant Means to his widow. Mrs. Lee went to Stuttgart to live and educate her children. There she met a German Diplomat. Baron Waechter afterwards ambassador to France. In 1864 her daughter Mary Esther married Prince Frederick of Schle self ii Olstein a grand Uncle of the present Lerman Empress. The marriage took place in Paris. Prince Noer immensely Rich and seventy years of age died soon afterwards and left his immense Fortune to his Young widow. A few years later she married the count Waldersee ten years her he left Silver outer. Bryan says he discussed Para amount question leaving others tul Uter. William Bryan in reply to a Telegram from a new York paper As to Why he left out All mention of 16 to 1 in his notification speech replied from this City Titis morning As follows quot i followed the plan pursued in 1896, and discussed the Paramount Issue in my notification speech leaving other questions to my letter of acceptance and subsequent gov. Thomas of Colorado who was temporary chairman of the democratic National convention and who made the speech notifying vice presidential candidate Stevenson consented before leaving this morning to discuss political prospects. His talk was significant As he believes or. Bryan will not prove As Strong a runner in any of the Western states As he was in 1896, although he is confident that Tho falling off the democratic Vot Thero will be More than offset by gains in the Central and Eastern states. Got. Thomas is perhaps the leading Democrat of the far West. Quot Colorado in 1s96 gave Bryan 130,000 majority quot he said. Quot this year i do not believe his majority will exceed 60,000. What Are the reasons for this falling off Well i think there Are three principal reasons. Many republicans that were out of line with their party then Are Back in line now. Another reason is that Many of the people out there believe that the philippine policy of the Mckinley administration is about right. Another read ii is that the trusts have secured coir of of nearly All of our industries and every Man that has sold out his business to a Trust is now a shouting Republican. The falling off in the democratic vote will be general throughout those far Western states and i should not be surprised if Washington goes Republican. Quot generally speaking however Bryan will carry the same Western states he did in 18 but with decreased majorities and his gains will be in the Eastern and Central states. The vote of the single state of Maryland which we Are going to carry this year will off set the loss of Wash Langton should it go against us. Bryan will be much stronger in Tho Central and Eastern states than in 1896. L find that throughout All of the Central states there is a feeling of neat unrest and that voters Are fico King to the Bryan Standard rapidly. I made a thorough tour of these states in 1896. Then the words anarchist and communist were being hurled at Bryan from All sides. I Haven t heard those words mentioned in the present trip. Then he was spoken of As an immature and untried upstart. Now there is a settled admiration for his honesty and courage and he is looked upon As a statesman of rare ability and the uncompromising Champion of the common x rights of the Beveridge to answer it. . Brown sound Tho wishes of Many Republican today. Quot i see that t. Taggart says that he would like to have some one make the attempt to successfully answer or. Bryan s military Park speech quot said supreme clerk Brown. Quot that s easy. I suggest that the pleasing task be delegated to senator Beveridge and that brother Taggart be invited to a front seat. Such a speech from senator Beveridge would be an appropriate opening of the Republican Campaign in Indiana. No Man in the United states is so peculiarly fitted for the performance suggested by or. Tag Gart. A great Many republicans Are urging that Beveridge be invited to quot make the William Jennings by an spent several minutes in the grand hotel lobby this morning and during this time he was a Liberal Patron of the news stand. He was dressed in his usual democratic fashion and was in All respects quot one of the boys quot As he walked about shaking hands and greeting everybody with a pleasant smile. Not Many people were in the lobby and this probably gave or. Bryan inspiration to remain longer than he had intended. Quot you May say quot he said to the press representative quot that i am much pleased with the affair of yesterday and the Way it was managed. It reflects great credit on the men that had it in charge and the people turned out grandly. It was a great tost to stand there sweltering so Long with the hot Tsun beating right Down in their quot will you discuss the withdrawal of or. Towne from the populist National ticket quot quot no quot was the firm reply. Quot what Are your Campaign plans quot quot Well i have two notification meetings yet and my letter of acceptance is to be delivered. I shall make an address at the National grand army Encampment one in Indianapolis when the democratic league of clubs meets and another on labor Day at some place to be determined. Those Are All the engagements i have before As to a tour. Quot will you make a tour of the country this year quot quot i do not consider it necessary to go into detail As to my Plana. I Haven t determined with certainty. If i should say what i expect to do i might change my mind and if i were to do that you newspaper men would fall to speculating As to Why i did quot what do you think of the Way the Indianapolis papers handled the notification meeting quot or. Bryan smiled and said quot the Only paper i have seen yet is the journal and i am not under special obligations to Praise it or other papers of opposite political Haltli. Then Why should i talk about the newspapers the question of How the newspapers handled it brings up the question of How the police handled it and How others handled it. You see the Point and la i were to discuss the Nap i re it might be asked Why i did t to exp rec Alons about the papers else a Bare. I Don t consider it the proper thing to loiter about Complete. A gentleman broke in with a request that if or. Bryan should see a certain Man out West he would please remember or. Stucky to him. The Man referred to is connected in some Way with a land department. Col. Bryan looked As if he would remember the request about a minute and a half. He said his letter of acceptance is about Complete but that he has not decided when to Issue it. Spent night at mayor s Home. The grand hotel was comparatively deserted this morning. Or. Bryan and or. Stevenson secured a Tood night s rest. Immediately after dinner last evening mrs. Bryan and William j., ., were driven to mayor Taggart s residence where they remained All night. As soon As the Tomlinson Hall meeting was Over or. Bryan joined them and the entire party retired Early almost tired out with the Day s proceedings. Or. Stevenson and his party remained at the hotel and retired Early. The family arose a Little late this morning and took things easy during the morning. About 9 o clock or. And mrs. Bryan and mayor Taggart drove up to the hotel and mrs. Bryan and her son went at once to their rooms to prepare for Tho trip Home. Or. stopped in the lobby of the hotel and was kept Busy shaking hands with a number who had waited to see him. He remained in the lobby but a few minutes when he went up stairs and stopped in the Hall to Chat with chairman Parks Martin representative Otey of Virginia and a Tew who had remained Over from Tho red men s Parade. All the guests were left largely to themselves the entire morning. Or. Stevenson received those who called in his room. When the red men passed the hotel or. Bryan stepped on the veranda and looked at the Parade. About half of it had passed before the marchers caught sight of him and then there were Many cheers. One enthusiastic red Man yell quot Billy old boy you re ajl right or. Bryan smiled and bowed his a Knowledg a about an hour before train time or. Stevenson and his wife went to the . A number of the ladies who were on the reception committee called on mrs. Bryan and mrs. Stevenson and All talked informally. There were but few around the upper Halls and but called who did not know some one in the party cheers Asho left hotel. About 11 25 superintendent Quigley appeared at the hotel at the head of a Largo Force of policemen. They lined the stairway leading from the dining room and formed two lines to the ladles Entrance on Maryland Street. As the nominees appeared three cheers were called for for Bryan and they were Given with a will. The arrival of the police caused a Large number to gather and the lobby was filled. Or. And mrs. Bryan with William j., ., and gov. And mrs Thomas of Colorado got into the first Flag draped Carriage and then or. Stevenson and his party came Down stairs. Three Hearty cheers were Given for him. He with mrs. Stevenson their son and daughters occupied the second a Flag draped Carriage. The other members of the party occupied three other Carriage. Three cheers were also Given for John w. Kern As he came Down the stairs. The escort consisted of the la Berry drum corps of this City and the Lebanon band. The escort and carriages with a Large Force of policemen leading swung into Illinois Street and proceed to the Union station. At that hour the station was Well tilled with travellers but there were Many Indianapolis people there and Partick curly Many women. Them waiting room was filled and the police cleared a Way through it for the party and then lined were formed to the train Faux Pas at the station. Through the efforts of mayor Taggart or. Bryan and or. Stevenson and their parties were almost sent East on a Pennsylvania train. The special parlor car provided for them was on the last track at the East end of the train shed and the regular train to which it was to be attached had not arrived but the second track was held for it. Mayor Taggart did not know of this arrangement and the police escort marched straight across the tracks and toward the special car. Mayor Taggart who was just ahead of or. And mra. Bryan paid no attention to the escort and started Down the platform by the second track. The Nollice got Hirk Way across the tracks before they discos red they were escorting no one. In the meantime the guests were notching Down a platform to an East und Pennsylvania to a. Superintendent Bulg Wey pushed his hat from is Bead and started on a run Bac Golf Tho. Guests while Sergt. Lowe trim to Ltd tracks at a time to reach Mas the other policemen took Short Cut head the procession off and just a mayor Taggart had discovered Hie mistake the police rounded the party up and it started Back Down the platform no. This time the visitors trusted themselves to the police and got in the right car. The car was run out into the Yards and when the regular train pulled in it was attached to the rear. A number of local democrats were there to say Farewell and a crowd of the curious collected omit Side the private car and stared at the occupants to their Complete satisfaction. As the train pulled out at 11 45 o clock or. Bryan and or. Stevenson stood on the rear platform and waved their hats. Or. Bryan waved a hat with one hand and a fan with the other. One cheer was Given by members of the Indianapolis band who had gathered to see the party off but beyond hand Cap plug when the party first arrived at the station there was no other Rug for or. at Monument wanted to stand on it. After the Tomlinson Hall meeting last night or. Bryan drove with mayor Taggart to English s or Ira House where the red men s demonstration was in Progress. As they made their Way to a Box mighty cheers came from the audience. Or. Bryan spoke briefly saying he is not a red Man but knows something of the order and is in Hearty sympathy with it. They remained Only a few minutes and then drove around the West Side of the Monument into South Meridian Street and to the grand hotel. Or. Bryan was not recognized until the Carriage was nearly past the Monument when there was a tremendous outburst of applause. Me bowed in recognition but the Carriage did not Stop. This greatly disappoint the people that were packed about the. Be of the Monument Many of them had been there several hours expecting that or. Brvan would Spiik from the a of the Monument. One woman brought a Rug on which she was anxious that Brj should stand while delivering the speech and keen disappointment was written on her face. Aiter the Carriage had gone Sergt. Lowe announced that or. Bryan worn out by the Day s events had gone to Tho hotel and the crowd dispersed. Bryan notification viewed by men of both Partie Sas republicans saw it. The republicans at the state House Are laughing about the outcome of the Bryan notification meeting. These Are their opinions r. T. Burrell quot it was thin. I am really ashamed that our state do not Dri Nore for the candidates although they Are a a l. O. Rothschild quot it was a Frost adjutant general Gore quot i am hopeful. Tre re of state quot if yesterday was an indication of what they pm do the result is a for6g>ne contusion. Secretary of state Hunt it was a Small affair. The Only danger to the Republican ticket is that our people la become overconfident when they consider lust let end it Jones quot i believe that i am going to be re elected. There jul be substantial Republican gains Over a a Este Sally in the Rural distr lots. The double the republicans will Bave will be to get out a full q w user quot it was a very sea 1 affair. Just wait till we try our was. Cassius Hadley quot a Democrat very near to the throne told me that his party is be much disappointed Over the out cos st the Meeng. T believe that Tho statements As to the attendance were very much overdone As democrats saw on Page 2�?third column. Sergeant at arms John i. Martin was enthusiastic in his Praise. He said quot it was the most comi it Lote and successful demonstration i Ever witnessed and the crowds were the be to behaved people i have Ever observed. The police department demonstrated a ill Oer oct As it could be. Whenever i said Inease open the Way the Cuzens acted promptly and Good Nat redly and while they frequently to came excited in Wei coming Bryan and applauding him they never tost their politeness. The platform was the Acme of perfection. There was no crowding no confusion. Too much credit cannot be Given to mayor Taggart who can Cut a Watermelon one minute and introduce a president of the United states the next. He seemed to be Eyer where at the same time doing All kinds of work and making Ever it body Happy. He consulted with me frequently As to what i wanted done and every time i touched the Button be did the rest. Democratic leaders today referred with Pride and satisfaction to the size and character of yesterday s demonstration and while they do not say that the Success of the event will pull Indiana into the democratic column they say it will be continued on Pae 2--fourth column

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