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Indianapolis Press (Newspaper) - August 8, 1900, Indianapolis, Indiana The in Stdio Ira Polis press wednesday August 8, 1900. Ing to believe that an All Wise and an All Loving god created the filipinos and then left them thousands of years helpless until the islands attracted the attention a of european nations. Flag Over the dead in Mexico. Republicans ask quot shall we haul Down the Flag that floats Over our dead in the Philippines quot the same question might have been asked when the american Flag floated Over Chapultepec and waved Over the dead who fell there but the tourist who visits the City of Mexico finds there a National cemetery owned by the United states and cared for by an american citizen. Our Flag still floats Over our dead but when the treaty with Mexico was signed american authority withdrew to the Rio Grande and i venture the opinion that during the last fifty years the people of Mexico have made More Progress under the stimulus of Independence and self government than they would have made under a carpet bag government held in place by bayonets. The United states and Mexico Friendly republics Are each stronger and happier than they would have been had the former been cursed and the latter crushed by an imperialistic policy disguised As quot benevolent can Rule colonies. Quot can we not govern colonies quot we Are asked. The question is not what we can do but what we ought to do. This nation can do whatever it desires to do but it must accept responsibility for what it does. If the Constitution stands in the Way the people can Amend the Constitution. I repeat the nation can do whatever it desires to do but it cannot avoid the natural and legitimate results of its own conduct. The Young Man upon reaching his majority can do what he pleases. He can disregard the teachings of his parents he can trample upon All that he has been taught to consider sacred he can disobey the Laws of the state the Laws of society and the Laws of god. He can stamp failure upon his life and make his very existence a curse to his fellow men and he can bring his father and Mother in sorrow to their grave but he cannot annul the sentence. Quot the wastes of sin is and so with this nation. It is of age and can of what it pleases it can spurn the traditions of the past it can repudiate the principles Upo quot tinn rests it can employ Force instead of reason it can substitute might for right it can conquer weaker Pepple Nonit their lands appropriate their prop Irv and Kilt the or people but it cannot repeal the moral Law or escape the punishment decreed for the violation of human rights. Ould we tread in the paths of tyranny. Nor reckon the tyrant s Cost who Tabeth another s Liberty his Freedom is also lost. Mould we win As the Strong have Ever won. Make ready to pay the debt. For the god who reigned Over Babylon is the god who is reigning yet. Some argue that american Rule in the a spine islands will result in the better education of the filipinos. Be not deceived if wac expect to maintain a Colo Nair Yolly. We shall not find it to our Adlai tage to educate the pople. The educated filipinos Are now in revolt against us and the most ignorant ones have made the least resistance to our domination. If we Are to govern Thern without their consent and give them no voice in determining the taxes which they must Pav we dare not educate them lest they learn to read the declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United states and mock us for our inconsistency. Arguments refuted and seriatim. The principal arguments however advanced by those who enter upon a defense of imperialism Are 1. That we must improve the present Opportunity to become a world Power and enter into International politics. 2. That our commercial interest in the philippine islands and in the Orient make it necessary for tis to hold the islands permanently. 3. That the st tread of the Chrlot in rpm. 1�? a a lean Soldier and justify a War of Conquest upon the ground that it will pay. The democratic party is in favor of the expansion of Trade. It would extend our Trade by every legitimate and peaceful Means but it is not willing to make merchandise of human blood. But a War of Conquest is As unwise As it is unrighteous. A Harbor and Coaling station in the Philippines would answer every Trade and military necessity and such a Concession could have been secured at any time without difficulty. Trade secured by Force. It is not necessary to own people in order to Trade with them. We carry on Trade today with every part of the world and our Commerce has expanded More rapidly than the Commerce of any european Empire. We do not own Japan or China but we Trade with their people. We have not absorbed the republics of Central and South America but we Trade with them. It has not been necessary to have any political connections with Canada or the nations of Europe in order to Trade with them. Trade cannot be permanently profitable unless it is voluntary. When Trade is secured by Force the Cost of securing it and retaining it must be taken out of the profits and the profits Are never Large enough to cover the expense. Such a system would never be defended but for the fact that the expense is borne by All the people while the profits Are enjoyed by the few. Imperialism would be profitable to the army contractors it would be profitable to the ship owners who would carry live soldiers to the Philippines and bring dead soldiers Back it would be profitable to those who would seize upon the franchises and it would be profitable to the officials whose salaries would be fixed Here and paid Over there but to the Farmer to the Labouring Man and to the vast majority of those engaged in other occupations it would bring expenditure without return and risk without Reward. Farmers and Labouring men have As a Rule Small incomes and under systems which place the tax upon consumption pay More than their fair share of the expenses of government. Thus the very people who receive least Benefit from imperialism will be injured most by the military burdens which accompany it. In addition to the evils which he and the Farmer share in common the Labouring Man will be the first to suffer if Oriental subjects seek work in the United states the first to suffer if american capital leaves our shores to employ Oriental labor in the Philippines to Supply the Trade of China and Japan the first to suffer from the violence which the military spirit arouses and the first to suffer when the methods of imperialism Are applied to our own government. It is not strange therefore that the labor organizations have been Quick to note the approach of these dangers and prompt to protest against both militarism and imperialism. The pecuniary argument though More effective with certain classes is not Likely to be used so often or presented with so much emphasis As the religious argument. If what has been termed the quot Gunpowder gospel quot were urged against the filipinos Only it would be a sufficient answer to say that a majority of the filipinos Are now members of one Branch of the Christian Church but the principle involved is one of much wider application and challenges serious consideration. The religious argument varies in Posl ulveness from a passive belief that Providence delivered the Fulli pianos into our hands for their Good and our glory to the exultation of the minister who said that we ought to quot thrash the natives filipinos until they understand who we Are and that quot every Bullet sent every Cannon shot and every Flag waved Means we cannot approve of this Doctrin i a. By a in extraordinary session As soon As i am inaugurated and recommend an immediate declaration of the nation s purpose first to establish a stable form of government in the philippine islands just As we Are now establishing a stable form of government in the Island of Cuba second to give Independence to the filipinos just As we have promised to give Independence to the cubans third to protect the filipinos from outside interference while they work out their destiny just As we have Pilot acted the republics of Central and South America and Are by the Monroe doctrine pledged to protect Cuba. A european protectorate often results in the exploitation of the Ward by the guardian. An american protectorate gives to the nation protected the advantage of our strength without making it the victim of our greed. For three quarters of a Century the Monroe doctrine has been a shield to neighbouring republics and yet it has imposed no pecuniary Burden upon us. After the filipinos had aided us in the War against Spain we could not honorable turn them Over to their former masters we could not leave them to be the victims of the ambitious designs of the european nations and since we do not desire to make them a part of us or to hold them As subjects we propose the Only alternative namely to give them Independence and guard them against molestation from without. When our opponents Are unable to defend their position by argument they fall Back upon the assertion that it is destiny and insist that we must submit to it no matter How much it violates moral precepts and our principles of government. This is a complacent philosophy. It obliterates the distinction Between right and wrong and makes individuals and nations the helpless victims of circumstances. Destiny is the subterfuge of the invertebrate who lacking the courage to oppose error seeks some plausible excuse for supporting it. Washington said that the destiny of the Republican form of government was deeply. If not finally staked on the Experiment entrusted to the american people. How different Washington s definition to destiny from the Republican definition. The republicans say that this nation is in the hands of destiny Washington believed that not Only the destiny of our own nation but the destiny of the Republican form of government throughout the world was entrusted to american hands. Immeasurable responsibility the destiny of this Republic is in the hands of its own people upon the Success of the Experiment Here rests the Hope of humanity. No exterior Force can disturb this Republic and no foreign influence should be permitted to change its course. What the future has in store for this nation no one has authority to declare but each individual has his own idea of the nation s Mission and he owes it to his country As Well As to himself to contribute As Best he May to the fulfilment of that Mission. Or. Chairman and gentlemen of the committee i can never fully discharge the debt of gratitude which i owe to my coun Trinen for the honors which they have so generously bestowed upon me but sirs whether it be my lot to occupy the High office for which the convention has named me or to spend the remainder of my Days in private life it shall be my constant ambition and my controlling purpose to Aid in realizing the High ideals of those whose Wisdom and courage and sacrifices brought this Republic into existence. F can conceive of a National destiny surpassing the glories of the present and tale past a destiny which meets the responsibilities of today and measures up to the possibilities of the future. Behold a Republic resting a a Itlen iti mii Glassy to Pitr Folso Many alumni attend Bogarte society s program. Annual banquet of the classic Clasi pharmacy st dents Gold medal contest to exercises. Valparaiso ind., aug. 8.�?More than 2,000 persons t enjoyed the annual class Day program Given by the Bogarte elocution society in the auditorium last night. The address was delivered by Edward g. Hoffman of Harlan ind. His subject was quot the be w race. Quot Don c. Summe of Muncie recited an original class poem. Miss Genevieve Ahern of Campus 111., read the class prophecy and miss Sadie Richardson of Bath. Mich., gave a recitation. Miss Inez pram Isco and the misses Liibbe and Annly Smith of this City rendered Delight fun music. The classic class its annual banquet last night cal w. Thompson of Evansville Minn in ing master of ceremonies. Toasts were offered by Robert Cooley Caldwell o. E. J. Hoffman Harlan Fred e. Younkman so Lton a. Clara Muller it i minn., and others. Music was provided by miss Emma Dar Roch Morocco w. J. Scott it. Lon 111., and Lloyd Curtis Florence o. The music class College faculty and other guests were also Banquete last night at the Home of prof. Harold Butler director of the music . A bail game by tween the classic class and the College faculty is scheduled to take place on the College baseball grounds tomorrow after non. The Star literary societies at spezia i dec rings held last night elected of Lect is al a the next year. This week final Gold medal con tests Are being made by the pharmacy students before the faculty of the pharmacy depart Mem. One Gold medal is to be awarded for the Best final examination in chemistry botany Materia med Ica Elsp Nung und pharmacy. Another will be awarded tor the Best work in operative . Yesterday judge John a 1 final lecture to the quot pharmacy Juris Pru e. Cass gave the pharmacy the Hon Martin h. Carmody arrived this morning Frim grand rapids mich., and will give the annual alumni address in the College auditorium tonight. President Swain of Indiana University who will deliver the commencement address before the graduating classes tomorrow night is expected to reach Here this evening in time for the annual alumni exercises and Bantu it tonight. Monon Svreck victims. Engineer who juries malt ing four deaths Lafayette Whitsel. Engine train wrecked a Senger train in Bly mangled. Lewis ii aug train. Kiuei a 1m�s�zsk Sel succumbs to in ind., aug. 8.�?henry of the Monon passenger South Raub yesterday morning died e irly this morning of his injuries at st. Elizabeth Hospital. This makes the death list to Date four As follows Henry who passenger train Hospital. James Hull flow fireman of the killed body Terrt Tell. Engineer of the scalded died in evangel spoke yesterday. The misses Vail of Indianapolis gave a dinner party at the inn yesterday and the daughters of Sam Jones gave a reception at the Winona hotel last night. Convention i of Tell it last meeting of sunday school Assembly at Bethany. Bethany Park. Ind., aug. 8.�?the Praise meeting at 6 30 o clock this morning was led by prof. Munro of Bethany w. Va., and the meeting concluded the state sunday school convention. At the meeting of the committees yesterday the following state officers were elected for the ensuing year president e. B. Scofield Indianapolis vice president Horace Eltun Indianapolis Secretary h. A. Turney Brooklyn treasurer Amos Clifford Indiana Polf evangelist t. J. Leg Logansport and executive Board. H. R. Pritchard Charles r. Scoville e. B. Scofield and Charles r. Hudson. After the morning prayer meeting the time was taken up with reports of committees and talks on the work for the coming year. At u o clock Herr Cohen of Prussia gave a quot Chalk talk quot on the subject quot faces and the tales they this afternoon the first session of the state Christian Endeavor convention was held. Quite a Large crowd of Young people came today to compete for the $55 Gold medal. This medal will be awarded on Friday to the society that sends the most delegates the farthest distance to stay during the entire convention. The Endeavor society of the Union Church in Johnson county has held the medal during the past year. At 2 45 o clock th6 reports of state Ofil cers were Given and committees appointed. Superintendent b. L. Allen said in his report that there Are 360 Christian Endeavor societies in the state 226 Junior societies and 25 intermediate societies making a total of 611 in Indiana. At 3 15 Charles s. Medbury of Angola fave a talk on quot Christian Endeavor As a orce in at 4 o clock miss Ella Applegate gave an address. In the evening at 7 1b o clock a song service will be held followed by a symposium on quot the pledge quot in which a number of Young people will participate. The closing address of the Day will be riven by f. D. Power of Washington d. C. Seance at quot the alleged remarkable Story of a dead Indian chief. Nderson aug. 8.�?one of the most remarkable seances Ever held by the spiritualists in this Section of the country was held last evening at quot the East of the City. A Large number of those collected at the Chesterfield Camp ground attended and. With George p. Colby of Delaplane fla., As the trance medium they undertook to talk with the builders of these prehistoric remains. The seance was remarkably successful they claim. The spirit of the dead Indian chief was called up and talked for some time. They declare the old chief said his people held this territory for hundreds of Vears and that it was then a Bare and unproductive Plain. They Defeated tribe after tribe and won their supremacy by hard and constant fighting. After a Long time a tribe of giants came along and in a fight that lasted four Days the natives were Defeated and those not killed were taken captive. The chief said he was one of those killed. After this Trees were planted and forests grew. These alleged communications from the spirit land Are believed by most of the spiritualists and this latest seance is calculated to prove a sensation in Camp. A few spiritualists hold to the greater truths of the religion and take no Stock in these communications. For Many years the seances at quot the Mounds quot have been the events of the year s meeting. Judge Coffey files a suit. Brazil ind., aug. 8.-judge s. D. Coffey of this City has filed a suit in the Clay circuit court of interest to both Temperance and Saloon people. Some months ago a majority of the voters of sugar Ridge township filed a demons try la cd sati st the Grant Lnu of any us a within Telegram from that City states that he left there Over a week ago on a wheel for his Home in this City but As nothing has been heard of him. It is feared he has met with foul play. Bloomington people Hurt. Bloomington ind., aug. 8.�?four of the persons on the Monon trains in collision near Lafayette yesterday Are residents of this City. Conductor Jack Callahan who was in charge of the freight train was seriously but not dangerously injured. L. B. Erwin. One of the mall clerks received a slight Brulia on the head. Mesdames John e. Harris and c. E. Harris passengers were badly shaken up _ Republican Day at Island Park. Rome City. Ind., aug. 8.�?gov. Taylor of Kentucky and congressman Watson addressed monster crowds at the Island Park Assembly yesterday. It was quot Republican Day quot and most of the twelfth District was Well represented. The morn ing program miscarried by r. B. Hanna nominee for Congress in this District missing the train and consequently missing his Date. Gov. Taylor made slight reference to the Kentucky affair. Lost packet of letters. Logansport ind., aug. 8.�?while mail Carrier j. D. Turley was delivering his route Friday he lost a valuable packet of fifty letters addressed to the first National Bank. President Murdock of the Bank claims the mail contained Many valuable papers. A Post office inspector is at work on the Case. Insane from the heat. Crown Point ind., aug. 8.�?millard Hathaway a prominent Farmer of Palmer. Has become violently insane As a result of the excessive heat. He is roaming about the Woods armed with knives and a gun. And sheriff Lawrence and a posse of thirty men have been unable to capture him. Indignation at gambling. Hagerstown. Ind., aug. 7.�?since the close of the Hagerstown fair much indignation has developed Over the gambling which was permitted on the fair grounds. Everything was wide open and it is said the authorities did nothing to Stop the work of the fleeces. Attacked by water Moccasin. Laporte ind., aug. 8.�?mrs. Kate Lapham living North of this City was attacked by a Large water Moccasin Snake yesterday while working in a Garden. Mrs. Lapham dispatched the reptile with a Hoe. W. S. Taylor at Winchester. Winchester ind., aug. 8.�?former gov. Taylor of Kentucky stopped Here this morning on his Way Home from Rome City and addressed a Large crowd. He spoke one hour. Indiana news condensed. Bloomington col. D. O. Spencer the Veteran court reporter is dangerously Peru the annual reunion of the Elk Ewberry family will be held at Russia Volle september 1. Portland the ministerial association of this City has raised 132 for the India famine fund. Warsaw the stationery store of b. Q. Morris was robbed last night the thief taking $100 Worth of baseballs. Warsaw the Rev. C. C. Marshall pastor of the first Baptist Church of this City tendered his resignation last night. Plainfield work on the new k. Of p. Hall began Here today. It will be 40 by 110 feet four stories High and will Cost $10,900. Peru the women of Denver yesterday were successful in preventing John Fry from getting a License to retail liquor in that town. Evansville a William Miller fell from the third Story of the new school building yesterday afternoon and was s compound euros the uts Leouisar to Wom Eurn ii tones up choir go no Rai health eases Down overwrought nerves cures these awful Ciao Kathes Ami Reg Viates it does this Heo Ause it arts directly on the of male organism and makes it healthy Relle Vlieg and Juhng All inflammation and nothing else is just As Good and Many things that May be suggested Are Datig Erous this great Medl olne has a constant r Coord of carom thou Sands of women testify to it read their letters con stain utly appearing in this paper. This morning left for Cincinnati from where she will make her first trip to Louisville next tuesday. Hartford City the new paper company that will build a Plant on the site of the old l ullity recently destroyed by fire has organized with a capital of $150,000. All of the officers Are it. Wayne men. A Munc Ieie the Republic Iron and steel company posted notices at its local plants yesterday announcing a Cut of 15 per cent. In the wages of skill labourers. The action is attributed to the drop in the Price of Iron. Elwood the City Council has Given Street franchises to the Union traction company that proposes to run a line from Indianapolis to Kokomo by the Way of Noblesville and Tipton. The franchise is for fifty years. Jeffersonville Harry Summers of this City was perhaps fatally stabbed while in a fight with Alonzo Brondel at to Talca yesterday afternoon. Edward Lentz who interfered As peacemaker was also seriously injured. Auburn the annual meeting of the Dekalb county g. A. R. Battalion will be held in this City tuesday August 21. O. H. Widney of st. Joseph is the colonel commanding and f. C. Watterman of Waterloo the adjutant. Muncie the Delaware county commissioners yesterday announced they would be about $12,000 Short of funds to meet the current expenses of the county and free gravel Road tax for 1900, As a result of the reduced tax rate. Bales a Young Man from Delaware county is under arrest in this City charged with having secured Money by false pretences. He sold a horse at Dun Flirk which he represented to be his own property. Portland a the Indiana expert judges of Swine have been al

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