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Indianapolis Press (Newspaper) - August 8, 1900, Indianapolis, Indiana T the Xibi Anapolis press a Ait test 8, 1900. Full text of speech against sounds democratic key note the ovation to or. Bryan As he began speaking at military Park about 3 o clock this afternoon was equal to if not greater than any Ever shown him before in Hoosier Dom and the smile of the nominee vouched for his appreciation of the testimonial to his popularity. He began speaking la a Well modulated tone and his voice carried almost to the far confines of the crowd. There was a hush Over the big audience and hardly at any time during the speech was there eve i the slightest noise to detract from the oratory despite the fact that the speech was out of doors where it is difficult to control slight noises. Or. Bryan s speech which is devoted exclusively to the question of imperialism in full is As follows or. Chairman and members of the notification committee i shall at an Early Day and in a More formal manner accept the nomination which you tender and i shall at that time discuss the various questions covered by the democratic platform. It May not be out of place however to submit a few observations at this time upon the general character of the contest before us and upon the question which is declared to be of Paramount importance in this Campaign. When i say that the contest of 1900 is a contest Between democracy on the one hand and plutocracy on the other i do not mean to say that All our opponents have deliberately Cho it sen to give to organized wealth a pre dominating influence in the affairs of the government but i do assert that on the important issues of the Day the Republican party is dominated by those influences which constantly tend to substitute the worship of mammon for the Protection of the rights of Man. In 1859 Lincoln said that the Republican party believed in the Man and the Dollar but that in Case of conflict it believed in the Man before the Dollar. This is the proper relation which should exist i tween the two Man the Handiwork of god comes first Money the Handiwork of Man is of inferior importance. Man in the master Money the servant but upon All important questions today republication legislation tends to make Money the master and Man the servant. The Maxim of Jefferson quot equal rights to All and special privileges to none quot and the doctrine of Lincoln that this should be a government quot of the people by the people and for the people quot Are a plug disregarded and the instrumental ties of government Are being used to Advance the interests of those who Are in a position to secure favors from the government. The democratic party is not making War upon the honest acquisition of wealth it has no desire to discourage Industry Economy and Thrift. On the contrary it gives to every citizen the greatest possible stimulus to honest toil when it promises him Protection in the enjoyment of the proceeds of his labor. Property rights Are most secure when human rights Are respected. Democracy strives for a civilization in which every member of society will share according to his Merit. No one has a re grit to expect from society More than a fair compensation for the Emilce which he renders of cited the right to criticise a president during the Progress of the mexican War. Instead of meeting the Issue boldly and submitting a Clear and positive plan of dealing with the philippine question the Republican convention adopted a platform the larger part of which was devoted to boasting and self congratulation. In attempting to press economic questions upon the country to the exclusion of those which involve the very Structure of our government the Republican leaders give new evidence of their abandon i. Of the earlier ideals of the party and their Complete subservience to pecuniary considerations. But they shall not be permitted to evade the stupendous and far reaching Issue which they have deliberately brought into the Arena of politics. Quot when the ?-Dent, supported by a practically unanimous vote of the House and Senate entered upon a War with Spain for the purpose of aiding the struggling patriots of Cuba the country without regard to party applauded. Although the democrats recognized that the administration would necessarily gain a political advantage from the conduct of a War which in the very nature of the Case must soon end in a Complete Victory they vied with the republicans in the support which they gave to the president. When the War was Over and the Republican leaders began to suggest the propriety of a colonial policy opposition at once manifested itself. When the president anally Laid before the Senate a treaty which recognized the Independent of of Cuba but provided for the cession of the philippine islands to the United states the menace of imperialism became so apparent that Many preferred to reject the treaty and risk the ills that might follow rather than take the Chance of correcting the errors of the treaty by the Independent action of this country. I was among the number of those who believed it better to ratify the treaty and end the War release the volunteers remove the excuse for War expenditure Sand then give to the filipinos the Independence which might be forced from Spain by a new treaty. His position on Spanish treaty. In View of the criticism which my action aroused in some quarters i take this occasion to restate the reasons Given at that time. I thought it safer to Trust the american people to give Independence to the filipinos than to Trust the accomplishment of that purpose to diplomacy with an unfriendly nation. Lincoln embody d an argument on the question when quot be asked quot can aliens make treaties easier than friends can make Laws quot i believe that we Are now in a better position to wage a successful contest against imperialism than we would have been had the treaty been rejected. With the treaty ratified a clean Cut Issue la presented Between a government by consent and a government by Force and Imperial slots must Bear the responsibility for All that happens until the question is settled. If the treaty had been rejected the opponents of imperialism would have been held responsible for any International complications which might have Arisen before the ratification of another treaty. But whatever differences of opinion May have existed As to the Best method of opposing the colonial policy there never was any difference As to the great importance of the question and there is no difference now As to the course to be pursued. The title of Spain being Extin shed we were at Liberty to Deal with the filipinos according to american principles. The Bacon Resolution. Introduced a most before Host Utica broke out at Manila promised Independence to the filipinos on the same terms that it War promised to the cubans. I supported this resold hat its adoption prior to the breaking out of hostilities would spoken can never be recalled. It is True it goes on and on and no one can set a limit to its Ever widening influence. But if it were possible to obliterate every word written or spoken in defense of the principles set Forth in the declaration of Independence a War of Conquest would still leave its legacy of perpetual hatred for it was god himself who placed in every human heart the love of Liberty. He never made a race of people so Low in the scale of civilization or intelligence that it would Welcome a foreign master. Lincoln said that the safety of this nation was not in its fleets its armies or its be governed by a blur much from the act iry Power differs As listion of territory to be built up into is ates As a monarchy from a dem i cratic party does no when Exi mansion enia Republic and Inco pc can be settled by a adds to our popular willing to become cite of discharging their Doc visit ion of the 1 Florida Texas and have been secured Fri Large the Republic ton followed the flan tory. It is now pro Distant territory air populated than our o Force upon the people which there is no w st tuition or our Law ment that this Earth i desire to cultivate it cal Power to acquire Cracy. The demo to oppose expansion the area of the rates land which Melcan citizens or on people who Arff ens and Are capable duties As such. The Louisiana territory other tracts which m time to time in and the constr to into the new Terry los cd to seize upon r Ady More densely in country and to a government for errant in our con i. Kven the argue belongs to those who i and have the phys it cannot be in prop Rialon of the str lorts but in the spirit which prizes lib i voted to justify the _ erty and the heritage of All men. M All i philippine islands by the ten Tea states lands everywhere and he warned his j if the islands were Tunlin halted Ameri countrymen that they could not destroy can citizens would n i t be willing to go ton and believe that its adoptions prior to the breaking out of hostilities would have prevented bloodshed and that its adoption at any subsequent time would pecuniary Burden to the people and. If accompanied by compulsory service a constant source of irritation but it is Ever a menace to a Republican form of government. The army is the personification of Force and militarism will inevitably change the ideals of the people and turn the thoughts of our Young men from the arts of peace to the science of Var. The government which relies for its defense upon its citizens is More Likely to be just than one which has at Call a Large body of professional soldiers. A Small standing army and a Well equipped and Well disciplined state militia Are sufficient in Ordinary times and in an emergency the nation should in the future As in the past place its dependence upon the volunteers who come from All occupations at their country s Call and return to productive labor when their services Are no longer required men who fight when the country needs fighters and work when the country needs workers. Future status of filipinos. The Republican platform assumes that the philippine islands will be retained under american sovereignty and we have a right to demand of the Republican leaders a discussion of the future status of the filipino. Is he to be a citizen or a subject Aro we to bring into the body politic eight or ten million asiatics so different from us in race and history that amalgamation is impossible Are they to share with us in making the Laws and shaping the destiny of this nation no Republican of prominence has been bold enough to advocate such a proposition. The Mcenery Resolution adopted by the Senate immediately after the ratification of the treaty expressly negatives this idea. The democratic platform describes the situation when it says that the filipinos can not be citizens without endangering our civilization. Who will dispute it and what is the alternative if the filipino is not to be a citizen shall we make him a subject on that question the democratic platform Speaks with emphasis. It declares that the filipino can not be a subject without endangering our form of government. A Republic can have no subjects. A subject is possible Only in a government resting upon Force he is unknown in a government deriving its Jupt Powers from the consent of the governed. The Republican platform says that quot the largest measure of self government consistent with their welfare end our duties shall be secured to them the filipinos by this is a strange doctrine for a government which owes its very existence to the men who offered their lives As a protest against government without consent and taxation without representation. In what respect does the position of the Republican party differ from the crowd of 30,000 people throngs military Park. Be denied the guarantees of our Constitution what is to a the lot of the filipinos who resisted our authority if secret influences could compel a disregard of our Plain duty toward Friendly people living near our shores what treatment will those same influences provide for unfriendly people 7,000 Miles away quot if in this country where the people have the right to vote Republican leaders dare not take the Side of the people against the great monopolies which have grown up within the last few years How can they be trusted to protect the filipinos from the corporations which Are waiting to exploit the islands is the sunlight of full citizenship to be enjoyed by the people of the United states and the Twilight of sell Clatl Enship endured by the people of Porto Rico while the thick darkness of perpetual Vassalage covers the Philippines the Porto Rico Tariff Law asserts the doctrine that the operation of the Constitution is confined to the forty five states. The democratic party disputes this doctrine and denounces it As repugnant to both the letter and spirit of our organic Law. There is no place in our system of government for the Deposit of arbitrary and irresponsible Power. That the Leader of a great Narty should claim for any president or confess the right to treat millions of peo a As Mere and Deal with them unrestrained by the Constitution or the Bill of rights shows How far we have already departed from the ancient landmarks and indicates what May be expected if Phlp nation deliberately enters upon a career of Empire. The territorial form of government is temporary and preparatory and the chief Security a cd Vixen of a territory has is found in the fact that he enjoys the same constitutional guarantees and is subject to the same general Laws As a citizen of a state. Take away this Security and his rights will be violated and his interests sacrificed at the demand of those who have political influence. This is the evil of the colonial system no matter by what nation it is applied. Our title to the Philippines. What la our title to the philippine islands do we hold them by treaty or by Conquest did we buy them or did we take them did we Purchase the people if not How did we secure title to them were they thrown in with the land will the republicans say that inanimate Earth has value and when that Earth is folded by the divine hand and stamped with at the grand hotel Entrance. A i a Pijl Independence is not material. There can be no doubt that we accepted and Tull sea the services of the full Plone and that when we did so we had full knowledge that they were fighting for their own Independence and i submit that history furnishes no example of turpitude baser than ours if we now substitute our Yoke for the Spanish Yoke. Our duty outlined. Let u3 consider briefly the reasons which have been Given in support of an imperialistic policy. Some say that it is our duty to hold the philippine islands. But duty is not an argument it is a conclusion. To ascertain what our duty is in any emergency we must apply Well Riet led and generally accepted principles. It is our duty to avoid stealing no matter whether the thing to be stolen is of great or Little value. It is our duty to avoid killing a human being no matter where the human being lives or to what race or class he belongs. Everyone recognizes the obligation imposed on individuals to observe both the human and moral Law but As some deny the application of those Laws to nations. It May not by out of place to quote the opinion of others. Jefferson than whom there is no higher political authority said quot i know of but one code of morality for men whether acting singly or Franklin whose learning Wisdom and virtue Are a part of the priceless legacy bequeathed to us from the revolutionary Days expressed the same idea in even stronger language when he said Justice is a strictly due Between neighbor nations As Between neighbor citizens. A highwayman is a much a robber when he plunders in a gang As when singly and the nation that makes an unjust War is Only a great men May dare to do in crowds what they would not dare to do As individuals but the moral character of an act is not determined by the number of those who join in it. Force can defend a right but Force has never yet created a right. If it was True As declared in the resolutions of intervention that the cubans quot Are and of right ought to be free and Independent quot language taken from the declaration of Independence it is equally True that the filipinos quot Are and of right ought to be free a gtd the right of the to Freedom was not based upon their proximity to the i United states nor upon the language which they spoke nor yet upon the race or races to which they belonged. Congress by a declared that Philadelphia applicable to the cubans. Who will draw a line Between the natural rights of the cubans and the filipinos who will say that the former has a right to Liberty and that the latter has no rights which we Are bound to respect and. If the filipinos quot Are. And of right ought to be free and Independent quot what right have we to Force our government upon them without their consent before our duty can be ascertained their rights must be determined and when their rights Are once determined it is As much our duty to respect those rights As it was the duty of. Spain to respect the rights of the people of Cuba or the duty of England to respect the rights of the american colonists. Rights never conflict duties never clash. Can it be our duty to usurp political rights which belong to others can it be our duty to kill those who Fol fowling the example of our forefathers love Liberty Well enough to fight for it. Some poet has described the terror which overcame a Soldier who. In the midst of Battle discovered that he had slain his brother. It is written quot Allye Are let us Hope for the coming of the Day when human life which when once destroyed cannot be restored will be so sacred that it will never be taken except when necessary to punish a crime already committed or to prevent a a Rabi uti to be committed if it is a a Kafy have assumed before the make Smitly i ligation which us to Perm a in tue

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