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Indianapolis People (Newspaper) - November 15, 1879, Indianapolis, Indiana 6 the per ble Kolember 15, 1879. Edith a Lover coming out upon the Terrace where the stood alone together in the june Twilight. I remember thinking what a handsome Noble looking couple they made and How Well it was that my mistress had chosen or. Hollis for her future husband when so Many attractive Young gentlemen aspired to the Honor of her hand. As i approached or. Hollis was saying a to Morrow is our wedding Day dear Edith to Morrow i can scarcely realize it. A How proud and glad i am a my lady looked up at this moment her Cheeks All aglow her eyes shining with happiness. Hearing my Steps she said in her gentle Way a what is it Jenny a a a strange woman has presented herself at the Kitchen door Madam. She asked for you and will not be denied. She does not Lwe in these parts i think her accent and dress Are both Peculiar. Good gracious there she comes now and i left her on the Kitchen Steps a my mistress looked in the direction indicated and beheld a drooping forlorn figure slowly advancing from the rear of the House she changed color and Drew Back with a startled cry a mrs. Hawkins a the woman came nearer and paused on the upper step looking curiously about her. A forgive me for Corning a she said in a Low broken voice. A it ainu to right to be troubling one like you. But what could i do with him begging and pleading and fretting himself ill i Hadnot the heart to refuse his prayer and a a hush a my mistress Drew her strange visitor hurriedly Down the Steps. She was very Pale and trembled with excitement. A no More now i cannot listen a said she in a whisper. A if you have any errand with me come again by and by when i am the woman sighed heavily. A let me give you this note May am its from him and ill trouble you no More. You la read it and do All it asks May am a she added quite plaintively As she thrust a bit of crumpled paper into my lady a hand. A yes yes. Now go go at once a a i will. But done to disappoint him May am done to do there was desperation in her voice and looks perhaps even menace As she turned and made her Way with difficulty Down the path. Or. Hollis naturally made some inquiry As to the strange visitor but at miss Edith a solicitation he dropped the subject Quot and soon afterwards went away. About 10 of clock that night my lady a Bell summoned Nae to her chamber. I found her sitting with her wraps on and a bit of paper the same the woman had Given Here clenched in her hand. Her face wore a sadder expression than i had Ever seen upon it before. A Jenny a she said turning in her chair As i entered a do you know a Piave in the Village called Holmes cottage a a a yes a a crowd. Gret your Bonnet i wish you to take me there. I wish to set out at a but it is a Long distance May am if you must go shall i not order the Carriage a a i do not wish this visit known to any one else in the House Jenny. The servants would think strange of it. You Lam sure Are discreet and we left the House by a Side door Locking it and taking the key with us. Presently we reached Holmes cottage. It was a Long Low building in the outskirts of the Village at some distance from any other dwelling. Since my knowledge of the House began it had been occupied by the poorer class of tenants. A some one i wish to see is Here a she said quietly. A remain outside Jenny i shall not be Long she entered without knocking and closed the door. The next instant i heard a glad cry within then a burst of sobs. Suddenly or. Hollis confronted me his face White and convulsed in the Moonlight a Tell me a he said in a husky whisper a was it Edith my promised wife that went in at yonder door a i could not speak but my looks answered him. He dropped my hand and was turning away when a few agitated words came through the open window a Edith i knew you would come my precious Darling my wife you were not so cruel As to forsake me it was a Many a voice but or. Hollis seemed to a hear a simple word Only of those it uttered. Quot wife a he echoed in a hollow tone. A wife Good god and to Morrow was to have been our wedding Day a in spite of my terror and bewilderment i had the presence of mind to grasp his Arm and drag him further away from that House. A what brings you Here a i sternly demanded. A Why have you followed us a a i did not follow you i am no spy it was Chance that brought me in this direction tonight. Nay not Chance a he added with sudden vehemence a but the Providence of then before i could say a word in reply he had freed himself from my grasp and was striding Down the Shadow haunted Street. Ten minutes later my mistress came out. She Drew a deep breath As she clasped my Arm and i Felt her tremble. A come Jenny let us go away from Here quickly i shall be Able to reach Home again a so glad a she looked so miserable and dispirited that i had not the courage to Tell her what had occurred outside the cottage while she lingered within. The next morning while she was at break fast and the mystical stir of the bridal preparations was going on in the House one of the servants brought in a Large package. She Cut the Cord and out fell a Heap of letters the pure Dainty letters she had written from time to time to her lovers and the few books and keepsakes she had Given him. I saw her stagger turn Pale and catch her breath. Then she looked at me with a bewildered air. A a in in done to understand. Do you Jenny a the package and a Brief note it contained were Deane Hollis Farewell. A a my lady did not cry or faint. Flinging the note away she clasped her hands to her forehead. A my god this is incompressible. What a what does he mean a. A i can Tell you and i did. When she knew that or. Hollis had been at Holmes cottage the night before and what he had overheard there instead of sinking to the floor in shame and confusion As i half expected she sprang toward the door with a smothered cry of Joy. A ooh heaven a she said. A come Jenny we have another Mission to a where Are you going a i said her wonderingly. A come and see. Heaven Grant that we May not be too scarcely waiting for her Bonnet and shawl she hurried me from the House. A presently we reached a handsome mansion a or. Hollis country seat. A Carriage stood before the door and some one was just stepping into it. My lady screamed out at the sight and rushed Forward excitedly a Job Deane done to go done to leave me at least until i have been Given a Chance to explain you have misjudged me it is All terrible mistake. Come with me to Holmes cottage do come. God knows i do not wish to keep any secrets from you not we All entered the Carriage together and drove to Holmes cottage. We were met on the threshold by the same forlorn looking woman who had brought the note. She burst out sobbing in our fees. A my son in dead a she cried a the breathed Bis last soon after you went away last night. Of May am wont you come and look at him. In a sure it would please him could he but we entered the poor Little room and. Stood beside the Couch on which the dead Man Lay. The secret of miss Edith a visit of the pre Nous night was soon told. This rash impetuous Man had allowed himself to fall desperately in love a with miss Edith the previous summer in spite of the difference and the utter impossibility of his hoping to win a tetum for his affections. A when he realized that he must die a prey o consumption he begged to be taken to the Vicinity of my lady a Home that he might be near her at the had had More or less delirium for some Days a previous to his death and while this was on him had really fancied that miss correspondence. Edith was his wife and spoke of her in his Finni Hati rambling Way As such. We Quail a i could not despise his love Deane i pit j a died him so a my lady said her Beautiful eyes Quot a v Full of tears. A do not blame me for seeking to hide the truth it was for his Sake. It. Bully for j. C. He is a Republican and we know seemed cruel to expose his weakness. Will a Happy As a Man sitting Down to pickled pig s foot. He says a Grant is the Man if we you forgive Ine. Cannot have Rutherford b. Hayes the second Abra he echoed the word and caught her to his Ham Lincoln. My Little piece of paper was cast in heart. His favor for his present term a pet. J. C. F., i am a forgive you of my Darling it is i who Happy to state that you Are not one single bit ahead Peru in in fro in mite of Gold pen for he also put a Little piece of paper needs to de forgiven. For Hayes and the first Little piece of paper he Ever. was for Grant. We Are for inst you in this when Wise men speak 4et the multitude while you have Hayes first Ana Grant next we have g Ive use a a Sellers liver sold Grant first and Hayes next. We will not quarrel Over by All druggists. The matter but agree to abide the nomination and Odds and ends. Our civilized indians. Their forms of government their schools and their marriage Laws. Both be Happy. Shake did you say j. C. F.? you bet your Bottom Dollar we will shake on the Ohio election and Foster. Now we have shaken on that we will say shake on the new York election and Cornell. Isnit it awful funny to shake this fall ill declare it does our soul Good and when we shake we feel like the old Darkey at a there Are in the United states about 300, methodist Camp meeting a Dat de lord will come 000 indians 35,000 in the five civilized tribes a or Irue de to of and Sprinkle de Blessing of Sacra the cherokees creeks choctaws Chicke a sent on us All hallelujah and Don t you forget saws and seminoles-20,000 More belonging to if there Are any set of Foo s on this mundane sphere other tribes m the Indian tent Oil and the they Are the chronic old sore Heads who Are continue rest Are scattered in the Western part of the ally standing on our streets arguing that John Sher United states with a few remaining in new Many a policy is the ruin of our country while his York North Carolina and other states. Neighbors Are Busy at work making a Good living and Thyl evil Iyad form it i of Tiv Fern he tries to live off of his wits and eats neck Steak and Ine Civ Nizeul tries Nave for Moi govern Corn bread at Home. Goto work you old fool and Niento More or less similar to that of the John Sherman will be none the Wiser. States. The cherokees have a Constitution the girls who flirt with the commercial men who and code of Laws. The creeks have a constr visit our City to sell goods have become discouraged tuition but their Laws Are not yet codified Al owing to the late cold spell and have lost Many Gold though efforts have been made in this direct in opportunities of late. Tion and a code prepared. The creeks have we have a licensed Saloon in our City now. It goes a chief elected by the people every four by the name of the a a White Pigeon a and whenever a up for n in Imit of Ticino St acid a to temp Man goes Home and tells his wife that he has a been years a Blouse of Kings Ana a Louse of to the Hie White Pigeon a she can rely on the fact warriors District courts and a supreme that he has been drinking. Court. The dance Given by Charles Fisher and Charles the chief Justice of the Muskogee nation Miles at Wainwright amp pontions Hall was Well at is a Baptist preacher and is now a Mission tended on last Friday night and the lovers of the Ary to the wild tribes 250 Miles West of his crazy reel were in attendance. Home. atthe Muskogee the bar reception Given by the Hon. J. R. Gray Baptist association on his Way from his mis was a grand affair and we can say that when we left Iru the Oyster Saloon we were compelled to let our Belt sinary Labois. Fie came Back to preside out nine knots before we could make Good headway Over the supreme court at its next session under sail. In about two weeks. The Rev. John mein it is so discouraging to hear the shrill peals of our Tosh is his name grandson of Gen. William town clock when a fellow has just a Gan to get Down Mcintosh whom the creeks killed in 1s25 on to a Square talk with his girl ascertaining what would account of the treaty of Indian Springs. Constitute a comfortable and the Best Brand of a Cook the present chief is Ward Coachman born 8tove t0 g0 t0 housekeeping with. In Alabama and who remained there until Piave yowl Ever noticed but i suppose you have loin to _ a i j. The unvarying Monotony in the style of the dress of 1848. Lie was a Delegate to the Baptist Asso the american ladies in these times. We have some citation at i Wewoka. He is a Stout built Man Young ladies who do not Cate a cent for finance or about 55 years old Black hair Black Eves who will be our next president if they can get a new thin whiskers will weigh 200 pounds and dress with flounces Down the Middle a new shawl a waa drops spa in a of Tiyon she a tic a to in sin it1 to to pair of Pigeon toed shoes and a perfumed Corset if was messed in a citizen s a Rigi a suit. A let hey ki1�?~0w that John Sherman a policy would Bank is a Man of ability and has an Aff Alfrad rust the old Man the next week. Dress. I took Tea with him Coffee other Dorlling a Man from Tipton met a Man the presbyterians and methodists have from Cicero and immediately knocked him Down. Each a Mission school on the manual labor a this appears to be genuine a remarked the Man from system and the Creek nation pays the Board Cicero As the Tipton Man began o make kindling and tuition of a certain number of pupils Wood out of his ribs. Quot yes a remarked the Tipton the baptists Are contemplating the establish pm wort had a q Gen Uuie ment of a Mission school this fall. Mud a i ii i we want three or four Good men to go Down into there Are Twenty eight Public schools kept pan Creek township and talk to the disconsolate open 10 months in the year and under the us Green backers. Since the late Ohio election their prevision of a superintendent of Public in minds have been scattered and flighty to talk to Striction and he is also superintendent of them about the pleasures of peace and the tranquil Public Blacksmith shops the nation pays enjoyments of Domestic me. For sharpening both mental and agricultural an sent Lyman came in from the country the a a a a a a in a Dav and after buying some drugs at the old tools f he pay 40 Pei month to teachers Corner drug store went Down into his pocket for his and pay for school books. Money and found to his dismay that he had lost it the indians enjoy religion. I attended an and finally said a ooh id lose anything one Day All night Praver meeting last sunday. They last week i shouldered a Pickel barrel to take to my Civ Thev used to worship the Devil nil Nio Lite neighbors and before i got to the lipase i 11 be d d Saj they Usevio to ramp me Aetui a nig tit if j lose the Bung Hole Clear out of it and i had and think they ought to worship god All to Send for a Cooper to put in a new 00�?T.,a a.1 since the election this month has any one seen or the meeting began at dark and ended about heard anything of d. It. Voorhees there does no to Sun up or a Little later. Imagine a Savage seem to tie very much of a demand for the repeal of crowd of indians singing in Creek at the top resumption act. Of their voices just before Daylight and Sud we will bet our old suspenders and take them off Denly a Bugle blast sounds on the air now that the democratic party has an Eye on Ceto Wnnie Lnu Tenn think naga Kripl Way and Are negotiating with the British lion to i a i i i have him imported to the United states in order to the creeks have no marriage Laws but the have one great Warrior in their ranks who did not Baptist association adopted a memorial on fight or sympathize with the Southern confederacy in the subject urging the next Council to pass 18u1 a proper marriage Law. Your correspondent we have too Many men living in Noblesville who had the Honor of drafting the memorial seem to think the world owes them a living. It to hit hmm Toimi follow pm inv Pajil i vhf docs Towe Yon anything of the Kino. 011 cannot a their custom allowed Seveiri wies but the collect your living As you would a debt by simply churches have so altered Public opinion that presenting your Bill. When you hear a Man say that it is rare to find a Man with two wives. The world owes him a living and he is Goin to have a How did you punish a violation of mar it just make up your mind that your Chicken Coop Ridge vows a i asked an Indian lawyer. Ana Wood House needs a exod it Stron amp pad to k a a you see that Man there a Nutting. By Lucy Marion Blinn. Out in the pleasant Sunshine of a Bright october Day rollicking frolicking through the Woods scaring the Birds away went a group of laughing girls and boys to play till the Sun was set a Martha and Robbie and Tom and will and Dolly the household pet they Quot made believe they were foragers bold scouring the country Over to add to their scanty Soldier fare from an enemy a fruitful store and they charged on the squirrels Leafy Homes till they beat a Quick Retreat while their precious hoards came rattling Down at the noisy victors feet. They played tag and follow my Leader and scampered up and Down covering each other in their glee with the leaves so Crisp and Brown till they huddled Down to talk and rest and plan some pleasures new while Martha unpacked the a a goodies for the hungry Bright faced Crew. A a in a too Little to work a said Dolly tossing her curls away a you make the dinner Mattie dear then ill be papa and Pray a i know just How he does it a cause in be looked through my fingers so and god vill hear me better outdoors than he would in the House i know a then clasping her baby fingers and bowing her Leaf crowned head. With its tangled floss half Over her face shading its flush of red sweetly the innocent Little voice stole out on the waiting air and up to the children s father floated this childish prayer a i thank you god a Way up in the i Tkv for these Nije things to eat for this Happy Day in the pleasant Woods for the squirrels and birdies Sweet for fathers and mothers to love us Only Robbie his mothers dead but i guess to u know All about that god you took her away they said Guetig and his crime with incidents connected with his hanging just issued in pamphlet form from the office of the people. Single copies. To cents to the Trade. 6 cents Send 10 cents and procure a copy. It also contains the crimes and hanging of Merrick and Achey the most interesting work of the Day. Daggett amp ., pectoral. Manufacturers of confectionery and wholesale dealers in canned fruits oysters nuts raisins oranges Lemons fireworks etc., 100 and 102 Sonly Meridian Street. Oysters e. B. Celebrated Malory Sarrow Brand. Honey bees. A Gold 1�?Ten.�?T i a a positive Benefit to Young children and Well ins wife was taken by another Man infants is the popular verdict for or. Bulls and one night he went with some other a Jab syrup. Sold everywhere at 25 cents a Man arrested the betrayer beat him sense 50ttle less and then Cut his ears off with a Dull lir _ / a How did they treat the woman a a the same Way. Sometimes they let Heroff easier than the a what became of the Man and woman a a they Are living together As Man and wife and the injured husband got him another a was that your custom a a yes the chief made the Law and everybody followed the Illinois boys recitation. Acta Columbiana. Fries sort we will take up the subject of cubical or solid bodies or. Z. Can you mention some cubical or solid body sir prep from Illinois a David Davis sir. The greatest be Essig. A simple pure harmless remedy that cures every time and prevents disease by sometimes they Cut the woman a nose off keeping the blood pure stomach regular by Way of variety. Kidneys and liver Active is the greatest bless if the criminal could hide out until after ing Ever conferred upon Man. Hop bitters a Busk a the annual festival he went free is that remedy audits proprietors Are being some of the tribes had cities of Refuge As blessed by thousands who have been saved the israelite observer. And cured by it. Will you try it see other. Column. A Fanner told us the other Day that not be without or. Bulls cough syrup the Devil the first Temperance Lee if it Cost five dollars a bottle. It must be a Turer. Wonderful remedy. The Price is Only 25 cents a bottle. The worlds child Magazine. Indianapolis ind., oct. 2s, 1s79. De. People a the Devil was the first practical Temperance lecturer who Ever appeared upon Earth. He lived in an age of the world John Green Leaf Whittier the most child Long Anterior to the Days of Blue ribbon ism hearted Ashe is among the Foremost of Amer a he Murphy movement was Ever dreamed ican authors writes of St. Nicholas a it is of by magic made Temperance people or latter Little to say of this Magazine that it is the re Ipri a of w6 m e Best child a periodical in the prof. Divinely a formed that he taught a very Proctor the astronomer wrote from London Remote grandmother of ours the Art of using a what a wonderful Magazine it is for Young upv017. Peia Lam folks and ours Are As much pleased with it 0 1,�?T to her mental advantage before As american children can be a that it is any a ked distiller Ever thought of solving calculated to Delight the Young Folk every the difficult problem How to Mivert its juice where is indicated by the feet that it is to be into intoxicating beverages the Devil unissued in French by Delagrave of Paris and he latter Temperance lecturers he was that even the far away Little moslem Are now a Soj a Nis so Ceil and out spoken advocate to have a volume made up of translations a. He relieved As All other sober from St. Nicholas into arabic by Rev. H. H. Up reflecting people do now a Jessup a Days that the Only sure and Safe Road to Pur beginning with the november number sue in the attainment of any very lasting Aud ready october 2oth the Magazine is to be prominent virtue is through the channels of printed on heavier paper with wider mar education h is character As a most profound Gin and is to be so much enlarged that the teacher of the knowledge of gored and evil new volume will contain nearly two Hun. A Ven to Day without its counterpart dred More pages than any former volume in. History of nations or men. The Baxter while the Price will remain the same. The liquor Law or gospel Temperance meetings publishers announce Many Brilliant novel if he was alive to Day and in the full exercise ties including a new serial by miss Louisa �f.al11s cities As he was during his Short m. Alcott entitled Quot a Jack and Jill a a the j reign ase Monarch of free thought in that treasure Box of English literature a in once ancient Garden of Eden would certainly which will be Given gems from Standard. Be regarded by him As but weak and silly English and american authors an acting efforts for the promotion of Temperance ideas play for sunday schools by Rev. Edward j11 among our a Rojdle. The Devil Vas not a Eggleston which will be printed in time for reformed drunkard. He was not taken from the holidays with full directions for its rep the Gutter or any of the Low and degrading. _ a on n Nizart in Iro a t Vimo in Muo triv i re Onn presentation in school exhibitions and a Beautiful fairy operetta for children entitled a the sleeping Beauty in the the november number has two Beautiful frontispiece and a red line title Page and contains Over sixty illustrations. In it begins a new serial Story for boys a among the lakes a by the author of a dab another splendid serial for boys has been secured for this volume a eth Fairport nine a a Story of a base Ball club by Noah Brooks. In Short St. Nicholas which has no rival on either continent is to be better than Ever. A Superb Christmas number is in preparation to appear Early in december. Subscriptions should begin with november. Buy it of your Book seller or Send the subscription Price to the publishers. Price $3 a year 25 cents a number. Sci Bukk amp ., 743 Broadway n. Y. Indianapolis does the business but Madison has the Madison Star. Hon. Franklin Landers of Indianapolis was in the City to Day for the purpose of Bor Wing Money from our Bankers with which to carry on his business at the capital the fire sent season pork packing we believe Indianapolis does the most business but Madison has More Money to lend on easy terms. A vain Able discovery. Do. Swayney Stab and Sarsaparilla pills Are the most effective and congenial purgative Ever discovered. They Are mild but effectual in their operation moving the bowels surely and without pain. Although gentle in thei opera Tion they Are still the most thorough and pleasing cathartic Medicine that can be employed cleansing the stomach and bowels and purifying the blood. Headache constipated bowels inward piles Cost Veness fevers torpid liver Yellowness of the skin and eyes indigestion dyspepsia and All derangement Are cured by 8waynefl tar and Sarsaparilla fills. Price 25 cents a Box of 30 pills or five boxes 85. Prepared Only by de. Swayni amp son Philadelphia. Solid by All prominent druggists. French a Medicine depot under masonic Temple Indianapolis. Dens and sinks of crime in this world and elevated to the Rostrum As a reformed Drunken Temperance lecturer. His origin was in heaven. Angels and the spirits of a just men made perfect were his earliest companions. He was a very proper As Well As a very intelligent Temperance lecturer. Coming to the Earth As the Devil did from Bright and Gold glittering regions of celestial and heavenly grandeur he was prepared to speak words of Consolation and cheer to the forlorn and the intemperate. Knowing As he did the happiness and the Sweet pleasure of a sober and an honorable life he was Ever Able to instruct others in the High and Sublime paths of True Temperance. Now,.in concluding this article let me advise those whose past lives have been spent in drunkenness and debauchery the cesspools of infamy and disgrace men whose education has been sought and found in places of the lowest resort to learn the lesson As portrayed in the history of the life of the Devil to first pass a few years at least in the company of sober people in order that they May fully comprehend the True qualities of the virtuous and the temperate before they begin to teach others in any of the Sublime paths of True Holliness. Yours truly etc., w. H. Lamaster. A pitching piles a for 12 Long tears a i suffered with this distressing complaint and spent hundreds of Dollar for treatment but All in vain until i procured a Swayney a the very first application gave Relief and after using three boxes am entirely cured. Long May you live to bless and relieve suffering humanity is my t. W. Reed Macon City Macon countr to. A pitching piles is one of the most annoying diseases in the world and yet All can find sure Relief by the use of Swayney a ointment. It has been tested in thousands of instances and invariably makes a sure cure. The sump Toms Are moisture like perspiration intense itching particularly at night when undressing might think pin Worms were crawling in and about the rectum the private parts Are sometimes affected. Procure this ointment at once and be cured. Skin diseases. Swayney Sall Healing ointment is also a specific for Tetter itch Salt Rheum scald head Erysipelas Barbers itch blotches a scaly crusty cutaneous eruptions. A a Price 50 cents. Three boxes j125. Sent by mail to any address on receipt of Price. Prepared Only by or. Swayne life son Philadelphia. Sold by All prominent druggists. In Indianapolis at French a Medicine depot under masonic Temple. A if you pm ease done to make my Mother die i know what to do i take care of myself at All you a have to get me too make All the Days just As Good As this and done to let Robbie cry that Sall Little Dollie knows to Pray our father in heaven Good Bye a then the Sweet child voices Rose anew like a Beautiful refrain and the Birds in the Brown leaves overhead caught up the merry Strain and Twitt ered it Back till the yellow Sun was lost in the hazy West when Birds and children fluttered Home each to a sheltering nest if there is one thing More than another that will make a Young Man in a big buttonhole bouquet Light gloves and hair parted in the Middle come Down to hard pan and As near common sense As he can get without previous preparation or adaptability it is to have a woman Tell him he ought to have been born a girl. A Green Young Man saw for the first time �3, school girl going through some of her gymnastic exercises for the amusement of the Little ones at Home. After gazing at her with looks of interest and commiseration for he asked a boy near by a has that Gal got fits a a no a replied the lad contemptuously a a that a a ooh a tis hey a replied verdant a How Long has she had Mem a the liquor Register otherwise known As the Moffet Bell punch has gone into operation in Texas much to the disgust of the dealer in alcoholic beverages. The dealers have resolved to test the constitutionality of the Law in the courts but they have nevertheless taken advantage of it both to raise the Price of drinks and to refuse credit for them. The prohibit Ory sentiment which is Yery Strong in parts of Texas favors the Register As tending to Lessen the consumption of intoxicating liquors. Two Illinois Farmers who had a Large crop of wheat to sell went to Chicago and frequented the Board of Trade rooms which is a resort for speculators in or Odyce. Their attention was attracted by an old Man who constantly talked and be stimulated All by himself. They made his acquaintance and he told him that his strange conversation was with spirits who kept him informed As to the future of the Market. He said that he lacked the Money to take advantage of these supernatural Points but would sell them at a reasonable Price. The Farmers at once put him on a Liberal salary and Only lost Faith in him when he stole a Diamond pin from one of them. The fact that he had swindled Many other speculators was then divulged. The gloomiest picture yet presented of the condition of affairs in Georgia is thus made by the Thomasville Enterprise a the Farmers have made very Little Cotton and the Rains have ruined All they have not picked. They have made but Little Corn and that is rotting in the Field because the land is so soft they cannot haul it and the Corn so wet they cannot gather it and if they did it is too wet to put up. The potatoes Are so watery they Are not fit to eat and if they Are dug they will rot in a few Days. Peas Are ruining in the Fields Lor want of picking and the sweetness of the sugar Cane is so diluted it will not make syrup. The negroes can to work while it is raining and when it stops they All want to come to town to see How it looks and no work can be gotten out of a the Cherokee advocate edited and published by indians very truly suggests in some comments upon the letter written by miss Rose Meeker in which she Speaks of the utes As a red devils a that a if you feel toward an Indian that he is a red Devil that you will treat him As such and if you treat him As such he will a come at you in the same Way. Ting advocate is a driven to the conclusion reluctantly that agent Meeker was in collusion with the governor of Colorado in a deep Laid scheme finally to drive the utes from that Fine country occupied by them and granted to them by the government a and that the ploughing of the Fine pasture upon which the utes had set their hearts for grazing purposes was deliberately attempted with a View of provoking an outbreak. The Marquis of Salisbury has been receiving some of the agents of the minor Powers of the East of Europe at his Villa at Dieppe and the vie Parisienne gives the dresses of great ladies staying there on a recent sunday evening. The Duchess of Chartres appeared in a Blue and White toilet the colors of France. The Princess of Segan a frequent parisian hostess of the Prince of Wales wore a Pompadour foulard silk skirt a Crimson Corsage a drab Straw Bonnet with Many plumes and a Crimson veil. The marchioness de Gallifent a great Friend of the Prince of Wales appeared All in Black Emblem of constancy with a Large Manchester hat and Black feathers. The Princess de Broglie was in a Pearl Gray costume trimmed with White lace and wore a White Bonnet. Mme. De Jange was Superb in a Pompadour foulard the design being worked on a Black ground. The death of m. Padwick the caucasian jew whose career has been marked with the headstones of Many Young English Nobles will Likely bring to a close his suit with the Duke of Hamilton whose estates yielding an income of $140,000 a year he contrived to get under his the Duke is Premier Duke of Scotland and wears no less than three Dukedom a Hamilton Brandon and Chater Herault in France which the late Duke of Obercorn once unsuccessfully contested with him in the French courts. Through his Mother the Princess Marie of Baden he is a Cousin of the Napoleons and the late emperor took a great interest in him. He has never taken his seat in the House of lords having lived entirely in Paris. He is an ardent Yachtsman and said to be to some extent a partner of m. W. Sandford on the turf. He is of red hair a Fine Carriage and in his lavish expenditure every Inch a Duke. New principles in Bee keeping. Every one who has a farm or Garden can now keep bees with profit. Bees kept Oil my. Plan Are More profit than anything connected with the farm or Garden. Every hive of bees kept on my plan will pay a profit of fifty dollars every year. Send for circular. Address mrs. Lizzie e. Cotton West Gorham y. Aine. Sept27 2m s. Beck it pc son. Guns. No. 54 South Meridian Street have the Best assortment of guns i and shooting tackle in the City j the new Colt guns Are Selling j rapidly. Call and see them. Shells loaded to order. Second hand guns taken in Exchange for new ones sep27 3m free gift All who suffer with the Best remedy for diseases of tie Throat and Longs. Lyp Jet to in diseases of the Pul monary organs a Safe and reliable remedy is invaluable. Ayers Cherry pectoral is such a remedy and no other so eminently merits the Confidence of the Public. It is a scientific combination of the medicinal principles and curative Virtues of the finest drugs chemically United of such Power As to insure m the greatest possible Al efficiency and uniformity of results. It strike at the foundation of All pulmonary diseases affording prompt Relief and rapid cures and is adapted to patients of any age or either sex. Being very palatable the youngest children take it readily. In Ordinary coughs colds sore Throat bronchitis influenza Clergyman a sore Throat asthma croup and Catarrh the effects of Ayers Cherry pectoral Are magical and multitudes Are annually preserved from serious illness by its timely and faithful use. It should be kept at Hamlin every household for the Protection it affords in sudden attacks. In whooping cough Aud consumption there is no other remedy so efficacious soothing Quot and helpful. Low prices Are inducements to try some of the Many mixtures or syrups made of cheap and ineffective ingredients now offered which As they contain no curative qualities a afford Only temporary Relief and Are sure to deceive and disappoint the patient. Diseases of the Throat and lungs demand Active and effective treatment and it is dangerous experimenting with unknown and cheap medicines from the great liability that these diseases May while so tri tied with become deeply seated or incurable. Uso Ayer s Cherry pectoral anti you May confidently expect the Best results. It is a Standard medical preparation of known and acknowledged curative Power and is As cheap As its careful preparation and Fine ingredients will allow. Eminent physicians knowing its composition prescribe it in their practice. The test of half a Century has proven its absolute certainty to cure All pulmonary complaints not already beyond the reach of human Aid. Prepared by or. J. C. Ayer amp ., practical and analytical chemists Lowell mass. Sold by All druggists everywhere. Rheumatism. Paralysis 5teural Boss base Btu knew its it Gia nervous and sexual debility general Iii health wasting. Decay urinary diseases spinal diseases dyspepsia etc., etc., to whom will be sent my Book on medical electricity and electro galvanic belts world renowned for their Success in saving Many valuable lives by caring All chronic diseases. Send symptoms and stamp for diagnosis to or. G. W. Forbes 174 w. Fourth Street Cincinnati Ohio. Sep20 by e. H. Pritchard veterinary surgeon May be consulted at his infirmary in american stable Bird Street Between new York and Ohio or his residence 27 West Ohio Street. Sep27 by Charles abel., wine and Beer Hall. Fine Pool tables no. 349 Indiana Avenne. Dealer in the choicest liquors and cigars. Free lunch every Day. Sep20 Tjan base Heaters the famous Radiant Home a base burners sold Only by i. A a. Frankel no. 34 e. Washington Street. Sep20 3m Tutti spills endorsed by physicians clergymen and the afflicted everywhere. The 8reatest medical Triumph of the a0e. Best and cheapest. Tie Garland i Broadway base burners and a Complete line of heating and cooking stoves a John a. Lyons. Sepl3 3m no. 70 West Washington Street. Lambert kit Imholz proprietor of the sanitary odourless privy vault and sink cleaner the Best in use. Privy vaults sinks e c., cleaned at thi shortest notice and at any time of the Day. Residence�?171 s. Illinois Street. Office�?16 n. Delaware St. Jyl9 by truths. Hoi bitters a Medicine not a drink contains hops Cohu. Mandrake dandelion and the purest and Best medical qualities of All other bitters. They cuke All diseases of the stomach bowels blood liver kidneys and urinary organs nervousness sleeplessness female complaints and drunkenness. $1,000 in Gold will be paid for a Case they will not cure or help or for anything impure or injurious found in them ask your druggist for hop bitters and free books Ana try the bitters before you sleep. Take no other the hop foils la cure and pain Relief is the cheapest surest and Best. In for Sale by All druggists. Fall and Winter dressmaking. Ladies Are invited to examine our new fall styles for walking reception and wedding costumes. Prices from $4 upward. Cutting and Basting patterns and teaching the Art of dress cutting a specially. Mks. L. L. Jackson sep27 Tjan no. 76>i e. Washington Street Tuttsy pills cure sick headache. Tutti spills cure dyspepsia Tutti spills cure constipation. Tutti spills cure piles. Tutti spills cure fever and ague. Tutor so pills cure bilious Colic Tutti spills cure kidney complaint. Tutt pills cure torpid liver. Tutt s pills impart appetite. Or. Tutt has succeeded in combining in these pills the heretofore antagonistic qualities of a strength no purgative and a purifying tonic. Their first apparent effect is to increase the appetite by causing the food to properly assimilate. Thus the system is nourished and by their tonic action on the digestive organs regular and healthy evacuations Are pro the rapidity with which persons take on flesh while under the influence of these Sills indicates their adaptability to nourish the body hence their Efficacy in curing nervous debility melancholy dyspepsia wasting of the Muscles sluggishness of the liver chronic constipation and imparting health amp strength to the system. Sold everywhere. Price 25 cents. Office 53 Murray Street new York. J. B. Cameron successor to h. L. Benham Sheet music books strings band instruments etc., etc., no. 10 North Meridian Street West Sid Indianapolis. Sep27 Teal Darrow bros., mercantile Job printers 545 North Illinois Street cuts tags Bill Heads statements Eta done of abort notice and Low prices. Orders by postal card promptly attended to. Ma25tf 0. V. Hugo a Carriage Spring Wagon and buggy manufactory 68 East Corint All our work is substantial and of the first class and has gives perfect satisfaction for a number of years in this City. Repair work of every description neatly and speedily done. Prices that defy Competition. Jel4 lowly acc a week in your own town. Terms and 15 out of at free. Address h. Valletta a Portland Maine. Mayfly a v

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