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Indianapolis People (Newspaper) - November 15, 1874, Indianapolis, Indiana Liri i a a Ralso november 16, �74. Sgt of by bsbdm.ed1tob avd pop Sibton a Boom a a up Toms Wowra. Of sick 2s South Delaware st., no mfg Dom Witmor i Osaw a mud Lahib ind Ama november 15. 1874. To Rob 9 a mar. »7 Corr scr per. ,.�?� Ltd it it a Ca nmui�., a a to Isi list. A Scab �1 As. Too a a a Mono 17� ail pm be. Adte a Tibet nit8 we be ree eyed at in of Floe up. To 6 p. Saturday what for in Ertz Lon in a people of morning. A changes a Semi Nta must be handed in by noon on Sato a. �,ii�,vliti01l 9,300 copies. A Batler b off Eye is now said to be More crosser than Ever. Be dentine to not an . W hat in the name of journalism is it Ven Batley threatens to it it less lipid a that a Story he could Tell pitch to Benjamin will Pat you on the Back. Is asserted for a fact that councilman Gelger wants to foe mayor. What do the Freedom and fighters say to thit Why let the Republican party us like a gun because i t a most effective when . This conundrum should be Why is the Republican party like a gun because the democratic party discharged it at the last a Lection. C. Kerr of Indiana for speaker in t our ticket. If we Are to have a Man devoted to Eastern interests we prefer one who belongs to that Section. We Don t like Western . Enquirer. Do Yoa want to imply that the Hon. Kerr is a sort of great Western Transfer Wagon Pray who is your Man for speaker far there is another candidate for u. S. Senatorial honors Greo. W. Shanklin of Eya Naville. An Exchange says quot physically a peaking or. Shanklin would just fill the place to be vacated by senator we Are not after adipose Tissnes How a it about Shanklin g brains if the Republican party does its duty they will be a Urig Huby 187�.�?journal. The Republican party had done its duty and kept Clear of credit Mobilizer Sanborn contract salary grabs and All that they Woumn t have been All wrong in 1874. Sapit Tep ident Bucy of Thegla works has arrived lira in from five weeks tour during which be says be paced ten it Nih eleven states without finding a City mfg vol Asia paper. And probably if Friend Stacy had passed til to Pifa a Leven More states he would have be enable to make the same report. We Don Tif there is a City in the Union of its size that presents the Busy appearance of on own. Long May it continue thusly up we have been after the counterfeit pm Estment of starry Craft quot leading jeweler quot As one of quot the Heads of the City government quot for the last three weeks pre i big Iii to quot show no quot the Heads of the old ans before we commenced on the new fathers but Hany is so modest that he Jpaz pm a off until be can screw his courage up to the Point of sitting for his picture. A Nice a Mctate might probably bring these Bod eat gentlemen to terms. Luaa Aii Tetta Hoyt Maya that if Ben my Oak be i band which would indicate that he w la bit he will be a asked to speak under item Leibof the woman s Christian tem pm Nitice Tynion of this City and we pre aume that when Benson Falls again the women again take him up. Well this is cent Amidy very generous on their part but we Only think Liat a Man who is constantly Billing by the Wayside could have but Little influence in the cause of temper anon. Al since it is altogether probable that the water pipes will not he Laid this Winter it is a i to tot they were placed upon the Side encumber the streets All Winter. But then corporations we suppose Are privileged characters and have More rights than individual a. Were the recipient last week at the hande of judge Gordon our Well known a Ellow to Tizen of two different Sample lot of Chi berries grow on the judge s farm in f no Toni and Kosciusko counties in this state. Tjit a Are find plump solid berries and finds ready Market in Cincinnati whither to Are shipped for disposal. The judge a iia two. Hundred acres devoted to the cultivation of cranberries. His entire farm seven Hundred acres. The judge 4dk> jul resented us with some specimen App sea from the same locality of different a Rieses fair to look upon and of most de it Lido a flavor. He has oui thanks for his Kiad a membrane. A a by Aoa Lity of Siroos proprietors. N�e.noanar80f the great Eastern circus 4? quot lit out quot with the Money Ibok Lvii the performers Canvas men and a Tbs re the big to hold with their hotel Bills a a midd. It was the treasurer j. S. Totten iw2io.carri�d the Strong Box and he was co owed iqra Jacob height one of the pro a Aeto Nof the it great Eastern. It is stated Tiu it Julie company had been doing a Good la a did they had been so Dis pawed l ave readily paid of their employees Iju a to 0f too. Seek lodgings a a oae to of Cincinnati at which Psi title Fly were deserted. Such conduct is wot Damp Lori Perdl to the sawdust gent. cd in Iati is could t do much worse. A i be a by cont ing of new quot we a say of Voorhees. In a Xeo ent speech at Brooklyn senator Oon Klingla Watt tend a a Leisi Fawn these jl98t elections in air a Bitof aui�lbejtli4a theft it that that i use and Misti to Belt Good or bad is surest to Triumph in Ian Eloy Gre in �iilcb4lle> its own Flag nominates its in non a tick to its it no animation ataa4b4>y it8own daetilne0jui4 Moe to . Dur lag tie Joist three re Ara of ibid Jaity in Post Refl or intrigues of masquerading Imam Nymn sad disguises the democratic Leonera in 0uejuite. A to Wernly Atn Talna a their id Orgaalza-4lab. Nime we it could do so but 4i�#>f�8lcd a a is and pm Kitaen ships for totes and pm Bate been font or lain and. In Indiana much lie a a a a True. Or. Voorhees who. Made the com i Feid the Tonry fusions which followed. Swe Lata 1h� Maddy Wal Lpool which engulfed the sati add Jaem Cracy. These states with unyielding Tarim Tia Unity have held but to their own Pai and to their own . To Iurii lust of Doe the vitality and the. A Idi Nelce Wii a ten when battling for an in hey a in Imide Thya tact org Tracten oter rights 6 a to be taken from Imja engine z j boil Ian d. Xlyn Genf Bomi limn sliepbfr4 we some one did pm eng a Frei Ope blog it both Lubau Ndia Baia Otthat the Cuy hires Ita Howyer by the ,paper. We do not know what the City hiring its lawyer by the year has to do with the matter but we do know that the City Council in thia opening of Hanna Street bus new showed the White Feather just about Asig lobby As they did in the matter of opening a Pouilh Street in which they were wig then de by a vision of judge Martindale clutch i with eager Gap 910,000 of the people a Money. They forgot the Benefit Tolfe opening of this Street through an american Nobleman s grounds would be to the general Public and like a crab. Went backward when it a announced that the judge had obtained a verdict for $10,000 damages against the City notwithstanding the City commas Isi Onera had awarded him but $1800. This us was proffered to the judge by the City Ivea surer. He would t touch it Bat laughing at it in scorn declared that be would make the City pay him $10,000 for High portion of the Street. It looks very us if the judge would keep by pm word. But we look upon the Street As cheap at $10,000. Any one who has Ever endeavoured to get from Illinois to Meridian Street in this locality will appreciate the value and convenience fourth Street will be to the Public at Large from third Street there is no opening for three squares and the opening of fourth Street we verily believe would tend to enhance the value of Martindale s baronial lands rather than to the decrease thereof. But judge Martindale is a Rich and influential Many even though Cal Darnell did beat him for councilman and at his bidding the Council is made to Stu Latify itself and show the White Feather. We had hoped our City fathers were made of sterner stuff. For our part we care no More for the wishes of a Rich Man than for those of a poor one indeed not near so much for these pampered sons of Fortune in their Pride and arrogance. Are too Apt to wish for that which should not be granted unto them Lorio stable judge Martindale though he asks for should not receive $10,000 for the opening of fourth Street. The City commissioners justly assessed him damages but had he really been a Public spirited Man who cared f or the Good of the City he would have scorned the taking of a single cent for the strip of ground taken from his Broad acres. As to Hanna Street there is scarcely a councilman but freely admits that it should be opened indeed it was ordered to be opened some weeks ago but Ever since influences Nave been brought to Bear to have this action rescinded. It was attempted on last monday week but ignoble failed. We had thought this was the last of it. But who Ever knew Rich men to leave a Stone unturned when they thought they still bad Somo Liolio show quot Hope Springs eternal in the human breast quot and the breasts of Rich men Are very human when their own interests Are affected although evidently inhuman when the vital interests of others Are involved. Two or three Rich men who own property on Hanna Street Are bitterly opposed to its opening and on last monday night Monsieur Tonson came again and through some Means or other the majority of the fathers were induced to undo what they had done and the opening of Hanna Street which is imperatively demanded by the general Public is indefinitely postponed say what you will it is these Rich men who keep Back and retard the growth of our City. The tire willing that others should donate liberally but when it comes to yielding a few feet of their own Broad for the paneral Good they Wani to have a ble its value and about three thues As much As the returns indicate upon the tax duplicate. The Little All of some poor family is not in frequently taken to pay taxes while the lands of Many of our purse proud citizens Are not taxed at half their value which is really no better than downright robbery while in some instances perjury must necessarily be resorted to in order to secure such outrageous listing. Of we know the tricks and the manners of these codfish nabobs As was truly remarked by councilman Kahn on last monday night ii property was appraised at what it is held at and sworn to be Worth hundreds of thousands of dollars would let a added to the vaults of the City Treasury. It s a most villainous piece of business and we want to see if the party that is about to come into Power will not quot Reform it altogether quot and see to it that the Rich As Well As the poor Are properly assessed. A poor Man would not dare to give in his property at one Price and go into court and swear it was Worth another. If he did this thing ten to one he would be arrested for perjury. We do not oppose the Rich because they Are Rich riches Are mighty Handy to have in the House but it is the narrow contracted souls among them whom Fortune has smiled upon that we Are battling against men whose hearts Are salons to the cries of the poor and can recognize no Good that can possibly accrue to the Public unless at the same time their own private interests Are enhanced. We believe in opening All streets and alleys the opening of which would be of essential Benefit to the Public no matter How great the Rich and powerful might consider they were inconvenienced thereby. This would prove the in Taj re no a. Tie Soho i Comno to Stoneff a who we believe Are of age and full grown at s recent Ihu Etui g so Rio Nily entertained to emotion to inf thaae the so a Tine a building a the flt air valuation which they designed devoting to Library Purdoi est the present building being altogether unsuited to such purpose. This fired the heart of City father Seiger who at the meeting of the City Council on last monday night introduced the following where ases and Resolution whereas it has come to the attention of this body that the school Board have under consideration a proposition to Purchase a certain piece of real estate known As the Sentinel building to be dedicated to the purposes of a Public Library building an whereas in View of the unsent a ringer by in d Oniey Afla Ltd and the heavy burdens which Are now resting upon our people every proposition to increase the Public debt should be care fury scrutinized and not adopted unless the urgency of Public needs imperatively demand it and whereas the City Nas under contemplation the erection at no Distant Day of a City Hall building out of the Tomlinson donation and such other funds As May be devoted to such purposes a part of which building May be made entirely suitable for the Purpo Lesof the Public Library Ata much Leas Cost than it is proposed to pay for Caid Sentinel property therefore be it resolved that the common Council of the City of Indianapolis respectfully request the school Board of said City to consider the feasibility of postponing any present Purchase of property and of a it lasting a part of said a opposed City Hall building to the purposes of the Public Library. Believing implicitly in the Wisdom of the eleventh commandment. Mind your own business we moved to refer the where ases Etc., to the come Pittee on schools but the City Council failing to see the Wisdom of our motion it was voted Down and Geiger s Buncombe Resolution carried. Now in the name of common Courtesy we want to know what business the City Council has to Interior in the action of a contemporaneous body which is clothed with Power to act in behalf of the educational interests of the City and build school houses and Public libraries when it seems proper so to do. We look upon the twaddle in the above where ases and Resolution rate in the Light of an insult to the school commissioners than aught else. We presume that that body have just As Correct a knowledge of the wants of the City in the Way of a Public Library As or. Geiger or any other member of the City Council or its assembled Wisdom combined. And we have no doubt the school commissioners Are Lully As economical As the City councilmen and to be cautioned As to their action in the above school Bay fashion is Only a piece of unwarrantable presumption on the part of the getters up of the demagogic Al stuff. It is claimed that the City has under consideration at no Distant Day the erection of a City Hall building which could be made suitable Lor Public Library purposes. We Are afraid that the Day is far Distant before any such City Hall will be completed and if we do not have a new Library building till then there will be an Opportunity for Gabriel to blow Bis Horn in the intervening period. But even admitting that we do build a Public Hall what right have we to fit up rooms therein for a Public Library and ask the school comi missioners to accept of the same As we said before we believe these commissioners Are of age and Lull grown and probably they might not like to act in the leading strings of the City Council. If the school Board is composed of the sensible and discriminating gentlemen we have thought it to be they will in contingently kick these Wber eases and Resolution out of their sight or pay no More attention to them than they would to the Windy and demagogic Al utterances of gaseous Council men. Judge Martindale has begun moving shrubbery fruit Trees arbours and fences preparatory to opening fourth Street. Be has the Best end of the Bargi and intends to hold the City to it. On the Day thes Reetis opened he intends to place elegant aches Over it at its intersection with Meridian and in Fasois streets bearing the i scrip on quot Welcome paper. In the end when judge Martindale s property comes to lie relisted and placed upon the duplicate at what be swears it i amp Worth we verily Bel Leve that he will have the worst pud r f the bargain. Another thing in Bis Keetion in regard to the open Iny of fourth Cstreet All his claims to being Alit it eral Public spirited citizen have been blown to the four winds of heaven. A the journal apologizes humbly to its readers for not being Able to give a report of the meeting of the Coal dealers who met in 6. B. Root s office on wednesday evening the trouble was that the Coal dealers All unmindful of the necessities of reporters had locked the doors and also lowered the window blinds. There should be a Law against such a conduct As those quot which swindles the reporter out of Bis legitimate fruits. But considering the untoward Circum stances the journal reporter is excusable for making no report of the Coal dealers meeting. th0 Llu Liitt be publican Honc bite he been an deeded in the Edito Rimi of the new York Tribune by Exma or it dial Andt Bia gentleman tells us hat in a As that Defeated the Republican party in t ii. Mate he announces a my Independent the publican and it is sufficiently Independent tot Eilt he truth More than third term prattle Moie than a nut risk More than prod gag and credit a Oliuer jobs andean born contract Niobe than Granger ism or any other ism. Fro Bibion has steadily and Swifty wrought the defeat of the Republican Pirty and place its opponents in Power in every state where it was make a political Itsue. Its in the october election. For Tome time previous the Iii ates of Ohio and Indiana bad been the Center of the most Active Vitorts of the prohibitionists Wilch resolved the emf lives into the shape of woman crusaders and were attended with the most red Clef a invasions of private rights. Medili has certainly got it Down to a very Fine Point. It Isla god s fact that while the editors and attaches of Republican papers were patting the women crusaders on the Back and telling them they were doing a Noble work and All that sort of thing they would visit neighbouring saloons and get As drunk As Bacchus. It was this transparent disagreement Between Precept and a practice that disgusted the Public generally and helped the democracy who when they drank made no concealment thereof and d d not with hypocritical words urge on the women in their foolish farce. Medill very correctly looks upon the Saloon keepers Etc., ask Tower of strength to. Any party. He says thousands of Republican Saloon keepers be publican Brewers and vendors and Republican Consumers of Beer and wines of foreign descent regarded this in Mue action of the party As a duct personal blow at them and they at once league themselves with the demo Kaacy in a contest for personal rights which they considered As of More consequence than the Triumph of the Republican party in the a me what act quot Why the act of putting a Temperance Plank in their platform prescribing to an Independent people what they should eat and what they should drinks Well calculated to kill any party that indulges therein. The Republican party of found this out and now the Best abused Man in All the state is poor Quaker Baxter the author of the Baxter Bill while John w. Kay his aider and better has Lallen so Low politically a that there is none now so poor As to do him reverence. It has been found out that Temperance and politics will not go hand in hand. Isle ill gives most excellent advice to his party which in All probability they will not be slow in taking. He says the Only safety for the party is to let sump uary legislation alone. Prohibition is not and cannot by made a party principle. If it is made a Law it cannot be enforced. In Wisconsin Iowa Vermont Rhode Island Nebraska wherever the be publican party has ignored and refused to have anything to do with thit Folly it has retained its Power. To persist in bolster Ingup this mischievous and insane movement any longer is simply suicidal. Prohibition must be Oro habited in the Republican party if it seeks for Lucia. Now it remains to be seen whether be republicans will continue longer to con Mit political Karikari. We opine not. They will in All probability reverse their tactics and Crook the pregnant hinges of the knee to Brewers and vendors and the like in order that Thrift May follow fawning. Smith Che lol Dye work Nam. 9 Pia Pnno pm. A Tab Pam mob. A Latke Keam phae Elik to laity to gut team oms a me Lilac i Hiis a toyed Mhz or Pic re a a if cd Var diet Hlili m 8m1&1b Sumi i Welt plate in scr car to Vixien by Llna i a my. Lake pm Al Tovy a a Cayci emby a. Com mar Dpi the Vemi a a a comb. Aep208m Jan b. He Ami. T o m it that theat no 66 East Wam Iiri ton Street the Adams do Hatch Stoke is being continued and will be until the entire Stock is closed out no such Opportunity will Likely soon occur again to almost every article in this vast Stock is marked Way Down below Cost Aad it is believed that not one single one but is marked below its real value. This is undoubtedly the largest Stock of Fine goods in the St the and parties from a distance will save Money and find Choice goods by visiting this store during the closing amp Hess. 18 House inst red the a a the stents of those Sterling old companies the Phoenix of Hartford and Franklin of w also. Travellers life and Accident insurance company of Hartford. Write general annual Accident Poi ices s1,000 for �5. _ 8<>p6 3m4p d. B. Swed by amp co., 1� it. Oler Dlab �t.8cnunel bin lbs. Bryce s milk bread and Bryce s butter crackers Are sold by the leading grocers or May be obtained Ai Bryce s steam bakery nos. 14 and 16 East South Street. Feb sly is. W. 8xjlgrove co. Wholesale and retail manufacturers of saddles harness collars Etc. Novl56m4p 40 South Illinois Street Indianapolis ind. Our Bird. It is not 8 Raven that Bird of ill Omen which sat and Cro lied quot nevermore quot no pm Poe s door. No it is not that kind of a Bird which stands majestically gazing Down upon us from the top of our desk As we write. Our Bird Don t look As though it had been particularly Well fed and is slender in its build with what some might consider a superfluity of neck and beak but withal it is a pretty Bird perfectly harmless and quiet in its disposition. Our Bird does not Bear a poetic name for prosaic people Call it a Crane but our Crane is White As the snowy pinions of Well of the Good who die Young for want of a better metaphor. He is not an animated Bird owing probably to the fact that he is according to poor Pill Coddy quot very much dead quot having been shot by de. May jr., in the Everglades of Florida. On returning Home de. Stuffed and mounted the Bird and brought it to us to ornament our Sanctum. So from its proud Perch quot atop quot of our desk it now looks Down upon our editorial labors and when in pensive mood we ga/.9up at it and imagine it just As handsome and talented a Bird As the one which croaked quot nevermore quot very handsome cards invitation Are out for the Celebration of the tenth anniversary of the wedding of or. We. P. And Nettie d. Wallace which is to take place at their residence on East Market Street next tuesday evening. We can but wish them in Advance Many returns of the Day. Greatest goo d to the greatest nuttier. Our readers will find in this Issue of the people a worthy poetical tribute to one of our first citizens first in every Good word and work first in building up the City and her interests As Well As first in relieving affliction and distress. All who know the Many Thomas d. Kingan or know of his enterprising and generous acts will appreciate this tribute from the pen of Pur Young and gifted contributor Alice . It seems that Republican negroes do not tolerate the Terrebonne Compromise seven of them undertook to mob Amos Simms the newly elated negro sheriff doubtless indignant because he had crossed the color line. They evidently believe in the fourth Ward principle of keeping the coloured Yote solidly Republican if they have to kill somebody to do . Thesis a most Una Nanable slander no on the coloured voters of the for rth Ward. The vote of the coloured people of this Ward is by no niemans solidly Republican. We carried a goodly portion of that vote last May and a Large num per of coloured persons voted the democratic ticket at the late elections. They Are beginning to think and vote for themselves and the time will Home when they As a body cannot be said to belong to any party and when this time arrives they will be better educated than to use knives razors and the like at the polls at the bidding of political tricksters. The fourth Ward coloured population is improving we Are becoming proud of them. That wicked Donn Piatt of the Washington capital Saye. One sweetly solemn thought is that the change in the Chicago Tribune office will cause the infer Ocean speedily Tower quot a toes and speedily to wrap about itself its seedy Mantle turn up.it8 toes and die. As they remove the quot Corpse the Phat Adelphia Ledger will furn ibb for a Dirge its new us naive really appropriate stanza its twp gushing head is at rest its Ihl King and aching Are o or its Niet aim table breast. Is beaded by affix Ottoiii . A it was in Erie county new York this time that a Bald head Eagle undertook to carry oif a Litt Kagiru Little girls beware of Bald headed Ltd glm a. Well As Bald imaged gentlemen. Iselli a re Dimie rops the Herald denies the existence of any combination of circumstances that could compel an amalgamation with the people which is encouraging to its friends. It would be Bard to imagine an adversity that would compel such a . Poor snacks How sour the grapes of the people most be to this elongated picker up of nonsensical trifles let him rest easy in his Bones he will never have an Opportunity of being degraded by an amalgamation with the Harding takes it All Busk in yesterday s Herald and says there was never a desire on his part to consolidate his paper with the people. Noir if Beed will be a f to generous in retracting honors will be Union. Bad will be equally generous and declare that he never had the least desire to connect the Herald or any other paper not even the Union whose City columns Are so gracefully hovered Over by the is quot judge test and gen. Coburn have entered into a Law partnership. This is As it should be. They were both politically Laid upon the shelf at the quot late elections quot and it is but meet they should be resurrect d together in the practice of the Law. A Shingle tearing the names of quot Coburn test quot or"te4t amp Coburn quot As the Case May be quot attorneys and counsellors at Law quot would be an adornment to any building. We presume they will quot practice in All the c3urts." feb the tire haute mail says that when Lawrence Barrett the great tragedian played in that City Hia father preceded him a few Days dead broke and in search of work. The elder Barrett is a tailor and formerly worked in this City. The great tragedian himself used to be employed in Alf. Burnett s ice Cream Saloon at Cincinnati. Alf. Is now astonishing the quot Lunn Eners quot while Barrett is winning Golden opinions from All sorts of people on his native mean business. Having decided to refit our store we Are offering our entire Stock at Cost for sixty dats consisting of watches diamonds. God chains Solil Silware. Fine jewelry plated Ware clocks bronzes Gold Silver and Ivory headed canes. Now is the time and vis 50 East Washington Street at the vie Reheuser a he Cabinet makers Union Corner of wins for Niti Marlin i a in. Is the place where you should buy your As you we get it fresh and Nice from first hands ago at the >0� a i prices. Chamber sets . Obt4 3m4p of Iii Iso a a Widm House Cincinnati Ohio. Is the place to get bargains get first Choice. All goods engraved free of charge. Call and see in order to j aug9 i amusements. The tree of fifth annual Ball of the Tiee of life association was held at Wati Hinton Hall on last wednesday evening. The Hall was filled with a selection of company which casts great credit upon the endeavours of the invitation committee no pains were spared to make All a nov themselves. The music was furnished by Yogi s full band and the dance was carried far into the morning. The tree of Lite has cast its branches Over the hearts of All who appreciate a Lirett class Ball. A did dedicated their new Hall a Wright s Block on last wednesday night and although circumstances did not permit our being pros ent we Are pleased to hear that the Hall was full that the exercises of the evening were warmly appreciated and that everybody enjoyed the dedication Macauley the president Bei absent the address of Welcome cd trally Leah elegantly furnished ckab�e8 Kode Bate. Was delivered by or. Ketcham and the response kit it or. Kappes which is very highly spoken of. Must of the choruses were thought to have let ave showed Lack of practice but theol s were pronounced excellent. Or. Foster in a burst of musical it enthusiasm asked the club to give a Public concert soon and the club consented. Consequently we shall hear from the club again before Belsis Zar bursts upon our astonished ears. The de Marsha Falls to come to alter the Cecilias thought they were sure of the pros ence of m Lle. De Muraska and her troupe at the entertainment they were going to give on Friday evening de Muraska received a Telegram from Chicago which made her presence absolutely necessary in that City consequently with Many regrets done up in a style excessive y French m Lle was obliged to decline for herself and artists and absolutely quot tear herself so cruel Lor Muraska to to obliged to wrench herself from the Cecilias. Come right Down to hard pan the question arises did de Muraska Ever design Hod Oring the Cecilias with her distinguished consideration Ai their halt. We opine not the Cecilias would do credit to themselves in the future to refrain Iroku toa dying to these foreign artists who As a general thing Only laugh it them for their pains. Metropolitan a Lolo the flying fairy will appear on to Uio Row and during the week on the Trautz with the Brothers de Glorian and will also make her wonderful and terrific leap from the gallery to the stage through balloons hoops Etc. A new Giana Ballet divertissement produced by Mons. Cardella entitled the quot fas de also the following artists Admiral Yale miss Lulie Leonaid miss Georgia May and la Pettite Florence. The Indianapolis social turn Verein on thanks give id night will give an exhibition of gymnastic exercises of t e different classes at Washington Hal. To be under the direction of or. Otto Schissel. readers will Hall with Delight the appearance of Frank Mcavoy s Hiber Nicon for four nights during the present week commencing on next wednesday night. Fun alive the commercial hotel of the oily. Novels 4ply Nira. D. P. talented actress a great favorite with All lovers of artistic representation a assisted by or. J. C. Mccoum appears at the Academy of music to it Morrow night in that Beautiful and startling play of quot lady Audley s the Academy should be Well filled during this lady s in egg meat which lasts during the week. So Lih opera a common people will be pleased to learn that we Are to have a season of English opera a the Kellogg English opera company being announced for monday november 30, at the Academy of music with or. C. D. Hess As director. We Anuci Pate a Raie treat in listening to the rendition of opera ballads Etc., in pure Anglo Saxon. Worthy of note. It is an unusual event to say the least for so Larse a Quantity of Day goods As that embraced in the Adams amp Hatch store in this City to be thrown upon the Market without Reserve at prices reduced throughout to much below the Cost of the goods. And notwithstanding the rare Opportunity afforded the people to buy goods at very Low prices we heartily sympathize with those whose misfortunes have drought about this result. It will doubtless require some time in. Which to dispose of so Large a Quantity of goods at retail but we understand the Sale Isidio be continued until allot the goods Are sold. An a firt is being made in the City Council to elect a Coal inspector. We think it barely possible we might get along without this officer. Those who wished their Coal weighed can have it done at the Yards and see for themselves if it is Good weight. A Coal officer last Winter did t prevent imposition. Miss Maggie fit Gibbons is a candidate for state librarian of Indiana in opposition to Laura beam. She claims the office on the ground of being s Lineal descendant of old Man ribbons but Laura will girl her . Enquirer. A. By which we take it you As much As say that if she Doii to do Cline quot Shell quot fall a the ninth presbyterian a Huron will pay Beer. Or. Williamson of act to �,5do a year for preaching to them. The Many friends of Fred Seitz will regret to learn that he died yesterday. A communication in reference to the deceased will be published next week. Those three married men two lumber merchants and a rooster who think they Are playing it Sharp on their wives by coming Home at three o clock in the morning and declaring they have just come from the Lodge had better be a Little Kerf old there Are Sharp eyes looking after them. Among the attractions in diamonds at Herron s jewelry Palace 16 West Washington Street is a solitaire Worth 1,500, and a Diamond set which Cost f 2,00. T Fred Herren has returned front new York with a magnificent Stock of diamonds by far the largest in the City. The present time is a Good Opportunity Tor purchasers to select from or. Merron s extensive collection of Diamond Breastpins clusters earrings sets Etc. Since strikes Are All the rage and Ong Coal Inen Bob cd nicely has had one. He Stock out. Lik Imie Csc petted for the first. A Bare Chance for bargains. J. Ott pc son have the reputation of making the beat furniture that is manufactured in this locality indeed one of their patrons a lady declares that the Only fault she has to find with John Ott a furniture is that it lasts too Long. Now Ott wants to get out of the business. He thinks in consideration of the Quality of the work that he turns out he has not been sufficiently patronized and intends to sell his Stock on hand of sofas Extension tables Etc., at oos get and l Elow Cost both at private Sale and at auction. This Opportunity should not be neglected by those who know the Quality of Ott Al work. An action Sale Iii take place on next tuesday commencing at 10 a. M., and tinning All Day. Peb Soltani. Nothing equals Taramine for a. Sour stomach. D. D. Dykeman of Logansport smiled upon the City on Friday. Taramine is particularly recommended to ladies. It is mild in its action. Capt. Dan Mcclure it. So a., quot Hove up quot quot at. The hotel Bates on thursday evening. Judge Perkins is going to new Orleans for his heal tit. B. V. Burns and other attorneys i j rotate of the Benet daring his a sence. Bichard a. Smock brought Bis Bride to the City on tuesday and a pleasant reception was Given the newly wedded at the Resi Dence of his brother w. C. Smock. Col. Bring burst arrested a Young Man named Chinoworth for robbing the Pariye Ville Vermillion county Post office in september. Chen Worth s Watheria a wealthy Farmer. Charlie b Stahler left this Nior Ning via the Bee line for Union cite. Thence he will depart for Cleveland Buffalo and Niagara Falls on a pleasure and health trip. He will be absent two or three weeks Charles a. Farnum the popular clerk of the Pyle House who married Laorae w�>ek8 ago returned during the past week from the wedding journey. He came net being shipwrecked on the raging Ohio be tween Cincinnati and Louisville or at least the Brave ship was stranded of a Sandbar for two Days. Or. Frank Robinius received a letter last week from Valentine Meier esq., in Law ghost in Baden Germany. Or. Meier is the Well known ale Man of our City. It will be remembered that he took his wife along for her health. He says she is improving greatly and Avill be restored to Good health by next Spring when they will return. Hot a sends All of his friends his Best respects. Prof. Himmelreich from Dusseldorf has arrived in on City. He was engaged by prof. Binsack the great German Fresco air list engaged at Odd Fellows Hall. Prof. Himmelreich has had diplomas medals. Etc., presented to him in All of the Large european cities. He will remain Only until the Hall is finished and then take his de Garter with prof. Binsack to is spa it it the be Halls and Public buildings in Tel ignited it states. Silk and Cashmere misers at Heitkam Penney s. Beli tube twins at Tebbe haute. A barkeeper willing to do the clean thing. 8an interesting Case of premature twins developed in Terre haute a few Days ago. The Mother Ida Brown was a waiter girl at the Terre haute House and the father j. E. Jacoby a Young Man late of Indianapolis but now tending bar at the so. Clair Saloon in Terre haute. Miss Brown i seems had been seduced by Jacoby while both lived in this City and had followed her Lover to Terre haute. Being a girl of modest appearance and actions no one suspected her condition until she waa taken in labor. In her agony the poor girl confessed the Story of her wrong and cried out for her Lover until in time he was a hunted up and came like a Little Man acknowledging that the premature children were his thar he had always intended to mar the girl and would do poas soon a she win Abler he is sons Tjw it in his attendance. Upon miss Ida and Terry he Ute confidently believes that Rel thing swell ire mad Leyeh in few Days by Marrianie the Degrea erase l Jacoby formerly Tendit bar for Jse Inman and is one of your Good l9pking Wal top roosters. Sonet Libik Faw on the Corner of Delaware and Washington streets is a huge ship up in the air an a i nominated ship set off in the finest style fall rigged and loaded to the guards with oysters for Waffner life co., Thwe Are those who come to th6 City and Bibuld like to have a photograph taken if they knew where to go. Now we would advise All those who desire anything in their line to visit the gallery of messes. Eleele Boehler on Washington Street and we think they will be pleased with the work turned out. We invite the particular attention of such As Are interested in buying dry goods to the amp it advertisement of messes. Gordon it amp Hess. These gentlemen have an established reputation for doing and having whatever they advertise and they Are just now eff Ordin the people a grand Opportunity to Bay goods at very Low prices indeed. My settling of an engine House. During thursday afternoon the workmen on the new engine House no. 10, discovered that the ceiling above the first floor was lowering. In an hour or so after making this discovery the West Wall had pushed out Twa feet and the ceiling Given Way in proportion. Thia waa Between the tops of the lower windows and the tops of the upper ones. Props and stays were called into service to prevent the Wall Froid falling. The entire coat was to be $11,000. Peter Bonnier is the contractor. Or. De May the architect attributes the giving Way to the fact that a Coal vault was put in on the West aide after the plans Werft made which allowed the Wall . This together with the work having been hastily done with soft Brick he thinks is sufficient cause for the trouble

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