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Indianapolis People Newspaper Archives Jan 7 1872, Page 7

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Indianapolis People (Newspaper) - January 7, 1872, Indianapolis, Indiana Wylie Peot be Sandav morning Jannary 7 1872 Railroad time table. Asci to 6 55 p m 2 16 a m 8 45 a m 2 15 a m Mattoon Cleveland 10 80 a m 8 15 p m 6 10 p m 6 �5 a m Pittsburg Cincinnati amp St. Louis railway o. O. I. A div idiom Day express a night express. Mau express10 to a Quot sunday expresa6 80 pm Indianapolis amp St. Louis Railroad a of turn ram .8 15 a m 8 15 a m is Quot. Am 6 20 p m or hex by. 8 00 p m 9 60 a a Colum Buie Cincinnati amp Indianapolis railway. Bek link people s express p on. Fast express. Night express. 55 p m Jeffersonville amp Madison Railroad. Louisville express8 20 am 8 00 a a a i ohm is train .8 00 am 7 40pm Indianapolis Peru amp Chicago bail Road. To a re a .7 00 a m 7 55 a m sep Quot a Quot Chicago express8 00 pm Lafayette Railroad. Cincinnati Railroad. I fwd Jujj Ujj. 10 45 am Martin a a. Baltimore sex. 45 p m t. H., v. Amp St. Louis Railroad the Long ago. For the people. Epsom salts. By Williams. 510 p m 2 85 a m 12 85 noon 10 05 a m 7 50 p m Epsom on Ortho Dox removing freight depots the keys to the file alarm boxes Croton opel. 8 15 a m 5 80 p m 10 15 a m 6 10 p m St. Louis fast line a 15 a m St. Louis ex.�00 am Evans mail. St. Louis night ex.8 00 pm Vincennes Railroad. Vincennes accom6 20 a m a 50 p m Spencer accom.8 35 pm 1000 am and express.1 00 p m 6 20 p m Cincinnati Junction Railroad. 7 85 p a 1 05 p m 7 85 p m St. Louis express a express. Express.6 p m Bloomington amp Western railway. Indianapolis express8 05 pm mail. Accommodation.1 20 p m masonic lodges. 10 05 a m 6 25 p m 8 05 a m Annie and i we loved each other in the Sweet Days of the Long ago plodding Home from the school together in Antman Sanshi Ueland Winter Snow. She was As Blithe As a Midsummer fairy. Free from care As the winds that blow Over the Bloom of the Wettern Prairie in the dear Days of the Lone ago. I was a lad uncouth yet kindly bashful with others and rough i know Bot i worshipped each curl on her dear head blindly and thrilled at her voice in the Long ago. Nuts that i gathered and roses i gave her treasured the ribbon that fell from her hair. And longed for some wonderful danger to save her like Knight of old from the fearful snare. Often i tarried when lessons were Orer braving the Emiles of the roguish girls As they trooped Amonjr o or the fragrant Clover watching for somebody s yellow curls. Only to carry her books and her Basket Only to tread the path by her Side o or the Sunburst Meadow twas Little to ask yet with Crimson blushes my Cheek was dyed. 01 ten i stole from under my lashes a sidelong glance at her hands of Snow or caught the gleam of her Blue eyes flashes and watched the blushes come and go. Hear b had we As Light As a Feather Little we rocked of care and woo. As we trod the old school path together Annie and i in the Long ago. Years ago did our pathways sever. She to the West to the northward i does she recall the Bright Days , when we loved each other Annie and i though years Are fled with their sorrows Ken often 1 dream of the Long ago i see in my musings a Little Maiden Over b y heart steals the self same glow. Ancient landmarks no. 819.�?.t. Hess. M., e. Hartwell Secretary. Meets in Tea building. Stated meeting first tuesday in every week work every capital City Lodge no. 812.�?wm. Ireland w. M., Mahlon d. Stacy Secretary. Meets in the grand masonic Hall. Stated meeting first tuesday work every tuesday. Center lodore no. 28.�?joseph Solomon w. M., Charles Fisher Secretary. Meets in Tea building. Stated meeting first wednesday work every monday., a a Marion Lodge no. 85.-Jackson Saylor w. A John 6. Waters Secretary. Meets in a Rand a Bonio Hall. Stated me ing third wednesday work every wednesday. A a a a Mystic tie no. 893�?john Caven w. A w s. Cone Secretary. Meets in grand Lodge Hall. Stated meeting fourth monday work every Mon Bratonia Lodge no. 178.�?Charles Lauer w. M., Chas. Deahna Secretary. Meets in grand masonic Hall. Stated meeting second Friday a., and a. Scottish rite meets in Yohn s Block. Adoniram grand Lodge of Caven t. P. G. M., e. Hartwell grand Secretary. Every wednesday. Indiana Sovereign . R. Ruckle commander in chief e. Hartwell grand Secretary. On Call. Indianapolis chapter of Rose Barnard m. W., e. Hartwell grand Secretary. On Call. Barriat Council of princes of g. Hunt m. E. G. M., e Hartwell grand Secretary. On Call. York rite meets in masonic Hall. Indianapolis chapter no. 6.�?ben. Darrow High priest charges usher Secretary. First Friday. Keystone chapter no. 6, h. Rice High priest e. Hartwell Secretary. Fourth thursday. Indianapolis Council no. 2.�?roger Parry grand master Charles Fisher recorder. First monday. Raper commander no. 1.�?roger Parry eminent commander Charles Fisher recorder. Fourth . King merchant tailor 161 East Washington Street. First class fits guaranteed. Repairs and alterations done on Short notice. Clothes cleaned. Teacher of the Art of cutting. Aprl6 Lye. S. Black musical Institute no. 11 Martindale s Block. Hours from 8 o clock a. To 4 o cock p. M., every Dav. Residence�?�93 North Delaware Street. Apr2 of str. Randall amp son Plain and ornamental Boole and Job printers a no. 83 East Market Street. A special attention Given to Book Aud pamphlet print my. Oct22 3mhildebrand amp Fugate successors to j. Vajen amp co., hardware merchants 21 w. Washington Street Imedla Sapolia nov5 tag. A Van Ahi twerp Wngo Sia Hinr horse shoeing and jobbing of All kind 28t e. Washington Street Indianapolis. Patentee of Van Antwerp s celebrated Patent Wagon Jack. A arb ate county and mid visual rights for Sale. A variety of new and second hand wagons constantly on hand. Octl5 3m the Silken curls fall in Golden showers. And softly gleam the Azare eyes As she takes from my hand the Wildwood Flowers with a look of shy yet pleased Surprise. Gone Are manhood s struggles and trials. Gone Are the years of care and woe and we re walking the old school path together Annie and i in the Long ago. Seven Young ladies employed by the Meriden conn., Britanna company have earned during the past month the sum of $421, on the principle that work performed As Well by females As by males should be rewarded accordingly. It shows a great Lack of consideration and Good sense for a lady to keep a caller waiting while she Waits to array herself in some gorgeous toilet. It would be much better to receive them in any dress however Plain provided it Only be neat Aud becoming. An old lady in Orange county n. C., who is pious All the Way up and Down and Clear through has named All her furniture after the scripture and the apostles. Whenever she wants to sit in her easy chair she tells her servant to Quot bring up the apostle Paul Aud put it near the one who signs herself Quot a plural wife for seventeen years Quot writes to a Utah paper that the mormons will Cleave to poly Amic principles through time and eternity. What a pleasant idea to be surrounded by Twenty or More of your own private Angels in heaven the Pennsylvania Branch of the woman s suffrage association reports that the receipts of the cause last year amounted to �71 10 that petitions and tracks had been circulated a few meetings held and some rather discouraging efforts made to gain the ballot. The exhibition indicates apathy. The whole number of students in the University of Wilmington del., at this time is 1,113, and still coming in. They Are distributed in the different departments As follows literary 500, of which 23 Are ladies Law 300, 3 of whom Are ladies medical 313, 32 of whom Are ladies making 58 ladies in the University. A pretty Young lady with ringlets behind each ear delivered a woman lecture in Ohio the other Day in the course of which she said Quot if All woman Are free lovers it will do no harm unless men Are free lovers too. If we Are Iree lovers we Are in Good company such As Washington Jefferson Jackson and Richard m. Johnson. The woman s christain association of Pittsburg pa., embraces four distinct organizations temporary Home for destitute women Home for aged protestant women boarding Home for working women sheltering arms. Each of these divisions has a separate Board of officers and managers but a common president. The annual meeting was recently held and the reports read showing an encouraging Prospect for the future. Soine say that the latest styles of ladies shoes Are adorned with a Large Rosette or Bow on the instep. We Only wonder How any ladies can be misled into defacing All the Beautiful outline of a Good foot by rosettes and buckles and heavy shoes instead of the neat and smooth kid Boot which sets off t be foot and ankle As nothing else did especially in these Days of Short dresses when a lady has a Chance to display her foot to the very Best advantage. Indiana Pons january 3, 1872. Eds. People you correspondent Quot Ortho Dox is not orthodox on the Christmas question in that he says Quot the birth of our lord occurred in the Spring of the now this i deny and Call for the proof. How does he know so much according to the Princi pies of Law a denial by one party counterbalances the assertion of the other who must then prove his statement. Will Ortho Dox Quot do this can he do it if so he will show an ability above that of Many eminent and Learned men and will indeed be a Benefactor of his race. Not Only that but he can command a position in the Learned and theological world which will place him beyond the inclination even of writing any More letters for the people. But More he will show himself Wiser than the theologians of both the East and West who investigated the subject fully in the fourth Century and who All agreed upon the 25lh of december As the Day of our Savior s nativity. Now Here is a Chance for Fame. Shakespeare you know says there is a tide in the affairs of men which if Taien at its proper ebb leads on to Fortune and Quot Ortho Dox has struck the right ebb if he will Only make Good his assertion. Or. Jar vis a Man eminent for his piety and learning Quot who proved almost to a mathematical nicety that Christ was born on the 25th Day of december Quot will Shine but As the brightness of the Moon to this Ortho Dox Sun and the unanimously received notions of the Church for fifteen centuries will be cast aside. Produce your papers. You ask Quot Why not remove the freight depots i answer in the first place you can to the railroads which have made this City what it is will not be rudely cast aside. Mournful flit May be for us to acknowledge it the railroads Are a political Power in this land. They will not vacate their valuable lands and buildings without a consideration which the people Are not prepared to give and if they would i am not convinced that it would be a Quot consummation most devoutly to be certainly it would furnish employment for More Meri and thus increase our population As you say but at the same time it would increase the Cost of goods to our merchants and also to their customers. If All the freight depots were located a Southport it would increase our population More and if we hauled All our goods from Madison by teams As in old times a greater number of people would find employment. We have got the railroads and we have got to keep them so the Best thing we can do is to make the Best of it. I expect to live to see the Day when we will have a system of tunnels and Bridges equal to our system of Street improvements in extent but i Hope it will surpass that in engineering. We now have our new system of fire alarm Telegraph and the location of the boxes Are published in our papers but where Are the keys the boxes Are mostly located on Street Corners with a dwelling House on each Corner. If my House takes fire at night must i Wake up the whole neighbourhood to find the key that i May give the alarm Why not have a list of places where the keys Are published occasionally that we May know to a certainty where to go for them the ladies of the society for the Relief of the poor but never mind them. You know what i would say and they know what they owe me but do not seem to have the will or inclination to me. What has become of Quot Croton opel Quot he Don t appear on the first Page of the Mirror As formerly. Can it be that the new proprietors have also become disgusted with him yours truly Epsom my a a Lojik ii 9f decidedly the Cleverest Matron in All Europe is the wife of the present King of Denmark. Just consider the Fine Quot matches Quot she has managed to obtain for her children. One daughter is the future Empress of Russia the other the future Queen of England one of her sons is the King of the greeks and now the son in Law of a Czar. The women Are getting tired of travelling on their sexual attractions alone if one May judge by the following declaration made at the recent woman s convention in Ohio Quot women want the ballot because they need it to enable them to realize that they Are individuals within div dual responsibilities not toys or playthings or slaves. Women ought not to be compelled to secure the favor of men by wearing false calves false busts panzers grecian bends etc., but they should be Able to obtain their proper privileges just As men did you hear of that Chap who attended the Sale of a hotel recently at a town in Ohio he had t a cent in his pocket but he stood up and bid boldly Quot Twenty eight thousand it was knocked Down to him and when the question was asked Quot who is the purchaser this audacious Ecamp replied Quot the Pennsylvania of course be was not in person required to put up the Money from an Imperial buyer like that whereby he was role in the course of a couple of Days to sell the whole to another party for $35,000,and Clear the difference. The country is now full of Campa buying hotels for the Pennsylvania Railroad a curious question. A a a a daughter Well what brought her Kitty Aski Quot How came she Here Quot half with Joy and half with fear. Kitty is on eldest child eight years old and rather wild wild in manner but in mind wishing All things Well defined. Kitty says Quot How came she Here father Tell me it s so queer yesterday we had no sister else i m sure i should have kissed her when i went to bed last night and the morning hailed the sight with a new and strange Delight for indeed it passes All to have a sister not so tall As my dolls and with Blue Yetf and i do declare it cries last night i did not see her father. Or i m sure i had much rather stayed at h me As still As a mouse than played All Day at grandma s Honse. She is pretty and so tiny and what makes her a e so Shine will it always a like that will she swell up plump and fat like my Little doll or tall like my Wax Onet Tell me All about her papa dear. For i do so Long to hear where she came from. And who brought her yours and Mamma s Brand new a daughter another daughter and the question is Quot who brought her Quot Spence on boy but three years old. Says the nurse did and is bold. In Defiance of them both since to yield his place he s loth and pouting feels his nose s Point. When i declare tis out of joint. Bat though the childish explanation be food enough for child s vexation we older folks must i Etter find to feed the Hung a of the mind. To us of larger issues preaching this link of life eternal reaching from Earth to heaven this new born soul comes fresh from where Roll its countless years through yonder heaven has deeper cause for thinking Given. A daughter and what b ought her no matter what. She comes to bring a Blessing in her life s Young Spring. Quot no matter Darlings the is Here our daughter sister baby Dearl open your hearts and let her enter. Open them wide for god hath sent her. When is a Small boy like a big banker ? when he is a Wroth child. George asked the teacher of a Sun Day school class who above All others i Hall you wish first to see when you get to heaven ? with a Bright face brightening up with anticipation the Little fellow shouted Verliah 1 be infant Prodigy Maggie Why is your hair so Gray Mamma Mamma Well because you re such a naughty child sometimes Maggie what a naughty child you must have been poor grandma s hair s quite White a punch. A Little Terre haute boy recently became greatly enamoured of a Little toy trumpet which had been Given him. One night As he was being put in his Little bed he handed the trumpet to his grandmother saying Here Gran a you blow while i Pray i Are sister Sal and Nance resources a no my son Why do you ask that question because i heard Uncle Josh say if you would Only husband your resources you would get along a great Deal better than you do that s All papa plunges into a state of intense reflection. During the recent fires in Wisconsin a Little four year old girl resolved to try the Elf Lacy of prayer but having a pious Mother and a profane father the result of her Early training was manifested in the following highly improper manner of Good lord Send us rain. Send us lots of rain right away lord we re having a hell of a time Here the following dialogue is said to have taken place in a school near Salisbury England now then the first boy of the grammar class stand up i first boy stands up blushing Here i be examiner Well my Good boy can you Tell me what vowels Are first boy Vowls Zir yes of course i can examiner Tell me then what Are vowels first boy grinning at the simplicity of the question Vowls Zir ? Why Vowls be chickens i the teacher of one of our primary schools of Sioux City mrs. Bohmler is ambitious to teach her Little Folk to compose and not Only to compose but to write spell punctuate and capitalize All in the same lesson. Thus she has a habit of writing a Ord on the blackboard which she requests the children to use As a subject of a sentence. On yesterday she i ote the word Chimney and set All the youngsters at work cud Geling their brains for a sentence in which that word would have a leading part. Finally the slates were brought to her to read the various sentences that had been made. Among the rest she came to this one which much to the gratification of a certain Little boy who had by this time discovered his error she omitted to read i do not Wear a Chimney for i am not a girl for if i was a girl i would have to Wear a Chimney the Little author is ouly eight years old and we undertake to say that no one in the whole school produced a More amusing , ool Ambas Cin Abbati so Iba Impolis Bai wart by the Way of Crestline. On and after monday nov. 2�, 1870, passenger trains will leave Indianapolis and arrive at Points named below As follows stations. No. 4. No. A. Indianapolis.10 10 am to pm mun�ie12 86p m 10 18 pro fort Quot Wayne. 4 85 p 1126 pm Dayton. 4 80pm Bellefontaine. 410pm 145sm crestline�6 40 p m 4 20 a m Cleveland. 9 66 pm 7 80 m m buffalo4 10am 200pm Niagara Falls. 4 26 a m 4 80 p m rochester85 a m a 20 p m Albany. 2 00 p m 1 80 p m Boston. 11 60 p m 11 00 a m n. York City. 6 26 p m 7 00 a m Indianapolis.10 10 a m Sidney. 816pm Toledo. 6 40 a m Detroit. A 10 a m Crestline.�6 40 p m Pittsburg. 1 26 a m Harrisburg a 26 a m Baltimore. 8 06 p m Washington. 6 00pm Philadelphia. 8 06 p m n. York City. A 00 p m�?�7 66 p m 18 03 a m 4 20 an �?�18 10 door 10 86p m 2 80 p n 6 60 a by 810 a m 7 00 am Ali Ronilio Palace Day Anil sleeping can Bun As follows Quot on no. 2�?from Indianapolis to Crestline hot Surg Harrisburg Philadelphia and new York without change. A in no. 4�?from Indianapolis to Crest Llna Cleveland Buffalo Aud Rochester without change and from Crestline to Pittsburg Harrisburg Philadelphia and new York without change. On no. 6�?from Indiana Lis to Crest or Cleveland Buffalo Albany and new York without Chancre. Saturday no. 8 runs through a usual either by Way of Cleveland or Rotsburg reaching new York of monday morning at 6.40. All trains leave Indianapolis daily except sundays. A Stop for meals. A Unton accommodation leaves Dunica depot at 7.46 a. X. Task for tickets Over the Quot Bee line Quot Vlf Crestline. E. 8. Flint sent supt Cleveland. Gale div. Supt Indianapolis. Cobb Gen l passenger agt., nov.27 of Cleveland o. P. A. . John i. Hawk Bartholomew amp Hawes attorneys and counsellors at Law no. 20 1-3 North Delaware Street idea 3m Indianapolis Indiana. Ras. Q. Voss. B. Of Davis j. A. Holma xray Voss Davis amp Holman attorneys at i a nos. 11 and 13 Talbott a new m Block practice in the United states and state courts. Special attention Given to commercial and Corpora Tina Law. Novl2 ly0�0r0� a a to a torn eve at Law 96 e. Washington St., Indianapolis. Will practice Law in the state and Federal courts. Special attention Given to collecting claims. A no tary Public constantly in the office. Feble 6msamrcll. Adavis attorney and counsellor at Law no. 19 West Washington Street room no. 1. Indianapolis Indiana. Marl9 Christian association medical Institute establish hell in 18s, for the tront ment of Oft lie i Iii pigs i Iver heart and stomach . In Elvous it i a e a special attention Given to All kinds of chronic Pis eases and female complaints. Fees reasonable and refunded in cure is not made. We Quot do As we would be done consultation free. All Are invited to Call a one dlr talk u ill coat you nothing. The Indian Polis office will be a no. 20 c1rgl.b Street Over the steam dental rooms in charge of prof. Wilford m. A. Resident physician late of Chicago office hours 9 to 12 a. M., 2 to 5, and 7 to 8 p. Declo 3m. A

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