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Indianapolis People Newspaper Archives Jan 7 1872, Page 6

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Indianapolis People (Newspaper) - January 7, 1872, Indianapolis, Indiana I Quot i i to Quot dle quoth unav Moniri january 7, 1872, Madame cat Cazy takes coca nut Baths for her women heard of this and you ought to have seen How Pearson amp Dickson s coca Oats went off last week. Or. Seward will visit Sweden and Norway next about the age other men think of resting from their labors Seward a Tarta out upon his travel. An English lord who had been drinking freely we Quot fleeced Quot in St. Louis a few nights a Ince by suppose he was Quot As drunk As a lord Quot and got fleeced like a fool. The Christian Register commenting on the frequent abuse of d. And la. D., says it would direct or. Bergh s attention to the Quot cruelty of killing men by As Well As degrees. An Indianapolis Young Man who is studying for the ministry attempted to brain Hie Mother with a Hatchet the other Young Man and his father deny the soft impeachment while the Mother Sticks to the Hatchet Story. Senator Wilson having swallowed a volume of the Tribune almanac will deliver a Eadi Cal electioneering speech in new Hampshire As soon As it is Hampshire should Pray Tobe delivered from the infliction. The almanac it a dose in itself. Poughkeepsie nurtures a poet who writes his name c. Alphonse Dayton. Or. Dayton writes his name in that Way because 0. Julius Casar did so while on sure the Roan who drops his first name is either a fool or a poet sometimes both a woman calling herself Quot Madame Brigham Young Quot has been edifying Paris with the Utah Prospect is that Ere Long there will be several Madame Brigham s engaged in the cancan or some other employment equally As legitimate. Mies Nellie Grant miss Dent Mies Nellie Otis daughter of or. Otis of the army and a daughter of general Blake will make their debuts in Washington society this which will swell the list of Washington Belles and cause a flutter among the beaux who part their hair in the Middle. Empress Augusta has invited Tennyson to come to Tennyson invited Maude to Quot come into the Garden Quot but it has never been definitely ascertained whether she accepted the invitation and we Are in like manner left in the dark As to the poet laureate s acceptance of Augusta s invitation. Bulwer Lytton does not grow handsomer with advancing age. A writer who met him lately compares him to Quot an antediluvian Hawk with Sharp beak Bony brow and cold twinkling mind s the Standard of the it matters very Little about the Husk or outer covering. The Cleveland Alexis Syndicate boast that the entertainment of the Duke did t Cost it a red. Alexis paid hotel Bills the carriages were borrowed and the rec it option was paid for by an was All very right and much better than taxing the people for such Tom foolery. George we Liam Curt a esq., is full of fun. Here is one of his last jokes Quot the character of the Cabinet is the pledge to the country of the patriotism and pure purpose of the we suppose the joke comes in in the fact of the Cabinet having no particular character to speak of. The Dayton journal Speaks of him As Quot a b. this is an outrage. What is Fame Worth Ilia name is Quot a. J. name of our Loomis is w. then he s altogether a different individual from j. B. Or b. J. He has proved himself equal to the emergency upon two or three different occasions. The Cincinnati Gazette Calls or. Madison Quot the Arch conspirator who Laid the secession egg in Bis resolutions of 98.&Quot and none of or. Madison s relatives have been round to see the editor yet a citizen Corry of the commoner is their next Best Friend and the Best Friend of the resolutions and should at once see the editor. M. Sardou has one at least of the gifts of Genius fecundity. Amid his multifarious engagements for the Heaters he has Fourd time it is said to finish a Romance which is about to appear in the journal l Pooh 1 that s nothing. We be an editor in this City who in one Day wrote two new year s addresses edited two papers one daily and then had ample time As Dick Siveler might Bay to Quot woo the the new York mail says Quot we hear a Rumor which ought to make a stir namely that the sex emperor of France intends taking up his abode in this country and has purchased be grand b. Lookwood s splendid House at Norwalk Connecticut. We Don t suppose there is void much truth in the Story but give it for what it is ten to one but the Quot Man of Sedan Quot will return to Paris before he comes to America. An expedition fitted out More than a year ago to search for or. Jiji Livingstone is still on the March through the wilds of Africa As a loser of himself or. Livingstone is without a parallel in history. See the use in spending so much time and Money to find a Man who can t be hired to stay found and who is never so Happy except when he is lost to sight to Many dear is or. Livingstone. For the people. Lay Sermon. Death and Panerali Quot. By Sam. Quot it is appointed unto n in once to . In part 27th Verso. It dear Heakins As the qua Eissay Quot my mind has for some time been deeply exercised Quot on the subject of death and funerals Quot it is appointed unto men once to if this was All it would be Well but we read after this in Rev. Xxx 6, that there is a second death which Means eternal destruction hence the sinner is doomed to two deaths death temporal and death eternal. It is therefore appointed to the righteous once to die and after go to heaven and to the sinner twice to die then go to hades and die again and never die it was appointed to Enoch not to die at All and Elijah mounted a Chariot of fire with a splendid team of fire horses or horses of fire and by a whirlwind ascended into heaven. He did not see death so it seems my Brethren there were two men and it was appointed that neither of them should see death. Lazarus was a Good boy and his Sisters loved him but it was appointed unto Lazarus once to die. He died and was buried. His Sisters invoked the Savior to bring him to life again so Christ raised him from the dead and the poor fellow had to die again and if he turned sinner be fore his second death he must be raised to a Quot resurrection of damnation Quot and endure a third the last eternal death. Hence if this if the Case it was appointed unto Lazarus to die three times. It was appointed to Enoch and Elijah not to die at All. In the language of our text it is appointed unto All men once to die Quot and to All sinners to die twice and to poor Lazarus perhaps to die three times. This must have been the Fate of All who were resurrected at the time of the crucifixion of Jet us. Tor the Graves were opened and the old saints came Forth and took a stroll life ugh the City. The had to die again. But my hearers i cannot imagine who would now be our situation if death had not come into the world and yet we All abuse Adam and Bis Lovely wife Lor bringing death into the world by their disobedience. The beasts of the Field the fowls of the air and the flashes of the sea were commanded and Man too to multiply. Now. If the fishes of the seas the oceans lakes and Rivers bad been multiplying up to this time they would now be great mountains of fish raised to unmeasurable altitudes toward heaven living and squirming without water and without death. The fishes in our Rivers and streams would now be a Chain of fish mountains. The hogs would be so numerous that the Earth would be filled with one eternal squeal. The heavens would be Black with Buzzards and not a carion to be found on which to feed. There being no death the Hawks would have to eat the chickens alive and it would scare a Hawk to death if there was an y to hear a great big Shanghai rooster crowing in his stomach for Daybreak ministers who love Chicken would have to eat their pullets alive and if they should happen to come off their nests when his reverence was preaching the cackling would be quite an interruption to the congregation. Lions tigers leopards cats catamounts and All carnivorous animals would have no use for Teeth or stomachs As they would have to Swallow everything alive and alive give them Back to the world. Or. Dick in his philosophy says that if All the human beings that have Ever lived on the Earth were Here now they would be eighteen feet deep Over the whole face of the Globe. What a whopping Camp meeting our methodist Brethren might have if death by sin had not entered and slain the myriads who have gone to dust. On top of this great mass of humanity pile up the living masses of cows horses hogs sheep buffaloes Deer elks Mas talons elephant8,rhinoceroses, Hippopotamus is Maga therium and other huge and smaller animals and we should have no room it will be been Toenail ship upon the seas a boat upon our lakes or a Canoe on our Rivers. To lure would be no room to build a City Hamlet town or Village we could have no schools no colleges or universities and not a Church in All the land. And As no death could come to vegetation 80 every thing that grows would be an Evergreen growing under the everlasting mountains of animated life. If death had not come into the world through the glorious temptation that brought it we should not now have any manufactories hence we should have no watches clocks Diamond rings Gold and Silver trinkets no muffs nor frills nor bows of ribbons nor Caps nor Chig noggins Quot nor bustles nor panzers nor to decorate our Lovely persons. And for the beasts of the Fields and the fowls of the air and for human beings to multiply under these circumstances would to impossible and the commandment to do so would be forever frustrated and i cannot for the life of me see the necessity of such multiplication and what i have described roust have been the impossible consequence if death had not fallen on All vegetable and animated nature taking a sensible View of the subject i for our part we can t thank god that death did come into the world. But that death came by sin i am inclined to dispute for a thing so Good so essential could never come by sin. But my dear hearers we must All die by this i mean that we shall All have to put off mortality and put on immortality and since heaven is infinite space there is ample room for an infinite number of spirits that never die. We die and our preachers preach our funerals. This is a custom comparatively of modern Date rather than an ancient custom by consulting the history of the jews we find they preached no funerals but they conducted their ceremonies by the nearest relative kissing the Corpse and then followed the Quot wailing for the dead by those near of Kin and other relatives and friends. And this wailing was continued at intervals until the body was buried. It is still a custom among the orientals who do not feel like weeping themselves to hire women to attend the funerals and do the wailing. These customs have passed away and now we hire ministers to preach our funerals and to weep and Wail a excite others to assist in the Quot wailing and Tell us what a wicked thing old Mother eve did by bringing death into the world. It is said by some that sermons of this kind Are profitable to mourning friends. I think not. If the deceased has been Good led a life of usefulness and let his or her Light so Shine As to induce others to follow his or her example and was always aggressive upon the dominions of sin then it is Well that the min. Ister should hold up the Sterling qualities of the life and urge others to Quot go and do this done in a logical manner and free from the impassioned style common among minis ers would make funeral discourses far More profitable than they Are. Banting at funerals should be discouraged every where another thing it occurs to me is deserving my rebuke. Some time during the great rebellion a minister was called on to preach the funeral of a Young Man who had sickened in the service and came Home and died. The minister in his discourse often referred to the goodness of cd in suffering the Young Man to come Home and die in the arms of his Dea Mother. It is my custom to reason on every Point a minister makes and i com but think How cruel god was toward those poor soldiers who had their ears Cut off their tongues Cut out and their bodies Bayons Ted and too How cruel he was in letting our prisoners Pine in Libby Salisbury and Andersonville prisons away from fathers mothers Sisters and their dear wives and children. I think it Sac Eli pious to charge either to god. I would charge All to cruel War. My dear congregation there is another practice among our preachers who conduct funeral services that i am called on to condemn a Sac religious i Beard a minister preach the funeral of a very dear child from the text suffer Little children to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of the parents had been visiting at the House of the father in Law and As is quite common every Rich Viand that could be crowded on the table a there. The child demanded Honey preserves mince pies Etc and eating an Over Gorge died that night. That old Gray haired preacher Sittineri in the Corner on my right preached the funeral and charged Jesus with killing the baby to get its parents to join the Church and follow it to heaven. Now i could not for the life of me think that he who came to save life leaves. Holiday presents it oat lord 0. Clark. This Day with its sandals dipped in Dew has passed to it tango the evening s Golden Gates and a single Star in the cloudless Bine for the rising Mooc in silence Waits while the winds that sigh to the languid hours breathe a in Laby o or the faded Flowers. The lilie.? nod to the sound of the Stream that winds along with lulling flow and either awake or half a Dri am i pass through the realms of Long ago while faces peer with Many a smile from the Bowers of memory s magical Isle. There Are Joy and Sunshine sorrows and tears that checker the path of life s april hours. And a longing wild for the coming years. That Hope Ever wreaths with the fairest Flowers. There Are friendships guileless love As Bright and pure As the stars in the Halls of night. There Are Ashen met Cories bitter pain and buried Hopes and a broken vow and an aching heart by the restless main and the sea Breeze fanning a pallid brow and a wanderer on the Shell lined Shore. Listening to voices that speak no Morel there Are passion Strong and ambitions wild. And the fierce desire to stand in the Van of the Battle of life and the heart of the child is crushed in the breast of the struggling Man but Short the regrets and new the tears that fall at the Tomb of the vanished years. There is quiet and peace and Domestic love. And Joys arising from Faith and truth. And a truant unquestioning far above the Pas donate dreaming of ardent youth and the kisses of children on lips and Cheek and the parents Lisa which no words can speak. There Are loved ones lost there Are Little Graves in the Distant Dell Neath protecting Trees where the it Hamlet winds and the Violet Waves. And the grasses Sway to the sighing Breeze and we mourn for the pressure of tender lips and the Light of eyes darkened m death s eclipse. And thus As the glow of the Daylight Dies and the night s first look in the Earth cast i gaze Neath these Beautiful summer skies at the pictures that hang in the Halls of the past. Of sorrow and Joy chant a mingled Lay when to memory s wild Wood we wander away a stunning dinner the Gong. The Best counter sight Quot no the first Prince of Wailan Jeremiah. The Best place for the Blind is the see Side. How to preserve dates enter them in a Book and take care not to lose it. Sentiments of Friendship which flow from the heart cannot be Frozen in adversity. It is at the approach of dinner time that we feel most sensibly the Quot emptiness of things the japanese make a Strong string of paper and we have seen a very Good Cut re of Wood. At Merrill amp Field s Bookstore East Washington Street Novia 6m Indianapolis. A Brotice. . R. Swain my is permanently curing More chronic cases than perhaps and other physician in the West besides one teaches her patients Bow to Pic Ian. Bow to tay cured fee treats both acute and chronic oases but Enpek Cilly women and children. She ii permanently located at no. 13 East new Yor Street oet22 3m w. Irvis. K. A. Newelt Irvin amp Newell contractors and builders shop 123 Indiana Zarenne Indianapolis dealers in doors Sash and blinds Cedar Gosef and . Specially made of store fronts and fixtures. Job work promptly attended to and satisfaction guaranteed. Novl2 3m moving Moth Lio Alfred Miller is prepared to move , musical instruments of All finds household furniture and other goods in a careful manner guaranteeing against injury. An experience of three years in connection with Benham bros., enables me to guarantee satisfaction. Orders left at Benham bros., no. 36 East Washington Street will receive prompt Atten oct29 3m h. In Lur elect of Gold Silver and Nickel Plater 335 him St., Corner sixth Cincinnati., was awarded the Silver medal As the first Premium it the Cincinnati Industrial exposition for Best Souci mens of Job plating on All metals. All work warranted. And Salto action guaranteed in every respect nov5 3m r a �,ar1> a Ojiri Iii of. Whenever you buy or sell let or hire make a Clear Ijar gain and never Trust to Quot we Shan t disagree about Why Are Washerwoman the sillies of life who healed the sick and who tenderly people ? because they put out their tubs wept Ever the grave of , would Behy catch soft water when it Rains hard. T a a # a 1 a 9 a 4� anted a Genii t eral agent for Thor whole United states to manage he sales of the card Dominos the right Man can make More Money in this than in anything ? now being offered to the Public. Apply to or address l. C Hunt a co manufacturers and proprietors no. 2 e. Washington Street Indianapolis ind. Novl2 3m guilty of killing Little children to add members to the Church. If Christ murders the children of wicked parents to get them to follow them to heaven Pray let me ask what object has he in killing the children of pious parents As Well might to say he Bills the wicked and sends them to hell to get their fathers and mothers to follow them. What is there that ministers will not do to swell the Borders of a corrupt Zion absence destroys Small passions and increases great ones As the wind extinguishes tapers and kindles fires. Mrs. Partington says she does wish they would hurry up and pass the Silver service Bill in Washington. Sunday journals Are discussing the question Quot can we cultivate rain Quot doubtful says the new York Post but we can Quot raise it is difficult to understand we co Al Coal the be Western coat. Compaan office it order Delaware and Ivi Arlief St miners and dealers in All kinds of Coal and ook All orders promptly filled Claty. E Block Coal a Spe oct22 so horse shoeing a special Tyr in this discourse my hearers you have much people exhibit so much solicited about 3s South Ponnay Lnla Street their lungs when their lungs always in the known As the Newton shoe to exile thought and serious investigation. I advise you to think what you please and speak what you think. Truth will Overe Omo error and Merit put Down hypocrisy and intrigue. John nit heir s so oking 8xiop a some i Lias been removed from 48 East Maryland Street to general Sickles has a penchant foreign wives. Hie first unhappy mate was an italian and now he ? taken unto himself a Spanish Bride see Orita Guerrero better know by the name of do Creagh her Mother s name by a second marriage. A Friend in Washington writes Quot what is there in a name the truth about Dan Sickles Bride is she is the daughter of a poor widow who to better her fortunes married a Rich scotch trader by the name o Joseph Craig. He was a sort of commercial traveler and after he had made a Eurg Fortune out of the dons of Cadiz dropped the pm and tacked a de and double be to his name and came to Madrid a Spanish Senor. It is a Way not uncommon to american. When they go abroad and right Here in the Republican Metropolis there Are plenty of names so Frenchi fied and Teuton Icke that the first bearers thereof will never answer to them when at the Day of judgment their names Are called. If Madame de Creagh Sickles Nee Guerrero has a taste for Anatomy she can find a pleasant study in the army medical museum. Among the gun shot wounds in a Case under the skylight is All that is left of what was once the Toth Erest High stepping shapely leg of her do not suppose that Madame de Creagh Sickles will waste a great Deal of her precious time in the army medical museum. When a lady sulters from delirium Kremens it is not proper to speak of it As the Quot James Jam beaux Quot is the thing. Take air of themselves. Why Are people who have nothing to be proud of but their Pedigree like potatoes because the Only Good thing be i longing to them is underground fori we Are told by a tourist that the following Sharp lines Are written on the Sash of a window at lodore Quot when i see a Man s name scratched upon the Glass i know he owns a Diamond and Bis father owns an James Bussell Lowell has invented la what he Calls a new beatitude which is Quot blessed Are they who have nothing to say and who cannot be persuaded to say or. Quilt of suggested that when a Man takes a Pyramid stove for the proprietor of a store and asks it out to take something it is getting Dusty fast. This is said to be an Ohio epitaph under this Sod and under these Trees Lieth the Bod y it f Solomon Pease lie s not in this Hole. But Only his pod he shelled out his soul and went up to god. A Public Man in this country was once accused of drunkenness and one of his friends was very indignant. Some one suggested that Public persons were always lied about. Quot of i Don t care for lies Quot he said Quot but the trouble with this Story is they prove it i Quot a negro woman was relating her experience to a gaping congregation of color and among other things she said she had been in heaven. One of the ladies asked her Quot sister did you see any Blacks in heaven Quot of git out 1 you s pose i go in de Kitchen when i was Dar Quot ing shop. Of 122 3m Indianapolis Branch of the Omo steam denial co. 30 Circle Street one door West of the Sentinel building. Novl2 3m to printers. We have for Sale at Low sign no the following material in Good condition 114 pounds Long primer bourgeoise face Type one font Long primer Italio two pairs of cases one pair Large sued , Lor 28x 42 paper one set of Iron Side and foot Sticks one set of column and head rules four 6-Inch composing Sticks one planer two double Racks one imposing Stone and Frame. For particulars cell on or address the people 2circle Street Indianapolis Indian. A sri it baht to amp Ftp it Bash House and Barber shop s. A. Cor. Meridia Laad Circie Sto. A a Jackson Harris prop a. Hot and co a Baths at All Hoard

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