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Indianapolis People Newspaper Archives Jan 7 1872, Page 1

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Indianapolis People (Newspaper) - January 7, 1872, Indianapolis, Indiana People. . Ind., sunday morning january 7, 1872. No 10. Ind la. A. Foli s one Price clothing House 13 West Washin on Street the largest assortment of Slen a boys and children s cd nothing and gent s furnishing goods for the Peom a voice from Bucktown. At the lowest prices. Am All goods marked in Plain figures. Deeloss Hays amp Koski thai. Family favorite Sewekow Machuse. One trial will prove its superiority. Cub am examine the new no. 42 if. Pennsylvania Street opposite the pos Toffic. B<3ood canvassers wanted. Dec3 3m t. B. Harvey. M. D., residence 352 Delaware it Moorji a f f North. 1. C , m. A. Residue 130 North Pennsylvania St. Drs. Harvey amp walk a ofpice�?130 w. Iexnisvl.va5iia Tut. One door South first presbyterian Church. Oels 6m j. T. To ser m. >., physician and surgeon Southeast Corner of Tennessee ail gts., near St. John s a nth Donl. Office Len hrs -7 to Quot a a. M12 to 2 and 6 to 8 p. M nolo 3m p or. F. J. Van Vorhis office�?58 e. My ret Street residence a no. % exist new York Street Corner Avenue and Delaware Street. Ja7 3m suicide of a Well known citizen among the Early caller on new year s Day was one Whoie Umaine might be Wilson or James. He tapped lightly upon Bis neighbor s front door whose name might be Smith or James and who had departed hi6 Home at an Early hour in the morning to open his store on Indiana Avenue. lightly Wilson James called to the wife of the grocer to admit him. Mrs. Smith James considering it rather Early for new year s Calif politely declined receiving him. Not a Litfield l e asked if the Back door was unlocked a d without further Cen Mony passed to the Back door and finding it locked attempted to Force an Entrance but guilty conscience which needs no accuser scared the vile wretch away. In the evening this would be new year a Ler Calud again and finding the Madame in tha Kitchen kindling a fire wherewith to prepare sup per for her spouse he attempted unwarrantable liberties alarming her Little girl to such an extent that her screams could be distinctly heard by Ibe neighbors. The lady threatened the brute with a Large knife with which she was preparing kindling and drove Nim from the House. She subsequently told her husband of what had transpired who the next Day was on the look out saw his Man and accosted him with Quot if you Are half a Man defend yourself for i intend giving you a Good he proceeded to work striking right and left. Tis said by some who saw the scamp get his deserts that he was knocked into barrels with one blow and with the other hand knocked out the dose being repeated a number of times until Wilson James really thought his time had come and not being prepared to give an account of the deeds done in the body cried lustily for Quot mercy Quot Quot murder Quot Etc Smith s Benevolence would not allow More and at the request of the whining cur permitted him to return and gather up the fragments of his dinner bucket contents and hat. We next hear of him in the care of a surgeon and last seeking Justice in the Law which he found in causing Smith to disburse $25 from his Plethoria Wallet where there is sufficient left to repeat the prescription As soon As he is out of the care of the surgeon. Here is a question for Kate. Who in this instance should the Law punish must the Sanctity of our Homes be threatened and he who does ask for Justice be answer do by the lash wanted a tenant. A courageous family who dares an army of bed bugs pity Mically fat Lei Nigist Vlf rofl the to Duce ments Are of ered. Enquire of Joe effans Trancek. Bucktown has a financial ornament called Bucktown Palace the proprietor enjoying financial abilities that if turned in the proper Channel would prove advantageous to him As Well As the Vicinity in which he is located. As we Are not acquainted with his Success above Fishback s Tannery we will leave those who know no More than ourselves to guess at the profit and loss. We can Only say that the Palace is closely packed with a Dusky throng who make the night hideous and the daytime startling with obscenity and profanity in Short the most Complete nuisance it has Ever been our misfortune to see. The commission ers refused to License the place and we feel that they at least have a redeeming transaction to record in the events of the old not k burglar what it it or. C., with his Etti Mabl lady Man terran t and maid my rant Anthy a Ola oreo Panasof his comfortable mansion on North Street. Or. Hat a wholesome dread of Bur glittering generalities. Lars and mrs. Nantes a Lite sentiment to Wardere Tolvert and thereby bang a tale. One night last week Abo atthe hour of two with the thermometer eating Zero and the wind whistling a hornpipe mrs. C., missing her huf band s customary snore suddenly awakened and the first object that presented itself was or. Cin Dii Babille with hair erect perched in the open window gazing wildly at the cellar below. Supposing him to be in the some Ambulia state or in contemplation of suicide mrs. Bound a out of bed with Quot Robert what Are you doing Quot in piercing Soprano. Quot so Shl thieves come watch this window while i get my revolver Quot said he in a stage whisper. Having hastily and noisily resurrected the Rusty shooting Iron from the stand drawer where it was covered with empty spools Bro Ken Combs Rusty hair pins spilled Bird seed Etche said to his shivering wife Here Susan take the pistol watch below and shoot emas they come Quot what me i touch a pistol i shoot Quot and with a shriek she to United into the closet and locked the door. Or. Cafter much difficulty succeeded in finding and lighting a tallow dip with which he proceeded to Hans room and having failed to awaken him by rapping broke the door open with a tremendous kick which brought Hans to the floor with got in Himmel Vot ish Dis the Twain with legs too shaky to cast a Shadow duly armed proceeded to the cellar where they found the burglar in the shape of Tom the cat making vigorous attempts to drag the dressed Turkey from its place on the swinging shelf. Veritable fact. Ratte egoism. Millikin has returned from Quot Maryland my Maryland Quot and everything is again Lovely in the Mirror office. The Indianapolis manner Hor Are preparing for a grand masquerade Ball at Mozart halon the fifth of february. Modern emancipation Day was duly celebrated by our coloured fellow citizens last monday by a Parade in the Forenoon and a lecture at night and with private gatherings Peculiar to the race. We have a coloured order in our midst calling themselves the Quot Independent order of sons of they Turied out the other Day to Bury a deceased son and brother or. Palmer making a very creditable appearance. Quite a number of the pupils of the Public loll it Hau Bilu Abd Bool the finest and most fashionable Rem it in the City. Will. Buehrig proprietor. Dealt by Indianapolis practical Basin is coiled 44 South Meridian St., Corner of Maryland. Night school open from 7 to 9 o clock. 8624 6m a. L. Southard school supt. 1 mat. Lingham the Well known actor and. Formerly manager of the metropolitan was a schools were sent Back to their Homes at the the City last week. Kilbourne who lectured before the High a Case for Bergh. Culpable is Nonnce. Our corpulent Friend Charles Wreidt is number. Little Lulu Robinson an amiable and Sweet Little girl who lives in the South part of the City was recently presented a pet Kitten. Lulu fairly worshipped her pet and the other members of the household both for Lulu and her pet s Sake had become much attached to Kitty. Living in the same neighbourhood Are two Oung men who conjointly conceived an idea and acting upon it planned a practical 9rigiiij. Has few equals. It is not certainly known whether they perpetrated the j be for the fun of it or to revenge themselves upon the Little girl for hav ing Quot made a Mouth at they possessed themselves of the Kitten and having shaved All its fur of input it on a hot stove and burned its feet severely. The Kitten died from the effects of this brutal treatment and Lillile Lulu is nearly heart broken. The probability is that this Brave and commendable act was but one of a series which these Hoble Young men Are performing. They have doubtless waylaid Many a three year old child and robbed it of its stick of Candy and who could guess How Many legs and wings of flies they could show if Thoy had been preserved As evidence of their High and Manly summer employment. The names of these Brave knights May be furnished in a future reopening of the people s colleges last tuesday morning not having the necessary certificate from a physician that they had been duly vaccinated. One of the steam fire engines the one in the South Illinois Street engine House has been named after one of the councilmen representing the seventh Ward a. W. Marelee like its namesake it s a big thing when its steam s up. That poisoned head cheese Story turns out to be All a hoax. Several members of a family gorged themselves with the delicate article and very naturally sickened but scientists after due investigation and several reasonable meals from the identical cheese declare it s All rights in Short that it s just the cheese. Or. Queisser can now go ahead with his headcheese manufactory. The evening journal if it does not directly assert certainly intimates that the children of an sex City father were sent to Bobb s dispensary to be vaccinated free of charge but neglecting to get the proper certificates were sent Home from school and the father being too proud to apply for said certificates the children still remain away from school. Or. William Henschen is the father and the journal says he wants to again become a City father. If he was Able to pay for the vaccination of his children we decidedly object. Presentations. Doing quite a Lively wholesale business and de sires to reassure his friends who figured so prominently on his trial that he still holds the the Mason House dinner. About eighty invited guests sat Down to a during the absence of his wife and son last wednesday afternoon William g. Smith a Well known citizen and formerly engaged in the Coal business committed suicide by hang a a. Ing. He attached an Ordinary rope afer making Nineteen trips a Day past the House i tip arty ladies also graced the occasion with doubling it to a Rafter in the Wood shed and where she lived who said nay. Persever a to Jedi. Presence. The dinner and the manner by placing a Box upon a barrel was enabled to a no. R place his head within the noose a having tak i you Wien the precaution to soap the rope so that the a Only a Little Dawn East . Knot would slip. When discovered the body was yet warm and mrs. Smith ran out into the Street and seeing a or. William Moore Little Keg ready to open As a new year s Gia splendid dinner on new year s Day at the for them Amason House or. 1. Baker proprietor. Gov t j 1 j i error Baker was present and a majority of the or. A m. P. And druggist denies Jcj a fathers and press fraternity. About a a a a Jaq House Persever _ _ a a _ a a doctor remember a Saint pc East Etc by a prep Rrt Ion surpassed anything of Quot the 111 get out of the Bushes by and by with ind we have seen in the City while there were Bright eyed clean healthy looking Young Cam Allan says As Success is in compound women to wait at table. There was plenty to ing Tom and Jerry he is a Success St and a eat and of the very choicest description while Wail known bookkeeper of the Avenue enjoys a wine flowed freely at every table. There begged of him to Cut the body Down but he All the elements of a first class Clink is. Seemed to be judging from the looks of the Declar that he had no authority to Jerome Staley with his attentive and or. Tables and actually refused he was however per Tje help is weaving a name among the peo Quot enough for each enough for ail shaded to Call in others and a vain at j list class grocer and feed store Man tempt to Cut the rope by a or. Koestle whose air a u to it a i v. A i and when those present had satisfied the crap the following Are accounts of presentations which were crowded out of la t week s Issue of the people and others made subsequent to a Inaa _ James Coulter the eminent Gas fitter was caned Gold headed by his employees. Captain w. M Meredith of the journal surprised his assistant or. Tom Steele with a very handsome Cane. Mayor Macauley received from some unknown Friend a magnificent Bambi Silver mounted fishing pole. For nearly a month Back t. B. Spratt the whole souled manager of the Union depot dining Hall has suspected that All was not right from the Peculiar manner his help manifested while in his presence. Evidently something of a serious nature was brewing. Realizing the necessity of taking some precautionary measures he obtained the services of a special detective armed to the Teeth and set about trying to unravel the mystery but their efforts up to new year s morning were fruitless. The trouble culminated at that time. His help with much sternness and unanimity declared then and there that be Spratt in consequence of his genial disposition and excellent qualities of head and heart must be severely caned. It was a Beauty. One of Bingham s bust costing $50. Everybody shed sobs and was Happy. Later in the Day seemingly to stir up further feeling the penitent persecutors presented or. Spratt s excellent better half with a magnificent heavy solid Gold ring. Hereafter to be or not to be a dining Hall King is our watchword. Or. Charles e. Brigham superintendent o school the other Day is not the Kilbourne of the Academy of music. George Kunkle the Singer was in the City thursday and failed to come and see us. He is engineering a parlor concert troupe. Prof. Ora Pearson the Sweet Singer recently visited Ohio and returned Home with a Chart ing Bride. Quot sweets to the Barney Macauley a better looking Man than his brother our worthy mayor was in the City the other Day and he did t Call upon us. Jim sailors the dry goods Man desires his friends to know that the Jacob sailors who recently figured in the police courts Ain t him by a barrel and a half of onions. It is announced that w. H. Leake has leased the St. James theater Boston until March 1st. Will not this enable him to give us additional Bright particular stars at the Academy we understand that several of our ladies on new year s Day arrayed themselves in turkish costume to receive their gentlemen friends who by All Means should have appeared in turbans. It is definitely ascertained that Quot Hal Ford table sauce Quot did not take its name from either of the Brothers Halford of the journal. Their sauce being of an entirely different character. Or. Kirkpatrick has removed his office from Miller s Block to no. 168j West Washington Street. The doctor is acquiring an enviable reputation for his Success in the treatment of female diseases. Edward Smith had his foot so badly injured by a locomotive on the Junction Road tuesday night As to require amputation. He was fireman of the engine and attending to his duties when the Accident occurred. Quot a Painter Quot of South Mississippi Street says his wife s unprincipled Mother and sister have caused him to leave an Angel wife and a Cherub babe and denies that he administered to the former a beating and that Harry Morris beat him. There s a mistake somewhere. George c. Harding received from his wife a very neat hair watch Chain to which was attached a miniature Gold Basket. We asked him Why a Basket whether a Horn of plenty would not have been More appropriate he thought not remarking that he d Ted horns a Dick Hollywood Champion of Feather knife was too Dull two labourers succeed in. Aldrich amp Cay Lor Are doing a urge business taking the body Down and into the House. It was still warm but life was extinct. The neck had not been broken but death had ensued from strangulation. It is barely possible that if Moore had Cut the rope when first appealed to or. Smith s life might have been saved but he Doubtle-8 thought he had no right to interfere until the Coroner had viewed the body. ,. To -. Ines of the inner Man they stood not upon the in buying and shelling Corn. If any doubts order of their going but went at once drop their doing a rattling business let them stay i of by ones twos and threes until Thede in the Vic mity of magnificent feast that would More anon. Bucktown. J have filled More than seventeen baskets alone a a remained. While we do not believe in Long the Chicago Relief committee imposed upon. R v. U a1 a Short time since a Man by the name of. U a we. U n. A foolish notion of which the ignorant should Augustus Corry claiming to be a Printer and s be us a hotel that shall at All Points prove a disabuse their minds. There should be no Chicago sufi Erer made his appearance in this introduced City and claimed Aid for himself and wife from from the Chicago Relief committee. Winded speeches we do think someone should have proposed the health of the worthy Host of the Mason House who seems determined to a needless meddling with a Corpse but it frequently is the Case that a body seemingly dead fit ill retains a spark of existence that is capable by proper attention of being Revivi fied and nurtured into full and Complete life. Of late years or. Smith has met with reverses and it is supposed that financial troubles caused him to commit the rash act and Rush All a summoned into the presence of Bis maker. He was forty eight years of age a Royal Arch Mason and member of Centre Lodge and highly esteemed by Ali who knew him. Fatal casualties. William m. Evans fireman on switch in Fine no. 2, i. Amp l. Road was killed at the. A amp w. Yards wednesday night by the partial upsetting of his engine being run into by a heavy freight car. Anna Barratt aged four years daughter of Patrick Barratt 176 Meek Street fell into a tub of hot water wednesday afternoon and was scalded to death. The alarm of fire yesterday about noon was occasioned by the partial burning of the roof of a dwelling House on West Georgia Street Between Tennessee and Mississippi. Damage estimated at $300. Or Phipps committeeman interested him Elf in their behalf and purchased furniture for them with the committee s funds amounting to thirty or forty dollars while or. Hoss furnished them rooms for which they agreed to pay $14 per month. The woman was also provided with a sewing machine and mrs. Or Woollen gave her a $40 dress to make. The other Day it was discovered that Corry had sold the furniture and pocketing the receipts had disappeared while mrs. Corry was about to take up her residence in another and unknown portion of the City fortunately the machine Man got wind of this in time to get hold of his machine and mrs. Woollen secured her dress before it was carried off. It is now believed that Corry was not a Chicago sufferer but one of those dead beats who live by imposing upon others. We have received an Advance Sheet of the Trade Palace monthly for january. It is a decided improvement upon any previous Issue being enlarged to eight pages and containing a Large amount of useful As Well As entertaining Reading matter evincing great care and judgment upon the part of its editor or. Barrett. Superior accommodations and Home comforts which Are wanting at other hotels and we Hail with pleasure among us so Public spirited a citizen and when next he gives a new year s dinner May we be there to eat. A miss Nancy Cine. We understand that a number of the Young clerks of the City have organized a new club and Call it the what no tsp from All acco ints we think it should be called the Quot miss Nancy club Quot a the Young married folks Call it the Quot Spring they assemble at intervals at the residence of respected citizens the last meeting Zavinar been held at the House of or. John Jones East St. Clair and was styled a leap year party the ladies doing the honors driving the Young gents around in carriages Etc. The gentlemen Endeavor to imitate the ladies As much As possible in All their foolish ways they paint their Cheeks powder their face and part their hair in the Middle and talk silly As ladies can when they Are disposed to. In the first part of the evening they appear in Swallow Tail Coats and immaculate White kids. After supper they adopt an entire change of costume. The entire expense of the parties Are borne by the ladies. We peremptorily insist the what nats change the title of their association to the miss Nancy club. Messes. Braden amp Buford s extensive Stab time. Weights announces that he has retired not Only from the p. R. For Good but also will hereafter stand aloof from All connection with exhibitions of the so called Manly Art. Richard should be encouraged and upheld in his Good intentions. Fred Herren shows a pretty lot of clocks at Hia neat and handsome store. In the Way of bronzes he has a lot with cupids and things on them that Are mighty pretty for a mantel and they strike the hours and half hours tool he has some that have Black Marble cases and plate Glass fronts which beat the Sun keeping Lish ment received a splendid Silver tobacco boxy Gold lid from his friends Craft amp Cutter the popular jewellers. Of Tail soup. There was fun alive at the leather store of Dan Yandes on new year s Day. He had advertised to keep open store to be assisted by j. George Stilz Knodle and other Choice spirits Andt Nat of Tail soup with outside dishes would be furnished in abundance at an Early hour the friends of or. Yandes and his assistants were on hand and throughout the Day 1 Here was a constant Stream of citizens pouring in Tbs store doors and clamorous for of Tail soup. Quot throw in another oxtail Quot Stilz would exclaim Quot Here s Deloss Root Quot or Quot another of Tail. Judge Finch has come Quot or Quot another Tail Here s Bert Hibben but still the soup was not apparent to the naked Eye although of tails were plainly visible of course the Merrie Companie had to fall Back on the Quot outside dishes Quot not very far off. We doubt if there was More fun any place on new year s Day than at the store of or. Yandes All on account of his giving notice through the columns of the people that he would dish up s up and keep open store. A would be suicide a painful Rumor reaches u of the attempted suicide of a Young Man in the Northwestern portion of the City. The Story is that he made two separate attempts to destroy him it self first by the rope then by the pistol. Of course there s a woman in it. It is said that interference by relatives caused his lady love to turn the cold shoulder to him she having before plighted unto him her Maiden troth the would be suicide is reported As a very Aniable Young Man. He should take Consolation from the old adage Quot there s j just As Good fish in the sea As Ever were caught Quot and rest assured the Young lady is not worthy of him if she lightly give him up. A correspondent informs us that a stranger in our City on new year s Day made a wage Tjit he could make As Many Calls As any other gentleman. He succeeded admirably for awhile but at length struck a Snag. A sensible lady informed him that she was not in the habit of receiving Calls from strangers on new year s or any other Day. The person who abstracted a hymn Book from Fayette Street Bethlehem Church with the owner s name thereon in Plain Gilt letters will please return the same. The Book was taken at the time of a wedding in Tho above Church a Short time Sime by a member of a sister Church who can have a new Book by complying with the above request prof. Ryland t. Brown of this City Las been appointed chief chemist of the Depa to Mentor agriculture at Washington and the state horticultural society have pronounced him a gentleman a Christian and a scholar. If the professor is not perfectly Happy we would like to know the reason Why. In this appointment we have no doubt the department honoured itself As Well As the professor and the City. It is reported that last thursday evening the Rev. Snyder of Trinity m. E. Church just As the meeting was being dismissed collared a Young Man and led him Back to the seat he had occupied and pointed out to him a Pool of tobacco juice he had deposited on the floor. He did t go far enough. He Shoukal have made the Young gent wipe it up with his handkerchief. Chief of police Thompson seems to think it a hardship that a policeman is liable to be turned from the Force at the end of a year s services at which time they Are just beginning to learn something. That s just what s the matter. Twelve months service makes them entirely too Sharp and they begin As a general thing to know too much after that term of service. We Don t take much Stock in your educated policemen believing them to to More faithful when they Are a Little Green at the business

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